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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-17

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02:34<moegreen>rkulagow: I'm around - what's up?
02:34<moegreen>(though I'd guess you're not around at 2:30 on a Friday night)
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02:49<FryGuy>i'm up :)
02:49<bline>me too!
02:50<bline>prolly go home soon and install my new pvr-250
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08:26<bline>good mornin
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10:08<gerrynjr>hello all
10:08<gerrynjr>I have a question..
10:09<gerrynjr>this is an idea i've been working with for the past couple months...
10:09<gerrynjr>but what would it take to make a par with mythtv...
10:09<gerrynjr>kind of make a mythaudio tool
10:09<gerrynjr>for car stereos..
10:09<gerrynjr>or a replacement for car stereos
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10:37<rkulagow>moegreen: are you back?
10:38<Ripp>hey guys, going to update my CVS install, it's not broken atm is it?
10:38<gerrynjr>any ideas?
10:42<rkulagow_>chutt: right now, i've added this terribly nasty hack/kluge. do you plan on putting profiles back in at some point?
10:42<rkulagow_>Index: tv_rec.cpp
10:42<rkulagow_>RCS file: /var/lib/mythcvs/mythtv/libs/libmythtv/tv_rec.cpp,v
10:42<rkulagow_>retrieving revision 1.76
10:42<rkulagow_>diff -u -d -r1.76 tv_rec.cpp
10:42<rkulagow_>--- tv_rec.cpp 14 May 2003 02:43:29 -0000 1.76
10:42<rkulagow_>+++ tv_rec.cpp 17 May 2003 14:41:17 -0000
10:42<rkulagow_>@@ -443,10 +443,12 @@
10:42<rkulagow_> profile.loadByID(db_conn, profileID);
10:42<rkulagow_> else
10:42<rkulagow_> profile.loadByName(db_conn, "Default");
10:42<rkulagow_>+if (gContext->GetHostName() == "bedroom") profile.loadByName(db_conn, "PVR-250 Recording");
10:42<rkulagow_> }
10:42<rkulagow_> else
10:42<Chutt>eventually, yeah
10:42<rkulagow_> {
10:42<rkulagow_> profile.loadByName(db_conn, "Live TV");
10:42<rkulagow_>+if (gContext->GetHostName() == "bedroom") profile.loadByName(db_conn, "PVR-250 Live");
10:42<rkulagow_> }
10:42<rkulagow_> }
10:42<rkulagow_>i added two profiles and setup them up for 720x480 and reset default and live back to 480x480 for the Bt8x8 stuff
10:47<rkulagow_>chutt: just sent you some screenshots of something i got in the EPG last night.
10:47<rkulagow_>sent them to moegreen as well.
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10:48<bline>got my pvr 250 today =)
10:49<rkulagow_>bline: good for you. the driver is still sort of iffy; i lost a recording that was scheduled to run on a PVR250 because myth kept printing something like "read/write error /dev/v4l/video0" when the recording was supposed to start. ended up with a 0 byte .nuv file.
10:51<bline>Yeah, I've head there were some issues so far but I'm brave
10:56<gerrynjr>does myth support just audio recording from a rdio card?
10:57<gerrynjr>a personal audio recorder type idea?
10:57<gerrynjr>i'll have to work on that idea then
10:57<gerrynjr>hoping to make an in car system
10:57<gerrynjr>utilizing the myth backend
10:57<gerrynjr>to record radio stations
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10:58<OrangeSun>hello my friends : )
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12:58<OrangeSun>does mythfilldatabase cull the database for old listings?
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14:16<OrangeSun>ok, new question..
14:16<OrangeSun>how many days does mythfill fill for?
14:21<Captain_Murdoch>depends on a lot of things. if using north american grabber then it grabs like 8 days the first time you run it, then when you run it every day it will grab the next day's data plus the 8th day in the future (so 2 days worth of data is fetched every day).
14:21<OrangeSun>ok.. so 8 days into the future.. what about the other grabbers?
14:28<Captain_Murdoch>not sure. I think some fetch a week at a time so you only run them once a week. I'm in the U.S. so I use the north american grabber.
14:34<OrangeSun>presumably everybody using directv will also be in north america..
