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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-03-24

00:00<Chutt>as for time adjustments, how about adding a pair of fields to the db? start time and end time modification
00:00<Chutt>that'll let us do the modify time thing and still match times in the db
00:00<Chutt>for stuff like timeslot and all recordings
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00:02<Chutt>nziarek, happen to have a larger image of the music playback mockup?
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00:09<bigguy>heh that Jay guy is a putz
00:09<PeteCool>nziarek: did you switch to 0.8/CVS yet?
00:12<PeteCool>nziarek: if yes go to setup -> playback -> Prompt on playback exit, start a playback and press ESC... you'll see another screen which could use a redesign
00:13<Chutt>hey, that dialog looks decent enough
00:13<Chutt>at least when the screen res is high enough to have nice fonts
00:13<PeteCool>but he changed others which have the same look/layout
00:14<Chutt>wouldn't be hard to throw up a background and use some images for selection indicators instead of white boxes =)
00:33<poptix>Chutt: haha
00:33<poptix>Chutt: starting to get interested in the wintv pvrs?
00:34<poptix>i could pick you one up for $50
00:34<Chutt>well, i was just thinking that if i really wanted it done right
00:35<Chutt>and want it to fit in best
00:35<thor_>mpeg hardware!
00:35<poptix>honestly, how much effort will it really take though
00:35<Ndiin>$50? Isn't that the one that retails for like $250? hehe
00:35<poptix>the open source driver is much less complicated than the NDA'd one
00:35<poptix>Ndiin: $133 retail
00:35<Chutt>they're only $130 or so
00:37<Chutt>poptix, well, if stuff like editing is going to work
00:37<thor_>Chutt, were you just refrencing suggests GUI changes to MythMusic?
00:37<Chutt>thor, he's got a mockup up of a playback screen for it, yeah
00:37<poptix>Chutt: would you end up adding MPEG-2 to the existing MPEG4/RTJPEG options for live tv and recording?
00:37<thor_>Sorry, short scrollback, anyone got a URL handy?
00:39<Chutt>down fairly far
00:40<thor_>Looks extremely sweet ... but ... uhm ... err .. I have not been paying attention all day ... are there widgets in the works to do this? Or are we thinking about starting from scratch?
00:40<Chutt>you saw moegreen's new playback screen for video, right?
00:40<moegreen>Is there an open source driver for the wintv pvr 250 now?
00:41<Chutt>moegreen, half of one
00:41<Chutt>thor, the listview for that could probably be broken out into a generic widget
00:41<Chutt>buttons aren't hard to do
00:41<poptix>moegreen: yes
00:41<Chutt>and that's really all that that it, a list, some buttons, and some display stuff
00:41<poptix>Chutt: well, define half =p
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00:41<Chutt>poptix, no way to control options yet, is there?
00:41<poptix>Chutt: like bitrate?
00:42<poptix>everything else is controlled through the v4l api now (inputs, etc)
00:42<moegreen>b/c I have this card and it would be nice to use it :)
00:42<poptix>i think bitrate and mpeg-1/mpeg-2 selection are the only two things that aren't done
00:42<Chutt>d'ya know if it'll let you select the gop size?
00:42<poptix>it defaults to 8mbit DVD format
00:43<poptix>Chutt: yes, you can select the GOP size
00:43<Chutt>know what the default is?
00:43<poptix>at least, the NDA'd driver lets you, the firmware lets you, so yeah, the driver will (eventually) let you
00:43<poptix>let me look
00:43<Chutt>and if i tell it i want an i frame every 30 frames, will it actually give me an iframe on the right #?
00:43<Chutt>(asking for stuff like edit mode, etc)
00:44<poptix>default is 15
00:44<Chutt>so, that'd work, as long as it was strict about it
00:44<Chutt>fit right into the existing arch
00:44<Chutt>really, there's two ways to do it
00:44<Chutt>one would be to demux on the record side, and dump the data into the .nuv framework
00:45<Chutt>that'd be easiest
00:45<poptix>i'm not sure what 'open' and 'closed' GOP is, but it apparently supports that too.
00:45<Chutt>other would be to write something like NuppelVideoPlayer that grokked .mpg files directly
00:45<thor_>Moegreen, if I were going to think about trying to genericise your widget, should I be looking at the code now or should I be waiting a bit until it settles down?
00:45<Chutt>which would be harder
00:46<Chutt>but, NuppelVideoPlayer could be broken into two classes, a base class that handled all the shared functionality (display, edit framework, etc)
00:46<Chutt>and a class that handled the actual file format
00:46<moegreen>thor_: I'd wait until I get more of the theme support, I'll probably add functions for resizing and setting up other options for it (number of items in list, etc)
00:46<Chutt>i'd almost prefer that, since it might then be useable for a native dvd player =)
00:47<poptix>Chutt: nifty
00:47<Chutt>interface with libdvdnav, etc
00:47<moegreen>I could probably break out a straight up listbox pretty easy
00:47<thor_>moegreen, ok ... how closely are you (/planning) to copy the signals and slots from existing MythListView?
