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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-12

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00:46<Chutt>thor, nice synchronized checkins there
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00:50<mdz>Chutt: is it already fixed in CVS, where if a recording ends while being watched, it seems to lose the seek table?
00:51<mdz>recording starts -> start watching (seeks are fast) -> recording ends (OSD shows 00:00 and seeks are slow)
00:51<Chutt>i dunno
00:51<Chutt>i don't think it is
00:51<Chutt>reason being, it gets the seek table from the encoder while it's recording
00:51<Chutt>then doesn't know what to do after that
00:56<mdz>how does it work with normal playback? load the whole seek table at the beginning?
00:56<mdz>maybe send a message when the recording ends
00:57<Chutt>it'd have to store the seektable offset somewhere
00:57<Chutt>and then pause, seek to it, load it, seek back
00:57<mdz>won't it have the seek table in memory when it's finished?
00:58<Chutt>it doesn't get the bits that it hasn't seen yet
00:58<Chutt>from the backend
00:58<mdz>I mean the backend will have the seek table
00:58<Chutt>a message with that, gotcha
00:58<mdz>or a message saying "I'm done, ask me for the complete seek table"
00:58<Chutt>there's already a message saying it's done
00:59<mdz>the way it works now, does it ask the backend for a particular offset each time it seeks, or does it get the partial seek table?
00:59<Chutt>i believe it asks for each offset that it doesn't know where it is
00:59<Chutt>up to where it's seeking to, if going forward
01:00<Captain_Murdoch>when the recording ends, the player could ask where the seektable is stored, then just not seek and load it until the user tries to seek again.
01:00<mdz>where does that happen? nvp or tv?
01:02<Chutt>probably be more efficient to ask the backend for a range of offsets
01:02<mdz>so it gets it one at a time by asking whenever it doesn't have an offset it needs?
01:02<mdz>from GetKeyframePosition?
01:02<PeteCool>Chutt: what do you think of showing the actual show infos when pressing 'i' in recording playback?
01:02<Chutt>petecool, that'd be fine
01:03<mdz>ah, I see the encoderlink bits for GetKeyframePosition now
01:04<PeteCool>Chutt: hmm, I said it wrong, I haven't actually coded it (actually it was more of a feature request)... but it should be pretty simple, I'll look into it
01:04<Chutt>i realized that, but i figured i'd treat it as a 'i'd like to do it' request =)
01:04<mdz>is there any information in the "done recording" message like the length of the recording? it would need that in order to fetch the seek table if it were going to do that
01:05<Chutt>mdz, the length is in the message
01:05<Chutt>only in seconds, though
01:05<Chutt>that could be translated to just bare frames easily
01:05<mdz>or do you think a separate "give me the whole seek table" message would be better?
01:06<Chutt>it _may_ make sense to have the encoder store the seektable in the db
01:06<Chutt>with the rest of the frame information (blank frame list, cutlist, etc)
01:06<Chutt>then the frontend can just resync with that, easily
01:06<mdz>and in the stream as well, or take it out of there?
01:06<Chutt>well, i'm thinking about the mpg stuff
01:06<Chutt>no seek table in the stream, i can't futz with the stream format...
01:07<mdz>but you don't really need a seek table with a system stream, no?
01:07<mdz>aren't they basically cbr?
01:07<Chutt>this can do vbr
01:07<Chutt>as well
01:07<Chutt>i think, at least
01:07<Chutt>i dunno :(
01:07<Chutt>i haven't done seeking yet, but see my last commit message =)
01:08<mdz>I didn't think system streams had timestamps etc.
01:08<mdz>so there would be no way to synch if it were variable
01:08<Chutt>they've got pts values
01:08<Chutt>at least it seems that way
01:09<mdz>that commit didn't affect as many files as I would have thought
01:10<Chutt>just a bugfix for the mpeg decoder in libavcodec
01:10<Chutt>v4l2 support in channel.cpp
01:10<Chutt>and using the cardtype field that's already in the capturecard db =)
01:11<Chutt>i'm just read()ing from the /dev/video device and dumping it in the ringbuffer for now, though
01:11<Chutt>i need to implement a frame counter
01:11<mdz>rkulagow: any reason you didn't use PathSetting for the mythmusic stuff? it alreay has some convenient things like requiring that the path exist in order to be a valid selection
01:11<Chutt>mdz, this was before that existed
01:12<Chutt>he sent that patch in right before 0.8 =)
01:12<PeteCool>Chutt: to myth are v4l1 and v4l2 devices the same?
