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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-19

00:44<hachi>are there definitions anywhere of what each option for the mpeg4 codec does? I've been tweaking them but I don't see any difference really
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04:10<hachi>how are the filenames encoded? I've lost 3 files from my recorded list (they are still there on the drive) and I've tried doing $chanid_$starttime_$endtime.nuv
04:10<hachi>mythfrontend still swears that the file doesn't exist though, so this must be wrong
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10:56<hachi>anybody know how the file names are associated in the database? I could have sworn it looked like $chanid_$starttime_$endtime.nuv but even set like that mythtv swears the file is not found on 3 of my old recordings, and heck if I know what the real file name is that it's looking for
10:56<Chutt>it's chanid_starttime_endtime, yeah
10:57<hachi>so what else would cause mythtv to swear that the file isn't found when the format matches?
10:58<Chutt>i don't know
10:58<Chutt>why don't you look in the source and see?
10:58<Chutt>it's extremely simple stuff.
10:59<hachi>I'll try to, just not now while I'm at work
10:59<Chutt>you're on irc at work, so....
11:00<hachi>this problem happened at home, like 7 hours ago
11:01<hachi>oh, I'm not asking anything more today with regards to this, if that's what you're asking
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11:53<Chutt>craig longman is _really_ a dumbass
11:56<Chutt>'do it this way'
11:57<Chutt>'here's a patch that implements it, but i did it another way'
11:57<Chutt>'that way's broken, do it this way'
11:57<Chutt>'why? i don't understand because i'm a dumbass'
11:58<inman>what's new, Chutt?
11:58<Chutt>nothin much, really
11:58<Chutt>i'm just bored right now =)
11:59<inman>1221 myth messages in my inbox.
11:59<Chutt>you can skip most of them
11:59<inman>i hate moving. :-(
12:00<Chutt>yeah, that's never fun
12:00<inman>i made heavy use of mythmusic though; the last item to get packed and the first to get unpackaged.
12:00<Chutt>hopefully thor will finish the ui stuff
12:00<Chutt>or at least give it to me sometime
12:00<Chutt>so i can help with finishing it
12:12<rkulagow_>chutt: weird. on the pvr-250 machine (single card ATM), ran setup, told it to clear capture cards. Went into capture card, told it that I had a hardware MPEG encoder; tuner input did not offer a list of inputs; had to hit enter, go back to the "create capture card" for the same card, at which point the input type (composte, tuner, svideo) were selectable. the driver had already been modprobed, so the devices should have already existe
12:13<Chutt>the ivtv driver keeps reverting
12:13<Chutt>quality wise
12:14<Chutt>but, yeah, that's strange
12:14<rkulagow_>ok; kevin thayer asked me to run current CVS for some of the other issues, so could be something like that. i'll try to reproduce.
12:16<rkulagow_>did you have a chance to look at the "Master Override" patch I mailed? captain_murdoch assisted with some aspects; it's not something that i would commit without your OK.
12:16<Chutt>go ahead and commit it
12:16<Chutt>looked fine to me
12:16<rkulagow_>ok, thanks. where would you like me to put the boolean setup option?
12:17<Chutt>backend setup
12:18<rkulagow_>3rd page after "time offset for XMLTV", or someplace earlier?
12:18<Chutt>anywhere's fine
12:18<rkulagow_>ok, thanks.
12:19<Chutt>so the OSD blending uses a ton of cpu on the mini-itx box
12:19<Chutt>think i'll have to add a no-blend option for that
12:22<Captain_Murdoch_>rkulagow_: so basically Master Override will force the backend to stream stuff it has access to via nfs rather than making your smaller pvr-250 backends stream to frontends?
12:22<rkulagow_>Captain_Murdoch: that's the plan.
12:23<rkulagow_>(up until i do the commit =) )
12:23<Captain_Murdoch_>makes sense. just occurred to my _why_ you'd want to do that. :)
12:23<Captain_Murdoch_>will make sense for me also. I ordered one of those Dell Celeron 466 boxes to make into my main frontend, but now I can throw my pvr-250 in there and make it a backend as well and just use masteroverride.
