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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-03-16

00:02<rkulagow>(just spent 2 hours or so fighting mandrake 9.1's lirc RPM. it's cool that everything is packaged, since it means no more kernel source and compiling, and totally sucks that there are no docs for their config file.)
00:02<Chutt>doesn't sound very fun =)
00:03<rkulagow>works now though; uploaded an example to contrib and sent in a bug report. since i did about half of the language proofreading for 8.2, 9.0 and 9.1 for english, maybe they'll listen to me. :)
00:06<Chutt>i wonder how useful storage only backends would be
00:06<rkulagow>what i found interesting about reading the docs is that while they're almost totally syntactically correct, (periods, commas, apostrophes, etc) you can easily see that a non english speaker wrote it.
00:06<Chutt>strange grammar constructs?
00:06<rkulagow>did you read about "lancaster" on /. ?
00:06<Chutt>yeah, that's why i'm wondering
00:06<Chutt>gut feeling that it wouldn't be worth the network overhead
00:07<rkulagow>isn't a storage only backend a.k.a "a file server"?
00:08<Chutt>but like, stuff could be moved there automatically, etc
00:08<rkulagow>i suppose it would make it easier for people who don't want to fuck with NFS, etc.
00:08<Captain_Murdoch>I'd rather see all backends & frontends mounting the same storage director(ies) with the ability to read the file directly rather than streaming from the backend the file is local to.
00:09<Chutt>that requires more setup work on the part of the user
00:09<Captain_Murdoch>if it's not local then stream as usual
00:09<rkulagow>unless mdz pings me, i'm working on the 2.0 doc...
00:09<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: only if LVM or such works over a network
00:09<Chutt>but it'd be fairly easy to search for a file to exist locally, regardless of what the backend tells it where it is
00:09<Captain_Murdoch>I'm just thinking when myth goes to play a file, it checks to see if it exists locally first and if it doesn't then it streams from the remote backend.
00:09<PeteCool>If you can have one logical volume of all drives of your network it'd make sense
00:11<Captain_Murdoch>in some situations it would make more sense to have one big fileserver with lots of 200Gig drives so all backends can share the space.
00:11<Captain_Murdoch>my setup currently mounts the storage directory across nfs off my fileserver.
00:12<rkulagow>doesn't GFS allow you to pool storage across nodes?
00:12<Captain_Murdoch>reading locally eliminates load from the backend if the backend is not the same machine as the fileserver. plus for cases where the backend is local to the machine the frontend is on, this would cutout backend <-> frontend communication since the frontend would read the file directly.
00:13<Captain_Murdoch>that I see as more of a benefit than just sharing the same directory across nodes
00:13<Chutt>captain_murdoch, it already handles the a remote frontend talking to the same machine as a backend correctly
00:14<Chutt>the backend knows that it's on the same machine, and tells it that
00:14<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: so the frontend reads the file directly and doesn't go through the backend?
00:15<Captain_Murdoch>ok, so most of the logic is already there for the frontend to read the file directly if it exists (if it's mounted via nfs or something).
00:15<Chutt>long as the hostname for the recorded record in the db matches the hostname of the frontend
00:15<Chutt>it'll read it locally
00:15<Captain_Murdoch>and the backend makes that decision or the frontend?
00:15<Chutt>the backend does
00:16<Chutt>as i said above, the frontend could quite easily ignore what the backend told it and look for itself, first
00:17<Captain_Murdoch>ok. I thought someone said that wasn't working recently. so you're ok with the frontend checking, I might try to get a patch together for that sometime then. I share my storage directory to all frontends right now for other reasons anyway.
00:17<Captain_Murdoch>sorry for sticking my nose in in the middle of a conversation. :)
00:20<Chutt>i don't care, i'm going to bed soon =)
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00:28<Captain_Murdoch>anyone here using a Matrox G200 card?
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00:53<rkulagow>chutt, are you in bed yet?
01:23<Captain_Murdoch>Just made a 13-line mod to tv_play.cpp in my local source tree to check if files with myth:// urls are actually local and read directly instead of going through backend. :) No sense in having the file go across the net twice if the frontend, backend, and fileserver are 3 different machines.
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02:45<MrWilby>Are there any Qt programmers still awake in here?
02:57<thor_>MrWilby, just back to a console, what's your question?
03:01<MrWilby>Hi Thor
03:01<MrWilby>I have a q. about signals/slots and the moc
03:02<MrWilby>I'm trying to make some changes to the EPG in myth which will involve some new objects that use signals and slots
03:02<MrWilby>I was just wondering with myth, whether I have to do anything to the makefiles directly to take into account the moc cpp files...
03:02<MrWilby>or whether myth uses qmake so that this is all hidden
03:02<MrWilby>Disclaimer: I'm pretty new to Qt (but not C++)
03:04<MrWilby>Also, one 'noddy' question... is the Q_OBJECT definition required in all classes that implement new signals slots (I assume so) or is it enough only to put it in a base class (which my class that implements new signals and slots derives from)?
03:04<MrWilby>Sorry for all the Q's
03:11<thor_>MrWilby: Sorry, was away for a bit, looking at your questions ...
03:12<MrWilby>no worries... its not life and death stuff :) just stupid newbie type q's
03:13<thor_>Re: signals and slots, these are completely independent of Makefiles
03:14<thor_>Q_OBJECT is a preprocessor directive that helps to redefine "signal" and "slot"
03:15<MrWilby>So no manual editing of the Makefile? I noticed that (e.g.) /mythtv/libs/libmythtv/Makefile already has a bunch of stuff near the bottom of it to do with moc_xxx files
03:15<MrWilby>I'm just not sure if this is automagic stuff or whether something I have to worry about
03:15<MrWilby>(because I have added some new cpp/h files which contain objects which themselves use Q_OBJECT)
03:16<thor_>Short answer, if you think you have to edit a Makefile, you're way off
03:17<MrWilby>ok ;-) that's good enough for me :)
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09:58<MrWilby>USA must be waking up ;-)
09:58<Chutt>nziarek, hi
09:58<Chutt>got that compile error for me? =)
09:58<nziarek>dammit - i'll do it now :)
09:59<MrWilby>Chutt... how is the release looking? Still on for this w/e?
10:00<Chutt>sometime today.
10:03<MrWilby>Chutt: do you have any additional features which aren't present in the existing EPG guide that you'd like to add?
10:03<MrWilby>(time permitting)
10:04<MrWilby>ok, thanks
10:04<Chutt>maybe some of the movie stuff that andy added.
10:04<MrWilby>Yep, saw that
10:04<nziarek>should I email it, or copy and paste (maybe 30 lines)
10:04<Chutt>just paste it in here
10:04<nziarek>In file included from sneshandler.h:6,
10:04<nziarek> from gamehandler.cpp:4:
10:04<nziarek>unzip.h:49:18: zlib.h: No such file or directory
10:04<nziarek>In file included from sneshandler.h:6,
10:04<nziarek> from gamehandler.cpp:4:
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10:05<Chutt>is there a zlib-dev package?
10:06<nziarek>do I have it installed? no idea. I'll go try to get it
10:06<Chutt>i'm not exactly sure what it'll be called
10:08<nziarek>typing urpmi zlib-dev found it
10:08<nziarek>and yes, that looked like it was it
10:11<nziarek>i am still having some problems with MythMusic, probably caused by myself, but...i tried to rip a CD, and it would get like 3% and then stop and the CD light would stay on and then get another 3%, so I left it on overnight. when I came back in the morning, it was stuck at 38%, so I stopped it. However, when I go into "play Music" it kicks me out to the main Myth menu.
