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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-06-12

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02:11<Kuwanger>How do you watch TV in a corner of the program guide?
02:14<Chutt>hit 'm' to go to the guide while watching tv
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02:36<bline>Chutt: you still around?
02:37<Chutt>for a tiny bit longer, yeah
02:38<bline>Any idea what would cause mythtv to loose sounds for splirts at a time, 10 to 15 seconds apart
02:38<Chutt>not really, no
02:38<bline>It's on recordings that mplayer can plan fine.
02:39<bline>I was thinking it could be database related
02:39<Kuwanger>bline: Happen to know where the mplayer patch is to play nuv files?
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02:39<bline>Kuwanger: It's in the list archive somewhere, but I'm not using it. My nuv files are mpeg
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02:40<Chutt>kuwanger, first part of the last section of the howto has the link, i think
02:40<Kuwanger>bline: How?
02:40<bline>Kuwanger: pvr250
02:40<Kuwanger>Chutt: Oh. Well, I should check if it's up then. :)
02:40<activelow>having a problem with audio, when I'm recording the sound is fine, but playback is at a very low volume, the mixer for microphone is turned all the way up... ideas?
02:41<bline>activelow: a low setting in mythtv for initial volume?
02:42<activelow>let me check that
02:42<bline>I wish I could find this problem, I'v resorted to using mplayer to plan my recordings heh
02:43<Kuwanger>interval volume == source of all evil
02:43<Boarder2>is there a way to disable the video being in the upper right hand corner of the program guide?
02:43<Kuwanger>Luckily, my tv card only supports mono.
02:43<Chutt>kuwanger, edit the theme file
02:43<Chutt>err, that was to boarder2
02:43<Chutt>sorry =)
02:44<bline>hmm, rewind for a second restarts sound for the next 10 or 15 seconds
02:44<bline>maybe I should look in the syncing code
02:45<activelow>bline: bingo, that was it... thanks... Can I record tv with the microphone muted btw?
02:45<bline>activelow: how do you have sound setup? bttv, duplex on /dev/dsp or two sound cards?
02:46<bline>err btaudio
02:46<bline>grr, mplayer steals my mouse in a permanent sort of way
02:46<activelow>bline: I did have 2 soundcards, but for some reason the 2nd soundcard sounded horrible so i switched it to my main one on /dev/dsp
02:47<bline>so you are using duplex on one dsp?
02:47<Kuwanger>Been fun.
02:47<Kuwanger>ta ta for now
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02:48<activelow>bline: for now I guess that would be yes....trouble is I cant keep this setup. for some reason even with the mic muted the audio bleeds through to the speakers..
02:52<bline>it's been a while sense i messed with using duplex, the pvr250 sound and video come over /dev/video0
02:53<bline>maybe if I were sober I could remember heh
02:53<FryGuy>is mythtv supposed to stop recording when the hard drive is full?
02:54<Boarder2>it's supposed to crash, which it does succesfully
02:54<bline>I would imgine it would have no choice
02:55<bline>write fails, if it doesn't check the return of writes then it will probably segv at some point
02:55<Boarder2>theoretically, if the whole application was in ram, you'd be able to handle the event of the disk being full
02:55<Chutt>it could handle the disk being full if it bothered to check
02:55<Chutt>it doesn't.
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03:43<Boarder2>where are you going on monday/tuesday?
03:46<Boarder2>err... wrong window
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08:36<extremis>hello, do we have life?
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09:47<rkulagow__>more complaints of "newbie unfriendly docs" where the issue the user is running into has both a dedicated entry in the "troubleshooting" section and a note in the "compile" section.
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10:10<Conaz_>Well, the only way to become a non-newbie, is to wrestle one's way through the rough process of setting up mythtv... it is a great learning process
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11:03<dwatson>Any reason there aren't CVS Id tags in the source files?
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11:13<Conaz_>to quote c3po: how rude
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12:05<just1nux>in ui.xml <column number="2" width="65" context="-1"></column> what does context do? and is there a way to align a column to the left and not the right?
12:05<just1nux>i mean right and not left
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12:36<WizFactor>Has anything changed in mythfilldatabase lately? I don't have any data past the 16th, and whenever I run mythfilldatabase, it only grabs the next days listings. Other than tracking CVS, I don't think I've changed anything.
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13:45<HumanSky>you guys probably get this question a lot, but is there any Linux friendly hardware compression TV tuner cards?
