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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-26

00:01<mbrian>sweet reboot then.. brb Apr 26 00:01:53 <-- mbrian has quit ("Client Exiting") Apr 26 00:02:29 <Morph> Timon:
00:06<Timon>install a iso8859 font then :-) Apr 26 00:06:14 <Morph> but I have them. :) Apr 26 00:06:41 <Timon> Then rm
00:30<inman>i guess the per-diem deletion isn't working. Apr 26 00:31:13 <inman> didn't put in my nextoffset-removal. Apr
00:34<inman>yeah! Apr 26 00:34:18 <inman> we'll get there one way or another! Apr 26 00:34:37 <Morph> 4 bytes here..4
00:56<poptix>Chutt: did you see that they figured out how to get YUV out of the pvr cards? Apr 26 00:56:32 <inman> that
00:58<Chutt>morph, you're deaf :p Apr 26 00:58:59 <Morph> patience and I'll hear it? Apr 26 00:59:03 <Morph> I must be Apr
01:05<inman>man, and you give me a hard time for submitting useless code? Apr 26 01:05:42 <Chutt> that's tiny Apr 26
01:09<inman>what's more accurate than a frame? Apr 26 01:09:50 <Chutt> it's just guessing at the final position now Apr 26
02:19<inman>maybe 3-4 people in here every day complaining about this error message. Apr 26 02:19:07 <MEtaLpREs> the howto
02:23<inman>in which case, you'll probably have to rebuild qt against mysql. Apr 26 02:23:25 <MEtaLpREs> :) Apr 26
02:39<inman>still with me, MEtaLpREs Apr 26 02:39:50 <MEtaLpREs> no i don't have it Apr 26 02:40:00 <inman> you have
02:43<inman>Chutt: dropping a patch in the mail. should only improve things for gist users, so, mostly useless. Apr 26
02:45<MEtaLpREs>fun fun Apr 26 02:46:01 <inman> ask around, see if anyone else has had this problem and what their
13:15---zZzToxic is now known as NonToxic Apr 26 13:33:56 --> nziarek_ ( has
16:26<Chutt>looks like i'll have to include my own videodev/videodev2.h pairs in mythtv Apr 26 16:26:06 <mbrian> inman:
16:27<inman>but you don't want to keep drilling it into people? Apr 26 16:28:38 <Chutt> people aren't going to read it,
16:31<inman>putting the headers in doesn't solve the problem of people not rebuilding myth to use the headers. Apr 26
17:23<inman>yeah Apr 26 17:24:12 <inman> the thing that provokes the error message... Apr 26 17:24:18 <Chutt> right Apr 26
17:44<inman>Tack: i will in a couple weeks. Apr 26 17:47:59 --> orangey ( has
18:35<vektor>I'm not sure if they affect mythtv as much as they affect me though. Apr 26 18:35:45 <vektor> Also, don't use
18:43<Chutt>only took 17 minutes for sf to accept my email Apr 26 18:49:12 <PeteCool> orangey: the fonts are a little too
18:56<Chutt>but nothing's using it in the code Apr 26 18:56:56 <orangey> PeteCool: Oh yeah.. I know that one.. but that's
19:04<orangey>nice. Apr 26 19:05:04 <orangey> what's their data source? Apr 26 19:05:20 <inman> tms Apr 26 19:05:27
19:06<inman>recurring licensing fee, and you can't redistribute. Apr 26 19:06:37 <orangey> dang yo! Apr 26 19:06:38
19:38<orangey>woohoo! photoshop on linux! : ) Apr 26 19:38:39 <orangey> mmmm Apr 26 19:39:00 <inman> where? Apr 26
20:38<FryGuy>i suck.. I can't get X working again after changing motherboards Apr 26 20:38:49 <FryGuy> trying to use the
20:52<Chutt>i'm fixing this channel crap, first Apr 26 20:58:02 <Edgan> inman: photoshop worked fine for me, except for
23:06<--hurdel_ has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 26 23:08:09 <inman> Chutt: please omit the
23:25<Chutt>where it grabs the to record list Apr 26 23:25:08 <inman> okay. Apr 26 23:30:02 <Chutt> doesn't the vorbis
23:36<inman>3, if you count the backend's as well. Apr 26 23:36:22 <inman> yes. Apr 26 23:36:36 <Chutt> but, it doesn't
23:58<inman>easy to spot. Apr 26 23:58:55 <Chutt> eh Apr 26 23:59:06 <Chutt> the UI is slowed down by loading images and