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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-03-26

00:38<poptix>i wonder if it's possible to get a 'wheel' effect in Qt
00:39<poptix>where a list of items 'spin', much like the taskbar on Mac OS X
00:39* poptixpokes Chutt
00:41<moegreen>poptix: i've seen the OS X interface but can't quite place what you're suggesting ... are you talking about the icons along the bottom of the screen?
00:43<PeteCool>moegreen: in watch a recording, I have 7 recordings... but I can scroll down "too much" (8 or 9 times)
00:44<moegreen>is this from a very recent cvs (last hour or two)
00:44<PeteCool>I fetched it right after you put in the fonts stuff
00:45<moegreen>try getting it again, I just made a bunch of changes and that might have been fixed
00:46<PeteCool>moegreen: I'll have to do that tomorrow, sleep time :(
00:46<moegreen>plus I got your file sizes in the delete screen :) (I think it was you who requested that)
00:46<PeteCool>yeah, that was me. Thanks again, you're very quick today =)
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00:54<Captain_Murdoch>there's a bug in the playback screen on the time field. it's like it's superimposing 2 numbers or something. this is with CVS as of a couple minutes ago. probably related to the new filesize on the delete screen.
00:55<poptix>moegreen: yes
00:55<poptix>moegreen: basicly the spinning selection, with the current selection zooming in
00:57<moegreen>Captain_Murdoch: yeah I see that, fixed ... I'll check it in shortly
00:57<Captain_Murdoch>thanks moegreen. just noticed it while testing something else.
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01:01<rkulagow>moegreen: are you here?
01:02<rkulagow>got a second? i want to send you a snapshot to find out if my system is wrong, or if it's something else. weird colors on the "select recording" screen.
01:03<rkulagow>send it to the untzuntz account?
01:05<rkulagow>on the way
01:07<moegreen>The colors are correct, but it looks bad because I haven't finished implementing the themes into it yet, so it's using the same colors for all themes
01:07<rkulagow>ah, ok. i was just worried that light gray on medium gray would be hard to read.
01:07<moegreen>if you still want to use that theme you can manually edit the colors for now, it's at the top of the playbackbox.cpp file (the QColor( ... ) statements
01:08<moegreen>if you come up with something that works nice, we can use those colors when the theme stuff is finished
01:09<rkulagow>don't care about it that much; just wondering if you were aware of it. sent you another one for mythweather.
01:10<rkulagow>take a look at the right side when it comes in.
01:11<moegreen>yeah, i see that - hmmm...probably missing a minimumWidth setting in there
01:13<Ndiin>little empty box to the bottom right of pixmap, right?
01:14<moegreen>just below the pixmap
01:14<moegreen> mythbackend has decided to not record, that or the frontend has decided not to schedule
01:15<Ndiin>Did the backend die, maybe?
01:16<moegreen>no, I can still watch TV ... just checked, the programs to record are in the 'record' db table
01:17<rkulagow>mythtv is much sweeter when you have enough CPU.
01:17<rkulagow>(i've finally got my frontend / backend split working)
01:19<moegreen>'Didn't find any fields in table 'record''
01:23<Ndiin>hmm, that closed caption stuff was put into cvs, right?
01:23<Ndiin>How do I activate it? =)
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01:41* bigguyis [away -={ Sleep }=- ]
01:51<moegreen>Captain_Murdoch: I'll commit that fix for the extra writing tomorrow, I'm working on having the Delete Recordings screen return to where you were (within a title, etc) after you delete a recording.
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01:57<moegreen>rkulagow: the fix is in for mythweather, found a city w/ 'Fair' weather - it looks good from here, let me know if you still have problems with it
02:09<thor_>moegreen (et. al.), just wanted to say that the new widgets look amazing.
02:10<Ndiin>They are pretty damn nice =)
02:11<Ndiin>The transparent boxes are a little too slow for my taste though, but thats Qt's fault
02:12<moegreen>Ndiin: if you haven't updated in a couple days there were some changes that sped up the transparent stuff quite a bit
02:13<Ndiin>yeah, its faster now, but still kinda slow in comparison to the black
02:13<Ndiin>And the black looks fine to me anyway ;)
02:18<Ndiin>My only suggestion would be to start focus on the righthand list, rather than the left.. but maybe thats just me
02:19<Ndiin>I suppose when I start keeping more recordings, left would be easier *shrug*
02:19<moegreen>hmmm...never thought of that - but that's a good idea, since your most recent recording will be selected right away
02:24* Ndiinlikes mythmusic a lot more now =)
02:24<Ndiin>with thor's playlists, and the few UI tweaks from the list =)
02:42<Ndiin> <-- With the UI tweaks
02:42<Ndiin>seems just less cluttered
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04:29<poptix>diddly dum
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07:09<PeteCool>moegreen: I don't like all that much the idea of starting on the right part of the screen... unless it starts on "All Programs"...
07:09<PeteCool>hmm, I think it does that already
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12:01<RagnaRoC>Hello folks! Anyone in here use a stb tv-fm pci tuner card with there mythtv/linux setup?
12:02<RagnaRoC>I have everything workign but have never had stereo sound under linux (I know this card is a stereo model...have used it under windows in stereo)
12:03<RagnaRoC>and I suspect linux does support it in stereo but a matter of getting it configured properly
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13:15<RagnaRoC>anyone here using a stb tv-fm pci tuner card in there mythtv/linux setup?
13:16<moegreen>RagnaRoC: if the card does stereo, then it should do that by default - does it work in xawtv?