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13:48<HumanSky>which one??
13:48<Snow-Man>There are a couple different ones with varying degrees of goodness.
13:49<HumanSky>hmmm, I was looking on the V4L page and I couldn't seem to find them
13:49<Snow-Man>The Zoran is V4L and does hardware mjpeg compressiong, though not the best apparently.
13:49<HumanSky>well in your opinion, which one is the best??
13:49<Snow-Man>The mythtv page has stuff on a better one, as I recall.
13:50<Snow-Man>Get a better system and do it in software.
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13:50<just1nux>wintv pvr-250 or 350 work well ( i have a 250)
13:51<HumanSky>and that will let me run mythTV on a 200 Mhz machine??
13:51<just1nux>much nicer to not have all that processing power wasted on encoding a single video stream.
13:51<HumanSky>because of the hardware compression
13:51<Chutt>can you play back dvds on a 200 mhz machine smoothly?
13:51<Chutt>i highly doubt it
13:52<just1nux>myth uses like 2% of the cpu while recording on my 1.7ghz
13:52<Chutt>a hardware compression card costs about the same as cpu/motherboard/ram upgrade.
13:53<HumanSky>so how is it that a TiVo box only runs on a 50Mhz CPU??
13:53<ForsGump>TiVo's have hardware encoding and DECODING
13:54<ForsGump>all the CPU has to do is read/write files and render the gui
13:54<HumanSky>so my next obvious question, is there any hardare encoders and decoders??
13:54<ForsGump>once the IvyTV team (or someone) gets the hardware decoder of the 350 working that 200 might be useful :)
13:55<Chutt>humansky, spend your money on a machine that's not 8 or 9 years old.
13:55<Chutt>it'd be much more useful.
13:55<HumanSky>yea, but I just happen to come across this machine for $20
13:55<ForsGump>i just got my irblaster last night and now my mythtv box (with a pvr250) can do our cable or Directv
13:55<HumanSky>so I thought I could make some use out of it
13:55<Chutt>forsgump, they'll also need to write a framebuffer driver for it, so it can be used for things other than just mpegs
13:55<Chutt>which will take even longer
13:55<ForsGump>this is an awesome software package
13:56<ForsGump>chutt: agreed
13:56<Chutt>because you really don't want to have to mpeg encode all the GUIs and stuff =)
13:56<ForsGump>lol true true !
13:58<ForsGump>anybody know about the possibility of mythtv utilizing a VFD/LCD? I know mythmusic does
13:58<Chutt>i believe there's some hooks in there to make it show the current position and stuff
13:59<Chutt>and program information
14:00<ForsGump>that'd be nice.. building (mostly built) an htpc with MythTV as the main app :)
14:08<ForsGump>long time user first time IRCer--recognize a lot of user names from the mailing list :)
14:15* Snow-Mansmirks.
14:15<mdz>HumanSky: you were ripped off if you paid any money for that machine
14:15<mdz>you can find faster computers in the trash
14:17<mdz>"This seems to become a FAQ! should we include it in the docs?"
14:18<mdz>Chutt: forwarded you something funny off of the theora list
14:19* ForsGumpwas considering mythifying his P-90 until mdz piped up
14:19<mdz>ForsGump: it's true
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14:19<Thelonius>i mythed my pda
14:19<Thelonius>mythed it real good
14:20<mdz>I want to run a frontend and backend on my Zaurus, hey, does anyone know of any hardware encoder/decoder boards supported by Linux/ARM which fit in a CompactFlash slot?
14:20<Thelonius>mdz, been trying to find one
14:20<Thelonius>even a pcmcia one
14:20<Thelonius>but have had no luck either way
14:20<just1nux> << Myth Theme I've been working on today if anyone wants to take a peek.
14:21<ForsGump>nice just1nux
14:21<Thelonius>mdz, which zaurus do you hae\ve?
14:21<just1nux>:) thanx
14:22<Chutt>good to see someone doing more than just a background swap
14:22<mdz>Thelonius: SL-5500, and I wasn't serious
14:22<WizFactor>Wow...I _love_ that theme
14:22<PeteCool>just1nux: now my funhouse doesn't look as good :(
14:22<just1nux>yeah, thats why i decided to mess around with it, after seeing what others were doing.