10:11<Chutt>have you ever used cdparanoia?
10:12<Chutt>just wondering if the same behavior would exist there
10:13<nziarek>well, when I am done with my cheerios here i'll see if I can figure it out. does cdparanoia have a GUI or cammand line only?
10:23<Chutt>there's guis for it, but it's really command line only
10:27<MrWilby>Chutt: was the EPG originally implemented using widgets, or has it always been pretty much as it is (except for the addition of the Alternate EPG)?
10:27<Chutt>it's always been drawn like it is
10:28<MrWilby>Is that for speed?
10:29<Chutt>not really
10:30<MrWilby>If I were to submit a patch for an objectized version of the EPG (but it would sport the exact same features, appearance etc as the existing EPG(s)) would you accept it?
10:30<Chutt>would there be any reason to do that/
10:31<MrWilby>Well, I have a third layout that I'd like to add, but I don't want to bolt it into the existing EPG. Its getting quite hard to understand it as it is
10:31<MrWilby>So I have been objectifying it
10:31<Chutt>i'd have to see the code
10:32<MrWilby>fair enough, but you'd not throw it out right off? just because I'd rewritten it a bit... is what I mean..
10:33<MrWilby>its a week or two off I'd think... depending on how much time i get this week.. but try not to do any re-writes to the EPG in the mean time ;-)
10:34<nziarek>cdparanoia is doing the same thing as myth...grab grab grab...wait... can I narrow this down to a bad CDROM?
10:35<Chutt>nziarek, don't really know, but if cdparanoia's doing the same thing, that's why mythmusic is
10:35<Chutt>since mythmusic uses the cdparanoia libraries to grab cd audio
10:37<nziarek>thanks Chutt
10:37<Chutt>i've never seen that happen, so i dunno what could cause it :(
10:41<Chutt>guess all that's left is docs and stuff
10:46<nziarek>if you've deceided to keep up with the PDF file, just let me know when the docs are ready and i'll get it to ya
10:46<Chutt>rkulagow's handling all that
10:58<MrWilby>Chutt, if you have a minute, and you don't mind, could you explain the hmult, wmult scaling inside myth?
10:58<Chutt>what about it?
10:58<MrWilby>I'm being stupid, but I don't understand why its needed
10:59<Chutt>to scale to different resolutions
10:59<Chutt>base size is 800x600
10:59<MrWilby>Does myth force a res change when its run? or does it scale everything to the res that X is running in?
11:00<Chutt>it scales to what the user requested.
11:00<MrWilby>(up or down)
11:00<MrWilby>in the db settings table?
11:01<MrWilby>In this EPG change I've been doing, I've not been using wmult, hmult at all. I've just made it layout the components based upon the setting in the db?
11:01<MrWilby>but I'm not sure if that's bad.... or not...
11:03<Chutt>long as it's done right.
11:03<MrWilby>dunno yet... haven't run it :) but it will work before you see it ;-)
11:15<Chutt>rkulagow, lemme know when you get in
11:16<Chutt>docs look good
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11:17<Chutt>might be a good idea to add a note to run 'mythfrontend' first, since it sets all the default frontend settings
11:18<Chutt>well 'first' meaning 'before mythtv or mythepg or mythmusic or any of the other programs'
11:19<Chutt>and mythfilldatabase only needs to be run on the master backend
11:19<Chutt>guess i told you wrong =)
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11:43<mdz>Chutt: I'm seeing some scheduler weirdness...still planning a release very soon?
11:44<Chutt>soon, yes
11:44<Chutt>what's going on with it?
11:44<Chutt>same post as bruce markey?
11:44<mdz>haven't read his
11:44<mdz>I will now
11:45<mdz>his bug has to do with multiple tuners
11:45<Chutt>it can happen with normal things, too
11:45<Chutt>without multiple tuners
11:45<Chutt>what's happening, though? =)
11:45<mdz>what I'm seeing is that something does not show up in viewscheduled, but shows up as to be recorded in the EPG
11:46<Chutt>think you'll have time to track it down?
11:46<mdz>working on it right now
11:46<mdz>in other words, it's found by SR::loadByProgram
11:46<Chutt>i'm not going to release things until rkulagow comes back and the docs are all done =)
11:46<mdz>but not by SR::findAllProgramsToRecord
11:47<Chutt>but the docs are pretty close, so..
11:47<rkulagow>i just saw my name; i uploaded an initial set last night that details the various screen on the mythbackend setup. did you take a look at the raw .sgml?
11:47<Chutt>yeah, i just did
11:47<rkulagow>are you going to make qt3.1 a requirement?
11:47<Chutt>recommended, but not a requirement
11:48<rkulagow>ok; i know there are some minor things, like help text not showing up in qt3.0 vs. 3.1, but i can't think of any huge things.
11:48<mdz>ah, never mind
11:48<Chutt>see what else i said?
11:48<mdz>it is found by findAllProgramsToRecord
11:48<mdz>so it must be getting removed by the scheduler
11:48<mdz>so maybe it is the same as bruce markey's bug
11:49<rkulagow>let me check scrollback, then i'll get started again. is there anything else you want me to focus on in the initial HOWTO document that i haven't covered yet?
11:49<Chutt>well, his is duplicate recordings
11:49<mdz>under what circumstances will it delete something from the list, rather than mark it as recording=false?
11:49<Chutt>rkulagow, maybe just a couple short sections on how to setup a slave backend and more frontends?
11:49<Chutt>mdz, i don't remember right off
11:49<Chutt>i know the existing backend setup kind of references how to setup a slave backend
11:50<rkulagow>right, it just says, "make sure you've got the right IP address." and doesn't make a special case out of it.
11:50<Chutt>frontends are easy, just make sure that the master ip and backend ips aren't set to localhost
11:50<rkulagow>for the frontends, they need to edit the mysql.txt file and get the correct master backend
11:51<Chutt>and set mysql.txt to point to the db
11:51<Chutt>and that's all
11:51<Chutt>exactly =)
11:51<Chutt>but, it'd just be nice for that to be spelled out somewhere
11:51<rkulagow>right, i'll get that in there.
11:51<mdz>the two recordings do conflict
11:51<mdz>one is a singlerecord and the other is a timeslot
11:52<mdz>but the conflict can't be resolved because one of them is apparently being deleted
11:52<Chutt>well, where's it getting deleted?
11:52<Chutt>should be able to stick a printlist after each of the things it does
11:52<mdz>trying to find that out now
11:52<mdz>it's weird though, because it's missing from my little scheduler tester
11:53<mdz>which I thought never called PruneList because it uses doautoconflicts=false
11:53<Chutt>i think prunelist is always called
11:53<mdz>oh, no it doesn't. ah
11:53<Chutt>so, the release is going out before dune starts tonight =)
11:53<rkulagow>chutt: are you going to modify the exit message on mythbackend setup about running mythfilldatabase?
11:54<Chutt>so it doesn't say it on non-master backends?
11:55<mdz>yeah, it's getting deleted by prunelist alright
11:55<mdz>it's there at the start and gone at the end
11:55<Chutt>mdz, is there another showing of the same program later on that doesn't conflict?
11:56<mdz>so I guess either IsSameTimeslot or IsSameProgram is getting triggered
11:56<mdz>yes, probably
11:56<mdz>it's the Dune thing
11:56<mdz>which comes on like 10 times a day
11:56<Chutt>that may be why it's deferring things
11:56<Chutt>in fact, probably is =)
11:57<mdz>that seems like it should be up to the user
11:58<rkulagow>chutt: correct. i mean, it doesn't hurt anything to run mythfilldatabase on a non-master backend, correct?
