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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-06-14

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00:31<bdavis>I have a PVR 250, what's the best Codec to use? MPEG4 or Hardware MJPEG?
00:33<Chutt>you can't use either.
00:35<bdavis>why not?
00:35<Chutt>because the card only does mpeg2?
00:36<bdavis>? I thought the whole reason everyone was getting a PVR-250 was for the hardware encoding
00:36<Chutt>it is
00:37<thor>bdavis, hardware encoding of mpeg2
00:37<bdavis>ok, but can mythtv use that feature?
00:38<bdavis>So what codec should I use?
00:38<Chutt>it doesn't matter
00:38<Chutt>it only does mpeg2
00:38<Chutt>anything you select has absolutely no effect on what it produces
00:38<bdavis>but I thought rtjpeg produces bigger file sizes?
00:39<Chutt>you can't use rtjpeg.
00:39<Chutt>you can't use mpeg4.
00:39<Chutt>you can't use hardware mjpeg.
00:39<Chutt>you can only do mpeg2 with a pvr-250.
00:39<bdavis>uh.. so what do I select in the recording prefs?
00:39<Chutt>it doesn't matter.
00:39<Chutt>like i said above.
00:39<bdavis>ok so you're saying no matter what I select its always the same?
00:39<just1nux>where can i find a description of the tags used in the xml files for the themes? is this myth specific or another technology that i can search on?
00:40<Chutt>just1nux, it's myth specific. have you seen the tutorial?
00:40<bdavis>So why are my file sizes so damn huge? 7 GB for only 2 hours?
00:40<Chutt>bdavis, because that's how big mpeg2 files are at the default bitrate of the ivtv driver?
00:40<just1nux>i saw one that explained what all the png files were but nothing about the tags in the xml files beyond what color does what
00:41<Chutt>moegreen has a .pdf explaining the .xml format
00:41<Chutt>i think
00:41<just1nux>bdavis: you can change the bitrate but you have to do it through the ivtv driver settings, info is on the ivtv site.
00:42<Chutt>the mythtv docs also show you how to change the bitrate
00:42<Chutt>amazingly enough
00:42<just1nux>ok there too. :(
00:42<Chutt>just1nux, you have any questions on the theme format?
00:42<Chutt>i'm not finding this doc anywhere
00:43<just1nux>mainly something bugging me in the alignment on the recording and delete screens. the times and sizes, etc should be right aligned not left
00:44<just1nux>so all the am and pm etc line up nicely istead of all staggered, but align=right crashed myth
00:44<thor><textarea align="right">
00:44<bdavis>I'm beginning to think that getting the PVR-250 wasn't the best idea... I should have just spent more money on a better CPU and done MPEG4 or something...
00:44<just1nux>its in a table of somekind i guess
00:44<Chutt>thor, i think it's
00:44<Chutt> <align>right</align>
00:45<thor>that may work as well, but music-ui.xml is full of the former version
00:46<Chutt>oh, wait, nevermind
00:46<Chutt>i was looking in the wrong section
00:46<Chutt>just1nux, what thor said should work
00:46<just1nux>ok, ill give that a try
00:46<Chutt>but if you're having problems, you can email me the theme and i'll take a look at it
00:46<just1nux>ok. cool
00:46<bline>happy friday!
00:47<Chutt>it's saturday
00:48<bline>ok then happy weekend!
00:49<Chutt>heh =)
00:50<bline>I need to dig into these sound problems this weekend
00:50<bline>and fix my ivtv patch
00:50<just1nux>the stuff i want to align is in a listarea each columns is down with <column number="1" width="320" context="-1"></column> where could a put that <align> between the column tags?
00:50<bline>and finish the ivtv gui thing
00:50<bline>and and...
00:52<Chutt>just1nux, ah, i don't think you can right now
00:52<thor>just1nux, no ... not yet
00:53<just1nux>ugh, ok, so im stuck with it aligned goofy like that then. :(
00:53<Chutt>lemme ask moegreen how long he thinks it'd take to add that next time he's around
00:53<Chutt>the UI code is mainly his
00:55<just1nux>ok, thanx. those columns definitely could use an align attribute.
00:56<just1nux>what is the context attribute in there for? -1 0 and 1?