13:16<RagnaRoC>card works but as far as I can tell it is mono
13:17<RagnaRoC>I never hear what sounds like stereo effects
13:17<RagnaRoC>no panning ect
13:17<RagnaRoC>'it appears the 9850 stereo decoder is correctly detected though in dmesg output
13:19<RagnaRoC>none the less as far as I can tell there is no stereo output
13:19<moegreen>RangaRoC: MythTV by default uses stereo, btw
13:19<RagnaRoC>got ya...none the less
13:20<RagnaRoC>as far as I can tell all output is mono
13:20<RagnaRoC>have not once heard a certain indication of stereo output
13:20<RagnaRoC>which makes methink that it is not
13:20<RagnaRoC>for one thing mono always sounds flatter without the depth effect
13:21<RagnaRoC>and I never seem to have sound out of one speaker at a time
13:21<RagnaRoC>always mirrored
13:21<RagnaRoC>as near i can tell
13:22<RagnaRoC>hmmm just foound somethig interesting
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14:10<RagnaRoC>Anyone in here who uses a STB TV-FM PCI tuner card in their mythtv/linux setup?
14:11<RagnaRoC>I have a problem with my tuner where audio is mono only (Also in XAWTV)
14:12<RagnaRoC>but it IS stereo capable
14:12<bigguy>are you getting the audio via btaudio or sound card line in?
14:13<RagnaRoC>sound card aux input
14:13<RagnaRoC>patch cable
14:13<RagnaRoC>have not been able to figure out how to setup btaudio to work with this card
14:16* RagnaRoCsighs and wonder if he will ever get stereo sound again (It did work under windows)
14:17<bigguy>well if it's via a patch cable then it doesn't look like there is a fix
14:17<moegreen>i'd imagine google will bring up some results which tell you how to setup btaudio (if it is supported) and how to ensure the sound is stereo
14:18<RagnaRoC>bigguy: explain
14:18<RagnaRoC>moegreen: have looked on yahoo with no success
14:18<RagnaRoC>I can't believe that linux does not support THIS card in stereo
14:18<RagnaRoC>it was a very popular card for awhile
14:19<RagnaRoC>but finding info is a pain
14:19<RagnaRoC>I have specs
14:19<moegreen>I'm sure it is supported, there isn't really anything different - the card will output stereo if it has a stereo tuner
14:20<RagnaRoC>it has stereo hardware
14:20<RagnaRoC>none the less....output is mono
14:20<RagnaRoC>I am sure
14:20<RagnaRoC>I know that with the open source drivers for this card under windows had same problem
14:20<RagnaRoC>they said they could nto support stereo with oout mor einfo
14:20<RagnaRoC>so I know it is not somethign I am doing wrong
14:22<RagnaRoC>if someone can help me find some info or someone who uses this card it would be most helpful
14:22<RagnaRoC>because if it was so easy to get it going I would have done so allready
14:23<moegreen> mentions your card and stereo support
14:23<bigguy>what dsp chip does it have on board and is it the 848 or bt878 model
14:23<bigguy>moegreen: there are other stb tv tuners
14:23<RagnaRoC>moegreen: i think I have been there allready but checking again
14:23<RagnaRoC>one sec for info on specs
14:24<RagnaRoC>by the way my tuner card is a Dell OEM
14:24<RagnaRoC>card is BT878
14:24<bigguy>mine is an oem too but I haven't set it up yet under linux or windows
14:24<RagnaRoC>Stereo Decoder tda9850
14:24<RagnaRoC>supports Dolby dbx stereo
14:25<RagnaRoC>tuner is Phillips FM1236 Combo OR Temic 4039 Combo
14:25<bigguy>mines and 848 with a tda9850T
14:25<RagnaRoC>Audio MUX Philips TEA6420
14:25<bigguy>mine is an
14:26<moegreen>RagnaRoC: what does your dmesg output say? Is it recognizing it as that card?
14:26<RagnaRoC>yes...I have had to manually feed bttv the tuner type but card type is autodetected properly
14:26<RagnaRoC>would you care to see output
14:26<moegreen>the impotant parts
14:26<RagnaRoC>of course :P
14:27<RagnaRoC>posting to main sicne it is so dead in here
14:29<RagnaRoC>i2c-core.o: i2c core module version 2.7.0 (20021208)
14:29<RagnaRoC>i2c-algo-bit.o: i2c bit algorithm module version 2.7.0 (20021208)
14:29<RagnaRoC>Linux video capture interface: v1.00
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv: driver version 0.7.96 loaded
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv: using 4 buffers with 2080k (8320k total) for capture
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv: Host bridge is Intel Corp. 440BX/ZX/DX - 82443BX/ZX/DX Host bridge
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv: Host bridge needs ETBF enabled.
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv: Bt8xx card found (0).
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: Bt878 (rev 2) at 00:10.0, irq: 9, latency: 132, mmio: 0xf4005000
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: detected: STB TV PCI FM, P/N 6000704 [card=40], PCI subsystem ID is 10b4:2636
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: using: BT878(STB2) [card=40,autodetected]
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: enabling ETBF (430FX/VP3 compatibilty)
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: using tuner=-1
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA9875 @ 0xb0... not found
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA7432 @ 0x8a... found
14:29<RagnaRoC>tda7432: init
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: i2c attach [client=TDA7432,ok]
14:29<RagnaRoC>tvaudio: TV audio decoder + audio/video mux driver
14:29<RagnaRoC>tvaudio: known chips: tda9840,tda9873h,tda9874h/a,tda9850,tda9855,tea6300,tea6420,tda8425,pic16c54 (PV951)
14:29<RagnaRoC>tvaudio: found tea6420
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: i2c attach [client=tea6420,ok]
14:29<RagnaRoC>tvaudio: found tda9850
14:29<RagnaRoC>bttv0: i2c attach [client=tda9850,ok]
14:29<RagnaRoC>tuner: probing bt848 #0 i2c adapter [id=0x10005]
14:30<RagnaRoC>tuner: chip found @ 0xc6
14:30<RagnaRoC>bttv0: i2c attach [client=(unset),ok]
14:30<RagnaRoC>bttv0: registered device video0
14:30<RagnaRoC>bttv0: registered device vbi0
14:30<RagnaRoC>that should be all of the relevent sections of dmesg
14:32<bigguy>isn't btaudio also a module you need to load?
