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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-10

00:00<PeteCool>sometimes when deleting from the "prompt on playback exit" menu, the popup doesn't show - the sading is right, but instead of the popup, I see an unshaded area
00:00<PeteCool>as if nothing was drawn over it
00:01<inman>PeteCool: which version of qt?
00:01<PeteCool>inman: 3.1.2
00:01<Chutt>inman, the only thing that it'll use the filename for filling in artist/album/track info is mp3
00:01<inman>Chutt: sweet, thanks.
00:02<Chutt>like i said a long time ago =)
00:02<inman>Chutt: i thought you meant id3... :-)
00:02<Chutt>it'd be easy to fill in for the other decoders, but...
00:02<Chutt>the treesort=directory thing is only for display
00:02<Chutt>i haven't bothered to, and the guy that submitted the 'fill-from-pathname' stuff only did it for mp3
00:03<PeteCool>Chutt: any ideas why the popup wouldn't show?
00:03<thor>Chutt, I uhm, rewrote all that, but probably did it differently
00:03<Chutt>thor, you did?
00:03<Chutt>the fill-from-pathname stuff is in the decoder
00:03<Chutt>i didn't think you touched any of the decoders, aside from the cd interface
00:04<thor>hang on ...
00:04<Chutt>i'm talking about filling in metadata, not the music tree
00:04<thor>Ahhhhh, filling in I didn't touch
00:05<thor>put pulling out from the db I rewrote
00:05<inman>i have really got to set aside some time for myth hackery.
00:07<thor>the current metadata::getField should return everything right just from the path
00:07<thor>even directory=paths is on
00:07<Chutt>i don't think that puts it into the db
00:07<Chutt>whatever, though =)
00:08<thor>no, but the /path/to/the/filename/ and the final file name should be right
00:08<thor>I've obviously done something wrong
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00:18<inman>this has got to have something to do with the files.
00:18<inman>else, how did my removal of the metadata not affect all the albums in my db?
00:19<inman>the only ones that fail to get imported correctly are the ones i've added "by hand".
00:19<inman>yet the file structure is correct.
00:19<inman>er, s/file/directory/
00:20<thor>short term: add column values by hand
00:20<thor>medium term: hang on, I'm just checking something
00:20<inman>i don't have a short term requirement for this. :-)
00:24<thor>OK, here's what's going on ... with TreeLevels = directory, metadata.cpp is using the directory structure to build branches (correctly)
00:24<thor>But when asked to put itself on the listview, it does not have a value for Title
00:25<thor>because that never went into the db in the first place
00:25<thor>as usual, Chutt is completely correct
00:26<inman>i think you're wrong about this.
00:26<inman>well, you may be right.
00:26<inman>but you're also wrong. :-)
00:26<inman>i'm pretty sure the metadata is stored in the flac header
00:26<Chutt>it is, and the flac decoder parses that out
00:27<inman>right, so the decoder isn't finding it there and is assuming a value based on treelevels?
00:27<inman>but never saving it to the db.
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00:27<Chutt>when you do treeleves = directory
00:27<Chutt>it doesn't use the db _at all_ when it builds the tree
00:27<Chutt>it goes purely by the filesystem
00:28<Chutt>it doesn't write anything into the db
00:28<inman>i can tell, cause my db is empty. :-)
00:28<Chutt>it doesn't read anything from the db
00:28<inman>you don't think it should write to the db?
00:28<Chutt>it shouldn't
00:29<Chutt>that's what the scan for music is for
00:29<Chutt>different process
00:29<inman>Chutt: you do realize that i'm issuing a scan-for-music at startup due to my empty db?
00:29<thor>But you've got flac content and treelevels=directory
00:29<Chutt>and you're not finding metadata for things because the flac and ogg decoders do not support filling in metadata from the pathname
00:30<thor>Chutt, as a band-aid, if Title is unknown/empty and TreeLevel=directory, metadata could easily stick in the filename
00:31<Chutt>it'd be just as easy to cut'n'paste the code from the mp3 decoder into the flac and ogg decoders
00:31<thor>right, better
00:31<inman>the irony is that i have treelevel=directory, but it's adding plenty of metadata for the other tracks that have vorbis tags
00:31<Chutt>how's that ironic?
00:32<Chutt>it sees if there's any available metadata
00:32<inman>seems like it should use directory alone, and not mtadata.
00:34<poptix>Chutt: any thoughts on the quality of the video from that PVR-250?
00:35<Chutt>video's fine at whatever the default rate is
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00:35<Chutt>audio sucks, but that seems to be a driver issue, as it's fine in windows
00:35<thor>how's the file size?
00:35<poptix>did you find the advanced settings in the windows player?
00:35<Chutt>poptix, it hung the app when i clicked on the advanced button
00:35<Chutt>so, no =)
00:35<poptix>haha =)
00:36<poptix>did you get the updated WDM drivers from their website?
00:36<Chutt>naw, just what's on the cd
00:36<poptix>they fix quite a few things
00:36<poptix>there's also an updated wintv app there
00:36<Chutt>but i've got a newer card revision, figured i'd have a later version of the software, too
00:36<poptix>probably not =)
00:36<Chutt>i've got the 250-II
00:36<poptix>hauppauge makes great hardware
00:36<poptix>and shitty software.
00:36<Chutt>which has the decode-only chip
00:36<Chutt>and no heatsink or anything on the encoder
00:36<poptix>encode only
00:36<Chutt>err, encode-only chip
00:37<poptix>mine has no fan or heatsink
00:37<poptix>doesn't get very hot
00:37<Chutt>current cvs will play back the generated .mpg files fine
00:37<Chutt>good sync, at least for me
00:37<poptix>'Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 PCI II
00:37<Chutt>it's just reading files, though
00:38<Chutt>i'm hooking it up to read from the ringbuffer now
00:38<Chutt>then i'll look into making the recording stuff work
00:38<Chutt>recording will have to use some cpu, as i need to find out when i frames happen
00:39<Chutt>gotta keep track, and that's going to mean partial decoding
00:39<Chutt>i think :(
00:40<thor>that for commercial skip?