11:59<Chutt>right, just takes extra time
11:59<Chutt>all modules except for the main one are done =)
11:59<mdz>why would it take extra time?
12:00<mdz>mythfilldatabase doesn't even talk to the backend, does it?
12:00<Chutt>well, it'll regrab tomorrow
12:00<Chutt>every time you run it
12:00<Chutt>so if you run it on different machines...
12:00<Chutt>rkulagow, actually
12:00<mdz>oh, running it on multiple backends
12:00<Chutt>only run it on the master
12:00<mdz>I thought you meant a non-master backend instead of the master
12:00<Chutt>and only configure sources on the master
12:00<Chutt>since it needs the xmltv config files
12:01<Chutt>forgot 'bout that
12:02<rkulagow>is there a way to delete a source?
12:02<Chutt>i don't believe so
12:02<mdz>Chutt: inside that nested scheduler loop, which one is the later recording, second or first?
12:03<Chutt>in prune?
12:03<mdz>it looks like it's going backward
12:03<mdz>and j will be ahead of i
12:03<mdz>so that would make second earlier than first?
12:04<mdz>the trouble here is that the non-conflicting one is a week later
12:04<mdz>and she actually wants the earlier one to record
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12:05<rkulagow>ok, so that i'm straight, on the master backend you need to define all possible video sources for the various multiple backends that you may have. so if one is connected to antenna, another is connected to cable and a third is connected to DirecTV, you'd define all of them on the master, and then on a non-master backend you would skip the source definition page and just skip to associating the source with a physical input.
12:05<mdz>is the idea here just to try to reduce the number of conflicts that need to be resolved?
12:05<Chutt>mdz, yup
12:06<Chutt>rkulagow, yes
12:06<mdz>but I want the conflict :-)
12:06<Chutt>rkulagow, because of the xmltv config files
12:06<rkulagow>chutt: ok, thanks.
12:06<rkulagow>chutt: right.
12:06<mdz>I think I'm going to delete the if (second->conflicting && !first->conflicting) bit of that test for my purposes
12:07<Chutt>mdz, we can work something better out after 0.8
12:07<mdz>so that it will only delete the later ones
12:07<mdz>yeah, I'm not committing anything
12:07<Chutt>but i'd like to keep the current code as is for now
12:07<mdz>but this is a priority issue here :-)
12:07<Chutt>of course
12:08<nziarek>when MythMusic gets the CD info, does it also get the UPC code of the CD?
12:09<Chutt>i don't think that info is in freedb
12:09<Chutt>if it had the upc, getting cover art would be easy
12:09<Chutt>that'd be nice =)
12:10<nziarek>yeah, that is what I was looking at. c'est le vie
12:11<Chutt>might still be reasonably easy to use allmusic to do just text matches
12:12<PeteCool>uh, am I the only one which doesn't have mp3's by albums, and don't care about it?
12:12<PeteCool>I just got them randomly
12:13<PeteCool>even my ripped cd's aren't all there, they all have at least one lame track
12:13<nziarek>every mp3 I have has all of its brothers and sisters from the CD
12:13<nziarek>even the lame ones =)
12:14<Chutt>space is cheap
12:14<Chutt>music is small =)
12:14<Chutt>mdz, when do you make it re-load the scheduler list?
12:17<Chutt>nm, that's not it
12:18<mdz>ok this is not as simple as I thought
12:18<mdz>I removed that whole loop that goes through and checks issameprogram and issametimeslot
12:18<mdz>and it is still getting deleted
12:19<Chutt>sure you're running the code? =)
12:19<mdz>yeah, the behaviour changes
12:20<Chutt>i'm going to tag and make tarballs for everything but mythtv
12:23<mdz>well never mind
12:23<mdz>my data was being changed on me in the other room
12:23<mdz>while I was debugging
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12:27<rkulagow>chutt: working fast as i can...
12:29<Chutt>no rush
12:29<Chutt>i'm kind of hoping bruce markey will write in with a fix for his bug =)
12:30<Chutt>i've still got to go through the past 4 months of commit emails and make a changelog
12:32<Justin_>you can't just do cvs log?
12:32<Chutt>i just want an overview
12:32<Chutt>not everything
12:33<Chutt>quick list of major changes for the website, and freshmeat
12:37<rkulagow>there's the old stuff in the "what's in 0.8" that was in the 0.7 HOWTO. multiple front ends and backends, database driven configs, commercial skipping, volume control (not sure that that's a big deal though). mythmusic visualizations, mythweather
12:37<Chutt>i'll check that out
12:37<Chutt>should help =)
12:37<PeteCool>all but the db stuff is from the last two months
12:37<PeteCool>what happened in the first two?
12:37<Chutt>beginning of the frontend/backend stuff
12:38<Chutt>bunch of ui changes
12:38<PeteCool>the new themes too (not directly from you, but it affects the whole myth "experience")
12:41<Chutt>ah, yup
12:41<mdz>Chutt: I think I'm going to break out the database setup into a separate package
12:41<mdz>do you think it makes sense to have mythfilldatabase run where the database is, or where the backend is?
12:41<Chutt>however you think best
12:41<rkulagow>does the UPGRADE file tell the user to get rid of .txt config files in /usr/local/share/mythtv and in ~/.mythtv ?
12:42<Chutt>does it need to?
12:42<Chutt>i don't think it will read them anymore
12:44<Chutt>i'll add a note to it that they're no longer used and can be deleted
12:44<Chutt>that's just settings.txt and theme.txt, right?
12:45<rkulagow>chutt: i think so.
12:45<rkulagow>chutt: PAL teletext support is another new feature in 0.8
12:46<Chutt>i think that's still kinda in-progress =)
12:48<rkulagow>chutt: taking a lunch break; i'll upload my current so you can see where i'm going and resume in a bit.
12:51<mdz>the docs will say to run mythfilldatabase on the master backend, right? so I'll run it there
13:04<Chutt>mdz, it just needs to have the xmltv config files
13:05<mdz>ah, good point
13:05<mdz>so it must run on a backend
13:06<Chutt>and the backend that the sources were setup on
13:06<mdz>I don't distinguish between backends at this point
13:06<mdz>since I have no way to test that kind of setup
13:06<Chutt>rkulagow, the mysql.txt stuff says to change the ip to the master backend server
13:07<Chutt>rkulagow, it should just be the location of the mysql server
13:08<Chutt>and says to 'go to the setup option' to setup mythfrontend, maybe make that clearer and say to go to tv->setup?
13:08<Chutt>lookin good, though =)
13:10<Chutt>and i assume that the 'Running setup.' section starting around line 1620 is going away soonish?
13:11<rkulagow>chutt: yeah, everything is in transition now.
13:11<rkulagow>right, because mysql server != master backend necessarily.
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14:37<Chutt>nice day outside
14:42<rkulagow>actually, i just spent a little while with my 3 month old daughter outside. she's been cooped up all winter, so i'm not sure she knows what to make of the world outside the house.
14:42<Chutt>scary out there =)
14:47<rkulagow>chutt: how is a master backend going to know where the mysql database is if the db is on another system?
14:48<Chutt>it reads mysql.txt as well
14:48<rkulagow>chutt: thanks.
14:49<rkulagow>chutt: everything reads mysql.txt then, correct? master backend, slave backend and mythfrontend all need for it to be correct.
14:50<mdz>ok, the new debs are looking pretty good
14:50<mdz>waiting on that tarball :-)
14:50<Chutt>waiting on the docs =)
14:53<Chutt>mdz, are you going to make packages of the other modules?
