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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-05-30

00:09<Chutt>that's the last bit of the .mpg support
00:09<Chutt>preview pixmaps, finally =)
00:09<moegreen>hmmm...i don't seem to be receiving any email
00:10<thor_> ?
00:10<Chutt>any at all, or just mythtv list email?
00:10<thor_>no secret tarballs ?
00:11<moegreen>nothing :( oh well - except for the secret tarball thing
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00:12<moegreen>thor_: well, I didn't get it, the 'oh well' was to all the other email that seems to have gone missing
00:13<Chutt>what i was sent a few hours ago
00:13<Chutt>dunno if thor was sending you something newer or not
00:13<Chutt>and, just a note, you have to manually copy the stuff in images/ and music-ui.xml to the default theme dir
00:22<Chutt>wow, a video icon
00:25<thor_>just sent you the same thing again
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00:32<bline>mythcommflag is handy
01:03<thor_>moegreen, you get tarball?
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01:05<moegreen>thor_: I got it from chutt's website, my email is screwed for whatever reason
01:07<thor_>any luck
01:07<moegreen>thor_: I haven't looked at it yet, I was doing some icons for mythvideo
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01:16<Cloak>woohoo, got it all working and an xbox frontend
01:16<Cloak>i've lost 4 years of my life
01:22<thor_>Cloak, I think many people would be very happy to see howto in the docs for this
01:22<thor_>The whole "do I need a James Bond game to boot Linux thing" on down
01:23<Cloak>i have had mine modded for xbmp
01:23<Cloak>i created a live cd
01:23<Cloak>so i didn't need to install anything
01:23<Cloak>that would be worth giving to others
01:24<Cloak>biggest problem was getting the iso up to date enough to play nice with the compile i'd already done
01:24<thor_>a nice clear explanation would probably lead to a lot of XBox sales ... make sure to take a short position in Microsoft first
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01:26<Cloak>the xbox really is an incredibly easy frontend due to good video out and fixed hardware platform.. as soon as one person does it, not much work needs to be duplicated
01:27<thor_>plus no tuner to deal with
01:27<thor_>... fixed hardware ...
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01:37<Ripp>is there a way to give a slave backend priority to its own tuner for livetv?
01:38<Viddy>whip it?
01:39<Ripp>into shape
01:39<Ripp>go forward
01:40<Ripp>man I must be old if that's what popped into my head
01:43<thor_>move ahead
01:43<thor_>try to detect it
01:43<thor_>it's not too late
01:48<Ripp>hm, anyone seen this...might be something for the guys wanting the radio capabilities:
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03:07<hardkrash>hey guys
03:08<hardkrash>anyone here?
03:08<hardkrash>i have a bt878 and the audio is like the chipmunks
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04:43<kiwi_uk>Anybod here?
04:56<kiwi_uk>yay! it works!
05:48<kiwi_uk>Anyone alive?
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07:23<mawt>don't suppose anyone knows of any recent changes to XMLTV because i get bad parameters when setup calls tv_grab_uk
07:26<kiwi_uk>i had that too
07:26<kiwi_uk>i configured it manually with tv_grabber_uk --configure --config-file=/root/.mythv/Television.xmltv
07:26<kiwi_uk>or whatever config file you wanna use
07:26<kiwi_uk>then mythfilldatabase worked
07:28<mawt>i'll try that
07:39<mawt>where did you get Television.xmltv from ?
07:39<mawt>or was tha the "tv_grab_uk --configure" file
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07:51<kiwi_uk>the Television.xmltv coresponds to something in the setuo
07:51<kiwi_uk>source name or something. the 3rd option
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09:49<rkulagow>chutt: can you update the list signup page to point to the gossamer threads archive instead of the pipermail one?
09:55<mawt>does anyone know any common problems with tvaudio.o or does it just "work" ?
09:56<mawt>i've not linked it to dsp etc or anything, and i'm getting no audio from my out port on the tv card when viewing in xawtv
09:57<bline>Did you read the audio trouble shooting portion of the faq?
09:58<mawt>i had no idea there was one... ty
09:58<bline>Audio is _the_ most common problem.