00:40<Chutt>it does various things like keeps you from seeking too far ahead by checking to see how many frames were encoded
00:41<Chutt>i suppose i'll have to work out how to seek properly sometime too
00:41<poptix>very nifty.
00:41<Chutt>since apparently everyone just randomly seeks to a position in a .mpg file and reads until they get to the next i frame / sync point
00:42<Chutt>kinda crappy, if ya ask me =)
00:42<poptix>at some point i'll see what it takes to get my sigma designs mpeg1/2 hardware decoder working =)
00:42<thor>This is the old avi is better than mpg debate
00:42<poptix>then i can use a rather low-end system in the livingroom with minimal noise
00:43<poptix>thor: each format has its strengths and weaknesses
00:43<Chutt>really, .nuv seems a lot nicer than both of em
00:43<Chutt>'specially with my additions
00:44<nyquiljer>Chutt: they ever gonna take your changes?
00:44<Chutt>they == who?
00:44<nyquiljer>the nuppelvideo people
00:45<Chutt>i emailed him like a year ago, never got a response, project seems dead to me
00:45<nyquiljer>thats unfortunate
00:45<poptix>Chutt: did you play with the msp34xx driver, and the ioctl stuff with the ivtv driver?
00:46<Chutt>i'm using their msp34xx driver
00:46<poptix>Chutt: i had a similar problem with the sound, that was fixed by finding the right input+output
00:46<Chutt>needed to to get sound
00:46<Chutt>haven't used the ioctl stuff or anything
00:46<Chutt>sound's ok, there's just a very annoying high-pitched ringing/whine
00:46<Chutt>like, i wouldn't be able to use this for real, i don't think
00:46<Chutt>unless i lowpassed it
00:47<poptix>sounds like it might be fixed with the ioctl utility in CVS
00:47<poptix>(as mine was)
00:47<moegreen>Chutt: my card sounds pretty good
00:47<poptix>if you do poke at it, please submit the relevant information to the list
00:47<Chutt>i will
00:48<Chutt>i just got the card today, and i've been busy with other stuff :p
00:48<Chutt>one too many blends on the left side? =)
00:48<moegreen>heh, yeah - I just threw something together real quick because I've been making a lot of graphics recently
00:49<moegreen>actually that might be a layering issue
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00:57<Chutt>looks real nice, anyway
01:00<inman>are you in state college, moegreen? nice sshot.
01:01<thor>inman, I have just one follow-up, the flac's in question were ripped by what?
01:01<inman>cdparanoia->flac-1.1, ditto for mythmusic.
01:01<inman>thor: no internal metadata in my cdparanoia->flac-1.1 rips, though.
01:02<thor>no tags inside the ripped flac's, correct
01:02<thor>ok, I got it
01:03<poptix>i still don't fully understand the european channel issue
01:03<inman>there are ~3-4 issues there. :-)
01:03<poptix>they just have like, channel slots, and assaign a random frequency to it?
01:03<Chutt>they get like 4 channels
01:03<inman>not random, but year.
01:03<inman>er, yeah.
01:04<Chutt>when they buy a new tv, they can't just turn it on
01:04<Chutt>they have to set things up
01:04<poptix>Chutt: that's because they have to pay a 'TV tax' to even own a TV
01:04<Chutt>generally, they assign a single remote button to each channel they get
01:04<poptix>that's scary
01:04<Chutt>which works ok when you've got 4 channels
01:05<poptix>still though, what's the issue?
01:05<thor>Station's (e.g. MTV) map to different frequencies
01:05<Chutt>at least, that's what all the whining i get tells me
01:05<poptix>what happens when you tell the card to tune to say, channel 5
01:05<thor>can depend on the time of day
01:05<Chutt>like, only one person has even bothered to try submitting a patch
01:05<Chutt>and it was soooo bad i couldn't accept it
01:05<inman>you don't tune to channel 5.
01:06<Chutt>and then the guy goes all storming off since i didn't immediately apply it to cvs
01:06<inman>you tune to, eg. BBC1
01:06<poptix>the v4l API doesn't understand 'BBC1' =P
01:06<thor>speaking of applying patches, anyone (Chutt?) have a problem with that change vizualizers on song change patch
01:06<inman>it does seem to me that a good bit of the problem is the xmltv input.
01:06<poptix>it understands channel numbers that map to frequencies based on the standard you have selected
01:07<Chutt>thor, is the bit in there to make a delay of 0 mean start immediately?
01:07<Chutt>otherwise, sure, it's fine
01:07<inman>poptix: right.
01:07<poptix>so, i'm still not getting it
01:07<Chutt>poptix, they want another mapping layer is all
01:07<poptix>they want the channel to map to a frequency within mythtv
01:07<inman>Chutt: i don't see why we don't add a few more columns to channel.
01:07<poptix>and have mythtv tell the card what frequency to tune to?
01:08<Chutt>they want button 1 on the remote to map to channel 5 in the frequency table to map to the actual frequency
01:08<Chutt>inman, it'd just need one additional one, i think
01:08<Chutt>but like i said, no-one's submitted a patch =)
01:08<poptix>no wonder they only have like 4 tv channels, after charging people for the right to even own one, and making it that complicated to even setup..
01:08<inman>Chutt: i'm thinking of one for priority. 0 by default, 1 for less-preferred duplicate channels available on other inputs.
01:09<Chutt>how many people are going to have a lot of sources?
01:09<Chutt>priority could easily just go in sourceid order
01:09<inman>fair enough.
01:09<poptix>do the xmltv listings specify the frequency when grabbing data for the UK?
