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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-06

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00:35<PeteCool>Chutt: I have a file for which saving a bookmark crashes mythfrontend (but the bookmark gets set correctly
00:36<Chutt>got a backtrace of it?
00:36<PeteCool>Chutt: later tonight
00:37<PeteCool>I still haven't figured out why I can't start X more than once per boot
00:38<PeteCool>and I haven't found a dummy X client yet (haven't looked)
00:41<PeteCool>Chutt: has it ever done you that? after a few X startups the TV just turns grey and nothing at all can be displayed
00:43<PeteCool>kernel <-> nvidia driver issue I guess
00:43<PeteCool>my kernel is far from sources
00:49<PeteCool>Chutt: you want the bt full (in debug compile) for every mythfrontend thread/process? By private email?
00:50<Chutt>sure, that's fine
01:11<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, think that libavcodec code for non-Xv is cleaner than my original stuff? :)
01:13<Chutt>just a tad
01:13<Chutt>you saw my commit just now?
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01:14<Captain_Murdoch>glad you thought of that.
01:15<Chutt>still won't work everywhere, though, since it's ignoring any funky padding in the ximage
01:15<Chutt>but, works here, so whatever
01:15<Captain_Murdoch>I'm tracking down something right now which is causing framesPlayed to get set wrong somewhere. It's affecting the commercial skip code becuase since framesPlayed is off then the commercial skip list is off.
01:16<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, non-Xv isn't meant for production use in my opinion. if someone wants ot use it they can run a standard depth. :)
01:16<Chutt>this is a standard depth
01:16<Chutt>nvidia cards don't do 32bpp in x
01:17<Captain_Murdoch>oh, ok. never tried with mine.
01:19<Captain_Murdoch>I added some test code to print the current frame number while in edit mode. I can see forward frame by frame and see when a blank frame occurs. if I then jump around by the second/minute/keyframe/etc. then go back to the blank frame the framesPlayed is now set to a different value.
01:19<Chutt>well, should be easy to figure out where then
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01:21<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I'm assuming it's in the dorewind or dofastforward, not too many places framesPlayed is set.
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01:49<PeteCool>Chutt: do the "check" osd changes break yesterday's themes?
01:50<PeteCool>I'd think not
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03:08<Timon>I'm working on a patch for globalsettings.cpp to have the EPGCurrentTimeColor setting be a ComboBox. Does anyone else see a value in this? (i.e. being able to cycle through a set of allowed QT named colors)
03:34<Timon>mdz, you there?
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04:29<mlroot>Channel: '' was not found in the database.
04:29<mlroot>Most likely, the default channel set for this input
04:29<mlroot>(/dev/video0 Television )
04:29<mlroot>how can I solve this error?
04:30<mlroot>nobody here?
04:30<Timon>did you run setup?
04:31<Timon>you need to configure a data source for each input
04:32<Timon>setup can be found in MC/setup/
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04:36<ICE>Hi anyone awake :) ?
04:36<Timon>barely :-)
04:36<ICE>I live across the pond so its morning here :)
04:36<Timon>whats up?
04:37<ICE>not much just trying to get mythtv working again :)
04:37<Timon>nl, way better than uk or fr :-)
04:37<Timon>how'd you break it?
04:37<ICE>well i dunno
04:37<Timon>Whats not working on it?
04:37<ICE>audio doesnt work anymore
04:38<Timon>Do you hear sound out of the computer at all?
04:38<ICE>xawtv works
04:38<ICE>mpg321 works
04:38<Timon>Where does the audio not work? the TV module, the music module?
04:38<ICE>tv module
04:38<Timon>but it works fine in the music module?
04:38<Timon>What version are you using? 0.7, 0.8, CVS?
04:39<ICE>the saa7134 mode doesn't register the /dev/dsp1 and /dev/mixer1 devices
04:39<ICE>0.8-10 debian package
04:39<Timon>try /dev/dsp
04:39<ICE>thats where my audio card resides
04:39<Timon>actually, paste a ls -l /dev/dsp*
04:39<Timon>Are you using the Alsa sound package?
04:39<ICE>hang on
04:40<ICE>running this on my win box
04:40<ICE>so gotta telnet into L
04:40<Timon>Are you using exceed or something to pipe the x session to your win box?
04:41<ICE>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Apr 6 12:55 dsp -> /dev/dsp0
04:41<Timon>ok thats your problem
04:41<Timon>change myth to point to /dev/dsp0 :-)
04:41<Timon>or /dev/dsp :-)
04:41<Timon>actually, wait
04:42<ICE>it is pointing to /dev/dsp
04:42<ICE>in both frontend and backend
04:42<Timon>. /dev/dsp0 should have also been listed
04:42<Timon>why doesn't /dev/dsp0 show up?
04:42<ICE>i cant seem to past multi lines hehehehe
04:42<Timon>. /dev/dsp is a symlink to /dev/dsp0
04:42<Ndiin>dsp0 should be under /dev/sound
04:43<Ndiin>the symlink is bad, it would seem
04:43<ICE>sound no such directory
04:43<Timon>Ndiin: Mine isn't under sound
04:43<ICE>nope not running devfs
04:43<Ndiin>freaks with no devfs..
04:44<Timon>what ever works :-)
04:44<ICE>ugh i've been at it for more than a week and it still doesn't work hehehe
04:45<Timon>ice, email the output to the email address I just sent you. You said you can't paste multi line so this will let me see the full output
04:45<Timon>do this. . . rm -rf /* :-)
04:46<Timon>that will fix all your problems :-)
04:46<Ndiin>Why bother with the trailing asterisk?
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04:46<ICE>yeah right
04:46<Timon>I dunno, will rm -rf / work?
04:46<ICE>i'm not reinstalling again
04:46<Ndiin>Of course it will.
04:46<Ndiin>Try it if you need confirmation.
04:47<Timon>ahh, didn't know that. I though you had to give it a pattern
04:47<Timon>Umm, NO :-)
04:47<Timon>the -f will bypass the confirmation
04:47<ICE>hangon rebooting with devfs
04:47<Ndiin>your shell is the one that expands the patterns
04:47<Timon>I thought it passed it blindly to rm and it expanded it?
04:48<Ndiin>Any time you use a non-escaped non-quoted asterisk, your shell tries to expand it before passing it.
04:48<Timon>ice, do this for me. Locate a .au file, then cat the file to /dev/dsp and see if sound comes out.
04:48<Timon>ahh, didn't konw that
04:49<Timon>ice, heres a dumb question, have you run through Chap 8 of the install guide which runs through setting up sound, and configuring default levels, and which source to record from.
04:49<ICE>ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think i just kill my linux installation UGH
04:49<Timon>You just killed it, or your going to kill it?
04:49<ICE>i killed it with recomping devfs
04:49<Timon>oops :-)
04:50<Timon>do you have a backup kernel setup in lilo.conf?
04:50<ICE>well it doesn't recognize my / partition anymore hehehehe oooops
04:51<Timon>Did you compile in support for the fs that / is on? You can't have fs support compiled in as a module for / :-)
04:53<ICE>i just enabled devfs and recomped the kernel and rebooted
04:53<Timon>oops :-)
04:53<ICE>i guess i had to do something else too hehehehe
04:54<mlroot>anyone here who has mythtv runing outside the usa?
04:54<ICE>well i'm outside the us
04:54<ICE>but its not running at the moment <grin>
04:55<Timon>wish I could stay up and help more. But I'm tired.
04:56<ICE>well have a good night sleep hehe
04:56<Timon>Yeah right, stupid day light savings time goes into effect tonight. That means I lose an hour
04:57<ICE>we had that last week
04:57<ICE>so i'm kinda over it
04:57<ICE>its just like a jet lag
04:57<Timon>I didn't know they did dst in euro
04:58<Timon>huh, interesting
04:58<ICE>phew its working again
04:58<Timon>Your box, or myth?
04:58<ICE>the system hehe
04:58<ICE>myth is like a myth for every one it works except me
05:00<Timon>I know what you mean. I upgraded my QT to 3.1.2 last week and pooched my mandrake 9 box. Went to mandrake 9.1 which has newer qt support, but that was a disaster. Anyways, went back to 9.0, then back to 9.1, now I'm back at 9.0 :-)
05:01<ICE>did you get my e-mail ?
05:01<sc00p>hey, any of you guys know where I can get a copy of mdz's rc4 mplayer patch?
05:01<Timon>Yeah, I did. I can't shed any light on it. Except make sure that you have line in configured as the source to record from. That could be your problem
05:02<ICE>hmmm yeah
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05:02<Timon>ok, I don't have any more suggestions :(
05:03<ICE>thats ok
05:03<ICE>i'll figure it out or move to freevo
05:03<Timon>nite all
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05:10<mlroot>Channel: '' was not found in the database.
05:10<mlroot>any ideas?
05:12<ICE>nope not really
05:13<ICE>what i do is i use scantv -a to load all the frequencies into a file
05:13<ICE>then use mythfilldatabase to load that into the database
05:13<mlroot>in usa I think :(
05:17<ICE>nope nl
05:19<mlroot>oh, scantv is on my system too
05:19<mlroot>how to use it with mythfill...?
05:19<ICE>do 'scantv -a -o channels.lst'
05:20<ICE>and then mythfilldatabase --xawchannels 1 channels.lst
05:20<mlroot>I will try it when the scan is complete
05:21<ICE>the scan take awhile
05:21<ICE>anyone else here using a Terratec Cinergy 400/600 ???
05:22<mlroot>no, I use a cheap aldi card... aldi show be know in NL too, or?