00:57<just1nux>(so far these are the only 2 things in the xml that stumped me, everything else was easy to understand)
00:57<thor>context is something that is set by the program
00:58<thor>mythweather, for example ...
00:58<thor>only has 1 "screen"
00:58<thor>but what gets drawn depends on the context
00:58<thor>if a container is "in context", it's shown
00:58<just1nux>oh i get it, that stuff is used for the delete screen to, just a different context
00:59<just1nux>i gotcha
01:01<just1nux>oh, i had another thought, why must the list of titles be the same length as the list of subtitles? i wanted to only show 3 or 5 titles but 7 subtitles, and it appears there is only one number that controls both. or am i missing something?
01:02<thor>in a listarea?
01:04<thor>in which dialog?
01:04<thor>I'm a little hazy on all list areas, as mythmusic does this a completely different way
01:05<bdavis>Chutt: if I set the resolution using the ivtv-driver, does MythTV's record settings override that?
01:05<just1nux><window name="programguide">
01:05<just1nux>not that onbe
01:06<just1nux>is the main playback screen
01:06<Chutt>not until you unload the ivtv driver
01:06<just1nux>thor: its <window name="playback">
01:07<thor>in the selector?
01:07<bdavis>Chutt: so basically, as long as the ivtv driver is loaded, then it has control over capture resolution and bitrate, etc.. correct?
01:07<bdavis>cool. thanks for the info :)
01:08<just1nux>thor: iin list are "showing"
01:09<thor>and you want each column to have a different "height"?
01:11<just1nux>thore: no, the list that gives the titles of the shows (on the left) is independent of the "showings" list, but i see no place in the xml to change the number of visible titles. I'm assuming and myabe wrongly that the number in showings affects both lists.
01:12<thor>what does items do?
01:12<thor>toptitle =3
01:12<thor>bottomtittles =3
01:12<just1nux>thor: ok, well that number items only affects the list on the left
01:12<thor>ah ....
01:12<just1nux>i mean right
01:13<thor>showing = 7
01:13<just1nux>but there is no other <items>7 in the whole xml file, i just searched it
01:15<thor>sorry, I'm trying to do too many things at once here and it's still not clear to me what you want.. The <item>'s in toptitles and bottomtitles set how many are on the left, the <item> in showing sets how many are on the right.
01:15<just1nux>i get it, the number of title that appear above the selected one is toptitles
01:15<just1nux>and below is bottom titles
01:16<just1nux>ok, so i just change them to 1 or or 2 (and then i will need to reposition them im sure) Thanks Thor!
01:16<thor>now go make really nice themes =)
01:17<just1nux>thats what i been working on :) for a preview :)
01:18<Chutt>no new pictures?
01:18<just1nux>i havent had time to work on and all.
01:18<Chutt>no excuses
01:19<just1nux>i made a few tweaks to the screen that are there but not enough to warrant recapturing them
01:21<thor>very nice, but ... uhm ... err .... The Price is Right?
01:21<just1nux>night time version, the guy aint gone live much longer.
01:21<just1nux>better watch it when i can
01:21<bdavis>Why would my fonts not be AA in mythtv? I have freetype2 installed...
01:22<thor>bdavis, module Xft in XF86Config, version of X, qtconfig settings, fontpaths, etc.
01:23<bdavis>hmm perhaps its qtconfig...
01:23<bdavis>nope.. I have AA support enabled in that
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01:24<bdavis>I have the latest ver of X and the xft module is loaded fine (I'm getting AA in the rest of my apps)
01:24<thor>try deleting ~/.qt/qtrc
01:24<thor>this has worked for several people
01:25<thor>odd as it sounds
01:25<bdavis>hmm.. that didn't work either.
01:25<thor>also, do you have an acutal Arial installed, or is there subsitution for a bitmapped helvetica going on?
01:26<bdavis>well, can I set mythtv to use a differnt font on my system?
01:28<thor>you can
01:28<thor>but it's a lot of work
01:28<Chutt>through qtconfig, you can substitute any font for any other font
01:29<thor>ah, yes
01:33<Chutt>so close to having video show up again
01:33<Chutt>i can hear it =)
01:34<Chutt>just can't see any picture
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01:44<ribo>would a massive swap part be of any use to mythtv ?