00:47<Chutt>moegreen, thor, i'm not expecting to break the music tree at all, btw =)
00:48<Chutt>writing our own tree widget would, well, suck
00:48<thor_>Oh yeah
00:48<Chutt>but a plain old list is easy
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00:49<thor_>so ... at the risk of sounding of uninterested, I should probably ignore the GUI stuff for the next few days ...
00:49<Chutt>just get playlists in cvs and happy =)
00:50<Chutt>and we can worry about prettying up the ui later
00:50<thor_>yup, agreed
00:54<Ndiin>thor_: hmm, I key isn't doing anything on the Select Music tree..
00:54<thor_>Ndiin, patch from last 24 hours, or earlier?
00:54<Ndiin>thor_: The latest from the mailing list
00:55<Chutt>make sure you're running current mythtv cvs as well
00:55<Ndiin>ah, widget changes?
00:55<Ndiin>That's probably why
00:55<thor_>Yesterday morning or evening?
00:55<poptix>Chutt: it looks like the current holdup on the pvr-250 driver is an accepted way of doing all this stuff via a v4l2 interface
00:55<Chutt>you should get errors on the console you ran mythmusic from about unknown signals
00:55<thor_>But it should not have compiled
00:55<Chutt>poptix, aye, i've seen that on the v4l list
00:56<thor_>no, Chutt's right, compile yes, runtime errors
00:56<Chutt>i think i busted my zaurus again
00:56<Ndiin>yep, missing a few signals ;)
00:56<Chutt>aqpkg or whatnot hung
00:56<Chutt>so i killed it
00:57<Chutt>and now it's sitting at the book screen
00:57<Chutt>boot screen
00:57<thor_>Chutt, I've got one of those with a CF 802.11b
00:57<Chutt>yeah, i need to get a wireless card
00:57<thor_>oddly fun to browse MythWeb with
00:58<Chutt>planning on making it into a smart remote
00:58<thor_>I've had those thoughts
00:58<thor_>All Qt code
00:58<Ndiin>thor_: What key is supposed to close the text entry box for naming a playlist (from pressing space on Active)?
00:58<Chutt>down arrow to the button, then space
00:58<thor_>Or Escape
00:59<thor_>to cancel
00:59<Ndiin>ah, ok
00:59<Ndiin>I was expecting Enter I guess
00:59<thor_>Ndiin, text entry is odd unless you actually using a remote
00:59<Ndiin>my bad =)
00:59<thor_>Try the number keys
01:00<Ndiin>Yeah, cool idea
01:00<Ndiin>There's no entry for the numeric 1 btw
01:00<thor_>Ndiin, should do space, delete, etc.
01:01<Ndiin>No, i mean the actual number 1
01:01<thor_>it's on the 9
01:01<Ndiin>9 has 9 and 0, no 1
01:01<thor_>hmmmm .... 2?
01:01<thor_>never mind, I'll fix it
01:02<Ndiin>very cool entry system though =)
01:02<Chutt>thor, while you're touching that, can you make the timeout delay a little longer?
01:02<thor_>Chutt, I keep thinking it should be user configurable ... (or at least novice/expert)?
01:03<Chutt>a config setting'll work
01:03<thor_>Which setup?
01:04<Chutt>general for now
01:05<Chutt>i'm going to work on rearranging setup soon
01:05<Chutt>oh, in the frontend
01:05<Chutt>general section
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01:22<thor_>Just reading the user list exchange with Jay ...
01:23<thor_>oh my
01:25<thor_>... is there some reason my car doesn't get better gas mileage after I have myth installed?
02:14* bigguyis [away -={ S.L.E.E.P }=- ]
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03:00<rkulagow>poptix: was the $50 for the wintv-pvr (i'm assuming that this is the pvr-250 that works with the ivtv driver) a one-off "chutt special", or open to others?
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04:19<cowbud>can someone give me ahand installing mythtv on debian
04:20<cowbud>I installed the packages but itcannot connect to my sql server
04:24<cowbud>mythtv cannot connect to mysql it doesnt know my password
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09:46<mdz_>Chutt: you mean add columns to the program table for time modification?
09:53<Chutt>to the record table
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09:55<Chutt>so the scheduler would join on the program table using the original times
09:55<Chutt>then modify them after it's done that with the mod times
09:55<mdz_>if we're going to do conflict resolution by time, it'd be nice to apply it on a per-program basis
09:56<mdz_>of course, I think that conflict resolution by time adjustment is pretty silly
09:56<Chutt>right, this would work for timeslot recordings, at least
09:56<Chutt>wouldn't for all records, but..
09:56<Chutt>and yeah, it is silly
09:56<mdz_>who wants to record half a program?