14:53<Chutt>those are all up on the website
14:53<Chutt> for instance
14:55<mdz>Chutt: I'm going to do at least mythweb and mythmusic and mythweather
14:55<mdz>I've never so much as run mythgame, so I dunno
14:55<mdz>but I haven't started working on 0.8 versions of any of them
14:55<Chutt>mythgallery should be simple
14:55<Chutt>they all should be, really =)
14:55<mdz>are there 0.8 module tarballs for everything already?
14:56<Chutt>for everything except the main one, yup
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14:56<mdz>ok, I'll whip those up then
14:56<mdz>argh, I hate redirector download links
14:56<Chutt>they're not available from the webpage
14:56<Chutt>sorry =)
14:57<mdz>better than a CGI that streams out the file
14:57<Chutt>gallery, game, music, video, weather. web
14:57<mdz>wget seems to handle the redirect intelligently now, though, so I take it back
14:57<mdz>it names the file the right thing
15:01<mdz>Chutt: any new versions of any dependent libs required for building mythmusic that you know of?
15:01<mdz>this is what I had for 0.7
15:01<mdz>libvorbis-dev (>= 1.0.0-1), libflac-dev (>= 1.0.4-4), libmad0-dev, libcdaudio0-dev, libcdparanoia0-dev, libmyth-0.8-dev, libid3tag0-dev
15:01<Chutt>i don't think the versions changed
15:02<Chutt>but it can build against sdl now
15:02<Chutt>and fftw
15:02<Chutt>and some opengl libs
15:02<Chutt>depending on what you tell the configure script
15:02<Chutt>i'd like it if you could build it against sdl and fftw at least
15:02<Chutt>if it's not too much trouble
15:03<mdz>i'll build it with everything
15:03<mdz>since I have the disk space right now
15:03<Chutt>cool, thanks
15:03<mdz>what's the gl lib package?
15:03<Chutt>i don't remember
15:03<Chutt>i think almost everythiing comes with X, though
15:03<mdz>does it work with any libgl-dev?
15:03<Chutt>since qt's built against it
15:03<mdz>that is, xlibmesa or plain mesa?
15:04<Chutt>it doesn't really matter if it's not included
15:04<Chutt>since the only thing that depends on it is the gears vis thingie, and that's not all that good, really =)
15:06-!-nyquiljer [] has joined #mythtv
15:07-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
15:08<mdz>anything I should have to worry about in mythweb packaging-wise?
15:09<mdz>heh, apparently so
15:09<mdz>Gadzooks! I can't open the program table.
15:10<mdz>does it still use settings.php?
15:10<mdz>that's not a very helpful error
15:11<mdz>my 0.7 mythweb worked fine
15:11<Chutt>i don't think it's any different
15:12<Chutt>using the right db? =)
15:12<mdz> $db_host = "mizar";
15:12<mdz> $db_username = "mythtv";
15:12<mdz> $db_password = "mythtv";
15:12<mdz> $db_dbname = "mythconverg";
15:12<Captain_Murdoch>I had that error once. I thought it was because I was missing some fields in the database (the newly added star stuff)
15:12<Chutt>that'd do it as well, yup
15:12<mdz>I'm up to date there
15:12<mdz>| airdate | year(4) | | | 0000 | |
15:12<mdz>| stars | float unsigned | | | 0 | |
15:13<mdz>it's the "SELECT sum(record.type = 4..." query that's blowing up
15:13<mdz>ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '), if((program.stars**10) % 10, '½', '')) as starstring, ifnull(programra' at line 1
15:14<mdz>looks like the problem is this:
15:14<mdz>concat(repeat('', program.stars*)
15:15<mdz>maxStars isn't set
15:15<Chutt>$maxStars isn't set
15:15<Chutt>should be set in settings.php
15:16<mdz>damn, there's a ton of new stuff
15:16<mdz>going to be tough to preserve the user's config
15:19<Chutt>screw dat
15:27<mdz>yeah, maybe after 1.0
15:30<mdz>ok, works
15:30<mdz>slow though
15:30<mdz>the main page seems distinctly slower than before
15:41<rkulagow>ok, chutt. uploaded 0.8 version of the HOWTO. it should be good enough for an initial set; i'll look at it again in a while. i don't think there's anything that's 100% wrong at this point.
15:45<Chutt>mdz, it's doing a lot fewer queries
15:45<Chutt>should be faster
15:45<Chutt>rkulagow, checking it out now =)
15:49<Chutt>11.3 is for the old stuff, but that's ok =)
15:49<Chutt>HOWTO-19 didn't get added to cvs
15:52<rkulagow>ok to both. standby please.
16:02<rkulagow>on the way. going for walk with daughter; bbl.
16:04<mdz>a progress bar for the initial mythmusic scan would be nice :-)
16:05<mdz>my upgrade didn't work the first try and my MusicLocation setting was not set correctly, so my metadata got wiped out
16:07<Chutt>mdz, post 0.8, once thor's stuff's in
16:07<mdz>ok, mythmusic package looks good
16:08<Chutt>mdz, i'll make a tarball of mythtv in an hour
16:08<mdz>I noticed the format of the mythmusic config changed (which was what broke it for me)
16:08<mdz>is mysql.txt going to change in the same way?
16:08<Chutt>it didn't really change
16:08<Chutt>the old stuff will still work
16:08<Chutt>the 'int' and 'str' prefixes are just optional now is all
16:09<mdz>it broke my config file substitution is all
16:10<mdz>any build-deps for mythgallery?
16:10<mdz>looks like not
16:11<mdz>not even libmyth
16:15<Chutt>it needs libmyth
16:16<mdz>ah, so it does
16:16<Chutt>that's it, though
16:17<mdz>if anybody adds a new module, I'll have to make a debhelper component for this or something
16:17<mdz>lots of cut and paste ;-)
16:28<mdz>ok, mythgallery done
16:31<mdz>Chutt: btw, there doesn't seem to be a copyright notice or license anywhere on mythgallery
16:31<mdz>I assume it's GPLv2 like the rest?
16:39<mdz>might want to add that to CVS for the future
16:39<Chutt>i will
16:40<mdz>are there any ROMs that I can legally use to test mythgame if I wanted to package it?
16:42<Soopaman>do you physically own any of those games?
16:42<mdz>I physically own no console games whatsoever
16:43<mdz>which is one of the reasons why I don't use mythgame
16:43<Soopaman>well then ni
16:43<mdz>which is the reason why there is no deb
16:43-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:43<mdz>it should be easy if someone else wants to do it, though, so I'm not in any hurry
16:44<Soopaman>you can use demo roms
16:44<Soopaman>those are legal
16:45<billytwowilly>wow. the website looks really nice.
16:46<Soopaman>mdz, i have them on my other box
16:46<Soopaman>tell me the system, and i'll see what i can find
16:46<mdz>Soopaman: I have no idea
16:47<mdz>don't worry about it
16:47<mdz>I'm probably not going to do anything with it anytime soon anyway
16:55<nyquiljer>Chutt: how tough would it to be to allow variables in a theme config file?
16:56<nyquiljer>i've made a ton of different color variations for the theme i'm working on, and cant think of an easy way to select between theme
16:58<Chutt>be fairly easy
16:59<Chutt>mdz, tarball's up
16:59<nyquiljer>i dont know if it would be worthwhile or not tho
16:59<nyquiljer>i would guess most people when they make an osd theme, would jsut have a different theme for each style
17:00<nyquiljer>so that you can switch without ediing the config file
17:20-!-nyquiljer [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:20<Chutt>website all updated
17:35<Chutt>i've always disliked writing freshmeat announcements.
