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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-20

01:07<Timon>Man, I really like the frame work created within myth. The fact that I can create a new settings page in two
01:22<mdz_>the B frames need to reference frames later in the stream, right? Apr 20 01:22:21 <Chutt> right Apr 20 01:22:57
01:42<Chutt>less copying around Apr 20 01:43:00 <thor> cool Apr 20 01:43:15 <Chutt> so, it's not as low as mpeg4, but it's
17:52<Captain_Murdoch>ESC to exit. usage is in keys.txt Apr 20 17:52:24 <Captain_Murdoch> space/enter to change channels
17:52<Captain_Murdoch>up/down/left/right to browse obviously. :) Apr 20 17:53:54 <Captain_Murdoch> it's on my TODO list to
20:59<nziarek>no, i don't...i'll get one in there Apr 20 20:59:07 <nziarek> thanks Apr 20 20:59:10 <nziarek> again Apr 20
21:12<itsame>Anyone know how to enable overscan on a SK41G Shuttle TV out port Apr 20 21:12:46 <itsame> I wanna get rid of
22:09<inman>if i just right into livetv, i have problems. Apr 20 22:09:10 <Chutt> that might break Apr 20 22:09:13 <inman>
22:45<_shad>that was from a couple days ago Apr 20 22:45:12 <Chutt> no, you didn't Apr 20 22:45:17 <Chutt> that was added
22:54<Chutt>MIN_FREE is just the reading chunk size Apr 20 22:55:48 <Chutt> dropping MIN_THRESHOLD and MIN_FULL a bit
23:06<Chutt>those are just the numbers i randomly chose yesterday Apr 20 23:06:47 <inman> i mean, it seems like we're
23:19<Chutt>captain_murdoch, you broke remote playback of files. Apr 20 23:20:36 <Captain_Murdoch> I was pretty sure I
23:33<Chutt>don't touch the hostname, that will break deleting =) Apr 20 23:34:31 <Captain_Murdoch> ok. wanted to make
23:52<Captain_Murdoch>maybe tack something like (4/20/03 6:00-6:30) onto the end of the description? use the formats from
23:56<poptix>nifty Apr 20 23:56:21 <poptix> pseudo seeking with mpeg-2 Apr 20 23:57:05 <Chutt> poptix, hm? Apr 20 23:57:25