01:45<ribo>ty :)
01:45<Chutt>you still have to have some swap, or else linux runs weird
01:45<Chutt>but having tons of it won't help
01:45<ribo>yea i know
01:45<ribo>i was just wondering for massive video file movement
01:46<ribo>but i guess if its encoding realtime that wouldn't matter
01:50<Chutt>processing events in the wrong thread
01:51<thor>as I understand things, you're not supposed to do that
01:51<Chutt>no =)
01:51<Chutt>can't change channels because of it
01:51<Chutt>but i can see video, at least
01:52<thor>user option: hear audio or see video (choose one)
01:52<Chutt>naw, this'll be easy to fix
01:53<Chutt>just need to modify the locking slightly
01:53<ribo>thor: no thats only if you are following the gnome interface model
01:53<Chutt>well, all the silly people wanting to run this on a desktop in a window will be happy
01:54<thor>I was thinking that might be your ulterior motive
01:55<thor>ribo, only the gnome interface via python bindings to tcl
01:55<thor>dear god this takes a long time to build
01:55<Chutt>you're just now noticing that?
01:56<thor>need to redo everything in assembly
01:57<thor>btw, anyone know what a .mod file is (other than stuff that used to run on Amiga's)?
01:58<Chutt>thor, that's all it is
01:59<thor>anyone got a handy url for a .mod library or some such thing
01:59<Chutt>i've use xmp before
01:59<Chutt>but that was many years ago
01:59<Chutt>and i don't think they ever library-ized it, i had to roll my own
02:00<thor>so this guy on the list who said he's gone a ton of .mod's is an antique collector?
02:00<Chutt>pretty much =)
02:01<Chutt>i wouldn't worry 'bout supporting em
02:01<Chutt>more trouble than they're worth, really
02:01<ribo>i think xmms does
02:01<thor>ribo, really?
02:02<thor>might be fun to play with at some point
02:02<ribo>never really used a file tho
02:02<Chutt>wow, it even reloads the theme properly
02:02<Chutt>doesn't change size, though =)
02:03<thor>in a similar vein, anyone know a linux/unix/c++ etc. library for windows audio formats
02:03<ribo>ok i am thinking slackware wor my mythtv box, any big problems with it?
02:03<thor>ribo, I run 9.0
02:04<ribo>yea thats what i just popped in
02:05<thor>I think that's a doorknob bit ?
02:06<ribo>oh heh
02:06<ribo>its a metal hole-saw
02:06<ribo>but yea they are commonly used for that
02:07<Chutt>pretty funny
02:07<Chutt>missed a line, so one of the config dialogs popped up as a normal qt window
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02:10<Chutt>there, fixed resizing
02:10<Chutt>suppose it's time for bed
02:10<thor>now there's a good idea
02:13<Chutt>great, no conflicts on the merge with your stuff
02:16<thor>ok, this is all working
02:16<Chutt>ah well
02:16<Chutt>i'll fix the rest of this junk tomorrow
02:16<Chutt>then i get to go through all the other modules and fix them
02:16<Chutt>next step will be making the other modules plugins
02:16<Chutt>so instead of system()ing em
02:16<thor>frontend plugins
02:17<Chutt>it'll just load them
02:17<Chutt>no difference, really
02:17<Chutt>i'll just have to make sure they clean up after themselves properly =)
02:17<Chutt>basically, this is so they can use the same window as the main one
02:17<Chutt>or, maybe i'll just have them pass in the window id on startup..
02:18<Chutt>i dunno
02:18<Chutt>too sleepy
02:18<Chutt>g'nite =)
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11:15<shad>mdz: Around?
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12:15<Telpar>My MythTV GUI elements (top left channel logo, program guide, etc) doesn't correctly align on my Television. It's about 5 or 10 pixels off the left side of the screen.
12:15<Telpar>The right side is aligned correctly I believe.
12:15<Telpar>I have XWindows set up to use 'two' displays. One is my monitor at 1152x864
12:15<Telpar>If I run mythfrontend there it lines up fine
12:16<Telpar>My second display is my televsion at 640x480
12:16<Telpar>if I run mythfrontend there, the alignment issue exists.
12:16<Telpar>Is there a myth setting for correctly denoting the 'resoution' for myth gui elements to use? or is it an X issue?