14:22<mdz>Chutt: the question of theora A/V sync has come up, and it doesn't look good
14:23<Thelonius>i am, i just want to have frontend going over wireless so i can watch tv on the can, or hiding undermybed
14:23<ForsGump>..or in the bomb shelter, etc :)
14:23<just1nux>funhouse and blue are good, but i wanted something more peacful
14:23<HumanSky>mdz: $20 for 200Mhz, 8GB HD, 64 megs RAM......Rip off???
14:23<Thelonius>HumanSky, yep
14:23<mdz>HumanSky: well, yes.
14:24<HumanSky>mdz: I can shit $ seriously, I've been seeing a doctor about that problem
14:24<Thelonius>you could have gotten 4-5 happy meals for that much
14:24<HumanSky>so true
14:24<Chutt>anything more than free would be too much for such a machine
14:24<mdz>free is too much
14:24<PeteCool>HumanSky: if it was canadian dollars it would be near an ok price (over of course)
14:24<mdz>you have to pay for the garbage truck to pick it up
14:25<PeteCool>actually... 10$CDN is too much still ;)
14:25<PeteCool>since the CDN dollar stopped being worth dirt
14:25<ForsGump>1-5 pasos?
14:25<Thelonius>HumanSky, it's just hard to warrant paying that much because that machine is sooo limited in what it can do
14:25<Chutt>mdz, i'd like to have the video codec in libavcodec, so i can just wrap it in the .nuv container
14:26<Chutt>and not use the ogg crap
14:26<HumanSky>I was going to make it my firewall
14:26<HumanSky>I now people that run firewalls on 386s
14:26<ForsGump>HumanSky that should work great
14:27<Snow-Man>My firewall used to be a 386.
14:27<Snow-Man>So did my seondary name server. :)
14:27<ForsGump>i personally have a firewall running on the aforementioned P-90.
14:27<mdz>Chutt: I think there's only a decoder so far
14:27<mdz>in libavcodec
14:27<Snow-Man>oh, yea, I got the new relay box mostly up.
14:27<Chutt>mdz, right, but the guy's going to work on the encoder eventually
14:28<mdz>Chutt: I'm pretty disappointed that ogg isn't shaping up for video
14:28<Chutt>they just do a fps value and a framecounter?
14:28<mdz>a global fps value
14:28<Chutt>yeah, that works well.
14:28<mdz>so it can't even skew
14:29<PeteCool>just1nux: are you an artist? Or just some guy messing with GIMP (or photoshop?), like I do?
14:29<Chutt>"We debated going with a timestamp approach, but the framecount won out (for now)."
14:29<Chutt>nice goin, dumbass
14:35<Chutt>apparently, the wired story made the front page of
14:36<just1nux>im an artist
14:37<just1nux>and a programmer and a teacher
14:40<Chutt>cute, kwin just locked up
14:40<just1nux>PeteCool: I use photoshop (MacOSX)
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15:06<Conaz_>just1nux: theme looks good
15:06<PeteCool>just1nux: did you do the EPG in your theme yet?
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15:35* ForsGumpnods.
15:37<extremis>What DVB card should I get?
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16:01<ForsGump>the jury seems to be out on that extremis :)
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16:23<rkulagow__>chutt: just mailed you a patch for canadian postal / ZIP codes
16:26<Chutt>go ahead and commit that
16:26<Chutt>looks fine to me
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16:44<rkulagow__>great, thanks.
16:46<PeteCool>anybody wants to try this out and tell me if anything looks wrong?
16:46<PeteCool>it themes all of mythtv but the EPG (I'm working on that), and also mythweather (no mythmusic yet)
16:49<Conaz_>Sure, I have no access to mythtv from here :)
16:50<Conaz_>I like the background. When I first saw this one I didn't really care for the orange/red gradient, but it is starting to grow on me
16:51<Conaz_>Although that theme that just1nux is working on looks great too
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17:03<Chutt>michael sherman's 'purple galaxy' theme is on the website now, btw =)
17:04<Chutt>it's mainly just a menu theme, though
17:04<Chutt>just reuses the default graphics for most stuff
17:05<PeteCool>Chutt: I don't plan on doing that ;)
17:05<Chutt>hey bline
17:07<rkulagow__>chutt: WDYT about rolling the FAQ into the HOWTO? the FAQ is pretty outdated; "Do you have deinterlace=1 in settings.txt?" not sure if you feel it should stick around and get updated, or just get whacked alltogether.
17:07<Chutt>rkulagow, i should just remove it in favor of your troubleshooting section
17:08<Chutt>is there anything in there that's not covered in the howto?