17:35<bigguy>"New release. 'nough said"
17:42-!-nyquiljer [] has joined #mythtv
17:42<nyquiljer>a mockup showing all the styles i made
17:43<Chutt>quite a few
17:44<nyquiljer>yeh. tho i think they will lose alot after conversion. i get carried away with small details that dont end up showing up
17:44<bigguy> what are those for?
17:44<mdz>debs of 0.8 for unstable are now up
17:44<nyquiljer>bigguy: on screen display
17:45<Chutt>mdz, excellent =)
17:45<mdz>if anybody can try an upgrade from stock 0.7, that'd be great
17:45<bigguy>nyquiljer: ah cool
17:45<bigguy>you've got one to many g's on this link ;)
17:45<mdz>Chutt: I'm warming up to this idea of putting a schema version in the db; that would make things much simpler
17:45<Chutt>mdz, yup
17:46<Chutt>i'd like to have that and library versioning and wire protocol versioning soon
17:47<Chutt>what possibly could you have connected to the composite input that _doesn't_ have channels?
17:47<Chutt>that'd you'd want to use mythtv for, of course
17:48<mdz>video camera? :-)
17:48<mdz>then it really would be "Live" TV
17:48<Chutt>a vcr would be silly
17:48<Chutt>you can just pause that =)
17:48<Chutt>and there'd be better things to record with it than mythtv
17:49<nyquiljer>bigguy: thanks
17:49<Chutt>like, i could see a game system or something, but you'd not want the encoder lag =)
17:50<mdz>you can pause a VCR, but you can't skip around as easily as in mythtv
17:50<mdz>you could record a game you played, though, that would be neat
17:51<mdz>not that that's really possible in mythtv right now
17:51<Chutt>i don't think it'd be very playable with a half second lagtime or so
17:51<Chutt>there, no more survey
17:52<mdz>I meant only record, not watch
17:52<mdz>something like ffmpeg would be much simpler though
17:53<mdz>I hope this stuff still builds on woody
17:53<mdz>hmm, I meant to add something to the FAQ about that qdate/qtime noise
17:56<nyquiljer>i'm putting together a mythtv box sometime this week. are tehre any problems i'll run into running debian unstable on it? i had some trouble with unstable once before, but that was probably user error..
17:56<mdz>nyquiljer: yes
17:56<nyquiljer>what bout testing?
17:57<mdz>depends on the day
17:57<bigguy>heh funny the xpde guy uses debian
17:58<mdz>what is xpde?
17:58<mdz>never mind, sorry I asked
17:58<bigguy>windows like desktop environment
18:15<mdz>that didn't take long
18:16<mdz>first deb download
18:17<rkulagow>how long until the first /. story?
18:17<mdz>you mean the first /. story on some half-baked scripts to try to record things with a capture card, right?
18:17<rkulagow>"mythtv sux! {tivo / freevo / replay / moxie / lancaster / openpvr} rox!"
18:19<bigguy>ATI TV forever!!!!
18:19* bigguyruns
18:28-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:49-!-nyquiljer [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:53<Chutt>what kind of broken system is that guy compiling on?
18:58<Chutt>check the -users list
18:58<Chutt>undefined exit() in programs/mythbackend/server.cpp
19:02<mdz>ABI mismatch maybe
19:02<Chutt>it's just a "missing" include
19:03<Chutt>but no one else has mentioned that being missing, and it's been that way in cvs for _months_
19:03<mdz>hey I'd like to use the bleeding edge development version but don't know how to read the mailing list or execute SQL statements. any tips?
19:03<Chutt>that too
19:03<Chutt>some guy just emailed me (off-list) about mythmusic not compiling due to a missing 'gContext'
19:04<mdz>it really ought to be including stdlib.h or whatever
19:04<Chutt>mdz, right, but i'm fairly certain that iostream and the qt includes there include it
19:04<Chutt>pondering doing a switch-em on the release tarball
19:05<mdz>what's this gzip business in mythweather?
19:05<mdz>please don't :-)
19:05<Chutt>the data file
19:05<Chutt>moegreen didn't want to store it in cvs uncompressed
19:05<mdz>it's a whole meg
19:06<mdz>it doesn't delete it during a make clean
19:06<mdz>where would I hook into qmake to get it to do that?
19:06<Chutt>think you can make a rule for it in the .pro file
19:06<mdz>it looks like the top-level Makefile was generated from qmake and then edited
19:06-!-nyquiljer [] has joined #mythtv
19:07<Chutt>hm, well, i'll just get him to store it uncompressed in the future =)
19:07<mdz>it made the .diff.gz huge :-)
19:08<mdz>it runs as part of a rule with mythweather/Makefile as the target
19:08<mdz>so it gets gunzipped even when "make clean" is running
19:08<mdz>patch patch patch
19:09<Chutt>would you really dislike it if i replaced the 0.8 tar.bz2 with one with a fixed server.cpp?
19:09<mdz>I really would
19:09<Chutt>aww, but that's no fun
19:09<mdz>a bunch of people have downloaded 0.8 already
19:09<Chutt>70 or so
19:09<Chutt>you wouldn't have to make a new deb or anything
19:10<mdz>it's so evil
19:10<Chutt>yeah, but i won't have to deal with this problem anymore
19:10<mdz>0.8a or 0.8.1 would fix that too :-)
19:10<Chutt>that's silly
19:10-!-rocinante [] has joined #mythtv
19:10<mdz>not as silly as releasing two different things called 0.8
19:10<Chutt>just for one tiny fix that won't even affect people without broken machines =)
19:11<mdz>I'd have to make a new source package at the least
19:11<mdz>otherwise I'd be distributing a different 0.8 from you
19:11<Chutt>bah, it's a minor gpl violation that debian does _all_ the time
19:11<Chutt>or used to
19:11<mdz>but it's so evil I don't want to think about it
19:11<mdz>I'm not worried about licensing, but about sanity
19:11<rocinante>is there a hardware list out there somewhere?
19:11<Chutt>and didn't care about when i pointed it out several years back =)
19:12<Chutt>"it's too hard for us to do, so fuck off"
19:12<Chutt>distributing binaries without the associated source
19:12<mdz>where does Debian do that?
19:12<Chutt>i don't know if you still do
19:13<Chutt>but there used to be only one source package + diff, for all arches, and stuff got out of sync between arches fairly often
19:13<mdz>oh, that
19:13<mdz>yeah, that's not allowed anymore
19:13<mdz>thank goodness
19:13<mdz>it made security updates a nightmare
19:13<rocinante>most of the topics on are emtpy - most notably the hardware section :(
19:14<Chutt>mdz, but that was basically the response i got back when i asked about it on d-d =)
19:14<mdz>mythweather sure does produce a lot of output
19:14<Chutt>it's in debug mode
19:14<mdz>not mine
19:15<mdz>that's part of the .diff.gz :-)
19:15<Chutt>debug = true; near the top of weather.cpp
19:15<mdz>oh that
19:15<Chutt>set it to false and it'll shut up
19:15<nyquiljer>rocinante: thats not quite what you want, but its a start
19:15<rocinante>you all running MythTV to a monitor or outputting to a tv?
