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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-06-03

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00:02<Chutt>captain_murdoch, you around?
00:07<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, just came in the room.
00:09<Chutt>nm =)
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00:09<Chutt>i just fixed it
00:09<Chutt>the pvr-250 + bt878 bug on mythtv-users was an issue in the commercial skip code
00:10<Chutt>very minor issue =)
00:11<Captain_Murdoch>ok. I'll look at it once you commit, reading the email now.
00:12<Captain_Murdoch>was it checking blank frames on the pip thread using the 250?
00:13<Chutt>pip thread was the software card
00:13<Chutt>notice the value of y_mult
00:13<Chutt>in stack position #0 of his backtrace, thread #0
00:13<Chutt>err, thread 16
00:13<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, 0
00:13<Chutt>notice the loop that's using y_mult =)
00:14<Captain_Murdoch>ah. yeah.
00:14<Captain_Murdoch>is that because of low-res?
00:14<Chutt>it's like 160x128 or whatnot
00:14<Chutt>less than 200, anyway
00:14<Captain_Murdoch>ok. could probably turn off blank frame if it's pip anyway.
00:15<Captain_Murdoch>does the recorder know if it's pip though?
00:15<Captain_Murdoch>ok. I'll put that on my TODO list.
00:15<Chutt>sounds good, thanks
00:20<Captain_Murdoch>I need to do a better algorithm than that y_mult thing anyway. need to check lines like an interlaced gif works. the y_mult thing was a quick way to do it to begin with.
00:21<Captain_Murdoch>so it sort of drills down into the picture, checking as few pixels as possible but getting more and more detailed if it doesn't find any non-black pixels.
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00:22<Captain_Murdoch>need to go examine some interlacing source code to see how that works.
00:33<thor_>Yes, but it ain't ging to help him if his lib is out of whack
00:34<Chutt>thor, right, but =)
00:34<thor_>I know
00:34<thor_>Chutt, I am surprisingly confused by fonts.
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00:39<thor_>This screenshot:
00:40<thor_>are the button fonts really 14 point (CVS music-ui.xml)
00:42<Chutt>i haven't changed it
00:42<Chutt>so, yeah, i suppose
00:43<thor_>That draws much bigger on your system.
00:43<thor_>I'm now running XFree 3.3, Xft, freetype, yadda yadda yadda, and the point sizes are still much different
00:44<thor_>If I run fonts in appearance and themes from KDE control panel, it's drawing TTF fonts for me at whatever size I dial in
00:45<thor_>they are the same as I get in Myth Dialogs
00:45<thor_>they are way different than your screenshots
00:45<Chutt>what dpi?
00:45<thor_>72 ~ 75
00:45<Chutt>i think i'm running at 100
00:46<thor_>hard to design a theme when one man's perfect fit is another man's eyestrain
00:47<thor_>to we need dpi_mult ?
00:47<Chutt>i dunno
00:52<thor_>my completely unaltered cvs music-ui.xml version of the same screen:
00:59<Chutt>what happens when you run at 100?
00:59<Chutt>(just curious)
01:00<thor_>I dunno, hang on
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01:07<thor_>well, at least we know the cause
01:08<thor_>and my left and right arrows have gone back in sync
01:09<thor_>... FAQ: Why is my display all screwy? A: You *should* be running at x DPI (?!)
01:10<Timon>thor_: CycleVisualizerOnSongChange is broke when you manually select the next song
01:10<thor_>so it is ... on the todo
01:10<Timon>ok, thanks!
01:23<Timon>MythTV: ../../libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.a(XJ.o)(.text+0x20c): In function `XvVideoOutput::GetRefreshRate()':
01:23<Timon>/usr/include/c++/3.2.2/bits/stl_tree.h:1089: undefined reference to `XF86VidModeGetModeLine'
01:24<thor_>Timon, where did that come from?
01:25<Timon>make[2]: Entering directory `/store/myth/mythtv/programs/mythepg'
01:25<thor_>Chutt, if this were a democracy, I'd vote for 75 dpi, as seems to be what X defaults to if you don't tell it a display size.
