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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-04-27

00:00<Chutt>sure looks to be Apr 27 00:01:05 <Chutt> revision 1.58 Apr 27 00:01:17 <inman> just did a diff... must be me.
00:01<inman>yep, it's me. Apr 27 00:02:36 <inman> delete-impossible is in mail. Apr 27 00:03:30 <inman> could i easily get
00:07<Chutt>is all Apr 27 00:07:59 <inman> i thought i saw hooks in there to pull random content. local files, whatever.
00:08<Chutt>yeah Apr 27 00:08:08 <Chutt> the ringbuffer class does normal files, too Apr 27 00:08:10 <inman> or maybe i'm
00:12<Chutt>it's passive =) Apr 27 00:12:47 <inman> heh Apr 27 00:12:51 <Chutt> the prebuffer thread doesn't even get
00:47<inman>hasta Apr 27 00:50:42 <Ober> anyone here have a wintv pvr 250 used on ntsc? Apr 27 00:50:51 <inman> i have a
01:02<inman>This is a common problem; the procedure that I've been suggesting: Apr 27 01:02:14 <inman> - patch < v4l2
01:53<j41>stb is just an old term for anything that was built from packages Apr 27 01:53:54 <inman> oh, so you just have a
01:59<inman>Timon: heh. Apr 27 01:59:31 <Ober> twm wont work either Apr 27 01:59:42 <inman> Timon: drunk for all the right
02:01<Morph>Ober: use the arrow keys. Apr 27 02:01:44 <Ober> host address backsetup Apr 27 02:01:46 <Timon> The keys that
02:05<Morph>Ober: if cat doesnt work..I doubt myth is gonna work. Apr 27 02:05:23 <Ober> bingo Apr 27 02:05:36 <Morph>
01:06localhostkernel: ivtv: Registered v4l2 device, minor 224 Apr 27 02:09:44 <Ober> insmod i2c-core Apr 27 02:09:44
02:22<Ober>Apr 27 01:19:07 localhost kernel: ivtv: ivtv-api.c: unknown ioctl 0x00005401 Apr 27 02:22:02 <Ober> Apr 27
02:24<Ober>wheels Apr 27 02:26:45 <Ober> Apr 27 02:27:33 <Morph> Ober: when you
02:28<Morph>Oh yeah. you definately want that too :) Apr 27 02:28:18 <Ober> type=1 Apr 27 02:28:33 <Ober> got it from the
02:44*Ober paces Apr 27 02:44:33 <Ober> well posted full log of messages of loading, cat(1)ing and rmmoding Apr 27
03:12<orangey>time for bed! Apr 27 03:16:32 <inman> hasta Apr 27 03:16:54 <orangey> Indeed.. and when I can, I'll do my
07:57<poptix>and try booting in single processor mode Apr 27 07:57:51 <Ober> ok, well the ivtv list stresses using it as
08:09<Ober>well SP is not going to happen Apr 27 08:15:15 <Ober> ok it compiled. odd, once I set SMP off, any -j2 would
10:04<inman>orangey: i'm thinking about switching to a 28hr day, though. Apr 27 10:04:45 <inman> 6 day weeks. Apr 27
10:11<inman>can't think of a reason, no. :-) Apr 27 10:11:29 <nziarek_> aside from the craziness factor Apr 27 10:11:39
10:15<inman>nziarek: the work-week is darker, but who cares? you're stuck at work. Apr 27 10:15:16 <poptix> so i'm okay
10:19<nziarek_>i am waiting for my trial link Apr 27 10:19:24 <inman> actually no, i killed my client accidentally. Apr 27
10:27<orangey>nziarek: Wait a few minutes. I'm going to implement that conflict change I was talking about and give more
10:33<Ober>inman if you need some let me know Apr 27 10:33:57 <Ober> I have a large collection on my afs server Apr 27
11:07<Chutt>well, hearing, more =) Apr 27 11:08:05 <inman> pick up some oatmeal for me, will ya? Apr 27 11:08:16 <Chutt>
11:55<Ober>hmm, oh yeah Apr 27 11:55:35 <inman> nziarek: why doesn't the top fade like the bottom does? Apr 27 11:55:42
11:59<nziarek_>i'll play with it and put them up for comment Apr 27 11:59:13 <inman> s/while/roll/ Apr 27 11:59:20 <inman>
14:04<Ndiin>*mutters* Apr 27 14:05:18 <Ndiin> Haven't had anything like that happen in years, heh Apr 27 14:05:32 <Ndiin>
14:32<--hfb has quit ("Huh! Wasn't me!") Apr 27 14:34:38 --> bambito ( has joined #mythtv Apr
15:36---lydickaw-sleep is now known as lydickaw Apr 27 15:37:12 <inman> wow Apr 27 15:38:09 <Chutt> please tell me ramon
15:59<TheAsp>yeah, gave 2.5.68 a spin yesterday, booted back into 2.4.19, ran ok, booted up this morning, couldnt mount /,
17:36<froggy19>er Apr 27 17:36:50 --- froggy19 is now known as FryGuy Apr 27 17:37:08 <FryGuy> unless you were talking to
18:49-->PhracturedBlue ( has joined #mythtv Apr 27 18:49:28 <-- PBlue_away has quit
19:28-->Ndiin ( has joined #mythtv Apr 27 19:31:26 <inman> howdy Apr 27 20:03:54 <Ober>
20:20<keyhack>I cannot seem to find a way to get MythTV to play in a window Apr 27 20:22:49 <-- justin has quit (Read
20:43<Chutt>keyhack, so minimize the windows you don't want to see Apr 27 20:44:04 <Chutt> it's not exactly difficult Apr
20:45<inman>keyhack: i gave you my solution. Apr 27 20:45:40 <Ober> make your Eterm transparant for the vids Apr 27
20:46<Chutt>if it was, the interface would be designed for a mouse and stuff Apr 27 20:46:54 <inman> keyhack: then i think
20:51<Chutt>they're not Apr 27 20:51:40 <Cloak> hrm Apr 27 20:51:41 <keyhack> Chutt: and its time to get a new one, the
20:52<Ober>card type has encoder card now Apr 27 20:53:21 <inman> Ober: follow the directions. i thought you had it
20:56<Chutt>does test_ioctl probe the inputs? Apr 27 20:56:14 <Ober> yeah cat /dev/ivtv works great Apr 27 20:56:17 <Ober>
21:24<Chutt>inman, just lemme know if that helps any if you get the chance Apr 27 21:25:09 <Chutt> should make the
21:46<inman>i think i should reload my sound drivers to make sure this isn't a new bug. Apr 27 21:47:45 <inman> rewind
22:00<moegreen>well...hmm...i've got the channel icons working now Apr 27 22:05:23 <Chutt> inman, i'm not using it in
22:06<moegreen>heh Apr 27 22:07:29 <inman> moegreen: please do not submit any channel-icons code. Apr 27 22:08:40 <Chutt>
22:26<inman>everything, right? Apr 27 22:26:09 <Chutt> the channel icons and preview pixmaps Apr 27 22:26:10 <inman> so
22:38<Chutt>use it for other stuff Apr 27 22:38:26 <Chutt> i never said get rid of it completely Apr 27 22:38:40 <Chutt>
23:49<bambito>question? i just got mythtv working but my screen is green? capture card too old? Apr 27 23:50:03 <bambito>