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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-03-22

00:14<PeteCool>Chutt: have you ever tried recording with xvid CVS ?
00:15<PeteCool>using some of the experimental features yielded much better quality than what I'm seeing with ffmpeg mpeg4 encoding
00:15<PeteCool>it compressed at over 70fps on my XP 1700+, as a low-priority process, at DVD resolutions
00:19<PeteCool>I'll have to get off my butt and really take a look at the code soon
00:22<poptix>PeteCool: my PVR-250 compresses real time DVD quality video at 12mbit using 0% cpu =p
00:22<poptix>well, actually the application that reads it, and feeds it into a ringbuffer is using .1% cpu..
00:23<bigguy>poptix: using linux with ivtv?
00:23<bigguy>or what?
00:24<PeteCool>poptix: but do I really have that kind of $$$ to put into a tuner? not yet
00:24<PeteCool>it's not recompressing anything?
00:25* bigguylooks for his extra adaptec 2940uw
00:25<PeteCool>which one is that?
00:26<bigguy>it's just a scsi card
00:26<bigguy>68pin uw
00:26<poptix>bigguy: i use the reference driver and the ivtv driver
00:26<poptix>and no, it's not reprocessing anything
00:26<poptix>mplayer is deinterlacing, that's about it
00:27<bigguy>do you capture also, poptix?
00:29<bigguy>I wan't to move my cel533 to do another task. Should I use one of my lower p1 chips or the k6-2 400 as the replacement gateway? Only thing that I might use it for is to screen a couple of irc sessions other than nat stuff
00:29<PeteCool>that'll do fine
00:30<PeteCool>I did that with a 486-33 for a while
00:30<bigguy>PeteCool: the lower p1 chips?
00:30<PeteCool>jsut make sure it has >32megs of ram
00:30<bigguy>I did it with a p233mmx for a while but the hdd's crashed
00:30<PeteCool>my current gateway is a p1-100mhz
00:30<PeteCool>with 96 megs of ram
00:31<PeteCool>the only thing slow is spam-filtering of e-mail, and I think the HD is the bottleneck there
00:31<bigguy>I've got a p166 with 96
00:31<bigguy>well I don't run my own mta
00:31<bigguy>My isp does a good job of that
00:31<bigguy>so I only need the mua
00:33<bigguy>I need to go back through my iptables script somtime and make it more init friendly
00:34<bigguy>or just run it from ip-up
00:39<bigguy>heh found an old intel server board that works so I'll prolly do that tomorrow after I get in from EMT Training
00:40<bigguy>oh well off to bed
00:48<Justin_>where does mythtv turn off windowmanger decorations?
00:51<poptix>bigguy: yes, capture is just a matter of cat /dev/video0 > capture.mpg
00:52<Justin_>in 0.7 it worked fine, since I moved to cvs a while ago, the window is still the right size, but decorations are still on
00:52<Captain_Murdoch>poptix, did I hear you say you were going to add pvr250 support to MythTV like the G200 support was added?
00:52<Justin_>poptix: does that file have both audio and video?
00:52<PeteCool>Justin_: what window manager are you using?
00:52<Captain_Murdoch>justin, it's a mpeg program stream I believe.
00:53<Justin_>not the most complient, but most things work
00:53<PeteCool>try one of these: oroborus, ratpoison, evilwm
00:53<Justin_>the other myth windows are fine
00:53<Justin_>uh thanks, i'd rather not use a shitty WM
00:54<Justin_>its definately a bug in mythtv since every other myth window is fine
00:54<PeteCool>the only thing that does that here is twm
00:54<PeteCool>the thing is pwm want to tab your windows
00:54<Justin_>no, thats not why
00:54<PeteCool>at whatever price
00:54<Justin_>please get a clue
01:02<poptix>Justin_: yes
01:02<poptix>Captain_Murdoch: a friend of mine has offered to do it in a week or so when he has time in return for a case or two of beer
01:03<Captain_Murdoch>cool, I've got a pvr250 sitting here wanting to be used.
