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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-03-19

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01:05<Captain_Murdoch> I love it when people tell me what my code does....
01:06<bigguy>"I think you don't know your own code so let me start out with line 1 ........."
01:07<Captain_Murdoch>the guys' trying to tell me that my commercial skip code saves a cutlist in the cutlist field when you hit 'Z'. the only time it copies the skip list to the cutlist is if you go into edit mode.
01:13<Captain_Murdoch>hmmm, let's see, play 2 recordings, play around with hitting 'Z' and 'Q' to skip around commercials, wow, lookee there. there's no cutlist saved in the database. :)
01:13<Ndiin>Perhaps it should be done so that simply glancing at the memory side cutlist the commercial skipping code generates does not make it permanent.
01:14<Captain_Murdoch>that's what i put in my previous email to the guy, but he insists it happens anyway.
01:14<Captain_Murdoch>I was thinking to make it an option, so you had to hit a key on the edit screen to load the skip list into the cutlist.
01:16<Ndiin>Its probably a simple case of misunderstanding the exact process. Such as simply entering edit mode doesn't load the skiplist, but pressing Z, and then entering edit mode, does.
01:18<Ndiin>But nonetheless, that issue wasn't the point in the first place.
01:18<Captain_Murdoch>I'm modifying the code now so you have to hit 'Z' inside the editor to load the commercial skip list.
01:19<Captain_Murdoch>makes more sense anyway. "don't assume the user knows what the programmer was thinking..." :)
01:24<Ndiin>I'm curious.. I've seen a few times where there's about 5 second blocks that get marked for skipping, would it be possible to simply not consider it a commercial unless its longer than 15 seconds or something? *shrug* Just a thought. The new code it working pretty good, though =)
01:25<Captain_Murdoch>it shouldn't do that for less than 15 second blocks now with the automatic flagging after record. I plan on introducing more intelligence into the code though, so yes that will be done.
01:27<Captain_Murdoch>I need to put some code in to analyze the breaks after they are computed to see if they make sense (ie, no 3 minute break then 1 minute of show then another 3 minute break.
01:27<Ndiin>Some shows do have that, though...
01:28<Ndiin>Some newscasts or sports
01:28<Soopaman>sports for sure
01:28<Soopaman>like basketball
01:29<Ndiin>Another idea, is to possibly check the audio levels at the frame of a blank...
01:30<Captain_Murdoch>Ndiin: that's on the list of things to check as well, course that will take a little longer
01:30<Ndiin>Yeah, I'd expect so
01:30<Ndiin>Taking longer, that is
02:07<Captain_Murdoch>Added a 'Z' key to the editor screen to load the commercial skip list into the cutlist. Also added a 'C' key to clear the current cutlist while in the editor if you don't like the current cuts.
02:07<Ndiin>Sounds good to me.
02:09<Captain_Murdoch>and found a bug that pops up if you delete all cutpoints while in the editor.
02:10<Captain_Murdoch>program coredumps cause the flag is set indicating it has a cutlist even though you deleted all the points.
02:25<Captain_Murdoch>Commited to cvs, think I'll let the guy figure it out on his own.
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03:14* bigguyis [away -={ S.L.E.E.P }=- ]
03:46<Ndiin>Another annoying bug is when you flip a cutpoint direction, then exit edit mode, the pixmap for the flipped cutpoint stays on the screen
03:47<Ndiin>Not anything but cosmetic, but annoying nonetheless
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04:39<Captain_Murdoch>Ndiin: you still around?
04:41<Captain_Murdoch>Ndiin: if you see this later, the bug you mentioned about the edit arrow is now fixed in CVS.
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10:51<mdz_>_shad: around?
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11:36<merf>can you use mythtv with mencoder and mplayer, so you don't have to use the modified NuppelVideo codec?
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11:45<mdz_>merf: what codec are you hoping to use?
11:46<Justin_>you can sorta do it, but mythtv does a better job
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13:18<merf>mdz_: i was hoping to use divx of some kind
13:18<merf>maybe my information is out of date..
13:18<merf>but as i understand, mplayer needs a patch to play mythtv's nuppelvideo
13:18<merf>i just don't want to have to patch all my mplayers to play my videos :)
13:32<mdz_>merf: you can play them with mythtv, or you can convert them using mencoder
13:32<mdz_>merf: but mythtv already uses MPEG-4 internally
13:33<merf>ah, neat
13:33<merf>i tried using mythtv a while ago, but my computer was waay too slow to even watch tv.. i never did try recording with it.