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12:24<rkulagow_>it happened to me when my PVR250 box wasn't running backend and i was like, "why can't i watch the file? it's _right there_!"
12:25<Captain_Murdoch_>I thought that case would be covered by the code I had committed a while back or was there a bug?
12:26<Captain_Murdoch_>I haven't recorded much on my 2nd backend lately, need to figure out an audio problem. probably the onboard sound card or maybe just because the tv card is on a T off of my cablemodem. :)
12:26<rkulagow_>i thought that the "islocal" check that you're referring to only worked if the frontend was also mounting the directory? one of my frontends doesn't mount the same /var/video
12:26<rkulagow_>as the master and the occasional slave backend
12:26<Captain_Murdoch_>ok, yeah, only if the same nfs directory is mounted on the same place everywhere.
12:27<rkulagow_>right, so in that particular case we still need to stream rather than read "locally" from the NFS share.
12:27<Captain_Murdoch_>ok, gotcha
12:29<Captain_Murdoch_>must be a bug in my code or something. the current code I added to mainserver.cpp should allow the master backend to stream a slave's file if the slave is down and they share the same video dir
12:29<rkulagow_>ah. did you want me to hold off then? no reason to have duplicate code.
12:33<Captain_Murdoch_>no, my code is in current cvs.
12:35<Captain_Murdoch_>mainserver.cpp line 542-545 or so. checks if slave is down and if so check to see if file is available locally. if so it modifies the proginfo->pathname. maybe there's a bug in it. I thought it was working. As long as your code works then commit it, that's what counts. :)
12:35<inman>it is possible to compare the filesystems to see if they are identical.
12:35<inman>i remember some issues with filesystem comparison over nfs (inode numbers) but i think you could work around that.
12:37<Captain_Murdoch_>now that looks weird as I look at it. maybe it is broke. I thought I had more code than that. maybe I lost the rest in the cvs recovery. anyway yours has been tested more ways and is more functional.
12:37<rkulagow_>captain_murdoch: my first version actually did practically the same thing. if masterbackendoverride then proginfo->hostname != gContext->GetHostName() right before the if (proginfo->hostname != gContext->GetHostName()) ~ line 541.
12:37<rkulagow_>whoops ==, ! !=
12:39<rkulagow_>ok, i'll commit, and see what breaks.
12:43<rkulagow_>hrmm. chutt: will checkFile.exists barf on 0 byte files?
12:44<Chutt>i dunno
12:48<Captain_Murdoch_>shouldn't, existence doesn't imply size and the code probably just does a stat() on the filename.
12:52<rkulagow_>hrmm. maybe the code has a problem then. i've got a 0 byte file that was recorded on slave backend (ivtv driver crashed/whatever). let me check what it does if MBO isn't set.
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13:34<rkulagow_>i'm getting strong indications that 0 byte files are returning false for the checkfile.exists() - still stepping to see if i made an error somewhere else.
13:38<rkulagow_>hrmm. the file _is_ gone, but the frontend is hanging after the "yes" to the popup; it's probably waiting for status or something, right?
13:39<rkulagow_>hrmm. the file is gone, but it's still in the db. i'm just going to touch it since it was 0 bytes anyway.
13:42<rkulagow_>i'm hanging because i can't just delete pginfo and return if the !checkfile.exists is true; i still need to do a writestringlist, correct?
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14:02<billytwowilly>any idea when 0.9 will come out? I'm literally two days away from procuring the rest of the hardware I need to build my mythtv box, but I can wait a week or two if new software is coming out soon.
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14:24<rkulagow_>ok, i've got this in the handlecheckfiledelete:
14:24<rkulagow_> if (!checkFile.exists())
14:24<rkulagow_> {
14:24<rkulagow_> cerr << QDateTime::currentDateTime().toString("yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss")
14:24<rkulagow_> << "Strange. File: " << filename << " doesn't exist." << endl;
14:24<rkulagow_> delete pginfo;
14:24<rkulagow_> return;
14:24<rkulagow_> }
14:25<rkulagow_>chutt: what'd be an appropriate response message to send back to the frontend at this point? by now, the pop-up is already at the "delete yes/no" the only time i can see this situation ocurring is if the db and the filesystem get out of whack, which is what happened with my test case.