09:57<mdz_>perhaps there are places where the TV doesn't show the same programs 8 times per week
10:04<Chutt>mixing new and free
10:05<mdz_>not me
10:06<Chutt>the deinterlace patch
10:06<mdz_>eww indeed
10:09<Chutt>finally got oz installed last night
10:10<Chutt>ordered that low powered 802.11b card this morning =)
10:12<mdz_>I don't have anything for mine except some storage cards
10:12<mdz_>don't have wireless at home, and didn't want to spend the money on it just for the Z
10:12<Chutt>also ordered a sd card, want to offload stuff onto there
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10:13<mdz_>SD is slooooooooow
10:13<mdz_>at least on the Z
10:13<Chutt>yeah, but it'll be fine for storage
10:13<Chutt>and the massively huge myth*
10:13<Chutt>this cradle thing sucks
10:14<Chutt>they should've just provided a regular usb cable
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10:20<Chutt>and this changedeinterlace stuff is completely broken =)
10:22<mdz_>yeah, it does suck
10:22<mdz_>apparently you can take it apart and remove the cradle bits
10:22<Chutt>looks to be a small board and plastic, really
10:22<Chutt>so that'd be easy
10:22<mdz_>I believe you can buy a regular USB cable for it
10:22<Chutt>but, once i get the wireless card
10:23<Chutt>i won't need it except for easy charging
10:23<Chutt>no more crappy usbnet stuff
10:31<mdz_>that stuff does suck
10:32<Chutt>i need to name the thing, too
10:33<Chutt>hrm, i think Merak and Alkaid are next
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11:04<rkulagow>chutt: where's this link to best buy on the mythtv homepage about purchasing the ati tv wonder?
11:04<Chutt>probably in the background section, where i say what hardware i initially bought
11:28<inman>the wifi works well, chutt, i think you will like it.
11:29<Chutt>my dad's got a zaurus with an smc card, so..
11:29<Chutt>i'm familiar with it, kinda =)
11:30<mdz_>isn't the SMC the one that you need to cut in order to not block the headphone jack?
11:30<mdz_>or is that the d-link?
11:30<Chutt>the smc doesn't overlap, no
11:33<inman>why is it so hard to find a laptop-like keyboard for a PC.
11:40<rkulagow>chutt: i found it (the link to besy buy). not that it's easy to find, since 1) the link isn't underlined 2) the text indicating that it's a link is a slightly darker shade (B channel is probably 250, the background is probably 249) of blue than the background image. not terribly good for people that are blue insensitive!
11:40<rkulagow>chutt: but i believe you've handed off the website to someone else, correct?
11:40<rkulagow>all: is the gossamer threads archive maintainer here?
11:42<merf>why does 'Record every showing of this show on this channel' make a few episodes play from 5:00-12:25am instead of 5:00-5:30pm?
11:43<Chutt>bad data?
11:43<merf>just wondering if it's a known bug or anything
11:43<Chutt>well, it's not a bug if that's what is in the data.
11:43<Chutt>it's just recording what it's told.
11:44<merf>Chutt: you're isaac, right?
11:44<merf>heh, we're namesake :D
11:44<merf>mythtv kicks the ass of any other pvr software, great job :D
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12:12<Chutt>y = cc->x * vid_height / 18;
12:12<Chutt>does that seem wrong to anyone besides me?
12:13<inman>is that the cc positioning?
12:13<inman>the bug that you were seeing is due to order of operations?!
12:13* inmancackles.
12:13<Chutt>the bug was that i applied the patch manually before
12:13<Chutt>and did y = cc->y * vid_height / 18;
12:13<Chutt>since, well, that makes sense, and i wasn't reading the patch carefully
12:14<Chutt>but, the first line there is what works
12:14<inman>it would make sense that the cc would appear in a strange place if it used x for y.
12:14<Chutt>it uses x for y
12:14<Chutt>if you use x for x, it appears in a strange place =)
12:14<inman>what does the 18 represent?
12:14<inman>font size?
12:15<Chutt>something like that
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12:48<jdavis>anyone tell me how I can setup mythtv so that it uses the correct password to connect to the database?
12:48<poptix>holy cow
12:49<poptix>took forever to mark myth-users as read
12:49<jdavis>I looked for info on the mythtv site and couldnt find nay..
12:59<jdavis>where is that?
12:59<Chutt>in the share directory
13:00<jdavis>in the damn myth-common dir yah ok I did edit that and put in the correct password and yet I still get denied isnt there something about not letting root login to a sql server?
13:01<jdavis>or do I have to add a mythtv user?
13:01<jdavis>to the database?
13:02<Chutt>that gets added when you setup the db stuff
13:02<jdavis>ok well I type mythtv-setup and it gives me the error that Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5, <> line 1.
13:04<jdavis>any ideas?
13:04<Chutt>nope, i don't use the debs
13:11<Chutt>moegreen, mythweather is saying it's -na- degrees outside
13:14<jdavis>anyone here use the mythtv debs?