01:09<Chutt>poptix, nope
01:09<poptix>or do they just say 'BBC1'
01:10<Chutt>they don't even say bbc1, they say like bbc1.blah.blah.blah
01:10<poptix>man, and i thought we were ass backwards for not having nationwide GSM coverage
01:11<inman>poptix: you one of those gsm adopters too?
01:11<poptix>inman: no, i hate cell phones
01:11<poptix>actually, i hate phones
01:12<poptix>text messaging and mobile IP connectivitiy is good though.
01:12<inman>gprs is pretty damn fast.
01:13<Chutt>have there been a lot of junky list messages today, or is it just me?
01:13<Ndiin>Not just you..
01:13<inman>Chutt: you mean because i've been active on the list? :-P
01:15<Chutt>well, other than misunderstanding mdz =)
01:15<inman>i think i understood him.
01:16<inman>i just took his rationale a step further.
01:16<inman>anyway, it's all talk until i get some time.
01:17<Chutt>using the ringbuffer class for file reading seems to have reduced cpu usage a bit
01:17<Chutt>oh, wait, nm =)
01:18<Chutt>i had turned off deinterlacing
01:18<inman>how much reduced cpu does that buy you?
01:19<Chutt>5% or so
01:19<Chutt>i was just checking to see what it was
01:19<Chutt>when moegreen and i were talkin 'bout cpu usage of it
01:22<Chutt>there, that's all in cvs, time for bed
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02:11<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: just in case you see this in your scrollback buffer.... I successfully played a PVR-250 file with mythtv that I had recorded under the windows software about 3-4 months ago.
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02:18<moegreen> <- updated screenshots
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02:31<Captain_Murdoch>moegreen: do you have a pvr250 in the same system as a regular bt8[47]8 card? I'm wondering if it will be ok to slap in my 250 in my dev box with my other card that's already in there.
02:47<inman>Captain_Murdoch: it'll be fine.
02:49<Captain_Murdoch>speaking from experience?
02:50<Captain_Murdoch>cool. I didn't want to lose the ability to use my dev box as a 2nd recorder when I have conflicts sometimes. :)
02:51<Captain_Murdoch>wasn't sure if any of the ivtv modules would conflict with standard ones since ivtv stuff isn't known to support multiple cards yet.
02:53<inman>it's not bttv, not even close.
02:53<inman>i have a pvr-350 and a wintv 401dbx
02:59<Captain_Murdoch>ok, thanks. guess I'll slap it in next time sometime
03:01<Captain_Murdoch>I really should proofread my stuff before I type it while trying to do real work, debug code, and chat at the same time at 3am. :)
03:01<Captain_Murdoch>guess it would be even better if I proofread AFTER. :)
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03:11<inman>i have that problem too. :-)
03:11* inmanis a chronic late nighter.
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03:17<Captain_Murdoch>I've already been to bed for 3-4 hours but had to get up to do some work. can't take customer sites down during the day, has to be done during a 3a-6a maintenance window.
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03:56<inman>yep, btdt.
03:57<inman>being on-call is worse, though, no guarantee that you'll ever get back to sleep. :-)
04:11<poptix>the solution, of course, is to not sleep at all.
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04:49<FryGuy>hello is anyone awake?
04:49<FryGuy>do you have mythtv set up?
04:56<FryGuy>can you stream the output to a windows box any way?
04:56<FryGuy>i don't think the computer i'd set it up on will be able to handle input and output
04:57<FryGuy>actually be right back
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05:43-!-froggy19 is now known as FryGuy
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07:18<hurdel>is the website down or is it just me?
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10:45<hurdel>how long is the site going to be down? is it down on purpose?
10:48<moegreen>hurdel: something seems messed up on the way: 16 * ( 3531.759 ms !H 3921.274 ms !H
10:48<moegreen>maybe the hosting provider is being DDoS'd or something
10:49<moegreen>hurdel: what were you looking for?
10:49<hurdel>hmm, was looking for the install docs, had to rebuild my box
10:49<hurdel>then remembered they are included in the cvs
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12:06<nziarek_>another new Iulius (trying to keep up with moegreen!)
12:10<Chutt>nziarek, did you see
12:10<nziarek_> :)
12:10<nziarek_>i guess I am not keeping up as well as I thought
12:11<Chutt>i don't think it's in cvs yet
12:12<nziarek_>is CVS still stable? I want to get the new program finder stuff
12:14<Chutt>should be
12:14<nziarek_>ok...i thought you said you might break it with the Wintv250 stuff
12:14<Chutt>yeah, but apparently i didn't
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12:27<wigginjs>how are you guys setting 'mythbackend' and 'mythfrontend' to start on boot?
12:28<mdz_>with init scripts
12:29<wigginjs>like .xinitrc?
12:31<mdz_>no, like /etc/init.d/*
12:31<wigginjs>oh, well, how to you get mythfrontend to execute from an init script if X windows hasn't started yet?
12:32<mdz_>by starting X first?
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12:33<mdz_>if you're not comfortable with that stuff, the easiest way to set it up would probably be to use gdm
12:33<wigginjs>well, i know, gdm = GNOME display manager, but what does it actually do?
12:33<mdz_>you can configure gdm to automatically login and start an X session as particular user
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12:34<mdz_>it takes care of starting and stopping the X server, and providing a login dialog, basically
12:34<wigginjs>oh, well, i'm using kdm right now, could I do the same with it?
12:34<wigginjs>infact, the auto-login and starting X works
12:35<wigginjs>and blackbox comes up just fine, it's just I have 'irxevent &' in my .xinitrc (in my home director) and it shows up as a defunct (zombie) process when I get into X
12:35<wigginjs>but applications like 'xterm &' work just fine
12:35<wigginjs>very confusing =\
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12:39<wigginjs>mdz: you still there?
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13:01<mdz_>yes, but free tech support just ended
13:13<Chutt>playtime's over?
13:23<rkulagow>mdz, still here?
