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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-25

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01:12<mutexer>have the CPU speed requirements been lowered? I noticed it said a 500mhz should do VCD quality... last time I checked at least a 1700+ was recommended
01:12<mutexer>and I must say, I am very impressed with the new stuff I saw
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09:54<Chutt>i should make an image cache dir and store pre-scaled theme images in it
09:54<Chutt>speed things up a tad for non-800x600
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11:03<rkulagow_>chutt: can you please sync website to cvs docs when you get the chance?
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11:33<thor_>Chutt said: i should make an image cache dir and store pre-scaled theme images in it
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11:34<thor_>been thinking about this
11:34<thor_>you want almost a gContext->fetchRightImage(imageName), so that's easy and invisible to the application code (I think)
11:35<thor_>(been resizing a lot of png's recently =)
12:04<mdz_>why is it that some tables in database/*.sql are forced to type=MyISAM?
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12:34<Chutt>"Hi, i want to improve my picture quality on my TV out, but I want to use the composite input on my TV"
12:43<thor_>Also, can you make my microwave pop my popcorn faster?
12:45<thor_>right now it's ready 3 minutes after I hit play, unless I'm watching a movie on Fox...
12:47<thor_>Chutt, I'm going to send you a tar ball in an hour so ... I'll be out most of the rest of the day, but hoping to get a CVS release later tonight ...
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13:41<rkulagow_>what's cool?
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13:57<thor_>Chutt ... out of time until this evening ... I'll do a lib commit and send you a tarball around 10 pm EST
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20:09* yebofinally has mythtv working
20:10<yebo>unfortunately, my myth box is too slow to watch live tv.. but i was wondering.. is there a way to not compress the video so i can watch live tv? even if i am not able to pause it..
20:24<yebo>must be some sort of way to do raw AVI
20:37<Captain_Murdoch>yebo, are you using mjpeg for your livetv profile?
20:37<yebo>i am, yes
20:37<yebo>ive tried mpeg4 with a really high bitrate
20:37<Captain_Murdoch>try reducing quality or resolution then.
20:38<yebo>nod, i can watch it at 240x240.. but it's absolutly horrible
20:39<yebo>im going to save up for a hauppauge pvr-250.. but i dont see why i have to use compressed video for livetv
20:39<Captain_Murdoch>what kind of machine?
20:39<Captain_Murdoch>cpu speed?
20:39<yebo>PII450 with 512MB ram
20:41<yebo>it would be nice if mythtv would directly access the tuner card for livetv..
20:41<yebo>some alternative xawtv-like 'mythtv' application
20:41<Captain_Murdoch>if you're willing to take the risk of a scheduler conflict, then you can just change your theme's xml file to call xawtv instead of running myth's LiveTV function.
20:42<yebo>that's perfect
20:42<yebo>it wouldnt be too hard to make it alert me that a recording is due to begin in X minutes
20:43<Captain_Murdoch>edit /usr/local/share/mythtv/tvmenu.xml and search for "TV_WATCH_LIVE" and change that to "EXEC xawtv".
20:43<Captain_Murdoch>you need your remote setup for it as well though.
20:44<yebo>i havent gotten around to setting up the remote yet
20:44<Captain_Murdoch>play around with it and you can get it working, just have the scheduler conflict to worry about now since there's no way curently for myth to know you're using the tuner with xawtv.
20:44<Captain_Murdoch>I gotta go get dinner. hope you get it working.
20:44<yebo>thanks for the help, enjoy your meal
20:44<Captain_Murdoch>try mjpeg also with a quality of 150 or so.
20:45<Ripp>dinner? egads why didn't I think of that...
20:45* Ripprealizes what time it really is
20:45<Captain_Murdoch>also check out to see if anyone else has myth running on a box the speed of yours.
20:47<yebo>the people using low end hardware like mine have hardware encoders like the G200
20:47<yebo>wow, that guy is using a PII266..
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23:34<thor_>Chutt, you've got code