17:08<rkulagow__>let me check. is website FAQ == tarball FAQ?
17:08<Chutt>i dunno
17:08<Chutt>they should be fairly close
17:08<rkulagow__>let me check. brb.
17:10<rkulagow__>i'd say that tarball FAQ is about 96.4% already in the HOWTO somewhere.
17:12<rkulagow__>web FAQ has stuff that's not in the tarball; the "deinterlace=1" thing i just posted is a big one. i'll roll the tarball FAQ into the HOWTO as appropriate and replace the FAQ with "See the HOWTO for more information"? is that OK?
17:14<Chutt>you want access to the website?
17:14<Chutt>well, phpnuke, at least, i can't give you actual access
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17:53<dondas>How do I connect mythfrontend to another backend over network?
17:54<rkulagow__>mythfrontend should connect to the master backend. if you're currently running a one-box system and want to split it, then you need to go back into setup and change the masterbackend IP address.
17:56<dondas>When I run mythfrontend, I get this: mythfrontend
17:56<dondas>connecting to backend server:
17:56<dondas>where is that adress stored?
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17:58<grib>hey.. trying to get mythtv going, but first must get standard v4l with my card. anybody here fought with WinTV cards not producing sound?
17:59<dondas>grib: does it work in xawtv?
17:59<dondas>are you runnig alsa or oss/ have you rtfm?
18:00<grib>dondas: rtfm: check
18:00<grib>alsa: check
18:00<grib>mixer: check
18:00<grib>xawtv: video, no audio
18:01<dondas>are you sure you are using the right parameters when loading the kernel module?
18:01<grib>er, rather, um, there was no sound until just now.
18:01<rkulagow__>dondas: it's on the very first item of setup. cd setup
18:01<PeteCool>grib: is the line-in muted when you're testing with xawtv?
18:01<rkulagow__>then run setup: ./setup
18:02<dondas>rkulagow__: ok, but where is that setup stored, in mysql?
18:02<grib>what a helpful channel this is! nobody even said anything helpful and my problem was fixed. thanks all!
18:02<Cloak>i did it
18:02* Cloaktakes credit.
18:02<Cloak>grib: i'm training to be a politician, thanks for playing
18:03<rkulagow__>dondas: yes. 99% of the setup is in mysql. the other 1% is the mysql.txt file that tells the various mythtv components the IP address of the mysql database.
18:03<dondas>grib: oh yeah, join #overclock and your cpu will automatically be twice as fast.
18:03<dondas>rkulagow__: I see
18:03<rkulagow__>the database can run on any box, and the box doesn't even need to be running mythtv.
18:08<dondas>connecting to backend server:
18:08<dondas>Reading PCM volume: : Invalid argument
18:08<dondas>Could not connect to server
18:08<dondas>ASSERT: "i <= nodes" in /usr/qt/3/include/qvaluelist.h (372)
18:08<dondas>QGDict::hashKeyString: Invalid null key
18:08<dondas>(running version 0.8)
18:11<grib>so is it a faq what the relationship between freevo and mythtv is? i mean I know they are competing in a sense, but is there even a remote possibility to merge later, friendly rivalry, hostile, what?
18:12<dondas>grib: standard opensource situation, I would assume.
18:13<grib>which means what in this case?
18:13<dondas>take no prisoners?
18:14<bigguy>freevo wants to use as much python as possible were myth uses C++/Qt
18:14<bigguy>freevo has it's on goals
18:17<rkulagow__>to me, until it can pause live TV, it's using a loose definition of "PVR". it's the first thing i demo, since it's the first thing that seperates what mythtv does from a "VCR".
18:17<dondas>connecting to backend server:
18:17<dondas>Connection timed out.
18:18<Cloak>with the commercial skipping I find live tv unwatchable in mythtv
18:18<dondas>how do I troubleshoot this?
18:18<Cloak>it squeeks and burps whenever it sees a black screen for 10+ seconds
18:19<Cloak>dondas: is your network setup correctly?
18:19<Cloak>is mysql listening on a port or a named pipe?
18:19<Cloak>oh, backend server nm about the mysql question
18:20<Cloak>see if you can netcat or telnet to 6543 on
18:20<dondas>I connect ok, but when I press "TV" I get the "Connection timed out"
18:20<Cloak>is mythbackend still running?
18:20<Cloak>and it saw the connection?