13:27<mdz_>rkulagow: depends on what you want
13:28<rkulagow>strong objections to someone adding stuff to the HOWTO for the .debs?
13:28<rkulagow>also, how do i login and my sound card doesn't work!
13:29<thor>mdz, do you know why my disk drive LED stoped working?
13:31<nziarek_>moegreen: if you hit right while on the right hand side, does it wrap to the show title listings?
13:35<rkulagow>mdz: i was serious about the howto part, and joking about the rest...
13:40<moegreen>nziarek_: no
13:41<nziarek_>thanks; sorry about the dumb question, but I am working on designs and come up with ideas that I can't test...
13:41<moegreen>no problems
13:41<moegreen>err, problem
14:03<mdz_>rkulagow: no objections, no. let me know if you need any information from me
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16:06<PeteCool>nziarek: will you be updating version numbers as you add stuff to iulius.2 ?
16:11<PeteCool>nziarek: or do I have to guess if it has been updated? =)
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16:47<PeteCool>moegreen: in the new mythweather, I think I would rather write "Enter Zip Code" than "Enter Zip Code Below", because:
16:47<PeteCool>you have now mouse, you can't focus anywhere but in that popup
16:47<PeteCool>and... something else I forgot :(
16:49-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
16:50<froggy19>that's two reasons
16:50<nziarek_>PeteCool: i am updating the version numbers - right now we are on .3 :)
16:51<PeteCool>froggy19: that's better than none ;)
16:51<froggy19>this project looks like it's a lot of fun
16:52<froggy19>i'm thinking about scavenging an old box i have that's a p3-450, and a voodoo3 3500 card and seeing if it will work
16:52<PeteCool>nziarek_: oh right... I was looking from the bottom of the page, didn't expect you to put it on top
16:52<PeteCool>nziarek_: sorry
16:52<froggy19>although I kind of want to do the output on my windows box since it's in the room with my tv, and I want to put the encoder in my closet
16:53<PeteCool>nziarek_: in the last few days I've had lots of trouble, my dns servers have lots of trouble resolving your hostname
16:53<PeteCool>nziarek_: where is that server?
16:55<nziarek_>honestly, no idea...
16:55<nziarek_>i believe in Wisconsin, though
16:57<Ndiin>Wisconsin has internet access? Wow!
16:57<nziarek_>Ndiin :P
16:59<nziarek_>anyone have any comments on this:
17:00<PeteCool>nziarek_: looks good, but maybe I'd swap the top left and right content areas
17:01<PeteCool>but maybe it's only because I'm used to it like that... I'd have to try it
17:02<PeteCool>it's missing the show's channel
17:03<froggy19>PeteCool: are you sure it's dns servers having trouble? his site is name-based hosting
17:03<PeteCool>name-based hosting? what do you mean exactly? virtual hosts?
17:04<nziarek_>PeteCool: i guess I was trying to arrange it in a way that made sense; you care more about the actual shows than the show titles
17:04<froggy19>well, virtual hosts can be name-based or ip-based
17:05<froggy19>nziarek: i don't really know what i'm supposed to be looking for, but it looks nice
17:05<nziarek_>froggy19: not looking for anything, just opinions about it
17:05<froggy19>the font on the top right could be a little crisper though
17:05<nziarek_>hopefully that is just bad image scaling
17:05<froggy19>i figured that's what it was
17:06<froggy19>what resolution does the tv-out run at?
17:06<froggy19>in general
17:06<PeteCool>nziarek_: yeah, the fonts is a little weird... very wide. Again, I'll have to see what it looks like in real-time
17:06<nziarek_>mine is at 800x600
17:06<PeteCool>mine too
17:06<froggy19>and now i get what I'm looking at.
17:06<froggy19>really neat organization
17:07<nziarek_>yeah, you can go to the show listing and scroll through to only get episodes of a certain show
17:07<froggy19>although I think I'd put the show listing on the left, and the episode listing on the right because it seems more intuitive for the relation to have the more general on the left
17:07<nziarek_>there is an "All programs" mode that shows you everything you've recorded
17:07<nziarek_>froggy: well, that is the way i initially made it
17:07<froggy19>er whoops
17:07-!-froggy19 is now known as FryGuy
17:07<PeteCool>froggy19: that's what I wanted to say
17:08<FryGuy>not that you know me either way
17:08<nziarek_>FryGUy: but I was thinking that you only care about the show title box _sometimes_ and the episode information _always_
17:08<FryGuy>but like i said though, i haven't ever seen it running, so I don't know if I could be fair about my judgement
17:08<PeteCool>another addon which could be useful is a "Movie" category - I have many one-entry shows, which actually are movie titles
17:09<inman>figuring out what is a movie and what isn't is still something of an open problem.
17:09<inman>people outside of tv_grab_na-land need alternate criteria.
17:09<PeteCool>inman: are there shows which run longer than an hour and a half?
17:10<inman>PeteCool: sporting events?
17:10<PeteCool>oh right
17:10<inman>specials, paid programming, et cetera.
17:10<FryGuy>are those date/time of airings on the right of the episode listing?
17:10<PeteCool>but do you really want to record paid programming? I wouldn't
17:10<nziarek_>PeteCool: all 90min+ shows with only a title be classified as movies?
17:10<inman>auto racing?
17:10<nziarek_>only a title = no subtitle or show title
17:10<inman>if you look at mythweb, you can see the smellsLikeMovie() looks for >=70min shows.
17:11<inman>and then compares them to a list of genres.
17:11<PeteCool>nziarek_: the french cartoon channels here don't supply subtitles
17:11<inman>it shortcircuits on the existence of ratings/stars, too.
17:11<nziarek_>FryGuy: yeah
17:11<inman>but as i've said, that data doesn't necessarily exist worldwide.
17:12<FryGuy>could you just automagically look them up on imdb and see if the name is in the list?