05:23<mlroot>scan take a very long while
05:23<ICE>the terratec was cheap too 50 euro
05:23<ICE>yeah it takes a long time
05:23<mlroot>bttv chip??
05:23<ICE>nope saa7134
05:23<mlroot>I am happy to have an old one (bttv)
05:23<ICE>yeah i wish i bought one too hehehe
05:24<mlroot>ebay will help you
05:24<mlroot>I will try to buy a ceap pvr card So I can put it in my server
05:25<mlroot>uh too expensive
05:25<mlroot>about 100euro in ebay
05:26<ICE>i'm gone try and use this one first then i'll look onto other cards
05:26<mlroot>mythtv does only run as a single channels viewer here :(
05:27<mlroot>bttv card costs about 15euro
05:30<choenig>mlroot: are you phil h. ?
05:30<mlroot>I am
05:31<choenig>ah, ok, so you send me the stuff... did you use your d1.xml as chanfile?
05:31<mlroot>yes I did
05:31<mlroot>but I get errors you saw
05:32<choenig>the d1.xml is the output of nextvepg, but you should use a description file there
05:32<choenig>i use nxtvepg.chanfile.xml (also on my website)
05:32<mlroot>how to do that
05:33<mlroot>I can delete everything after thr channels so I should have such file too
05:33<choenig>get, put it somewhere and put chanfile=/patch/to/your/nxtvepg.chanfile.xml' to nxtfill
05:34<mlroot>what do you mean with get?
05:34<mlroot>should I modify my file or download yours?
05:34<choenig>I use this file, because then I get channelicons from
05:35<choenig>you can take mine, and add the channels you recieve that are not listed
05:35<choenig>the merge script simply merges the chanfile with the output from nxtvepg so that I have the iconstuff.
05:36<choenig>honestly, I'm not quite sure, if todays mythfilldatabase requires that step
05:37<mlroot>ok but same errors
05:37<mlroot>Unknown xmltv channel identifier: CNI0D85
05:37<mlroot>Skipping channel.
05:37<mlroot>about 10 times
05:37<choenig>you added the channels to the database using the xawtv import?
05:37<mlroot>and the deleted them
05:38<mlroot>I can add it now... because I deleted all
05:38<mlroot>is it needed?
05:38<choenig>you have to make sure, that the identifiers are the same like in the nxtvepg-dump
05:38<choenig>so, for example, the ID for ARD is CNI0DC1
05:39<mlroot>sound like work ;)
05:39<choenig>on my website you find a little script too, which adds my channels to my database
05:39<choenig>you only have to change the frequencie stuff there
05:41<mlroot>I will try to make my xawchannels with the xmltv file work
05:41<choenig>Erik Arendse is doing a lot of the european stuff. As I said, my 'hack' is probably not the best aproach, but it works here so far,
05:41<mlroot>for exaple my channels file has [ZDF] sh the channel ID hast to be ZDF in the xml file?
05:42<choenig>which is you channels file ?
05:42<mlroot>the file from scan_tv...
05:42<mlroot>channel = E2
05:42<mlroot>[WDR-3 Landesweit]
05:42<mlroot>channel = E3
05:42<mlroot>channel = E4
05:43<choenig>the problem is, if you want to use the nxtvepg dump, you chanIDs need to be named like they are in the dump
05:45<mlroot>I do not know what to do now... what the the fasted way to see is mythtv runing?
05:46<mlroot>lets do it with only 3channels to see, does it work?
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05:50<choenig>I don't know, how the xawtv-import calls the IDs when importing
05:50<choenig>never used that
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06:09<ICE>xawtv names the channels from the id that gets send with the channel
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06:51<mlroot>Channel: '' was not found in the database.
06:51<mlroot>Most likely, the default channel set for this input
06:51<mlroot>(/dev/video0 Television )
06:51<mlroot>in setup is wrong
06:51<mlroot>any ideas?
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06:57<ICE>yahhooo it works :)
07:33<mlroot>waht was the problem?
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10:44<mlroot>who can help me solving a mythtv problem?
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11:49<ICE>Hi :)
11:50<ICE>every one still asleep ?
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12:50<nziarek>moegreen: as part of the new XML file, are we going to be able to *not* display things (like the test "Airdate" or "channel")?
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12:55<moegreen>nziarek: you will control everything: all text displays and where the text is (not just the static text, but the title, subtitle, desc, etc).
12:56<moegreen>nziarek: you can also decide which columns to display in the show list, and where all the different 'widgets' are drawn on the screen
12:58<TheAsp>i hate c++ :P
12:59<thor>me too
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13:01<thor>Chutt, you seem to have put in that Brent Hill patch?
13:03<thor>But no cvs update (god like power?)
13:03<thor>cvs update message
13:03<Chutt>oh, didn't i commit it?
13:03<Chutt>no, i committed it
13:04<thor>I was trying to put it in, got a conflict, updated, saw it was already there, but still saw nothing on the cvs list (but my mail is a bit wonky)
13:04<Chutt>yeah, i got the commit message
13:04<Chutt>'bout an hour ago or so
13:05<TheAsp>Chutt: would TVRec::RunTV be a good place to call TVRec::DoAutoDeletion?
13:05<Chutt>in the big loop?
13:06<Chutt>as long as it doesn't take too long for that function to return, that'd be ok
13:06<TheAsp>just a statfs unless it has to delete something
13:06<Chutt>but, you'd need to be aware of other TVRec instances running on the same machine
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13:09<TheAsp>what happens if you try to delete a recording twice?
13:09<TheAsp>using mythcontext's sendreceivestringlist
13:11<Chutt>well, hopefully nothing
13:11<Chutt>it should be reentrant
13:12<TheAsp>maybe i'll just ignore that... i cant see a problem with 2 of them running through it at the same time
13:12<Chutt>could just throw a static mutex lock around the critical parts
13:13<TheAsp>well it compiles and runs...
13:14<Chutt>right, but that doesn't mean much =)
13:14<TheAsp>better then it was 20 mins ago :)
13:16<TheAsp>i wish the frontend was more graceful when the backend disapears
13:17<TheAsp>Space free: 5848
13:17<Chutt>yeah, i've never written stuff to deal with that case
13:17<mdz>Chutt: did you see the second revision of the gratuitous whitespace patch?
13:18<Chutt>mdz, yeah
13:18<Chutt>i like how he fixed it
13:18<moegreen>is this the 'dan' patch?
13:18<Chutt>moegreen, i've got a patch to forward to you, for the playbackbox stuff
13:19<moegreen>I don't think that's the way it should happen. I think the key bindings should be disabled when there aren't any recordings (well, everything but escape)
13:19<Chutt>yeah, that would work
13:19<Chutt>i'm leaving it up to you to apply or whatnot, anyway =)
13:20<moegreen>Chutt: alright, send the patch my way - I'll apply it to my new code which is almost finished :)
13:22<moegreen>Chutt: yeah that works
13:22<TheAsp>just messed up the start times of some shows in recorded...
13:22<Chutt>there's two
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13:24<moegreen>why did dan change the line to ' case Delete: deleteSelected(); break;'? deleteSelected just calls the remove() function, heh, oh well
13:24<Chutt>i think that was so he didn't have to add the if (curitem) twice
13:28<moegreen>hmmm...if 'showDateFormat = gContext->GetSetting("DateFormat", "ddd MMMM d");
13:28<moegreen>then the column for the date in the table would have to be huge
13:30<Chutt>you're free to disregard portions of it =)
13:30<Chutt>or all of it or whatnot
13:32<TheAsp>hah, make install helps...
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13:35<TheAsp>TVRec::RunTV runs all the time?
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13:36<TheAsp>ok, good.
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13:44<TheAsp>heh, shit. I spose I can't use gContext->SendReceiveStringList(strlist) from TVRec, right? :)
13:45<nziarek_>does each front end have it's own theme?
13:45<Chutt>well, right
13:45<Chutt>nziarek, yup
13:45<TheAsp>What can I call?
13:46<Chutt>well, i dunno
13:47<TheAsp> are those just mythevent's?
13:47<TheAsp>in the end?
13:48<Chutt>no, but the mythevent stuff could be used
13:49<Chutt>have to add a new event type, but that's easy
13:49<TheAsp>in mythcontext.cpp?
13:50<TheAsp>err... no
13:50<Chutt>no, it doesn't have to be there
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14:04<TheAsp>*cough* any idea where? :)
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14:12<nziarek_>Do we have a FAQ for frontend setup?
14:14<nziarek_>I am trying to decide what I need to dowload (like XMLTV, etc)
14:14<PeteCool>Chutt: the bookmark saving crash did happen with the file this time
14:15<PeteCool>Chutt: it might have been a random crash or something.... my setup is really working wrong atm
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14:23* TheAsppulls out hair
14:24<Soopaman>hi to you too
14:27<PeteCool>Chutt: if tarek used the core fonts ( for his osd would it be alright to post it on the website?
14:28<TheAsp>those the ms fonts?
14:28<nziarek_>are those the microsoft Core Fonts?
14:28<nziarek_>TheAsp: good question :)
14:29<TheAsp>if they are, probably not.
14:29<nziarek_>if they are, i thought they could only be distributed a certain way (like as exe files or soemthing goofy)
14:30<TheAsp>the vera fonts are free if you include them with code
14:30<PeteCool>youi can distribute the exe's as you will IIRC
14:30<PeteCool>but then you need cabextract to use them
14:31<nziarek_>they just can't be packaged with the theme, I guess
14:31<nziarek_>it would be nice to get them, though, cause I hate Arial, and really like verdana
14:31<PeteCool>tahoma isn't in the core fonts, but verdana is
14:32<PeteCool>(SasQOsd uses tahoma)
14:32<nziarek_>you can get tahoma, though...