18:21<dondas>a -verbose option would be nice
18:21<Cloak>sounds odd :) maybe a duplex issue?
18:21<rkulagow__>you mean the --verbose option that's already in the code?
18:22<rkulagow__>start from the beginning. do you have a split system or a single system doing backend and frontend
18:22<dondas>mythfrontend --verbose works? Don't get any out of it.
18:22<dondas>rkulagow__: split
18:22<rkulagow__>mythfrontend doesn't have a verbose yet.
18:22<rkulagow__>fine. what's the mysql.txt on the backend and on the frontend
18:23<rkulagow__>they should both be the IP address of the machine running mysql
18:23<dondas>oops. thanks.
18:27<rkulagow__>make sure you re-read section 6 of the HOWTO. it will tell you how to allow remote systems to access the database.
18:27<dondas>now I get nothing. mythfrontend just locks.
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18:33<rkulagow__>i recommend that you go through the HOWTO, as it details the steps that you need to perform to get this setup in a split operation.
18:37<dondas>rkulagow__: I think I have done that, I'll try a newer version.
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21:47<yebyen>man, mythtv owns me
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21:51<Conaz>yebyen: it owns alot of folks
21:53<yebyen>Conaz: commercial skip just keeps getting better and better
21:54<Conaz>Aye, I didn't play with mythtv much between 0.5 and just before 0.9 release, so you can imagine my surprise when I loaded CVS a few weeks ago
21:54<yebyen>i don't know what the defaults are in 0.9 (i've been tracking cvs for a while), but there are some settings that make commercial skipping even better
21:55<yebyen>not sure if it uses the scene change detection
21:55<Conaz>I'm pretty much running the defaults for commercial skip, I still prefer to control the skipping manually
21:55<Conaz>but it does work like a charm
21:55<yebyen>i've been using auto-skip lately
21:56<Conaz>How's that working out for ya
21:56<yebyen>only one in like 10-15 shows that it doesn't work almost perfectly on
21:56<yebyen>and I include "It left 15 seconds of commercial" as perfectly, heh
21:56<Conaz>On SciFi I get alot of mid comercial skips
21:56<yebyen>odd, scifi has been the best for me for the longest time
21:57<Conaz>So I end up having to skip to next alot
21:57<yebyen>it's always been the closest to perfect for me
21:57<Conaz>Very cool.
21:57<Conaz>Probably once per hour of show I end up having to hit the skip next key
22:02<yebyen>i'm upgrading to current cvs as we speak
22:02<Conaz>I'm running it as well, no problems
22:03<yebyen>oh, good.
22:03<yebyen>been running a late may cvs
22:03<yebyen>until now
22:05<Captain_Murdoch>conaz, do you have auto-flagging turned on?
22:05<Conaz>Hmm, not sure
22:05<Captain_Murdoch>it's in the frontend setup
22:05<Conaz>I'll check
22:05<Captain_Murdoch>auto-flagging is not the same as auto-skipping.
22:06<yebyen>Captain_Murdoch: so I should have auto-flag turned off, like I do?
22:06<Captain_Murdoch>I think it defaults to off and I've been wondering if I should change it to on.
22:06<yebyen>and Blank Frame + Scene Change detection is still best
22:06<Conaz>I don't have that changed
22:06<Conaz>I wonder if that just loads them up as edit points
22:06<Captain_Murdoch>yebyen, if you don't have auto-flagging on, I think it will only do the blank-frame part, not the scene change stuff.
22:07<Captain_Murdoch>conaz, no. auto-flagging runs a thread after the file is recorded. the thread goes through and scans for blank frames and scene changes if you have it set to use those as well.
22:07<Conaz>Ahh, that sounds good
22:08<Captain_Murdoch>if all you use is blank frame and you don't have a hardware encoder then you don't need auto-flagging. people with hardware encoders have to use auto-flag or either run mythcommflag manually every so often.
22:08<Conaz>Ahh, I see
22:08<Conaz>I currently am using a WinTV go and just blank frame
22:09<Captain_Murdoch>with software encoding, the blank frames are also detected while it's recording.
22:09<yebyen>Captain_Murdoch: oh. so I should be using auto-flag
22:09<yebyen>because I do want to use scene-change detection, if it'll help
22:09<Captain_Murdoch>yebyen, yes, if you have it off now then you're probably only using blank-frame even though you have it set to also use scene detection. the scene detection might help with those little 15-second blurbs you're talking about.