13:34<mdz_>watching live tv is the most resource-intensive thing you can do with mythtv
13:34<mdz_>recording is less demanding
13:34<merf>that's waht i discovered :)
13:34<merf>if mencoder records without problems, can i assume mythtv will too?
13:34<mdz_>mencoder with what codec?
13:35<mdz_>-ovc ...?
13:35<merf>lavcodec, i believe
13:37<mdz_>-lavcopts ...?
13:37<mdz_>lavc means to use libavcodec, which implements many different codecs
13:38<mdz_>I'm not sure what the default is
13:38<mdz_>maybe mpeg-1
13:38<merf>-ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=900
13:39<merf>i need to find a decent video editor for linux :/
13:39<mdz_>then yes, mythtv should record fine
13:40<mdz_>it uses libavcodec, so it's exactly the same encoding routine
13:40<merf>cheers for the help :)
14:00<merf>does mythtv use snes9x for snes emulation?
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15:26<merf>Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at /usr/local/bin/tv_grab_na line 1938.
15:26<merf>Use of uninitialized value in numeric ge (>=) at /usr/local/bin/tv_grab_na line 1934.
15:27<merf>^-- will those messages break XMLTV's output?
15:38<mdz_>no, they go to standard error
15:38<mdz_>but they indicate bugs
15:41<m0tion>if I don't have a tv-tuner installed in my pc, but I want to mess around with mythtv, what should I set the Video Device field to?
15:42<merf>m0tion: i think there's a dummy driver you can use, for v4l
15:42<merf>but i might be confused with bluez or something..
15:43<m0tion>setting them to /dev/null doesn't seem to work =)
15:45<m0tion>oh, nm, got it working
15:45<m0tion>i just didn't fill out the field and it works fine, just complains about not being attached to a cardinput
15:47<m0tion>what are most of ya'll using for remote controls?
15:47<m0tion>any favorites?
16:04<merf>i just built my IRDA reciever yesterday
16:04<merf>and i've got an old Sole Control universal remote
16:08<m0tion>hmm, I've got all the prereq's installed, but I get the following error when compiling mythmusic.... cddecoder.h:6:21: cdaudio.h: No such file or directory
16:08<m0tion>any ideas?
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16:51<thor_>Chutt, found the problem with 98% CPU load on MythProgressDialog. Rather rare actually ... if you compile in lcd support in libmyth but then don't have LCDproc running, calls to processEvents() spend time trying to get the relevant socket open. Will fix this.
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17:07<mdz_>m0tion: either you didn't install all of the prerequisites, or cdaudio is in the wrong place. find out where cdaudio.h is and point mythmusic to it
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17:38<rocinante2>hello all....
17:40<rocinante2>quick question: does MythTV work with ATU gatos drivers?
17:40<rocinante2>(ATI, sorry)
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17:45<poptix>it doesn't.
17:45<poptix>i believe that's in the FAQ
17:47<mdz_>rocinante2: yes and no
17:50<rocinante2>I'm looking in the faq now.... meanwhile, what is yes/no?
17:53<rocinante2>hmm... no mention of GATOS or ATI anywhere.
17:54<rocinante2>what part of MythTV explicitly requires the bttv driver?
17:55<thor_>Anything that records (which means watching live TV as well).
17:55<thor_>MythWeather whould be fine though +0
17:56<thor_>That is, anything that records requires a complete V4L driver, which bttv (for example) provides
17:56<rocinante2>a fairly fundamental issue.
17:57<rocinante2>Is this because the video capture is a hack, or is there some tecnical reason? (ie. should I invest time trying to fix it, or is there some known issue?)
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17:58<rocinante2>the gatos drivers do not provide full v4l support?
17:58<thor_>The code is written against the V4L interface. Anything that can provide the other side of that interface is fine. Not a question of a hack
17:58<mdz_>rocinante2: this has been discussed on the mailing lists many MANY times
17:58<mdz_>rocinante2: a google search for "mythtv gatos" finds about 200 answers to your question
17:58<bbeattie>Hello everyone. I've spent about 10 hours now trying to dignose relocation/symbol errors. The exact errors are, "mythtv: relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN7QGArray7newDataEv" And I get this when trying to run any piece of myth. I am running debian unstable. I have tried both the provided debian packages for 0.8 and also rebuilt those from the source on my own, 3 times now. Has this problem been seen
17:58<bbeattie>r can anyone offer any comments regarding this?
