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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-06-04

00:00<bline>oh dear, I can't reproduce
00:00<bline>strange heh
00:01<bline>ok, reproduces, it's at the begiing of this recording, I'll try other recording
00:02<bline>weird that it doesn't do this further into the recording
00:02<thor_>Chutt, any thoughts on the DPI thing?
00:02<Chutt>not really
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00:03<Chutt>i wouldn't have thought it would make that much of a difference
00:03<thor_>assume 100, assume 75, read it from running display and do a dpi_mult, or have the user set it somewhere
00:03<bline>wow, it's only this one recording
00:04<Chutt>a dpi_mult might be the best thing
00:04<bline>guess it's not that big a deal then
00:04<moegreen>thor_: shouldn't the user have the correct fonts for their resolution?
00:04<Chutt>moegreen, ttfs should be correct, no?
00:04<bline>unless you really want to see a stack from where it hangs
00:04<thor_>moegreen, X wants the text to appear the same "physical size"
00:05<thor_>it's points, not pixels
00:05<Chutt>doesn't debian default to 100?
00:05<moegreen>Chutt: ttf should be fine, but you have the option in your X config which fonts to prefer
00:05<thor_>if you do not specify the size of you monitor, X defaults to 75.
00:06<thor_>difference between 75 and 100 is fairly dramatic
00:06<bline>X defaullted to the first font path I thought
00:06<bline>xfs has an option in the conf for the default
00:06<moegreen>bline: right, but that is where your option to change it comes in
00:06<bline>moegreen: Yea, I was agreeing :p
00:07<thor_>same theme, same font, one at 75 dpi, other at 100 dpi
00:09<moegreen>thor_: I'm not saying it's not a problem, but can't the problem be solved by changing the user's configuration versus adding programming? Otherwise though, there may be some people who would like to scale their fonts (like the people who complain to the list that the fonts are too big on their 56" tv)
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00:10<thor_>moegreen, yes the user can be told to change ... but theme designers (default theme = me) need to know what we're going to tell them to change to
00:10<vektor>Chutt: Debian defaults to 100dpi.
00:11<Chutt>that's what i thought
00:11<vektor>Chutt: In fact, pretty much every linux distribution does.
00:11<Chutt>also what i thought =)
00:11<thor_>xf86config defaults to 100
00:11<thor_>sorry, 75
00:11<vektor>thor_: I'd argue that's broken.
00:11<thor_>I'm not arguing one way or the other ...
00:11<Chutt>just that there's a difference
00:12<Chutt>and we should probably compensate for it _somehow_
00:12<thor_>just seeking consensus
00:12<vektor>Chutt: Is this with your renderer?
00:12<vektor>Or is this in Qt or something?
00:12<vektor>Since arguably, you should just have configurable font point sizes.
00:13<vektor>And let the user decide based on their DPI what is reasonable.
00:13<thor_>vektor, but in most themes, text has to fit withing pixmaps
00:13<vektor>Then it would be broken to specify it in points, wouldn't it.
00:14<thor_>ttf's only come in points
00:14<vektor>True, but they're for 72 points per whatever.
00:14<vektor>So if you use 72x72 DPI you'll get pixels.
00:14<vektor>So I guess you should force Qt into 72dpi mode if you're trying to fit it to pixmaps.
00:16<thor_>we can ask X for the DPI, try and compensate with a dpi_mult, but things won't round perfectly. When users complain, we can suggest that 100 dpi is recommended. Anyone have a problem with that?
00:16<vektor>Dunno how you'd handle non-square pixels then :)
00:16<Chutt>we could use setPixelSize
00:16<vektor>thor_: Doesn't sound 'right'. :)
00:17<vektor>goodnight :)
00:19<thor_>Chutt, I believe you may have hot on it.
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00:55<moegreen>Chutt: do you know if the 'dan' that sent in the mythvideo imdb timeout patch is danm? (the email addr is
00:56<Chutt>i don't know
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01:32<Timon>moe, you here?
01:32<moegreen>Timon: yeah
01:32<Timon>I was thinking about it this morning, I think there is a memory leak in my patch
01:33<Timon>I instansiate a new QTimer, but don't delete it
01:33<Timon>Did you fix that?
01:34<moegreen>Timon: didn't notice it, but i've just added a fix for it, I'll commit it on my next commit - heh.
01:34<Timon>heh, ok :-)
01:35<Timon>Now that I'm thinking more about it, I believe the same issue exists in libmythtv with my patch to add the channel history functionality
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08:34<Captain_Murdoch>I see we got the MIL factor in the wired article. :)
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08:50<rroca>hi there, is ben online?
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10:17<WizFactor>Anyone having any issues with the latest mythmusic cvs? I just updated for the first time since the redesign, and I'm getting segfaults when I press play
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10:22<mdz>hah, I like how the abstract on the front page doesn't even mention 'mythtv'
10:22<mdz>while it has both 'tivo' and 'replaytv' in it
10:24<mdz>Krikorian estimates the parts for the device will cost a cool $1,200
10:24<mdz>Kulagowski estimates he spent about $600 on building his three DVRs
10:24<mdz>only a factor of 5 difference
10:27<Conaz>I'm just now getting to that part of the story :)
10:30<Conaz>At least the remaining portion of the article focused on MythTV
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11:12<rkulagow__>just read the wired story. interesting...
11:14<rkulagow__>wonder why the "tivo hacks" guy says it's going to cost $1200...?
11:14<Conaz>He must be paying retail for all his parts
11:15<Conaz>you get that new box all setup yesterday?
11:15<rkulagow__>could be. but $1200 is still a _lot_. interesting how he's got 35 offers but hasn't built one yet...
11:15<Conaz>I hear ya
11:15<rkulagow__>yes, pundit is now sitting pretty. finishing up the mythtv part of it today...
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11:17<Conaz>very cool
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11:26* Snow-Manfigures he might ask the right channel.
11:27<Snow-Man>If anyone's awake anyway.
11:28<Snow-Man>Anyone know how long an svideo one can have without running into problems?
11:28<Conaz>With how quick stuff gets done on mythtv I figure no-one sleeps around here
11:29<mdz>Snow-Man: depends on the environment I think
11:29<mdz>EMI etc.
11:29<Snow-Man>General 'can it do this' question: Can you rip DVDs to disk and play them with MythTV and has it got a nice interface for selecting pre-ripped movies and stuff?
11:29<Snow-Man>mdz: Hrmpf.
11:29<mdz>if wrapped around your computer monitor, probably only a couple of feet :
11:29<mdz>I can't type today
11:29<Snow-Man>mdz: The shortest I could make it I would estimate at around 20'.
11:30<Snow-Man>Which is from my basement through the ceiling up through the floor next to the TV.
11:30<mdz>Snow-Man: there is an add-on module with a simple browser for playing video files
11:30<Snow-Man>Might be able to make it 15'.
11:30<mdz>no interface for ripping as far as I know
11:30<Snow-Man>mdz: Hmmm, that might be good enough. I suppose I can always get off my ass and write up additions to it if I want.
11:30<mdz>Snow-Man: shielded coax should go farther
11:30<Snow-Man>Oh, I don't need an interface for ripping.
11:31<Snow-Man>mdz: I'm sure it would but I havn't got a coax tv out on my box.