01:12<Chutt>it only does v4l1 capture, right now
01:12<Chutt>it'll use v4l2 for changing channels, but that's really just using different ioctl names
01:20<Captain_Murdoch>has anybody noticed the playback screen doesn't autorefresh until you hit a key if it loses focus
01:22<Chutt>hadn't noticed that, no
01:25<Captain_Murdoch>if I run myth on my dev box (screen at 1280xsomething) with myth at 800x600 and switch to a different virt screen to see xchat, when I switch back to the myth virtual screen it doesn't refresh. I have to hit up/down or something to get it to refresh. just curious if anyone else was seeing that.
01:26<Captain_Murdoch>only seems to be the playbackbox
01:27<Chutt>i'll fix..
01:27<Captain_Murdoch>seems to need a valid key, for example hitting '5' doesn't cause it to refresh.
01:28<Captain_Murdoch>ok. so I guess you can reproduce it.
01:35<Chutt>does the same thing happen in the program finder?
01:35<Captain_Murdoch>hold a sec, I'll check.
01:36<Captain_Murdoch>no it seems to refresh properly
01:36<Captain_Murdoch>cvs should be recent as of an hour or so ago.
01:36<Chutt>i'll have a fix in shortly
01:37<Captain_Murdoch>can you tell me again what the instance is where you said teardownrecorder would not get called? I'm made a note and am looking in tv_rec.cpp but I'm missing it.
01:37<Chutt>recording -> livetv
01:37<Captain_Murdoch>ok. thanks.
01:38<Captain_Murdoch>does that transition mean the recording stops or just that the user catches up to live tv?
01:38<Captain_Murdoch>stops as in doesn't get saved.
01:38<Chutt>it means that it's stopped recording the show, and it's going back to live tv mode
01:39<Chutt>it'll only get there if it was in live-tv mode when the recording started
01:39<Captain_Murdoch>ok, so I don't need to do the commercial stuff in that case anyway since they aren't recording the show to keep.
01:39<Chutt>they're keeping it..
01:41<Captain_Murdoch>ok, I need to look at the code more, I'm not following it. thanks for the clarification.
01:41<Chutt>they're watching tv
01:41<Chutt>up pops a box, asks if it can record something
01:41<Chutt>they say sure, and i'll watch along with the recording
01:41<Chutt>when it's done recording, it goes back to live tv mode
01:42<Captain_Murdoch>ohhhh, ok.. :) I was picturing they were watching what they wanted to record then they said "hey I don't want to record this actually".
01:42<Captain_Murdoch>I'm following it now.
01:42<Captain_Murdoch>I rarely ever use livetv mode so I wasn't thinking of that case.
01:42<Chutt>i rarely ever use the livetv->recording stuff
01:44<Captain_Murdoch>I'm already reaching for the remote to hit FFWD or Comm Skip when I'm watching real live tv (outside of myth). :) my wife is loving it, just need to get a better video card in her compute so she can watch shows on her computer (no Xv support and it's not fast enough to do software scaling)
01:49<Captain_Murdoch>tiem for bed now and leave my computer reflagging all my recorded programs using the latest commercial detection routines.
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02:46<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, you still up?
02:48<Chutt>i broke deleting, btw =)
02:48<Chutt>which is why i'm still up
02:49<Captain_Murdoch>I got coding on the brain which is why I'm still up. :)
02:50<Captain_Murdoch>question about the non-Xv mode. Do you think it's a good idea if frames were skipped in XJ.cpp if the user is in non-Xv mode in order to keep the audio and video in sync.
02:51<Captain_Murdoch>this is just mainly for testing but skipping frames allows it to run full-speed just with a little jerky video, but the A/V is in sync.
02:51<mdz>Chutt: pathsetting has been there since December
02:52<Chutt>mdz, ah
02:52<mdz>it was used for the sound device
02:52<Chutt>captain_murdoch, sure
02:53<Captain_Murdoch>ok. I'm testing something which sees how many frames are processed in 4 seconds, then uses that to determine how many fps can be displayed. then it just does a mod on the frame number to see whether it should skip or not.