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10:18<kiwi_uk>I concur
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10:28<Chutt>kiwi_uk, so you figured out that the kernel audio drivers don't work all that well for the epia-m?
10:29<kiwi_uk>Well I installed the Alsa ones, and it still wont work :)
10:30<kiwi_uk>It just goes "bip" when the TV starts, and thats it
10:30<Chutt>which version of alsa?
10:30<Chutt>you do need to be using current cvs, last i checked
10:30<kiwi_uk>also, the TV plays okay for a few seconds, goes jerky, plays, jerky. Some guy oin the lists had that problem but not fixed it
10:31<kiwi_uk>CVS hmmm..
10:31<Chutt>and it helps to load the module with dxs_support=3
10:31<kiwi_uk>Well the audio all works. CDs play, oggs play, line in works
10:31<Chutt>the built-in sound is _not_ well supported
10:31<kiwi_uk>but Xaw and Muth do nothihng...
10:31<Chutt>'specially in full-duplex mode
10:32<kiwi_uk>okay dxs_support=3. Where shuld I add that to
10:32<Chutt>when you load the snd-via82xx module
10:32<kiwi_uk>its loaded in ermm... modules.conf is it?
10:32<Chutt>depends on your distro.
10:33<kiwi_uk>K, Ill just boot it to Lunix. brb
10:35<kiwi_uk>alrighty then
10:37<kiwi_uk>"alias snd-card-0 snd-via82xx dxs_support=3"?
10:38<Chutt>options snd-via82xx dxs_support=3
10:38<kiwi_uk>before or after the above line, or not matter?
10:39<Chutt>i don't think it matters
10:39<kiwi_uk>K, ill reboot it and see if that helped
10:40<Chutt>and, most likely
10:40<kiwi_uk>The TV is really choppy though, any ideas about that?
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10:40<Chutt>you'll need to drop the recording resolution and quality down quite a bit
10:40<Chutt>the via procs suck.
10:40<bline>how's things Chutt?
10:41<Chutt>goin well
10:41<bigguy>hey bline. I passed my EMT course and am now a National Registry EMT :)
10:42<kiwi_uk>is there a command line tool to show you CPU usage?
10:42<kiwi_uk>ooh, top
10:43<bline>bigguy: nice, You get a job doing that yet?
10:44<bigguy>bline: no I'm still waiting on mt cert packet to come in via post gonna be like 2 weeks
10:44<bigguy>bline: but I will be doing some volunteer runs for the city
10:45<bigguy>pays a little bit of money per run
10:46<hfb>Chutt: With regards to kiwi_uk's problem, how hard is it to set/change the sample rate to 48000 with Mythtv?
10:47<Chutt>it's not
10:47<bigguy>ok QN time
10:48<kiwi_uk>Chutt: what resolutin would you recommend dropping to
10:49<Chutt>something where it's not maxing the cpu
10:49<Chutt>turn off audio compression, for instance
10:51<hfb>kiwi_uk: Which epia epia board do you have?
10:53<kiwi_uk>Right, I think turning Mp3 compressiong off may have solvde it
10:54<kiwi_uk>gotta wait for my sister to finish with the tv now :(
11:11<bline>Chutt: does mythtv set the audio bitrate for the pvr250?
11:11<kiwi_uk>bline: Do you have a PVR250? If so, are they good?
11:12<bline>kiwi_uk: I'm happy with it, but the driver is alpha.
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11:44<kiwi_uk>Chutt: I get erros about audio bffer overflows now...
11:46<kiwi_uk>Backend says : VIDEOSYNC0 : Invalid Argument and VIDEOSYNC1 : Invalid Argument
11:46<kiwi_uk>and the frontend says : Audiop buffer overflow! Audio data lost.
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11:59<thor_>Chutt, I'm just sorting out the view only playlist thing .... commit candidate to your inbox soon
12:58<thor_>"Should be quite easy to tie into the decoder that's in libavcodec, actually."
12:59<Chutt>it'd be easy
12:59<thor_>any idea why goom doesn't like being a widget?
12:59<Chutt>it doesn't?