11:31<Snow-Man>Besides, I do actually have svideo on my tv, so that'd be neat. :)
11:31<mdz>Snow-Man: run it though an old VCR :-)
11:32<Snow-Man>Actually, I don't know that I've got any equipment that could do svideo to coax.. I guess I might have an rca out tho too.
11:33<Snow-Man>Hrmpf, I'll have to drill a hole to run the svideo through but that might be short enough.
11:33<Snow-Man>If I could do it in like 15-20'.
11:33<Snow-Man>Going up the stairs would make the trip alot longer. :)
11:33<Conaz>You just doign this to test the video out?
11:33<Snow-Man>Hey, if I run into problems at least I've got rather fast access to the mailing list archives.
11:34<Snow-Man>Conaz: nah, I'm doing this so I can keep my desktop in the basement and the main TV on the floor above it.
11:34<Snow-Man>(in the living room)
11:34<Snow-Man>Just going to make my main desktop the mythtv box.
11:34<Conaz>Ah, so it is a perm solution
11:34<Conaz>What are you using for interface? RF remote?
11:34<Snow-Man>yeah, that's what I was thinking.
11:35<Snow-Man>Of course, I need to find one that's not using one of the freq's already used in my house.
11:35<Snow-Man>So that we can still use the remote when on the phone. :)
11:35<Conaz>My xbox finally shipped from, now if only my mod chip would ship
11:35<mdz>Snow-Man: having a cheap PC next to the TV works out much better
11:35<Snow-Man>It's a bitch though, my wavebird doesn't fucking work when someone's on the cordless.
11:35<Snow-Man>mdz: I'd have to buy said PC and I don't think it'd be that cheap..
11:36<Conaz>I'm hoping the xbox will be acceptable
11:36<Snow-Man>Not to mention the big magnets in the big speakers on either side of the entertainment center.
11:36<mdz>Snow-Man: ask rkugalow, he finds the deals
11:36<mdz>Snow-Man: you can definitely do it for cheap
11:36<Snow-Man>hrm, ok..
11:36* Snow-Manwould need to keep all expenses under the cost of a Tivo. :)
11:36<mdz>still do the encoding on the fast box, but use a cheap machine for the display
11:37<Snow-Man>Yeah, I figured that's what you were meaning.
11:37<Conaz>Hopefully next week I'll have some experience with the xbox as a frontend
11:37<Conaz>That was certainly cheap enough
11:38<Conaz>If not, I guess one of the kids will get an xbox :)
11:38<mdz>if the big speaker magnets don't disrupt the TV picture, a PC will probably not mind
11:38<Snow-Man>Well, the TV is farther away than the PC would be but I guess maybe I could try and find some other place to stash the PC.
11:39<Snow-Man>Like under the entertainment center or something if I got a like 2U case. ;)
11:39<mdz>2U cases tend to be very loud
11:39<mdz>or very very hot, your choice :-)
11:39<Snow-Man>Maybe I'll just buy a long svideo cable and see how well it works first.
11:42<Snow-Man>Anyhow have a thought on how much disk space your average dvd takes up?
11:42<vektor>Think 5-7MB/sec on average maybe?
11:42<poptix>Snow-Man: between 4 and 9 gigs
11:43<vektor>So between 4 and 9 gigs or so.
11:43<poptix>Snow-Man: a typical DVD (the physical medium) has a capacity of 4.7 or 9.4 GB
11:43<poptix>(depending on if it's single or dual layer(or sided)
11:43<poptix>with a double layer double sided DVD, you can fit 18.8GB on a single disc
11:44<poptix>Snow-Man: mount the DVD, then use the 'df' command.
11:47<mdz>Snow-Man: of course, if you're transcoding it, you can trade quality for space
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11:48<Snow-Man>Hmm, ok.
11:48<Snow-Man>I doubt I'd want to drop quality but <Shrug> who knows.
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11:49<Snow-Man>MythTV records at about 1GB/hour, right?
11:49<mdz>you can sometimes trade relatively small amounts of quality for big space gains
11:49<mdz>Snow-Man: it records at whatever bitrate you specify
11:52<Chutt>poor snowman
11:52<Snow-Man>Chutt: :P
11:52<Chutt>so complicated :p
11:52<Snow-Man>bah, just trying to figure if I'm gonna need another disk or not.
11:53<Snow-Man>Of course, I know the answer is yes I'm just trying to figure out how long I can limp on with just one.
11:53<mdz>depends on how good things look on your TV
11:53<Snow-Man>I suppose I'll have to find out.
11:53<Chutt>a tv is very forgiving =)
11:53<mdz>I currently have a 40G volume for mythtv
11:53<mdz>and I never fill it up
11:54<mdz>14G in use right now
11:54<Snow-Man>Hmm, I've got 49G free on my data partition atm.
11:55<Snow-Man>I could actually trim out alot of crap too, I've got like 3 or 4 copies of OpenLDAP trees, some copies of glibc and a bunch of other crap.
11:55<Snow-Man>I'm probably going to want to rip a bunch of video tapes and DVDs to disk tho.
11:55<mdz>one TV show will cost you 4 glibc trees, I think
11:56<mdz>depending on whether they're compiled or not
11:58<Snow-Man>Let's see, 630M of netfilter crap, 3.1G vmware install, 2.3G of 'debs' which includes glibc, openldap, sasl, perl and some other stuff.
11:58<Snow-Man>4.2g of other old junk..
12:01<Chutt>my cable just went out
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12:04<Chutt>story gets posted on wired, my cable goes out
12:04<Chutt>coincidence? i think not
12:07* Conazlaughs
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13:34<thor_>Chutt, it's big media after you for sure
13:34<thor_>In fact, I believe I predicted this =)
13:38<Snow-Man>So, I trust that those of you on the mythtv lists have decent mail servers, right?
13:39<Chutt>what are you going to do now?
13:39<thor_>Chutt, that question to me?
13:39<bma>Snow-Man: hah
13:40<thor_>Next 72 hours, clean up drawing code, fix some of the TODO bugs. Was the question about the next few days, or after 0.9?
13:40* Snow-Manis just harrasing people. :)
13:41<Chutt>oh, the question was to snowman :p
13:41<Chutt>not paying much attention here =)
13:41<Conaz>thor_: we appreciate the update anyway :)
13:42<Snow-Man>Actually it looks like the current bastard taking up room in my mail queue is a certain:
13:42<Snow-Man> 7BIT (Deferred: No route to host)
13:42<Snow-Man> <>
13:42<bma>Snow-Man: blackhole him :)
13:42<Conaz>oh, and btw: You've all ruined the TiVo for me :) I cannot live without commercial skip anymore...
13:43<Snow-Man>Though those damn MIT alum servers are having an issue again.
13:43<Conaz>The TiVo will be shipped off to my parents soon
13:43<thor_>Chutt, on the fonts ... I'm gonna assume 100 DPI for 0.9, and we can spec a slightly different theme.xml format after that to let designer specify pixels instead of points. That ok?
13:43<bma>tivo has commercial skip...
13:43<Chutt>yeah, that's fine
13:43<Chutt>bma, automatic :p
13:43<Conaz>Isn't that just hte 30 second skip?
13:43<bma>Chutt: how's it figure it out?