14:32<bigguy>I don't know haven't used it yet so
14:32<RagnaRoC>it works fine without it
14:33<RagnaRoC>and when I tried to load it it find the bt878 but nothing else and registers the analog and digital DSP devices but I get no out put from them and I checked that the sampling rate and dsp device were correct within mythtv
14:34<RagnaRoC>so btaudio is useless unless someone can tell me what else I need to do to make it work
14:35<RagnaRoC>it is very frustrating as I can see nothing wrong but I trust my ears
14:35<RagnaRoC>and my ears say "MONO"
14:35<RagnaRoC>which sucks
14:36<bigguy> The driver for the tea6300 fader chip. If you have a stereo
14:36<bigguy> card and the msp3400.o doesn't work, you might want to try this
14:36<bigguy> one. This chip is seen on most STB TV/FM cards (usually from
14:36<bigguy> Gateway OEM sold surplus on auction sites).
14:36<bigguy>tried that?
14:36<RagnaRoC>no I suppose I could manauly modprobe or insmod it
14:36<RagnaRoC>don't knwo if would have to remove one of the other chips drivers first though
14:37<bigguy>doubt it
14:37<moegreen>i'd also try
14:37<moegreen> The driver for the tda9855 stereo decoder / audio processor chip.
14:37<RagnaRoC>I'll try loading it
14:46<RagnaRoC>Well I did modprobe tvaudio tda6300...don't knwo if it has made a difference yet and can't even tell if that specific thing is allready did tda9855
14:46<RagnaRoC>wish I had a stereo indicator
14:47<bigguy>try listening to audio from the tvcards dsps
14:47<RagnaRoC>otherwise I have to wait for the rigth sound bite comes along
14:47<bigguy>there was something in the faq I thought about figureing out the dsp stuff
14:49<RagnaRoC>listennign to audio from tv's dsp? how what dould I pipe it from and what to?
14:49<RagnaRoC>please give me an example to try
14:50<RagnaRoC>I do I know that the /dev/video and /dev/vbi and /dev/soud/dsp are currently allocated to the tv
14:50<RagnaRoC>..... /dev/sound/dsp that is
14:51<bigguy>sec looking for the answer myself
14:56<bigguy>hmm where is the digital dsp?
14:57<RagnaRoC>. /dev/sound/dsp1 according to dmesg output when I tried loading btaudio
14:57<RagnaRoC>but nothign was using btaudio
14:57<RagnaRoC>it had a 0 next to it
14:57<RagnaRoC>. /dev/sound/dsp2 would be btaudio analog
14:57<bigguy>I think the other modules need to be loaded before btaudio but I may be wrong
14:58<RagnaRoC>these devices do exisist when btaudio is loaded but have no sound of course since nothing is using the driver
14:58<RagnaRoC>define "other" modules
14:58<bigguy>I meant the tda or tea one
14:58<bigguy>but I'm not positive
14:59<RagnaRoC>yes it was loaded before hand
14:59<RagnaRoC>and after as well
14:59<RagnaRoC>tried it bothways
14:59<RagnaRoC>no success
14:59<RagnaRoC>I read the samethign someplace
14:59<bigguy>k tried setting it up with myth usinf the digital dsp at 32000Hz?
14:59<RagnaRoC>I set that rate from within mythfrontend
15:00<RagnaRoC>I know btaudio only works at that rate
15:00<RagnaRoC>Did read the docs and forums ect
15:00* RagnaRoClooks at system with angry gleam in eye
15:01<bigguy>I know some people even with the same cards have mixed results with btaudio
15:01<RagnaRoC>yes...cause the cards differ in the exact chips used from revision to revisione ct
15:01<RagnaRoC>and mine is a Dell OEM...keep this in mind
15:02<bigguy>I know some that have mixed results even with the same revisions
15:02<RagnaRoC>was installed on system when it was purchsed
15:02<bigguy>mine is a Dell OEM as well
15:02<RagnaRoC>if you have better luck then me please let me know
15:02<bigguy>but it has the 848 chip instead of the 878
15:02<RagnaRoC>I am quite frustrtaed that everything but this one BS problem is ok
15:02<RagnaRoC>not 878?
15:02<bigguy>I have a wintv go that I've used before but it doesn't support btaudio
15:03<bigguy>RagnaRoC: it's an older oem
15:03<bigguy>built in 96
15:03<RagnaRoC>I was about to say....
15:03<RagnaRoC>this model has been around in various incarnations for quite awhile I know
15:03<bigguy>has a power out for a webcam
15:03<RagnaRoC>it is not the firstt one I've even owned
15:04<RagnaRoC>but the first one was a retail box
15:04<bigguy>and svideo and rca input
15:04<RagnaRoC>not rotten OEM
15:04<RagnaRoC>ya mine has svideo and RCA and audio out ect
15:04<RagnaRoC>stereo audio out
15:04<RagnaRoC>I knwo this card can do it
15:05<RagnaRoC>I just wish I knew why it was working
15:05<RagnaRoC>I know you guys are trying
15:05<RagnaRoC>just frustarted
15:05<bigguy>yeah I understand
15:05<RagnaRoC>this system has taken alotta work to get up and first install of Gentoo from Stage one...DL'ed over 56 K no less
15:05<bigguy>well I have got some business to attend too. I wish you luck
15:06<RagnaRoC>thank you for your time and effort...oh BTW
15:06<bigguy>heh I don't even wanna mess with gentoo
15:06<RagnaRoC>here is my e-mail
15:06<RagnaRoC>mail me if you get yours working
15:06<RagnaRoC>gentoo is not so bad
15:07<RagnaRoC>I am not exactly a rocket scientist and mine system is runnning perfectly
15:07<bigguy>RagnaRoC: I've been using debian for far too long now to drop it
15:07<RagnaRoC>I hear ya
15:07<RagnaRoC>well whatever works is my motto
15:07<RagnaRoC>anyway keep my email
15:07<RagnaRoC>and let me knwo how it goes
15:08<bigguy>I don't want to compile every app from scratch seeing as how on most apps there is very little improvement speedwise using most of the optimizations
15:08* bigguyis afk
15:09* RagnaRoCnow goes to beat head against wall over stupid card
15:09<RagnaRoC>if I wanna buy another one can some one reccomend one that has good sound and video quality and will work peroperly under linux?