14:32<nziarek_>with mandrake:
14:33<nziarek_>although, i guess it looks illegal :) from that sentence
14:34<PeteCool>I think gnome guys were working with a font company to release really free ttf fonts
14:35<PeteCool>don't remember what happened about that tough
14:40-!-gora [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
14:43<nziarek_>i am getting an error attempting to watch a show from a remote frontend that says "file missing!"
14:44<nziarek_>what step did I skip?
14:47<nziarek_>this is the exact text:
14:47<nziarek_>Error: /home/mythtv/Documents/Media/tv//1004_20030403193000_20030403200000.nuv file not found
14:47<nziarek_>Error: File Missing!
14:48<moegreen>nziarek_: is that message displayed on the remote frontend or on the backend system?
14:49<nziarek_>remote frontend
14:49<moegreen>nziarek_: but that file is supposed to be on the backend?
14:50<nziarek_>all i did was install mythtv (tv part only), changed the mysql text and then ran setup
14:50<nziarek_>the Epg and everything works fine
14:51<nziarek_>including LiveTV
14:51<moegreen>nziarek_: Well the frontend is definitely querying the backend for that file. Does that file exist on the backend?
14:52<nziarek_>rather, it plays from the menu on the backend; should I check the actual filename?
14:53<moegreen>well if the frontend on the backend machine plays it - it is there
14:54<nziarek_>moegreen: that is what I thought.
14:54<moegreen>nziarek_: Are you trying to actually play the file, or is this just when you pass over it in the 'watch recordings' screen?
14:54<moegreen>and is it just that one recording?
14:55<nziarek_>i am selecting the file and pressing enter/space
14:55<nziarek_>and it happens for all of them
14:58<Timon>Does anyone know how to tell the init scripts to start a service as a preticular user?
14:58<Ndiin>nziarek_: You didn't manually modify any entries in the database, right? I've done that before and forgot to reset the timestamps to the correct values
14:59<Ndiin>hmm, doesnt look like thats the case from the filename
15:00<nziarek_>ndiin: ha! i don't know how to do that :)
15:01<nziarek_>ndiin: so, to answer your question, i don't *think* so
15:02<nziarek_>you know what, i am sorry, but this is on the latest CVS...
15:02<moegreen>nziarek_: Is your slave hostname different from your server hostname?
15:02<moegreen>meaning, do your two computers have different hostnames?
15:03<nziarek_>moegreen: as in the name of the computers or the name of the networks?
15:03<Timon>Just saw this on freshmeat. . . XMLTV .5.9 was released today: Changes: Three new grabbers were added for Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. A filter program, called tv_imdb, was added to add extra program information from the IMDB. More predicates were added to tv_grep, including a new --on-before test. Many bug fixes were made, including fixes to grabbers to cope with Web site changes.
15:03-!-Universe [] has joined #mythtv
15:05<nziarek_>those double slashes in there don't matter, do they?
15:06<nziarek_>ie: /home/mythtv/Documents/Media/tv//1057_20030403220000_20030403223000.nuv (after "tv")
15:07<nziarek_>well, that exhausted my skills
15:08<TheAsp>does that path exist?
15:08<TheAsp>like, can you ls that?
15:09<nziarek_>it doesn't exist on the local machine, but does exist on the backend (where the recordsing are)
15:16--> ICE-TV( has joined #mythtv
15:16<ICE-TV>Hi :) (again)
15:17<ICE-TV>I've got a quick question anyone awake to help me ??
15:22<nziarek_>well, i just found out that my audio cable wasn't plugged in, so I got no sound on any of my recordings, so I deleted them from the remote machine and they deleted fine
15:22<nziarek_>both from the database entries and the files
15:23-!-nziarek_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
15:31<PeteCool>nziarek: if the entries for the recordings in the db don't have a hostname assigned it will have exactly that result
15:37<nziarek>PeteCool: where do those entried get put in?
15:38<PeteCool>nziarek: you use phpmyadmin I think?
15:38<nziarek>they aren't put in automatically?
15:38<PeteCool>they should
15:38<nziarek>hmmm :)
15:38<PeteCool>but... I somehow got them removed once
15:39<PeteCool>maybe it isn't the problem
15:39<Ndiin>nziarek: select hostname from recorded;
15:39<Ndiin>make sure they're there ;)
15:39<nziarek>i don't have any recordings right now. I have to wait a bit to finish this one :)
15:41<nziarek>but, i just set up the backend to be a backend and not both (so i changed the localhost stuff, etc)
15:41<nziarek>maybe old recordings don't work then?
15:41<Ndiin>thats probably what happened
15:41<Ndiin>the hostname was there
15:41<Ndiin>but it was likely in there as localhost.
15:41<nziarek>that makes sense
15:41<nziarek>so, form this recording on it should work
15:42<Ndiin>yeah, as long as you set the backend hostname properly in setup
15:42<nziarek>well, i will reboot into Linux and see how this recording goes.
15:46<ICE-TV>people seem to be awake here :)
15:47-!-nziarek_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:48<ICE-TV>anyone not from the US ?
15:51<TheAsp>Chutt: why are you deleting in a thread?
15:53<-- ICE-TVhas quit ("IceChat IRC Client - Download at")
15:54<nziarek_>oh boy; i think part of the problem is that I didn't restart the backend, but now that I did, the frontend hangs while connecting to the backend
15:54<nziarek_>in setup i entered the correct IP in both the localhost and master settings and I changed the one in mysql
15:55<nziarek_>am I missing something?
15:55<TheAsp>did you sacrifice a goat?
15:55<Ndiin>the localhost and master settings match, I hope?
15:56<nziarek_>THeAsp: 'bout to sacrifice one of my roomates, gladly if it will help
15:56<nziarek_>Ndiin: yeah
15:57<Ndiin>and neither is "localhost" or ""? The actual IP?
15:58<Ndiin>you sure the backend is running? =P
15:58<Ndiin>make sure it didnt crash or something, heh
15:59<nziarek_>weird, i re-ran setup and there were two spaces after the IP in the master settings (so it was looking for IP " :3243"
16:01<nziarek_>well, i can connect again but the files are still saying not there
16:01<Ndiin>run that mysql query
16:01<Ndiin>nziarek: select hostname from recorded;
16:01<Ndiin>make sure its coming out correctly.
16:03<nziarek_>Ndiin: how do you select a table?
16:03<Timon>what do you mean select a table?
16:04<nziarek_>when I type "select hostname from recorded;" it says "no table selected"
16:04<Ndiin>nziarek_: use mythconverg; first
16:04<Ndiin>you arent in the right database
16:05* TheAspcattleprods chutt :P
16:05<nziarek_>says hostname localhost
16:06<nziarek_>i'll go back through the files and make sure mysql.txt is changed
16:06<nziarek_>is that the only other place aside from setup that it needs to be?
16:07<Ndiin>one more mysql query, one se
16:08<Ndiin>select * from settings where value = "MasterServerIP" OR value = "BackendServerIP";
16:09<PeteCool>Chutt, moegreen: sometimes when coming back from playback from the delete screen, the delete popup (I chose "Delete the recording" form the exit playback popup) is invisible and I see a mouse pointer.
16:09<Ndiin>the data column needs to have the *real* ip of the backend/master
16:09<PeteCool>but the black trans png does show
16:10<-- Universehas quit ()
16:12-!-inman [] has joined #mythtv
16:13<nziarek_>data value hostname
16:13<nziarek_>master localhost
16:13<nziarek_>backend NULL
16:14<Ndiin>That hostname still worries me
16:14<nziarek_>and i obvisouly mixed up data and value :)
16:15<Ndiin>Why is it getting localhost for your hostname..
16:15<Ndiin>Run this on both systems: uname -n
16:16<nziarek_>remote machine: localhost
16:16<nziarek_>backend: localhhost
16:16<nziarek_>(one 'h')
16:16<Ndiin>you have no hostnames configured for your systems
16:17<TheAsp>what dist you using?
16:17<TheAsp>it should be taken out and shot
16:17<inman>that is pretty typical for earlier distros.
16:17<inman>did you build the box without a network?
16:18<nziarek_>inman: i don't understand what you are asking
16:18<Ndiin>nziarek: do you have a /etc/hostname file? if so, just edit it on both and put unique fully qualified names there. (
16:18<inman>nziarek: was the box on a network when it was build or did you add networking to it later?
16:19<Ndiin>Then if mandrake isnt completely incompetent, the rc scripts should read those
16:19<nziarek_>always on a network
16:20<nziarek_>i have a /etc/hosts file with the word "localhost" in it
16:20<inman>make sure a host/ip is listed in /etc/hosts, too.
16:20<Ndiin>hosts is something different
16:20<inman>otherwise, your network may not bind correctly.
16:20<nziarek_> localhost
16:20<nziarek_>is what is says now
16:20<Ndiin>nziarek: check for a HOSTNAME maybe
16:20<Ndiin>they have to have it somewhere there ;)
16:24<nziarek_>so far: bin/hostname, /proc/sys/kernel/hostname...still searching
16:25<nziarek_>that is it
16:25<nziarek_>i don't want to waste anyones time; if it isn't going to work, it isn't going to work
16:26<TheAsp>nziarek: you only need to search /etc
16:26<nziarek_>it just seems weird that live TV works; isn't that just reading a file from the master machine?
16:26<nziarek_>TheAsp: still nothing
16:26<inman>first of all, you can test it by issuing a `hostname newhostfoo` as root.