14:34<OrangeSun>so that works dandy
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15:45<rkulagow_>thor, i think you told me to ping you in a few days about the mythmusic and selective track ripping issue with "CD Extra" CD's
15:59<thor_>rkulagow, yes ... can you ping me again in a few days
15:59<thor_>I had to travel (yet again) for work on short notice
16:00<thor_>way behind on mythmusic themeing
16:11<FryGuy>we'd save the listing company so much bandwidth by letting us redistribute them :/
16:12<FryGuy>anyways, I have a question on how feasable something I want to do would be.
16:13<FryGuy>what I want to do is write something that will go through the recordings take the commercials in a recording and reencode them as seperate files in a /video/commercials directory, and then write some heuristics to determine which ones are the same so I can do a count on how many commercials get repeated
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16:17<Captain_Murdoch>FryGuy: great way to start that would be to add a function to myth to read the commercial list or cutlist and reencode the file without those parts. then you could reverse it and reencode only those parts. or you could just run your analysis on the current files and just keep your heuristic information.
16:18<Chutt>thor, any way i could get the code?
16:18<Captain_Murdoch>current commercial code can get a list of individual commercials or the whole commercial breaks. you could just grab say the 45th and 90
16:18<Chutt>i'd like to help
16:19<Captain_Murdoch>90th frame from each commercial and store those. then just read through .nuv files searching for frames where all pixels match within say 2% of the stored frame.
16:19<FryGuy>that's what I was going to do
16:20<FryGuy>is the 45th frame necessarily the same time into a commercial though?
16:20<Captain_Murdoch>so do you really need to take the commercials out of the current file or can you just analyze the existing .nuv.
16:20<FryGuy>well, I wanted to make a website of commercials
16:20<Captain_Murdoch>only take the 45th and 90th on the first run. then you just search for those frames anywhere.
16:20<FryGuy>oh i see
16:21<FryGuy>i wanted to optimize it a little more.. that's a pretty deep search
16:21<Captain_Murdoch>so those are your samples. you could just search for those 2 frames in the first 4-5 seconds of a commercial though to determine if it's the same. but sometimes they get cut off so you'd want a little breathing room.
16:21<Captain_Murdoch>take more than one sample in case the one you take is blank though. that's why I was saying 2 frames.
16:22<FryGuy>i guess it wouldn't be too bad to search 45 +- 15 frames for that frame
16:22<Captain_Murdoch>and not too close tot he beginning since it may get cut off sometimes.
16:22<FryGuy>i was actually going to manually name and archive them, but I think it would be useful to try to determine which ones are the same
16:23<FryGuy>I can't work on this right now anyways, I was just getting ideas
16:23<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: if I checkin the external commercial flagging program, is there anything I need to do besides create the .cvsignore file, add the directory, add the main.cpp and .pro file and then commit?
16:24<Captain_Murdoch>FryGuy: you could even keep track of what shows had what commercials to show who they're targetting. :)
16:24<OrangeSun>fry: You gonna try to recreate the adcritic?
16:24<FryGuy>well, I figure if I'm skipping commercials, I should at least pretend to watch them :)
16:25<FryGuy>what's the adcritic?
16:39<thor_>Chutt said thor, any way i could get the code?
16:39<thor_>Chutt, just sorting out some details (avoiding flicker, etc.) ... soon
16:41<OrangeSun>hmmm. do you guys know of an "easy" way to search IMDB?
16:42<OrangeSun>such that I can call it from a script and have it return the most likely page?
16:42<thor_>as in mythweb?
16:43<poptix>i went through the trouble of reassembling my mythfrontend netboot box, and booting it, just so i could copy a file off of it
16:43<poptix>then i realized that 'duh, the file is on the nfs server'
16:43<OrangeSun>thor_: kinda.
16:43<poptix>netboot box has no hard drive
16:44<OrangeSun>thor_: any ideas?
16:45<thor_>OrangeSun, build a url of the type
16:45<thor_>don't know of a more "programmatic" interface
16:45<OrangeSun>thor_: the problem with that is that it sometimes returns multiple hits..
16:45<OrangeSun>what I want is to be able to cull information from the page it returns (like ratings)
16:46<thor_>ORangeSun, you may be able to add categories to the URL, but you're always going to have to deal with a bad result
16:47<OrangeSun>thor: I guess : )
16:47<OrangeSun>thor: The problem is that currently, my categories aren't reliable..