15:09<RagnaRoC>cause I have a feeling I may land up screwe with this card
15:09<moegreen>well i didn't see where else the MythPopupBox is used, so here is a screenshot of it
15:10<RagnaRoC> that another theme?
15:10<bigguy>RagnaRoC: oh before I leave. I hear the ATi TV Wonder the non-VE model works great and with btaudio support
15:11<RagnaRoC>thanks for info :)
15:11<moegreen>RagnaRoC: this is the Iulius theme using the most recent cvs
15:11<RagnaRoC>I may need to replace this one
15:11<RagnaRoC>moegreen: cool
15:13* RagnaRoCis googling for info on his POS tv card
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18:41<m0tion>anyone know if it is possible to play an SACD with your computer (under linux?)
18:42<Justin_>whats a sacd?
18:42<Cloak>super audio cd
18:43<Justin_>from the 2 pages i read, it seems the drives are normalish
18:44<Justin_>so a cd player program will make the drive play over analog out?
18:44<Justin_>but you can't digitally rip them yet?
18:45<m0tion>well, i know SACD is the same format as DVD
18:45<m0tion>so, you'd need a DVD drive (although some SACDs are backward compatible with CDs, so they will play in a CD player as well), i was curious if anyone had seen a software player for this format
18:45<m0tion>Dark Side of the Moon was released on SACD today =)
18:46<m0tion>it's in 5.1 and I wanted to be able to play it
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19:24<NonToxic>heya pb
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20:51<RagnaRoC>anyone in here using a STB TV-FM PCI tuner card (Dell OEM) ? I have had a problem with not being able to get stereo sound out of it under linux (Stereo was fine when used under windows)
20:54<RagnaRoC>if nobody here is knowledgable on this could somebody possibly point me to a place where I might find someone with a clue? (I am very annoyed with my tuner card)
20:59<vektor>what application are you using, just mythtv?
21:00<RagnaRoC>mythtv and xawtv
21:00<vektor>not tvtime? you bastard! ;-)
21:00<vektor>ok, anyway.
21:00<RagnaRoC>never heard of it!
21:00<vektor>it's my tv app. :)
21:00<vektor>but anyway
21:00<RagnaRoC>oh really?
21:00<RagnaRoC>cool was about to ask :)
21:00<vektor>i recently discovered that you can set the audio channel in V4L1
21:00<vektor>xawtv can do it
21:00<RagnaRoC>how so?
21:01<vektor>it can switch between mono/stereo/lang1/lang2
21:01<RagnaRoC>ahh I have tried from xawtv
21:01<vektor>have you tried that?
21:01<vektor>and what happened?
21:01<RagnaRoC>that option was only avalible when xawtv was run as root
21:01<RagnaRoC>why would it be gone from menu when logged in as a normal user?
21:01<RagnaRoC>in xawtv?
21:02<RagnaRoC>plus it never seemed to do much of anything
21:02<vektor>to be honest, i haven't used xawtv in a long time, i only browse their source code, since i have my own app
21:02<vektor>so i don't know
21:02<vektor>but that's interesting
21:02<vektor>i need to know some more information from you
21:02<vektor>first, which driver do you use?
21:02<RagnaRoC>I will givee as much as you require
21:02<RagnaRoC>ahhh bttv
21:02<vektor>ok, so it is bttv supported..
21:02<RagnaRoC>modprobe bttv tuner=2
21:02<vektor>which version of bttv ?
21:02<RagnaRoC>hmmm nto sure how to check driver version?
21:03<vektor>just tell me where you got the driver from
21:03<vektor>you're using the driver in the kernel?
21:03<RagnaRoC>is part of kernel 2.4.20 (Gentoo sources)
21:03<RagnaRoC>so yes
21:03<vektor>ok good.
21:03<RagnaRoC>and ALSA for sound
21:03<vektor>why did you use 'tuner=2' ?
21:04<RagnaRoC>cause correct tuner was not auto detected
21:04<vektor>so wait, you do get sound though, right? just, not in stereo ?
21:04<RagnaRoC>card is right (So it appears) just not tuner
21:04<RagnaRoC>sound works and is quite clear but mono only
21:04<vektor>ok. the tuner=2 problem is quite common.
21:05<RagnaRoC>and that is via analog patch to aux input on SB audigy
21:05<vektor>many north american cards misdetected as a PAL tuner
21:05<vektor>and the analog patch cable you're using is a stereo cable, right? :)
21:05<vektor>it has two stripes? :)
21:05<RagnaRoC>of course
21:05<vektor>just checking :)
21:05<RagnaRoC>original cable that has always been on it
21:05<RagnaRoC>no problem
21:05<RagnaRoC>I would rather you cover all bases
21:05<RagnaRoC>I will NOT be insulted
21:06<vektor>well, basically i think you should get it working in xawtv
21:06<vektor>that's what you should focus on
21:06<vektor>i'm not sure if mythtv even supports stereo, although i imagine it does since chutt has that nice card
21:06<RagnaRoC>hmm well I have tried using btaudio instead with no luck
21:06<vektor>what app uses btaudio that you have?
21:06<vektor>oh, does mythtv use it?