13:43<bma>Conaz: yea, but it works well enough for me
13:43<Chutt>works pretty well, actually
13:44<bma>Don't give me that garbage :P
13:44<Conaz>Oh, no, it isn't even close to acceptable now :)
13:44<bma>I'm technically curious
13:44<Chutt>blank frame and scene change detection
13:44<Conaz>It works great
13:45<thor_>Chutt, oh and I'm going to try and finish making the muth video File List do something useful in time for 0.9
13:45<Conaz>I hadn't used Myth since 0.5, so the latest cvs blew me away
13:45<bma>one thing I wish tivo did has was editing, so I could edit out commercials :)
13:46<Snow-Man>Can it skip an entire commercial break or does the user have to identify the commercials?
13:47<Chutt>snowman, usually does it completely automatically
13:48<Conaz>That has been my experience, sometimes they have a longer break between the commercials, but just press the Z key again, and away ya go
13:48<bma>unless you don't have a keyboard attached :)
13:49<Conaz>Well, press the remote button associated with commercial skip ;)
13:49<Conaz>either way, I'm hooked
13:49<Conaz>bah, stupid meetings
13:49<Snow-Man>Sounds pretty nice.
13:49* Snow-Manis gonna have to show it off if he gets it all working. :)
13:52<bma>if, if :)
14:12<moegreen>thor_: are you going to do the mythvideo 'video list'? I'm planning on fixing the cutdown function and adding it to the base class.
14:15<thor_>moegreen, yes
14:16<thor_>one thing ... browse and list are just two different ways of looking at the same set of data?
14:16<Chutt>list should be more directory based
14:16<thor_>or is list supposed to let the user specify what's browsable?
14:17<Snow-Man>I look forward to being able to step through the directories and movies I've got on disk and be able to play them easily with mythtv. ;)
14:19<moegreen>thor_: it should be a directory type browser - similar to the old school version, but it could use a playback looking widget with directories on the left and files on the right.
14:19<thor_>if there supposed to "do the same thing" (show all available movies), but one is flat with left right scrolling through the list and the other is a tree, then shouldn't the user specify which interface to use and then have one button to "Play Movies"
14:20<thor_>or should I just shut up, get it to work, and leave these questions for 0.10?
14:21<moegreen>heh. I think for now the two different ways will work
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14:34<mdz>Snow-Man: there's no deb for mythvideo as yet, since I don't use it...maybe you'd be interested in packaging it
14:34<bma>mythvideo looks kind of nice, even if you don't use mythtv :)
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14:58<Snow-Man>mdz: Hrm, perhaps.
14:59<Snow-Man>mdz: We'll see how far I get with things first. :)
15:00<PeteCool>I see a few ' in the translations/strings... can I use any HTML character in there?
15:00<PeteCool>é doesn't work
15:01<moegreen>PeteCool: where at?
15:02<PeteCool>moegreen: I tried it in mythfrontend_fr.ts
15:03<PeteCool>moegreen: I'm not sure exactly what your question means :(
15:07<moegreen>PeteCool: I wasn't sure if you were talking about MythVideo and some of the manual & -> & stuff
15:08<PeteCool>alright, let me start over: I'd need to use those letters in my mythfrontend translation: é à, maybe others, how would I make those?
15:09<PeteCool>moegreen: I'm not up to mythvideo yet ;)
15:13<Chutt>petecool, use utf8
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15:28<PeteCool>Chutt: sorry to bother you again, I don't see how to input those in the files... &#<hex unicode>; ? Or something like that? Or do I really need to be using an UTF-8 keyboard and locale?
15:42<Chutt>all the .xml files should be in utf-8
15:42<Chutt>all the stuff in the translators should be in utf-8
15:42<Chutt>use qtlinguist or whatever it is for the translation files, though
15:59<PeteCool>Chutt: ok, thanks
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16:23<PeteCool>what does "Change recording time:" in SetRecTimeDialog (mythfrontend_LANG.ts) refer to? I never saw it, and without knowing what it does, I can't really translate it :(
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16:29<moegreen>PeteCool: that might be from the manual recording box
16:34-!-jrh [] has joined #mythtv
16:48<thor_>Chutt, some very good improvements to mmusic (mostly GUI rationalization). Two issues: go back to accelerators even if ShowWholeTree = false, and (more importantly) still getting X Error: BadWindow out of SDL. This is happening about half the time
16:49<moegreen>thor_: your managed tree list never needs multiline capabilities, right?
16:50<thor_>you putting things in base UIType ?
16:50<moegreen>thor_: yeah
16:50<Snow-Man>mdz; I thought there were Debian packages?
16:50<mdz>Snow-Man: there are
16:50<Snow-Man>mdz: Like, for straight-up mythtv?
16:50<Snow-Man>Not in unstable yet?
16:50<mdz>Snow-Man: err
16:51<mdz>Snow-Man: the moment mp3 and MPEG-4 encoders are allowed in Debian, I'll upload it :-)
16:51<Snow-Man>oh, bah.
16:51<mdz>until then they're unofficial
16:51<Snow-Man>Stupid patents and licenses and shiat.
16:51<Snow-Man>Where they hiding?
16:52<Snow-Man>yay, it's apt'able too.
16:52<mdz>well of course
16:52<Snow-Man>hehe. :)
16:53<Snow-Man>You must answer "Yes" to the question "Should MySQL start on boot?"
16:53<mdz>Snow-Man: that defaults to "no" for some ridiculous reason
16:53<mdz>which completely breaks trying to set up a mysql database in postinst
16:53<mdz>I should file a bug
16:54<Snow-Man>Oh, you're the one who wrote the mythtv mplayer patch? nice.
16:54<bigguy>lo Snow-Man
16:54<Snow-Man>Geez, got a client and a server and stuff too, eh? Nice.
16:54<Snow-Man>bigguy: hey.
16:54<Snow-Man>web interface and everything, yeesh.
16:55<Snow-Man>bigguy: yea.
16:55<bigguy>I disappeared from irc for a few months and come back to find alot of people missing
16:55* Snow-Mannotes he's got mysql-server installed but it's not actually running.
16:56<bma>Snow-Man: sucka :)
16:56<Snow-Man>Oh, ffs, am I gonna have some stupid problem with mysql wanting to be on /var?
16:57<Snow-Man>mdz: Hey, how big does the mysql db get?
16:57<thor_>Chutt, bad X requests seems to happen on everything except Spectrum and Gears
16:57<thor_>and blank
16:58<mdz>Snow-Man: it's tiny
16:58<Snow-Man>alright, maybe that's ok then. :)
16:58<mdz>Snow-Man: 14M /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg
16:58<Snow-Man>Alright, now why does aptitude want to install alot more files than apt-get?
16:59<mdz>aptitude installs recommends by default
16:59<Snow-Man>I thought apt-get did that now too but maybe not.
17:00<Snow-Man>It's kind of weird actually.
17:00<Snow-Man>Things must be getting pulled in due to dependencies too.
17:00<Snow-Man>Oh well, it's a big computer, why not?
17:00<mdz>heh, weird to see recommends being implemented the way they were designed
17:00<bma>blockbuster should rent out the B5 season dvds, so I could rip them
17:01* Snow-Manwonders about mythtv-doc not being on the recommended list.
17:01<mdz>Snow-Man: reportbug :-P
17:02* Snow-Manjust installs all the myth packages.
