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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-10

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01:59<WarrenCanuck>anyone around?
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02:24<FryGuy>i am
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02:40<WarrenCanuck>i'm getting some things to start doing ps2 dev on monday and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a ps2 port of the frontend?
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10:35<rkulagow>chutt: are you here?
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10:56<rkulagow_>chutt: i lost my scrollback from last night. are you here?
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11:07<yebyen>does mythtv support (or plan to support) hardware mpeg2 decoders, like in the pvr-350?
11:15<Drikus___>well the decoder on the pvr350 can't be used like an dxr3 (no vga overlay) if that's what you want.
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11:16<Drikus___>feed an mpeg stream to the decoder and dma-ing it back to the user is possible
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11:25<yebyen>Drikus___: oh...
11:26<Drikus___>in theory that is. heh
11:26<yebyen>Drikus___: i don't actually have any idea what i'm talking about
11:26<yebyen>i'm just emailing back and forth with a dude
11:28<Drikus___>or did you meant encoding ? totaly differant story. :-)
11:28<yebyen>no, definitely decoding
11:28<yebyen>he wants to put it in a 533mhz fanless mini-itx machine
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11:33<Drikus___>got an mini-itx myself. epia M9000 but it could barely handle the full mpeg2.. stream (933 mhz) . but doable. but are you talking about an epia with c3 or another board with proc?
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11:49<sandeen_>not sure what I'm doing wrong... I run mythtv, and get:
11:49<sandeen_>'connecting to backend server:
11:49<sandeen_>Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
11:49<sandeen_>and then... nothing
11:50<sandeen_>logfile says
11:50<sandeen_>adding: porter as a player 1
11:50<sandeen_>adding: porter as a player 0
11:50<sandeen_>adding: porter as a player 0
11:50<sandeen_>adding: porter as a remote ringbuffer
11:50<sandeen_>Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
11:51<sandeen_>I think I did all the mysql/filldatabase/mythtvsetup stuff right...
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11:53<sandeen_>"If you're using Gnome as your window manager, try switching to KDE"
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12:51<edvalez>hi there....i just installed mythweather, but the location setup isn't coming up with any city names, just the letters of the i missing something?
13:06<inman>hit the right arrow.
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13:22<edvalez>moegreen: i installed mythweather today but no cities come up when i go to the first letter of the city...did i miss something?
13:23<moegreen>edvalez: the accid.dat file wasn't in cvs for a little while - do you have that file? it would be in /usr/local/share/mythtv/mythweather
13:24<edvalez> i dont have that file
13:24<moegreen>ok, you can get it in cvs or download it from
13:24<moegreen>put that file in the /usr/local/share/mythtv/mythweather dir and everything should work :)
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13:39<edvalez>hmm...if i copy accid.dat to that location, then run mythfrontend and hit enter on the Weather doesn't do anything. if i remove the file, then hit the Weather button, i get the configuration screen for mythweather
13:42<mdz_>sandeen_: where did you see that comment about gnome and KDE?
13:42<mdz_>gnome isn't a window manager
13:47<moegreen>Chutt: that grabber class is working - though I had to be shifty and add some extra http headers into the mix (namely User-Agent because IMDB only allows certain browsers I guess)
13:48<edvalez>any suggestions for anything else to try moegreen?
13:49<moegreen>edvalez: run mythweather from a console with --configure
13:49<moegreen>edvalez: how did you get the file?
13:49<moegreen>cvs or the website?
13:49<edvalez>i tried saving it from the website using wget
13:54<edvalez> gets up to Setting up layout for page #5 then a Segmentation Fault
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14:42<rkulagow_>chutt: are you here?
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14:49<sandeen_>mdz_ it was in the docs on the homepage
14:49<sandeen_>but yes, you are right :)
14:49* mdz_peers at rkugalow
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14:50<rkulagow_>hey, not my section - that's Cedar. i'm a blackbox man myself; kde and gnome do too much that's not needed by MythTV.
14:51<rkulagow_>blackbox is the only WM i've gotten to work reliably without stupid focus issues with LIRC.
14:51<sandeen_>hrm. mythtv uses qt?
14:51<sandeen_>(not that my little box can even encode anythng, I just wanted to look at it) :)
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15:02<sandeen_>often after I try to start the frontend, it looks like the backend dies:
15:02<sandeen_>[root@porter root]# service mythbackend restart
15:02<sandeen_>Stopping mythbackend: [FAILED]
15:02<sandeen_>Starting mythbackend:
15:02<sandeen_>[ OK ]
15:18<sandeen_>[root@porter root]# service mythbackend status
15:18<sandeen_>mythbackend dead but pid file exists
15:18<sandeen_>time for debugging output
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17:05<hadees>did anyone here use the rpms to install?
17:05<sandeen_>I used the ones from atrpms
17:05<sandeen_>don't have things working yet
17:06<hadees>does the setup program come with it?
17:06<sandeen_>I ran mythtvsetup...
17:06<hadees>where is that at, when you install the rpms
17:07<sandeen_>which rpms did -you- find? :)
17:07<hadees>i installed mythtv with the rpms but i can't find the setup file
17:08<sandeen_>where did you get your rpms?
17:08<hadees>same place you did
17:08<sandeen_>you installed all of them?
17:09<sandeen_>[root@porter root]# rpm -qa | grep mythtv
17:09<hadees>i installed with the tarball but i kept getting can't find blue theme
17:09<hadees>i did apt-get install mythtv
17:09<hadees>i belive it installed all that
17:09<sandeen_>well, I'm not hte right one to talk to, I haven't made it work yet :)
17:10<sandeen_>starting the frontend kills my backend :/
17:10<hadees>yeah but you did run the setup file right?
17:10<hadees>and it worked?
17:10<sandeen_>I ran mythtvsetup, and it worked
17:10<sandeen_>you need to initialize the db, too
17:10<hadees>thats ahead of me
17:10<sandeen_>for starters, find mc.sql and do
17:10<sandeen_>mysql < mc.sql
17:10<hadees>i know all that
17:11<hadees>i can't find mythtvsetup
17:11<sandeen_>[root@porter root]# rpm -qf `which mythtvsetup`
17:11<hadees>but i am going to look back mabey apt-get install mythtv missed somthing
17:11<sandeen_>[root@porter root]# which mythtvsetup
17:11<hadees>okay thanks
17:11<sandeen_>try rpm -q mythtv-backend
17:19<sandeen_>lame error, exiting
17:19<sandeen_>ah, hm.
17:40<sandeen_>wehre do the config options live?
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18:55<hadees>i noticed on the mailing list people were talking about making a news ticker a while ago. Anyone working on that?
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20:50<WarrenCanuck>i've been thinking of porting the frontend to the ps2, does anyone see a need for this?
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21:21<sandeen_>has anyone had trouble with lame failures & mythtv?
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