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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-16

00:00<Chutt>just something to be aware of in the future, is all
00:05<thor_>nziarek, "compile for debugging" = edit and change CONFIG to debug (comment out the release line, uncomment the debug line), then make distclean, then make again.
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00:17<PeteCool>Chutt: what size is your typical one-hour recording with the pvr-250?
00:18<poptix>PeteCool: depends on the bitrate and codec
00:18<poptix>it'll do up to like, 16mbit mpeg-2 streams
00:19<PeteCool>alright then, typical as in as good as it'll look (at some point increasing bitrate shouldn't have that big of an effect)
00:20<poptix>shrug, 2mbit looks decent
00:20<poptix>4mbit looks good
00:20<poptix>1.8G per hour
00:26<PeteCool>moegreen: current coditions now: ( shows no graphic in mythweather
00:26<PeteCool>"Light rain shower"
00:33<Ndiin>you'll get them all some day!
00:33<Ndiin>Maybe in like 20 years after they stop making some up on the fly, though..
00:33<Ndiin>j/k =)
00:36<moegreen>the highest number I have for non-current conditions is 271, but I only have 95 "conditions" ... so there is certainly more. I did learn that 993,Smoke is a weather condition in India
00:36<Ndiin>That makes for a few missing, then
00:37<moegreen>well the 989-999 are 'current' conditions, so there are about 180 or so missing, but I don't know if we'll ever see all of them.
00:37<PeteCool>I could be seeing some more soon, weather is going to be weird for a few more days here ;)
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01:01<mdz>Chutt: hey, it's been a couple of days since the initial progress toward supporing the PVR cards; that stuff is going to be "prime time" soon, right? :-P
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01:46<hadees>anyone awake?
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01:59<Timon>Whats the easiest way to convert a QString "8" to the ASCII code for 8 (ASCII code 56)
02:00<Timon>I've tried stuff like int fred; fred = (int) some_really_long_function_which_returns_qstring_8(); but I end up with a random, but re-producable number thats not 56
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02:26<lamer0>hey does mythtv have joystick support?
02:26<lamer0>and automounting of cds such as freevo? for dvds/divx files
02:30<Timon>Read the faq
02:30<Timon>err docs
02:30<lamer0>Timon: yea I have
02:31<Timon>What did it say?
02:31<lamer0>seems like mythv is more leaned to tvtuner capture
02:31<lamer0>I just want something...all in one
02:31<Timon>the dvd stuff some peeps are workin on
02:32<Timon>As far as joystick support, wtf would you want joystick support for?
02:33<lamer0>timon,what else
02:33<lamer0>control it
02:33<lamer0>go through menus
02:33<Timon>Remote control :-)
02:34<lamer0>I looked around for a IR capture thing
02:34<moegreen>lamer0: you can mount a CD in mythmusic I believe
02:34<Timon>You can build a very simple ir reciever for < $10
02:34<lamer0>Timon: oh really?
02:34<lamer0>got any instructions
02:34<lamer0>that would kick ass
02:35<Timon>Or easier yet, get onto egay and search for packard bell ir reciever (or do a google search / check your local flea market) for one. I bought mine from the used computer store for $10
02:35<lamer0>ok here is my question..
02:35<lamer0>where the f^&* do I attach it
02:35<lamer0>If I make one
02:35<lamer0>pci slot heh?
02:35<Timon>Serial port
02:35<lamer0>well I would like to try to make one I guess
02:36<Timon>Its really easy
02:36<lamer0>think radioshack might have a ir reciever?
02:36<Timon>No, but they have the parts to build one.
02:36<Timon>If you really don't want to build one, you can buy an irman. Or, just buy a packbell ir reciever off ebay
02:37<lamer0> Can I use a home-brew LIRC receiver with a Serial to USB adapter?
02:37<lamer0>No, this won't work.
02:37<lamer0>erm... serial wont work
02:37<lamer0>I do want to build one
02:37<lamer0>I just went to faq now
02:37<lamer0>i pasted exactly what i said
02:37<Timon>don't you have a free searial port?
02:38<Timon>iff not, buy a cheap ass serial io card. Any used computer shop will have them
02:39<Timon>moegreen: How familiar are you with libmythtv?
02:39<Timon>more specificly tv_play in libmythtv
02:41<moegreen>haven't really got into tv_play too much - are you still working on the jump command?
02:41<Timon>Yeah. I got everything working. Just not the way I want
02:41<lamer0>whoa what a trip
02:41<lamer0> i do have irda..
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02:42<Timon>For some reason I can't send: QString chan = "8"; ChangeChannelByName( chan );
02:42<Timon>It locks up
02:43<Timon>I can however send the ascii code for 8 to ChannelKey() and wait for the timeout and have it change to channel 8
02:43<lamer0>Timon: what type of signal do i need?