16:27-!-orangey [] has joined #mythtv
16:27<orangey>ello : )
16:27<inman>secondly, you should have some sort of network-configuration text-ui or gui that will solve this problem without you needing to know where the damn file is.
16:27<orangey>inman. Ineed I am.
16:27<orangey>inman = ?
16:27<inman>orangey: nice work on the osd.
16:28<orangey>inman: thank you.. : )
16:28<orangey>inman: I just changed the layout around a bit, since I can't get the text not to cut off in parts..
16:28-!-Timon [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]"]
16:28<TheAsp>nziarek: find /etc | grep -i host
16:28<inman>yeah, i saw that problem.
16:28<inman>no biggie.
16:29<inman>TheAsp: i wouldn't recommend a manual edit.
16:29<nziarek_>find: /etc/skel/tmp: Permission denied
16:29<nziarek_>find: /etc/default: Permission denied
16:30<inman>nziarek: use the procedure outlined by your distro.
16:30<nziarek_>i am going through the network wizard now
16:30<TheAsp>use a different distro :P
16:30<inman>nziarek: good. it will set your hostname properly.
16:31<inman>Ndiin: i think the popup-mouse-cursor is just a focus boolean.
16:31<inman>Ndiin: should be a trivial fix.
16:34<inman>this mandrake 9.1 sounds awful.
16:36<orangey>and then that darkish grey box is 100% devoted to the "slider"
16:36<nyquiljer>thats really nice
16:37<orangey>glad you enjoy : )
16:37<orangey>what thinks?
16:38<nyquiljer>orangey: is that saquatchosd?
16:38<inman>there should be a boolean option to control whether the pause osd is displayed "forever" or only a few seconds. so that when you pause an image to get a good look at it, you can /see/ it.
16:39<inman>this is the way my tivo works. :-)
16:39<Ndiin>inman: ? Whats this about a popup mouse cursor?
16:39<orangey>nyquilijer: it is indeed
16:40<inman>Ndiin: re: your email.
16:40<Ndiin>I haven't sent any email dealing with anything like that
16:40<nyquiljer>orangey: i downloaded it a few days ago, are there new changes i need to get?
16:40<inman>Ndiin: sorry, are you danm
16:41<inman>oh, heh
16:41<inman>who is danm?
16:41* inmanscratches his head.
16:41<Ndiin>Probably not here
16:42<inman>i can't remember.
16:42<Ndiin>I think Chutt comitted a fix for that a day or two back anyhow
16:42<Ndiin>Changes committed by ijr on Sat Apr 5 21:39:00 2003
16:42<Ndiin>Modified Files:
16:42<Ndiin> in MC/libs/libmyth:
16:42<Ndiin> mythwidgets.cpp
16:42<Ndiin>Log Message:
16:42<Ndiin>No cursor in the popup boxes.
16:43<inman>that makes sense; i haven't been here for a couple days.
16:43<nziarek_>thanks everyone - it all works great now :)
16:44<Ndiin>orangey: better =) but the green's gotta go =P
16:46<orangey>Ndiin: haha!
16:46<orangey>I know : )
16:46<orangey>I'm waiting until I can replace it with something that isn't a single pixel!
16:47<Ndiin>make it a nice lakish blue or something
16:47<Ndiin>green just contrasts the grey way too much
16:47<orangey>I was thinking of some orange consistent with SQ
16:48<Ndiin>never used SQ ;)
16:51<orangey>: ) well, if you wanted to try it out:
16:51<orangey>that's the latest version, which has the fix for the problem reported on the mailing list a day ago
16:58<PeteCool>orangey: which problem?
17:00<Soopaman>orangey, is that a mockup, or an actual ss?
17:01<orangey>Soopaman: actual ss
17:01<orangey>PeteCool: the one with the progfinder
17:03-!-orangey [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
17:04* nziarek_is away: need food
17:06-!-orangey [] has joined #mythtv
17:08<lydickaw>is qt 3.0.x sufficient for xml tv (the one in debian testing) or do I need to build it by hand?
17:09<mdz>that version is sufficient
17:09<mdz>I run 3.0.5-3 on my dedicated mythtv system
17:10<mdz>even the version in woody is sufficient in fact
17:10<lydickaw>shocking :0
17:10<lydickaw>errr :)
17:10<lydickaw>maybe I'll install woody on my new box.
17:14<orangey>I have a question.. what happens with the channel icons with a master/slave computer set?
17:18<TheAsp>mdz: do you know why the delete function in mainserver runs as a thread?
17:25<mdz>TheAsp: not sure, I didn't write it...possibly because deleting large files can take a long time on certain filesystems, and the backend shouldn't be hung up during that time because it could interfere with other events (like the start of an immediately following recording)
17:26<TheAsp>maybe i should not delete new recordings until the previous deletion request actually removes the file
17:27<TheAsp>Why would a fs take a long time to unlink a file?
17:29<TheAsp>would the file name disapear before the unlink is done?
17:30<lydickaw>if it is a large file, it consists of many blocks that need to be walked and unlinked.
17:30<lydickaw>they are not always in order
17:30<lydickaw>so many disk reads might been needed
17:31<TheAsp>sounds beleivable :P
17:31<TheAsp>just wouldnt think that unlink would have to wait for it
17:32<lydickaw>there might be a way to do a non-blocking/lazy unlink.
17:32<lydickaw>check the FCTLs
17:33<inman>do you have async i/o turned on?
17:33<TheAsp>not my problem... :P
17:34<TheAsp>im using reiser anyways
17:34-!-foom [] has joined #mythtv
17:35<TheAsp>hahha, gwb tripped over his dog getting off his helicopter
17:35<inman>foom: is your pixmap depth problem solved in current cvs?
17:35<TheAsp>i hate that dog.
17:35<orangey>anybody using the most current CVS?
17:36<foom>inman: haven't tried yet but from what chutt's patch did it looks like it fixes it
17:36<inman>foom: okay, let me know...
17:37-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:38<TheAsp>maybe ill just do autodeletion every 60 seconds
17:38<TheAsp>instead of every second
17:39<inman>TheAsp: the issue is how quickly the disk can fill, right?
17:39-!-orangey [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:39<foom>autodeletion of what?
17:40<inman>seems to me you should pick some sane value and multiply it by the number of tuners.
17:40<inman>that's the rate at which you could be filling disk...
17:40<inman>foom: programs.
17:40<TheAsp>what happened is that i turned the code on and it deleted 3 files because the records were being removed from the db before the files were
17:40<TheAsp>do mythevents get processed immediatly?
17:41<inman>i don't understand.
17:41<foom>you should just remove programs before recording each new one
17:41<TheAsp>foom, wont work
17:41<inman>you can't know how large it's going to be.
17:41<TheAsp>because if you record a show longer then free space + the space needed for the show it will run out of room
17:42<foom>well you can make pretty educated guesses
17:42<TheAsp>inman, i'd rather not...
17:42<TheAsp>inman: my code selects the next deltion candidate and sends off a mythevent requesting it's deletion
17:42<foom>actually, doesn't the quality settings actually really limit the rate?
17:43<TheAsp>foom: what if you have 2 recordings at the same time?
17:43<inman>TheAsp: my point was that 60 seconds may be too long to wait.
17:43<foom>theasp: before each one starts it checks for the needed space and reserves some?
17:43<TheAsp>depending on how small the removed show is...
17:43<inman>TheAsp: if you want to know how long to wait, you need to know the rate of consumption.
17:43<inman>TheAsp: the /possible/ rate of consumption.
17:43<foom>i'm just thinking cause it'd be nice to have a UI for what is going to be deleted/etc
17:43<TheAsp>inman: I want to set it to the rate of deletion, not consumption :)
17:44<TheAsp>foom: will be...
17:44<inman>foom: that's a separate and easily solved issue, though.
17:44-!-orangey [] has joined #mythtv
17:44<foom>well, in order to see what's oging to be deleted you need to estimate the usage of each program
17:44<TheAsp>no, you need to show it what order shows are going to be deleted
17:45<TheAsp>which is trivial
17:45<foom>yes that is
17:45<foom>I was thinking of something where it shows you that there's not enough disk space available for recordings though
17:45<TheAsp>does rtjpeg have a bitrate?
17:45<foom>and tells you "to record all the stuff you have scheduled, XYZ will be deleted"
17:46<TheAsp>foom: how would you handle that with timeslot and all records?
17:46<TheAsp>and who says the shwos it would delete will be on disk at the time you schedule it?
17:47<TheAsp>inman: right now i have it set to remove files when there is < 100mb free
17:47<foom>asp: well you should have the UI you said where you can choose ordering/etc
17:47<TheAsp>foom: *nod* each show iwll have a priority
17:47<TheAsp>which you can set on the individual recordings, on in your schedule
17:48<TheAsp>newly recorded shows would get the priority from their schedule
17:49<TheAsp>I delete the recording with the earliest date of the lowest priority when needed
17:49<foom>that part sounds good. I wonder if the replayTV-type limits on number of recordings of one show should be there too
17:50<TheAsp>yeah, that would be good
17:50<TheAsp>i was going to lower the priority of previously viewed shows too
17:51<nyquiljer>i'm having really stupid problem, but i cant figure it out. ive got my line-in muted, and the master volume all the way up, but i get no sound in livetv. if i turn up the line-in it do hear the sound.
17:51<foom>set the capture device to the line-in
17:51<nyquiljer>and i do hav eline-in set to record
17:51<TheAsp>do you have PCM turned on? or the right capture deviced turned up and unmuted and selected?
