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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-15

00:00<Chutt>it'll at least print a message out to the console and exit playback
00:00<rkulagow>i guess i'm going to have to tell the mother-in-law that she's not going to be able to watch the rest of CSI.
00:00<Chutt>might try it again
00:00<Chutt>could go right past that part
00:00<rkulagow>(actually, she found the earlier commercial skip close to the end thing too)
00:00<Chutt>which csi?
00:01<rkulagow>it's a repeat from TNN
00:01<Chutt>anyway, i'd try playing that again
00:01<Chutt>it might work
00:01<Chutt>unless the file's _really_ broken
00:04<rkulagow>man, shows sure look stupid when they're compressed like that. (TNN has that stupid bar at the bottom)
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00:04<rkulagow>ok, i'll try again. thanks.
00:04<Timon>rkulagow: TNN is renaming themselves. I think there new name is going to be Sharp or some crazy shit like that.
00:04<Chutt>i think i'll make it 10 megs
00:04<Timon>That was it
00:04<rkulagow>like price waterhouse coopers renaming themselves "monday"
00:04<Timon>Thats really gay :-)
00:04<rkulagow>or SCO sending out those stupid "stop using linux" letters
00:04<rkulagow>ok, i'm going to restart the GDB session. need anything else?
00:05<thor_>rkulagow, I think I know how to have it skip cd extra stuff on ripping ... could you remind in a couple of days if you don't see a commit that fixes it
00:05<rkulagow>thor: sure.
00:06<thor_>rkulagow, you know, I'm one of the few people in the world that still has Monday business cards with my name on them
00:06<rkulagow>that's ok, i've still got an enron coffee mug
00:06<Timon>thor_: you used to work at PWC/monday?
00:06<thor_>briefly, and IBM
00:06<thor_>(IBM bought PwC consulting)
00:07<thor_>sure would like an enron coffee mug though =)
00:07<thor_>probably as valuable on ebay as etoys stock certificates
00:07<Timon>I wanted one of those Aeron chairs :-)
00:08<thor_>I'm sitting on one ... which I guess IBM technically now owns
00:08<thor_>but they can't have it back
00:08<Timon>Are they nice chairs? Worth the money?
00:08<Chutt>rkulagow, checked in, but it just makes it exit if it finds something like that
00:08<Chutt>not sure if i can recover :(
00:09<thor_>Timon, not sure if they're really worth the money ... but they are comfy
00:09<Timon>Guy I work with just bought one for his home office, paid about $800 for it
00:09<Timon>If my side work picks up dramaticly, I was thinkin about picking one up
00:10<thor_>Not sure my but could tell the difference with a good $80 chair ...
00:10<thor_>used to be great deals on closeouts in SF on Aerons
00:10<Timon>I haven't found a good $80 chair
00:11<Timon>I have a $75 chair and its crap. Gave it to the wife. Got a $200 "Excutative" chair, it nice, but not very adjustable.
00:12<Timon>Got a $300 one at work thats comfy, but not super comfy. But its very very adjustable
00:12<thor_>Herman Miller (same guys that do that Aeron) sell a lot of really good (long lasting, well made, comfortable) chairs for far less than the Aeron
00:12<Timon>Are they fully adjustable? Seat pan, chair back, tilt, height, etc?
00:14<thor_>Some yes, some no .... see
00:21<Timon>The ambi series of chairs look good
00:31<Captain_Murdoch>Just ran commercial flagging using only scene change detection and it came up with almost the same exact timestamp marks as the blank frame detection. so now users will have 3 detection options: 1) Blank Frame, 2) Blank Frame + Scene Detection, 3) Scene Detection. #2 does blank frame detection then uses scene change into to try to fill in any gaps that look like potential commercials.
00:32<Captain_Murdoch>something for non-U.S. users to try (or anyone else who can't use the blank-frame stuff)
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00:37<Captain_Murdoch>big diff to commercial_skip.cpp. going to let it run here tonight and then commit tomorrow.
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00:42<Timon>moegreen: You here?
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02:13<Timon>Anyone tell me why I keep getting this from gdb: (no debugging symbols found)...(no debugging symbols found)...
02:13<Timon>I do in fact have mythmusic compiles for debug. I've confirmed this with nm. I've tried re-compiling my gdb from the source on the gnu site
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02:41<thor_>Timon, are you running mythmusic or ./mythmusic ?\
02:43<thor_>also, if you're CTRL-C'ing and/or segfaulting on library code, do you have the mythtv tree compiled for debugging?
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09:57<rkulagow>this is why i think that selling pre-configured mythtv boxes might be a nightmare:
09:57<rkulagow>"One last question, how do you post replies to message on the mailing list? (mail using the same subject or something?"
10:01<rkulagow>nziarek, are you here?
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11:51<thor_>mdz, succinct as always
11:53<mdz>"I have an idea, just store it in a variable. I think this will fix it."
11:54<thor_>"hurry up and implement my idealized notion of a fix"
12:03<poptix>the real answer is to have an option for everything under the settings menu of course
12:03<poptix>and a scripting language, preferably perl.