17:02<bma>if they're unofficial, you probably wouldn't want to use reportbug, no? :P
17:02<mdz>Snow-Man: actually don't bother, I just added it
17:02<bma>Many Washington area residents may find their sleep interrupted by the roar of Air Force F-16 fighters tonight as the Pentagon conducts a 90-minute air patrol exercise to test federal procedures for identifying and confronting hostile aircraft, defense officials said yesterday.
17:02<mdz>bma: reportbug is smart about these things
17:02<bma>just what I need
17:02<mdz>the packages have a Bugs: control header
17:02<thor_>I dind't hear any
17:02<Snow-Man>reportbug will actually add the package kinda, won't it?
17:02<mdz>which causes bug reports to be mailed to me instead of the BTS
17:03<Snow-Man>oh, hah.
17:03<mdz>but so far not a single person has used it
17:03<bma>mdz: oh neat.
17:03<vektor>mdz: It's hard to get users to report bugs.
17:03<mdz>vektor: no, it's hard to get users to report bugs _correctly_
17:03<bma>mdz: well since I don't use mythtv you wont' hear from me :)
17:03<vektor>In almost all cases they try and find a workaround more than report it.
17:03<Snow-Man>Chutt: Write smaller programs damnit!
17:04<mdz>vektor: or else they don't encounter any problems, so you don't get any feedback. bastards!
17:04<Snow-Man>Espceially when they can't go into the archive and get downloaded with my mirror sync.
17:04<Snow-Man>mdz: Do I have to remove all the old mythtv source-installed files or just the ones listed by debconf?
17:05<mdz>bma: are you bma@d.o?
17:05<Snow-Man>'cause, like, I have nfc what's out there anyway. :)
17:05<bma>mdz: yup
17:05<Snow-Man>Yeah, he's that bastard.
17:05<PeteCool>mdz: you want feedback? here's feedback: Myth works great! =)
17:05<bma>what'd I do now?
17:05<mdz>getting crowded with Debian folks in here
17:05<bma>mdz: chutt actually was my first upstream maintainer... emusic :-P
17:05<mdz>Snow-Man: I just had it look for the most common trouble-makers
17:05-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
17:05<mdz>Snow-Man: anything that's in $PATH or the library search path needs to go
17:05<Snow-Man>hmm, ok, I nuked some other stuffs.
17:06* Snow-Mandoes a *myth* find.
17:06<bigguy>bma: heh yet another person I haven't seen in ages
17:06<Snow-Man>mdz: So if I package that thingy I suppose I send it to you, eh? :)
17:06<PeteCool>mdz: oh wait, you meant about the debian packages, I guess... I won't be using those for a while, I think
17:07<mdz>Snow-Man: if you want
17:07-!-jrh [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:07<mdz>I guess it'd be nice to have a single repository
17:07<mdz>it'd be nicer to have it in the fucking distribution
17:07-!-radsaq [] has joined #mythtv
17:07<Snow-Man>mdz: Certainly.
17:07<Snow-Man>I sometimes wonder if we shouldn't just make marillat's thing 'semi-official'. ;)
17:08<bigguy>bma: how are you and the wife doing?
17:08<radsaq>hello, I'm not a debian developer but I play one on tv
17:08<Snow-Man>Oh, bother, this doesn't look good.
17:08<Snow-Man>radsaq: yer ugly too.
17:08<bigguy>lo radsaq
17:08<radsaq>no I'm not :(
17:08<radsaq>hi bigguy
17:08<bma>bigguy: doing well :)
17:09-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
17:09<bigguy>Snow-Man: is what I here about you procreating true?
17:10<Snow-Man>bigguy: Check the blog. :)
17:10<bma>bigguy: yea, he's got a cute little stinker :)
17:10-!-Drikus [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:11* Snow-Manwaits for this find to finish.
17:11<Snow-Man>No dash in the domain.
17:11-!-kiwi_uk [] has quit ["Peace and Protection 4.22"]
17:12<bigguy>the only other one I haven't seen in eons is ljlane
17:12<Snow-Man>Anyone know if mythtv supports the DC10plus reasonably well?
17:13<bigguy>does it have v4l dritvers?
17:13<Snow-Man>yea, but you never know.
17:13<bigguy>I knowerm
17:13<Snow-Man>Or at lesat, I don't.
17:14<bma>bigguy: he's around :)
17:14<bigguy>bma: heh I noticed just did a /whois
17:15<bigguy>oh my GOD
17:15<Snow-Man>Alright, I think I've removed all the remnants.
17:15<bigguy>Snow-Man looks just like my uncle in these pics
17:15-!-Cloak [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:16<Snow-Man>Gee, great.
17:16<Snow-Man>erm, I don't have any images for mythgallery.
17:16* Snow-Mangoes and finds some.
17:17<radsaq>pfffft like we'll belive that
17:17<Snow-Man>Ah, shit, like I know the root password to mysql.
17:17<Snow-Man>Oh, well, maybe I do.
17:18<Snow-Man>bleh, mythtv-setup is kinda silly.
17:18<PeteCool>Snow-Man: seems I can't connect to your website anymore
17:18<Snow-Man>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 10, <> line 1.
17:19<Snow-Man>That's no good.
17:19<Snow-Man>PeteCool: Did you do something naughty?
17:19<PeteCool>Snow-Man: not yet
17:19<moegreen>thor_: i committed the cutDown fix, can you try it out on your MythMusic stuff? I was getting a compile error while compiling mythmusic
17:20<PeteCool>Snow-Man: I could a few minutes ago
17:20<bigguy>well I'm afk for a few hours. got things to do
17:20<mdz>Snow-Man: that means you didn't read README.Debian
17:20<PeteCool>Snow-Man: I wanted to see pictures of your baby =) But since I tried doing that, can't connect
17:20<Snow-Man>mdz: It hadn't been installed yet...
17:20<thor_>moegreen, ok
17:21<mdz>Snow-Man: when you got that error?
17:21<thor_>I've got some stuff to put into uitypes.cpp. Are you done for the time being with that?
17:21<moegreen>thor_: I hope to be :
17:21<moegreen>derrr, :)
17:21<Snow-Man>mdz: eh, it might have been, but still. That error was from a script run from dpkg as it was going through installing stuff after I answered the debconf questions.
17:21<mdz>Snow-Man: because the install scripts never try to connect as mythtv, unless you told it that the db admin was 'mythtv' instead of 'root'
17:22<mdz>which would be a very silly thing todo
17:22<Snow-Man>Nope, didn't tell it that.
17:22<Snow-Man>It asked me and I left it as root.
17:22<Snow-Man>Setting up mythgallery (0.8-2) ...
17:22<Snow-Man>It was from mythgallery tho,
17:22<mdz>ah, that
17:22<mdz>that I have no explanation for, then
17:23<mdz>it reads the username and password out of /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt
17:23<mdz>which, if you didn't get any errors from mythtv-database, are the username and password that were granted access to the db
17:23<Snow-Man>Well, my guess is that it was run before the mythtv stuff was run to set up the user because I was installing them at the same time.
17:23<Snow-Man>Setting up mythgallery (0.8-2) ...
17:23<Snow-Man>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 10, <> line 1.
17:23<Snow-Man>dpkg: error processing mythgallery (--configure):
17:23<Snow-Man>That was the order of things.
17:23<Snow-Man> subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 255
17:23<Snow-Man>No error from mythtv-database.