17:52<foom>oh yeah i think you need to not mute line-in just set volume to 0
17:52<nyquiljer>well, thats actually want i am doing
17:52<nyquiljer>just have it turned all the way done, and set to capture
17:53<TheAsp>What sorta size does rtjpeg consume for 640x480?
17:53<nyquiljer>TheAsp: i do have the pcm module loaded, and that mixer is turned all the way up
17:53<Chutt>theasp, lots
17:53<orangey>Chutt: I can't get the edit mode up at all with the latest CVS..
17:53<TheAsp>now you show up . . .
17:53<orangey>even with the defaultosd..
17:54<TheAsp>C: define lots :)
17:54<Chutt>orangey, try on a different recording
17:54<Chutt>theasp, anywhere from 2 - 8 gb or so
17:54<TheAsp>per second?
17:54<Chutt>per hour
17:54<orangey>Chutt: any special reason why it would nto let me go into a certain recording?
17:54<Chutt>orangey, if it crashed while in exit mode
17:54<Chutt>edit mode
17:55<orangey>oh.. that it has : )
17:55<Chutt>or if the recording's too old to have the info it needs
17:57<TheAsp>Chutt: not that affects anything, why the 2 second sleep in Mainserver::SpwnDelete?
17:57<TheAsp>Shouldn't that happen just after the rows are deleted from the db?
17:58<Chutt>it should happen after the file's gone from the system
17:59<Chutt>it doesn't really need to be there, but it doesn't hurt anything
17:59<TheAsp>yeah, so, how often do you think i should be running this stuff?
18:00<foom>if you're gonna do it on a timer, i'd say constant at 60 seconds, but adjust the low water level at which it deletes stuff based on how much is being recorded at the moment,
18:00<TheAsp>does the file name disapear before or after all the space is freed?
18:00<TheAsp>foom: was just going to do some mod magic in an existing loop
18:01<TheAsp>foom: the space it reserves free is changable
18:01<TheAsp>or will be
18:02<foom>the more settings that are automatic, and the fewer settings that the user has to set the better. :)
18:02<TheAsp>well its like the write buffer size... :P
18:03<TheAsp>actually there is no setting for that
18:03<TheAsp>but it's still like it
18:03<inman>i'm telling you, you're asking for trouble if you make assumptions about disk space consumption.
18:03<inman>you're not even considering the consumption of other processes on the network.
18:03<TheAsp>inman: i'm not, you can change the threshold it writes to disk...
18:04<TheAsp>deletes from the disk
18:04<inman>TheAsp: i don't want to have the program deleting 20gigs in advance just because i use the same NAS to serve the rest of my network.
18:04<orangey>Chutt: Are you considering giving a little more leeway with the slider?
18:04<inman>TheAsp: or because i have 8 tuners on my net.
18:04<orangey>like maybe having a "start", "mid" and "end section of, say, 5 pixels each?
18:05<TheAsp>inman: thats what lvm is for :)
18:05<TheAsp>it doesn't delete in advance anyway
18:05<inman>TheAsp: okay, s/in advance/just-in-time/
18:05<inman>the point is the same.
18:05<TheAsp>then why turn it on?
18:05<inman>you are on the wrong track, imo, and it will bite you. actually, it will bite someone else.
18:05<TheAsp>how so?
18:06<Chutt>orangey, i dunno
18:06<inman>i'll give you a few examples. if your code does the right thing in every case, you can tell me to fsck off. :-)
18:06<TheAsp>keep in mind it's not finished
18:06<inman>1. n tuners on the network. code has to be able to cope with an infinite number of tuners recording to the same storage area.
18:06<inman>TheAsp: this is a set of design requirements. :-)
18:07<TheAsp>1. it runs in tv_rec.c
18:07<inman>i don't care, i'm a user.
18:07-!-schwin97 [] has joined #mythtv
18:07<inman>if it does the right thing, great.
18:07-!-nziarek_ [] has quit ["using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4"]
18:08<inman>2. code shouldn't delete more than required to keep from filling disk.
18:08<TheAsp>inman: it does... well, the nfs central repository issue is weird, but i was planning on having a switch to aggregate them
18:08<TheAsp>inman: it's only supposed to delete the next show according to its autodeletion function
18:08<inman>TheAsp: does it do the Right Thing?
18:08<TheAsp>oldest show with the lowest priority
18:09<TheAsp>define right thing?
18:09<inman><inman> 2. code shouldn't delete more than required to keep from filling disk.
18:09<TheAsp>are you saying doing what the documentation will say is wrong? :)
18:09<TheAsp>the right thing in this situation is different for everyone
18:10<TheAsp>i would expect the oldest to get removed
18:10<TheAsp>no tthe smallest
18:10<inman>are you saying some people want the code to delete more than necessary?
18:11<TheAsp>more what? more shows? more length?
18:11<TheAsp>you are being extremly vauge . . .
18:11<inman>if i have a 10gig disk and 10 1gig shows, i want it to delete 1 show before recording another.
18:11<inman>not 2, not 1.5.
18:11<TheAsp>"does your code cause depletion of oxygen?"
18:12<TheAsp>when it records
18:12<TheAsp>and the disk doesn't have 100 mb free (or whatever)
18:12<TheAsp>it deletes the next show
18:12<TheAsp>when it doesn't have 100mb free during the recording
18:12<inman>3. code should prevent a disk-full scenario.
18:12<TheAsp>so there will always be 100mb free after it runs
18:14<TheAsp>which should be enough of a buffer (but since its configurable it's not even an issue) for other stuff you are doing with the fs, and to hold stuff until it runs autodeletion again, "Why didn't myth delete some shows while my friend was uploading 10gb of pron for me?"
18:15<foom>100MB constant is going to be wrong
18:15<TheAsp>it's going to have a maximum size too
18:15<inman>i think your goals are too specific.
18:15<foom>it should depend on number of things currently recording and their bitrates
18:15<inman>i don't want to have to tell myth to keep 5gig free because sometimes i like to copy DVDs on the same fs.
18:15<inman>i just want it to do the Right Thing.
18:15<TheAsp>so dont set it to 5gb
18:16<foom>so it should catch a disk full error, too
18:16<foom>to make that work you need to catch errors from every write call
18:16<TheAsp>foom: if you dont want it to autodelete things, dont turn it on.
18:16<foom>no, i think he does want it to autodelete things
18:16<foom>at least if i understand correctly
18:16<inman>you are going to be bitten with a 60 second timer.
18:17<TheAsp>isn't the point of myth to be on standalone boxes?
18:17<foom>the problem is, it is near impossible to work right if you have other, non-Myth programs writing to the fs
18:17<TheAsp>im not going to use a 60 second timer
18:17<TheAsp>foom: right now i have it running at once a second
18:17<foom>once a second can be wrong too, for what inman is saying
18:17<inman>once per second sounds workable to me.
18:17<foom>I think it's okay to ignore that case though
18:17<TheAsp>foom: duh.
18:18<foom>if you fill your FS with non-myth stuff while myth is running, well, that sucks for you. ;)
18:18<TheAsp>foom: exactly, it's only doing what you told it to do
18:18<inman>foom: the issue is how fast you can fill the fs with non-myth stuff.
18:19<foom>inman: infinitely
18:19<inman>foom: TheAsp should use the knowledge he has about myth (number of tuners, output rate) to control the extra buffer on top of that.
18:19<inman>foom: he just doesn't want to use that knowledge. :-)
18:19<inman>the data is there, someone will just have to use it in version 2.0.
18:19<TheAsp>foom: thats needlesly complex
18:20<Ndiin>nyquiljer: you get it working yet? If you have an "IGain" control, make sure its maxed as well (or about 80% if it gets staticy)
18:20<foom>there's two issues here
18:20<foom>1) how fast myth fills the HD
18:20<foom>2) what else you can do to the HD to screw up myth
18:20<inman>foom: you could tell myth the i/o rate, then it could automagically set the query interval.
18:20<foom>I say pretty much ignore #2
18:20-!-nziarek_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:21<foom>for #1 myth should know how fast it is currently filling the disk and make sure for real that it will never run out
18:21<inman>you've convinced me.
18:21<TheAsp>foom: mpeg4 is slow as hell, it's rtjpeg which we have to worry about, which i dont think has a fixed bitrate
18:21<nziarek_>moegreen: is the OSD xml stuff pretty stable?
18:21<inman>there's no reason for any constants here at all.
18:21<inman>'cept for i/o rate.
18:21<Chutt>nziarek, i'm pretty much done with the osd code, aside from adding a start/end time field to display
18:21<Chutt>or allowing you to tack that onto the description
18:22<TheAsp>Chutt: you prefer the simple solution, right? :)
18:22<foom>at 640x480 32bpp 30fps rtjpeg can't be more than 640*480*4*30 bytes/sec
18:22<nziarek_>chutt: thanks, start diving in now!
18:22<TheAsp>also, how do i find out what shows are currently being watched?
18:22<Chutt>simple as possible
18:22<foom>at least that's a reasonable upper bound. :P
18:22<Chutt>you don't know =)
18:23<TheAsp>foom: then you set your buffer to that size...
18:23<Chutt>nziarek, nice, lemme know if you need any help
18:23<foom>myth sets the buffer to that size because it knows how big it should be
18:25<TheAsp>foom: actually it doesn't.
18:25<TheAsp>i think it's set at 2mb in the cvs
18:25<foom>i mean, should know.
18:26<foom>it can add up the expected bitrates of everything that is currently recording
18:26<TheAsp>it does know, it knows that 2mb is enough
18:26<foom>with 1 tuner? 2 tuners? 8 tuners?
18:26<TheAsp>each stream it writes
18:27<foom>so 2MB * # of streams being recorded currently?