12:11<Chutt>thor, i have absolutely no idea what's wrong with mythmusic for that guy
12:12<Chutt>did some extended testing with valgrind last night, didn't come up with anything
12:12<Chutt>other than i doubled the size of the output buffer to hide that bad write error
12:15<rkulagow>huh, celeron 450 can't decode a 720x480 MPEG-2 while simultaneously running a mythbackend when everything is running in gdb. just trying to spec the absolute lowest CPU/system combo since people are like, "can i use myth with my PII/300?" =)
12:15<Chutt>debug mode does slow things down considerably
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12:17<rkulagow>yep; i'm going to try my p166 next.
12:17<rkulagow>(probably won't use debug mode)
12:17<Chutt>it at least doubles cpu usage
12:17<Chutt>you have more old hardware than i do =)
12:18<rkulagow>i think i still have an old 486DX-2 motherboard with SIPP chips on it.
12:18<Chutt>mdz, you want to try out current CVS with the TESTVSYNC code enabled
12:18<Chutt>you do :p
12:19<mdz>I do?
12:19<mdz>I thought that used a lot more CPU
12:19<Chutt>a little more
12:19<mdz>what's your estimate?
12:19<Chutt>but i want to see if it works elsewhere
12:19<Chutt>half again as much
12:19<Chutt>current code assumes your refresh rate is 2x framerate
12:19<Chutt>and a/v sync goes bad
12:20<Chutt>but it's smooth
12:20<Chutt>at least here
12:20<Chutt>just curious =)
12:20<mdz>I won't be home until late tonight
12:20<Chutt>think it needs a nvidia card
12:20<Chutt>naw, no rush =)
12:20<mdz>I have one now
12:20<mdz>actually I have one right here too
12:20<Chutt>i know
12:20<Chutt>well, that you were using one now
12:21<mdz>01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV11GL [Quadro2 MXR/EX] (rev b2) (prog-if 00 [VGA])
12:21<Chutt>old =)
12:22<mdz>they come out with a new chip every other week
12:22<poptix>rkulagow: i've got a P233MMX that runs as a mythfrontend just fine
12:22<mdz>this system is like 6 months old
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12:38<rkulagow>hrmm. the celeron 450 that i was using to test with exited out with a "Connection Timed Out" message when I was in the program guide. mythbackend wasn't running and this was non-DEBUG version of the code.
12:39<mdz>Chutt: what's -DQWS about? is that for qt/e?
12:39<Chutt>where's that?
12:40<mdz>CXXFLAGS, that is
12:40<Chutt>it shouldn't be defined anywhere
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12:40<Chutt>i'm using it in a couple places to disable X stuff, though
12:40<mdz>no, it doesn't look liek it is (in mythtv, that is)
12:40<Chutt>but i don't think it's defined
12:40<mdz>but qmake seems to be defining it
12:40<mdz>g++ -c -pipe -DQWS -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti -Wall -W -O6 -march=pentiumpro -fomit-frame-pointer -funroll-loops -fexpensive-optimizations -DVSYNCTEST `freetype-config --cflags` -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DMMX -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I/usr/share/qte3/mkspecs/default -I. -I/usr/local/include -I../libmyth -I.. -I../libavcodec -I../libavformat -I../libdvbdev -I/usr/share/qte3/include -o dv
12:40<mdz>brecorder.o dvbrecorder.cpp
12:41<mdz>(I added -DVSYNCTEST)
12:41<Chutt>you could just uncomment the #define VSYNCTEST 1 in NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
12:41<mdz>oh, I have qte on this box
12:41<Chutt>what's your QTDIR set to?
12:41<mdz>QTDIR isn't set
12:41<mdz>oh, yes it is
12:41<mdz>heh. that xterm I used like 2 months ago to build opie
12:41<Chutt>must be set to one of the qte mkspecs
12:44<mdz>I can't believe how slow P4s are
12:44<mdz>this is a 2GHz machine
12:44<Chutt>it's all g++
12:44<mdz>it takes almost as long to build myth as on my 1.2GHz athlon at home
12:45<thor_>Funny ... I've found it faster on P4's than on Athlon's ...
12:45<mdz>I use a P4 at work and an athlon at home
12:45<thor_>just anecdotal evidence though (3 or 4 machines)
12:45<mdz>XP2000 until it fried, and now 1.2GHz t-bird
12:45<mdz>the XP was decidedly faster, both empirically and by measurement
12:46<mdz>I need to try to RMA the XP again
12:46<thor_>it's really amazing how long it does take to build ... 200k lines of code in well under a year.
12:47<Chutt>a large chunk of that's libavcodec, of course
12:47<thor_>and my really long comments with lots of whitespace =)
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12:56<poptix>^- screenshot from matrix reloaded
12:56<poptix>that was great
12:58<thor_>potix, looks like a SSH exploit?
