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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-21

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00:01<thor_>Chutt, just sent you *really* broken code
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01:36<hachi>is there a reason c++ was chosen for small utilities like mythfilldatabase? is speed that much of an issue in such things?
01:42<moegreen>hachi: i'd guess it's because the qt library has simple classes/function for xml and database stuff - and whoever wrote it was probably most comfortable with using those & c++ - what else would it be written in?
01:45<hachi>I dunno
01:45<hachi>I was only curious
01:46<hachi>I'm trying to figure out why my listings are being dropped sometimes
01:47<moegreen>you mean messages given by mythfilldatabase?
01:48<hachi>I don't know what I mean, my database seems really short
01:48<hachi>and it wouldn't import monday's listings when I fired it up for the first time on monday
01:49<moegreen>hachi: Is your EPG filled for some days (and are you using the NA XMLTV grabber)
01:50<hachi>I blew away the entire database monday, and started from scratch
01:50<hachi>ran mythfilldatabase twice in a row, it still didn't import that day's listings
01:51<hachi>though I watched it download and parse them, they never were in the database
01:53<hachi>does this answer your query?
01:53<moegreen>yeah, but it should be giving you an SQL error if it couldn't write to the db (or at least an error that it couldn't connect)
01:57<hachi>this will have to wait till tommorow
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08:40<bline>does anyone know if comercial skipping is suppose to work for shows recorded with the pvr-250
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08:42<rkulagow_>yes, it does. i just checked.
08:43<rkulagow_>and the post-processing mythcommflag program works on them too; it did a commercial scan on a 15GB 4 hour recording.
08:43<bline>I'll try to cvs up and recompile
08:44<bline>well every show I have recorded thus far does not have a cutlist when I try to watch it
08:44<bline>i.e. Z does a search ahead instead of skipping, and bring up the editor and pressing Z does not show the cutlist
08:46<rkulagow_>sounds like maybe the seektable isn't getting written out? this is getting into captain murdoch territory.
08:47<bline>this is cvs as of a couple of days ago and I see nothing in the commit logs about this
08:47<rkulagow_>"this" - what?
08:47<bline>though there was one pvr fix commit, perhaps that was it
08:48<bline>commercial skipping not working
09:03<bline>mmm rum
09:06<bline>what table is the cutlist stored in?
09:07<rkulagow_>pretty sure it's recordedmarkup.
09:10<bline>wow, that's got a lot of stuff in it heh
09:11<rkulagow_>select * from recordedmarkup;
09:11<rkulagow_>119328 rows in set (0.94 sec)
09:12<bline>28286 here
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10:06<rkulagow_>captain murdoch: you mentioned that you were thinking of a program to generate a seektable for corrupted files. i've got plenty of them, and i was going to write a similar program. it might take me weeks to get something written though, whereas you or chutt might knock it out in a day. so, if you're about to do one anyway, i won't start.
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12:05<Captain_Murdoch_>rkulagow: I think a standalone program that would directly access a .nuv file would be fairly easy to write. putting the functionality into myth would be a little more work since it requires running on the backend that did the recording unless the master has access to the file. I'll see what I can come up with. I think I can knock one out pretty quick. probably test by adding a function to mythcommflag.
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12:14<thor_>rkulagow, I have not forgotten the extended Cd ripping thing (post it note on my monitor)
12:18<moegreen>thor_: how's the ui stuff coming along?
12:23<thor_>moegreen, it's coming ... had a lib update last night ... and set Chutt some very broken mmusic code that I'll be cleaning today
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12:28<Captain_Murdoch_>moegreen: question for you. I think Chutt said to ask you about this. In playbackbox.cpp, why is there a "cursorDown(false);" on line 1298 in the PlaybackBox::doRemove() function? when I delete something the highlight bar goes down 2 items instead of just going to the next item. if I comment out that cursordown line it works as expected.
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15:16<moegreen>Captain_Murdoch_: It's probably left over from a while ago, I'll look at it in a little bit
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15:45<Captain_Murdoch_>moegreen: ok, thanks. I haven't noticed any problems from taking it out of my source but figured you'd know the code better.
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18:07<Captain_Murdoch_>rkulagow: you around?
18:09<Captain_Murdoch_>I have a program to fix seektables. worked on it during lunch for a while and for a few minutes just now. I added a function to mythcommflag and ran it on a good file I have and it re-created the seektable. want to try a patch sometime?
18:10<Captain_Murdoch_>just added a --seek option to mythcommflag. can probably integrate better with myth now, but figured if you wanted to fix any files you might want to give this patch a shot.