16:47<OrangeSun>for example, tv guide was returning a freakin' "animated" as the category for red dragon.
16:49<thor_>aren't ratings already in mythfilldatabase stuff (haven't looked in along time, but mythweb seems to get them that way)
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16:54<OrangeSun>thor: There are only those ratings if something puts them in there..
16:54<OrangeSun>right now I'm working on something to put DTV's PPV movies in there..
17:08<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: you around?
17:11<Captain_Murdoch>if you see this sometime. check out the mythcommflag program in cvs now. It should give you a way to run commercial flagging on a machine other than the slower backends. you can turn off auto-flagging and just run mythcommflag in the cron every so often on any machine that can access the database and master backend.
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17:38<OrangeSun>thor: looks like xmltv has imdb search functions of some variety
17:39<thor_>OrangeSun, if xmltv has it, they have probably done a reasonable job thinking about the problem
17:43<Chutt>there, finally
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17:45<OrangeSun>thor: I know.. turns out there is an xml file that is about 1/2 GB
17:45<OrangeSun>that imdb makes available..
17:54<OrangeSun>chutt: Would it be possible to have it such that we could pass mythfilldatabase a file which it would process?
17:55<OrangeSun>so, if we ran "mythfilldatabase --myinfo /tmp/file" it would process that?
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18:18<Chutt>mythfilldatabase --help
18:18<Chutt>see the --file option
18:25<foom>where did the mythmusic code come from? was it written for myth or is it from some other project?
18:27<Chutt>which took a bunch of it from freeamp
18:30<OrangeSun>chutt: you rock : )
18:33<OrangeSun>chutt: Next question: If the file contains only *part* of the overall, will it override? not override? erase everything and only enter in that part?
18:34<Chutt>it will probably erase the entire day, unless you pass in the --update parameter
18:35<OrangeSun>chutt: Alrightie..
18:36<OrangeSun>chutt: SO, I want to put in the PPV material. This is my planned sequence: 1) mythfill regularly. 2) erase channels 100 - 200 (DTV PPV). 3) mythfill --update --file
18:36<OrangeSun>any logical failures?
18:39<Chutt>that's fine
18:45<OrangeSun>chutt: must I include the channel id= part? or is it sufficient to go right onto the <programme> tags?
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19:58<WizFactor>MythTV won't compile for me after just updating (Only 2 commits since I updated last)
20:03<rkulagow_>captain murdoch: i saw the commit for the stand-alone commercial flagger. what happens in the case where the file doesn't have a seektable? will it make one? (ie, is this also a way to fix my damaged files?)
20:09<Chutt>wizfactor, captain_murdoch broke things
20:09<Chutt>there's a fix on the mailing list
20:10<Chutt>i'm just too lazy to check it in right now
20:12<Chutt>the nehemiah's not quite fast enough to do the 8kbps mpg2 files
20:12<Chutt>it _occasionally_ maxes out the cpu
20:12<Chutt>dropping it down to 6kbps, however, makes it run smooth =)
20:15<Ripp>any mythweather gurus out there
20:17<poptix>Chutt: for decoding?
20:18<poptix>or is it acting as a front and back end
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20:19<Chutt>pvr-250, though
20:19<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: just fixed cvs
20:19<Chutt>the main issue seems to be that the Xv driver is doing some bits in software
20:19<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: I plan on adding something to fix the seektable but it's not in there yet.
20:19<Chutt>it doesn't seem to do yuv420p in hardware
20:19<Chutt>captain_murdoch, thanks =)
20:20<Ripp>is cvs mythweather broken? can't get it to load any data for anyplace
20:20<Chutt>i need to add an x/y offset to the display
20:20<Chutt>ripp, working fine for me
20:21<Ripp>hm, it just gives me the timeout error, have the aggr level set at 15
20:22<Chutt>i just grabbed a completely new checkout of it about an hour ago, works fine
20:22<Ripp>I'll try blowing away my current dir and do that
20:24<bline>I need a bigger drive for all these shows, guess 160G just isn't enough
20:26* poptixhugs his new hauppauge remote
20:26<poptix>Chutt: hauppauge has some great customer service
20:26<poptix>they overnighted the remote for my pvr-250 to me, along with another IR cable
20:32<bline>is the coax tv-in on the pvr-250 "Tuner0" in mythsetup?