12:59<poptix>it's from a part of the movie where they break into a computer
13:00<thor_>Nice to know the hegemonous machines are using old versions of sshd
13:03<poptix>it's inside the matrix, hacking into a company computer
13:04<poptix>very realistic =P
13:04<poptix>i would have preferred to see them exploiting IIS though =)
13:26<rkulagow>well, that's neat. got both PVR250 cards running at the same time in the same chassis.
13:29<rkulagow>but the frontend watching live tv is stuttery.
13:29<rkulagow>33% CPU on the frontend.
13:30<poptix>probably pushing 16mbit on both cards
13:30<poptix>local or remote frontend?
13:30<rkulagow>remote frontend
13:31<rkulagow>100mbps fast e full duplex
13:33<rkulagow>all three machines are reporting 100/full duplex.
13:34<rkulagow>wonder where i'm running out of {something}
13:48<mdz>Chutt: libavcodec is all C; g++ is _way_ slower than gcc :-)
13:50<mdz>Mr. Pedersen will not let it go
13:50<Chutt>i'm stashing the mini-itx board and tiny little power supply in that big black case i bought
13:50<Chutt>it's funny how empty the thing is =)
13:50<poptix>i'm contemplating putting a backend in the attic
13:50<poptix>wire the cable into it, then disconnect all the cable to my apartment
13:50<poptix>actually, hm
13:50<poptix>that could really confuse the cable audit crews
13:51<mdz>oh wait
13:51<mdz>Michael Pedersen is Mr. GnuPG
13:51<mdz>I did not make the connection until just now, or I would not have wasted time replying
13:57<poptix>ir Mr GnuPG anything like Mr djb?
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14:05<mdz>as athlon xp's go, which is the higher-end chip, thoroughbred or palomino?
14:05<mdz>ah, the thoroughbred
14:05<mdz>because that's what AMD thinks I have
14:05<mdz>though I have the palomino
14:06<poptix>heh =)
14:06<poptix>if you're RMA'ing a chip, they don't care
14:07<poptix>i sent them a 1ghz tbird, they sent back a 1.6gig 2000+
14:07<poptix>for them, it's cheaper
14:09<mdz>so they'll probably send me a thoroughbred
14:09<mdz>which is fine with me
14:10<mdz>my motherboard may not support it, but I'm going to buy a new one anyawy, because I think the motherboard may have fried the chip
14:10<mdz>soon I should be able to compile mythtv again
14:17<Chutt>s/compile/contribute code/
14:20<poptix>Chutt: did you get around to checking the bios hardware monitoring values against lm_sensors?
14:21<Chutt>they're the same
14:21<mdz>it says 240 degrees C?
14:21<poptix>any response from VIA?
14:21<mdz>oh, that was a different person's sensor thing
14:21<mdz>this was the 85 degree one
14:21<Chutt>naw haven't emailed
14:21<mdz>but they're both low at idle, right?
14:21<Chutt>though, this bigger case seems to be keeping it down to low 70s
14:22<mdz>or did you catch it hot in the bios too?
14:22<Chutt>both low at idle
14:22<Chutt>like, low 40s or so
14:25<poptix>Chutt: if your stove ever breaks ...
14:25<Chutt>i've got the xp for that
14:26<Chutt>just slapped in an 80mm case fan
14:26<Chutt>let's see how that changes things
14:33<Chutt>seems to keep it to mid 60s
14:34<Chutt>can't tell how loud it is in here, though =)
14:52<rkulagow>i'm the one with the 223C "temp3", whatever that is. considering that my house would be on fire if something in my PC were actually that hot, i think that's a sensor malf.
14:52<Chutt>it's probably not hooked up to anything
14:53<rkulagow>probably. well, off to costco.
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15:05<Chutt>yeah, this big case is working really well
15:05<Chutt>ah well
15:05<Chutt>i can still use it out front, it's just larger =)
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15:11<poptix>9c61c6604f4439c3da32a4b7f04ae27f3ab74903 702 5226
15:11<poptix>that's a lot of traffic
15:11<rkulagow>what is that, an MD5 hash?
15:12<poptix>it's a bittorrent
15:12<poptix>702 people with the full copy, 5,226 people downloading
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15:23<Chutt>quieter than the furnace fan
15:43<bigguy>Chutt: what kinda case did you move it into?
15:44<Chutt>the big black one linked to from the website
15:44<Chutt>if that link still works
15:45<bigguy>so it was designed for the via boards?
15:45<Chutt>it's full-sized atx
15:45<bigguy>did you put a different heatsink on the proc also?
15:46<bigguy>how big is the stock heatsink/?fan? combo?
15:47<Chutt>tiny, of course
15:48<bigguy>need to invest in a large copper hsf and some artic alumina thermal glue
15:49<Chutt>that won't fit on the board
15:52<bigguy>everythings so cramped as it is I'd imagine
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16:28<thor_>Chutt, did move everything to Qt threads just to be consistent, or is there something about pthreads we don't like?
16:28<Chutt>in libmyth?
16:29<Chutt>just part of a plan to be consistent eventually
16:29<Chutt>no hard rule about it
16:29<thor_>just curious
16:41<Chutt>got code for me? =)
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