13:17<jdavis>what port should mysql be running on? 3306?
13:17<jdavis>cause when I nmap my system that port is not open..
13:17<jdavis>however the server is running
13:17<jdavis>is there something I need to set to allow my host to connect to the sql server?
13:17<Chutt>well, if you're only doing local connections, it doesn't listen on a port
13:19<jdavis>ok and that is what I am doing..
13:21<jdavis>yah I had to change the stupid db postinst file just to get those debs tow ork
13:21<jdavis>but now mythtv the user doesnt have access to the db it should though right?
13:22<Chutt>the user in mysql.txt needs to have access to the db
13:24<jdavis>is there a problem if I put root in there?
13:24<jdavis>or should I some how create this account?
13:25<Chutt>there won't be a problem if you just use root, no
13:25<Chutt>the deb should have created the user for you, though
13:25<jdavis>ok thanks
13:25<jdavis>yah well it didnt
13:25<jdavis>oddly enough
13:28<jdavis>damn nice graphical setup
13:31<nziarek>rkulagow: are you editing the PDF after I send it?
13:35<jdavis>any idea why mythtv now segfaults when I run it ? :)
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13:53<merf>Out of Memory: Killed process 6283 (mythfrontend). <-- might that be a memory leak? :/
13:57<thor_>Chutt, is there a defined notion of a "termnial beep" in myth?
13:58<thor_>I's like to beep at the user if they try and save a playlist with an already used name
13:58<thor_>I could just ^g, but they may have their mixer all the way down ...
13:59<thor_>oh well ... just won't let the dialogue go away until they change the name
13:59<jdavis>zap2it top level web page doesn't have a zipcode form
14:25<moegreen>Chutt: If it says -na- that means there was no data reported by the weather station to (or it's affiliate)
14:30<Chutt>just thought it was amusing
14:34<rkulagow>nziarek: what do you mean by "edit"? i'm not editing the content of the pdf, if that's what you mean; i think i'm just changing the filename to get rid of the space.
14:34<rkulagow>poptix: is thet $50 offer open to anyone other than chutt?
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15:20<poptix>rkulagow: it's open to whoever implements the functionality in mythtv to my/chutt's satisfaction
15:21<merf>what's this?
15:21<moegreen>err wintv
15:21<thor_>hardware mpeg
15:22* merfgives up already
15:22<moegreen>poptix: do those drivers take a while to install or is it pretty clean/quick?
15:22<poptix>i care about pure mpeg-1/mpeg-2 throughout, where it's not re-encoding the stream anywhere, chutt cares about code cleanliness and implementation
15:22<poptix>moegreen: it's fairly clean
15:22<poptix>moegreen: add the v4l2 patches to your kernel, then just make in the CVS checkout
15:22<Chutt>poptix, i did say i'd prefer if it kept it in mpeg format
15:22<moegreen>I guess it's about time I started using the card I purchased :)
15:22<poptix>(no mucking with the kernel tree)
15:23<poptix>Chutt: well good, now i can just say to your satisfaction =)
15:23<moegreen>poptix: 2.4.18 kernel ok for this?
15:23<poptix>moegreen: should be fine
15:23<Chutt>but, i would accept a patch that did the demuxing first, if it was done right
15:24<poptix>moegreen: you _might_ get a compilation error about 'STR' being redefined, edit the file it's being used it and change it to STRIVTV in the place it's defined, and the place it's used (1 place, same file)
15:24<poptix>apparently something else defined 'STR' in the kernel headers somewhere and it conflicts
15:25<moegreen>Can I assume the v4l2 stuff won't break my current setup?
15:26<poptix>make sure you turn on the backwards compat stuff
15:27<poptix>you won't notice it's there
15:28<vektor>Chutt: Do you ship any fonts with mythtv?
15:28<rkulagow>poptix: in that case it's probably better that chutt gets the card.
15:29<vektor>Chutt: That's from the freefont project, right?
15:29<Chutt>something like that, yeah
15:29<vektor>Chutt: yeah we actually got hurt a bit, you should include the source for that font in your source tar, otherwise you're violating the GPL :)
15:29<rkulagow>i'm not sure that it's valid for merle to tell someone to ignore the fact that mythbackend was printing a QServerSocket: couldn't bind to 6543 error message.
15:29<vektor>Chutt: until we figure out which goes with what, for the 0.9.7 release of tvtime, we just put the whole freefont source tarball in our tarball.
15:30<vektor>(yeah, i know it's nitpicky)
15:33<poptix>heh, that reminds me
15:33<poptix>vektor: i saw someone talking about tvtime, and how tvtime had stolen the deinterlacing stuff of dscaler by reverse engineering their code
15:33<vektor>?!? :)
15:33<vektor>you serious? :)
15:33<poptix>they didn't believe me when i told them it was open source
15:33<vektor>did they know there's a link to the tvtime page on the dscaler site?