02:54<Captain_Murdoch>this is just 15 lines or so in XJ.cpp in the non-Xv section of Show(). It also displays a warning message saying that the computer is not fast enough to display at the full frame rate and that frames are being skipped to keep A/V in sync.
02:54<Chutt>that's fine
02:55<Captain_Murdoch>wasn't sure if you were keen on doing things like that. I use the non-Xv mode mainly for development, but some people with fast cpus could use it on displays without Xv support.
02:56<Chutt>there, deleting is fixed
02:56<Chutt>and another random bug, too
02:56<Chutt>two random bugs, even
02:56<Chutt>forgot one in the commit message =)
02:56<Chutt>ah well
02:57<gora>i'm at the part of the mythtv when i have to "cd setup" and run setup. what setup? in /usr/share/mythtv/setup ?
02:58<Chutt>from the directory you compiled it from
02:58<Captain_Murdoch>gora, did you compile from source?
02:58<Chutt>there's a setup/ directory.
02:58<gora>Captain_Murdoch: gentoo package setup
02:58<Chutt>read the package specific docs that came with it, then
03:00<gora>i dont see a setup directory
03:00<gora>only a setup file
03:00<Captain_Murdoch>docs may be in /usr/docs/mythtv or something
03:01<gora>i am reading the readme file right now
03:01<gora>i get this when running setup
03:01<gora>tribeca mythtv # ./setup
03:01<gora>QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
03:01<gora>QSqlDatabase: available drivers:
03:01<gora>couldn't open db
03:02<Chutt>congrats, you ignored the docs completely
03:02<gora>i didnt. i installed the mythtv sql file
03:02<Chutt>you didn't build qt with mysql support.
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03:04<gora>i have to re-emerge qt with mysql support?
03:04<Chutt>well, you should've done it the first time
03:04<Chutt>but yes
03:04<Chutt>aren't crappy distributions where you have to compile huge time consuming packages yourself just grand?
03:05<gora>Chutt: can the sarcasm, i get it. i just need to re-emerge qt with mysql support.
03:06<Chutt>ah well
03:06* Captain_Murdochthinks don't ask developers coding at ~3am questions that are answered in the docs
03:14<Chutt>i should put an update on the website tomorrow or something
03:15<Captain_Murdoch>about your recent mods to cvs?
03:15<Chutt>and moegreen's
03:15<Chutt>since he's got lots of pictures and stuff
03:16<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, his new stuff is looking great.
03:17<bigguy>I'll be glad when this class and testing is over
03:17<Chutt>anyway, 'night =)
03:17<bigguy>Give me time to put together my myth box
03:17<bigguy>later Chutt
03:18<bigguy>I'm gonna wait a couple more hours before I go to sleep
03:19<bigguy>gotta work a 12 hour graveyard shift on the ambulance tonight
03:19<bigguy>I'll probably go to bed about 5am
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03:31<bigguy>oh well I'm gonna go read some
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04:06<FryGuy>somebody should compile a list of video card tuner/tv-out and show pros/cons/prices of them all.
04:07<FryGuy>i think i should
04:07<FryGuy>but I don't know anything first hand
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09:11<gora>what do i use for my audio device when running setup with mythtv? i'm using alsa and /dev/dsp does not exist
09:12<gora>nevermind, got it
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09:19<gora>where does one find the 'mythbackend' executable? seems mine is nonexistant
09:28<Tack>It's typically in /usr/local/bin
09:28<Tack>If you compiled from source, that is. I've not used the packages so they could put them in different places (but probably /usr/bin)
09:33<gora>Tack: hmm. i'm using gentoo and following the instructions very carefully. i'm recompiling and installing mythtv right now to make sure i didnt miss anything
09:33<gora>Tack: i also get a seg fault after adding the channels. should i be concerned about this?
09:34<Tack>Is this 0.8?
09:34<gora>where can i find out? mythtv -v doesnt work
09:35<gora>i assume i should get 0.8
09:36<Tack>Yes. :)
09:36<Tack>Or CVS if you're brave enough.
09:36<Tack>I find CVS has more stability problems than 0.8, to be expected, but the author is very good at responding to bug reports.