12:33<shad>Anyone have the liblame0 deb package?
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12:47<mdz_>shad: yep
12:49<Chutt>mdz, you going to commit that fsync stuff?
12:53<mdz_>lemme see if it survived the big commits recently
12:53<Chutt>there's just going to be more big commits
12:53<mdz_>yeah, looks ok
12:53<Chutt>so =)
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12:54<mdz_>what it does is add a Sync() to RingBuffer and ThreadedFileWriter
12:54<mdz_>and call ringbuffer->Sync() rather than sync()
12:54<mdz_>sound ok?
13:09<Chutt>looks good here
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13:09<Chutt>thanks =)
13:10<mdz_>it requires a glibc from sometime in the past 100 years
13:10<mdz_>just in case anyone complains about not having fdatasync
13:11<Chutt>mythtv and mythgallery are done, 4 more modules to go
13:12<Chutt>(until they compile/work again)
13:12<mdz_>oh, I didn't realize they were broken
13:12<mdz_>what's going on?
13:12<thor>Chutt, I am making some changes to mythvideo ... should I take a break?
13:14<mdz_>I have a bunch of HD channels now, apparently
13:15<mdz_>according to xmltv
13:17<Chutt>no, go ahead
13:17<Chutt>they're only broken in my tree
13:17<Chutt>and there aren't that many changes to get em to run
13:17<Chutt>no plugins yet
13:22<Chutt>mdz, making everything one window (per module, for now, eventually globally)
13:23<Chutt>so the only focus problems left will be for external programs, like from videos or games
13:23<Chutt>easier to do snowman's socket stuff
13:23<Chutt>easier to do customizeable keybindings, eventually
13:24<Chutt>lotta stuff =)
13:26<Chutt>i like the purple galaxy theme
13:26<Chutt>well, the menus, since it's just a menu theme mostly
13:26<Chutt>but it's a tad hard to see which is the active item
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13:45<mdz_>if (second->conflicting && !first->conflicting)
13:45<mdz_>when would that ever happen?
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13:57<Chutt>oh good, you're looking at that
13:59<mdz_>does that mean you don't remember? :-)
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14:32<Chutt>there, mythgame's done
14:32<Chutt>3 left
14:32<Chutt>but mythgame involved fixing the progress dialog, too
14:32<Chutt>so everything left should be easy =)
14:33<thor>any idea on this rippping with no data -user post?
14:33<Chutt>i dunno
14:33<Chutt>sounds like cdparanoia's not working properly
14:33<Chutt>but other than that, no idea
14:33<Chutt>since he can write to the directory
14:33<Chutt>it doesn't create temp files, so that's not it
14:33<thor>mystery to me
14:37<thor>blah ... time for a walk
14:47<thor>This is a great turn of phrase, "Tivo Series 2 can purchase MythTV like option"
14:48<thor>hee hee
14:48<thor>now, time for a walk
15:09<yebyen>hmm, nvtv is in debian
15:14<mdz_>has been forever
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15:14<mdz_>even in woody
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16:31<extremis>is anyone using a geforce3 ti 200 as their primary display via svideo?
16:32<extremis>I'm curious if I should sacrifice my dvi out and go with a geforce4 440 se
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17:18<Chutt>why isn't this calling the destructor?
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17:19<djay>hi all
17:20<djay>is it a good channel to speak about problem with tv card under linux ?
17:20<Chutt>not really, no
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17:23<Chutt>oh, duh
17:23<Chutt>someone's not even deleting these, that's why the destructor's not getting called =)
17:28<PeteCool>Chutt: did you have some time to take a look at the funhouse beta?
17:28<Chutt>no, sorry
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18:32<grib>anybody have advice on improving v4l image quality with a WinTV card? I can watch with mythtv just fine but either with mythtv or xawtv the picture is nowhere near as good as a normal TV
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19:04<ahbritto>grib: If you have cable, make sure every connection in the place is wrench tight.
19:33<Ripp>*snap* *@#$%@#$^*
19:33<Ripp>not that tight...
19:38<extremis>Does anyone in here use gentoo?
19:38<extremis>what should I put in make.conf for my USE line?
19:39<extremis>for a reciever/console mythtv box
19:39<bline>Whatever you want?