15:34<poptix>they didn't care
15:34<vektor>who was this?
15:34<poptix>"windows programs aren't open source"
15:34<poptix>some idiot on efnet/#linux wanting a TV app
15:34<vektor>well tell them off
15:34<poptix>i suggested tvtime, and he said he wouldn't use stolen code =p
15:34<poptix>idiots =)
15:41<vektor>well, time to go lookin
15:44<vektor>and now i'm banned.
15:45<vektor>efnet is so fun that way.
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15:57<merf>is there an irw-esque program for joysticks?
15:58<vektor>what's irw?
15:58<merf>vektor: it prints keys from /dev/lircd to stdout
15:59<merf>snes9x isn't recognizing my start or select buttons on my snes gamepad
15:59<merf>and i don't know why :/
16:00<vektor>I use 'jstest'
16:00<vektor>jstest /dev/js0
16:01<vektor>it's quite effective.
16:01<merf>jstest says that start/select work
16:01<merf>i suppose i need to read up on the snes9x control file
16:01<merf>it's probably something screwy in there :/
16:01<merf>all the other keys work
16:01<vektor>zsnes is much nicer to configure.
16:01<merf>does mythgame support zsnes? :D
16:01<vektor>you just go into the right menu and press the keys on your joystick
16:01<vektor>oh, sorry, i don't know.
16:02<merf>i suppose i could just point it at the zsnes binary
16:02<Chutt>the options code is written for snes9x
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16:11<merf>i could write a snes9x->zsnes options parser :)
16:13<rmj>chutt: was the deint mode change issue just the player not keeping the state?
16:14<Chutt>see what the player code does when it changes channels?
16:14<rmj>I must admit I was trying to follow through on the changecontrast path not the changechannel, how is it different?
16:15<Chutt>well, you're tearing down a bunch of stuff in the encoder
16:17<rmj>Hmmm, I had some previous code that did that, I thought I'd removed it and that the code I'd sent in just setup the deinterlacer_mode and waited for the restarting player to initialise the new encoder, either I submitted something I didn't mean to or I've got a fundamental misunderstanding.
16:25<rmj>chutt: sorry can you elaborate on what you mean by "tearing down a buch of stuff in the encoder"?
16:30<poptix>vektor: banned where?
16:30<rmj>chutt: ok just read your reply and looked at the code, I think I see what you mean, I'll have another go at it tonight.
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16:52<thor_>Chutt (in my best AOL voice) "You've got code"
16:55<Chutt>thor, i'll check it out soon
17:06<vektor>poptix: banned form #linux
17:07<mdz_>"" needs to start quoting properly
17:08<Chutt>but he's got his remote setup so space and enter are two different things
17:08<Chutt>so, he doesn't need to
17:26<rkulagow>moegreen: are you here?
17:34<mdz_>Chutt: isn't the libavcodec 'vhq' option the one that days THIS IS NOT FOR REAL-TIME STUFF
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17:45<Chutt>mdz, yup
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18:05<moegreen>rkulagow: i'm here now
18:05-!-nziarek [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:11-!-PeteCool [] has joined #mythtv
18:11<PeteCool>moegreen: did you add a way to know the recording size in your new UI?
18:12<PeteCool>moegreen: I use that all the time
18:12<PeteCool>moegreen: I mean the size in the "delete" screen
18:14<PeteCool>moegreen: though I'm using yesterday's commits
18:19<moegreen>PeteCool: I was going to add that eventually - it will probably be down by the channel #/description
18:33<PeteCool>moegreen: great, thanks :)
18:45<PeteCool>moegreen: is it wanted that mythweather CVS does debug binaries by default (from ?
18:49<PeteCool>the code has been working great for a while, no need for debug symbols now, I think
19:12-!-rickter [] has joined #mythtv
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19:59<rkulagow>moregreen: still here?
20:05-!-Justin_ [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
20:14-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:15<moegreen>rkulagow: yes
20:17<rkulagow>sorry - mythweather wasn't showing a weather graphic for the weather in my region and i was hoping you could see if it happened for you as well. of course, now it's "cloudy", so it's fine.
20:18<moegreen>rkulagow: that could be due to the weater data not having the data for it (was it a current conditions graphic?)
20:24<moegreen>or a condition that isn't defined at the end of weathertypes.dat
20:24<moegreen>(maybe, I think that still shows the ? unknown graphic)
20:24<-- rickter( has left #mythtv
21:07<Chutt>moegreen, just locked up the playback box
21:07<Chutt>trying to delete an inprogress recording
21:07<Chutt>if it can't load an image file
21:07<Chutt>it keeps trying and trying
21:15<moegreen>ok...I'll look into that
21:26-!-schwin97_ [~schwin97@] has joined #mythtv
21:26-!-schwin97 [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:40<Chutt>moegreen, it might be only a problem with very early recordings and preview pixmaps
21:40<Chutt>like, not enough recorded for the pixmap to be generated yet
21:43<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: I noticed something like that last night, it dumped on me when I scrolled over an in-progress recording.