20:36<Ripp>hm, no go, any location I just get 'timeout change aggr level'
20:36<Ripp>already set at 15... :(
20:37<Ripp>what would happen if I changed it to like 30 in the db...
20:40<rkulagow_>ripp: i had the same issue with mythweather failing no matter how high i had the aggressiveness level. did you try a nslookup on the www site and hardcoding the IP address in the code instead?
20:40<rkulagow_>chutt, moegreen: did you have a chance to look at the snapshots i emailed?
20:40<rkulagow_>captin murdoch: great, looking forward to it. (fixing broken seektables)
20:41<Ripp>what file is that in?
20:42<rkulagow_>weathercomms.cpp. replace with the IP address you get from dig or nslookup and see if that helps.
20:43<Ripp>doh does it require nslookup be available
20:43<rkulagow_>no, it doesn't. use instead of
20:44<Ripp>stand by (emerge bind-tools in progress)
20:44<rkulagow_>nslookup was just for you to get the IP address for your particular location in case is doing fancy stuff with load balancing based on source IP.
20:45<Ripp>msnbc? how evil. I would've set it up to use noaa/nws data myself
20:51<foom>i would have used
20:53<rkulagow_>i'm sure that moegreen will happily take any code you send him for alternate weather data providers.
20:54<foom>or or might be nice
20:54<foom>xml formatted weather data. :)
20:57<Ripp>hm nope that didn't get it...I'll mess with it some other time...
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21:01<poptix>hey chutt, did you release .9?
21:02<poptix>doesn't look like you did, yet people are asking for help with it
21:04<FryGuy>i think they mean cvs
21:05<poptix>then they should say CVS
21:21<OrangeSun>tv_imdb: failed to find a match for movie "Young Housewives 2 (2002)"
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21:30* poptixponders how to get his remote working
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21:36<poptix>i wonder if this WinTV Go is really mono-only
21:39<poptix>as a side note, my DVD player sucks
21:39<poptix>the remote control wrecks havoc on both my hauppauge IR, and my TV
21:39<poptix>Regent HT-500
21:51<OrangeSun>poptix: it is : ) (mono only, that is)
21:53<OrangeSun>anyone know what the end of an xml grab file looks like?
21:53<OrangeSun>is it maybe </tv>?
22:18<OrangeSun>woowoo!! I think this xml-based dealie is a much more reasonable way of delivering dtv to the masses!!
22:18<OrangeSun>dtv-ppv listings, that is
22:31<OrangeSun>chutt: Must the "channels" parts of the XML file be there to successfully be read by mythfill?
22:32<OrangeSun>chutt: Also, must the file have a "clean" eof? this is what I currently get (I haven't set an EOF)
22:33<OrangeSun>[root@courage tmp]# mythfilldatabase --file composite 8 /tmp/mythfile --update // ### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file // Error in 176833:1: unexpected end of file // Adjusting program database end times... // 0 replacements made.
22:33<OrangeSun>end result being that nothing is written
22:40<OrangeSun>damnit.. so close, and yet so far
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22:49<OrangeSun>rkug: any idea how the mythfill is supposed to be run with a file?
22:50<OrangeSun>I'm unsure what exactly "sourceid" refers to
22:50<rkulagow_>sorry, was that to me?
22:50<OrangeSun>rkulagow: yes : )
22:50<OrangeSun>rkulagow_: do you object to the abbreviation? : )
22:51<rkulagow_>well, i just joined, so i didn't know who you might have been referring to. hold on...
22:52<rkulagow_>mysql> select * from videosource;
22:52<rkulagow_>| sourceid | name | xmltvgrabber | userid |
22:52<rkulagow_>| 1 | cable | tv_grab_na | 5107687 |
22:52<rkulagow_>1 row in set (0.02 sec)
22:52<OrangeSun>rkulagow: yeah, but you seemed like a breath of life.. other than you and I, the channel seems dead.
22:52<OrangeSun>rkulagow: I'm trying "1", "cable", "Composite1"
22:52<OrangeSun>always ends up with the same: 0 replacements made.
22:53<OrangeSun>[root@courage tmp]# mythfilldatabase --file composite 8 /tmp/mythfile --update // ### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file // Error in 176833:1: unexpected end of file // Adjusting program database end times... // 0 replacements made.