19:15<Chutt>moegreen wanted it in debug for something
19:15<Chutt>probably the setup stuff =)
19:15<mdz>I'll leave it, doesn't bother me much
19:15<Chutt>figured it doesn't hurt, so i just left it like that
19:15<mdz>it'll help debugging
19:16<nyquiljer>rocinante: it looks better running to a tv
19:16<mdz>it gunzips that file not once, not twice, but 3 times during the package build
19:16<mdz>once in the clean target, and twice for the build
19:17<Chutt>yeah, that's not necessary =)
19:17<rocinante>nyquiljer: nice page... they've got lots of info. Excellent.
19:17<nyquiljer>mdz: maybe thats just incase someone released a new version of it without a new version number ;)
19:17<rocinante>looks like mythtv has just about got the linux PVR market in the bag!
19:18<mdz>Chutt: mythweather/mythweather/images/mwmain.png is executable in CVS for some reason
19:18<Chutt>it is?
19:18<mdz>well, it came out +x in my checkout
19:18<mdz>and in the tarball
19:18<Chutt>yup, it is
19:18<mdz>it set off linda :-)
19:18<Chutt>fixed that
19:19<mdz>there isn't any way to fix that apart from changing the permissions in the repository, is there?
19:19<Chutt>i just did that
19:19<mdz>yeah, I know that works
19:19<Chutt>i'm not sure if there's any other way, no
19:19<mdz>CVS doesn't exactly handle permissions
19:19<Chutt>i wonder how it got set, though
19:21<mdz>must have been in the initial import
19:21<Chutt>i don't think that file was in there intially
19:21<mdz>unless you changed it in the repository in your sleep
19:21<mdz>on the add then
19:21<Chutt>up on fm, now
19:22<Chutt>and they didn't edit my changes text, for a change
19:23<mdz>they have in the past?
19:24<Chutt>pretty much every time, actually
19:24<mdz>like, content changes?
19:24<Chutt>no, just wording changes
19:24<Chutt>read the second comment for the announcement on the website
19:24<mdz>I could understand if they wanted to fix egregious spelling errors or something
19:25<mdz>but not substantive changes
19:25<Chutt>they weren't major, just rewording some things
19:25<mdz>I cannot reconcile that MJPEG and MPEG-2 are different things
19:26<Chutt>i really should just turn off comments
19:26<Chutt>but they can be so fun
19:38<-- rocinante( has left #mythtv
19:38-!-poptix is now known as mimbach
19:39-!-mimbach is now known as poptix
19:45<mdz>one or two install reports from the debs would be nice
19:46<mdz>about 6 downloads so far
19:46<mdz>Jamie Richard needs to go
19:49<mdz>the mythweb recorded screen seems to have some sort of overflow
19:50<mdz>it shows a 2.7G recording as -1501528375 B
19:50<mdz>and a 4.4G recording as 335.1 MB
19:53<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, that's a qt problem. the datatype only supports signed longs
19:53<Captain_Murdoch>I have one like that from recording a NASCAR race last weekend.
19:54<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: a qt problem? in mythweb?
19:54<Captain_Murdoch>sorry, php
19:54<Captain_Murdoch>looking up it now to try to remmeber what it was.
19:54<mdz>probably good thing to put in the FAQ
19:55<Captain_Murdoch>I think it's an issue with the largest datatype supported is signed long. I found a webpage documenting it but didn't think it was an issue at the time.
19:56<Captain_Murdoch>workaround could be mythbackend reporting size in kilobyte, but it's an issue only with mythweb right now.
19:56<mdz>it wouldn't hurt anything if the backend reported size in kilobytes instead of bytes
19:57<mdz>what size does it use for floating point?
19:57<mdz>probably something bigger
19:58<mdz>that might be a workaround
20:01-!-nziarek [] has joined #MythTV
20:01<Captain_Murdoch>I dunno, I remember going into mythweb one day and saw a negative filesize so I did a little research. looks like it can support higher floats from a webpage I'm looking at.
20:02<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, this page says integer is 32bit signed usually, and php doesn't support unsigned.
20:05<Captain_Murdoch>so when will it be safe to start adding features to CVS again?
20:08<Captain_Murdoch>I've got the code ready to add to scan for commercials after a recording finishes. the we can start adding other detection methods other than blank-frame. also added a mod to my code to read a file directly if it exists locally rather than streaming from the backend the file is stored on. (ie, in nfs environments, just read file from server and not have it go across the net twice)
20:10<Chutt>give it a couple days
20:11<Captain_Murdoch>that's what I figured in case there needs to be a 0.8.1 release for something.
20:11<Chutt>naw, i doubt i'll do that
20:11<Chutt>i just don't want stuff broken immediately =)
20:12<billytwowilly>can't you do what kde does and break of a 0.8 branch or something?
20:12<Captain_Murdoch>shouldn't break anything, been running it here for over a week. (famous last words though right). :)
20:12<Chutt>billytwowilly, sure, i could, or i could spend my time writing code
20:13<Captain_Murdoch>if someone is running a borderline speed processor and has 0% free while recording it may cause hickups though if they schedule 2 recordings back to back and have AutoCommercialFlag turned on.
20:13<billytwowilly>Chutt: I just meant in case you need to do a 0.8.1 or something. as a solution to Captain_Murdoch wanting to add stuff right away.
20:13<Captain_Murdoch>I'm putting a comment about that on the setup screen help for the setting.
20:15<Captain_Murdoch>no reason to break off branches that I see. my stuff can wait.
20:15<Chutt>just a day or two
20:16<billytwowilly>ok, just a suggestion... seems to work good for the kde guys;)
20:16<Chutt>i don't like branches, generally
20:16<billytwowilly>although I suppose you guys don't have quite so many developers working on this thing eh?;)
20:16<Chutt>especially since cvs does a horrible job at automatic branch merging
20:19<billytwowilly>Chutt: have you thought at all about trying to make a bit of cash off this thing? I was pricing out hardware and at retail I can put together a decent mythtv box for ~ 700-800 CAD, which works out to ~500-600 american. Seems pretty competitive with the costs of other commercial PVRs...
20:19<Chutt>i don't really want to
20:19<billytwowilly>Chutt: mind if I do?
20:19<Chutt>i'm just doing this for fun =)
20:19<Chutt>i really don't think the scrape zap2it for listings stuff would work in a commercial setting.
20:20<bigguy>plus when xmltv breaks you'd have to fix it
20:21<billytwowilly>Chutt: well, I was looking into it and I think there's a demand for a do it yourself kit type thing if the price is right.
20:21<billytwowilly>lots of people on the mailing list (atleast for freevo, I never got around to signing up for mythtv's mailing list) are asking "will x hardware work with this?"
20:22<Chutt>there's been sales with 40 hour new replaytv's on amazon and stuff for ~$120
20:22<Chutt>rebates and the like
20:22<Chutt>i really doubt you could compete pricewise
20:22<billytwowilly>with subscription fees though right?
20:22<Chutt>that's without
20:22<billytwowilly>how big a harddrive i needed for 40 hours?
20:22<Chutt>it's probably a 40 gig drive
20:23<Chutt>i wouldn't have a problem with it, no
20:23<billytwowilly>I priced it out with an 80 gig;)
20:23<Chutt>but, i really don't want zap2it to get all pissed that someone's selling a product without paying for their data
20:23<billytwowilly>ok, well nothing will probably come of it (i'm kind of lazy, and I'm not afraid to admit it)
20:23<billytwowilly>I just thought I should ask you about it first before I did any more looking.
20:24<billytwowilly>well, I was thinking more along the lines of advertising it as a box that's small, and will work just fine with mythtv with the IR stuff and remote included.
20:24<billytwowilly>not with the actual software installed, but perhaps included on cd or something.
20:25<Chutt>there's been a couple people doing that
20:25<billytwowilly>oh? got urls?