21:43<Captain_Murdoch>could be same issue
21:45<moegreen>it was working for in progress recordings for me, and in-progress recordings that I had just started
21:45<moegreen>but I didn't try to delete it really early
21:46* Captain_Murdochkicks PBS for rescheduling his program he was trying to record
21:46<moegreen>I guess PBS isn't getting a donation this month :)
21:47<Captain_Murdoch>moegreen: that's what they're in the middle of, trying to raise money. lol
21:47<Captain_Murdoch>probably talked too much and pushed it back a half hour
21:50<Captain_Murdoch>quick, where's that manual recording patch. :)
21:50<Chutt>moegreen, so, how much memory does the playback window leak? =)
21:50<moegreen>Chutt: I'd guess a lot since I don't have very many deletes in there yet =)
21:50<Chutt>just noticing that..
21:51<moegreen>I had tried to 'delete' the titleData array that I create w/ each FillList but it was seg faulting on me so I figured I'd spend some more time to look into it later
21:52<moegreen>It'll also need to delete all the pixmaps that are generated
21:52-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:52<moegreen>I assume the video playback stuff is ok since I mostly copied that from what was there
21:53<Chutt>there's a couple QFonts you're newing each time the description text changes, too
21:53<Chutt>mind if i go through it?
21:53<moegreen>I should probably define the fonts once during class creation and use those universally
21:54<moegreen>no, go ahead - I've got some stuff to do right now so I can't :)
21:57<Captain_Murdoch>I like Thor's comment on the dev list about making "All Programs" into something like "[All Programs]"
21:58<Captain_Murdoch>doesn't really matter if numbers are at the end or the beginning but it makes All Programs stand out more.
22:00<moegreen>Captain_Murdoch: It is possible to ensure it is always the first...I have it's tag in the QMap set to ALL PROGRAMS and all the other titles are lowercase, i didn't really think about numbers though. But changing the All Programs to [All Programs] wouldn't be hard either
22:01<moegreen>A seperator could be added in too, it's something to think about
22:01<Captain_Murdoch>ok, didn't remember the all uppers. that makes it stand out also. :)
22:02<Captain_Murdoch>or -=All Programs=- then don't have to code around a separator.
22:02<Captain_Murdoch>or anything. :)
22:02<Captain_Murdoch>nitpicking I guess.
22:03<moegreen>Captain_Murdoch: It is 'All Programs' now, the all uppers is just for the QMap tag for internal sorting, the user won't see that, that could probably change to 0000000 or whatever will ensure it being first in the list
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>ok, sorry. that explains why I didn't remember it.
22:04<moegreen>I like the -=All Programs=- more than []'s though
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>looks like a separator but easier to code, no special cases in the code.
22:05<Chutt>hung it again
22:06<Chutt>same thing
22:06<Chutt>it might be a backend problem
22:07<Captain_Murdoch>hanging or coredump? I'm still getting the coredumps occasionally when exiting playing a video but haven't had a chance to debug.
22:07<Chutt>haven't had it segfault on my in ages
22:08<moegreen>Captain_Murdoch: are you running w/ seperate frontend and backend machines?
22:08<Captain_Murdoch>test frontend pointed at my main backend.
22:09<moegreen>ok, i didn't know how to test that stuff until a day or two ago, so most of my testing to date is done w/ local stuff
22:09<Captain_Murdoch>I'm reading the file locally though since it's accessible across nfs if that's what you're wondering.
22:10-!-Justin_ [] has joined #Mythtv
22:10<Chutt>moegreen, the delete titleData you have commented out would segfault because titleData isn't initialized anywhere
22:11<moegreen>oh right, the first time FillData is run it wouldn't be
22:12<moegreen>that should be a delete [] titleData too right?
22:13<Chutt>already in my code here
22:13<Chutt>i'll be committing soon
22:13<moegreen>ok, are you putting all the fonts in the class constructor or no?
22:13<Chutt>just making them static
22:13<Chutt>easy way out
22:15<Chutt>bgTransPixmap always gets drawn on, right?
22:15<Chutt>i'm going to make it just get drawn to the background
22:15<Chutt>so it doesn't have to be redrawn afterwards
22:15-!-rmrfToxic [] has joined #mythtv
22:15<moegreen>yeah, it is drawn each time
22:15<rmrfToxic>I just did a real recording with mythtv
22:15<rmrfToxic>it rocks :)
22:15<moegreen>but should be in the background if it can be
22:16<moegreen>I put the LAYER comments in there to help me keep it straight the order of things
22:16<rmrfToxic>is it possible to export mythtv stuff to mpeg?
22:18<Captain_Murdoch>rmrfToxic: search for mencoder in the mythtv-users mailing list, there's been quite a few discussions discussing that.