17:23<mdz>ah, that is possible
17:23<Snow-Man>Setting up mythtv-database (0.8-12) ...
17:23<mdz>if mythtv-database hadn't happened yet
17:24<Snow-Man>It re-ran mythgallery and didn't bitch the 2nd time.
17:24<mdz>the database can be remote, so things can't really depend on it
17:24<Snow-Man>Reading extended state information... Done
17:24<Snow-Man>Memory fault
17:24<Snow-Man>Gotta love aptitude sometimes.
17:24<mdz>heh, known bug fixed in CVS
17:25<Snow-Man>Has anyone made it not redo the 'building dep tree' and shit when you exit yet? :)
17:26<Snow-Man>PeteCool: Can you connect now?
17:26<mdz>but I asked about that bug and was told that it was fixed
17:26<Snow-Man>oh, ok.
17:27<Snow-Man>well, anyhow.
17:27<Chutt>snowman, stuff's not going to run without a tuner card
17:27<PeteCool>Snow-Man: yes, it works now
17:27<Chutt>and you need to be using cvs for all the better features :p
17:27<Snow-Man>Chutt: I've got a tuner card.
17:27<Snow-Man>Chutt: Ah, shit.
17:27<Snow-Man>mdz: What, no CVS debs? :)
17:27<Snow-Man>PeteCool: cool.
17:28<Chutt>no cvs binaries
17:28<Chutt>bad :p
17:28<bma>chutt speaks
17:29<mdz>Snow-Man: it is forbidden
17:29* bmaconsiders making cvs binaries just to piss chutt off
17:29<mdz>not that I would do it anyway; I get too much mail as it is
17:29<Chutt>i've threatened to remove anon cvs access if people do that :p
17:29-!-radsaq [] has quit []
17:29-!-moegreen [] has quit []
17:29-!-rroca [] has quit []
17:29<bma>Chutt: does mythtv have wishlists or something like tivo's seasonpass?
17:29<mdz>"I can't figure out how to install the package" is enough without "hey there are bugs in the CVS version!"
17:29<thor_>Chutt, got a work around for the X Bad Window stuff. MMusic is really solid now
17:29<Chutt>thor, cool
17:30<thor_>init with Blank, set actual vis when the playlist timer fires
17:30-!-radsaq [] has joined #mythtv
17:31<Captain_Murdoch_>Chutt: nevermind that email I sent to you, we shot enough holes in it on the mailing list I think.
17:31<Snow-Man>God damn that's annoying.
17:31<bma>Chutt: neat. wishlist?
17:31<Snow-Man>mdz: bah.
17:32<Chutt>no wishlist
17:32<Chutt>captain_murdoch, heh, ok =)
17:32<bma>suckage :)
17:32<Snow-Man>I can give you a bloody wishlist: don't make the damn setup thing full-screen like that.
17:32<bma>Chutt: do you have xmltv files around from this morning?
17:32-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
17:32-!-rroca [] has joined #mythtv
17:32<bma>if so, tell me what was playing on scifi at 9am
17:32<Snow-Man>BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk line 130.
17:32<Snow-Man>Can't locate object method "new" via package "XMLTV::ZapListings" at /usr/bin/tv_grab_na line 869.
17:32<Snow-Man>I was wondering wtf was going on there.
17:33<mdz>the setup utility uses the same code as the stuff which is meant to display on the TV
17:33<Snow-Man>I guess I need to apt-get install xmltv
17:33<Chutt>bma, i don't have anything handy right now
17:33<Snow-Man>The setup utility should figure out if it's X or TV. :)
17:33<bma>Chutt: that's ok, i was just curious as to why b5 wasn't on this morning
17:33<Captain_Murdoch_>Babylon 5: The Fall of Night (SciFi)
17:34<Captain_Murdoch_>courtesy of mythweb.
17:34<Snow-Man>Can't continue after import errors at /usr/share/perl5/XMLTV/ line 12
17:34<bma>oh well
17:34<bma>time to head out
17:34<bma>or not]
17:34<Snow-Man>"tz_to_num" is not exported by the XMLTV::TZ module
17:34<Snow-Man>And that too.
17:34<bma>Captain_Murdoch_: how about tomorrow at the same time?
17:35<mdz>Snow-Man: whaa?
17:35<mdz>Snow-Man: how the hell did you have a /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk without xmltv?
17:35<Captain_Murdoch_>Babylon 5: Matters of Honor (SciFi)
17:35<Snow-Man>Got me, I just installed xmltv and am still hitting problems tho.
17:35<mdz>or a /usr/bin/tv_grab_na?
17:35<bma>ok, looks like dish has bumped the episode back a day for some reason
17:36<mdz>if you find out where those files came from, that will probably reveal the mystery
17:36<mdz>you had stuff installed from source before
17:36<Snow-Man>xmltv-util: /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk
17:36<mdz>perhaps you let CPAN scribble all over your system?
17:36<Captain_Murdoch_>yeah, I noticed a while back something on SciFi that was different on my dish than what was on on cable at the time.
17:36<thor_>moegreen, no problems compiling here ... what error are you getting? Cutdown seems to work fine.
17:37<mdz>Snow-Man: xmltv is just a metapackage; xmltv-util (which is depended upon by the mythtv stuff) has everything you need
17:37<Snow-Man>Looks like I might have installed it before but I just installed the deb...
17:37<mdz>maybe you have way old versions of some xmltv stuff installed
17:37-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
17:37<Snow-Man>Already got xmltv-util installed and it was installed after...
17:37<-- Captain_Murdoch_has quit ()
17:37<vektor>neat, wired news article on mythtv?
17:37<moegreen>thor_: it's working now, it was something with a header
17:37<Snow-Man>vektor: yea.
17:38* Snow-Mankicks off another find, blah.
17:38<FryGuy>locate is better
17:49<Snow-Man>There we go.
17:53<Snow-Man>removing conflicting program: 88 Naughty Amateur Home Videos: Busy Beavers 20030605220000-20030605230000
17:53<Snow-Man>conflicted with : 88 Behind the Scenes: La Femme: Nikita Denise 20030605223000-
17:55<mdz>Snow-Man: that happens sometimes
17:55<mdz>I guess that's what happens when your only source of program data is scraping websites
17:55<Snow-Man>scraping websites?
17:56<Snow-Man>Oh, you mean scouring I guess.
17:57<Snow-Man>INSERT INTO programrating (chanid,starttime,system,rating) VALUES (1088, "20030604223000", "VCHIP", "MA");
17:57<Snow-Man>Driver error was:
17:57<Snow-Man>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
17:57<Snow-Man>Database error was:
17:57<Snow-Man>Duplicate entry '1088-20030604223000-VCHIP-MA' for key 1
17:58* Snow-Manwaits for this thing to finish.
17:58<Snow-Man>Then I need to install another tuner card.
17:58<Snow-Man>Which I have to find.
18:00<Chutt>still using that mjpeg card?
18:02<Snow-Man>I have that (the DC10Plus) but I've got another card around here somewhere.
18:02<Chutt>a real tuner card'll be better
18:02<Chutt>i don't know how well the mjpeg stuff works anymore
18:03<Snow-Man>Well, the mjpeg card does svideo which I think you can read directly..?