20:25-!-_shad [] has joined #mythtv
20:25<billytwowilly>now I'm curious;)
20:25<Chutt>check the mailing lists, i don't have any right off
20:25<_shad>mdz, you around?
20:25<billytwowilly>Chutt: ok, thanks.
20:26<mdz>_shad: yes
20:26<_shad>The new myth 0.8 debian packages depend on qt3-mt
20:26<_shad>but kde3 uses the c102-mt
20:26<_shad>and conflicts
20:26<mdz>_shad: you're apparently trying to use the woody packages on unstable
20:26<mdz>_shad: use the unstable packages
20:26<mdz>_shad: please tell me about your upgrade experience, whether it works or not
20:27<_shad>I was using cvs
20:27<_shad>so I nuked everything
20:27<_shad>sorry :)
20:27<mdz>well, still
20:28<_shad>I'll let ya know
20:28<mdz>there haven't been any complete from-scratch installations of the 0.8 packages that I know of
20:28<_shad>I'll be using seperate server/client machines also
20:29<nziarek>Not to beat a dead horse, but, for the menus, where where does myth look for which font you want to use? I saw the font setting for the OSD (which anti-aliases fine), but not for the menu
20:30<Chutt>nziarek, it always uses 'Arial'
20:30<Chutt>do an 'xlsfonts | grep arial' and see what pops up
20:32<mdz>_shad: all the better
20:32<mdz>_shad: it should be clear from the package names how to set things up, but let me know if not
20:32<nziarek>chutt: 'bout 30 - 40 different fonts (I think) pop up
20:34<nyquiljer>Chutt: how do you feel about having multiple OSD pngs, with text locations specific to individual png?
20:36<nziarek>nyquiljer: multiple OSD pngs for what - like one for edit mode and one for information?
20:38-!-PeteCool [] has joined #mythtv
20:38-!-PeteCool [] has quit [Client Quit]
20:41<nyquiljer>sorry, i should have been more specific
20:41<nyquiljer>different elements of the osd
20:42<nyquiljer>like the show title, the description, the channel call letters, channel number, channel icon, etc
20:43<nziarek>hmmm...i think I have been looking at the same idea: chck out
20:44<nyquiljer>nziarek: well, thats al ittle different. ive always wanted different 'modes' too, like your images
20:45<_shad> Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 29, <> line 1.
20:45<nziarek>so, do you not want all of the information on the screen at one time? If you are jsut looking to seperate the information into top and bottom of the screen, you can create a single PNG that just has transparency
20:46<nyquiljer>nziarek: i want to be albe to move each element independently
20:47<nyquiljer>so if i make a theme, and then feel like i want to move the channel callletters up higher, the way it is now, i'd have to edit the png, and then move the text
20:47<nyquiljer>if there was a seperate png that had a text location relative to it, all i would have to do is move the png, and the text would move with it
20:48<nyquiljer>also you could have different elements slide in from different sides of the screen, which would be really cool :)
20:49<nziarek>nyquiljer: OK, i see. I do all of my design as a whole, so I have a pretty good idea of what I want where. I spend a lot of time in Photoshop moving them around and resixing them til I like it.
20:49<nziarek>the animation would be very cool though...
20:53<nyquiljer>nziarek: splitting it into seperate elements would make it easy to have multiple osd modes as well. maybe a 'light' mode that has just the program title and channel, no description
20:57<nziarek>that's true
20:59-!-dert [] has joined #mythtv
21:00-!-schwin97 [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:03<_shad>Database 'mythconverg' already exists, skipping database initialization
21:03<_shad>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5, <> line 1.
21:04<_shad>mysql> drop database mythconverg;
21:04<_shad>ERROR 1008: Can't drop database 'mythconverg'. Database doesn't exist
21:18<dert>stop mysql, rm -rf $datadir/mythconverg, start mysql.
21:18<_shad>it was gone already
21:18* dertnods.
21:18<_shad>nuking everything in sight now
21:18-!-dert is now known as inman_
21:24<_shad>what the hell is going on
21:24<_shad>same shit
21:31<_shad>_shad:/etc/mythtv# cat mysql.txt
21:31<_shad>str DBPassword=test
21:33<Captain_Murdoch>_shad: I think the code was modified make the "str" and "int" optional in the settings files but think it should work whether you have them or not.
21:34<_shad>it thinks that mythconverg exists, but it doesn't
21:34<_shad>that's my prob
21:34<inman_>mysqladmin create database mythconverg
21:35<inman_>it's strange the way myth uses two database connections.
21:35<_shad>mysqladmin: Unknown command: 'mythconverg'
21:36<_shad>don't need database
21:36-!-nziarek [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:36<_shad>Setting up mythtv-database (0.8-2) ...
21:36<_shad>Database 'mythconverg' already exists, skipping database initialization
21:36<_shad>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5, <> line 1.
21:37<_shad>it can't connect using root
21:37<_shad>that's why it thinks it exists?
21:37<inman_>I thought about the ListAsShuffled option but it didn't seem like something that'd have widespread appeal and utility.
21:37<inman_>what is producing that error message, shad?
21:37<inman_>which program are you running?
21:38<_shad>the debian packages
21:38<inman_>why can't you connect as root? can you connect using `mysql -u root mysql`?
21:38* inman_commences the X build.
21:39<_shad>that works fine
21:39<inman_>did you have to enter a password?
21:39<inman_>are you out of disk space?
21:39<inman_>are you familiar with the mysqlaccess command?
21:40<inman_>this sounds like a problem with the debian package, frankly.
21:40<_shad>for sure
21:40<inman_>you could work around it and just do the database insertion yourself.
21:40<bigguy>shouldn't be
21:40<_shad>then the package won't install properly
21:41<inman_>can't you tell the debian packaging system to pretend that it installed?
21:41<_shad>don't wanna screw with that stuff
21:41* inman_shrugs helplessly.
21:41<Captain_Murdoch>what does the package expect the password to be set at?
21:41<_shad>I have no idea. mdz wrote it
21:42<inman_>can you disassemble the package?
21:42<Captain_Murdoch>since the package can't access the db, maybe it's trying the wrong password.
21:42<inman_>it's possible that mdz built it using a default password on his build box.
21:43<inman_>X is a monster
21:43<_shad> local admin_password="$3"
21:49<_shad>I give up
21:55<mdz>_shad: still there?
21:55<mdz>it needs the mysql root password in order to do things like create the database and grant permissions on it
21:56<mdz>_shad: are you sure it doesn't exist? you had one before; did you drop it?
21:56<mdz>inman_: I did no such thing
21:56<mdz>it asks for the mysql root password when it configures itself
21:57<mdz>unless the user has suppressed that level of prompting, in which case it assumes the default (no root password)
21:58* inman_shrugs.
22:00-!-billytwowilly [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:03-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
22:07-!-billytwowilly [] has quit [Client Quit]
22:18<_shad>I'm back
22:19<mdz>_shad: so do you have a root password set in mysql?
22:20<_shad>I purged EVERYTHING
22:20<_shad>that I could see
22:20<_shad>and reinstalled mysql and myth from scratch
22:20<_shad>and it errored out
22:20<_shad>then I set a mysql root password
22:20<_shad>and still bummed out
22:20<_shad>I forget what my prompt level is at
22:22<mdz>run this
22:22-!-inman_ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
22:22<mdz>mysql -u root mythconverg
22:22<mdz>does that succeed or fail?
22:22<_shad>ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO)
22:22<_shad>but my password was changed
22:23<mdz>ok, so you have a root password set
22:23<mdz>mysql -u root -p mythconverg
22:23<mdz>and enter the password when it prompts you
22:23<mdz>does that work?