01:04<Justin_>all of myth uses showFullScreen
01:04<Justin_>which is a qt function
01:04<Justin_>...except for mythtv
01:06<poptix>Captain_Murdoch: have you looked at the ivtv drivers on sourceforge?
01:06* Captain_Murdochwonders who's going to write MythShare which will allow you to publish up on the net (password protected of course) your recorded files.
01:06<Justin_>so thats why everything else works
01:06<Captain_Murdoch>poptix: yeah. downloaded it, just haven't recompiled my kernel to make use of it. need to reinstall the card also.
01:07<poptix>Captain_Murdoch: ah, alrighty.
01:07<poptix>Captain_Murdoch: just make sure you follow the instructions as to which order to load stuff in
01:08<Captain_Murdoch>I've even looked into splitting the mpeg stream into the audio & video parts, but know that will take a small chunk of code in Myth to get them split so they can be saved in the .nuv format file
01:10<Justin_>ahhh i think I see why it doesn't work
01:10<Justin_>the toggle fullscreen fun calls decorate(0);
01:10<Justin_>decorate() doesn't do anything:)
01:13<PeteCool>Justin_: do it say to put the top-left corner of the window to 0,0 ?
01:14<PeteCool>do = does
01:14<Justin_>myth windows do
01:14<Justin_>mythtv windows are the right size, but have decorations
01:14<Justin_>i also noticed that the one time I tried running it at work on a box with a windows X server
01:15<Justin_>can you move your window when its fullscreen?
01:15<PeteCool>not that I know
01:15<PeteCool>there's nothing to "grab" it
01:15<Justin_>i think mythtv isnt making it decorationless, just putting it at 0,0 and figuring that it will dar right
01:15<Justin_>try alt-mouse1
01:15<Justin_>or such
01:16<PeteCool>I'm pretty sure it'll work with evilwm
01:16<PeteCool>I'm using oroborus ATM, I'll try later
01:16<Captain_Murdoch>Justin_: do you mean the actual video window?
01:16<Justin_>thats the only window that doesn't use qt to set itself fullscreen
01:18<Justin_>its not completey wrong, it ends up being at about 0,5
01:18<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, it's in Xj.cpp. I just fired it up and it had decorations. I've got the gui set to 800x600 on my dev machine, but the code in XJ.cpp sets the video window to full-screen anyway.
01:19<Justin_>yeah, thats where i was looking
01:22<Justin_>I dunno why it worked in 0.70:-/
01:26<Justin_>i fixed it:) told pwm that "MythTV.MythTV" windows should never have borders:)
01:28<Captain_Murdoch>I think i did that on my main box with fvwm.
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02:45<RagnaRoC>Hey folks...I just got MythTV up and running proeprly a few hours ago...was workign great for hours but then it started having minor audio/video sync problems so I termianted app...DOn't remember btu I think prg crashed i it locks on selecting Watch TV :(
02:45<RagnaRoC>I have no ides why it would work right for so long and then start having a problem like this
02:47<RagnaRoC>Anyone awake?
02:59<thor_>RagnaRoc, I shouldn't be awake but I am
02:59<RagnaRoC>Lucky for me
02:59<thor_>Infant daughter
03:00<thor_>she's asleep now
03:00<RagnaRoC>Well at least there is hope then :)
03:00<RagnaRoC>I assume youread above?
03:00<thor_>Yup, hang on one sec
03:00<RagnaRoC>okie dokie
03:02<thor_>If you're having occasional failures, it's almost certainly hardware related. CPU and/or memory overheating is **very** common. Myth encoding pushes hardware.
03:02<thor_>Thing about more/better fans
03:02<RagnaRoC>hmmm it ran fine for many hours...........
03:03<RagnaRoC>never had a overheating problem on my system before
03:03<RagnaRoC>XAWTV still owrks ok though
03:03<thor_>"works fine", then "stops working" is not a software problem (software never changes)
03:03<RagnaRoC>mythTV will not start TV viewing AT ALL any more
03:04<RagnaRoC>so ya saying leave it alone awhile
03:04<RagnaRoC>and it will work again, eh?