22:19<Captain_Murdoch>I think some guy even posted a script to convert to vcd format.
22:19<rmrfToxic>raster: and the speed issues.
22:19<rmrfToxic>er, wrong iwndow
22:23<Chutt>moegreen, drawing the layer 1 once speeds up the trans operation rather dramatically
22:24<moegreen>Chutt: painting that to background should help speed up the interface some too
22:24<moegreen>heh, I was just writing that
22:24<Captain_Murdoch>twins separated at birth
22:24<Chutt>i just got it finished
22:30<moegreen>is it committed?
22:30<Chutt>moegreen, what's skipNum and curShowing?
22:31<Captain_Murdoch>has anyone seen those little white TV rating boxes on U.S. TV in any other location than the top left of the screen?
22:31<moegreen>skipNum is there to skip records (in case you are past 8 records in the list)
22:31<Chutt>moegreen, unless you want to fix the page down weirdness =)
22:32<moegreen>curShowing is which line in the list you are on
22:32<moegreen>Chutt: I assume you mean in the title side?
22:32<Chutt>the program side
22:32<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: I haven't, I'm in Canada though
22:32<Chutt>page down with a small number of programs in the list
22:32<Chutt>it breaks it
22:33<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: I hadn't thought of that to mark show beginnings, nice idea
22:33<moegreen>Chutt: oh yeah there it is
22:34<Chutt>there, just checked in my stuff
22:34<moegreen>I can fix that
22:34<Chutt>didn't fix that page down but, though =)
22:34<Captain_Murdoch>trying to use it to detect whether I'm in a commercial or not at the beginning. I just noticed that Frazier starts out with a bunch of almost blank frames and then has a 3 minute clip then a commercial. got it almost working to detect whether the rating box is there or not.
22:34<Chutt>lemme know if it's a ton faster for you as well
22:35<moegreen>Chutt: It most likely will be, I noticed had depended greatly on which theme background I was using - iulius was slow but sasquach wasn't because the background isn't nearly as complex
22:36<moegreen>oh yeah ... hehe! excellent
22:36<Chutt>makes it almost as fast as the non-transparent version for me
22:37<moegreen>Yeah it will, the only difference between the two now (as far as blending) is the shadowing that is in the transparent stuff
22:38<Chutt>if only the render extension didn't suck horribly
22:38<Chutt>then it'd be fast =)
22:41<Captain_Murdoch>PeteCool: so have you seen the rating logo anywhere other than the beginning of the show? it's a waste to check for it every frame if it only should occur in say the first 5 minutes of a video (accounting for people's clocks off and starting minute or two eary)
22:42<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: for movies it appears after every ad sequence in the french channels (didn't look at the english channels, but they should be the same)
22:43<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: 13+ and 18+ rating also appear after every ad sequence, others I don't know
22:43<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: I honestly don't remember
22:43<Chutt>neat, it's even pretty fast at 1280x960
22:43<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, that's right, I remember seeing it now sometimes after comm breaks during movies. well, I could go back and post-analyze the sequences that it thinks are commercials to make sure there's no rating logo during those sequences.
22:43<PeteCool>Captain_Murdoch: I watch mostly Simpsons since I use mythtv
22:44<moegreen>Chutt: the page down should be fixed now
22:44<PeteCool>Chutt: libmad is doing mp3 decoding in mythmusic right?
22:44<Chutt>moegreen, at 1280x960, the bottom bit of the disk space usage is cut off
22:45<PeteCool>I have some mp3's which makes it fail... I'll have to make sure some of my tunes aren't corrupt, if not then there are some songs which make it crash
22:45<moegreen>really? must have a wmult or hmult in the wrong place somewhere
22:45<Chutt>err, in mythmusic, yeah, libmad does
22:47<Chutt>missing a hmult =)
22:48<PeteCool>poptix: how much did your DVI TV cost?
22:49<moegreen>Chutt: where at? can't seem to find it
22:50<Chutt>i've fixed it, i'll get it checked in in a sec
22:52<Chutt>in cvs now
22:52<Chutt>time to take new pictures
22:52<Chutt>and put em on the website =)
22:54-!-rmrfToxic is now known as NonToxic
23:00<Chutt>thor, the playlist stuff looks good to go in
23:01<thor_>Chutt, as per dev today, I'm removing some Qt 3.1.x dependencies
23:02<Chutt>well, figured you would, since it was brought up on the list and all =)
23:03<Chutt>other than that, though, i like it
23:03<thor_>now to spend sometime making it fast
23:04<Chutt>see the most recent post to -dev
23:05<thor_>hmmmm ... maybe some docs first
23:05<Chutt>naw, no need for docs
23:06<thor_>I'm telling, people can't find the i key
23:06<vektor>Chutt: dude, my fonts rock now.