19:39<bline>But you _need_ mysql in that line for the Qt mysql module.
19:39<bline>That is, before you install Qt, you need to have "mysql" in USE.
19:40<extremis>its an AMD Athlon-XP with a geforce3 ti200 and abit board with onboard sound and a ide hd
19:40<bline>Aside from that, it is personal preference.
19:40<extremis>I'm new to gentoo
19:40<bline>You should read the docs...
19:40<extremis>ah, well this box is going to be dedicated for mythtv
19:40<extremis>I am. I'm looking at /usr/portage/profiles/use.desc now
19:40<extremis>so I should have alsa in there
19:41<extremis>since mythtv requires alsa right?
19:41<bline>mythtv does not require alsa, but alsa is nice.
19:41<bline>mythtv uses the OSS compatibility layer, i.e. /dev/dsp
19:41<extremis>why is alsa nice then?
19:42<extremis>I guess I also need avi support
19:43<extremis>dvb and dvd I assume also
19:43<extremis>do I need 'encode - adds support for MEncoder or LaME encoder'
19:43<extremis>I'm asking mythtv prerequisite questions
19:43<extremis>things that make mythtv work or work better
19:44<bline>These flags are using inside some ebuilds. If you want to know if they are used look at the ebuild.
19:44* blinethinks gentoo needs a better system than USE
19:45<ahbritto>use emerge -pv mythtv to see which flags are used.
19:45<bline>thank you ahbritto
19:45<ahbritto> :)
19:45<extremis>"there are no masked or unmasked ebuilds to satisfy mythtv"
19:46<bline>extremis: you will need to download ebuilds someone has made
19:46<bline>extremis: there are ebuilds for mythtv in the bugtracker on
19:47<bline>you should setup a portage overlay directory and put them there.
19:47<extremis>anbritto: since I'm installing gentoo at this point getting the ebuilds might be a task, could you echo the output from emerge -pv mythtv?
19:47<bline>extremis: you do not need to set the flags now, only before you emerge things like Qt and mythtv.
19:48<bline>the install doesn't even use those flags actually
19:48<ahbritto>and mysql!
19:49<ahbritto>[ebuild N ] media-video/mythtv-0.9.1 -lcd +mmx +oss
19:49<extremis>does athlon-xp support mmx?
19:49<ahbritto>[ebuild N ] x11-libs/qt-3.1.2-r3 +cups -nas -postgres +opengl +mysql -odbc +gif
19:49<ahbritto>[ebuild N ] dev-perl/xmltv-0.5.10 -apache2 -xmltvnocheck -xmltvnocgi -xmltvnona -xmltvnosn -xmltvnonz -xmltvnofi -xmltvnoes -xmltvnonl -xmltvnonlwolf
19:50<bline>extremis: yeah
19:50<ahbritto>The output is huge...
19:50<bline>here are my cflags for my athlon xp: -march=athlon-xp -O3 -mmmx -msse -m3dnow -mfpmath=sse -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -fforce-addr -funroll-loops -frerun-loop-opt
19:50<ahbritto>I did a "emerge -evp mythtv"
19:51<bline>some of those are redundant though
19:55<extremis>so in my USE statement do I need to preface each statement with a + or - ?
19:55<extremis>or do I just put the tag?
19:55<extremis>shoudl I use oss or alsa or both?
19:56<ahbritto>Don't use +, only mention what is different from default or needed for a particlar package
19:56<ahbritto>USE="mysql radeon gtk2 -smooth alsa dvd -3dnow -arts -kde moznoirc moznomail moznocompose -pda -lirc -ruby"
19:56<ahbritto>Is what I used...
19:57<extremis>hrm, how do I know when to use the - ? and why are you using kde, is this a desktop or dedicated mythtv box
19:57<ahbritto>You need to move to ALSA sooner or later, just do it now and save yourself later effort.
19:57<extremis>so no oss?
19:57<ahbritto>"-kde" means no kde.
19:58<ahbritto>ALSA has an oss compatiblity mode.
19:58<ahbritto>Perhaps I should have -oss. :/
19:59<ahbritto>If you look at /etc/make.profile/make.defaults, you can see what you need to override.
19:59<extremis>why did you disable lirc?
19:59<ahbritto>You should probably be in #gentoo for these question though.
