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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-03-17

00:00<mdz>Justin_: /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend, yes
00:00<_shad>stupid ferrert
00:00<PeteCool>dammit mythfrontend doesn't want to see mythbackend is started
00:01<PeteCool>the script starts, mythbackend is there (ps ax), and then mythfrontend says it can't connect
00:02<PeteCool>10 seconds before I did it manually and it worked
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00:02<PeteCool>manually = in xterm
00:02<mdz>Justin_: are you going to be using the packages?
00:03<mdz>they need more testing
00:03<PeteCool>can it be related to the VIDIO error?
00:05<Justin_>mdz: i dunno, i have cvs installed and working...:)
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00:08<PeteCool>this doesn't make any sense
00:08<PeteCool>or maybe it does
00:09<PeteCool>I changed the mythbox's hostname
00:09<PeteCool>can this f**k up myth like that?
00:09<_inman>there are a couple tables that use it.
00:10<_inman>update settings set hostname = 'newhostname' where hostname = 'oldhostname';
00:10<_inman>ditto for capturecard, IIRC. check on that and the cardinput table.
00:12<mdz>that guy said that mythfrontend hung with no error message, and then proceeded to paste the error message
00:12<PeteCool>the thing is it works fine from an xterm, but not from a shell script (which runs the same commands)
00:12* _inmansmirks.
00:12<PeteCool>I did that?
00:13<mdz>dunno, was that you?
00:13<PeteCool>I hope not
00:19<PeteCool>niiiiice, alsa just doesn't want to do anything anymore
00:20<PeteCool>just what I needed
00:31<mdz>oops, broke mythbackend
00:31<PeteCool>what broke? cvs?
00:32<PeteCool>or your local copy?
00:32<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, did that break stdout messages?
00:32<mdz>and shad's
00:32<PeteCool>that's why it isn't working now for me?
00:32<PeteCool>or something unrelated
00:32<mdz>depends on whether you updated in like the past 15 minutes
00:32<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: shouldn't have, why?
00:33<PeteCool>yep, that matches
00:33<PeteCool>tell me when it's fixes please
00:33<Captain_Murdoch>just curious since your commit message said close all filehandles I wasn't sure if the backend still printed messages.
00:35<Captain_Murdoch>nevermind, I just looked at the code, shoulda done that first. :)
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00:36<_shad>mdz: did you fix it?>
00:36<mdz>_shad: your backend is broken, I'll update it soon
00:36<_shad>was talking to a friend I haven't seen in a couple years
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00:39<_shad>going to bed, exam tomorrow
00:40<_shad>Thanks for the help BTW
00:42* inman_grumbles.
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00:44<mdz>_shad: no problem
00:44<mdz>I think the packages are in usable shape now
00:44<_shad>Good to know
00:45<_shad>I just want to have it stable for a couple of weeks to get used to it :P
00:45<_shad>I haven't had a chance to really play with it and watch recorded shows, since I keep trying to stay current with cvs
00:49<PeteCool>this is the first time cvs bites me
00:55<PeteCool>so I don't see how staying current with cvs prevents watching recorded shows :)
01:00<PeteCool>setup doesn't seem to see my sound devices
01:09<mdz>are you sure they exist?
01:09<mdz>ls -l /dev/dsp*
01:09<mdz>did you load the oss compat modules?
01:10<PeteCool>still get the VIDIO errors even if sound plays fine
01:12<mdz>the VIDIO errors have to do with your capture card
01:13<mdz>the contrast setting
01:13<mdz>like Chutt said earlier
01:13<mdz>or brightness
01:16<PeteCool>I don't see how this can happen
01:16<PeteCool>I didn't try to change them
01:16<mdz>check your db
01:17<mdz>select contrast, brightness, colour from channel
01:17<mdz>try changing them if they're weird
01:17<mdz>I'm going to bed
01:27<PeteCool>how would I set a field to NULL (and not just a stupid "NULL")
01:33<PeteCool>I reverted every hostname change I did and still nothing works but one previous recording (the others are "file missing")
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01:36<PeteCool>I get "audio volume set to '32768' " in there
01:36<PeteCool>which makes no sense at all
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01:44<billytwowilly>hi, on the mythfeatures page it says this: "Basic video editing abilities. (Doesn't re-encode the files to actually edit out the deleted sections yet, that's next release.)" is that reffering to 0.8 or to the release after that?
