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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-18

00:01<poptix>emulated irw
00:01<poptix>it runs all the xmms commands for doing stuff
00:03<OrangeSun>too cool : )
00:11<Ripp>poptix: did you have a device node *inside* of /dev/lirc? I had a '0' inside there which was the actual device node
00:12<OrangeSun>Ripp: he didn't even have a /dev/lirc
00:12<Ripp>have to start lircd w/ -d /dev/lirc/0
00:12<Ripp>well that's different :)
00:13<Ripp>that one confused the hell out of me since nowhere I could see described that behavior
00:13<Ripp>and lircd itself doesn't account for it
00:14<Ripp>ah I got your msgs above intertwixt with his... :)
00:16<OrangeSun>Ripp: maybe if he tries it with that line, it might work..
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00:46<poptix>i don't use devfs
01:06<poptix>latest cvs = borked
01:06<poptix>Error loading image file: /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/default/uparrow.png
01:06<poptix>Segmentation fault
01:10* poptixprods Chutt
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01:55<PeteCool>If I were to add a MythTV -> Schedule -> Movies menu option, where in the code would I add that?
01:57<PeteCool>I'd want it to look like Fix Conflicts is now - I would only need to change the SQL query (take it from mythweb ;) and "capture" enter and space, I think
02:04<PeteCool>shouldn't be too hard... I only need to find out where to put it, and find out of to use the recording type screen
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02:55<hachi>does mythtv inject a 'tick' into my audio stream when I change channels? or is this coming from my tv card?
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03:04<FryGuy>from your tuner
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04:08<hachi>ick... need to get rid of that somehow then
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06:55<emacsen>Anyone here know about ivtv?
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07:56<poptix>emacsen: what about it?
07:58<emacsen>well I'm specifically interested in the FM radio
07:58* emacsenis looking at purchasing the PVR30
07:58<emacsen>erm 350
08:01<poptix>i don't think anyone has even bothered looking at it yet
08:01<emacsen>so there's no FM radio support at all?
08:01<poptix>the driver development is progressing rapidly, but the goal is to get the TV support working 100% before moving on to other things
08:02<poptix>although, the radio might work out of the box with one of the regular drivers
08:02<poptix>have you searched google, or the mailing list archives?
08:02<emacsen>you mean regular bt drivers?
08:02<emacsen>no I went to the ivtv site :)
08:02<poptix>regular radio card drives
08:02<poptix>search for 'radio' on
08:04<emacsen>the kernel docs say it has some support
08:06<emacsen>ah, theres's some kind of supports say the archives
08:06<emacsen>Marc Lavergne's working on it
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08:24* poptixlooks at Chutt's idle client
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10:40<poptix>Chutt: what are your thoughts on having [ and ] (volume up/down) act as leftarrow/rightarrow in everything else
10:40<poptix>ie, if i write it, will you commit it
10:40<poptix>it's just a few case's here and tehre
10:40<Chutt>everything else?
10:40<poptix>ie, the main menu
10:40<Chutt>left/right are already bound to something in the only section of code that [ and ] do anything
10:41<poptix>recordings menu
10:41<poptix>basicly, i have a limited # of keys on my remote control
10:41<Chutt>you'd need to have some indicator on screen
10:41<poptix>if the volume up/down buttons could move left and right everywhere but actual TV, it would be a lot more useful
10:41<poptix>since channel up/down act as up and down
10:42<Chutt>really just needs more user-selectable keybindings
10:42<poptix>no, i mean map [ and ] to < and >
10:42<poptix>for example, the EPG
10:42<poptix>you use > to move forward in time
10:42<poptix>(> = right arrow)
10:42<poptix>] (volume up) does nothing there
10:42<Chutt>oh, sure
10:43<Chutt>i'd rather not apply such a thing, though
10:43<Chutt>just because i want to get the user-customizeable keybindings in sometime
10:43<poptix>most remotes (all of mine at least) have the volume/channel buttons in a circular orientation with a button of some sort in the center
10:43<Chutt>mine doesn't =)
10:43<poptix>my grey hauppauge remote has an OK button =p
10:43<Chutt>separate channel/volume/arrow keys
10:43<poptix>what about your hauppauge remote on the pvr-x50?
10:44<Chutt>i don't use that
10:44<poptix>ah, well.
10:44<poptix>i'm going to submit an lircrc for it
10:44<Chutt>there already is one
10:44<Chutt>comes with the ivtv driver
10:45<Chutt>oh, for it and mythtv you mean?
10:46<poptix>i don't like the one that comes with ivtv
10:46<poptix>i'm trying to intuitively map these buttons
10:46<poptix>ie, the red button functions as 'delete' in the recordings menu
10:46<poptix>it's a pretty good remote, imo
10:47<poptix>although i had to shove a spare WinTV card in the frontend to drive it
10:47<Chutt>i had it working fine with the 250/350
10:48<poptix>the 250/350 is in the backend =p
10:48<poptix>frontend is a low-end system not capable of encoding
10:48<poptix>damned quiet though
10:48<poptix>the backend is kind of sickly though
10:49<poptix>i decided to move all my storage to another P233MMX
10:49<poptix>so, the ringbuffer and recordings are on an NFS mount =p
10:49<poptix>pushing ~50Mbit/s across the lan just to watch TV
10:51<poptix>16mbit CBR capture -> ringbuffer NFS -> backend -> frontend
10:51<poptix>got a nice geforce2 mx pci in the frontend
10:52<poptix>twinview, monitor on one, irc on the other =p
10:52<poptix>which reminds me
10:52<poptix>the xinerama issue
10:52<poptix>it's only using the xinerama screen setting for the overlay
10:52<poptix>everything else goes to the first screen
10:53<poptix>(including the EPG)
10:55<Chutt>should be easy to figure out why
11:03<poptix>oh, btw
11:03<poptix>the fonts aren't getting installed right
11:03<poptix>it's looking in /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/
11:04<poptix>and the font(s) are in ~/.mythtv/themes, iirc
11:04<Chutt>nothing gets installed to ~/.mythtv/
11:06<poptix>maybe it got copied there when i ran mythfrontend?
11:06<poptix>either way, the fonts didn't end up where setup, or mythfrontend could find them
11:06<Chutt>don't think so
11:06<Chutt>i just did a clean cvs install the other day, had no problems like that
11:06<poptix>i didn't put them there..
11:08<poptix>forget it then
11:08<poptix>until i do another clean it install to check it out
11:12<poptix>you know, it still pisses me off that my TV can read XDS info
11:12<poptix>but won't display it until the channel is locked out due to v-chip settings
11:13<poptix>ie, if i lock out a channel, it says 'This channel locked, Name: <name> Info: <info>'
11:17<poptix>for another what, 500 bytes of code, they could have displayed it on the television all the time
11:17<poptix>(well, when the display button is pressed)
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11:50<poptix>libs/libmythtv/guidegrid.cpp: diag.setCaption("BLAH!!!");
11:50<poptix>that was amusing
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16:44<itsame>wuts a good ModeLine for a TV out on a savage card
16:44<itsame>I have a few working...but just wondering if anyone got a good one...without much border
16:45<itsame> card don't support overscan
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19:01<bline>so quiet
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21:35<Ripp>whose idea was it to make the start/end time fields in 'recorded' TIMESTAMP
21:38<Ripp>tried to change some 'hostname' fields to fix a machine misconfig and screwed up a bunch of start/end times
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