21:06<vektor>i guess it probably does eh :)
21:06<RagnaRoC>I have been told by a user in here thhat myth tv defaults to stereo sound
21:06<RagnaRoC>if availible
21:07<RagnaRoC>mythtv will work with bt audio IF card is allready sworkign with it to begin with
21:07<vektor>do me a favour, i need to do something for like 10 minutes, can you send me your dmesg logs (load the modules, with bttv_debug=1), and the log from xawtv in verbose mode
21:07<vektor>like, when you change to stereo in xawtv
21:07<vektor>(when running as root i guess)
21:07<vektor>email them to
21:07<vektor>i'll take a look
21:08<RagnaRoC>can you give me 5 or 10 minutes to do this? I will be more then happy to send you anything you require!
21:08<vektor>i hope you don't mind, but part of the reason i'm so interested is that i need to support stereo in my app, and i put in some code to test, but i want to see what's going on with you.
21:08<vektor>sure of course, take as long as you like, email is great that way.
21:08<RagnaRoC>Well this is perfect...we can help each other a bit then!
21:08<vektor>great :)
21:09<RagnaRoC>Well it WILL be there in a few minutes all above requested info so be on the look out as I will stay online for quite awhile and will work over a period of days and weeks if I can help
21:09<RagnaRoC>I am very picky about sound and can't stand mono
21:10<vektor>I understand.
21:10<RagnaRoC>I have 5 speakers 120 watts and sb audigy and mono just kills me
21:10<RagnaRoC>cool...going to work
21:10<RagnaRoC>mail on it's way shortly
21:11<RagnaRoC>oh one more question
21:11-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:11-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
21:11<RagnaRoC>I can't get xawtv to start up in root now...can't grab the display I what I can do? is it a permissions thing?
21:11<vektor>Fucking hell, eh.
21:11<RagnaRoC>I have nto done it in a long time and maybe never on current linux setup...I know it worked inr edhat
21:12<vektor>Ok, can you join #livid ?
21:12<RagnaRoC>joining now............
21:13-!-nziarek [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:31-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
21:34<NonToxic>Hi, what key do I press to confirm settings in mythweather?
21:35<NonToxic>so I've seen
21:35<NonToxic>er, wrong win
21:35-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:35<Captain_Murdoch>NonToxic: same key you typed to get in. is it 'i'?
21:36<NonToxic>it seems to be
21:43<NonToxic>what lib is cdaudio.h from?
21:50<PeteCool_>no problem
21:53<NonToxic>mythmusic doesn't wanna go to me
21:55<NonToxic>it just doesn't seem to import my music into the DB
21:56<NonToxic>is there some trick to it?
21:56<PeteCool_>did you put the metadata tables in your DB?
21:56* NonToxiclooks sheepish and rtfms
21:59<NonToxic>it works
22:00-!-RagnaRoC [] has quit [Excess Flood]
22:11-!-_shad [shad@3ffe:80ee:9aa:0:0:0:0:beef] has joined #mythtv
22:22<PeteCool_>hmm, does the lowlat kernel patch have mostly positive effects, mostly negative effects, or neutral?
22:23<PeteCool_>some say it "reduces throughoutput", but I can't really be sure
22:24<PeteCool_>oh wait, that comment was about preempt
22:24<PeteCool_>lowlatency can't be bad for multimedia I guess
22:40-!-Bonkers [] has joined #mythtv
22:41-!-keyhack [] has joined #mythtv
22:43-!-nziarek [] has joined #MythTV
22:43-!-inman [] has joined #mythtv
22:44<nziarek>after upgrading mythmusic to cvs, what do I need to do to convert the database? I don't see it on the list.
22:44<Bonkers>hey all
22:44<Bonkers>that new watch program selection is looking real slick whoever is working on it
22:45<PeteCool_>Bonkers: moegreen did it
22:46<PeteCool_>nziarek: first see which columns are missing in the db
22:46<Bonkers>I saw all the stuff goign by on the cvs commits, but i had no idea what it was until I updated my copy to cvs today
22:47<nziarek>PeteCool: oh...i thought there was a sql script to be run or something...
22:47<nziarek>PeteCOol: i don't really know enough to do an "real" work :)
22:48<nziarek>but I am jsut adventerous enough to screw everything up =)
22:49<PeteCool_>nziarek: if you don't have too much mp3's (they're slow to scan), you could just drop the musicmetadata table, and the one about playlists I forgot the exact name
22:49<PeteCool_>nziarek: then reinsert the table structure with the metadata.sql "script"
22:49<PeteCool_>then wait while your metadata table is re-filled
22:50<PeteCool_>nziarek: that's the easiest way
22:51<nziarek>where can I get the commands to drop the table and then reinsert it?
22:51<nziarek>i really am trying to learn :)
22:52<PeteCool_>nziarek: first log into the mysql command-line interface: mysql -u mythtv -p (or whatever your username is)
22:53<PeteCool_>then after you put in the password, do \u mythconverg
22:54<PeteCool_>then, drop table musicmetadata;
22:54<PeteCool_>drop table musicplaylist
22:54<PeteCool_>(forgot the ";" there)
22:54<PeteCool_>then \q to exit
22:54<NonToxic>is there a way to get better compression on recorded clips?
22:54<PeteCool_>then insert the metadata.sql file as per the docs
22:55<NonToxic>1.9gb is a little excessive for a 30minute episode of a show IMHO
22:55<PeteCool_>NonToxic: you can play with the recorder settings... but note what the defaults are, sometimes the results are messy
22:55<PeteCool_>NonToxic: have your tried mpeg4 ?
22:55<NonToxic>isn't that rather processor-intensive though?
22:55<PeteCool_>NonToxic: what kind of CPU does your myth-box have?
22:56<NonToxic>athxp 1900+
22:56<NonToxic>but I do other stuff while it records
22:56<PeteCool_>you should be fine
22:56<NonToxic>is it possible to export recorded stuff to avi?
22:56<PeteCool_>I can compile stuff while it's recording without dropping frames, and I only have a Celeron 1.1Ghz
22:56<NonToxic>hm, k
22:57<nziarek>search through the archives for that - there is a ton of stuff on converting recorded stuff...