18:10<rkulagow_>send it; eager to see how it works more than the fact that it does. i was going through the code to see how i was going to get started on my version.
18:11<Captain_Murdoch_>only works for mpeg4 files, doesn't do pvr-250 files yet.
18:12<Chutt>i'll add that if you want to check things in
18:13<Captain_Murdoch_>needs major cleanup. I'll send a patch. needs to be applied to clean cvs since it includes a slightly modified no-nice option like you suggested.
18:14<Captain_Murdoch_>Chutt: add what?
18:14<Chutt>support for the mpeg files
18:14<Captain_Murdoch_>oh. this is just a hack right now. needs some cleanup. I threw it together during lunch today.
18:15<rkulagow_>cool. (you know someone is going to ask for RTJPEG)
18:15<Captain_Murdoch_>I would think it would be better to add a method() to some class like the player to fix a seektable.
18:15<Chutt>what works for mpeg4 works for rtjpeg, though
18:15<Chutt>well, it needs to scan the file
18:15<Chutt>and it might as well be doing the commercial skip at the same time
18:15<Captain_Murdoch_>my code opens the raw file and parses through it building the map. yeah should work for rtjpeg also, forgot about the same file format.
18:16<Chutt>ah, nasty
18:16<Captain_Murdoch_>I wanted to see if I could fix it first. :)
18:16<Chutt>should instead just "play" the file
18:16<Chutt>and then have a method to save the seek table
18:16<Captain_Murdoch_>yeah, that's why I said a method in the player.
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18:16<Chutt>did you ever check in a fix for that div by 0?
18:17<Captain_Murdoch_>thought I had but maybe not. hold a sec and I will if I didn't.
18:17<rkulagow_>(i guess --fullthrottle is just as good as --hogcpu)
18:18<thor_>Chutt, ignore last night's e-mail, much less broken mythmusic to send you shortly
18:19<Chutt>so how's that supposed to work, anyway?
18:19<Chutt>the tree thingie in the playback box
18:20<thor_>if you have keyboard accelerators on, you can navigate anywhere in the tree
18:20<thor_>hit enter/space, play from there
18:20<Chutt>play from where?
18:20<thor_>from wherever you navigated to
18:20<Chutt>there's no order, really
18:20<thor_>you start out in active playlist
18:21<Captain_Murdoch_>rkulagow: I can't think of anything nicer unfortunately, pardon the pun. :)
18:21<Chutt>ok, that wasn't apparent in last nights build =)
18:21<thor_>but you can go up to all my music, over to artist/album, down to a track, hit enter
18:25<Chutt>well, can't wait for better working stuff =)
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18:29<Captain_Murdoch_>Chutt: are you envisioning a standalone program doing the seektable fix or would it happen automatically whenever a player plays the file?
18:29<Chutt>could happen automatically, but i do think it makes sense to have the commercial detection stuff fix it up if necessary
18:31<Captain_Murdoch_>since detection can happen anywhere whether the machine has access to the file or not, that means having a way to tell a backend to fix the seektable I guess for a file it recorded.
18:31<Chutt>it could be similar to the mpg files and alternatively store the seektable in the db
18:33<Captain_Murdoch_>I was thinking (it's on my TODO) that if all recorders stored their seektable in the DB (whether only or as a backup) then that would fix a couple things. they could write periodically during record so even if something happens a fairly current seektable is available. the player would look in the file first if applicable but if not there then retrieve from the db.
18:33<Chutt>i'd still like for the info to be saved in the file, if possible
18:33<Chutt>but storing in the db for normal use would be fine
18:34<Captain_Murdoch_>so it would/could work the same way the blank frame stuff works now where the player gets the updated list from the db not the recorder if the recording is in progress.
18:35<Captain_Murdoch_>in that case there's really no need to have a method to fix a seektable since it's not needed except for old recordings.
18:36<Captain_Murdoch_>that was why I did it from a standalone perspective to begin with. a player could update the db with the seektable if one doesn't exist, but no need to write to the file since that file could be remote or local.
18:36<rkulagow_>captain_murdoch: the commercial skip method is now a global; does it belong in setup rather than in the frontend?
18:38<Captain_Murdoch_>I thought about that, but thought keeping the commercial stuff together made more sense. even setup is something you run on every backend.
18:41<Captain_Murdoch_>I need to hit the road, my wife is probably wondering where I am. If that patch worked it could be used as a hack right now to fix seektables if someone wanted to snag the patch from me, but in the future it shouldn't be necessary.
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19:25<Chutt>that 'no sound' guy is quite impossible
19:25<Chutt>he's apparently using a pvr-250 or whatnot
19:25<Chutt>so aplay /dev/dsp will _not_ play the tv card's audio
19:27<rcaskey>Chutt: is .9 going to be a feature complete release of 1.0?