17:12<PeteCool>FryGuy: that could take a while
17:12<FryGuy>when you start recording would be easiest
17:12<inman>FryGuy: no, although the latest mythweb does a better job at that.
17:12<nziarek_>PeteCool: but the cartoons wouldn't be longer than 70 minutes, would they?
17:12<PeteCool>mythweb doesn't pass extended ascii characters to imdb right
17:13<PeteCool>nziarek_: good point
17:13<inman>PeteCool: i dunno.
17:13<nziarek_>I don't know, but it does make sense to group those one epsidoe shows together, IMO
17:15<FryGuy>perhaps an option to flag as a series or a movie
17:26-!-PhracturedBlue [] has joined #mythtv
17:26-!-PBlue_away [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:27<nziarek_>anyone here using iulius.3 have any comments on it?
17:29<PeteCool>nziarek_: let me take a look
17:29<nziarek_>no rush, just looking for improvement suggestions
17:30<PeteCool>nziarek_: fix conflicts could use a makeover
17:30<PeteCool>nziarek_: it's like blue with your background now
17:31<Chutt>fix conflicts isn't possible yet
17:31<nziarek_>PeteCool: I can only makeover what moegreen has implemented theming for
17:31<PeteCool>nziarek_: also, it seems like your down arrow sometimes shows when it shouldn't
17:31<PeteCool>but it might be a code bug
17:32<PeteCool>give me a sec
17:32<nziarek_>PeteCool, i did notice that - it shouldn't be a theme problem, i don't think
17:32<PeteCool>right, SasQuatch also has it
17:32<nziarek_>moegreen: sometimes the downarrow is showing up when it shouldn't/doesn't need to
17:33<nziarek_>(just in case he does any read back for his name)
17:34<PeteCool>nziarek_: well, besides the down left corner of the delete screen which doesn't show (which you have noticed for sure), the only thing I don't agree with is the main menu title
17:34<PeteCool>I'd put Myth only
17:34<PeteCool>instead of mythmedia
17:34<nziarek_>i am having a hard time with that
17:34<nziarek_>i just don't like the look of Myth only...
17:35<PeteCool>I find it looks alright
17:35<nziarek_>well, we'll see :) i can include both and people can use what they like
17:35<nziarek_>or, i wil impose my will as the theme designer, dammit =)
17:36<PeteCool>hmm, also, some show infos overlap in delete recordings (I'm pretty sure you saw that too - just making sure)
17:36<PeteCool>nziarek_: but, I'm all whine here, it does look good, nice progress
17:37<nziarek_>PeteCool: i actually released all of that without ever looking at delete recordings screen ... but, i understand there are some spots I need to fix up
17:37<nziarek_>PeteCool: thanks - your comments are the kind I like. the "I don't like it" comments are the ones that don't help
17:38<nziarek_>"I like it" comments don't help either, but they do make you feel warm and cozy inside =)
17:42<PeteCool>nziarek_: the .3 font is harder to read than the .2 font for the osd
17:42<PeteCool>or maybe my font size is too small?
17:42<nziarek_>PeteCool: really, you think so?
17:42<nziarek_>well, i control most of that, so I will look into it
17:43<PeteCool>in the time display the numbers seem to be "squished" together a little
17:43<PeteCool>not enough space between them
17:44<nziarek_>ok - what res are you recording at?
17:44<nziarek_>i was trying to figure out if that influences that OSD at all
17:44<nziarek_>i don't really understand how the OSD works :)
17:44<PeteCool>the old font looked fine at that resolution
17:44<nziarek_>hmm...alright, i will look in to it, thanks
17:44<PeteCool>or... hmm
17:45<PeteCool>I was looking at an old recording, those might have been at 352x480
17:46<nziarek_>just the time display was hard? what about the rewind text? is this on a TV or monitor?
17:47<PeteCool>on a tv
17:47<PeteCool>the osd text (A-z) is fine, only numbers are wrong
17:48<PeteCool>the letters are tighly packed, but don't overlap
17:48<nziarek_>and are plenty readable or no?
17:49<PeteCool>they are readable at 3 feet... at 6~7 feet, they are too close to be quickly (plenty) readable
17:49<nziarek_>what size TV?
17:50<nziarek_>damn :) ok, i have some work to do
17:50<nziarek_>maybe I'll just go back to arial/freesans
17:51<nziarek_>just wanted a font with just a little edge =)
17:52<PeteCool>the .2 one was fine... which one was that?
17:53<nziarek_>dustismo - i didn't like how the numbers hung down, though
17:55-!-PhracturedBlue [] has quit []
17:55-!-FryGuy [] has quit []
17:55-!-hurdel [] has quit []
17:57-!-hurdel [] has joined #mythtv
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18:02-!-hurdel [] has joined #mythtv
18:02<Chutt>hrm, i could've sworn i had a female dual-rca to male 1/8" stereo plug around here
18:21-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:21<-- sc00p(~oldendic@ has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
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18:35-!-gora [] has joined #mythtv
18:41<Chutt>heh, cool.
18:41<nziarek_>is that for real, or just a mock?
18:42<moegreen>that's for real, I've got one url hardcoded, I just need to strip it out of an HTML file that I'm already receiving
18:43<nziarek_>that is very cool :)
18:43<nziarek_>i was wondering; with the new ui stuff, can I place any element on each page (i.e. can I put the current weather on the radar page)?
18:44<moegreen>nziarek_: the weather stuff will be a little different because it focuses on multiple pages. For the other stuff, items that get set by the code need to be in their specific containers.
18:46<moegreen>I *guess* in mythweather I could set each page as a different context and have all the widgets in the same container. Then it would be up to the designer, but ...
18:46<nziarek_>that makes sense; the reason i ask is that i think i like the idea of having the current conditions on each page, since they are the most important.