23:06<vektor>Chutt: even when rendering to 300x480
23:06<vektor>Chutt: i use subpixel kerning and position data
23:07<vektor>and no hinting
23:07<vektor>it really improved stuff
23:07<Chutt>backport it to me
23:07<vektor>sure, but you added some stuff kinda
23:07<vektor>your ttfont.* is a bit weird
23:07<vektor>but i can do it pretty easy, that is, provide the same interface :)
23:07<Chutt>i don't think i've touched it recently
23:07<vektor>i know you haven't, but i kinda, erm, rewrote it a bit :)
23:07<Chutt>will it render to 4:2:0
23:08<vektor>no but it starts by rendering just the alpha mask
23:08<vektor>and i think that's what your code takes and converts to 4:2:0 with a colour
23:08<vektor>so it's no problem
23:08<Chutt>well, i don't do colors, so =)
23:08<Chutt>other than black or white
23:08<vektor>oh, you're weird :)
23:08<vektor>but whatever :)
23:08<Chutt>it's difficult
23:09<vektor>well ok
23:09<vektor>it is
23:09<vektor>but at 4:2:2 it's slightly easier :)
23:09<Chutt>i didn't feel like going in an interpolating stuff for the colors
23:09<vektor>i do have an mmx'ified composite routine now, btw :)
23:10<Chutt>again, not for 4:2:0, i bet
23:10<vektor>no, it's not :(
23:10<Chutt>ah well
23:10<vektor>but it wouldn't be hard
23:10<vektor>4:2:0 sucks anyway
23:10<vektor>you should render your output to 4:2:2
23:10<vektor>save yourself the trouble
23:11<Chutt>i'd have to convert the video
23:11<vektor>but that's cheap
23:11<Chutt>or convert the osd
23:11<vektor>convert the video
23:11<Chutt>how cheap, though?
23:11<vektor>some of the drivers do it internally anyway
23:11<vektor>the mga driver for example
23:11<Chutt>i'd need to do it in software, wouldn't i?
23:11<vektor>they convert as they upload
23:11<vektor>in software
23:11<vektor>the mga driver does this
23:11<vektor>so uploading 4:2:0 is no cheaper than 4:2:2 for me
23:11<vektor>plus, they double chroma scanlines!
23:11<vektor>they don't even interpolate!
23:12<vektor>of course, i think the nvidia driver for example is smarter with 4:2:0
23:12<Chutt>it is
23:12<vektor>so you can use that against me
23:12<Chutt>i think
23:12<Chutt>i dunno
23:12<vektor>ok :)
23:12<Chutt>i'm wanting to work on the osd again
23:12<Chutt>make the layout engine more flexible
23:12<vektor>yeah, i need some more osd widgets
23:12<Chutt>more eyecandyish
23:13<vektor>we shoudl share widgets :)
23:13<Chutt><-- c++
23:13<vektor><-- either/or
23:13<vektor>i don't mind having c++ code in my project
23:13<Chutt>yeah, but it doesn't really fit in very well
23:13<Chutt>to a c project
23:13<vektor>worked fine with your font code
23:13<vektor>it was c++
23:13<vektor>i used it great, it's still in 0.9.7
23:13<Chutt>i've already got some basic widgets
23:13<Chutt>nothin fancy
23:14<vektor>mine are all scanline based
23:14<Chutt>right, mine aren't =)
23:14<vektor>osd_shape_t *osd_shape_new( OSD_Shape shape_type, int video_width,
23:14<vektor> int video_height, int shape_width,
23:14<vektor> int shape_height, double aspect, int alpha );
23:14<vektor>void osd_shape_composite_packed422_scanline( osd_shape_t *osds,
23:14<vektor> unsigned char *output,
23:14<vektor> unsigned char *background,
23:14<vektor> int width, int xpos,
23:14<vektor> int scanline );
23:14<vektor>so that does circles
23:14<vektor>and boxes
23:14<vektor>and stuff
23:14<vektor>and for the scanline routine, it's ok if background == output
23:14<vektor>it does the right thing
23:15<vektor>but if you're writing to video memory, you don't want them to be equal :)
23:15<vektor>since you don't want to read from video ram :)
23:15<vektor>pretty cool, no?
23:28<PeteCool>Chutt, moegreen: great work on the faster UI, now it's usable on my slow-ass Celeron1100A
23:29<Chutt>it should've been useable before, just not as pretty =)
23:29<PeteCool>with the previous png commits it was bad, now it's as fast as it was :)
23:29<PeteCool>weird sentence
23:30<Chutt>you could've turned off the transparency stuff
23:30<Chutt>which would've made it quite a bit faster
23:30<Chutt>and still would, really
23:30<Chutt>just not nearly as much as it did before
23:33-!-nziarek [] has joined #MythTV
23:40<moegreen>Do the brightness/contrast/color settings get saved, they seem to have been lost
23:53<Chutt>they should get saved per channel
23:53<moegreen>oh ok, I didn't change it on the channel I am watching now
23:55<_shad>I had a recording with no sound