18:08-!-Thelonius [] has joined #mythtv
18:29-!-FryGuy [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:29-!-rkulagow__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:30-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
18:34-!-jrh [] has joined #mythtv
18:58-!-choenig [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:07-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:14<hachi>yay, the hard drive in my mythtv box just failed... good job maxtor
19:16-!-jrh [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:43-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
20:03-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:08<Snow-Man>Any clue about support for a Pinnacle Systems TV card? I think it's actually a bttv thing.
20:08<Snow-Man>I'm guessing it's supported under V4L.
20:14<PeteCool>Snow-Man: look in the bttv directory in the kernel source, the full list of all supported cards is there
20:17-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:23-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
20:34-!-jrh [] has joined #mythtv
20:34-!-rkulagow__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:35-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
20:36-!-rkulagow__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:46-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
20:46<Chutt>rkulagow, that guy that quoted the wired guy $1200 looks to be wanting to build with 2 pvr-350s
20:47<Chutt>which is, well, stupid =)
20:48-!-john [] has joined #mythtv
20:48-!-g8c [] has joined #mythtv
20:48-!-sc00p [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:48<john>hey guys.
20:48<rkulagow>sure sounds like overkill.
20:49<radsaq>Chutt, wasn't your original mythtv machine $400 or something?
20:49<Chutt>i probably spent 600 or so total
20:50<rkulagow>but then again, he hasn't built a box yet, and i don't think i've seen him on the list yet.
20:50<rkulagow>i now see that there's no physical way to get two PVR-250 cards into a pundit.
20:51<Chutt>too big?
20:51<Chutt>is it the height, or something else?
20:51<rkulagow>yep - pundit has a pci riser; and the second card just won't fit.
20:51<Chutt>you get that all working yet?
20:51<john>hey I just got tv-out working on my voodoo3 :P and I am working on getting mythtv to work for my tivo card.
20:52<john>I've got it all installed and stuff but when I run it, I get some error (I probably missed some steps somewhere) QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded.
20:53<thor_>need mysql modules for QT
20:53<john>I think I do have them
20:53<thor_>seems unlikely
20:53<john>I have mysql service started
20:53<rkulagow>if you've seen a pundit, the orientation is narrow and tall; the MB is vertical. the riser card is at a 90 angle and the cards are at 90 angle to _that_, and so the cards are effectively upside down. problem is that there's not enough room in the case. for the second card. would fit if the card didn't extend past the top of the bracket, but PVR250's are taller than that
20:53<rkulagow>i've seen some of the new CX23881 cards are tiny; barely bigger than the tuner. those'll fit.
20:53<rkulagow>i've seen some of the new CX23881 cards are tiny; barely bigger than the tuner. those'll fit.
20:54<john>this sorta, sucks, while I was getting tv-out working my roomate was working on myth tv, and now he's asleep and I am trying to pick up where he left off
20:54<rkulagow>pundit is operational, has Mandrake 9.1 loaded. didn't have to install anything off the asus website like i've seen some of the redhat folks talking about.
20:54<rkulagow>(for the network driver)
20:55<john>thor_: can you help me then?
20:55<rkulagow>i'll finish installing mythtv tonight on it; spent the whole day configuring a firewall to replace the old linksys i had.
20:55<thor_>john, QMYSQL3 driver not loaded. means pretty much what it says
20:56<john>thor_: I searched for qsql because I thought it might be relivant, /usr/include/qt/qsql.h
20:56<rkulagow>so, did i miss anything? saw that we're now famous, courtesy of wired.
20:56<john>I think it's there it's just not loaded or running or something
20:57<john>I don't mean to ask stupid questions, but how do I get this driver loaded? is it a kernel module? is it just some service that needs to be started or what?
20:57<rkulagow__>john: did you read the excellent HOWTO document?
20:57<rkulagow__>=) for the regulars
20:57<john>my roomate set everything up, up to this point
20:57<john>I am trying to gather the loose ends
20:57<john>where can I find it?
20:58<rkulagow__>documentation link right off the website.
20:58<rkulagow__>thor: i should program a macro for that or something.
20:59<thor_>rkulagow, that would be a good idea. How's the pundit?
20:59-!-rkulagow__ [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:00<rkulagow>it's sweet. 1) it doesn't look like a computer, so it blends really well as a frontend with A/V crap. 2) it's _quiet_. cons: 1) case is _very very_ tight.
21:01<thor_>two questions (1) can you take the feet off and put it on its side?
21:01-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
21:01<thor_>(2) does it look sensible like that?
21:02<-- g8c( has left #mythtv
21:11<rkulagow>well, let me check. hold on.
21:14<rkulagow>well, there's a tab on the foot that says "open" with an arrow pointing forwards, so i guess you could take it off.
21:18<thor_>without taking it off, is the bottom (which would become the side) finished?
21:20<rkulagow>thor: it's got lots of vent holes in it.
21:20<rkulagow>it's really built to be vertical, but if you don't mind the vent holes and can have them "hidden" then there's nothing that keeps you from using it lying flat vs. standing up.
21:21<thor_>would mess with the buddhist calm of my living room =)
21:22<thor_>looks like next one will be the Cool Master 620
21:22<rkulagow>wait, check that. there's not enough clearance for the door that hides all the front mounted ports and pc card, smart media, etc bay. if it wire lying on it's side it needs to be raised about 1/2" for clearance
21:22<rkulagow>"were", not "wire"
21:22<thor_>got you, thanks.
21:23<rkulagow>NP. now i just need to sneak it into the living room. =)
21:23<thor_>someone to run MIL interference?
21:25<rkulagow>MIL providing cover fire so the wife keeps her head down.
21:27<thor_>factoid; if you remove one "};" from a class defintion in uitypes.h **very** strange things happen to gcc
21:29<rkulagow>chutt: is the CVS server off, or did i forget my password?
21:30<Chutt>it should be on
21:30<Chutt>might be slow, though
21:30<rkulagow>(getting lots of connection refused messages)
21:30<Chutt>yeah, it's on
21:30<Chutt>least the light is
21:31<thor_>I just checked out a library (see factoid, above)
21:31<john>I don't understand, I wen't through the doc, looked like my roomate was using the same one, and this is where he left off when he went to sleep. I have the whole mysql thing set up and I loaded the mc.sql thing into it
21:32<thor_>john, but qt can't talk to mysql
21:32<john>is that a problem from the compilation?
21:33<john>or do I need to load something?
21:33<thor_>you need qt built with mysql modules ... (sigh) which distribution of Linux?
21:33<thor_>hang on
21:34<Chutt>or something along those lines
21:34<john>one sec.
21:35<john>ok cool
21:35<john>but I have a different problem now :)
21:35<john>couldn't connect to the backend server
21:36<PeteCool>john: did you start the backend?