03:04<thor_>Well, you need to experiment
03:04<thor_>if you leave it off for half an hour
03:04<thor_>... then have no problems
03:04<thor_>then have "weird" problems
03:04<thor_>the lesson is "software doesn't change"
03:05<RagnaRoC>I just suspect that since XawTv works fine still yet I can't even watch a second of tv on MyttV anymore thta it is other then that
03:05<RagnaRoC>make any sense?
03:05<thor_>xawtv does not place anywhere near the load that Myth does
03:05<RagnaRoC>enough to not even allow it to get past menu screen?
03:05<RagnaRoC>I mean it totally locks on menu
03:06<RagnaRoC>the minute I hit enter twice
03:06<RagnaRoC>that is it
03:06<RagnaRoC>first time does nothing
03:06<RagnaRoC>second time locks
03:06<RagnaRoC>and then I have to kill it
03:06<thor_>hard to say .... what's your hardware
03:07<RagnaRoC>PIII 700 Mhz Coppermine , 384 Megs RAM , Diamond Viper 770D TNT 2 Ultra 32 Meg
03:08<RagnaRoC>Sound Blaster Audigy sound
03:08<RagnaRoC>30 gig HD
03:08<thor_>sound, memory, storage, and video sound OK
03:09<thor_>but your CPU has probably been working very hard over the last few hours
03:09<RagnaRoC>everything else on system is still functioning normally
03:09<thor_>hey, Linux is robust
03:09<thor_>anything specific happen before it (Myth) stopped working
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03:12<thor_>Only thing I can tell you is that I had a system in my living room that exhibited "weird" errors (myth segfaults, everything else working fine), and once I put in a fan to cool the RAM that was absolutely the end of my problems.
03:14<thor_>also, you said "eh?" and the end of a question. Canadian?
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03:15<RagnaRoC_>Thor still there?
03:15<RagnaRoC_>I just had something very odd happen!
03:16<RagnaRoC_>I I checked something on video card and power to whole system just went bye-bye
03:16<RagnaRoC_>would nt come back on for minute or two
03:16<RagnaRoC_>and then I had to unplug power and then plug back in
03:16<RagnaRoC_>I tried a game that used the 3d functions that normally works fine and it locked the system!
03:16<RagnaRoC_>Hard locked!
03:16<RagnaRoC_>So there may be something to what ya said
03:17<RagnaRoC_>I do believe the video cards chipset or memory overheated
03:17<RagnaRoC_>the fan on the video card made stranges noises occasionally and I had to clean it may be going
03:17<thor_>It's hardware. I'm almost sure
03:18<RagnaRoC_>Yeah I am starting to think you are right
03:18<RagnaRoC_>I never had that game (Chromium) lock system before!
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03:18<RagnaRoC_>Wow MythTV must have really pushed my old box
03:18<RagnaRoC_>Is this a frequent thing?
03:19<RagnaRoC_>on old hardware?
03:19<RagnaRoC_>The MythTV Torture test?
03:19<thor_>Myth is a great way to discover that your system could never have hosted slashdot
03:19<RagnaRoC_>You think system will return to normal once temp drops?
03:20<RagnaRoC_>I tuned AC on and opened case
03:20<RagnaRoC_>I do live in FL after all
03:20<RagnaRoC_>was rather hot in this room
03:20<thor_>Where in FL?
03:20<RagnaRoC_>St. Pete
03:20<thor_>I was at a wedding on the Gulf Coast (Sanibel Island) last October
03:21<RagnaRoC_>Small world
03:21<thor_>Look into bigger CPU fan
03:21<thor_>Better PSU fan
03:21<RagnaRoC_>it is just werid...never had a prolem in all the years I had this thing before that prg
03:21<thor_>and/or RAM heatsink/fan
03:21<RagnaRoC_>I will chheck it all out
03:22<thor_>... sleep ...
03:22<RagnaRoC_>since I have to do something
03:22<RagnaRoC_>Ok man
03:22<RagnaRoC_>Get some rest
03:22<RagnaRoC_>hope the kiddy sleeps as well
03:22<RagnaRoC_>if they do not neither do you!