12:59<thor_>instead of a dialog
12:59<thor_>bad X requests
12:59<Chutt>i thought it just displayed to whatever window you gave it
13:00<thor_>needed to change base class of mainvisual to QWidget from QDialog
13:00<thor_>(to draw as widget on the playing dialog)
13:00<Chutt>someone from wired news just emailed me
13:01<thor_>maybe they can work in the WMA stuff from libavcodec as part of an in-depth piece of research
13:02<Chutt>it'd just be another decoder plugin
13:02<Chutt>i wouldn't worry about it :p
13:02<thor_>not right now ... but I'll get to it
13:04<rkulagow>surprised that you haven't been approached for a "ask chutt your questions" at /.
13:04<thor_>suprised your cable still works
13:06<Chutt>dsl, only thing here's the cvs server
13:07<thor_>no, I mean I'm surprised that some big evil media corporation hasn't disconnected your cable, destroyed your credit rating, and shipped you to Cuba
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13:30<thor_>cool, UPS came
13:42<pridkett>is there an easy way to get mythtv to run in a window on my desktop?
13:43<thor_>write MythDesktop
13:43<thor_>(which is only half a joke)
13:44<pridkett>i'm half tempted...I just got a PVR card, but have a fairly low end system. So I'm caught between working on freevo and mythtv
13:44<Chutt>well, the video can run in a window if you hit 'f'
13:45<Chutt>but the main ui's always borderless, and not really meant to
13:45<pridkett>yeah, the problem i run into is that it goes all gimpy on me
13:45<pridkett>i tried running mythtv on a sepearte X serer (startx -- :1 -layout myth), but not much love
13:46<Chutt>what sort of problems?
13:47<pridkett>garbled video display...I think it's my X server issue
13:49<pridkett>seems to be better now...
13:49<pridkett>still high cpu usage on the X server though...
13:49<Chutt>which display card?
13:49<thor_>Xv ?
13:50<pridkett>I've got a G400, under mplayer I get almost no x usage (through xmga)
13:50<pridkett>i'm sure i'll figure it out
13:50<pridkett>just need to work at it
13:50<Chutt>mythtv's display method is equivalent to mplayer's -vo xv
13:51<Chutt>shouldn't be using much cpu at all, unless the x server is doing format conversion/scaling in software
13:51<pridkett>okay...lemme try that
13:54<pridkett>I get moderate cpu usage from that. I would get less with a vid_mga one
13:55<pridkett>when I start up mythfrontend the display get garbled on the second display (not second head, second display, with start -- :1), mythtv, just the player works fine
14:00<Chutt>not really following you..
14:01<pridkett>within X you can start up two parallel X sessions
14:01<pridkett>so if you hit ctrl-alt-f7 you go to session 1
14:01<pridkett>if you hit ctrl-alt-f8 you go to session 2
14:02<thor_>... and ...
14:02<pridkett>mythfrontend is having issues on session 2
14:02<pridkett>mythtv works fine
14:02<Chutt>but not on 1?
14:02<pridkett>on 1 I've got my window manager, so it mythfrontend goes all weird
14:03<pridkett>mythtv works fine on both
14:03<Chutt>you need a window manager to run mythfrontend
14:04<pridkett>really...lemme set that up then...
14:04<pridkett>will twm work?
14:04<Chutt>believe so, there's a section in the howto about it
14:05<Chutt>i just use blackbox on my dedicated box, as it has fairly low overhead
14:10<Chutt>wired news guy wants a picture of 'yourself and the mythtv we could run with the story'
14:11<pridkett>yeah, it's definately a X server issue on the video munging
14:12<inman>people still read Wired?
14:13<Chutt>inman, i dunno, i certainly don't =)
14:13<thor_>hush pc pic?
14:13<inman>it's cool that you're getting media attention and all, but I'm just surprised it's from Wired.
14:13<Chutt>inman, i dunno, they seem to do articles on opensource projects semi-often
14:14<Chutt>they did a story or two on musicbrainz earlier in the year
14:14<thor_>I can just imagine the awful puns on Myth ... a mythical project, software of mythical importance ... ugh
14:15<thor_>Chutt, I'd hold out for the cover
14:15<Chutt>this is just the online junk
14:16<inman>anyone who can't handle my resume online, instead of as a Word document, isn't worth my time.