22:57<PeteCool_>NonToxic: search the mailing list archives for mencoder, you'll see many different ways to do it
22:57<PeteCool_>I haevn't tried any of then conversion methods yet
22:57<Bonkers>what settings are you at for 1.9GB per 30 minutes?
22:57<Bonkers>I'm using MPEG4 at 4000 bitrate and i get about 800MB per 30 minutes
22:57<PeteCool_>yeah that's weird
22:57<Bonkers>maybe a little more
22:58<NonToxic>Bonkers: default rtjpeg
22:58<PeteCool_>282megs +- 5% for all my 30mins recordings
22:58<Bonkers>oh, rtjpeg is crap from what I've found
22:58<PeteCool_>mpeg4 at 352x480
22:59<NonToxic>I'm doing 480x480...
22:59<NonToxic>I was quite impressed with rtjpeg's quality though.
22:59<Bonkers>I do 640x480 mpeg4 4000 bitrate
22:59<Bonkers>looks just like TV
22:59<Bonkers>can't tell the difference
23:00<NonToxic>only way I can tell is that my tuner, well, sucks
23:00<Bonkers>heh, my cable sucks here
23:01<Bonkers>but at home on my other mythtv box it's real nice
23:01<inman>rtjpeg is the only encoding that works for me.
23:01<inman>i can use mpeg4 only at resolutions like 240x160
23:01<inman>otherwise i get choppy video/audio.
23:02<foom>what cpu?
23:02<NonToxic>hm, mythbackend seems to be fine... only 30%cpu
23:02<Bonkers>I've got dual 1.4GHz athlons
23:02<inman>athlon xp 2000
23:03<Bonkers>I record, watch, compile, plus 15 other things all at the same time ;)
23:03-!-Viddy [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
23:03<foom>there's something wrong then...i have athlon 1600
23:03<inman>i'm on a dual box too
23:03<foom>and it does mpeg4 480x480 default settings record+playback with plenty of CPU to spare
23:03<inman>i just can't afford to give up more than one chip to myth
23:04<NonToxic>inman: is hard drive DMA on?
23:04<inman>gimme your settings exactly, foom
23:04<inman>i'm using scsi, 3.2ms avg seek
23:04<foom>inman: not at the box right now..but it's whatever is myth default
23:04* inmanshrugs.
23:05<NonToxic>are you trying to use hardware mpeg-4 instead?
23:05<inman>there was a discussion of this recently. i tried the recommendations... no idea what the problem is.
23:05<NonToxic>when you don't have hardware?
23:05<inman>NonToxic: no
23:05<inman>although i do have a hardware pvr, heh.
23:05<foom>did you compile from source yourself?
23:06<foom>perhaps the mpeg4 library was compiled without optimization or something?
23:06<inman>i've just switched to gentoo to see if it helps
23:06<inman>also dropped to uniprocessor kernel
23:07<inman>what are some good settings to start with?
23:07<NonToxic>it couldn't demux the nuv
23:08<inman>btw, i run at 1600x1200 resolution.
23:08-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
23:08<foom>but your problem is with recording right?
23:08<NonToxic>er, it could be with his resolution
23:08<NonToxic>scaling it up and repainting the screen and whatnot
23:09<PeteCool_>inman: I use the gentoo-sources kernel
23:10<foom>well if you do a recording in mpeg4 it shouldn't be taking more than 40% cpu probably
23:10<inman>i'm using vanilla
23:10<inman>usually takes about 60-85%
23:10<foom>with athlon 2200?
23:10<PeteCool_>inman: those kernels (VM and mostly V4L) are VERY different between those two
23:10<PeteCool_>inman: it takes ~80% MAX on my Celeron 1.1A
23:11<PeteCool_>inman: something is VERY wrong with your config
23:11<inman>well, what?
23:11<PeteCool_>AC97 audio?
23:11<PeteCool_>that takes some CPU
23:11<foom>well if it works with rtjpeg and not mpeg4 i wouldn't think it's the audio
23:11<inman>i turned of high-quality mp3 on the latest build
23:12<inman>stupid mod_php downgraded mysql
23:12<foom>but i'd suggest installing ALSA in any case if you haven't..
23:12<inman>no alsa (yet)
23:13<foom>does anyone know if alsa is going to replace OSS at some point?
23:13<PeteCool_>foom: in the next major kernel (2.6) it will
23:13<PeteCool_>no more OSS
23:13<PeteCool_>only in backup form
23:13<foom>someone needs to port the btaudio driver to alsa then. ;)
23:14<PeteCool_>inman: try : ALSA_CARDS="cs46xx" emerge alsa-drivers
23:14<PeteCool_>foom: I think it'll still work
23:15<inman>holdon, lemme test mpeg4
23:15<PeteCool_>inman: this doesn't look like an AC97 codec (with those, CPU does all the work, and the chip only converts the digital signals to and fro analog)
23:15<inman>it'll be the first test under gentoo
23:15<inman>i'm using the ac97_codec under cs46xx
23:16<inman>omfg do i really need to rebuild qt
23:16<foom>heh gentoo is lame. :P
23:16<inman>wtf, that's a dependency that should be analyzed
23:16<PeteCool_>inman: what makes you say that?
23:16<PeteCool_>what are you trying to emerge ?
23:16<inman>i helped write a `ldd` based dependency analyser.
23:16<inman>this pisses me off.
23:17<foom>i don't understand why people want to compile everything from scratch
23:17<inman>mod_php downgrades mysql, which means i need to rebuild qt
23:17<PeteCool_>I don't see why you'd need to recompile qt
23:17<inman>how do i fix the mysql binding, then?
23:17<PeteCool_>inman: I'd just put back the mysql version I compiled with
23:17<inman>and mod_php?