21:36<john>lol... I am trying to figure this out
21:36<john>I didn't know there was a backend
21:36<PeteCool>mythbackend &
21:37<Chutt>read the docs
21:37<john>I think I am just so anxious to run it, that I am trying to cut the corners
21:38<thor_>john, also consider pouring coffee into your roomate
21:38<john>he sorta ticked me off
21:38<thor_>ok, battery acid then
21:39<john>he went off compiling source to install everything\
21:39<PeteCool>cutting corners won't help
21:39<john>without bothering to set up the install directories and stuff
21:39<john>this being debian, it would have helped if he would have used debian packaged
21:39<john>err packages
21:41<john>he found a way to get a mythtv debian package but by then he'd already installed qtsql stuff by source, and then the mythtv package said it needed the qtsql stuff so he's all I give up and the compiling source cascaded
21:42<john>so now there is shit that's not managed by any package manager all over the system, and not even in the proper directories
21:42<PeteCool>john: make uninstall in the source directories should help
21:42<john>err >:)
21:43<Chutt>you definitely don't want a hand-compiled qt in there
21:44<john>he just decided to use linux like a week ago
21:44<john>and he uses gento so he's all into compiling stuff
21:44-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
21:44-!-Thelonius [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:44-!-Namapoos [] has joined #mythtv
21:44-!-Namapoos is now known as Thelonius
21:45<john>thing is, gento manages the source you get, so it knows the packages and versions,... but for things like debian it just messes everything up
21:45<thor_>oh yes ... there are times when I'm not an idiot ...
21:46<john>I was just stating the facts to make a point however obvious they may have been
21:46<thor_>no, that has nothing to do with your thread, I just figured out how to implement something
21:46<thor_>talking out loud
21:48<thor_>you can now select any node in a tree, and it will play all leaf nodes *and* respect the current ordering
21:48<thor_>hot diggity
21:48<john>woot :P
21:49<rkulagow__>hrmm. still getting connection refused from the cvs box...
21:55<Thelonius>Chutt, have you seen that new software/hardware assisted encoding capability for ati AIW cards?
21:56<Chutt>aiw cards will not work due to crappy drivers
22:01<john>I love it when things work!
22:02<john>I am pretty new to linux, but I've spent a lot of time trying to compile good kernels, to adequately support my hardward, and I only just now realized how much time lspci would have saved me.
22:07<bma>ok, so the one-for-all ucr 6163 is a kickass remote
22:07<Chutt>bma, i have a urc-8800
22:07<Chutt>have for a couple years
22:08<PeteCool>Chutt, bma: as what do you set your remote, if you use them with LIRC: vcr, tv, sat, which brand?
22:10<Chutt>i just use the remote that came with my pvr-250 for now
22:11<bma>Chutt: this one finallyw orks with everything - dvd, vcr, pvr, boombox, tv
22:11<bma>so I can use one remote instead of 2 or 3 :p
22:11<Chutt>bma, that's exactly why i have mine
22:11<bma>Chutt: this one even has tivo buttons ;)
22:12<Chutt>turns on everything
22:12<Chutt>turns off everything
22:12<bma>plus it's nice and small
22:12<Chutt>all with one button
22:12<bma>not fucking huge like the learning remotes
22:12<bma>PeteCool: I don't use lirc
22:12<bma>i don't even use mythtv
22:12<bma>Chutt: plus, it was CHEAP. $17 at circuit city
22:13<Chutt>let's see, i think i spent $80 on this one like 3 or 4 years ago :p
22:13<john>I am looking at the video4linux stuff in my kernel, and I have a bt878 controller, but all I can see is the 848
22:14<bma>anyways, I'm happy :)
22:14<john>do I need a kernel patch or does the 848 support the 878?
22:14<bma>it was realy annoying for a long time because the dish remote didn't have a dvd option, adn the dvd remote didnt' work with my boombox (which the dvd player is hooked up to)
22:15<vektor>john: It's the same driver, the bttv driver.
22:15<vektor>It should be in the kernel from your distribution already.
22:16<vektor>You shouldn't need to build your own kernel.
22:16<john>I am compiling my own
22:16<vektor>Why would you do that, if you don't mind me asking?
22:16<john>a bunch of small reasons
22:16<john>I fell it more adequately supports my hardware
22:17<john>certain things I would rather compile in than leave as modules
22:17<john>and visa versa
22:17<john>but also because I can support a newer kernel this way
22:19<john>I started the habbit working on my ibook because it needed so many things that weren't mainstream
22:20<john>another example is that the kernel with my distro didn't have i2c-voodoo3 drivers
22:20-!-john [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:21-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
22:25<bline>what bitrate do you guys use for the pvr250?
22:26-!-john [] has joined #mythtv
22:30<Chutt>bline, i've been using 4.5/6
22:30<Chutt>bline, and, after 0.9, might i possibly take you up on the anon cvs hosting offer?
22:31<mdz_>Chutt: want your pipe back?
22:31<Chutt>it's been getting bad recently
22:32<Chutt>rkulagow, other people are using it, btw =)
22:32<mdz_>Chutt: are you going to move it completely, or set up a read-only pserver mirror?
22:32<bline>Chutt: I've thems seem pretty nice at 3/8 for me at 1.4G/h
22:33<rkulagow__>chutt: yeah, that's what i figured.
22:33-!-FryGuy [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:33<bline>wow, that sentance was messed
22:33<Chutt>mdz, read only
22:33-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
22:33<rkulagow__>chutt: thought it was my new firewall setup, but guess not.
22:33<rkulagow__>guess the pundit will have to wait until things calm down a little.
22:33<bline>s/I've thems/things/
22:33<bline>too much rum
22:34<Chutt>bline, heh
22:34<Chutt>bline, i think the peak bitrate should be lower, though
22:34<bline>Chutt: Ok, let me know when you want it setup
22:34<Chutt>well, not until next week
22:34<bline>The average bitrate comes to 3.4
22:34<Chutt>is that ok, though?
22:34<bline>Sure, fine.
22:35<Chutt>won't be that much traffic, but..
22:35<bline>No, but I will be in after I call alex.
22:35<Chutt>ok, cool
22:36* AndreasBll go to bed
22:36<-- AndreasB( has left #mythtv
22:36<Chutt>no rush at all =)
22:36<Chutt>since i'm horribly busy at the moment anyway
22:37<bline>grr, he's not answering. But I'm sure it will be fine
22:50<mdz_>that guy on the mailing list who claims that -mmmx cut his CPU usage in half is off his rocker
22:51<Snow-Man>Anyone running nvidia stuff here?
22:51<mdz_>"I reinstalled the entire OS on a machine that was pretty much the same and changed this compiler flag"
22:51<mdz_>Snow-Man: yes
22:51<Snow-Man>Requested Entity already in use!
22:51<Snow-Man>nvidia README wrong about dual-head ability or something in my config?
22:51<mdz_>ah, I use the xfree86 driver
22:51<mdz_>I believe Chutt uses the binary
22:51<Snow-Man>Chutt wasn't being very helpful.
22:51<Snow-Man>He sucks like that.
22:51<Chutt>i don't use it in tiwnview mode
22:51<bline>I know something about it
22:52<Snow-Man>It's not twinview actually.
22:52<Snow-Man>bline: ?
22:52<bline>It works wuithout twinview
22:52<bline>but it's picky, you can't have other sections in the config file other than the ones it wants
22:52<Snow-Man>I don't think I do..
22:53<Chutt>he wants to have a normal desktop with mythtv on the tv out
22:53<bline>iI have that
22:53<Snow-Man>Can you put up your X config somewhere?
22:53<bline>mythtv is the second screen
22:53<bline>running under windowmaker
22:54<Snow-Man>Whatever, I just need the X config. :)
22:56<vektor>bline: Weirdass modes for your TV out...
22:56<bline>vektor: trial and error
22:56<vektor>I think you'd have done better to do it properly.
22:56<bline>actually, I think those were generated by some script
22:56<vektor>I think you'd have done better to do it properly.
