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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-18

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00:15<thor_>yes ... (Chutt) .. I've got empty MythThemedDialog stuff in there
00:15* yebyennotes that mythweb rocks more than it used to
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00:16<thor_>sorry _shad
00:17<poptix>my TV needs an ethernet port.
00:17<_shad>thor_: I don't know shit, don't worry. :)
00:19<moegreen>ok, heh, scrolling is fixed - and now the graphics are in. Conflict Resolution is done (until I find something else wrong with it)
00:19<thor_>moegreen ... do you ever sleep?
00:20<thor_>roughly once a week it would seem
00:20<Chutt>sleep's bad for you
00:20<moegreen>perhaps MythVideo could use a fresh coat of paint
00:21<Chutt>and would be easy, to boot
00:21<Chutt>it's just a list =)
00:21<thor_>I've heard that before
00:21<moegreen> it goes :)
00:22<thor_>it's really depressing that he's going to have mythVideo completely theme-inated before I've finally figured out how to do it to mythmusic
00:22<PeteCool>moegreen: your last fix for the superfluous down arrow in playbackbox works fine
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00:26<_shad>Chutt: That seg fault compiling I got yesterday just got fixed with the newest deb updates. Very weird
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00:01<froggy19>oh and another thing I was merely wondering. Is it possible to record in uncompressed format (to save CPU), then go back and encode later them using the remaining CPU?
00:01<Chutt>not really
00:01<poptix>Chutt: i'm going to dig up the specs on the svideo output on the pvr-350
00:01<Chutt>if you're that low on cpu, you most likely won't have the disk bandwidth to save compressed video
00:01<poptix>Chutt: going to see if you can output anything other than mpeg
00:01<Chutt>poptix, cool.
00:02<froggy19>oh I didn't think about that
00:02<poptix>then i'm going to see if i can solder an svideo output onto this card =p
00:02<froggy19>i've got an UDMA100 pci controller that I'm going to be using
00:04<froggy19>anyways, thanks for your help
00:04<froggy19>i'll try that stuff later
00:04<yebyen>whoa, iulius 4 displays completely different from the screenshots, unless i've done something horribly wrong
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00:07<thor_>Chutt, if I get some of the MythThemedDialog in, I need to change MYTH_BINARY_VERSION correct? anything else?
00:08<Chutt>no, that should be fine
00:08<Chutt>you should only have to change it if you change the size of one of the object files in libmyth
00:09<Chutt>adding new objects is ok
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00:10<thor_>yup ... I'll try not to commit every little change at my end. Problem is I'm going to be out of the country for 10 days or so ... would be nice to get the basics in before I leave.
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00:10<Chutt>commit stuff as often as you like
00:11<Chutt>and until things use it, there's no need to worry about the binary version string
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00:13<thor_>NuppleVideoPalyer.cpp is giving me errno undeclared on compiling cvs commits
00:13<Chutt>fixed by adding an #include <errno.h>
00:14<Chutt>want to do it? =)
00:14<Chutt>or i can
00:14<Chutt>doesn't matter
00:14<_shad>I'll do it! :)
00:14<thor_>I'll do it
00:15<thor_>oh no, you do it
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02:24<moegreen>thor: ok Apr 18 02:25:13 <thor> would be nice if there were a UIType List that could take a tree structure
03:32<febisfebi>Please run setup and confirm all of the capture cards. Apr 18 03:33:54 <-- billytwowilly has quit ("Client
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12:17<Chutt>moegreen, images for arrows instead of drawn? =) Apr 18 12:18:04 <moegreen> Chutt: yeah :-) Apr 18 12:18:39
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18:05<PBlue_cz>ohh..yeah, there is a nice. Apr 18 18:06:01 <Captain_Murdoch_> could mythtranscode nice itself? Apr 18
18:17<Chutt>it's not trivial at all Apr 18 18:18:01 <Chutt> :p Apr 18 18:18:05 <PBlue_cz> i.e. do a decode than do the
18:18<PBlue_cz>Chutt: isn't it just a call to CheckBlankFrame (or whatever)? Apr 18 18:18:28 <Chutt> or make the player
18:19<PBlue_cz>yes, I'd like to be able to actually chop the video during reencding, but(as you say) that isn't trivial.
18:20<PBlue_cz>Chutt: any comment on the latest patch (specifically the method of having 'local-only' messages? Apr 18
18:54<TheAsp>0x0808859a in QMapIterator<int, int>::dec() () Apr 18 19:00:35 <TheAsp> so if anyone wants me to do anything
19:40<moegreen>thor: actually that is in there because when I just had it do one update the screen wasn't redrawing
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20:50<moegreen>rkulagow_: I just added a command line argument for debugging (--debug) Apr 18 20:50:54 <poptix> 'i have a
21:45<vektor>Standard digital sampling for broadcast NTSC signals is 720 pixels per scanline, 486 scanlines per frame (243
22:32<Chutt>still, takes awhile =) Apr 18 22:32:20 <Chutt> release mode Apr 18 22:32:27 <moegreen> ouch, heh Apr 18
22:33<Chutt>one with extra stuff for the playback/recording code Apr 18 22:33:53 <Chutt> and one without all the silly
22:39<Chutt>just happening in the grabber Apr 18 22:39:43 <nziarek> moegreen: can the information within MythWeather be
22:52<Chutt>it's a member function of that Apr 18 22:52:38 <mdz_> ah, ok Apr 18 22:52:41 <Chutt> is something using it
23:46<Chutt>the gist listings will include programs that overlap midnight on both day's listings Apr 18 23:46:12 <Chutt>