14:30<Chutt>just send something back
14:30<Chutt>anything =)
14:30<Chutt>like 'BAD' or something
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14:46<rkulagow_>what could Mosix possibly bring to the table in the Myth environment?
14:46<Chutt2>just ignore the guy
14:46<Chutt2>he's crazy
14:47<rkulagow_>chutt: mailed you the MBO patch. i think it's complete now.
14:47<Chutt2>go ahead and apply it
14:47<Chutt2>i don't mind =)
14:47<rkulagow_>ok. i'll try to keep my custom tv_rec.cpp with the hardcoded PVR stuff out of the tree.
14:48<Chutt2>just look at the commit line
14:48<Chutt2>and you should see if the file's in there or not
14:52<inman>i thought mosix was useless for processes that needed to do direct i/o..
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14:52<Chutt>it pretty much is
14:52* inmanshrugs.
14:53<Chutt>clustering'd be fine for non-real time video processing, obviously
14:53<inman>yeah, there actually could be gains from migrating the commercial detection threads off a host that you'd like to use for recording/livetv.
14:54<inman>but, with the nicing, it shouldn't matter much anyway.
14:54<Chutt2>that just went into cvs, actually
14:54<inman>oh, heh.
14:54<rkulagow_>i thought you can now have a dedicated program do that/
14:54<Chutt2>well, you can run the commercial finding stuff anywhere
14:54<rkulagow_>drat. fast typers. =)
14:54<Chutt2>which essentially does the same thing
14:54<inman>i did see that.
14:54<inman>i read the commits but i haven't read any list mail yet.
14:55<inman>it's not as automated as i'm suggesting, of course, but it would work.
14:55<rkulagow_>well chutt, next pet project is incorporating a new frame type to allow db data to tag along in the .nuv file.
14:56<Chutt2>cool =)
14:56<inman>Chutt: are you a fan of speakeasy? i'm thinking of getting dsl to complement my cable.
14:56<Chutt2>they're expensive
14:56<Chutt2>other than that, no complaints
14:56<rkulagow_>chutt: unless, of course, you're about to do the code anyway. IIRC, you mentioned that it was also on your todo list a few weeks ago.
14:56<inman>fair enough. back when i worked at ISPs, they were a good bet.
14:56<Chutt2>rkulagow, i'm not having much time right now
14:58<rkulagow_>chutt: i'd like to store the data at the end of the file, so that it's still possible to retrofit files that don't have the data in them yet. do you see a problem with that?
14:58<Chutt2>i'd make it possible to put it at the end or beginning
14:59<Chutt2>like, just stick it as an offset to the frame in the X header or something
15:00<rkulagow_>chutt: you're talking way beyond me right now until i start looking at the code, but i'll keep it in mind.
15:00<Chutt2>just look at how the seektable is done
15:00<Chutt2>it stores an offset to the seektable
15:00<rkulagow_>(and probably even _after_ i look at it =) )
15:00<Chutt2>near the beginning
15:00<Chutt2>so, when it writes the seektable
15:01<Chutt2>it goes back and writes the offset into the file
15:01<rkulagow_>offset meaning, file offset relative to the SOF, right?
15:01<rkulagow_>right, i'll take a look. thanks.
15:04<rkulagow_>would you prefer the data be formatted back into XML or just do a straight comma delimited version?
15:07<Chutt2>xml would be easier
15:07<Chutt2>to parse later, at least
15:08<hachi>Chutt2: can I save that line as a .sig? < Chutt2> xml would be easier
15:08<Chutt2>err, why?
15:08<hachi>it's good for a laugh out of context :)
15:09<hachi>I'm kidding
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15:20<poptix>30231 root 9 0 38340 3848 2976 S 85.8 0.4 1016m 0 mythfrontend
15:20<poptix>that's not good, considering i'm not even watching TV
15:21<hachi>is mythfilldatabase running?