22:23<_shad>ERROR 1049: Unknown database 'mythconverg'
22:23<mdz>ok, good
22:23<mdz>so right now you have the mythtv-database package installed, but it fails to configure?
22:23<_shad>how do I change my prompt level?
22:24<mdz>run dpkg-reconfigure -plow mythtv-database
22:24<mdz>that will reconfigure mythtv and force the priority to low
22:24<mdz>I can't seem to win with this mysql password stuff
22:24<_shad> /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mythtv-database is broken or not fully installed
22:24<mdz>_shad: --force
22:25<mdz>if I set the priority high, people get confused and don't know whether they have a password set or not
22:25<mdz>if I set it low, then people who do have a password set never see it
22:25<_shad>it prompted me for name and password
22:25<_shad>Database 'mythconverg' already exists, skipping database initialization
22:25<_shad>Failed to connect to database: Unknown database 'mythconverg' at -e line 5, <> line 1.
22:25<mdz>that's weird
22:25<mdz>what did you enter for the hostname?
22:26<_shad>want me to make you a user account and stuff?
22:26<mdz>and yet mysql -u root -p mythconverg fails?
22:26<_shad>k. sec
22:27<_shad>it's weird, I purged everything, nuked /var/lib/mysql too
22:28<_shad>get the l/p?
22:29<mdz>yes, doesn't work though
22:30<_shad>not howto
22:31<mdz>I wonder what machine I was trying to login to
22:31<mdz>weird that it existed
22:31<_shad>not really
22:31<_shad>it's a *
22:31<_shad> A
22:33<_shad>I wonder if I'm doing something dumb
22:37<mdz>ok, I think I have a fix
22:37<mdz>_shad: what were the odds of it having a wildcard record AND ssh listening and being one character off from what you gave me?
22:38<_shad>These day? I wouldn't doubt it. hehe
22:38<_shad>it's probably tracking name/password
22:38<_shad>so I'll change the password very soon
22:38<_shad>free shells. heh
22:39<_shad>how about you change the password now?
22:39<_shad>I'll leave it active if you ever need to test other shit
22:40-!-schwin97 [] has joined #mythtv
22:42<mdz>_shad: I locked the password and put in an ssh key
22:42<mdz>I'm going to test a purge and reinstall of mythtv-database
22:43<-- nyquiljer( has left #mythtv
22:43<_shad>whatever that means. heh. don't use ssh much
22:50<_shad>heh. md and rd? :)
22:52<mdz>ok, looks good. give it a try
22:53<_shad>I need to run what to do the equiv of the setup in cvs?
22:54<_shad>I see
22:54<_shad>I shoulda looked :P
22:54<mdz>yeah, I think it displays a message when you install it :-)
22:55<mdz>'setup' is a bit too generic to go in $PATH
22:56<_shad>for setup
22:56<_shad>I should set backend to
22:56<_shad>and local machine to
22:57<mdz>or you could use for both
22:57<_shad>I still haven't figured out how to specify which channels I want
22:59<_shad>ok, I've seen this before, and it still exists. when I go to option 3 and setup my video source, and add "Rogers"
22:59<_shad>when I go to input connection and do the dropdown, I see rogers twice
23:01<_shad>once I exit, it tells me to run /etc/cron.daily/mythtv
23:01<_shad>which doesn't exist
23:01<_shad>mythtv-backend does though
23:01<_shad>and it's botched too
23:02<mdz>ah, I'll fix that message
23:02<_shad>it doesn't like the --quiet at the end
23:02<_shad>because it takes it as an argument
23:02<_shad><you know that obviously :P>
23:03<mdz>what's wrong?
23:04<_shad>_shad:/etc/cron.daily# /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backend
23:04<_shad>su: unrecognized option `--quiet'
23:04<mdz>yeah, fixing that now
23:04<_shad>there will be info in the docs to enable networking for mysql I presume?
23:04<mdz>thanks for helping to test this stuff
23:05<_shad>I made the choice a couple days ago that I'd rather use packages then compile all the time
23:05<mdz>I don't think it's necessary to enable networking for mysql unless you're connecting remotely
23:05<_shad>my puters are way too slow to wait
23:05-!-nziarek [] has joined #MythTV
23:05<mdz>if you use "localhost" it should connect over a unix socket I tihnk
23:05<_shad>I'm using them split, so I need it
23:06<mdz>yeah, that should be in the howto somewhere
23:06<mdz>probably already is
23:06<_shad>never checked
23:06<mdz>I have a couple more fixes on the way
23:06<mdz>so I'll want to upgrade your box pretty soon
23:06<_shad>just playing on the frontend box
23:07<_shad>never used this puter much, kinda like irc on a 35" monitor. hehe
23:07<rkulagow>shad: if you're asking about "how do i let remote machines access the database", it's already in the HOWTO.
23:07<_shad>rkulagow: thx
23:08<_shad>That doesn't sound good
23:08<Chutt>i had forgotten i had dropped the 'Default' profile down really low for testing
23:09<mdz>on your local box, right? not in the 0.8 source :-)
23:09<Chutt>of course
23:10<Chutt>oh well
23:10<Chutt>just one ruined recording =)
23:11<_shad>The one you wanted to see, right?
23:11<Chutt>naw, not really
23:11<mdz>it looks like mythweather breaks for me when I build with CONFIG = release
23:11<Chutt>how's it break?
23:11<mdz>loops forever seeking around the accid file
23:11<mdz>recompile the same sources with CONFIG = debug and it works
23:11<Chutt>maybe that's why it's built in debug mode =)
23:11<mdz>could be
23:11<mdz>I'm going to change the packages
23:11<mdz>works fine on my unstable box
23:12<mdz>but breaks on my woody/testing/unstable mythtv box
23:13<_shad>problems on frontend
23:13<mdz>weird thing is, I changed the CXXFLAGS in the release block to be -O2 -g
23:13<_shad>mdz: ssh to poo, same l/p
23:16<mdz>need root
23:17<mdz>so you are running both a frontend and backend on the other box, and only frontend on this one?
23:17<_shad>shad is the server
23:17<_shad>poo is the frontend
23:17<_shad>poo will be the main frontend though
23:18<_shad>I'll be adding a third box too in this room, called main to be the second frontend
23:18-!-inman_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:18<_shad>I have too many computers
23:18<_shad>I can have a frontend in every room in this house
23:19<mdz>ok, fixed, building new packages
23:21<mdz>it is a pain to test these packages; I have no spare box with a capture card
23:22<_shad>you can use my shit
23:22<_shad>I don't care
23:45-!-PeteCool [] has joined #mythtv
23:47<-- nziarekhas quit ()
23:50<PeteCool>any ideas why mythbackend is saying this: VIDIOCSPICT: : Invalid argument ?
23:51<PeteCool>didn't see it in the FAQ
23:51<Chutt>can't set/get the contrast or something
23:52<mdz>_shad: ok, looks to be in good shape now
23:53<mdz>Chutt: I had to patch mythbackend to close all its excess file descriptors at the last minute
23:53<mdz>to keep it from hanging due to bad interaction with debconf
23:53<Chutt>which excess file descriptors?
23:53<mdz>any ones that were open when it started
23:54<mdz>inherited from the parent
23:54<mdz>ok to commit that bit?
23:54<Chutt>yeah, go for it
23:56<mdz>up to 0.8-7 already :-)
23:56<mdz>shaping up though
23:58<Justin_>mdz: is there an /etc/init.d/mythbackend now?