19:27<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: found a bug in that seektable fix code, fixed now in case you want to try it sometime.
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20:26<rkulagow_>captain_murdoch: ok
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22:14<Chutt>rcaskey, 1.0 doesn't come after 0.9
22:14<Chutt>0.10 does :p
22:29<rkulagow_>and "batting a thousand" is also incorrect.
22:42<rkulagow_>captain_murdoch: this is what happens with PVR-250 files when mythcommflag is run with --seek:
22:42<rkulagow_>Found file header info.
22:42<rkulagow_>finfo :
22:42<rkulagow_>version : ΓΈ
22:42<rkulagow_>width : 76117377
22:42<rkulagow_>height : -524714015
22:42<rkulagow_>fps : -69260313784847236068153479996354801073016259333284712194503607023669182502231923694860500992.00
22:42<rkulagow_>keyframedist : -2111631321
22:42<rkulagow_>Invalid file format
22:55<Chutt>yeah, he said it wouldn't work =)
23:26<poptix>i'd recommend .91 over .10 =p
23:26<Chutt>it's just the release number
23:27<Chutt>0.9's the ninth release, 0.10 will be the tenth
23:27<poptix>we have a hard enough time getting people to understand 1.6.14 > 1.6.9
23:27<poptix>when they download eggdrop
23:27<Chutt>yeah, people are dumb
23:27* poptixnods
23:27<Chutt>sucks to be them
23:28<poptix>my eyeballs are falling out
23:28<thor_>my butt actually fell asleep
23:28<poptix>i played swords of chaos (old bbs game, text) for over 6 hours today
23:29<FryGuy>perhaps 1:6:19 would make people realize :)
23:30<poptix>who is this Jeff C person
23:30<Chutt>the guy that's been asking about skipping playback
23:30<FryGuy>swords of chaos was a fun game
23:30<poptix>and why is he 90% of my inbox
23:30<Chutt>that's hilarious
23:30<Chutt>he's running out of cpu
23:30<Chutt>i wonder what's causing the skipping
23:30<poptix>Chutt: heh, what cpu?
23:30<Chutt>i have no idea, i don't pay attention
23:30<Chutt>think it was a low end duron
23:30<Chutt>should be plenty, but who knows
23:32<poptix>i'm about to beat the guy on ivtv-dev a new hole in his head if he doesn't stop posting new messages, instead of replying to old ones
23:33<poptix>some people have no concept of threading
23:33<poptix>(or having a complete thought in *one* message)
23:33<Chutt>which guy?
23:33<poptix>the one who kept bitching about his hotmail account not working
23:35<bline>almost as bad as people that reply to a thread with a new message, boggles the mind how they can do that by mistake.
23:35<poptix>james pattie
23:35<poptix>bline: it's not a mistake
23:35<poptix>it's laziness
23:35<poptix>'i'm too lazy to type in '' so i'll hit reply and delete the message+subject, then type in my own'
23:36<poptix>hmm, james pattie wasn't it i guess
23:36<poptix>he does the same thing though
23:37<poptix>ah, Jeff Campbell
23:38<poptix>the 'let's post 30 messages to the list about msp3400 before listening to the guy telling you to make sure you're loading the right msp3400 module' guy
23:38<poptix>(otherwise known as the 'i don't know how to thread' and 'i use hotmail because it's cool yet loses my list mail' guy)
23:43<FryGuy>sometimes I forget to change my identity when I send mail to the list and I have to resend it :/
23:44<Chutt>that reminds me, i need to clear out the pending messages sometime
23:44<Chutt>there's like 80 for each list
23:45<poptix>i prefer being a BOFH
23:45<poptix>and just auto deleting them all
23:46<poptix>if it caught the list admin must check filter, then they did something wrong
23:46<Chutt>i want people to get the bounce notice
23:46<Chutt>but i want to discard everything
23:46<Chutt>mailman doesn't let you do both
23:46<Chutt>autodiscard doesn't send a message saying it's awaiting approval because you came from a non-subscribed address
23:47<Chutt>god damn
23:47<Chutt>fucking people can't read on the ivtv list
23:48<FryGuy>well, I set up eudora to automatically convert the identity on the message to the mythtv@ address, so I shoulodn't have that problem anymore
23:48<FryGuy>although, i might still get the reply-to mixed up
23:52<poptix>use mutt, problem solved.
23:59<bigguy>heh I'm not a fan of the mutt
23:59<bigguy>but I don't have any problems with email