22:53<rkulagow_>os (hope you don't object to the abbreviation): sorry, don't really use mythfilldatabase in manual mode, so i can't really help you there.
22:54<OrangeSun>rkulagow: np on the ab.. Nor I, really.. and I don't really see any discussion of it so far..
22:56<OrangeSun>the only thing that could fix this situation is a bucket of KFC
22:56<OrangeSun>soooo close! I'm *soo* close!
23:02<OrangeSun>rkulagow: who usually works on the mythfill?
23:02<poptix>god damn
23:03<poptix>why is lircd trying to open /dev/lirc when it _knows_ it's talking to the hauppauge IR via i2c
23:03<OrangeSun>maybe /dev/lirc should be ln -s 'ed to it?
23:04<poptix>to what?
23:04<OrangeSun>not sure..
23:04<poptix>there is no device for it
23:04<OrangeSun>how did you install lirc?
23:04<rkulagow_>os: sorry, i'd have to defer to chutt on who's working on mythfill
23:04<poptix>from source
23:04<OrangeSun>rkulagow: No prob.. I looked through the code, and the sourceid is that number from the table you pasted..
23:05<OrangeSun>poptix: isn't there an installation dealie?
23:05<OrangeSun>also, doesn't it default if you don't say --driver=?
23:05<poptix>no, no, and no
23:05<poptix>it's trying to open /dev/lirc
23:05<poptix>it's the default
23:05<poptix>there's nowhere else _to_ point it
23:06<poptix>irw works fine
23:06<poptix>but when say, xmms tries to connect, it just dies
23:06<poptix>saying it couldn't open /dev/lirc
23:06<poptix>(lircd dies)
23:08<OrangeSun>I think /dev/lirc gets created by the module.
23:09<OrangeSun>did you load up your lirc module?
23:10<poptix>duh, yes.
23:10<poptix>no, it doesn't create it
23:11<OrangeSun>when I was trying to get lircd to work, I had tonnes of problems. ultimately, it was related to the module not properly loading up.. i needed to recompile my kernel..
23:13<poptix>irw works fine
23:14<poptix>and sees the commands
23:14<poptix>remote is setup correctly
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23:15<OrangeSun>and you're running lircd?
23:16<OrangeSun>if irw / xmode / etc work fine, you're very close ; )
23:17<poptix>lircd dies
23:17<poptix>because it's trying to open /dev/lirc
23:17<poptix>god, lirc is such a piece of crap
23:17<OrangeSun>did you look through the lirc list?
23:17<poptix>all the documentation for for like, 5 versions ago
23:17<poptix>yes, i did
23:17<OrangeSun>lircd dies?
23:18<poptix>/dev/lirc is supposed to point to the serial device the IR device is connected to
23:18<OrangeSun>chris b., the writer, is very good with answering emails..
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23:18<OrangeSun>mine isn't a soft link
23:18<OrangeSun>[root@courage tmp]# ls -rtaFl /dev/lirc
23:18<OrangeSun>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 61, 0 Nov 4 2002 /dev/lirc
23:18<poptix>ircd 0.7.0pre1[4892]: lircd(hauppauge) ready
23:18<poptix>ircd 0.7.0pre1[4892]: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
23:18<poptix>lircd 0.7.0pre1[4892]: could not get file information for /dev/lirc
23:18<poptix>lircd 0.7.0pre1[4892]: default_init(): No such file or directory
23:18<poptix>lircd 0.7.0pre1[4892]: caught signal
23:18<poptix>LIRC Plugin 1.4: disconnected from LIRC
23:19<OrangeSun>let me see if my /dev/lirc disappears when I unload the drivers..
23:20<OrangeSun>interesting.. the /dev/lirc sticks around even when I unload the module..
23:22<OrangeSun>I feel your pain, bro.
23:22<OrangeSun>just stick with it.
23:22<OrangeSun>it'll work out..
23:24<-- rkulagow_( has left #mythtv
23:28<poptix>i'm going to write my own
23:28<poptix>screw this undocumented crap
23:30<poptix>i could have written something in perl in the 3 hours i've been working on this
23:32<OrangeSun>heheh : )
23:49<poptix>see, now that was a whole lot easier, and it works
23:54<OrangeSun>hahaha. you just made your own