22:10<yebyen>Captain_Murdoch: so it's actually supposed to be *better* than it is already :) hardcore
22:10<Captain_Murdoch>still has a ways to go but it's pretty accurate.
22:10<Captain_Murdoch>scene change detection code was something I added recently so it's still in its infancy.
22:11<yebyen>but it does improve things, rather than regress, as it stands? :)
22:12<Captain_Murdoch>yes, it should. the scene change by itself isn't as good, but when you do blank frame detection then add scene change on top of it it helps and can catch some of those spots that blank-frame by itself misses.
22:13<Captain_Murdoch>so you don't lose anything by turning it on if you use it with blank-frame.
22:13<yebyen>cool :)
22:14<Captain_Murdoch>as the detection gets better I'll probably make auto-flagging turn on by default unless people turn it off since the blank-frame detection by itself can only be but so good.
22:14<yebyen>i've seen more commercials it misses than chunks of show it skips through, is that about the norm?
22:15<yebyen>(obviously it's better that way, heh)
22:16<Captain_Murdoch>yeah. it checks the length of what it's skipping, so unless your show is really dark and has blank frames around 29.9-30.1 seconds apart (or 59.9-60.1 or a few other lengths that commercials are) then you shouldn't have a problem with it skipping parts of the actual show.
22:16<yebyen>cool :)
22:17<Captain_Murdoch>it usually misses commercials when they are either too short by a few frames or too long by a few. I think I give it a 6-frame leeway plus or minus on 30-second commercials and a little more for longer commercials.
22:18<yebyen>i didn't realize they were that close to 30 seconds that often
22:18<Captain_Murdoch>I've seen sometimes where they'll cut a commercial off at 29 seconds and the skip code won't pick it up.
22:18<Captain_Murdoch>well, the blank frame code checks for 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, and 90 second spots.
22:18-!-Thelonius [] has joined #mythtv
22:18<yebyen>what exactly does the scene change detection do
22:20<Captain_Murdoch>it checks every frame to see if it looks like the scene changed (ie the frame's color histogram is over a certain percentage different from the previous). then it looks at every second of video and sees how many "scene changes" occurred. if a section of video has a high rate of scene change it's probably a comercial. so it uses that info in conjunction with the list the blank frame code came up with and tries to see if the blan
22:20<Captain_Murdoch>issed anything.
22:20<yebyen>oh, cool
22:23<Captain_Murdoch>later I'd like to add things like silence detection to sense when a commercial starts/ends, volume level check (commercials are usually louder), etc.. then use that info to try to fill in other gaps and for people/places where blank-frame detection doesn't work.
22:25<Captain_Murdoch>no one thing (other than blank-frame detection) by itself would cause a section to be marked as a commercial, they would work with each other to determine probability.
22:25<yebyen>i like that
22:26<Captain_Murdoch>my wife and I hate watching real live tv now, we try to record everything so we can use the commercial skip.
22:26<yebyen>i'm the same way :)
22:26<yebyen>I don't watch live tv at all anymore
22:27<yebyen>I record so many things that i can just pop on, say "What do I feel like watching", and it's probably there
22:27<yebyen>watch voyager every day... etc
22:29<yebyen>really looking forward to that auto-deletion code
22:29<yebyen>of old shows
22:30<yebyen>I can't do it... I go through and look at each one and say "Hmm, but I might want to watch this"
22:30<Captain_Murdoch>soon cvs will let you change recording profiles easily also, so you can setup some things to record as high res/bitrate and others at lower. I record my wife's daily shows at 320x240 and she doesn't notice/mind while other stuff we record at night is higher res.
22:30<yebyen>I record mostly at 320x480 (yes)
22:30<Conaz>Aye, when I first bought a TiVo my wife thought I was nuts, of course within a week she had so much of her stuff recording that I could hardly get a show in edgewise
22:31<Captain_Murdoch>cut my disk space usage by 1/3 by changing her 3 hours of shows to 320x240 instead of the default.