02:43<Timon>lamer0: What do you mean?
02:43<moegreen>is ChangeChannelByName the actual function name
02:43<lamer0>i just looking over my old mobo's manual
02:44<lamer0>it has irda...I am like whoa
02:44<lamer0>it has a jumper for diff signals
02:44<Timon>Err no. void ChangeChannelByString(QString &name)
02:44<Timon>lamer0: I use a packbell reciever And a standard universal remote for my controller
02:45<moegreen>Timon: are you sure it's looking for a # like that?
02:45<moegreen>well a string that contains a number?
02:45<lamer0>Timon: any basic remote will work?
02:46<Timon>moegreen: Yeah, I did a cout ( cout << "ChangeChannelByString( " << name << " );" ) inside of it and it output was ChangeChannelByString( 4 );
02:46<Timon>lamer0: yeah
02:46<lamer0>what a trip tho
02:46<lamer0>never knew my old msi board came with irda
02:46<Timon>moegreen: Yeah, its a qstring which contains a number
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02:51<moegreen>Timon: is there any whitespace?
02:52<moegreen>you could also use gdb and break when you think it has frozen. Then you'll at least know where in the code you are
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02:52<moegreen>Timon: is there any whitespace?
02:52<moegreen>you could also use gdb and break when you think it has frozen. Then you'll at least know where in the code you are
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02:59<Timon>moegreen: I probably missed your last comment(s) because of the split. Can you repeat them?
02:59<pheller>I started an ISP in the early nineties and was too busy dealing with that to do much of anything else.
02:59<Timon>pheller: which isp? They still in business?
02:59<pheller>yeah, small regional in northwest pa called csonline
02:59<pheller>after that, went to work for the bigger fish in the game
02:59<Timon>Yeah, I worked for our towns first isp. Until they got bought out a couple years ago by the telco. Now I'm a contract IT programmer whore.
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03:00<pheller>I'm a network slut for a tier 1, just waiting to find out where there gonna have me move to.
03:00<Timon>hahaha, never heard that before, network slut.
03:00<pheller>well, network engineer, but lately it's feeling a bit slutty.
03:00<Timon>I ain't nothin but a workin class whore
03:00<pheller>same here, but at least i am in a position of authority which makes it fun sometimes. ;-)
03:00<Timon>I got so far when people ask me what I do for a livin I tell them "I'm a technology prostitue / IT whore"
03:00<Timon>fire the lackeys!
03:00<Timon>err lackies
03:00<Timon>When your havin a bad day, fire someone.
03:01<pheller>I'm not in a position with that much authority, unfortunately, but I do get to dictate routing policy, etc.
03:02<Timon>You would black hole all traffic to
03:02<pheller>I could... ;-)
03:02<Timon>(That would block out a lot of AOL :-)
03:03<pheller>my company provides alot of connectivity and managed modem ports for AOL
03:03<Timon>That would probably be a bad idea then :-)
03:03<Timon>What company?
03:04<pheller>heh. currently level3
03:04<pheller>but at one point....
03:04<Timon>I thought about getting into network engineering. But I like being a software engineer.
03:05<pheller>nearnet + barrnet + suranet -> bbnplanet -> gteinetnetworking + (genuity + napnet) -> genuity -> level3
03:05<pheller>at least you make stuff
03:05<pheller>I've lost all my coding skillz.
03:05<Timon>I thought about becoming a carpenter or welder. But I can't afford to start over at the bottom again. Not with a wife and a mortgage payment
03:05<pheller>I can hack together perl here and there, but my C and assembly skillz are all gone.
03:05<Timon>You should pick up ASM
03:06<Timon>Man, I love asm
03:06<pheller>if I really put my mind to it, I could probably get it back pretty easily.
03:06<Timon>6502 and i386
03:06<pheller>I have a commodore 128 sitting on my dining room table.
03:06<pheller>well, on the pepsi machine in my kitchen to be exact.
03:06<pheller>I did alot of sparc asm in college.
03:07<Timon>I quit programming for like 4 years back in the late nineties. it took me a bit to get back into it.
03:07<Timon>I cut my teeth on a apple ][e
03:07<pheller>geos for commodore still amazes me
03:07<Timon>Then moved to i386 asm. Then nothing for a long time. Then ColdFusion, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, C++
03:08<Timon>never used a commodore.
03:08<pheller>the team that developed that software are geniuses.
03:08<lamer0>they teach mips now
03:08<pheller>geos = windows
03:08<Timon>Ok, I seem to remember geos for one of the wannabe laptops
03:09<pheller>well, after they canned the geos for 8bit project, they did something called geoworks for x86
03:09<Timon>yeah, thats what I remmeber
03:09<Timon>ack, the wife wants my attention. Nite all.
03:09<Timon>I'll reminise with you more tomorrow pheller
03:09<pheller>sounds good
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