09:37<gora>got cha. maybe i'll make a note to the person who maintains the gentoo portage file about the version inconsistency
09:38<Tack>I wish CVS had a ChangeLog though. :)
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10:09<gora>Tack: i'm in setup and it doesnt seem to be saving my video configuration.
10:09<Tack>Are you clicking next all the way to the end and then Finish?
10:09<Tack>If you hit escape I don't thikn it will save.
10:09<gora>there is no next in the capture card configuration screen
10:10<Tack>Let's see ...
10:10<gora>i do get this error also when i exit the setup progam: QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
10:10<Tack3>Well there you go. :)
10:11<Tack3>Are you running mysql on the same sysem?
10:11<Tack3>Make sure the server is running.
10:13<gora>there we go, fixed it ;)
10:13<gora>i had run the mysql stuff with 0.7 and had to run the 0.7 -> 0.8 update sql stuff
10:14* Tack3nods.
10:14<Ndiin>Tack: erm, cvs has the ultimate changelog.. thats what CVS *is*
10:15<Tack3>Ndiin: Oh, you're right, I haven't actually bothered checking that. Well that's assuming the people who check in add messages.
10:15<Ndiin>They do.
10:15<Ndiin>It'd be beyond stupid if no one used commit messages in cvs =)
10:16<Ndiin>Not to mention you can view the code changes that go along with those messages, as well
10:16* Tack3nods. Doing that now. :)
10:17<gora>if i get this working i'm going to have a need to find another spare box to run this on
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11:02<thor>Aw Chutt, you beat me to it
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11:44<Chutt>thor, that mythmusic segfault looks easy to "fix"
11:44<Chutt>but i can't see why it'd do that
11:47<Chutt>weird that dynamic_cast<> would allow casting a null
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11:54<thor>Ah, you fixed it
11:54<Chutt>yeah, but that doesn't explain why dynamic_cast would work on a null
11:54<Chutt>maybe he's using some old broken g++ where dynamic_cast is just a no-op
11:54<thor>Oh no, you fixed it in a different place
11:55<Chutt>i just fixed it in the checkParent() function
11:55<thor>fundamental problem is having a zero on the playlist, which is better fixed elsewhere
11:55<thor>hang on
11:56<Chutt>right =)
12:01<Chutt>were my changes the other day to deal with stuff disappearing from the db/filesystem ok?
12:02<thor>Didn't even notice ...
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12:06<Chutt>there, i think i have a better fix to the delete popup disappearing
12:07<thor>I've never seen it disappear, what's the problem?
12:08<Chutt>click on another window with the mouse
12:08<Chutt>or the background of the parent window
12:08<thor>with a pointer you can't see
12:08<thor>timer--> raise
12:09<thor>event --> raise
12:09<Chutt>nope =)
12:09<Chutt>just ignore the close() event it sends
12:10<thor>not screen shot, then make a full screen window that looks like it's a popup but where the margins are actually an unclickable pixmap?
12:11<Chutt>when i'm doing dev stuff
12:11<Chutt>i run my desktop at 1280x960, but i run mythtv at 800x600
12:11<thor>speaking of window/screen sizes ...
12:12<thor>the theme stuff is slightly muddles at 640x480 ... there's some hmult wmult imperfections somewhere ... haven't tracked it down yet
12:12<Chutt>in the new playback box stuff?
12:12<thor>yeah, I think it may have to do with font scaling
12:13<Chutt>it looks ok here
12:13<thor>iulius 3, for example, runs nice on 800x600 on my development box, but with same files at 640x480 the text of the buttons do not line up inside the button pngs
12:14<thor>it may be just iulius 3
12:14<thor>or I may not have done something correctly (font install?)
12:15<thor>sorry, this is in themed menus
12:15<Chutt>probably is the font
12:15<thor>not a big deal in any case
12:16<Chutt>i'm not too terribly worried about other themes right now =)
12:16<Chutt>since that stuff's still changing pretty rapidly
12:17<thor>yup ... mythmusic too soon
12:17<thor>well, playback at least
12:17<Chutt>playback should be easiest, yeah =)
12:17<thor>editing is still a swirl of questions, uncertainties, and confusion
12:27<nziarek>how do I remove a recording from the database? I tried to delete this one recording, and it got rid of the file, but not the entry, so it always shows up. i keep trying to delete it through Myth, but it won't go away
12:28<Chutt>he's been generating those backtraces with core files
12:28<Chutt>no wonder they didn't make any sense
12:45<_shad>Heh. Mythweather's last update was at 10am, and it's "Fair" out, and the pictures is of stars :)
12:45<nziarek>yeah, i need to come up with a better morning fiar icon :-) that happened to me yesterday, too
12:46<_shad>My stupid ferret moved her bed right in front of the door, so I can't leave without waking her. grr
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14:03<Ndiin>hmm, the Scan music progress dialog no longer shows any percentages btw, it stays at 0%
14:10<thor>current cvs?