01:46<PeteCool>I can't even define a new caputre card!!!!!!!!
01:46<bigguy>billytwowilly: it's not in 0.8
01:46<billytwowilly>bigguy: thanks.
01:47<bigguy>billytwowilly: so I'd imagine the next one or when ever they get around to it
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02:07<PeteCool>I now see how changing a hostname can cause problems
02:07<PeteCool>btu I have no f*g idea how reverting back every change made can NOT give a working system
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07:59<Chutt>moegreen, hi =)
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08:14<nziarek>Chutt: got an email from a guy saying he couldn't download any themes...I just tried and it doesn't work here either
08:16<Chutt>works fine here
08:17<nziarek>really? I clicked and it brought me to a blank page
08:18<Chutt>try now
08:18<nziarek>works :)
08:24<nziarek>moegreen: you around?
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11:48<Mr>Stupid question:
11:48<Mr>If I want to add some new files to libmythtv which makefiles do I need to edit? (or do I?). What do I have to rebuild?
11:50<Mr>I mean... do I do "make distclean; ./configure; make" at the top level and will that sort everything out? or is there more to it?
11:55<Mr>ok, I've sussed it
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12:15<moegreen>Hi Chutt!
12:18<nziarek>hey Moe - where do you get the "codes" for the weather types? are they in the HTML somewhere, or are they your invention?
12:20<moegreen>nziarek: they are embedded in the page that returns the actual weather. This isn't the page that you see when you go to (goto to see the raw data --- why?
12:22<nziarek>moegreen: I went through's graphics in excel (since they are just numerically ordered) and saw that they only had like 40-45 graphics, many the same. I was just trying to see if there was a way to create all of the graphics so there could be no more unknowns...
12:23<nziarek>man, how did you ever find that page?
12:24<moegreen>nziarek: Yeah, I haven't found an easy way to get all the types - looking at the weathertypes.dat file you can see there seems to be a lot missing, but I think there just may be gaps in there
12:25<nziarek>oh well :) just trying to do my part, you know. i don't know if you were around, but I re-did the graphics. Someone complained about jaggies.
12:28<moegreen>I did see the new graphics, but I didn't see the complaints. My MythTV -user/-dev mailbox had ~700 emails
12:29<nziarek>they complained on IRC...and I know. I left for one weekend and came back to 500 emails.
12:37<Chutt>moegreen, mdz doesn't like your gzipped accid file or whatever it is =)
12:50<moegreen>Chutt: would he rather it be ungzipped? Or does he not like the idea of it?
12:51<Chutt>i think he'd rather have it uncompressed, yeah
12:54<moegreen>Chutt: I don't know if you saw, but before I left I had put up some screenshots of the playback window using other themes
12:54<Chutt>saw those =)
12:55<Chutt>think you said you thought that the shadow is too heavy, and i agree
12:56<nziarek>Re: the red highlight bar, any chance that can be changed to a graphic?
12:57<moegreen>yeah, that shouldn't be a problem
12:58<moegreen>Chutt: I was thinking for the scrolling, for it start at the very top, scroll to the middle - then the entire list will scroll with the bar in the middle, until it reaches the end at which point the scroller bar will goto the bottom of the list - comments?
12:59<Chutt>that makes sense, sure
12:59<Chutt>for the titles on the left, could you make em left justified instead of centered?
12:59<mdz_>moegreen: actually what bothered me was that it was gunzipped during a make clean (and then not even deleted) :-)
13:00<moegreen>mdz: oh, ok...didn't notice that
13:00<moegreen>Chutt: I'll do that and see what it looks like
13:03<mdz_>moegreen: really, I think it would be fine to have it uncompressed
13:04<moegreen>mdz: I'll probably go ahead and have it be uncompressed
13:15<mdz_>moegreen: it'll take up less space in the repository too
13:15<mdz_>over time
13:17<Chutt>that's weird
13:18<Chutt>Few Showers doesn't show up with an image
13:18<nziarek>is it a #88?