23:17<PeteCool_>emerge inject =mysql-the-version-mod-php-wants
23:18<PeteCool_>and recompile mod_php
23:18<inman>that's a hack
23:18<inman>i shouldn't have to play these games.
23:18<PeteCool_>a\re you using ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" ?
23:18<inman>not to be confused with ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~user_likes_to_play_games"
23:18<inman>i swear we're in the dark ages of computing.
23:19* inmanis a recovering sysadmin.
23:19<PeteCool_>the mod_php maintainer is picky, that's all
23:19<foom>i totally completely fail to see the point of gentoo
23:19<PeteCool_>I think I'll file a bug about that then
23:19<PeteCool_>foom: It's faster
23:20<inman> * If you're upgrading from MySQL-3.x, you must recompile the other
23:20<inman> * packages on your system that link with libmysqlclient after the
23:20<inman> * upgrade completes.
23:20<PeteCool_>foom: kde3 on debian is unusable on a celeron500, but with gentoo it's VERY usable
23:20<inman>that should be done for me!
23:20<inman>i think foom's point is that debian offers much of the same functionality
23:20<PeteCool_>with which mysql version did you compile qt?
23:20<foom>with debian you can apt-get source the things you care about optimizing and compile them youself
23:20* inmanresumes the build of 4.0.12.
23:20<foom>and not worry about recompiling the whole OS
23:21<inman>i like gentoo. i think it has promise. it's just not there yet.
23:21<PeteCool_>how would I grep for multiple things
23:21<inman>ditto for myth, if you've seen my recent *users post.
23:21<foom>i bet on any given box there's probably like 3-4 things you actually care about being optimized
23:21<inman>PeteCool_: eh?
23:21<inman>foom: there's a lot i care about
23:21<inman>foom: all the items in my "world" file.
23:22<inman>foom: mozilla, glibc, gcc, X, mysql, qt
23:22<PeteCool_>those big fat packages really are faster with the opts
23:22<inman>may as well compile the little stuff if i'm going to build the big stuff.
23:22<PeteCool_>or maybe it's just the better kernel, glibc
23:23<inman>it only took me a few hours to build this box.
23:23<inman>now, my k6-2/450... that took a couple days.
23:23* inmangiggles.
23:23<PeteCool_>imagine a k6/200
23:23<PeteCool_>I did that once
23:24* inmanshivers.
23:24<PeteCool_>came back a week after starting it and it was done
23:24-!-PeteCool_ is now known as PeteCool
23:24<foom>maybe i should try it before saying it's pointless but debian already has optimized kernel and some performance sensitive libraries
23:24<foom>i dunno maybe mozilla really could use optimizations. :)
23:25<PeteCool>foom: I did try with about 8 month ago's unstable even... much too slow
23:25<inman>foom: one thing i really like is that i can control dependencies more easily
23:25<PeteCool>but then on a faster comp it's not as easy to see
23:25<inman>i believe that is missing from debian, but i haven't checked recently.
23:25<foom>yeah if you use the binaries you have to use the deps that they compiled with
23:25<PeteCool>inman: I do have mysql-4.0.12, and mod_php, don't remember "inject"ing anything
23:25<inman>in redhat, you may have the Xft library installed and yet still not see anti-aliased fonts in Mozilla
23:25<inman>that's just lame
23:26<foom>that's a problem with some complicated non-modular programs
23:26<inman>PeteCool: i dunno; i'm injecting.
23:26<PeteCool>and it's not wanting to merge anything related to that
23:26<inman>foom: okay, but it's taken care of under gentoo.
23:26<inman>PeteCool: unstable?
23:27* inmanis also a python guy, so portage is more attractive.
23:27<bigguy>ugh not the gentoo pushers
23:27<foom>yeah it generally works in debian too if you get the source and change the configure options since it does autodetecting of library dependancies.
23:27<Justin_>mozilla-xft - Mozilla Web Browser - Xft support files
23:27<PeteCool>inman: debian-unstable
23:27<inman>i should submit a patch for portage so it monitors library dependencies.
23:27* bigguytakes away the crack pipes and narcs on the gentoo houses
23:27<Justin_>it also works well if instead of wasting a few hours, you install the little xft lib
23:28<PeteCool>and then you waste hours watching it draw ;)
23:28<PeteCool>oh wait
23:28<PeteCool>does that even in gentoo
23:28<inman>i'm comparing debian/gentoo to eg. redhat
23:28<foom>oh THAT's what i'm missing on some machines
23:28<foom>that's one thing i really dislike about debian - you never find out about those little things
23:28<Justin_>foom: only if you never look
23:29<Justin_>(%:~)- apt-cache search mozilla xft
23:29<Justin_>mozilla-xft - Mozilla Web Browser - Xft support files
23:29<bigguy>foom: what's wrong with apt-cache searching?
23:29* bigguylags
23:29<foom>i never thought to look for a mozilla xft package
23:29<inman>Justin_: is that a special instance of Xft just for mozilla?
23:29<inman>Justin_: that's a hack if so.
23:29<foom>i just knew that on some machines mozilla was pretty and on others it wasn't
23:29<Justin_>its /usr/lib/mozilla/components/
23:30<Justin_>it diverts the non xvt version
23:30<foom>like why doesn't mozilla suggest mozilla-xft
23:30<inman>a specially built library with xft, right?
23:30* inmanfrowns.
23:30<foom>if you don't know to look for it you'd never know it's there
23:30<inman>sounds like a hack to me.
23:30<Justin_>er xft:)
23:30<foom>hrm i take that back, mozilla-browser does recommend it
23:30<bigguy>foom: see :P
23:31<inman>times like these, i wish i was running SMP
23:31<Justin_>(%:~)- apt-cache show mozilla-browser|grep xft
23:31<Justin_>Recommends: mozilla-psm (= 2:1.3-3), mozilla-xft (= 2:1.3-3)
23:31<Justin_>get a clue...
23:31* inmanbuilds with the best of them.