22:57<vektor>Well, something with some plausible technical reason for what you're doing.
22:58<vektor>Like, 'I got this from the datasheet for the TV encoder chip found on my card', or 'given this mode, I have a 1-1 scanline-to-scanline mapping from the input to the TV scanlines'.
22:58<bline>Like I said, they were generated by some script. I can't remember the script now but I believe it was recomended by the nvidia README
22:59<vektor>They don't seem to make any sense. It's like you're trying to get close to what would be easiest for the TV encoder, but the numbers all seem 'wrong'.
22:59<bline>It was when I was trying to get different resolutions on this monitor.
22:59<Snow-Man>God damnit, same fucking thing.
23:00<vektor>Snow-Man: Post your X log where it dies.
23:00<Chutt>my cable is all crappy tonight
23:00<bline>vektor: Then I guess the program was broken, but my monitor is working correctly now so I guess it wasn't too broken.
23:00<Snow-Man>vektor: In a sec.
23:01<Chutt>snowman needs tech support
23:01<Chutt>he's kinda dumb
23:02<Snow-Man>Chutt: f u. :P
23:02<bline>"Requested Entity already in use!"
23:02<vektor>Snow-Man: And X isn't already running?
23:03<Snow-Man>vektor: Nope.
23:03<Snow-Man>bline: That would be the problem.
23:03<vektor>Snow-Man: Your NVIDIA driver is extremely ancient.
23:03<bline>my first thought was X is running
23:04<Snow-Man>Hrmpf, I could have sworn I compiled/installed a new one since 2802..
23:05<vektor>so that is printed in the code when there's already an entity in the list ? hrn what does that mean...
23:05<Chutt>wow, that is an old driver
23:06<Chutt>he should still update the driver, first
23:06<Chutt>since it's ancient
23:07<Snow-Man>Working on it.
23:08-!-bline [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:09-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
23:10<bline>ugg, my system just locked
23:10-!-jrh [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:10* blinegoes through logs
23:14<Snow-Man>Right, so, log updated, new driver, same error.
23:15-!-Viddy [] has quit [Connection timed out]
23:15<bline>try google groups
23:15<bline>with that error
23:15<Snow-Man>I was googleing before and it wasn't helping.
23:16<bline>maybe it's a hardware problem then.
23:16<bline>switch out the video card with a known working one.
23:17<Snow-Man>Uhm, somehow I doubt that's it.
23:19<mdz_>Chutt: I had two backend crashes yesterday :-/ Are yours all solid?
23:19<Chutt>since it's ancient
23:19<Chutt>silly up arrow
23:21<Snow-Man>bline: How do you start X?
23:23<bline>I use gdm currently
23:23<bline>before that I used my systems startx shell script
23:23<Chutt>mdz, any backtraces?
23:23<Snow-Man>What about stuff in .xserverrc and whatnot? What options? Any?
23:24<bline>I don't have a .xserverrc
23:24<Snow-Man>What version of X?
23:24<bline>I modified gdm to source ~/.Xinitrc
23:24<Chutt>aw, crap, i didn't notice the 'ships in 2-3 weeks' on the book i ordered from
23:24<mdz_>Chutt: I wasn't around when they happened; I'm setting it up to save cores, but I've found that cores don't work too well in gdb with threads
23:24<Snow-Man>Do you think I need 4.3?
23:25<bline>I have no idea.
23:25<Chutt>mdz, and it's probably not smart to have it running in debug mode all the time, anyway
23:25<bline>I always keep up with current versions.
23:26<Snow-Man>damn, damn, damn.
23:27<Snow-Man>What kind of card have you got?
23:28<mdz_>what is this '-w' in CFLAGS?
23:28<mdz_>not -W, but -w
23:28<PeteCool>Snow-Man: what kind of card have you got?
23:28<Snow-Man>PeteCool: gf3, iirc.
23:29<Snow-Man>Do you think this might have something to do with the kernel agp stuff?
23:29<mdz_>that disables all warnings
23:29<Snow-Man>NVidia GeForce3 rev 163
23:31<Chutt>mdz, for the libavcodec stuff?
23:31<mdz_>ah, yes, it is only for libavcodec
23:31<Chutt>got tired of the warnings in there
23:31<mdz_>where is that configured?
23:31<Chutt>didn't feel like fixing em
23:31<Chutt>there's a CONFIG += warn_off
23:31<Chutt>or something
23:32<mdz_>well of course
23:32<mdz_>naturally searching for -w wouldn't find it :-P
23:32<mdz_>silly qmake stuff
23:32<Chutt>of course =)
23:32<mdz_>I'm going to do a build in 'release' mode with -g and no -fomit-frame-pointer and see how it does
23:33<mdz_>I need something debuggable that I can use full-time
23:39<mdz_>heh, myth builds are so slow on this box that I can watch everything go by
23:39<mdz_>see a warning
23:39<mdz_>and fix it before that module finishes compiling
23:47-!-FryGuy [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:47<mdz_>Chutt: have you seen the same thing with cores+gdb+pthreads?
23:47<mdz_>it's like it doesn't know the program was threaded and only shows you one
23:47<mdz_>the same gdb works fine on a running process
23:48<Chutt>i dunno
23:48<Chutt>sometimes it works ok for cores
23:48<Chutt>sometimes it doesn't
23:49<Snow-Man>(WW) NVIDIA(0): 2 display devices connected, but only 1 supported;
23:49<Snow-Man>(WW) NVIDIA(0): adjusting...
23:49<Snow-Man>I have a not-so-good feeling about that.
23:49<Snow-Man>Did the GF3's not support twinview?
23:50<Chutt>i dunno
23:50<Snow-Man>You know, I bet they didn't.
23:50<Snow-Man>God damnit.
23:53<Snow-Man>Do I have to run mythtv as the mythtv user?
23:53<Chutt>using the debs, i think, yes
23:53<Chutt>i dunno, though
23:53<Chutt>i don't use the debs :p
23:54<bline>use brain;
23:54<mdz_>Snow-Man: README.Debian
23:54<Snow-Man>Starting to think I shouldn't be.
23:54<bline>you were not kidding Chutt
23:54<Chutt>probably should just've gone straight to the cvs release :p
23:55<radsaq>why use your brain (or even documentation) when you can just ask Chutt?
23:55<Snow-Man>Could not connect to backend server
23:55<john>I am setting up the backend for the first time and it's asking me which video device to use
23:56<john>but the line is blank...
23:56<bline>start the backend server?
23:56<john>I don't know what to put there
23:56<Snow-Man>I think i broke it.
23:57<bline>john: it should be /dev/video0 or somesuch
23:57<Snow-Man>I just said 'watch tv'
23:57<john>bline: should they be listed? like the audio devices are?
23:57<john>or do I need to type it manually?
23:58<Chutt>snowman, you probably did
23:58<bline>john: you are running the setup program?
23:58<john>I don't have any /dev/video
23:58<bline>Mine is listed. Do you have a /dev/video0 on your system?
23:58<Snow-Man>Hrm, well, xawtv works.
23:58<mdz_>Snow-Man: could be almost anything; video capture, audio capture, audio output, audio duplex...
23:59<Snow-Man>yeah, yeah
23:59-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
23:59<Chutt>what'd it do?
23:59<john>bline: ... yeah I don't seem to have any /dev/video0 or anything video anything for that matter