15:21<poptix>nah, it's the ivtv driver flaking out
15:22<hachi>inman: I'll remember that, I thought of that association at about 4am last night so I was a little tired at the time
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16:30<budsx>anyone in here?
16:31<budsx>im having problems configuring mythtv, right at the make part
16:31<budsx>i try to make it
16:31<budsx>and recieve this error:
16:32<budsx>make: *** No rule to make target `/mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf', needed by `Makefile'. Stop.
16:32<rkulagow_>did you read the HOWTO?
16:34<rkulagow_>did you install the pre-requisites? are you sure you didn't skip any installation steps?
16:34<budsx>yes i did
16:41<rkulagow_>i'm pretty sure you skipped the QTDIR step.
16:41<budsx>qtdir step?
16:41<budsx>i followed the directions
16:41<budsx>in the howto
16:42<rkulagow_>really? including section 4/
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18:59<Sembiance>I'm putting together a MythTV box right about now :)
18:59<Sembiance>I'm gonna make it two boxes
18:59<Sembiance>I'd like to have 3 tuner cards in the end (gonna start with just one)
18:59<Sembiance>I won't run into a PCI bandwidth issue will I?
19:00<Sembiance>I'm gonna get a PVR 250 first since I only have a 1GHz CPU
19:00<Sembiance>I know the ivtv drivers don't support multiple PVR 250's in one box
19:01<Sembiance>but hopefully it will some day :)
19:01<Sembiance>I already have a 'display box' built
19:02<Sembiance>It only has 256MB of hard drive space (flash rom ide, so the box is SILENT)
19:02<Sembiance>It can just 'stream' the data from the network fromt he main MythTV server right?
19:02<Sembiance>I'm worried about the speed
19:02<Sembiance>It's only a 600Mhz box
19:03<Sembiance>Is 600Mhz enough to stream mpegs from the main MythTV server, decode them and display them?
19:03<Sembiance>or is there some way the main server (a 1 Ghz) can decode and then play?
19:03<Sembiance>on the remote box via ethernet
19:04<Sembiance>as you can see, I have lots of questions :)
19:05<rkulagow_>what makes you say that you can't have more than one PVR250 in a box? you can, and they may or may not record all your programs. the ivtv driver _is_ alpha, but there's nothing that prevents you from using more that one card, other than a define in a .h file that you can change.
19:06<rkulagow_>(i've run a celeron 450 with two PVR250 without too many issues)
19:06<Sembiance>Oh cool
19:06<Sembiance>the MythTV doc's just said: As of 2003-04-15 the current IVTV driver does not support multiple hardware encoder cards in the same chassis.
19:06<Sembiance>glad to know that's only kinda true :)
19:06<rkulagow_>i'll have to update the HOWTO then.
19:07<Sembiance>Will I have any problems with my 'dual box' setup?
19:08<rkulagow_>your frontend is a 600Mhz box?
19:08<Sembiance>with no X (just framebuffer vesa and svgalib)
19:08<rkulagow_>you're going to need X for MythTV.
19:09<Sembiance>mplayer can play mpeg streams thru framebuffer without issue... doesn't Myth TV just generate an mpeg stream? :)
19:09<rkulagow_>there are no other display backend, and without XV support on your video card you're going to need a 3Ghz box just for the video
19:09<Chutt>not using X is silly.
19:09<Sembiance>chutt: I'm VERY limited on space on the end box
19:09<rkulagow_>mplayer != MythTV
19:09<Chutt>that's limited?
19:10<Sembiance>X won't fit in 256MB
19:10<Chutt>yes, it will
19:10<Sembiance>I've been told by lots of people that it won't fit inside this
19:10<Sembiance>we're talking HARD DRIVE space here :)
19:10<Sembiance>not RAM :)
19:10<Chutt>you were told wrong.