14:13<thor>works here?
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15:42<PeteCool>nziarek: I just put in the fonts for iulius3 (qt wasn't picking them up before)
15:43<PeteCool>nziarek: something weird about the osd: when changing volume, it writes: Adjust Volume Volume x%
15:43<PeteCool>Writing volume once would be enough :)
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16:38<PeteCool>Chutt: I still see the delete popup disappearing
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17:33<trainne>does mythtv work with macosx?
17:35-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
17:36<PeteCool>trainne: there was some talk about using the remote recordings player on macosx
17:36<PeteCool>trainne: but it's not possible to run the recorder on macosx
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18:05<PeteCool>Chutt: hmm, the seeking while paused thing was in mythmusic?
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18:09<Chutt>no, that was in mythtv
18:11<inman>quickie: is the location of keys.txt mentioned in the faq?
18:11<Chutt>it's in the docs
18:11<Chutt>maybe it's not
18:11<Chutt>thought it used to be
18:12<inman>i'll check.
18:12<Chutt>it's definately in the README, though
18:12<Chutt>thor, is there any reason i shouldn't make the mythlcd bin build by default?
18:13<Chutt>it'd stop me from forgetting to fix it when i do an api change
18:13<inman>it's not in the faq, per se.
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18:15<inman>maybe troubleshooting/misc can be merged with the faq or vice-versa?
18:15<PeteCool>Chutt: I don't see any changes in recordings playback (which is what I want) ... I somehow understood it would affect it...
18:15<PeteCool>Chutt: that's why I wanted it to stay the same ;)
18:18<Chutt>inman, 'slong as i don't have to do work to maintain it, i don't care =)
18:18<Chutt>petecool, i fixed it without changing behavior
18:19<Chutt>mainly because of you :p
18:19<inman>just curious if you thought it was a good idea.
18:19<Chutt>inman, i dunno
18:19<Chutt>i don't know if people read the faq at all or not
18:19<Chutt>or if more people use the docs for that
18:19<Chutt>there does seem to be overlap
18:19<Chutt>and it would make sense for there to only be one set of troubleshooting stuff
18:31<TheAsp>uh, did the comercial checking after recording go away or something?
18:31<trainne>okay I got mythtv to compile on macosx
18:32<trainne>I even got it to launch in apples x11
18:32<trainne>but it seg faults
18:54<PeteCool>Chutt: thanks a lot then :)
18:56<PeteCool>In the downloads page description of mythtv, I would add a link to the docs in the likes of: You MUST read <link to docs>this</link> COMPLETELY to make MythTV work correctly!" (caps optional)
18:56<PeteCool>would make some of the newbies read the docs
18:58<PeteCool>The docs link isn't easy enough to see, if the user is looking quickly he won't see it... if it's in bold||caps||color just below the download like the chance of seeing it is bigger
18:59<PeteCool>Those QMYSQL3 posters really are pissing me off (since it's so easy to fix and so documented), I can't imagine what Chutt wants to do to them
19:02<Tack>Does MythTV plan to some day be geared toward non-hackers?
19:03<Chutt>what, be easy to install?
19:03<Chutt>there's debs and rpms that work.
19:03<Chutt>if you choose to use some wackyass distro, that's your fault
19:04<Tack>Do the rpms/debs also setup mysql with the appropriate tables?
19:04<PeteCool>besides, it couldn't be more automated without distro-maker's intervention
19:04<Chutt>tack, yes
19:05<Tack>It'd be convenient for mythtv to be installable by yum. "yum install mythtv" I might package that up for 0.9
19:08<Tack>I guess there so many dependencies, like setting up XFree for tvout, or setting up lirc to work with your remotes, there's not much Myth can do to ease the configuration for newbies.
