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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-21

00:10<Captain_Murdoch>sorry, I missed your line up above. so you'd like a new field called say "info" that has some text
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01:09<Timon>Thats being worked on right now as a matter of fact Apr 21 01:09:38 <jager> nifty Apr 21 01:09:47 <jager> can
01:16<Timon>Chutt is Isaac (The guy who started this whole thing) Apr 21 01:16:26 <inman> uh, i've done almost nothing on
01:40<inman>i mean, just check and see if y is non-zero. Apr 21 01:40:50 <inman> er, ->right Apr 21 01:41:23 <inman> thing
01:47<Timon>what do you mean gratuitous? Apr 21 01:47:41 <inman> i don't think there's a case under which a node will be
01:53<inman>divorce court would be a lot slimmer without marriage. Apr 21 01:54:09 <Timon> That hits a little close to
02:22<Ndiin>Arizona, myself. Apr 21 02:22:16 <Timon> Its 10:30 right now Apr 21 02:22:20 * inman is in Boston, atm. Apr 21
02:25<Timon>Ndiin: You probably stopped in either Seward, Cordova, or Juneau Apr 21 02:25:51 <Timon> Juneau is the capital
02:26<--hfb has quit ("Huh! Wasn't me!") Apr 21 02:26:07 <Ndiin> Juneau and Seward both I think Apr 21 02:26:26 <Timon>
02:27<inman>that ain't so bad. Apr 21 02:27:46 <Timon> But its kind of a gray color. you'd just have to experience it.
02:28<inman>i have SAD, get depressed without a lot of sunlight. Apr 21 02:28:40 <inman> might not work out well during
02:29<inman>any suicide attempts? Apr 21 02:29:16 <Timon> I found I have to go out and do things in the winter to keep
02:29<inman>not sure if that's a positive or a negative. :-P Apr 21 02:29:52 <Timon> hehe :-) Apr 21 02:30:04 <Timon> None
02:36<Timon>Cause everything has to be shipped or trucked a couple thousand miles Apr 21 02:37:06 <Timon> Milk: $3.99 /
02:51<inman>hmmm. Apr 21 02:51:45 <moegreen> inman: that happens on random occasions Apr 21 02:51:55 <inman> moegreen:
03:13<Timon>[dan@pvr dan]$ set | grep XFT Apr 21 03:13:54 <Timon> GDK_USE_XFT=1 Apr 21 03:13:56 <Timon> QT_XFT=0 Apr 21
03:15<Timon>no change when I set that var, exported it and reran mythweather Apr 21 03:15:25 <PeteCool> Chutt: live-tv
03:16<Timon>Pete, thats because it doesn't stutter any more. It spools up a few seconds before streaming to the frontend
03:16<Timon>moegreen: Maybe tomorrow, otherwise, I'll just ignore it. Its not a show stopper Apr 21 03:16:44 <inman> i
03:23<yebyen>am I a sick bastard for IRC'ing from plan9 right now? Apr 21 03:23:53 <Morph> ya know. its probably related
13:26<Captain_Murdoch_>%DESCRIPTION% sound OK? Apr 21 13:26:59 <Chutt> sure, whatever Apr 21 13:29:48 <Captain_Murdoch_>
13:57<inman>Chutt: no clue how to visually tell them apart :-( Apr 21 13:57:15 <Morph> Chutt: I think it *might* say when
13:59<Chutt>ah Apr 21 13:59:36 <Morph> erm. that makes no sense. : Apr 21 13:59:37 <Morph> :) Apr 21 13:59:43 <inman> uh,
14:02<Morph>there is in CVS X. Apr 21 14:02:21 <Chutt> he did say it's tied to specific kernel versions Apr 21 14:02:25
14:03<poptix>Chutt: PiP works pretty well with the pvr-250, btw. Apr 21 14:03:59 <Morph> Chutt: could be :) Apr 21
14:24<Captain_Murdoch_>text translation strings could be in the DB. table with textid, language, and text. so myth would
14:25<Chutt>the issue is in theme-author supplied strings Apr 21 14:27:03 <Captain_Murdoch_> I know, so "Time:" would be
14:27<Chutt>that's the point =) Apr 21 14:27:49 <Chutt> they don't even have to be in the db, just static strings in the
14:45<Captain_Murdoch_>:) works for me, I speak English. Apr 21 14:45:53 <Captain_Murdoch_> lol Apr 21 14:47:47 <poptix>
14:55<Chutt>nice Apr 21 14:55:28 <Chutt> when'd you last update? Apr 21 14:55:37 --> Chang ( has
15:05<Chutt>mythtv isn't a frontend :p Apr 21 15:06:03 <hadees> i am sorry i didn't fraise that correct, i meant i liked
15:22<poptix>crucial is $65 Apr 21 15:22:17 <Chutt> $36 for 256MB of crucial ram Apr 21 15:22:31 <Morph> Chutt: for the
16:18<rkulagow_>then definately no mention of it in the HOWTO. Apr 21 16:18:49 <Chutt> i'm still tweaking it :( Apr 21
16:24<Chutt>heh Apr 21 16:25:59 <Chutt> you're screwed =) Apr 21 16:29:13 <mdz> sent them a note Apr 21 16:51:45 <Morph>
17:52<vektor>inman: oh. Apr 21 17:52:16 <yebyen> vektor: yeah, i'm watching comedy central and scifi mostly :) Apr 21
18:00<yebyen>Captain_Murdoch_: how much cpu does go into commercial detection? I didn't think it would be that much Apr
18:35<Tack>mencoder invariably tells me, after processing some number of seconds (40 or so) that "too many audio packets
19:18<_shad>ya Apr 21 19:19:00 <_shad> heh Apr 21 19:19:32 <_shad> Someone find a slashdot editor to add mythtv to the
19:54<inman>the cube cases aren't particularly attractive and seem pretty expensive. Apr 21 19:54:42 <inman> the materials
19:57<TheAsp>mythbackend running? Apr 21 19:57:44 <Morph> Yup. Apr 21 19:57:47 <hfb> Maybe this one.
20:57<inman>sup Timon Apr 21 20:57:45 <Timon> Hey inman Apr 21 20:59:20 <-- StarHeart has quit (Remote closed the
21:22-->Chang ( has joined #mythtv Apr 21 21:23:09 <inman> does the info box indicate a new
21:39<yebyen>ooh Apr 21 21:39:32 <yebyen> crucial has 512mb cf cards for $130 Apr 21 21:39:45 <yebyen> that's like, almost
21:56<Timon>we dont' get version here Apr 21 21:56:39 <Timon> err verision Apr 21 21:56:44 <yebyen> then it's like, $8/mo
22:27<wigginjs>oh Apr 21 22:28:00 <wigginjs> i see Apr 21 22:28:08 <Chutt> and it's not a feature Apr 21 22:28:09 <Chutt>
22:33<poptix>that's a good question though, is the deinterlacing done before or after compression? Apr 21 22:33:35 <Chutt>
23:27<inman>ivtv doesn't seem to unregister from the other modules. Apr 21 23:27:36 <inman> i thought that was just fixed.
23:31<inman>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000038 Apr 21 23:31:34 <inman> whee! Apr
23:41<inman>just checking. ;-) Apr 21 23:41:53 <Chutt> i go in and comment out the relevant bits of that Apr 21 23:42:06
23:44<Chutt>if it didn't get the entire chunk it wanted, yeah, it waits Apr 21 23:44:56 <Chutt> a usleep Apr 21 23:45:05