19:10<Sembiance>well then :)
19:10<Sembiance>that's a different story then :)
19:11<Sembiance>time to see if I can cram it on there then :)
19:11<Sembiance>actually I have 512MB
19:11<Sembiance>but 256MB of it is almost used up by the kernel sources
19:11<Sembiance>I needed them on there for LIRC install
19:11<Chutt>that's even stupider
19:11<Sembiance>I have a infrared receiver
19:12* Sembiancethinks he is being called stupid :(
19:12<Chutt>why didn't you just compile it elsewhere?
19:12<Sembiance>different architectures, this display frontend is a EDEN C3 Via chipset
19:12<Sembiance>didn't want to 'cross compile'
19:12<Chutt>it's really difficult.
19:12<Chutt>oh, wait
19:12<Chutt>you're expecting to play back decent quality video on a 600mhz via chip?
19:13<Sembiance>yah :)
19:13<Chutt>that's the best yet
19:13<Sembiance>oh come on, it can handle it! :)
19:13<Chutt>their newest 1ghz chip _barely_ can play back a dvd
19:13<Chutt>you're going to get basically crap
19:13<Sembiance>pretend I had infinite hard drive space on the back end... could I re-encode to something that might be bigger, but more easily decompressed by the via 600?
19:14<Sembiance>but maintani good quality.
19:14<Sembiance>what about hardware decoding
19:14<Sembiance>it has 1 PCI slot
19:14<Sembiance>and USB2.0/Firewire
19:14<Chutt>or, how bout you buy a real computer
19:14<Chutt>instead of spending cash on something that won't work?
19:15<Sembiance>'real computers' are too loud!!
19:15<Chutt>no, they're not
19:15<Sembiance>they go buzz, vrrrr, zat-zat.... and it's very disconcerting
19:15<Chutt>i have a via nehemiah that before i modified it, was _louder_ than my xp 1800+
19:16<rkulagow_>Sembiance: i don't think you're going to win this battle here. you may wish to ask on the the user mailing list and peruse the archives for people that are trying to achieve silent front ends.
19:16<Chutt>a 1ghz celeron could be made dead silent
19:16<Chutt>and would _work_
19:16<Chutt>as a frontend playback box
19:16* Sembiancewishes a 1GHz celeron would fit on a mini-itx board
19:16<Chutt>you're going to have serious problems with that 600mhz via chip
19:17<Sembiance>I can turn it into a play thing, the board only cost me $75 so I won't be out that much.
19:17<Sembiance>but I like the case, which is mini-itx
19:17<Chutt>micro+flex atx aren't really all that much larger
19:18<Chutt>won't come with all the builtins, generally, but you've got more expandability
19:18<Sembiance>I guess it's back to the drawing board for the front end box then
19:19<Sembiance>maybe I'll stick this one in the car with an LCD display
19:19<Chutt>just to note: 720x480 mpeg2 video takes around 50-75% cpu to play back on a 1ghz via nehemiah (ie, about 4 times faster than the 600mhz chip)
19:19<Chutt>drawing the OSD in mythtv can take 20-30%
19:19<Sembiance>I'm gonna go sign up on the users mailing list and ask for tips on making a silent front end (like rkulagow suggests)
19:19<Chutt>just a _tad_ over 1ghz =)
19:20<Chutt>i've got a p3-550 that's slightly faster, and doesn't take such a big hit to do the OSD
19:20<rkulagow_>sembiance: check the archives. it's been asked before...
19:21<Sembiance>checking the archives now
19:21<Sembiance>So let me make sure I have the backend right before I go buying hardware
19:22<Sembiance>I plan on having a 1Ghz thunderbird in a tower case. 512MB of RAM. lots of hard drive space. And to start with, 2 PVR 250 cards (no sound cards).
19:22<Sembiance>will this 'back end box' need any sort of video card since the front end is seperate?
19:23<Chutt>you need X on there
19:23<Chutt>not a server
19:23<Chutt>but the initial backend setup is an X program, can be exported elsewhere, of course
19:23<Sembiance>I imagine the HOWTO/INSTALL manual goes over almost all this?