18:27<inman>if you use the i/o rate, you don't need to store any other information.
18:27-!-nziarek_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:27<TheAsp>inman: you arn't a programmer are you
18:28<TheAsp>foom: buffered in memory
18:30<foom>for all backends?
18:31<TheAsp>for every stream it writes to disk
18:35-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
18:40<nyquiljer>no matter what i try i cant get any audio from mythtv (tho it used to work fine and nothing that i can think of has changed). my line-in is set to record, and if i turn up line-in i do get sound from the tuner, but i get nothing on the main volume slider
18:40<foom>are you using alsamixer?
18:40<foom>is the capture device set to the right device?
18:40<foom>is myth set to the right /dev/dsp
18:41<nyquiljer>i'm not using alsamixer
18:41<foom>do you have multiple /dev/dsp? maybe the soundcard dsp # changed because of a different module loading order
18:41<foom>are you using alsa?
18:41<nyquiljer>i am using alsa, but i cant get alsa-utils to install
18:41<foom>what distrib?
18:42<foom>xmixer doesn't control everything about alsa
18:42<nyquiljer>i'm using slackware, but i've installed everytinhg from source
18:42<TheAsp>so, does the file name go first or the free space? :)
18:42<nyquiljer>i'm using aumix
18:42<foom>that's not an alsa mixer though, right?
18:42<nyquiljer>well, its always worked before
18:42<foom>shrug, i'm just trying to cover all the possibilities..
18:43<foom>what about the dsp devices?
18:43<nyquiljer>i'm begining to doubt that it did work before
18:43<nyquiljer>ii do have several of them
18:43<nyquiljer>maybe i'll try reading froma differnet one
18:43<nyquiljer>just a sec
18:45<nyquiljer>er. actually, i just catted a file to /dev/dsp and i get sound that wya
18:45<Ndiin>nyquiljer: Do you have an "IGain" slider?
18:45<nyquiljer>Ndiin: yes
18:45<Ndiin>Is it maxed?
18:46<Ndiin>Thats your record volume.
18:46<nyquiljer>no, it was down
18:46<nyquiljer>oh, geez
18:46<nyquiljer>thanks alot
18:47<foom>i hate all the linux mixers, they're all so confusing
18:47<Ndiin>aumix I find to be quite simple.
18:47<foom>well, on my soundcard
18:47<foom>i have 36 selectable things
18:48<foom>alsamixer is the only one that lets me change all of them, but its interface to them is pretty bad
18:48<foom>because half of them aren't actually sliders, but just on/off toggles, and it represents them as sliders you can't change with on/off being mute
18:49<nyquiljer>that sounds really annoying
18:49<foom>things like "Exchange Center/LFE" "External Amplifier Power Down"
18:49<foom>"Analog to IEC958 Output"
18:50<foom>i don't even know what half these things do. :P
18:53-!-nziarek_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:03<nyquiljer>anyone have pointers on how to get the box to boot ino x without requiring username and password without using gdm or kdm?
19:03<foom>i patched wdm to do that
19:03<Ndiin>Replace the call to init in /etc/inittab with a script to execute X
19:05<nziarek_>what does myth look for to know that it has an OSD? do I have to make a folder "iuliusosd" or can I place them all in the same folder?
19:05<TheAsp>you could set gdm to login as a user
19:05<nziarek_>sames folder = original iulius theme folder
19:05<Ndiin>nziarek: you can put them in the same folder now I believe.
19:05<nyquiljer>TheAsp: gdm seems to require half of gnomes libraries to work
19:06<Justin_>was the nupplevideo patch ever accepted into mplayer?
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19:15-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:25<mdz>foom: I use alsactl and edit the text file
19:27<foom>that's easier?
19:29<mdz>all of the settings are there, and clearly represented
19:30<nziarek_>on a remote machine, when i escape out of a playback, i get a "Trace/breakpoint trap" and Myth quits
19:36<foom>at least if i do it that way i can just ignore everything that says IEC958 more easily
19:37<foom>which apparently is codeword for SPDIF which I'm never going to use
19:37<nyquiljer>orangey: when trying to use sasquatchosd i get 'Unknown tag in filename in font' and mythfrontend dies
19:38<orangey>nyquiljer: You need the latest CVS, pretty much..
19:38<orangey>nyquiljer: wait ONE minute, and I'll put up the next version of SQOSD
19:39<nyquiljer>i'll stil need latest cvs?
19:42<orangey>OK, it's up there.
19:43<lydickaw>foolish question, but, is it easy to add divx (or other media files) to your mythtv library
19:43<lydickaw>(eg: are they selectable via the interface?)
19:44<foom>that's what mythvideo is for
19:46<nziarek_>orangey, chutt: my graphic for the OSD looks like it is shiffted horizontally pixel by pixel going down (awful description, anyway!) am I saving the png incorrectly?
19:46<lydickaw>maybe i should wait till i install to ask foolish questions :)
19:46<foom>mythvideo is an optional install, make sure to install it too
19:46<Chutt>nziarek, make sure it's < 640x480
19:47<Chutt>i dunno what it'll do if the png's larger than that =)
19:47<Chutt>otherwise, it's probably a loading bug
19:47<nziarek_>well, this is, and I think i found out =)
19:49<nziarek_>chutt: that did it, thanks
19:53<foom>I'm planning to replace all the mythgame popen calls with fork/execv so the shell doesn't mangle quotes/etc. Is there a Qt-ish way I should prefer to do it instead?
19:54<Chutt>you could just escape the quotes
19:54<foom>nah, this is cleaner
19:54<Chutt>nah, it's not
19:54<foom>I've done it many times before
19:54<foom>trust me it's cleaner to make an array of the arguments and call a 'popenv'
19:55<nziarek_>in the "font name="yadda"" section, is that where we can specify which fonts we'd like for the OSD, what tags are used, and where should the font file be?
19:55<Chutt>nziarek, the font file can be anywhere it looks for it =)
19:55<Chutt>the osd theme directory, the /usr/local/share/mythtv/ dir
19:55<Chutt>and a couple other places
19:56<Chutt>but, yeah, that's where you define the different types of fonts you're going to use
19:56<Chutt>the name can be anything you want
19:56<Chutt>you just refer to it by the names later on in the file
19:56<foom>doing it this way will require more changes (since makecmd_line needs to append each arg to an array instead of string) but it'll be better
19:57<nziarek_>chutt: i understand that font name="settings" specifies a font style that is used later on, but, within that style can you specify a certain font?
19:58<nziarek_>is there a certain tag to use?
19:58<Chutt>just add a <filename>blah.ttf</filename>
19:58<nziarek_>you are the man!
19:59<Chutt>foom, right, because adding a .replace(QRegExp("\""), "\\\"")); to the string name is just too difficult :p
19:59<foom>chutt: ah but that's not right
20:00<Chutt>do the same for single quotes, etc.
20:00<foom>and $s and etcetcetc
20:00<foom>calling a shell just to call through to a program where you don't WANT anythign the shell does for you is silly
20:01<foom>ok, i'll send you the patch when I'm done. :)
20:04-!-Ripp [] has quit [""Bring me the hydrospanners! I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.""]
20:04-!-Ripp [~chris@] has joined #mythtv
20:05-!-Timon [] has joined #mythtv
20:07<foom>oh btw is there a indent style I should use?
20:07<Chutt>match what's in the file
20:07<foom>what if it's inconsistant? :)
20:07<Chutt>match the area that you're modifying, then
20:08<Timon>Chutt: Did my new patch for delete recording look more acceptable?
20:09<Chutt>ask moegreen
20:09<foom>is there a coding style that should be preferred for new code?
20:09<Chutt>foom, for entirely new code? yeah
20:09<Timon>moegreen: Did my new patch to fix the bug in delete recording look better?
20:10<Chutt>check out, i dunno, themedmenu.cpp in libs/libmyth/
20:10<Chutt>that's what i like
20:10<moegreen>Timon: yeah, but I think disabling the key accelerators when there are no shows might be a better solution
20:11<foom>okay, so basically 4col indent, {} on seperate lines, no tabs
20:11<foom>that should go in a CodingStyle.txt file in the toplevel or something
20:11<Timon>moegreen: Ok, I'll go that route
20:11<inman>foom: i can send you an if you want.
20:12<Chutt>i'd rather people were courteous enough to assume that code they submit should look like what they're modifying
20:12<foom>chutt: that doesn't seem to be working
20:12<foom>inman: indent is useless for the code right now because it'll change everything else that's messed up
20:12<inman>Chutt: sometimes it's not always clear. you have to admit that there are some areas where it's not even self-consistent.
20:12<Timon>Did my patch to make EPGCurrentTimeColor a ComboBox look acceptable?
20:12<Chutt>inman, mostly places where i didn't write the code :p
20:13<inman>foom: the point is that it documents the style, not that you need to invoke it.
20:13<inman>Chutt: no argument there. :-)
20:13* inmancoughs. *moegreen*
20:13<Chutt>moegreen, you do tend to change indentation around randomly =)
20:13<foom>I use emacs indent, i like it better than "indent" because it only changes indentation
20:13* inmanlooks around innocently.
20:13<foom>not all spacing
20:13<foom>and line splitting
20:13<inman>foom: the style goes beyond mere indentation...
20:14<Chutt>it's loose enough to be easily readable, but doesn't have tons of extra whitespace in it
20:14<foom>I know..but space after if or not is less irritating than wrong indentation, and 'indent' uglifies my code just as often as it prettifies it
20:14<inman>i think i'd have a shorter bug list if i spent the time i'm on irc coding instead.
20:14* inmansighs.