14:16<Chutt>ah, he just wrote back, he's going to call me monday
14:17<thor_>tie in the Via people ... they'll give you lots more boxes and you can send one to mdz =)
14:17* inmanretreats from recruiter hell.
14:17<mdz>Chutt doesn't sound like he likes the box all that much
14:17<inman>thor_: good idea; take advantage of the exposure and do some sponsorship work.
14:18<mdz>Chutt: which one is "the" mythtv?
14:18<Chutt>mdz, i dunno =)
14:18<Chutt>that's why i quoted it
14:18<Chutt>i'm not sending him pics
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19:54<MrScout>i thought i followed the directions fully but when i try to run setup i get ./setup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
19:54<MrScout>any sugestions?
19:55<MrScout>im new at linux but wana learn
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19:56<thor_>put /usr/local/lib in /etc/, run ldconfig, try compiling again
19:56<thor_>btw, this is a FAQ
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19:56<MrScout>im sorry i just saw that
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19:59<MrScout>that line is there in the file
20:00<MrScout>that mean i did something else wrong?
20:02<cryptonic>can mythtv run in a window on your desktop? or is it only fullscreen
20:03<Chutt>mrscout, the library files are in /usr/local/lib/, right?
20:03<Chutt>cryptonic, it's only fullscreen.
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20:04<MrScout>i see and about 4 more that are there similar to that also Chutt
20:04<MrScout>in that folder
20:05<Chutt>you've run ldconfig?
20:05<MrScout>yes sir
20:05<Chutt>ldconfig -v | grep libmyth
20:05<thor_>MrScout, slackware?
20:05<MrScout>redhat 9
20:06<thor_>make sure you have a link in /usr/local/lib to (just the .0)
20:06<Chutt>thor, that'sonly for compiling
20:06<MrScout>yes i have that one
20:06<thor_>Chutt, my brain has softened a lot over the past 24 hours
20:07<Chutt>almost there?
20:07<thor_>yup, a little visualization rewriting and I'll send you an ultra-secret tarball
20:08<Chutt>figure out the issue with goom?
20:09<MrScout> >
20:10<Chutt>MrScout: <Chutt> ldconfig -v | grep libmyth
20:10<MrScout>thats what i got when i typed that
20:11<Chutt>ah, ok
20:11<MrScout> ->
20:11<Chutt>and setup still doesn't run?
20:11<MrScout>haha Thanks!! im sure ill have more question new to linux but wana learn you guys are great!
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20:14<MrScout>i get couldnt open /dev/video1 to probe its inputs segmentation fault and it exits setup
20:15<MrScout>nevermind my own stupid mistake
20:16<MrScout>i dont mean to bother you guys so much but i saw this program running on my bosses computer
20:16<MrScout>and its spectaculer!
20:34<thor_>Chutt, goom is a bit of a pain, so I've reworked things to destroy and create visuals ... almost there ...
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21:31<Sembiance>Does MythTV have any problems running under 2.5.x kernels?
21:33-!-revmoo [] has joined #mythtv
21:35<revmoo>quick question, I've gotten to the step where you ./setup mythtv, when I get some errors like "QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded" A quick google shows that this error seems to happen normally on compile, and due to the fact that people didn't set their paths as per the install guide; However, I've followed the guide, set the paths.......any ideas?
21:57<yebyen>anyone know if TheAsp is still working on the auto-deletion of old shit patch?
21:57<yebyen>because if he's not, i'm going to. This is irritating :)
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22:26<Chutt>sembiance, i don't see why it would have a problem
22:26<Chutt>revmoo, you need to either install the qt-mysql package provided by your distribution, or compile qt with mysql support
22:47<Chutt>no good?
22:47<thor_>I am going in circles
22:47<Chutt>with what?