19:11-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:12-!-paperclip [] has quit ["A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing."]
19:12<Tack>Hrm, I like the Playback from Iulius.3 better than Iulius.4. Alas.
19:16<PeteCool>Tack: yeah, I think that too
19:17<PeteCool>Tack: I think it's because it's reversing the parent->child position
19:18<Tack>Yes, there's that, but also I like the nice curved borders and the general design from Iulius.3
19:23<PeteCool>Tack: does nziarek know that?
19:24<Tack>I haven't told him, no.
19:24<Tack>But it's his projecvt, so I assume he'll do whatever he likes best.
19:25<PeteCool>Tack: he does care about user input most of the time... only users know best what users like ;)
19:25<Tack>At least, that's what I'd do, and if someone didn't like my work, they'd be free to modify my code. :)
19:25<Tack>I shall mention it to him then. :)
19:25<PeteCool>as long as the input makes sense, obviously
19:26<Tack>Well, it comes down to personal aesthetic preference. Something that subjective rarely makes any sense. :)
19:27-!-trainne [] has quit ["I like core dumps"]
19:40<Chutt>i actually like the .4 (mockup?) better
19:40<Chutt>looks cleaner
19:41<Chutt>well, i don't like the font, but =)
19:41<Tack>If your opinion is different than mine, that only proves that you're wrong. :)
19:42<Tack>It's cleaner, true, but the .3 one has much cooler, futuristic looking curves. Curves are good. (Until they become passe.)
19:45<Tack>I like the feeling of layers on the .3 version. In the back, the program groups (names, whichever). Above that, the list of titles for that show. And above that, the selected title. Also, left-to-right, as PeteCool pointed out, makes the hierarchy more clear.
19:51-!-PhracturedBlue [] has quit [Read error: 111 (Connection refused)]
19:51-!-PBlue_away [] has joined #mythtv
19:53<PeteCool>I like the curves a bit more too
20:01-!-poptix [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:09<nziarek>bah. curves =)
20:09<nziarek>i will look into all of this nonsense, maybe a iulius classic :)
20:09* Tackbounces and applauds. :)
20:10<nziarek>my goal right now is to clean the UI a little - i am still working on some things, likeplacing the shows on the left and such
20:10<nziarek>so, let's see what it ends like :)
20:10<nziarek>not that it'll ever end. I like putzing
20:10<Tack>That's good, because we like change. :)
20:11<PeteCool>nziarek: don't forget to look at the delete screen before uploading ;)
20:11<nziarek>PeteCool: i assumed most of the code just copied over...i was wrong, and never looked at it. i have now, but it is still ugly
20:11<nziarek>have to think it through seperately than the watch screen
20:13<nziarek>oh, and Tack - love the suggestions and comments, much more useful than "I like it" and even if I disagree, i do consider ideas
20:14<Tack>nziarek: Great. Nice to see there are still people that listen. :)
20:14<PeteCool>nziarek: simply move the recording text rigth by a few tens of pixels and it'll be as good as the other one
20:14<PeteCool>the other one = playback
20:14<PeteCool>but, anyways
20:14<PeteCool>you're free to try anything, we'll be there with constructive comments
20:14<nziarek>and try i will =)
20:15<PeteCool>how's .4 coming along?
20:15<nziarek>its coming...becasue the code only lets you hit right to go to the shows and left to the show titles, it is a little funky
20:16<nziarek>i thinking about just switching them around (like it is now) and seeing how I like it.
20:16<nziarek>plus, with it cleaned up, the OSD doesn't look right :)
20:16<Tack>I think that'd be fine.
20:16<PeteCool>still the same font as .3 ?
20:16<PeteCool>I like those
20:16* Tackreally likes the OSD. :)
20:17<nziarek>PeteCool is .3 Sf G...something or other? i think so
20:17<PeteCool>nziarek: yep
20:17<nziarek>then it is the same
20:17<PeteCool>nziarek: did you see my message about the volume change text on the osd?
20:17<thor>Chutt asked: thor, is there any reason i shouldn't make the mythlcd bin build by default?