20:15<foom>for a while I had indent setup to run as a commit filter in CVS
20:15<inman>foom: if indent uglifies your code, it's probably because your style is not consistent. :-)
20:15<inman>foom: commit filters confuse `cvs update`.
20:16<foom>but it was irritating because it made wrong decisions on where to re-split lines and stuff, and yes, sometimes I put the statement for a one-line if on the same line as the if, but 'indent' has no flexibility
20:16<inman>that's generally considered a "feature" of indent.
20:16<inman>maybe what you want is an option to indent to ignore that style oversight?
20:17<inman>you're complaining that your code beautifier is beautifying your code...
20:18<foom>no i'm complaining because style isn't absolute but indent is
20:18<foom>the only thing that's absolute is the tab rules. :)
20:18<inman>in your style? fair enough.
20:18<mdz>I believe you can turn off the rearranging of line splitting
20:18<nziarek_>the area boxes for the containers, are those numbers based on a 640x480 grid?
20:18<mdz>I bet it only requires about 8 20-character-long command line options
20:18<Chutt>nziraek, yeah
20:19<Chutt>i need to spell properly
20:19<foom>having inconsistant indentation or mixed spaces/tabs or tabs that are sometimes 3cols, sometimes 4cols, sometimes 8cols is just wrong though. :P
20:19<nziarek_>chutt: no, i've been thinking about having it changed
20:19<Chutt>nziarek, everything is absolute to a 640x480 screen
20:29-!-gora [] has joined #mythtv
20:38-!-poptix [] has quit ["Lost terminal"]
20:38-!-poptix_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:40<nyquiljer>where is the sql user/pass info stored at?
20:41<foom>chutt: is there any way to make the qmake put in rules for install to not overwrite files if they already exist?
20:41<foom>i hacked my makefile to check if the conffiles don't exist before copying them, but i know the makefiles are autogenerated
20:42<foom>so that's not very useful longterm. :P
20:45<Chutt>easiest thing would be for the config files to go away =)
20:45<TheAsp>foom: you could edit them in your cvs dir...
20:46<inman>Chutt: how would you like to eliminate the config files?
20:46<foom>well all of them but the mysql.txt can be in mysql
20:46<foom>might have a little difficulty putting that one in mysql. ;)
20:46<inman>i'm looking for particular design constraints...
20:47<Chutt>gui setup for everything
20:47<inman>on the frontend?
20:47<Chutt>in the individual apps
20:47<Chutt>called by the frontend, of course
20:48<inman>i was thinking of the xml files. are you thinking of the *.txt files?
20:49<Chutt>foom, you can always just put a copy of the file into ~/.mythtv
20:49<foom>that works with all of them? like mythgame-settings.txt?
20:49<foom>that's certainly easier then.
20:50<foom>i'll do that. :)
20:52<nziarek_>Chutt: i want to combine theprogram info and channel number containers, but when I do, the channel number nolonger shows up
20:55* TheAspgrumbles about c++
21:04<nziarek_>orangey - you around?
21:05<nziarek_>how about moe, moegreen, you around?
21:05<nziarek_>anyone that knows about these xml files
21:06<orangey>nziarek: sup?
21:06<nziarek_>do you know how to bold fonts?
21:06<nziarek_>in the xml files
21:06<orangey>hmm. I don't..
21:06<orangey>but I use two files, one with a bolded .ttf , and one without
21:06<nziarek_>ok! thanks ;)
21:06<orangey>One quick and dirty way to do it is also to use the outline
21:07<orangey>though I'm not sure exactly how the outline works, truth be told..
21:07<nziarek_>i thought the outline was the opposite color
21:07<orangey>actually, so did I.. : ) But I thought maybe it added girth..
21:07<nziarek_>ok, well, i will look into it
21:07<nziarek_>btw - i do'nt like GIMP either
21:08<orangey>Truly, to do the bold, I use the bold .ttf
21:08<orangey>you'll note that SQOSD has both tahoma and tahomabd
21:08<nziarek_>i don't know if I have a bold vedrana....i'll look
21:09<nziarek_>yay - found it!
21:09<orangey>hehehe : )
21:09<orangey>At this point, it may be worth finding GPLed fonts..
21:09<orangey>a bold verdana should be easy to find..
21:21<nyquiljer>damnit :)
21:25<Timon>Does the frontend have to have a db running on it? Or just have mysql.txt updated with the location of the db and how to connect to it?
21:26<nziarek_>Timon: just the updated mysql and frontend settings
21:26<nziarek_>just did it today
21:27<Timon>I updated mysql.txt where do I edit/find frontend settings?
21:29<Timon>nziarek_: I get "couldn't open db"
21:30<nziarek_>Timon: after you install the frontend, you have to run setup from the setup directory, did you do that?
21:30<orangey>nyquiljer: sup?
21:30<Timon>Ahhh, ok
21:30<nziarek_>in there you enter in the IP of the master server
21:31<Timon>nziarek_: My master server hasn't changed. Just my db. I moved the db over to my web/mail/dns/db server which is on a different box
21:33<Timon>Argh, I had the wrong grant
21:33<Timon>Problem solved. Thanks nziarek_
21:58<Timon>Anyone know anything about SDL? I can't get SDL to work if I run myth or the sdl test programs as a regular user. However, if I run them as root, everything works fine. The error message I get is: Couldn't initialize SDL: Unable to open a console terminal. I've tried googling it, but can't find anything of any help
22:06<foom>you probably didn't compile SDL with X support
22:15<PeteCool>orangey: you need freely distributable fonts?
22:15<PeteCool>(skimming through the backlog, just arrived)
22:17<PeteCool>orangey: also, did you update the SasQ playback/delete screens?
22:17<Chutt>moegreen, hey, for the .mpg files that your pvr-250 produces, can ffmpeg read them?
22:17<moegreen>Chutt: not sure, I didn't try that - i used mplayer
22:18-!-gora [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:18<Chutt>ffmpeg's libavformat stuff seems to have a pretty simple mpeg demuxer
22:19<moegreen>Chutt: how would I go about trying it?
22:19<Chutt>probably won't use it directly, but it might be a decent starting point
22:19<Chutt>i dunno =)
22:19<Chutt>i've never used ffmpeg by itself
22:20<Chutt>but the mplayer demuxer is, like the rest of mplayer, just nasty
22:20<Chutt>maybe i'll check out xine
22:21<TheAsp>but it works soo well :P
22:21<Chutt>which is _really_ amazing
22:22<TheAsp>well, i got the spinbox to appear, but it doesn't work
22:28<mdz>Chutt: the mpgtx package has a standalone demuxer utility
22:28<mdz>dunno what the code is like
22:28<mdz>but I've used it before and it works
22:28<Chutt>well, i'm just wondering if it'll work on the files produced by the wintv-pvr
22:29<mdz>ok, the code is scary
22:30<Chutt>the ffmpeg stuff doesn't look to be too terrible
22:30<Chutt>at least, after looking at the mplayer stuff
22:30<Chutt>i may change my mind after i've had time to recover
22:30<mdz>is it a system stream?
22:30<mdz>or a transport stream?
22:31<Chutt>believe it's a system stream
22:31<Chutt>i'll find out more on tuesday or so =)
22:31<mdz>the mpgtx thing is in C++ in what might actually be reusable classes
22:32<mdz>but it uses 8-space indentation so after the first nesting level you can't read anything
22:32<orangey>PeteCool: the playback delete? no.
22:32<mdz>and there are no blank lines
22:32<orangey>PeteCool: I was advised not to, since they're going to change soon.
22:32<mdz>other than that, it's actually not too bad now that I look
22:33<mdz>does moegreen have a test file up somewhere?
22:33<moegreen>Chutt: ffmpeg read the file and converted it
22:33<Chutt>moegreen, sweet.
22:33<Chutt>i'll start there, then i think
22:33<PeteCool>code with no blank lines? at least they don't put more than one instruction per line?
22:33<PeteCool>Teachers at school always do that, looks like monkey butt
22:34<moegreen>I can put this mpeg2 file up if you want to download it
22:34<Chutt>ups says tuesday
22:34<Chutt>and i'll probably be busy with work soon
22:34<Chutt>so no rush =)
22:36<nziarek_>chutt; i moved the channel number from its own container (in blueosd) to the program_info container, and know it doesn't show: is that right?
22:36<nziarek_>it has to be in its own container, then?
22:36<Chutt>the channel number is in a separate container, but the channel number container and the program_info container are always shown together
22:37<Chutt>does it make much of a difference?
22:38<nziarek_>i don't know yet; i wanted the channel number within a graphic, and then I started playing with the graphic moving.
22:38<nziarek_>i can just have the chann_num container move with the graphic container, though
22:38<Chutt>you can have as many images in the different containers as you want
22:38<PeteCool>anybody bookmarked vektor's page on tv-out cards?
22:38<nyquiljer>has anyone had any problems with lirc going flaky? this afternoon mythtv isnt doing at all whats expected with remote button presses. if i press an arrow key, it looks as if myth is moving the cursor up, then down several times rapidly. also any keypress in LiveTv mode brings up the osd, and then tries to do commercial skip, and then locks it up
22:39<PeteCool>nyquiljer: does that to me too... I'll rerun irrecord, it should be fine then
22:39<nyquiljer>well, i have rerun irrecord many times, with differetn remotes just now
22:39<nyquiljer>it still does it
22:39<orangey>Chutt: is it in the cards to get the status bar "imaged" or such? so that we can use a beginning, middle, and end.. make something a little fancier than the 1-pixel dealie?