19:24<Chutt>pretty much
19:24-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:25<Sembiance>I guess that's all the questions :)
19:25<Sembiance>I just hope some nice smart developers are working on supporting more PVR 250's at once
19:26<Sembiance>my ideal machine is 3 tuners
19:27<Sembiance>thanks for your help folks
19:27<Chutt>the epia-m boards will be _much_ better for frontends once via release their hardware mpeg-2 decoding stuff
19:27-!-budsx [] has joined #mythtv
19:27<Sembiance>chutt: yah :(
19:28<budsx>when i run mythvideo
19:28<budsx>and play something
19:28<budsx>it tries to resize my screen to 400x300
19:28<budsx>when default is at 640x480
19:28<Chutt>that's mplayer
19:28<Chutt>check the options its getting run with in the mythvideo config file
19:28<budsx>is there anyway to add 400x300 to my XF86Config without the virtual screensize at 640?
19:29<budsx>well.. what would run better? 400x300, or 640x480?
19:31<budsx>this is the default string in the config
19:31<budsx>./usr/bin/mplayer -fs -vm -zoom -quiet %s
19:31<Chutt>you need to set it up yourself
19:31<Chutt>read the mplayer docs
19:34-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
19:50<itsame>I wuz having a hell of a time with screen rez budsz...
19:50<itsame>check and make sure ur refresh rates are all good
19:51<itsame>like horizontal and v
19:51<itsame>I had too many possiblites in my XF86 and causing mplayer to try and pick
19:51<itsame>I still have a black border around my screen but mythvideo works ok
20:01<budsx>i fixed it
20:01<budsx>removed the -vm
20:01<budsx>how do i setup the video out on my gf4?
20:01-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:01<budsx>its a default yellow video plugin
20:03<budsx>do i need to set options in my xf86config?
20:12-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:22<hachi>nvtv ?
20:22<hachi>hey, I think I got xmltv to hang
20:25-!-justin [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:45<budsx>i tried nvtv
20:45<budsx>and i also added the options
20:45<budsx>in my xf86c
20:45<budsx>but the logs says that they are unused
20:45<budsx>could this conflict with my tv card, or no?
21:06-!-justin [] has joined #mythtv
21:10<rkulagow_>chutt: i got the same back-to-back recording skip on the PVR-250 when it's the only card that someone else was reporting on the list. for me, it skipped the 30 minute show right after a 1 hour show on the same channel. what sort of debug information would you like?
21:19<Chutt>-v verbose output, current cvs output
21:20<Chutt>(of mythbackend0
21:20<Chutt>err, )
21:22<rkulagow_>fuck. i just realize that i CTRL- switched away from the session that had the output and now i can't scrollback.
21:25<rkulagow_>i'll have to redo. i got it to fail on the first try, so it shouldn't be difficult.
21:25<rkulagow_>here's what showing up in the EPG. show #1, Dr. Phil, channel 5, start: 1500, end 1600. channel recording
21:26<rkulagow_>show #2, "extra", channel 5, start 1600, end 1630. record once. didn't record.
21:26<rkulagow_>show #3, "cbs 2 news at 4:30", start at 1630, end at 1700, channel 2, recorded.
21:28<rkulagow_>however (not sure if it's significant: in the EPG, Dr. Phil has a (C) for channel record and it recorded. "extra" has a (S) for single (and it didn't record). "cbs news" doesn't have any of the (recording type) on its grid location, but according to the "watch programs" it did record.
21:28<rkulagow_>it should have been a (S) type.
21:31<rkulagow_>sorry, disregard the CBS thing. show #3 was the NBC 5 chicago news at 4:30, channel 5, start time 1630, end time 1700. it's in the "watch recordings", but the EPG is _not_ showing the (S), and the yellow status in blueOSD is showing "not recording", even though it did because it's in "watch recordings"
21:31<rkulagow_>so, three shows on the same channel, all consecutive, all on a single PVR250.
21:32<rkulagow_>i'll troubleshoot mode when everybody loves raymond ends.