19:59<ahbritto>I don't use a remote.
20:00<ahbritto>No 3dnow, as I have a pentium4.
20:00<extremis>does athlon-xp do 3dnow?
20:03<ahbritto>cat /proc/cpuinfo to see what your cpu supports.
20:03<extremis>last question I swear
20:04<extremis>If I don't - something on install and later I want to remove support for it and any packages that might have gotten installed, can I just edit the USE line again and recompile or would I have to start ripping things out by hand?
20:05<ahbritto>you can just recompile. In fact you can say "emerge -e world" to rebuild everything.
20:06<ahbritto>-e is for empty tree.
20:06<extremis>and it removes packages when I do that?
20:06<extremis>if it needs to rather
20:07<ahbritto>It compiles packages in a safe area, then swaps them in. There is another command to remove unneeded
20:07<ahbritto>packages, but I don't remember it.
20:07<extremis>does mythtv require X?
20:08<bline>You really should hit the docs, and the gentoo mailing list.
20:08<ahbritto>Don't know.
20:08<bline>And or #gentoo on this network.
20:09<extremis>alright, you guys have been great, I don't want to take advantage of that
20:09<extremis>thank you
20:22-!-agar [] has joined #mythtv
20:23<agar>why is there no canada-cable frequency table in mythtvsetup?
20:23<agar>its causing my tv stations to conflict with tv listings
20:24<bline>because canada uses us-cable
20:24<agar>the stations don't come in correctly when I use us-cable
20:24<bline>where are you at?
20:25<bline>hmm, It works fine here in Vancouver.
20:25<agar>the stations are off
20:25<agar>and there all different
20:25<agar>xawtv used to have canada-cable frequencies but now it doesn't
20:25<agar>but zapping still has it
20:25<bline>Do you have it set to NTSC?
20:26<bline>It is my understanding that canada-cable isn't used in canada anymore and I know it's not used in BC.
20:27<agar>there must be another mythtv user in ontario on rogers cable
20:27<bline>It was the first mistake I made setting up mythtv. I set it to use canada-cable and all the channels were off.
20:28<bline>Perhaps ontario is using canada-cable, you are saying this worked at some point with canada-cable?
20:28<agar>zapping still has canada cable
20:28<agar>when I use us-cable all the stations are off
20:28<agar>japan-cable works perfectly for stations > 25
20:29<bline>maybe ask Chutt to add it back..
20:29<bline>call it ontario-cable heh
20:30<Chutt>if canada-cable works, you've loaded the bttv and tuner modules with the wrong tuner type
20:31<agar>well I'm using rh 9 currently
20:31<agar>my ati tv wonder worked without anything
20:31<Chutt>what's that have to do with it?
20:31<agar>I mean right after install
20:31<Chutt>it autodetects wrong.
20:31<Chutt>look at the syslog, and you'll see that it thinks it's a PAL tuner.
20:31<Chutt>obviously, you're not using PAL.
20:32<Chutt>so it's wrong
20:32<agar>where do I look?
20:32<Chutt>this is all discussed in the howto, actually
20:32<Chutt>and on the mailing lists
20:33<agar>I didn't want to join a mailing list for something very simple
20:33<Chutt>ok, so, set your tuner type to the proper one for your card
20:33<agar>the driver I'm using is for bttv but its detected as an ati tv wonder
20:33<agar>how might I do that
20:33<Chutt>read the docs?
20:34<agar>mythtv docs?
20:34<Chutt>you just said it's 'very simple'
20:34<Chutt>so, you obviously know how to do it, no?
20:36<agar>I thought the problem simply changing the frequency table to canada-cable
20:36<agar>so without recompiling the kernel how could I change the driver for my ati tv wonder
20:37<Chutt>this is what's known as a 'mailing list archive'
20:37<Chutt>you can search it for things
20:37<Chutt>very handy
20:38<ahbritto>Chutt: I just installed mythtv yesterday. Thanks for all the good work! :)
20:39<Chutt>agar, if you search for, say, 'canada cable', you'll find a number of postings on exactly what you need to do to fix the problem.
20:39<Chutt>ahbritto, thanks
20:41<Chutt>anyone updated cvs since my big commit an hour or so ago?