23:31<foom>justin: be nice. :P
23:31* Justin_doesn't see how a package is a hack
23:31* inmanshrugs.
23:31<Justin_>now compiling everything for no reason, thats a hack
23:31<foom>i'm glad aptitude install exists now
23:32<bigguy>I don't see the point in building all from scratch unless it's bsd which the entire system is in constant devel
23:32<Ndiin>Its not for no reason, depending on the person.. I personally love to patch half the things I use, or more =)
23:32<foom>cause recommend/suggests were useless for a long time when apt-get was the only useful tool and it ignored them
23:32<bigguy>You gain very little by compiling every nitpicky app
23:32<PeteCool>hmm, anybody using the homebrew lirc receiver wanna tell me which driver to use?
23:33<foom>i just need to get apt-get install out of my fingers now. :)
23:34<moegreen>PeteCool: You probably want the serial driver
23:35<PeteCool>moegreen: I just thought of looking at dmesg
23:35<PeteCool>moegreen: I now know everything I need :)
23:35<bigguy>very few apps do I build on my own anymore and those few are because I don't want to download 300libs to get a program that works fine with 3 of them
23:36<bigguy>the main one being sawfish
23:36<bigguy>but I still build debs of it
23:36<inman>erm, sound does't work in livetv but works fine for recorded programs.
23:36<inman>gimme a quicky faq
23:36<PeteCool>inman: not full-duplex sound
23:36<inman>video at mpeg4 512x384 is using 79-83% cpu
23:36<PeteCool>inman: you could try alsa
23:37<inman>i think it's actually working better now though
23:37<foom>512x384 is a kinda strange res
23:37<inman>what do you suggest?
23:37<PeteCool>Chutt: does myth try to access the sound device repeatedly when recording even if access is denied?
23:37<foom>somethingx480 or somethingx240
23:37<inman>how do i fix my fd sound?
23:37<PeteCool>inman: 352x480 works great for me
23:38<PeteCool>inman: you could try alsa, the driver might be better
23:38<inman>PeteCool: i hear you pete, just don't need the whole alsa headache just yet.
23:38<foom>alsa is pretty easy to add, not much point in keeping kernel sound
23:38<inman>PeteCool: i'll give it a shot once i get oss working again.
23:39<PeteCool>inman: it's very easy, you need to edit about 8 characters in one single file to get it working
23:40* inmannods.
23:41<m0tion>any news on an hdtv tuner compatible with linux?
23:41<bigguy>moegreen: no
23:41<bigguy>m0tion: no
23:41<inman>someone had a problem with my sound driver under alsa/cvs as recently as 2003-01-02
23:42<inman>alsa can't do duplex.
23:42<m0tion>hmm, thats much too bad
23:42<inman>worked fine under rh8
23:42<bigguy>inman: what card?
23:42<inman>hercules game theatre
23:43<bigguy>oh heh
23:43<nziarek>anyone have MythWeb working on Mandrake 9?
23:44<Bonkers>I got it working on debian
23:44<nziarek>PeteCool: btw - that MySQL stuff worked perfectly, thanks a lot
23:45<nziarek>i don't know how to get apache to realize it can use PHP to render the HTML; i can get to the page, but it just spits out the PHP code without rendering it.
23:45<nziarek>i asked before and got an answer and had it working, but I can't figure out what I did now :)
23:46<PeteCool>nziarek: you need to tell apache that .php need to be interpreted
23:46<PeteCool>nziarek: let me check what my config looks like
23:46<NonToxic>mplayer doesn't wanna go...
23:47<PeteCool>nziarek: add this in apache.conf||httpd.conf near the other addtypes: AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3
23:47<NonToxic>it just gives me all black video.
23:48<nziarek>thanks PeteCool
23:48<PeteCool>nziarek: no problem
23:48<PeteCool>nziarek: I owe you some :)
23:49<inman>btw, i love this soundcard.
23:49<inman>really nice external rack
23:52<NonToxic>anyone know why mplayer will only produce black instead of real video when playing a myth-encoded file?
23:52<inman>WARNING: Capture device /dev/sound/dspis not reporting full duplex capability.
23:52<inman>See docs/mythtv-HOWTO, section 17 for more information.
23:52<inman>should s/17/18/
23:55<Bonkers>I heard mplayer broke recently
23:55<Bonkers>inman: send that to the developer list
23:55<bigguy>NonToxic: because you didn't patch mplayer to support myth's nuv files?
23:56<NonToxic>done that...
23:56<NonToxic>that would cause a demux failure if I didn't
23:56<Bonkers>NonToxic: you using mythtv latest cvs?
23:56<Bonkers>or at least pretty recent?
23:56<NonToxic>Bonkers: no, 0.8
23:56<NonToxic>recent enough
23:57<bigguy>I thought mdz's initial patch was for a 0.9pre
23:57<inman>NonToxic: are you working with the rtjpeg patch?
23:57<NonToxic>i'm using 0.9pre5 of mplayer
23:57<bigguy>are you using the mpeg4 or rtjpeg for encoding?
23:57<NonToxic>and 0.8 of mythtv
23:57<inman>i thought the recent mplayer had the patch.
23:57<Bonkers>hmm, dunno exactly when it broke, you should chekc the mailing list archive
23:58<NonToxic>inman, bigguy: same failure occurs with both rtjpeg and mpeg4 it seems
23:58<NonToxic>no, scratch that
23:58<NonToxic>it works fine with mpeg4
23:58<NonToxic>rtjpeg fails
23:58<inman>NonToxic: the rtjpeg patch isn't in the recent mplayer
23:59<NonToxic>where do I get it?
23:59<inman>NonToxic: AFAIK, you need to d/l it from the archives
23:59<NonToxic>is there rtjpeg for mplayer?
23:59* inmannods.
23:59<inman>andrew bishop wrote it a few weeks ago
23:59<inman>i've never used mplayer on nuv files of any type