21:42<Chutt>ok, cool
21:42<Chutt>i really need the output of the backend, though =)
21:43<Chutt>it should say if it's at least trying to record those shows
21:43<rkulagow_>i know, i know, i'm a moron.
21:43<rkulagow_>a few more minutes.
21:43<Chutt>and that's the first step in figuring out _what_ the problem is
21:44<rkulagow_>well, i know that when i originally setup the program to record in the EPG, the all had the graphical status letter. apparently, it didn't "stick", because show #3, even though it's recorded and in the "watch recordings" (and is the right program), it's still not showing up in the EPG with a "single recording" status.
21:45<rkulagow_>ok, raymond just went recording only to none, so let me see if i can schedule some shows.
21:46<rkulagow_>stupid CSI. ok, it's going to have to wait. mother-in-law can't miss her CSI. i'll work on it later.
21:48<Chutt>no problemo =)
21:48<Chutt>thanks for looking into it
21:55<-- Sembiance( has left #mythtv
21:56-!-bline [~sbeck@] has joined #mythtv
21:57* hachigives up and blows away the entire db
22:00<bline>sup hachi
22:04-!-itsame [] has quit []
22:04-!-rkulagow_ [] has quit []
22:04-!-paperclip [] has quit []
22:04-!-rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:06<hachi>I'm slowly getting more and more annoyed at how I can't find what goes wrong when I tweak with minor things
22:09-!-Jac1d [] has joined #mythtv
22:09<Jac1d>Hello all
22:09<Jac1d>quick .lircrc question... does anyone know the string name for PageUp in this file?
22:11-!-paperclip [] has joined #mythtv
22:11-!-itsame [] has joined #mythtv
22:12<bline>Jac1d: Page_Up
22:12-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
22:12<budsx>i tried nvtv
22:12<budsx>and i also added the options
22:12-!-Ripp [] has quit [""Bring me the hydrospanners! I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.""]
22:12<Jac1d>thank you
22:12<budsx>in my xf86c
22:12<budsx>but the logs says that they are unused
22:13<budsx>for my geforce 4
22:13<budsx>should i use the "nv" drivers, or the "nvidia" drivers?
22:13<bline>My grforce 2 works grate with the nvidia drivers
22:14-!-justin [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
22:14<bline>also look into nvtv, I understand they added geforce4 support reciently
22:14<bline>probably have to get cvs though
22:14<budsx>on nvidia's site
22:14<budsx>all they have is ia32, ia64, and so on
22:14<budsx>and no x86
22:14<budsx>which one should i use (amd tbird)
22:16<bline>you will need NVIDIA_GLX and NVIDIA_kernel
22:17<bline>search for the linux drivers
22:17<Chutt>ia32 is x86.
22:19* blineis thankful for emerge
22:19<hachi>mine insists upon doing the strangest of things, I blew my entire DB away and flushed the settings so far as I can tell
22:20<hachi>AHH, it skipped todays listings
22:21<budsx>i cant tell which one is which
22:21<budsx>i have comcast
22:21<budsx>and it gives me like 4 choices
22:21<budsx>and i just have the basic cabel
22:21<budsx>and i just have the basic cable
22:23<hachi>is there a reason it would throw out todays listings? I watched it download them but they don't show up in the listing
22:28-!-foom [] has joined #mythtv
22:35<-- Jac1dhas quit ()
22:36<budsx>how do you fully kill x without restarting?
22:36<budsx>i have kdm default boot
22:39<hachi>what's a good channel to check consistency across days with?
22:39<hachi>ctrl-alt-backspace will restart with kdm
22:41<hachi>switch to a text console and kill or change runlevels, depends on how your distro starts the manager
22:42<bline>anyone notice shadows in recording with the pvr250, like the frequency is off by a small amount
22:44<budsx>runlevels under?
22:44<budsx>i do
22:44<budsx>killall x
22:44<budsx>in console
22:44<budsx>and it just starts it back up
22:45<bline>probably because you are using something like xdm or gdm
22:45<hachi>exactly, you have to kill the manager
22:46<bline>stop that and X should stop, assuming they didn't put it in inittab as always restart
22:47<hachi>if the manager is started by an init script then killing it will work, if started by init then it will automatically respawn, as init is designed to do this
22:47<budsx>i think its kdm
22:47<budsx>i tried killall kdm
22:47<budsx>but nothing
22:48<bline>maybe read the docs on kdm....