20:41<Chutt>curious if it works elsewhere
20:44<dopez>i just did an update, compiling now
20:55<Chutt>heh, so i'll know in an hour or so
20:55<dopez>it compiled just fine, and also works :)
20:56<dopez>however i cannot get the a smal window anymore (by using F)
20:56<Chutt>that's gone
20:56<Chutt>the video is running in the same window as the rest of the ui
20:56<Chutt>so just change those settings, and the video size'll also change
20:56<agar>Chutt: do you know were I set the card for the BTTV driver?
20:57<dopez>ok, also i had a segfault when i started a recording (in mythfronend) but i had a few of those today allready, and was trying with gdb to find out what was wrong)
20:57<agar>the only thing I have in modules.conf for bttv is alias char-major-81 bttv
20:57<Chutt>agar, i told you where to find that information
20:57<Chutt>i'm not going to do it for you
20:57<agar>you mean a link to mailing list archives?
20:57<Chutt>and _exactly_ what to search for, too
20:58<Chutt>you should be able to figure it out from that
20:58<agar>where do you think I got the information to find my card type
20:58<Chutt>if you can't, perhaps you should rethink your choice of operating systems
20:58<agar>they all refer to information declaring the card type in modules.conf
20:58<agar>however mine is different
20:58<Chutt>you have to add it to modules.conf
21:06<dopez>hm, i do get a segfault in the setup now, (when i start setup, goto capture cards, end press down (to change someting in my current card), gonna do a recompile now for a backtrace
21:07<Chutt>ah, i get that as well
21:07<Chutt>i'll fix it in a bit
21:09<dopez>also, in its default build seem to be release, shouldnt that be debug for cvs ?
21:28<Chutt>mdz, is ListBoxSetting used anywhere but on those big selection screens?
21:28-!-rkulagow__ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:29-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
21:29<agar>why does mythfilldatabase keep running
21:30<agar>and getting tvlistings over and over again
21:30<Chutt>notice the different dates.
21:30<rkulagow>chutt: just saw that big commit for the one window stuff. that will hopefully help with most of the focus issues, right?
21:30<Chutt>rkulagow, working towards that, yeah
21:30<Chutt>for now, there's still the possibility of losing focus when coming back from a module
21:31<rkulagow>chutt: you're trying to make me redundant! what's going to happen to the HOWTO as you keep eliminating items? waah!
21:32<Chutt>dopez, that segfault's fixed
21:32<rkulagow>i've now had something like three suggestions to split the HOWTO into distro-specific files instead of one big one. it still seems like 90% of the HOWTO is geared towards generic stuff rather than any one distribution...
21:33<Chutt>it's mostly generic
21:33<Chutt>and i don't really like step-by-step crap
21:33<Chutt>since it rarely works
21:33<dopez>Chutt: cool, updating again ;)
21:36<rkulagow>do you mean stuff like this?$ su
21:36<rkulagow># perl -MCPAN -e shell
21:36<rkulagow>cpan> install XML::Twig
21:36<rkulagow>cpan> install Date::Manip
21:37<Chutt>yeah =)
21:37<Chutt>well, stuff that doesn't explain why you're supposed to be doing that
21:37<Chutt>like that redhat 9/pvr-250 one
21:39-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
21:39<rkulagow>chutt: can you please sync website to CVS docs? i incorporated the appropriate stuff from the FAQ that wasn't already previously covered in the HOWTO.
21:40<Chutt>sure, give me a few
21:40<rkulagow>NP, thanks.
21:44-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
21:47<Chutt>mythgallery now runs as a plugin =)
21:49<bigguy>you rock
21:49<Chutt>that was easy
21:50<Chutt>the other ones are going to be harder
21:50<bigguy>you still rock ;)
21:50<Chutt>i'll need a way to just run it by itself, though
21:50<Chutt>rkulagow, docs updated
21:51<bigguy>you haven't added the alsa patch yet have you?
21:51<Chutt>i should do that
21:51<Chutt>there wasn't any way to turn that on, though
21:51<Chutt>ie, not quite completely done yet
21:54<bigguy>I wonder if alsa has support for the spdif out on the nforce boards
21:54<dopez>Chutt: i do have one other issue with current cvs, when i start the fresly compiled mythbackend and mythfrontend, select a program to record, mythfrontend just used 100% cpu for a while and segfaults, the backend seems to record ok, i can restart the frontend and watch the recording..