20:17<nziarek>yeah, i hvena't looked at that yet, though. do that in a bit
20:18<PeteCool>nziarek: another thing which could be cool, is the channel icon
20:18-!-Justin_ [] has quit ["upgrade"]
20:19<Chutt>thor, i'll do that then, thanks
20:19<PeteCool>nziarek: I like how moegreen placed it with blueosd
20:19<nziarek>PeteCool: you know, I want to, they are just so low quality and with white backgrounds and all
20:19<nziarek>i did see that and it was nice
20:20<nziarek>PeteCool: i just checked my volume, and it looks fine, what does yours do?
20:20<nziarek>maybe i am misunderstading
20:20<Chutt>nziarek, current cvs is slightly different with what it sends as text for the volume changes
20:20-!-justin [~justin@H233-225.STATE.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
20:21<nziarek>Chutt: ok, is it stable enough to upgrade to?
20:21<Chutt>should be
20:22<PeteCool>nziarek: it looks a little like this: <bigfont>Adjust Volume</bigfont><smallerfont>olume: 25%</smallerfont>
20:22<PeteCool>nziarek: the smaller volume is a bit under the firs
20:22<PeteCool>the first
20:24<PeteCool>nziarek: 'Volume' is written twice, which is weird and a bit redundant
20:24<nziarek>PeteCool: upgrading now to see that; i'll get it fixed
20:25<PeteCool>nziarek: 'Adjust volume: 25%' would be alright
20:25<PeteCool>nziarek: k, great
20:25<Tack>When watching live tv, is there a way to figure out your position in the ring buffer (if you've rewound say, and want to see how many seconds away from live you are), how do you do that without pausing?
20:25<nziarek>i did this: make distclean; cvs update; make
20:25<nziarek>and i get this error: Makefile:3: *** missing separator. Stop.
20:25<nziarek>am i dumb?
20:26<Chutt>try a make distclean
20:26<Chutt>tack, no
20:26<PeteCool>nziarek: about the channel icons: maybe we could code assuming the user converted them to senseful transparent png's... though that might require some code, I dunno
20:26<Tack>Chutt: Okay. Feature request. :)
20:26<Chutt>tack, i have a tendency to ignore feature requests
20:26<Chutt>unless they come with patches attached
20:26<nziarek>Chutt: same error
20:27<PeteCool>nziarek: delete the file and cvs update
20:27<Chutt>which makefile?
20:27<PeteCool>Chutt: usually the MC makefile, sometimes it's corrupted somehow
20:27<nziarek>Chutt: yes the MC one
20:28<PeteCool>Chutt: the fix is simple so I didn't bother telling... seems I should have
20:28<nziarek>PeteCool: that did it, thanks
20:28<Chutt>you can also just run 'qmake' to regenerate it
20:28<Chutt>i wonder how that happens
21:51-!-Ripp [~chris@] has joined #mythtv
21:51<Ripp>any mythgame gurus here
22:02<PeteCool>Chutt: if I delete a recording from the "prompt on playback exit" menu with iulius, the delete popup still doesn't show at times
22:03<PeteCool>Chutt: how could I help track that down?
22:05<Chutt>anything but blue and liquid is pretty much unsupported right now
22:11-!-sc00p [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
22:15<Ripp>My mame settings in mythgame just went away and I can't seem to get myth to find things again, any ideas?
22:15<Ripp>happened after I tried to reload the game list
22:19-!-orangey [] has joined #mythtv
22:19<orangey>hey hey!
22:22<thor>Chutt, seems to be I'm writing more parsers than I should be in theme-ifying music playback. Am I doing something wrong?
22:28<Chutt>the xmlparse/uitypes don't cover things?
22:29<Chutt>i haven't really looked into it all that much
22:29-!-poptix [] has joined #mythtv
22:29<thor>I started mucking around it things by following mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp
22:30<thor>LoadWindow graps a DOM, then calls parseFont, parsePopup, parseContainer
22:31<thor>I seem to be duplicating all this
22:31<thor>feels like I should be inheriting this
22:31<thor>I dunno, maybe I'm just being lazy
22:34<Ripp>htf do I get at the cvs version anyway...can't find it on the site or docs
22:36<Ripp>I looked in the wrong section, that stuff should probly go in downloading and installing instead...thanks. (smack me now)
22:37* thorslaps Ripp around with a small 50lb Unix Manual
22:39-!-nyquiljer_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:39<Ripp>just the small one?