22:48<hachi>or read a ps ax listing
22:51<foom>what distro?
22:52-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:55-!-bline [~sbeck@] has joined #mythtv
22:55<budsx>gentoo drove me to mandrake
22:55<foom>does it have an /etc/rc.d/init.d/kdm or something?
22:55<budsx>i did not know that gentoo took 22 hours to compile kde
22:55<bline>mandrake drive me to gentoo
22:56<foom>gentoo is for terminally bored people. :P
22:56<bline>or terriblly interested
22:56<budsx>only has dm
22:56<budsx>for closest choice
22:58<budsx>all i see in ps ax
22:58<budsx>is just abunch of kdeinits
22:58<budsx>i kill kdeinit
22:58<budsx>and it reboots x
22:59<foom>no kdm?
22:59<bline>the joys of kde
23:06<budsx>no kdm
23:06<budsx>at all
23:06<budsx>maybe something with kde3?
23:15-!-justin [] has joined #mythtv
23:27<Chutt>rkulagow, hey
23:27<Chutt>it _may_ be that on occasion the ivtv driver takes a little bit to close() the video device
23:28<Chutt>which could cause that behavior
23:28<foom>well i now have a seemingly working ALSA patch for mythtv and an almost working patch to mythmusic that rips out all its overly complex audio code to use the same code as mythtv. i just need to hook up the progress bar and visualizer output again :)
23:29<Chutt>the output of the backend should be able to confirm that
23:29<Chutt>foom, excellent
23:29<Chutt>what the hell's your problem
23:30<budsx>thats the kdm manager
23:30<budsx>get it?
23:30<budsx>mdk kdm
23:30<Chutt>foom, i could've used the alsa stuff for mythmusic a few days ago =)
23:31<foom>heh why?
23:31<Chutt>foom, the via82cxxx_audio driver had a tendency to go wacko on my nehemiah board
23:31<Chutt>and the alsa stuff worked, but the sound quality was shit at non 48kHz sampling rates
23:31<Chutt>lots of crackles
23:31<Chutt>and you can make alsa resample everything, automatically
23:31<Chutt>but not using the oss emulation
23:32<Chutt>but, alsa cvs fixed things
23:32<budsx>thank you very much, all of you
23:32<foom>one question regarding build system: i have a define USE_ALSA
23:32<foom>and in, i need to add the alsa library if that's defined
23:32<foom>how do you do that?
23:33<Chutt>where are you adding the define?
23:33<foom> i have DEFINES += USE_ALSA
23:33<Chutt>actually, d'ya see the dvb stuff at the bottom of the file?
23:33<foom>and right now in i have LIBS += -lasound
23:33<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: do you know why PlaybackBox::doRemove() does a cursordown around line 1298 when you delete a recording? it always goes down 2 lines on my system (ie, when you delete it goes to the next show of course but then the cursor down takes it to the 2nd show after the one I deleted).
23:34<Chutt>there's some matching code in libs/libdvb<whatever>
23:34<Chutt>captain_murdoch, you'd have to ask moegreen
23:34<Captain_Murdoch>I commented that line out and my problem went away but I'm not sure if it was there as a workaround to some other problem. I'll ask him when I see him on. thanks.
23:35<foom>ok, i see it, so i just have to add CONFIG += using_alsa in and then have a using_alsa section in that adds the define and lib
23:35<Chutt>that'll work
23:35<foom>easy enough.
23:35<Chutt>how's it select which audio driver to use?
23:35<foom>if AudioOutputDevice starts with ALSA: it uses alsa driver
23:36<Chutt>ah, spiffy
23:36<foom>so eventually i need to hook up the config thingy to scan for alsa devices too
23:36<Chutt>might have to make a little selectable thing like the different compression types
23:48<-- jrhhas quit ()