21:54<dopez>bigguy: i had a nforce2 board for a little while, iirc i used the spdif out with alsa
21:55<bigguy>dopez: ok should work with the nforce1 boards then as well
21:56<dopez>you might need to turn it on manually tho
21:57<dopez>(using alsamixergui or similiar)
22:01<Chutt>dopez, i can't reproduce that
22:04<dopez>strange, should i (try) to make a backtrace?
22:15<agar>anyone in here have an ati tv wonder?
22:19<agar>I have television working great on it but the composit input doesn't work except for audio and s video is in b & w
22:20<Chutt>dopez, yeah, might as well
22:22<dopez>Chutt: , i hope its enough, my first time with gdb :)
22:29<Chutt>can you update cvs and try to reproduce it?
22:31<dopez>compiling now
22:35<dopez>a bit of topic maybe, but do i really need to do a make distclean after a cvs update?
22:36<Chutt>not unless it bitches about old library versions
22:37<dopez>hm, i could have saved allot of time recompiling i guess.. but i shouldnt complain, a p4 2.8ghz is pretty fast allready
22:41<dopez>ok, that fixed it :)
22:43<dopez>altho i think i found the next segfault :)
22:45<dopez>when i goto manual recording when there's allready something recording, it segfaults
22:45<Chutt>i don't use manual recording
22:45<dopez>i hardly use it either, i just pressed the wrong butten :)
22:46<Chutt>i assume you only have one tuner?
22:48<dopez>(but have a few bttv card laying around tho)
22:49<Chutt>it's probably not dealing with the condition when it can't use the tuner card
22:53<dopez>oh ok, i'll make a backtrace, and upload it to the same url (probally will be the last thing i do tonight, it's allmost 5am ;)
22:54<Chutt>just let me know when it's up
22:58<dopez>its up, this one didnt keep 'looping' (i cut of the other after #50, it kept on going to well over 200+)
23:03-!-Ripp [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:04-!-Ripp [~ripp@] has joined #mythtv
23:13<Chutt>and i believe that's fixed
23:14<dopez>cool ;)
23:14<dopez>(compiling, checking, etc..)
23:14<Chutt>no make distclean :p
23:15<dopez>ugh, i allready did that, bad habbit..;(
23:16<yebyen>heh, I thought mythtv was freezing on startup...
23:16<yebyen>turned out my IR receiver was pointed in the wrong direction
23:16<yebyen>cleaning lady
23:18<bigguy>you have a cleaning lady?
23:19<yebyen>we do now
23:19<bigguy>heh lame
23:19<yebyen>i should get a cleaning lady for my dorm
23:20<yebyen>that would be fucking hilarious
23:20<yebyen>even if I only did it once
23:20<bigguy>do you really keep that messy a house?
23:20<yebyen>no, just none of us want to dust or vaccuum or that crap that has to be done every once in a while
23:20<yebyen>we clean up for the cleaning lady
23:21<bigguy>even lamer
23:21<yebyen>i normally leave my shit all over, I move it into appropriate places so the cleaning lady can find the dirt
23:22<bigguy>I clean up after myself
23:22<yebyen>good for you
23:22<bigguy>I think it's silly to hire a cleaning lady and then clean up before she gets there
23:22<bigguy>that's what my silly snobbish aunt did
23:23<bigguy>"Don't wabt her to see the filth"
23:23<bigguy>the house wasn't dirty
23:23<dopez>Chutt: its fixed idd, cant find any segfaults for you at the moment :)
23:24<bigguy>anyway afk for a bit getting another machine setup and then I gotta make a patch cable so I can add it to the switch
23:27<dopez>one weird error from mythbackend tho, 2003-06-15 05:24:27 unknown command: ??ERY_FILETRANSFER and mythfrontend doesnt respond anymore.. (hehe, i can keep you busy forevery it seems :)
23:29<extremis>What infrared protocol do I need to compile into my kernel for lirc to work ?
23:41<dopez>extremis: depends on what ir device you have, might be a good idea to take a look at first (maybe you dont need to compile anything)
23:41* dopezis off to bed, laterz all
23:41-!-dopez [] has quit ["zzz"]