17:59<mdz_>bbeattie: you probably have an old version of libmyth around
17:59<mdz_>bbeattie: delete all copies of libmyth* from your system, then install the debs
18:00<mdz_>mythtv all in wonder should find even more
18:03<mdz_>bbeattie: it is also possible that your qt is broken
18:03<rocinante2>pity. "Gatos" needs a big push there.
18:03<mdz_>bbeattie: are you using the qt from debian unstable, or did you do something crazy like compile it from source?
18:03<bbeattie>mdz_: I checked, and I can not locate any old libmyth.* files around. I can't install debian files completely. The myth-backend fails when it tries to start the backend server, "Starting MythTV server: mythbackend/usr/bin/mythbackend: relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN14QPtrCollection7newItemEPv"
18:04<rocinante2>Ok, thx all.
18:04<bbeattie>mdz_: debian unstable qt
18:04<mdz_>rocinante2: mythtv is now capable of doing scaling and colorspace conversion in software, so if you have the CPU to spare for that, you should be able to use an AIW card. I have not tried it yet (I do not have enough CPU)
18:04<mdz_>bbeattie: I have personally installed those packages about 10 times over, so I know they work :-)
18:05<bbeattie>mdz_: on debian unstable?
18:05<mdz_>bbeattie: correct
18:05<mdz_>bbeattie: you are using the unstable packages, right? there are two sets, one for woody and one for unstable
18:05<mdz_>with different apt sources
18:06<bbeattie>mdz_: alright. I don't use qt much at all, so maybe I'm using some older qt libs. could you do a dpkg -l|grep qt and send me the output?
18:06<mdz_>bbeattie: everything is at 3.1.1-7
18:07<mdz_>bbeattie: are you using any unofficial packages? KDE or such?
18:08<bbeattie>mdz_: no, I don't use qt except what videolan pulled down. However, lately I've been noticeing major conflics involving QT between different apps. If I was to do a full dist-upgrade, I would loose many qt apps. Something may be incorrect there. I'll have to research what is going on in that area.
18:09<bbeattie>One thing I am concerned about, is the libqt app entry, is, "ii libqt3c102 3.1.1-7 Qt Library"
18:10<bbeattie>And I also have, "rc libqt3 3.1.1+cvs.2002 Qt GUI Library (runtime files)" I am curious to which version of libqt3 your dpkg -l|grep qt returns.
18:12<rocinante2>what's the mythtv forum url?
18:12<rocinante2>(is there one?)
18:14<bbeattie>mdz_: I need to run for a few minutes. Anyway, if I do a apt-get install libqt3, I receive an error stating there is no version that exists for libqt3 and that libqt3c102 replaces it. Maybe me apt entry is wrong. I'm not a QT person, and only use it when I need apps that do. Maybe if you coule explain which debian source entries you have that you get your QT packages from, that could help me. (BBin 15)
18:19<mdz_>bbeattie: libqt3 is the old, wrong library
18:19<mdz_>bbeattie: libqt3c102 is the new, correct library
18:19<mdz_>bbeattie: the debs depend on libqt3c102, so you should already have that installed if you installed the packages
18:19<mdz_>bbeattie: libqt3 does not exist in unstable anymore, only libqt3c102
18:20<mdz_>bbeattie: your libqt3c102 version number looks correct
18:21<mdz_>bbeattie: my system has never had libqt3 (the old package) installed
18:21<mdz_>bbeattie: run ldd /usr/bin/mythbackend and ldd /usr/lib/ and send me the output using "reportbug mythtv"
18:23<mdz_>bbeattie: apt-get install reportbug first if necessary
18:28<merf>for some reason, mythepg can't see any of the program information in the database
18:28<merf>but it's all there (i can select it)..
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19:08<_shad>mdz_: I'm around now :)
19:30<Chutt>thor, that lcddevice thing was probably the cause of that reported bug that the menu was _really_ slow
19:44<thor_>Chutt, as I said, quite rare: you have to know to do ./configure --enable-lcd in MC, and then not have LCDd running. Fixed now in any case.
19:47<thor_>Chutt, patch for mythmusic with playlists within playlists will be on the list before I sleep. It's definitely the spirit of that old e-mail, although slightly differently implemented. Just solving some infinte recursion hiccups.
19:47<Chutt>can't wait to play with it =)
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20:18<mdz>someone just sent me email
20:18<mdz>showing that mythbackend told them to run setup
20:18<mdz>I do not know what they are trying to show me
20:21<PeteCool>would it work alright if I set osd showing time to 0.5s ?