13:18<Chutt>21, i think
13:18<Chutt>i haven't updated since the release
13:18<Chutt>if you just added 88
13:18<Chutt>wonder if that's something i broke when i updated the images =)
13:19<nziarek>i hacne't noticed, but in Milwaukee, its still 12 degrees :)
13:19<mdz_>so nice here today
13:19<Chutt>68 out today
13:20<Chutt>i didn't install the new image names
13:20<Chutt>wait, yes i did
13:20<Chutt>it's just *.png
13:21<Chutt>i just never did a make distclean at the top level =)
13:31<nziarek>moegreen: when do you think the new theming will make it into CVS? I'd like to see how easy it is to theme...
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14:33<Chutt>rkulagow, thanks again for doing all that work for the docs
14:33<Chutt>it really helps =)
14:50<rkulagow>chutt: yes, i noticed how many posts to the mailing list are answered in the HOWTO. maybe deliberately break something next time?
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16:15* yebyenneeds the mplayer/mencoder mythtv patch
16:15<yebyen>i'm sure it's in the FAQ...
16:17<yebyen>recording children of dune
16:17<yebyen>i should've gotten part 1 yesterday
16:18<yebyen>i forgot, now I have to get the replay and miss boston public
16:19<yebyen>or i could just record it on sunday...
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16:21<yebyen>Chutt: did you do the (6)Program Finder thing?
16:21<yebyen>Chutt: because it doesn't seem to be finding every episode of Childen of Dune for some reason, only sunday
16:21<Chutt>no, i didn't
16:22<Chutt>it gets them all here.
16:25<yebyen>some of them are listed as "Frank Herbert's Children of Dune"
16:25<yebyen>some are just "Children of Dune"
16:36<yebyen>what would be best to increase the speed of the database... processor, more ram, giant raid array? :)
16:36<yebyen>it really bogs down in the conflict resolution screen
16:38<Chutt>that's pure cpu speed
16:39<Chutt>doing all the conflict resolution and stuff
16:39<yebyen>i've been thinking of building a dedicated mythbox
16:39<yebyen>with more power
16:39<yebyen>and two tv cards
16:45<rkulagow>chutt: was any of the mute code used around the channel change function to get rid of the static issues that some people report on the ML?
16:46<Chutt>it's there
16:46<Chutt>but the thing to do is mute the tuner
16:46<Chutt>not the output
16:46<rkulagow>ok, you mean the hardware mute on the tuner card, right?
16:47<rkulagow>i think i remember looking at that stuff in zapping when i first started looking at sound
16:47<rkulagow>tvtime also does something similar
16:49<rkulagow>void videoinput_do_mute in tvtime
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17:03<yebyen>going to see george carlin
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17:24* _inmangroans.
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18:30<_shad>mdz: around?
18:39-!-PeteCool [] has joined #mythtv
18:39<PeteCool>if I wanted the channel names to be displayed differently where would I change them?
18:39<mdz_>_shad: yep
18:40<_shad>I can't get mythfrontend or mythtv to connect
18:41<PeteCool>is current cvs working?
18:42<Chutt>mdz, you have a zaurus, right?
18:43<PeteCool>rkulagow: could you add a note in the docs not to change hostnames when myth is working? (or maybe I missed it)
18:44<Chutt>if you change hostnames, you need to update the hostname everywhere in the db.
18:45<Chutt>what's needed to note about that?
18:45<PeteCool>and in the recordings, this updates one of the date fields to current time
18:45<PeteCool>which loses the recordings
18:45<Chutt>err, not if you do the update properly.
18:46<PeteCool>update table set hostname = 'newone' where hostname = 'oldone' ?
18:46<Chutt>which, quite obviously, doesn't work for the recorded table
18:47<Chutt>since it stores dates as timestamps
18:47<PeteCool>how should I have done it then?
18:49<_shad>hmm. works if I add my user to the mythtv group
18:49<Chutt>you need to set the starttime field at the same time.
18:51<yebyen>so, i got waitlisted to MIT
18:51<Chutt>poor yebyen
18:52<Chutt>what's your backup?