22:47<thor_>f'ing goom
22:47<Chutt>send me the code
22:48<thor_>let me get one other thing finished ... I've got two visualizer objects in there now
22:48<thor_>you'll see
22:52<Chutt>ok =)
22:57<Chutt>cuz i've got some time right now, and i would like to see this go into cvs soon =)
22:57<thor_>1 sec
22:59<thor_>Code is on its way
23:00<thor_>I had visualizations working, but if I really hammered on it (vis on/off, changing tracks) it would seg fault
23:00<thor_>this is visualization on the playback screen
23:00<thor_>always somewhere deep down in goom code
23:01<thor_>it's in a pretty bad state right now (I should have gone for a walk a long time ago)
23:01<thor_>if you can figure out how to get one visualizer widget to shrink down for playback and up for full visualization while not segfaulting that would be sublime
23:02<Chutt>be a lot easier to just kill it and start up a new one at the desired size
23:02<thor_>oh I did that for a while
23:03<thor_>whatever you think is best (of course)
23:03<thor_>I'm going to finish the single playlist mode
23:03<thor_>code is over in libmyth, so no conflicts
23:03<Chutt>ah, ok
23:04<Chutt>there we go, just got it
23:04<thor_>just got the e-mail, or just fixed it =)
23:04<Chutt>just got the email
23:05<Chutt>do you need to do a libmyth update?
23:06<Chutt>ah, you just did
23:08-!-pridkett_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:13<Chutt>do i need to turn on the vis stuff?
23:14<Chutt>oh wait, yes i do =)
23:14<thor_>best stress test is to leave it on Goom
23:15<Chutt>pounding on it meaning changing songs and stuff?
23:15<thor_>first thing is to uncomment that line, that kills it right away
23:16<thor_>no audio data at that point
23:17<thor_>pounding on it (4 or 5 versions ago) was when CycleVisualizers was not commented out
23:17<thor_>as I said, it's in pretty bad shape at the moment
23:22<Chutt>ok, stopped the segfault on startup with that
23:22<thor_>it's sweet looking with the vis running on the playback screen, no?
23:25-!-MrScout [] has joined #mythtv
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23:28<Chutt>changed something, and now it's not showing up at all =)
23:29<thor_>been there
23:29<-- revmoo( has left #mythtv ("moo")
23:32<Sembiance>Does anyone have any URL's with some success stories of people installing with a WinTV PVR250 card?
23:33<Sembiance>I'm having lots of problems... mainly starting with bttv and ivtv and the i2c stuff.
23:33<Chutt>ask on the itvt mailing list.
23:33<Sembiance>I noticed the hardware list for MythTV shows a LARGE amount of people using the PVR 250 cards
23:33<Sembiance>chutt: Okay. I'll do that right now.
23:33<Sembiance>chutt: I've been messing around with this 'darn stuff' for what seems like eons.
23:34<Chutt>perhaps you should wait and let it all mature.
23:34<Sembiance>There are at least 40+ people running this exact same card.
23:34<Sembiance>There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to get it to work too.
23:35<Chutt>because you're dumb?
23:35<Sembiance>I try to be nice and this is what I deal with?
23:35<Chutt>we already established that yesterday or whatnot
23:35<Chutt>you didn't make a good first impression
23:36<Sembiance>I'm trying to make a better second impression, and your making the same impression you did yesterday.
23:36<Sembiance>thor: Thank you very much. That is VERY helpful. I appreciate your help.
23:36<Chutt>thor, he's insiting he's smart enough to use gentoo, so none of that applies
23:36<Sembiance>chutt: You need to stop the insults.
23:37<Chutt>no, not really
23:37<thor_>move along, move along, there's nothing to see here
23:37<Chutt>it's my channel, you're the one using it improperly for tech support for an unrelated project
23:38<Sembiance>unrelated. hrm.. if you say so.
23:38<bigguy>it is unrelated
23:38<bigguy>ivtv != mythtv
23:39<Chutt>mythtv doesn't require the ivtv driver, the ivtv driver doesn't require mythtv
23:39<Chutt>they're unrelated.
23:39<Chutt>thor, so, it'd probably be best to just have one visual object, huh? =)
23:39<Chutt>thor, noticing some issues with it
23:39<Sembiance>chutt: Maybe you should move 'your' channel to Efnet. You and your kind would fit in much better there.
23:40<Chutt>you came in here yesterday swearing about the ivtv driver
23:40<thor_>Chutt, ideally, but at this point, anything that works is good for me
23:40<Chutt>you were directed to the proper place to ask about it
23:40<Sembiance>chutt: Freenode is for people who help others. They don't insult people calling them dumb.
