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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-23

01:59<mbrianb>could someone help me with an error? Apr 23 01:59:48 <mbrianb> ./setup: error while loading shared
03:09<mbrian>yeah i know i have a gentoo box also Apr 23 03:09:56 <mbrian> i thought it would be quicker to load redhat
10:30<nziarek_>of course, every new option you give me makes me rethink _everything_ i am never oging to have a new Iulius
12:35-->rkulagow ( has joined #mythtv Apr 23 12:35:16 <-- rkulagow_ has quit
13:03<moegreen>TheAsp: Yeah Apr 23 13:08:30 <TheAsp> HMM. Apr 23 13:09:17 <Chutt> and there's a setting in the general
13:47<mbrian>Chutt: should i rebuild qt? Apr 23 13:48:28 <-- hurdel_ has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Apr 23
13:51<mbrian>i know.. i tired the message board first.. i just was wondering if anyone had the same problem i had. Apr 23
14:05<inman>i must really suck at coding. :-) Apr 23 14:13:48 <poptix> Chutt: i don't understand how people have so many
14:18<Chutt>it'd fail installation if the libs weren't there Apr 23 14:18:32 <poptix> rpm -ql qt-MySQL Apr 23 14:18:34
14:56<mbrian>i don't have MyODBC or unixODBC.... those two are in the docs? Apr 23 14:58:05 <poptix> i believe you only
15:06<nziarek>duh, nate :) Apr 23 15:06:34 <moegreen> nziarek: or define each end and stretch the middle Apr 23 15:06:47
15:18<nziarek>moegreen: did you keep the option to display the current time with that red line in the theming? Apr 23
15:53<nziarek>moegreen: was pondering that. think i'll get rid of them (kinda ugly :) Apr 23 15:55:12 <moegreen> but hey -
15:57<moegreen>I'm thinking of making the category smaller than the title Apr 23 15:57:56 <nziarek> can you choose not to
16:30<Chutt>it's going to complicate the scheduler quite a bit, i think Apr 23 16:31:02 <inman> i'm a big fan of a single
17:14<nziarek>font kerning? or don't you have verdana Apr 23 17:15:16 <TheAsp> no, the opacity on the layers was all
20:05<poptix>it'd be nice if tvtime showed the icon and show info Apr 23 20:10:01 <-- nziarek has quit (Read error: 60
21:29<poptix>ah Apr 23 21:30:01 <poptix> cool Apr 23 21:30:09 --> hfb
22:11<poptix>vektor: any way to increase the delay before the OSD disappears/ Apr 23 22:11:39 <vektor> Are you NTSC or PAL
22:19<poptix>some shows have the current time down to 1 second resolution, some are 1 minute Apr 23 22:20:07 <vektor> ;-)
22:20<vektor>It's fun, eh? :) Apr 23 22:20:20 <poptix> yeah Apr 23 22:20:43 <poptix> XDS is a very spiffy, yet horribly