18:46<Chutt>moegreen, for the default theme
18:46<Chutt>i'm thinking it'd be best to have a weather-ui.xml
18:47<Chutt>and a separate theme/ dir in the weather module
18:47<Chutt>it can just install into the same default/ directory that the mythfrontend stuff does, though
18:47<moegreen>the graphics can go in the default/ right?
18:49<nziarek_>if i theme MythWeather, are people going to have to place the files in seperate places, or still just one?
18:49<Chutt>still one
18:50<Chutt>moegreen, i'd prefer to keep the graphics and the .ui file for it in the weather module
18:50<Chutt>but they can be installed to the same place as the other default graphics, sure
18:50<moegreen>so off the mythtv/mythweather/ dir
18:51<Chutt>in cvs, they'd go in the weather module
18:51<Chutt>when they get installed, they'd go to share/mythtv/themes/default/
18:51<moegreen>but you want the <window name="weather"> stuff in a seperate weather-ui.xml file (at least for what goes in cvs)
18:52<Chutt>just make it load weather-ui.xml or whatnot instead of ui.xml
18:52<Chutt>just trying to keep the separate modules, well, separate =)
18:52<PeteCool>moegreen: would the radar work for canada?
18:53<moegreen>PeteCool: I assume, try:<your acid>?from=LAPmaps
18:55<moegreen>Chutt: but for a theme designer - they can put the "weather" stuff in the one ui file - or should I have them just make a weather-ui.xml file too
18:55<PeteCool>hmm, the map shows most of canada and most of the us... not specific at all
18:55<Chutt>i dunno
18:55<Chutt>i wouldn't think it'd matter much, would it?
18:55<Chutt>petecool, that's what you get for living in canada, then
18:56<PeteCool>maybe I could find a better source
18:56<PeteCool>Chutt: I didn't choose to
18:56<PeteCool>at least we don't have crappy laws like dmca
18:57<Chutt>oh no, you got me there
18:57<Chutt>i'm hurting
18:57<moegreen>PeteCool: most of the weather maps I've seen are of most of canada, but if you can find something that uses the ACID that use - let me know
19:10-!-sc00p [~oldendic@] has joined #mythtv
19:15<moegreen>21,000 songs ... that is just ridiculous
19:15<Chutt>the progressbar got lost =)
19:15<Chutt>just fixed that, though
19:16<moegreen>Chutt: in mythmusic?
19:18<Chutt>weird behavior in mythmusic
19:18<moegreen>ok, I think i've got the radar working with any acid now
19:19<moegreen>takes a few more seconds to get all the data, plus it needs to traverse two html pages, but it usually gets the weather (map and all) within 2-3 seconds
19:25-!-hfb [] has quit ["Huh! Wasn't me!"]
19:39<Chutt>how odd
19:39<PeteCool>nziarek_: hmm, the only squished fonts are in the recordings playback osd
19:39<PeteCool>nziarek_: live tv OSD is great
19:39<Chutt>i'm getting doubled keypresses in the menus sometimes
19:39<moegreen>Chutt: do you have two irxevents running?
19:39<Chutt>i shouldn't have any right now
19:42<moegreen>hmm...the maps of alaska don't come up very reliably. They do via a browser
19:44<thor>PeetCool, you from Canada?
19:50<moegreen>there...that's better
19:51<thor>Chutt, you there?
19:53<Chutt>trying to fix this weird doubled keypress thing
19:53<thor>thinking about the mythmusic interface (again)
19:54<thor>it's not passing the non-techie house guests test
19:54<thor>and with all the really nice delete/select program interface in mythtv, I'm thinking of something similar
19:55<thor>the tree will still exist, but would be moved down a level or two to Edit
19:55-!-FryGuy [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
19:55<thor>In Select Music, you could have Genre, Album, Artist, Playlist etc.
19:56<thor>like All Programs etc in select recording to view
19:56<thor>consistent with rest of Myth
19:56<Chutt>how's that going to work with a couple hundred albums?
19:57-!-Ripp [~ripp@] has joined #mythtv
19:57<thor>Well, if you have a few hundred albums (21,000 tracks!), you'd probably spend most of your time with Playlist highlighted on the left
19:58<thor>Maybe, like the program finder (Artist --:> A ---> ACDC)?
19:58<Chutt>how do you select multiple albums by different artists?
19:59<Chutt>i don't like that
19:59-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
19:59<moegreen>If it was like the prog finder you could map ENTER/SPACE to select whatever object it is over (so if you're in the middle column it would be the album, right column - a single song)
20:00<moegreen>though you might need 4 columns in that case
20:00-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
20:00<thor>nice sliding interface?
20:00-!-hfb [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:01-!-Timon [] has joined #mythtv
20:01<moegreen>yeah, or two big columns and as you select across it redraws what was in the right column to the left, and keeps your cursor in the right
20:01<thor>Maybe just convert the tree (with same functionality) to a more Select Recording like interface
20:01<thor>Something that stands a chance of passing the house-guest test
20:02<moegreen>Chutt: did you see nathans playback thing (not sure if it a mockup or not)
20:03<Chutt>it's basically the existing stuff just swapped left for right, right?
20:04<moegreen>yeah, I think it will be fine with the code, but it looks pretty cool
20:04<Chutt>well, have to make left/right keep going
20:04<Chutt>for focus to work properly
20:04<Chutt>but, yeah, it does
20:04<Chutt>kde set my keyboard repeat rate really low
20:05<Chutt>causing my repeated spaces
20:05<moegreen>now just to do the setup for mythweather and I can commit
20:05<Chutt>yeah, i just reset it to something sane
20:05<Chutt>moegreen, conflicts next? =)
20:06<moegreen>yeah I'll do that next
20:06<moegreen>then I'm going for the guide
20:06<moegreen>by the time i'm done with all these screens the uitypes and xmlparse file should be rather complete :)
20:07<Chutt>and by then i should have the pvr support in
20:07<thor>Then start working on a theme compiler
20:07<Chutt>and maybe that can be 0.9 =)
20:07<moegreen>thor: to put all the data into one file?