22:40<nyquiljer_>ive been searching google fruitlessly with a problem and am hoping someone else has had it. my channel numbers are off by one. when i go to channel 60, what is shown is actually 59
22:40<PeteCool>Chutt: random feature idea: "turn off" channels in livetv at user-defined times (I have channels here that only show junk [snow or srambled channels] at night)
22:40<PeteCool>nyquiljer_: what tv tuner are you using?
22:41<nyquiljer_>its ati ve
22:41<PeteCool>nyquiljer_: you need to for ce a card model, I don't remember exactly which
22:41<PeteCool>nyquiljer_: but it definitely is in the archives
22:42<nyquiljer_>PeteCool ok
22:43<PeteCool>nyquiljer_: got your remote to work?
22:43<nyquiljer_>when using the --xawchannels option for mythfilldatabase, what is the <sourceid> value supposed to be?
22:43<nyquiljer_>PeteCool: yeh, i did. it was just bad formatting in the .lircrc file.
22:43<nyquiljer_>PeteCool: i was missing an '=" somewhere, and that screwed it all up in ways i wouldnt have guessed
23:00-!-nyquiljer_2 [] has joined #mythtv
23:00-!-nyquiljer_ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:02<nyquiljer_2>PeteCool: well, according to the archives, i was already specifying the correct tuner type. is it possible my tuner is just defective?
23:16<Ripp>figured out the mame problem...needed to change the MameBinary back to just xmame in order to reload list
23:21<PeteCool>nyquiljer_2: what frequency table are you using?
23:23<PeteCool>nyquiljer_2: us-cable or ca-cable?
23:24<_shad>check out my new and improved basement computer lab:
23:25<PeteCool>stupid irrecord
23:25<PeteCool>it's like the 20th time I run it and still nothing useful
23:26<orangey>damn, _shad!
23:27<orangey>shad: you better have a family of 13 or something
23:27<PeteCool>_shad: are you doing a lan party or what?
23:27<_shad>PeteCool: One day soon, hopefully
23:27<_shad>most of them will be able to run mythtv though
23:28<orangey>_shad: can't be school-related.. cuz nobody is getting *anything* done sitting by 4 others : )
23:28<_shad>orangey: there's like 5 of us :)
23:28<_shad>orangey: I just set them up because I had them
23:28<_shad>I work at a puter store, so I get the junk
23:28<PeteCool>ah, the cable/satellite signal will be so weak you won't be able to tune anything
23:28<orangey>_shad: You know, I used to be in that situation, and I'd just package systems up and donate them to uni. students who needed them..
23:29<orangey>it worked out *really* well
23:29<_shad>the one in the far corner is the server
23:29<_shad>orangey: I've been giving them to my relatives, the ones you see in the corner by the door
23:30<orangey>well, I guess if you have relatives.. I don't really have any personally : )
23:30<orangey>other than immediate family
23:30<_shad>All of them but 2 have linux
23:31<_shad>there's a picture somewhere on that site of my 35" monitor too
23:32<PeteCool>_shad: same here... though my myth box still has a win2000 partition... the downtime of rebuilding gentoo on it (after dumping the partition) would make me miss some recordings =)
23:32<PeteCool>unless there's some way to resize reiserfs partitions that I don't know of
23:32<_shad>check out the dir
23:33<justin>PeteCool: like resize_reiserfs?
23:33<_shad>like partition magic?
23:34<PeteCool>I don't think partition magic can do that non-destructively
23:34<_shad>just ext3
23:35-!-nyquiljer_2 [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:40<_shad>I have lots of shit on there. hehe
23:42<Tack>_shad: You do know that that's redirecting to
23:43<justin>Tack add a /
23:45<PeteCool>that's a dirty johnny
23:53<_shad>Tack: :)
23:54<orangey>_shad: no points for framing shots properly
23:55<Tack>Not exactly proper exposures either. :)
23:55<_shad>orangey: Bah
23:55<_shad>orangey: Were the first ones I showed you good?
23:55<PeteCool>did they eat your computers? =)
23:55<_shad>I just recently got a 4mp camera
23:55<_shad>the other ones were with a 350kp camera
23:55<_shad>which was a POS
23:56<_shad>and no view screen
23:56<_shad>and you always needed the flash
23:56<_shad>and if you moved just a little, it was blurry