03:22<RagnaRoC_>so good luck
03:23<RagnaRoC_>Will see how many more times I can hard lock the system this morning
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07:01<Viddy>sols drunk
07:01<Viddy>silly solie
07:01<Viddy>30gig of mp3'z
07:02<Viddy>...and xmms is still trying to load it all...
07:02<Viddy>oh shit
07:02* Viddynotes that he is in the wrong channel
07:03* Viddyapoligises, and backs away slowly
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10:09<Chutt>wintv-pvr-250 for $134 at directron
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16:31<vektor>Chutt: when you're around say hi.
16:46<moegreen>Chutt: I've got the delete screen done,
16:46<PeteCool>I had some shows which failed to record this week, they're passing again today
16:47<PeteCool>but they're greyed out in "fix conflicts"
16:47<PeteCool>where do I need to remove their info for them to be recorded again? oldrecorded?
16:50<moegreen>I think oldrecorded is the place to remove it
16:51<PeteCool>moegreen: is that stuff in CVS yet?
16:51<PeteCool>from the screenshot
16:52<PeteCool>looks great BTW
16:52<moegreen>no, I've still got to let the theme change the color
16:53<moegreen>it looks good on the darker themes, but the lighter themes it not quite as easy on the eyes
16:53<mdz>yes, you need to remove it from oldrecorded
16:53<mdz>eventually it will let you do that from the UI by selecting the program when it is grayed out
16:54<PeteCool>moegreen: the corners of the white boxes seem a little squared, though
16:55<PeteCool>it'll look better on a TV anyway
16:55<moegreen>PeteCool: that can all be modified easily - they are just png's that I threw together to have _omething_
16:55<moegreen>each theme will (eventually) be able to define their own png's and the entire layout of the page
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22:26<Justin_>about ...
22:27<Justin_>why couldn't that be for normal playback also?
22:28<PeteCool>Justin_: I think he already did that part
22:32<nziarek>it was designed for playback; it migrated to the delete box.
22:32<nziarek>my question - can you delete an entire show series?
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23:09<_shad>mdz: around?
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23:27<mdz>_shad: yep
23:30<_shad>on your box have you seen many many mythfrontends/backends run at the same time?
23:30<_shad>A couple days ago I saw up to 100 backends
23:30<_shad>and today I saw over 20 frontends
23:32<mdz>when everything is idle, there are 2 frontend threads and 4 backend threads I believe
23:33<mdz>when something is recording, there will be an additional 4 backend threads
23:33<mdz>and when something is being played back, there will be 4 or so additional frontend threads
23:35<_shad>I have like 60 backends running right now
23:35<_shad>wanna check it out?
23:36<_shad>and 7 frontends, and it's just sitting at the main screen
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23:37<mdz>paste me "ps aux" output in private messages
23:37<mdz>doesn't sound normal
23:37<_shad>more than a screenfull
23:38<mdz>are you sure you only have one frontend running
23:38<_shad>the mythfix account is still there
23:39<_shad>need root?
23:39<mdz>so this machine is only running a backend
23:40<_shad>and poo is the frontend
23:40<mdz>how many frontends are out there?
23:40<mdz>have you stopped and started the frontend or anything like that?
23:40<mdz>it probably spawns a thread for each frontend connection too
23:40<_shad>once I stop it, all the backends go away
23:40<mdz>once you stop the frontend?
23:40<_shad>I've only had this frontend running for like 20 mins now
23:41<mdz>doesn't happen here
23:41<_shad>well, all the backends except for a couple
23:41<_shad>want me to exit out of the frontend now?
23:41<mdz>hold on
23:41<mdz>I need access to the mythtv account
23:42<_shad>I'll change root passwd
23:42<_shad>there. same as before
23:44<mdz>you'll need to rebuild with debugging to see what's happening I think
23:45<mdz>the backtraces don't make sense
23:46<_shad>I don't think I saw this stuff when I was using cvs
23:50<_shad>Gotta work tomorrow, so I'm gonna get some sleep. I'll see about debug mode monday
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