20:08<thor>Kidding ... interpreter ---> compiler
20:08<Chutt>didn't notice how late it was =)
20:09<moegreen><humor name="thor" joke="compiler"></humor> <- heh, a little XML humor for ya
20:09<thor>So Chutt ... before I wander into the morass of trying to create a "Select Recording"-like treeview object, are you dead set against it?
20:09<Chutt>i would have to see it in action, but...
20:09<Chutt>i like the tree
20:10<thor>still a tree in functionality, just purtier
20:10<thor>let me try and slap something together and see if I can convince you (given that there is the slightest slimmer of a chance)
20:10<Chutt>sounds good
20:11<Chutt>i would like to be able to select multiple things without making playlists, though
20:11<thor>still checkboxes
20:11<thor>just left to right instead of branching
20:12<moegreen>when you select an artist or album in mythmusic, does it actually just select everything below it in the tree
20:12<thor>it does now
20:12<thor>in the tree
20:13<moegreen>right, so when you get the data from the tree as to what is selected - it is each song individually?
20:13<thor>the playback screen gets a flat list of metadata
20:14<thor>the select screen just turns on and off things and tells the metadata object the id's of leafnodes it turned on/off
20:19-!-PeteCool [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:27-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:37<Timon>thor: I can't seem to track down wny with VisualMode set to random, when it cycles all you get is blank.
20:39<Timon>thor: In trying to debug this, I'm getting a floating point exception. So its going to take some more digging.
20:44-!-Timon [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.8.9 [Mozilla rv:1.1/20020826]"]
20:56<-- nyquiljer( has left #mythtv
21:07<hurdel>anybody here installed on RH9?
21:12-!-PBlue_away [] has joined #mythtv
21:14-!-PhracturedBlue [] has quit []
21:15-!-PhracturedBlue [] has joined #mythtv
21:16-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:17-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
21:24<hurdel>anybody awake here?
21:25<inman>yes, but no rh here.
21:25<hurdel>y not
21:25<hurdel>i'm trying to install myth on rh
21:25<inman>i understand.
21:26<hurdel>rpm's are good, but sometimes so dumb
21:28<hurdel>one depended on the other, which depended on the first
21:28<hurdel>worked when i finally installed 4 rpms at once, rather than one at a time, go figure
21:28<inman>if that's the case, issue a `rpm -i one two three`
21:28<inman>that's how rpm handles circular dependencies.
21:30<thor>Timon, you still here
21:33<hurdel>easy question here: how do I add to my $PATH varialbe, QT stuff is missing, just need the syntax to add to the path
21:33<thor>export PATH="$PATH:/new/path"
21:34<thor>in bash
21:34<hurdel>sweet, thanks, i knew it was close to that, didn't want to screw it up
21:40<thor>Timon, two problems with your patch: numVisualizers will return 1 if Random is set
21:40<thor>so cycleVisualizer() skips all the code
21:41<thor>and even it returned more than 1, you're checking for != Random
21:42-!-PhracturedBlue [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:42<thor>moegreen, you around
21:46<moegreen>thor: yeah
21:47<thor>if I wanted a fast lesson in how the new UI stuff works, should I look at Select Recordings or Delete Recordings (or does it matter)
21:47<moegreen>you might actually want to look at the program finder. though they are all pretty much the same idea
21:48<moegreen>let me know if you have ?s or problems
21:48<thor>will do, thanks
21:52<thor>is there anywhere in particular I should put the font that comes with Iulius 3 ?
21:58-!-PeteCool [] has joined #mythtv
21:58<moegreen>thor: I think just in the theme directory should work.
22:00<thor>website says "... directory and installed so it is available to Qt". I stuck in with some other ttf fonts and did a mkfontdir (X used to need that like 5 years ago, maybe it still does?)
22:02<inman>OT question: how can i make qmake call flex++ on lex sources?
22:02<thor>alias lex="flex++" ; qmake ??
22:03<thor>ah, never mind
22:16<Chutt>inman, the LEXSOURCES stuff what you want?
22:16<inman>ah, yeah, i think so thanks :-)
22:16<Chutt>and i think you can change the binary it'll call by editing the qmake.conf file
22:17-!-NonToxic is now known as BSDToxic
22:22<inman>something is wacky
22:29<inman>flex++ is generating a .cc and qmake is moving a .c to the target .cpp sourcefile.
22:32-!-froggy19 [] has joined #mythtv
22:40<thor>Change default font size in new theme system ?
22:48<thor>same place is was before (theme.xml for those who are following along)
22:56<hurdel>i'm having trouble installing Tk-TableMatrix-1.01, get this error when trying to make. "Makefile:96: *** missing separator. Stop."
23:17<mdz>heh, I just posted to the mailing list in that thread about mythmusic startup time
23:17<mdz>mentioning that I thought there was a progress bar for that now
23:17<mdz>and 3 messages later was a commit message for a progress bar for that
23:17<Chutt>there wasn't a progress bar for it loading the dabta out of the d
23:17<Chutt>err, db
23:17<Chutt>and 'data'
23:18<mdz>but that's what you just added, yes?
23:18<mdz>before it was only when scanning the actual files?
23:18<Chutt>and since it doesn't scan files on startup anymore, no more progress bar
23:18<mdz>I should update my stuff sometime
23:19<Chutt>so the wintv pvr card's fairly nice, now that i've got a workaround to get decent audio
23:19<mdz>if the pathnames in musicmetadata were relative, I would have already :-P
23:19<mdz>what's the quality like for the bitrate?
23:20<Chutt>quality's great
23:20<mdz>seems like MPEG-2 can vary a lot
23:20<mdz>depending on the encoding process
23:20<Chutt>but the default bitrate's something like 8kbps
23:20<Chutt>but cpu load is, of course, 0
23:20<Chutt>they haven't implemented quality/resolution settings yet
23:20<Chutt>it's all hardcoded
23:21<mdz>did you see that guy's patch to fix the chanid sort?