20:22<PeteCool>or does it need an int?
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20:29<Chutt>needs an int
20:31<mdz>_shad: have you updated to the 0.8-9 packages?
20:37<moegreen>Does this alternate epg redraw issue make sense to anyone?
20:39<poptix>this ivtv driver is working fairly well
20:39<Chutt>moegreen, nope
20:40<moegreen>it's not like any of the draw routines are done differently than anything else
20:41<poptix>moegreen: i'm having the issue with alt epg
20:41<poptix>no idea what causes it
20:41<thor_>alpha blending?
20:41<moegreen>poptix: what's it doing? I couldn't get a sense of it from the original email
20:41<poptix>basicly when i scroll upwards (up arrow) the selected channel keeps going up the list like it should
20:41<poptix>but the display of channels doesn't move
20:42<poptix>if i scroll downwards, it'll suddenly refresh, and show the proper list
20:43<poptix>it's almost as if it thinks the number of channels being show is a lot larger than it is
20:43<moegreen>So when scrolling up the channel listing on the left hand side doesn't update
20:43<poptix>the entire bottom display does not update
20:43<poptix>but the information in the top left corner does
20:43<moegreen>poptix: how many channels do you have it showing (via setup)
20:44<poptix>the default, let me look
20:45<poptix>what's that setting name?
20:45<poptix>in the database
20:45<poptix>| EPGType | 1 | |
20:45<poptix>| chanPerPage | 8 | |
20:45<moegreen>what is the time per page as well
20:46<poptix>it's show 8 channels and 5 30 minute blocks
20:47<moegreen>that's a lot of info on one page :)
20:47<poptix>it's the default, and it works for me =p
20:47<moegreen>I can't seem to get it to reproduce
20:47<poptix>the bug doesn't appear to happen all the time
20:47<poptix>right now, running mythepg on its own, i'm not having any problems
20:48<moegreen>poptix: how recent is your cvs?
20:48* poptixunloads the ivtv drivers
20:48<poptix>moegreen: yesterday
20:48<moegreen>was it after I put in the code to stop using the alpha blending?
20:48<moegreen>(if desired)
20:49<poptix>i believe so
20:49<poptix>i don't know, actually.
20:50<moegreen>it would be a setup option at the top of the program guide setup screen (Disable Transparency ...)
20:52<poptix>no, i don't see that
20:52<poptix>i'll update again and let you know
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21:06<poptix>have any of you looked at this ivtv stuff?
21:06<poptix>v4l2 interface, kind of like the mjpeg cards
21:07<poptix>actually, i wonder if this will work with mythtv right now
21:07* poptixlooks
21:08<Chutt>last i saw, there wasn't really an interface to get the data
21:08<poptix>it works now
21:08<poptix>i'm watching TV with audio
21:09<poptix>dumps mpeg data out of /dev/video0
21:09<poptix>that's how the mjpeg cards do it, isn't it?
21:16<poptix>well, this is a good start though
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22:41<_shad>mdz: I did on the server, got home late, emergency work call
22:57<_shad>now on one frontend
23:04<thor_>Chutt, if you're up, patch is on its way
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23:40<Chutt>thor, databasebox.cpp, metadata.cpp, playlist.cpp all need an iostream include
23:41<thor_>oh crap
23:42<thor_>I'm on it, you want patch to patch, or new patch
23:42<Chutt>well, don't worry about it now
23:42<Chutt>just letting you know
23:43<thor_>At least a follow up to my post ?
23:44<thor_>... wait a minute ... how come they don't need it at my end?
23:45<Chutt>different version of gcc?
23:45<Chutt>i'm using 3.2
23:46<thor_>well ... anyone who's going to be able to provide useful feedback should be able to figure that out
23:47<poptix>heh, who needs videolan when you've got netcat
23:47<poptix>i'm streaming across my home network with the help of netcat, and a fifo =)
23:47<thor_>not over 802.11
23:48<poptix>no, but i should try that
23:48<poptix>it's only 260KB/s
23:48<thor_>Tried front <--> backend last night over 11B, and it was pretty much un-useable
23:49<thor_>although frontend was on a Crusoe, so that may have been part of the problem
23:49<Chutt>thor, hmm
23:50<thor_>give it some time, and think about how you'd organize it
23:51<Soopaman>thor_, what is the specs on your crusoe/
23:51<Soopaman>how does it perform?
23:51<thor_>very well, although noticeably slow compared to a recent Ath/P IV/etc.