18:52<yebyen>still waiting on CMU
18:52<Chutt>my brother's given up on cmu, they lost his recommendations twice now
18:52<yebyen>other possible backups are Cornell, Michigan State, RIT (Rochester)
18:52<Chutt>he's going to rit
18:53<Chutt>i think
18:53<Chutt>i could be wrong, though =)
18:53<Chutt>don't pay _that_ much attention
18:53<yebyen>i wasn't aware that RIT was a nationally recognized school
18:53<yebyen>besides their CS dorm
18:53<yebyen>yahoo's "Most Wired Dorm"
18:55<yebyen>i'm told (by koudelka) that my SAT will be above average in the CMU Admissions room
18:55<Chutt>kinda low? :p
18:56<yebyen>what's low about tha
18:56<Chutt>nothing, really
18:56<yebyen>730m/740v... the math is kinda low for a CS major at CMU or MIT
18:56<yebyen>but the verbal ownz
18:57<yebyen>and i'm planning a linguistics minor/double major
18:57<Chutt>tsk tsk
18:57<Chutt>you must've missed a lot
18:57<mdz_>Chutt: yes, I have a zaurus
18:57<Chutt>mdz, just ordered one
18:57<mdz_>Chutt: 5600?
18:58<mdz_>or one of the crazy japanese ones?
18:58<Chutt>naw, the 5500 for $178 shipped from
18:58<Chutt>couldn't really pass that up as a toy
18:58<mdz_>that's what I have
18:58<Chutt>figure it might be fun to make it a remote control
18:58<mdz_>_shad: did you run setup and all that?
18:58<mdz_>_shad: and did you configure mythtv-frontend with the right IP and port when you installed it?
18:59<_shad>gotta relogon on another machine
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19:00<yebyen>fucking waitlist
19:01<_shad>mdz: ya, and added myself to the mythtv group, I ran mythfrontend fine, but it would freeze with mythtv
19:01<yebyen>"OK, you've waited all this time for an answer, so here it is...
19:01<yebyen>wait some more!"
19:01<Chutt>yebyen, should've applied for early admission, you would've known a lot sooner
19:02<mdz_>_shad: going to need some more information
19:02<yebyen>Chutt: but the thing of it is, i really don't know anything more than I knew a week ago
19:02<mdz_>than "it doesn't go" :-)
19:02<mdz_>I'm running the packages on my mythtv box now, so I know they work
19:02<_shad>I know
19:02<_shad>nothing in the log file
19:02<mdz_>and I set up a remote frontend on my desktop using the packages as well
19:02<yebyen>Chutt: they've grabbed people from the wait list before... it's conceivable that in a month and a half, they'll call me up and say "Want to go to MIT?"
19:02<_shad>I'm gonna try on this box, Steph is using the other one right now
19:03<Chutt>yebyen, right, and it's more likely you won't hear anything from them
19:03<yebyen>and i'll say "WTF BITCH, AAAAH!!!"
19:03<Chutt>go someplace cheaper and less stressful :p
19:03<yebyen>i thrive on that stress
19:05<_shad>how do I change the default prompt level for debian?
19:06<mdz_>dpkg-reconfigure debconf
19:06<yebyen>i would've probably felt better if they sent me a letter, typed all in caps, saying:
19:07<Chutt>got a postcard instead?
19:07<yebyen>get a laugh out of me
19:07<yebyen>i got a letter with a postcard
19:07<Chutt>yeah, something like that
19:07<Chutt>it's been awhile since i got waitlisted :p
19:18<_shad>I thought you were too smart to get waitlisted chutt
19:35<_shad>wow. this works
19:35<_shad>rock on
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20:09<Chutt>captain_murdoch, hey, go ahead and check stuff in whenever you feel like it
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20:26<Captain_Murdoch>ok. may later tonight.
20:26<Captain_Murdoch>looking at Liam's logo detection stuff now and trying to think of ways to integrate his code into the post-record commercial detection stuff.
20:27<mdz>_shad: got it working?
20:33<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, only took about 15 lines of code to get tv_play.cpp to read the file directly if it exists locally rather than streaming from the backend when it detects a myth:// url.
20:34<Captain_Murdoch>now I can debug changes to mythfrontend and just read the file from the nfs server rather than from the main/master/remote backend.
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20:38<_shad_>chutt,mdz: around?
20:47<mdz>_shad_: yep
20:49<_shad_>I'm using kde
20:49<_shad_>and in mythfrontend, in tv menu
20:50<_shad_>if I select schedule recording, schedule conflicts, or setup, I don't see the kicker panel
20:50<_shad_>but for watchtv, delete or watch recordings I do
20:51<_shad_>obviously I don't want to see the panel :)
20:52<_shad_>but, everything works perfectly, great job
20:52<_shad_>just needed to do a reinstall on this box
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22:16<PeteCool>If I want channel names to be different (WFFF -> FOX) where would I change that? In the channels table?