01:26<thor_>Timon, sorry I have no idea (nmc)
01:28<thor_>No matter what the physical size of the tv, we know we only have so many pixels to deal with. X will be consistent as long as the user never tells it how big the set is.
01:28<thor_>bah ... sleep
01:30<Timon>thor_: I believe the problem to be with bjm's update about 2 hrs ago
01:31<thor_>Timon, hang on
01:32<Timon>Yup, it is his checkin. I backed out to previous versions of XJ.h, XJ.cpp and NupelVideoPlayer.cpp and it compiles fine now
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01:33<thor_>I'm sure someone will fix it or back it out
01:33<Timon>ok :-)
01:33<thor_>I gotta sleep.
01:33<bline>What's up
01:33<Timon>Night thor
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10:29<rkulagow>so, my pundit is on truck for delivery. something to do this afternoon at least...
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11:31<bline>In the qt mkspec directory is it required to have a symlink "default"?
11:33<bline>Or I guess I should say, I do not have that only a linux-g++ directory.
11:33<bline>Maybe I need to run qmake.
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11:34<bline>ahh, that fixed it
11:36<mdz>if there is a directory named 'default', that will be used if no QMAKESPEC environment variable is set
11:36<mdz>so it is not required
11:39<bline>running qmake changed that to the linux-g++ directory
11:40<bline>perhaps I should file a bug report with the people that maintain the qt package for this dist about setting the environment QMAKESPEC.
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12:16<mdz>bline: ask them to create a 'default' symlink instead
12:16<mdz>then QMAKESPEC is not required
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12:33<Conaz>wb Chutt, you ever receive that interview call yesterday?
12:34<Chutt>i dunno what the status of all that is
12:34<Conaz>hope ya didn't have to wait too long
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12:35<Conaz>I finally re-setup MythTV again from CVS last night, man, you all have come a long way since I last installed it
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12:37<Conaz>rkulagow: what delivery truck is your pundit on, I may need to take a break and hi-jack that from ya :)
12:38<rkulagow__>too bad - they _just_ pulled up.
12:38<Conaz>I hadn't seen those until you mentioned it
12:38<Conaz>Pretty neat case
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13:51<rkulagow>pundit: nice case, total PITA to get the PCI cards installed.
13:52<Conaz>This play-by-play I take it? ;)
13:53<Conaz>As you are attempting to cram the PCI cards into the tiny case
13:54<rkulagow><expletive elided>
13:56<Conaz>Well, I order an Xbox to try that out. it was cheap enough to slip under the wife's $$ radar
13:56<Conaz>ordered even
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16:23<rkulagow>cool. pundit is working with mandrake 9.1. didn't have to download ethernet driver to get it going.
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16:25<rkulagow>this thing is _really_ quiet.
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17:18<PBlue_cz>Chutt: I don't really care about the rest of it, but can you at least commit the part of my transcode patch that removes the direct assignment from argv in mythtranscode/main.cpp before 0.9 goes out? The mythtranscode will be completely broken until that is done.
17:19<Chutt>i'm busy.
17:19<Chutt>i'll get to it later
17:20<Chutt>the transcode stuff is completely disabled as is, so i don't really see a rush
17:20<Chutt>i wasn't planning on re-enabling it before 0.9, anyway
17:23<PBlue_cz>that is fine, but other may want to use mythtranscode standalone, and you can't even do that right now.
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21:39<thor_>rkulagow, how's the pundit?
21:41<thor_>Chutt, do we have a notion of where we want to go with the DPI isssue?
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23:55<bline>is it known fwd/rew break is broken in cvs from this morning?
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23:56* blineis forced to watch commercials
23:57<bline>fwd/rew isn't working for me in recordings as of cvs this morning
23:58<Chutt>i don't recall anything changing
23:58<bline>the nvidia timing stuff I was thinking
23:58<Chutt>shouldn't affect it
23:59<Chutt>that's just output
23:59* blinerecompiles with -g