23:40<Chutt>you came in _today_ bitching about the ivtv driver
23:41<Chutt>why can't you just ask on the mailing list?
23:41<bigguy>freenode is for lilo to try and beg for money so he can sit on his but
23:41<Chutt>no, this channel is for the development of mythtv
23:41<bigguy>it's not about anything
23:41<Chutt>not for people wanting free tech support
23:41<Sembiance>chutt: You should specify in your topic very clearly then 'This is a DEVELOPERS channel only. Users seeking help are not wanted here.'
23:42<Chutt>users that listen to me when they ask questions are wanted
23:42<Chutt>people that don't, well, aren't.
23:42<Chutt>you don't listen.
23:43<Sembiance>I don't even know how to respond.
23:43<Sembiance>chutt: Ever hear if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?
23:43<FryGuy>hey can I get help? my stuff doesn't work!
23:44<Chutt>how's that not nice?
23:44<Chutt>how many people directed you to the itvt mailing list?
23:44<Chutt>ivtv, rather
23:44<FryGuy>ivtv is stupid
23:44<bigguy>"YOu directed me to the proper place to ask but I'd rather you take time out of your schedule to hold my hnad and take me through the steps"
23:44<Sembiance>thor: Thanks again for your link, it was perfect. I wish chutt could understand how to help as well as you did by pasting a single link.
23:44<Chutt>i haven't seen you post a single question to it
23:45<Chutt>sembiance, how's it perfect? it doesn't tell you to compile the bttv drivers or anything
23:45<Chutt>ie, it's not meant for gentoo
23:45<Chutt>stuff's different between distributions, in case you've not noticed
23:45<Sembiance>chutt: You've already explained it to me, and I understand. I was mistaken. This is not a users channel or a help channel. You clearly do not want any questions about installation since you direct everything to the users list.
23:45<Sembiance>My mistake, I will leave so we can all be happier.
23:46<Chutt>shall i help you out?
23:46<Sembiance>chutts: Just try and be nicer in the future. Don't call people dumb, don't act all superior.
23:46<-- Sembiance( has left #mythtv
23:47<bigguy>what is it with people
23:48<pridkett_>if you've got ivtv issues, i might be able to help
23:48<Chutt>thor, i'm going to try and get it to resize properly
23:48<thor_>Chutt, that would be very cool
23:48<Chutt>since i think that'd be the best solution
23:48<thor_>I had it working at one point ... but fragile
23:48<bigguy>first it's slackware people that don't know how to do anything and now it's gentoo. And it's not just limited to mythtv
23:48<Chutt>pridkett, most people don't have any issues with it
23:49<Chutt>since they read docs and mailing list archives and understand that development code is not meant to be completely stable
23:49<pridkett_>neither do I. I was offering some help because it came up and I saw some of the comments
23:51<pridkett_>yes, but you have to remember different people think differently, and that may be a big issue for people who aren't native English speakers
23:51<Chutt>he's a native english speaker
23:51<Chutt>he's just dumb, really
23:52<Chutt>and, i'm not really being mean or anything by saying that =)
23:52<thor_>Chutt, when I had it resizing, I think I was doing setVisual("Blank") ... mess with it setVisual("Goom"), and probably messing with some mutexes, it's all a bit hazy
23:52<Chutt>shouldn't have to mutex it
23:52<Chutt>no threads
23:52<Chutt>it's an idle loop function
23:53<Chutt>at least
23:53<Chutt>i think so
23:54<thor_>decoders on thread ?
23:54<thor_>all that setListner, setdecoder stuff
23:54<Chutt>yeah, but that's all for the decoder locking
23:54<thor_>I've got single playlist working
23:55<thor_>but it's ugly
23:56<Chutt>ugly how?
23:56<thor_>ugly bad graphics
23:57<thor_>different pixmaps
23:57<thor_>drawn by yours truly
23:57<Chutt>ya know, mysql doesn't work very well if the partition it's logging to/running from is full
23:58<thor_>another factoid, a semicolon as the first character of a C++ file confuses the *HELL* out of gcc