23:21<mdz>where with favorites the column name is ambiguous
23:21<Chutt>who sent it?
23:22<Chutt>i think i missed that
23:22<mdz>Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 10:02:16 +0200 From: Leandro Dardini <>
23:22<mdz>need a copy?
23:23<Chutt>i should have it
23:23<mdz>2 line patch
23:24<Chutt>if anyone remembers patches i miss, lemme know please
23:24<mdz>dunno whether that's the right place to change it, though, or whether the value of channelorder should change
23:24<Chutt>that looks good to me, i think
23:24<Chutt>eh, doesn't matter
23:24<Chutt>want to go ahead and commit it?
23:25<Chutt>and there was another tiny one that added some indices to the tables
23:26<mdz>there was a list of indices which were found to work well, but no patch
23:26<mdz>easy enough to add though
23:26<Chutt>same difference
23:26<mdz>I added those to my db; speeds up the conflicts screen quite a bit
23:26<mdz>I can dig up the message if you don't have it
23:27<Chutt>mind just going ahead and adding em?
23:27<Chutt>my tree isn't in a commitable state right now
23:27<Chutt>and i don't like doing partial commits
23:28<mdz> CREATE INDEX progid ON record (chanid, starttime);
23:28<mdz> CREATE INDEX title ON record (title(10));
23:28<mdz> CREATE INDEX title ON program(title(10));
23:28<mdz>look good?
23:28<mdz>I don't think the name of the index is significant, but I don't use them much
23:28<Chutt>can you add it to mc.sql, cvs.sql, and a new 0-8-to-0-9.sql? =)
23:29<mdz>was going to ask about that
23:30<Chutt>have you noticed any memory leaks?
23:30<Chutt>(ie, recent post to the list)
23:31<mdz>I'm still running essentially 0.8
23:31<mdz>and no, haven't noticed any
23:31<mdz>had a backend crash yesterday
23:31<mdz>after it stayed up for about 3 weeks
23:34<mdz>ok, those are committed
23:34<mdz>had to check the syntax on mc.sql as I wasn't sure if I had it right
23:34<mdz>unfortunately I had coredumps disabled so I didn't get anything from that backend crash
23:35-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:35<mdz>wasn't leaking memory that I could tell though
23:35<Chutt>just found a very minor leak (12 bytes) in the recorder class..
23:35<mdz>the frontend was pretty huge at the time that the backend crashed
23:35<mdz>but I have no idea what kind of freaking out it did
23:35<mdz>would be nice if valgrind would work
23:36<mdz>didn't you or someone get it working at some point?
23:36<Chutt>i've had troubles with it
23:36<Chutt>moegreen has it working though
23:36<Chutt>it doesn't like the nvidia gl stuff
23:37<mdz>I'll start monitoring memory utilization on my myth box
23:37<mdz>see if it grows without bound
23:39<Chutt>some of the threads need to be created detached but aren't
23:39<Chutt>but that's not all that many resources
23:40<mdz>I don't see the post to the list about memory leaks
23:40<mdz>frontend or backend?
23:40<Chutt>oh, it's the users list
23:40<mdz>I couldn't handle another list right now
23:40<Chutt>too much traffic
23:43<froggy19>i thought it was alter table <tablename> add index <fieldname/type>
23:44<Chutt>captain_murdoch, you need to create the flagcommercials thread detached
23:44-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
23:47<sc00p>Chutt: how large are the mpeg2 files (e.g. for 30 minutes or so)
23:47<Chutt>at this default rate, a meg a second
23:47<sc00p>wow, ok
23:47<Chutt>the card's capable of a lot lower, of course
23:47-!-froggy19 is now known as FryGuy
23:47<Chutt>the drivers just aren't there yet =)
23:48<FryGuy>does anyone know if a voodoo3 can be used?
23:48<Chutt>you could go in and change the hardcoded values, of course
23:48<Chutt>fryguy, not for input, no
23:48<FryGuy>for capture i mean
23:48<FryGuy>well that rules out what I wanted to do
23:48<Chutt>the mailing list archives _are_ searchable, you know
23:48<FryGuy>i thought I searched for that already
23:49<Chutt>why do people insist on using ancient hardware for something that takes gobs of cpu?
23:49<FryGuy>because I *have* a voodoo3 already from when I upgraded
23:50<Chutt>i've got a lot of old hardware sitting around, doesn't make it useful
23:50<FryGuy>the main reason I'd be doing this instead of actually getting a tivo is so that I can save money
23:50<Chutt>ah, so you're cheap
23:51<Chutt>inman, why are you advocating something that'll slow the db down? :p
23:51<inman>it won't.
23:51<Chutt>sure it will
23:51<inman>why do you say that?
23:51<FryGuy>slow it down for insert/updates/deletes
23:51<FryGuy>speed up for selects
23:51<Chutt>looking for a column pair instead of a single id?
23:51<inman>they will be a unique pair.
23:52<Chutt>it's still more work
23:52<inman>i can virtually guarantee that you will see no measurable difference in speed.
23:52<FryGuy>and I didn't see anything in the mailing list for voodoo3 tv-in
23:52<inman>it really isn't, not unless you have gobs (and i mean GOBS) of input sources.
23:52<Chutt>fryguy, if i can find it, you owe me $10
23:53<inman>this whole mythmodule thing is getting out of control.
23:53<FryGuy>perhaps I didn't search right?
23:55<Chutt>search for voodoo 3500
23:55<Chutt>i believe
23:57<FryGuy>hm. so there's no linux drivers for the card then?
23:57<Chutt>anyway, the drivers for the capture bits don't even come close to doing v4l =)
23:58<Chutt>they've got a bunch of the major ioctls disabled, etc