22:17<PeteCool>or in xmltv?
22:18<PeteCool>I submitted a story about 0.8 to slashdot, and they rejected it... I don't see why, maybe an anti-pvr guy rated it :)
22:25<Captain_Murdoch>MythTV has been mentioned on there at least once a week it seems like for the past month or two either directly or indirectly.
22:29<PeteCool>I did change the channel names when I first set up myth, but don't remember which column I changed
22:29<PeteCool>I don't want to break anything again
22:34<PeteCool>actually that would be "break everything" :(
22:36-!-nziarek_ [] has joined #MythTV
22:37<Chutt>captain_murdoch, your non-xv mode is causing problems on the list =)
22:37<Chutt>at least, i assume that's what that guy's issue with X taking massive amounts of cpu is
22:40<_shad>Chutt: Have you played with much x86 assembler?
22:48<Captain_Murdoch>ok, I'll go read it.
22:57<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, which list is that. My cablemodem provider decided to change my IP on me so I missed a little mail and am looking through the web interface
22:59<Captain_Murdoch>I modifed the code to use the yuv scaling functions within libavcodec but it didn't seem to speed up any on my box. I need to do some more testing now that I have myth setup on my main workstation as well as my "production" server. :)
22:59<Chutt>users, close to the most recent posting
23:00<Captain_Murdoch>ok, thanks
23:00<Chutt>"Locks up and Slow Performance"
23:00<Chutt>he's got other problems, too, but =)
23:01<Captain_Murdoch>replying now, mail just came through.
23:02<Chutt>you agree with that diagnosis?
23:05<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I asked if he had the drivers installed and asked if he saw the "non-Xv mode" message from mythfrontend.
23:05<Chutt>that's the only thing i can think of that'd make the frontend/x use that much cpu, at least
23:06<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, frontend doing scaling & conversion and then passing all that data (even with Xshm) to the X server. I had hoped for a bigger speed difference with Xshm but I guess scaling and color conversion far outweighs the time spent copying the data.
23:07<Chutt>the big speedup with xv, aside from free scaling and colorspace conversion, is the fact that it's rendering the video directly to the allocated video buffers
23:07<Captain_Murdoch>I commited the patch earlier to read the file directly if it exists even if the pathname is a myth:// url. small mod to tv_play.cpp. nice being able to playback stuff and not even hitting the backend server at all since my storage is across nfs on a different server.
23:07<Chutt>and so it's not copying around huge chunks of video all the time
23:08<Chutt>yeah, i saw
23:08<Chutt>didn't look at the change yet, but, that's cool.
23:08<Chutt>how's it getting the rest of the path?
23:09<Captain_Murdoch>it uses RecordFilePrefix from the db. if different servers use different directories then the file won't exist in RecordFilePrefix
23:09<Captain_Murdoch>if all servers use the same directory (/usr2/vcr/mythv/recordings in my case) then frontends can read directly from the nfs server.
23:10<Captain_Murdoch>I don't see any reason that multiple frontends can't use the same recording directory since they'll have different filenames.
23:14<Captain_Murdoch>frontends/backends that is... :) I type too much.
23:14<Chutt>yeah, that should work
23:18<Captain_Murdoch>I was promoting MythTV in the Yahoo! "Linux,FreeBSD, Solaris" chat room earlier. I wrote a GTK+ chat program called Gyach that allows *nix users to chat in Yahoo!'s rooms. Working under Linux, *BSD, Mac OS/X, Solaris, and even Win32 using cygwin so far.
23:18<Captain_Murdoch>had one guy go download it I think.
23:19<Captain_Murdoch>"it" meaning MythTV. :)
23:31<PeteCool>I have weird errors with the Mplayer0.90rc4 nuv patch...
23:31<PeteCool>it plays ofr a fraction of a second then complains about bad resolution
23:32<PeteCool>ends with a crash
23:33<Captain_Murdoch>never use the patch myself.
23:35<PeteCool>the small part I see has a very bad aspect ratio too
23:35<PeteCool>and it's the same for each video output plugin I tried
23:35<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: I borked my records database, or else I wouldn't be using it either :)
23:36<Captain_Murdoch>use the script in the contrib directory to rebuild the database
23:36<Captain_Murdoch>it will reinsert records into the recorded table.
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