22:40<Chutt>nziarek, so you can add a <image> section to the "channel_number" container if you'd want to
22:40<Chutt>orangey, i wasn't planning on it, no
22:40<PeteCool>nyquiljer: the way I did it, is when it first asks me to press buttons 80 * 2 times, I press much slower than usual... then it doesn't repeat uselessly
22:41<nziarek_>chutt: actually, i just recreated the container and made it move with the other graphic; that worked fine...another question, though
22:41<orangey>Chutt: If there's a wishlist : )
22:41<nyquiljer>PeteCool: oh. ok, i'll try that.
22:42<orangey>must rebootski in windows for some photoshop action..
22:42<nziarek_>orangey: i hate that :)
22:42<orangey>nziarek: rebooting?
22:42<PeteCool>nyquiljer: it depends on your remote and your receiver, try things that might look stupid at first, and you'll find something that works
22:42<nziarek_>but GIMP is impossible
22:42<nziarek_>that I can't just work in one system
22:42<orangey>nziarek: gimp 1.3.8 is on the right track.. but you're right!!
22:43-!-orangey [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:45<nyquiljer>thats funny, after using gimp for 5+ years, i find photoshop impossible :)
22:45<PeteCool>alright, what's the best Xv tv-out card I can find? This crappy gf2mx is getting on my nerves
22:46<PeteCool>g400 can't do Xv in tv-out IIRC
22:46<nyquiljer>PeteCool: the strange thing is, it USED to work fine with my remote, i dont understand why it would chnage
22:46<PeteCool>nyquiljer: it's doing the same thing to me atm
22:48<nziarek_>nyquiljer: i can imagine :)
22:50<nziarek_> my status slider isn't showing up; i am just using the blue osd graphic - is there something special about those status sliders?
22:51<Chutt>shouldn't be
22:51<PeteCool>Chutt: are you building agpgart into your kernel?
22:52<Chutt>nforce motherboard, kernel agpgart doesn't support it
22:55<PeteCool>their docs says their agpgart will work with my mobo... maybe that's the root of all my display problems :(
22:55<PeteCool>(having agpgart built into the kernel)
22:58<nziarek_>chutt - why is the fill-box drawn backwards (normal ones are 20,30,200,300, that one is 300,200,20,30)
22:59<Chutt>which fill box?
23:00<Chutt>are you looking at defaultosd?
23:01<nziarek_>i wasn't, but even it says "312,446,318,20"
23:02<Chutt>that's x,y,width,height
23:02<nziarek_>i don't get the 446>>20 part
23:02<nziarek_>duh...i was used to the container idea
23:02<Chutt>all the areas are that format =)
23:03<nziarek_>we'll get through this yet, I promise :)
23:03<Chutt>at least you're able to see it in action when you change stuff around
23:05<nziarek_>yeah, i finally set up my main machine as a dual boot
23:05<nziarek_>that let me play with the front end backend stuff
23:05<nziarek_>which is really really cool
23:12<shad>For the last couple of days, all my recordings are out of sync. Has anyone seen this?
23:12<shad>Weird. it seems like it is fine, then the video studders, then it's out
23:12<shad>could be the backend maybe
23:13<Chutt>i don't think anything has changed that could cause that
23:13<shad>I haven't touched anything either that I know of
23:13<shad>I'm using mdz's debs
23:13<shad>It actually works great chutt :)
23:14<-- Ripp(~chris@ has left #mythtv ("I like core dumps")
23:14<shad>I never thought I would get it running on a celeron 300
23:15<nyquiljer>shad: what res are you recording at?
23:15<Chutt>sorry, but you're crazy :p
23:16<shad>400x240 mpeg4 default quality stuff
23:16<shad>Chutt: I'm poor. hehe. Once I get a house, I'll have a nice new system :)
23:17<shad>I'm using a p3-450 as a frontend
23:17-!-Kuwanger [] has joined #mythtv
23:17<shad>I made a promise that when the 5gig machines come out, I'll buy a 2.5ish :)
23:18<Kuwanger>Live TV isn't working for me anymore. :/
23:18<shad>hah :)
23:21-!-TheAsp [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:21<mdz>shad: you're using a faster machine for the frontend than the backend?
23:22<mdz>Chutt: live TV actually works for me now with a switch
23:22* Kuwangerwonders what broke this time.
23:23<shad>mdz: The backend is my server, which works fine, don't wanna screw with it :P
23:23<shad>mdz: The frontend is basically my 'main' machine
23:23<shad>it has the 35" monitor and stuff
23:25<Kuwanger>Well, how nice that the memory split is backwards to how I wanted..
23:26<inman>anyone have any experience with dynamic simulation libraries? i know it's a longshot... :-)
23:33<-- nziarek_( has left #mythtv
23:33<Ndiin>shad: if you spent less on the monitor you'd have a faster system =P
23:34<shad>Ndiin: :) I got it for $500cdn. couldn't pass it up
23:34<Ndiin>Good dotpitch I hope? =P
23:34<shad>if I didn't buy the monitor, I would never have found out about mythtv
23:35-!-orangey [] has joined #mythtv
23:35<shad>Ndiin: Not really. :)
23:35<shad>I'm on it now
23:35<Ndiin>hehe, then whats the benefit of being larger =P
23:35<shad>about 8 feet away
23:35<shad>Wireless keyboard :)
23:35<shad>It's better than a 27" tv
23:36<foom>10ft usb cable is cheaper
23:36<inman>i like those displays.
23:36<shad>foom: Cables suck.
23:37<Timon>Dude, I've got a 19" I've had since 1989 :-)
23:37<sc00p>mdz: do you still have a copy of your rc4 mplayer patch?
23:38<orangey>what flag makes it so that I can't edit a file if it crashed while I was trying to edit it?
23:38<Ndiin>files dont crash.. =P
23:38<Ndiin>I dont think I understand your question, though
23:39<orangey>Ok.. so I was playing around with the OSD..
23:40<orangey>and myth crashed after I hit "m"
23:40<orangey>and now it won't let me edit those recordings.
23:40<Ndiin>Ah, in the database
23:40<Ndiin>there's a flag on recorded.*
23:40<Ndiin>"editting" or some such
23:40<Ndiin>if its set to 1, you cant enter edit mode
23:41<Ndiin>so set it to 0, and be sure to keep starttime as its original value (it'll auto-update)
23:42<nyquiljer>hmm, thats nice, this recording is 1551548152 bytes
23:42<Kuwanger>You're never supposed to get a SIGBUS, right?
23:42<nyquiljer>negative 1551548152 bytes i mean
23:42<Ndiin>Kuwanger: Preferably not..
23:42<Kuwanger>Didn't think so.
23:43<Ndiin>nyquiljer: php is reading the info from the backend incompletely for the size, so its not interpeting it as a long int
23:43<Ndiin>the problem is because of the preg_match() function used to parse the data from the backend
23:44<Ndiin>which has no support for longs
23:44* Kuwangerdoesn't understand why gdb still says there aren't any debugging symbols..
23:44<Ndiin>Kuwanger: compiled with -g and not stripped?
23:44<Kuwanger>I added -g to and configured with --extra-cflags=-g
23:45<Kuwanger>Should I just grep for strip?
23:45<Ndiin>Kuwanger: CONFIG += debug, not release, correct?
23:45<Ndiin>to check for stripping just do: file <filename>
23:46<Ndiin>it'll tell you if its stripped
23:46<Kuwanger>Ndiin: That won't tell me how to stop it from being stripped, though.
23:46<Kuwanger>What does CONFIG += debug do?
23:47<Ndiin>Makes sure to not use optimizations, for one
23:48<Ndiin>and qmake does a few more things with it
23:48<Ndiin>Kuwanger: you're compiling manually I presume?
23:48<Kuwanger>Ndiin: Hmm..well, the old version (0.7) seemed to use it purely for defining flags.
23:49<Ndiin>correct. thats what it does.
23:49<Kuwanger>0.8 doesn't seem to mention any flags at all..
23:49<Kuwanger>I changed the flags directly.
23:49<Ndiin>it also sets a few defines with those flags
23:49<Kuwanger>How else would I compile, btw?
23:49<Ndiin>through some system like gentoo's ebuilds or whatnot.
23:50<Ndiin>Which many auto-strip
23:50<Kuwanger>There aren't any builds for gentoo that I know of.
23:50<Ndiin>because *nothing* in qmake tells it to strip that I know of.
23:50<Ndiin>it takes like 3 minutes to write one ;)
23:50<Ndiin>(I know because I did =p)
23:51<Kuwanger>It takes a little longer when you have no idea what you're doing.
23:52<Kuwanger>I could use the 0.7 branch to make a new one realtively quickly, though, I'd assume.
23:54<inman>it's amazing how much code needs to updated for the namespace changes in gcc.
23:54<PeteCool>there already are gentoo myth ebuilds
23:54<Kuwanger>PeteCool: I meant in portage.
23:55<Kuwanger>Besides, if I'm debugging, I probably want to compile manually regardless.
23:55<Chutt>to turn on debug mode in mythtv, just uncomment the CONFIG += debug and comment out the CONFIG += release
23:55<Kuwanger>Chutt: Where's the -g added for myth?
23:55<Chutt>that's all you need to do, editing the cxxflags is not the right way
23:55<Chutt>kuwanger, by qmake
23:56<PeteCool>inman: yeah I saw it when you posted it earlier =)
23:56<PeteCool>inman: thanks
23:57<inman>PeteCool: np, just checking.
23:58<orangey>Chutt: I'm having some trouble.. my are for the left (end cut) arrow isn't responding to the settings..
23:59<orangey>so, no matter what area I set, it seems to operate independently.
23:59<Chutt>it's using the same area for both