22:31<yebyen>my parents just bought a DVR cable box
22:31<yebyen>i can't really argue with them, because they mostly want the shows on HBO and such, and that would be a pain to set up with mythtv (need the digital box)
22:32<Conaz>aye, if I get my xboxes to work, I'm going to donate my tivo to my parents
22:32<yebyen>I got an 80gb drive, haven't looked back
22:32<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, my master backend is only a 700Mhz Athlon so I do 352x480 on that but I also have a pvr-250 I'm going to throw in there sometime. and another WinTV card to put in my main workstation so I'll have 3 tuners eventually. no more conflicts. :)
22:33<yebyen>Captain_Murdoch: I'm debating what i'll build... maybe a big angry Athlon XP 2000+ or higher
22:33<yebyen>or maybe a fanless mini-itx with a DVR card
22:34<Captain_Murdoch>I put in a P2 Celeron 466 as my main frontend in the living room. small case and probably will make it diskless to cut down on the hard drive noise.
22:34<yebyen>i like the idea of multiple machines, one with several tv cards...
22:34<yebyen>but i'm going to be living in a dorm
22:34<yebyen>for the next 4 years
22:34<yebyen>I don't have the massive basement to sprawl out in :)
22:35<yebyen>err, anymore
22:35<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, you just need several people each with their own frontend/backend running.
22:36<yebyen>yeah, i just need to convince several people :)
22:36<Captain_Murdoch>or each with their own master but with the database open so you can connect to them if you want to view their shows. that way you don't run out of disk space on one computer too quick.
22:36<yebyen>how's storage work? it'd be nice to be able to build a machine with 1tb of storage for everyone's shows, or something
22:37<Captain_Murdoch>storage is local to the backend but Myth works over NFS as well. My storage is all on my NFS server even my mp3 files for mythmusic.
22:37<yebyen>the dorm i'm going to be in is the Computer Science House at RIT
22:37<yebyen>so I've gotta do a "project" of some kind
22:37<Conaz>Yes, I'm beginning to realize that nfs is going to be a must, so mythmusic, video, gallery can all share between frontends
22:37<Captain_Murdoch>and if you use NFS, the frontend will read the file directly from the NFS server rather than streaming from the backend. that's nice because it doesn't load down your backend to stream the file.
22:38<Conaz>It doesn't take much cpu, just disk access to stream right?
22:38<yebyen>if I can set the entire floor up with MythTV frontends, and a beefy backend in the server room, that would definitely fulfill my project requirement :) hehe
22:38<Captain_Murdoch>not a big load anyway, but it eliminates a little load and just lets the nfs server do it's job.
22:39<Captain_Murdoch>yeah just disk access but if you're recording 1-2 shows and streaming to 1-2 frontends it might make a difference on a marginal system.
22:39<Captain_Murdoch>I prefer it because I have nfs everywhere anyway for music and videos and if the frontend can read the file directly then the data only goes over the net once instead of twice.
22:39<Conaz>I'm just getting to last monday night's SG-1 episodes :)
22:40<Captain_Murdoch>well, I'm gonna go take a swim, be back later maybe...
22:40<yebyen>Conaz: heh, I don't watch all of them. I'm waiting for the new ones this weekend
22:40<yebyen>involving Anubis
22:41<yebyen>and Daniel, post-ascension
22:41<yebyen>that should be good
22:42<yebyen>i don't know if they're new, but they're new to me :)
22:42<Conaz>Yup, that is a new season
22:42<Conaz>I just recently started watching as well, I'm almost caught up on all of the episodes
22:42<yebyen>i just cleared out 40gb of space, so there's no way i'll run out between now and then :)
22:49<yebyen>Captain_Murdoch: is there a way to flag all of the shows I haven't flagged?
22:49<Conaz>I love this 1969 episode
22:50<yebyen>oh, never mind
22:50<yebyen>here it is, mythcommflag :)
22:50<yebyen>"Flagging all un-flagged programs"
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23:23<Conaz>have a good one everyone, thanks for the info Captain_Murdoch on the commercial skip stuff, very enlightening
23:23<-- Conaz( has left #mythtv
23:31<FryGuy>the 1969 one is a good episode
23:32<FryGuy>er nevermind.. he left
23:38<yebyen>FryGuy: saw it, yeah it was cool :)
23:39<yebyen>the beginning was nice... they're all running for cover, teal'c just stands there and shoots the rocket with a zat
23:40-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
23:41<FryGuy>i also like "Point of No Return"
23:42<FryGuy>well, the part with "Murray" at least :)
23:42<bline>Does this seem a bit strange? sbeck 12778 53.9 4.0 55328 10300 ? R Jun11 1210:31 /usr/bin/mythbackend --daemon --pidfile /var/run/ --logfile /var/log/mythbackend.log --verbose
23:43<bline>logged 1210 cpu minutes
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