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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-06-24

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00:33<extremis>can mythfrontend not save updates unless mythbackend is running?
00:33<extremis>updates to the config that is
00:35<Timon>chutt, I tried removing all my mythgame files and re-doing a cvs update and make install and I still get the segfault. Any suggestions?
00:42<Chutt>timon, nope
00:42<Chutt>extremis, are you not going through the entire section of settings?
00:43<thor>Hey Chutt
00:43<thor>I miss anything
00:43<Chutt>thor, welcome back =)
00:43<Chutt>not really, no
00:43<thor>good (thanks)
00:43<thor>I'm assuming that veiled reference to MythDVD was my claims
00:44<thor>hopefully it will be a slow week (work wise)
00:45<thor>almost 300 user messages in 3 days
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00:46<thor>Oh crap, looks like we scarred off Tyler
00:47<thor>that's actually a shame
00:51<extremis>Chutt: I am
00:51<extremis>one example is trying to change the width and x offset
00:52<extremis>another is changing the recording resolution from 480x480 to 720x480
00:52<extremis>it won't save it
00:52<thor>extremis, you talking to the right mysql?
00:52<extremis>and I go all the way through it
00:52<extremis>thor: yes
00:52<extremis>other settings will change
00:52<thor>some are host based, some aren't
00:52<thor>that's why I asked
00:52<extremis>its all localhost
00:53<extremis>and I'm not getting any mysql errors
00:53<thor>do you know SQL ?
00:53<extremis>not enough to be useful
00:53<thor>open a terminal in localhost
00:53<thor>type mysql -p -u mythtv
00:53<thor>"mysql -p -u mysql"
00:54<extremis>mysql and not mythtv?
00:54<extremis>I'm in as mythtv
00:54<thor>select * from settings ;
00:54<thor>use mythconverg;
00:55<extremis>I had to 'use mythconverg;' first
00:55<tmk>hey i have a (hopefully stupid) programming question
00:55<extremis>i'm looking at all my settings
00:55<thor>see anything about H overscan
00:56<tmk>are there any circumstances in which #define's won't carry over from an included file
00:56<thor>or whatever you were trying to set
00:56<thor>tmk, hang on one sec
00:56<extremis>| HorizScanPercentage | 0 | ovitton |
00:56<extremis>| XScanDisplacement | 0 | ovitton |
00:56<thor>ovitton != localhost
00:57<extremis>some are NULL and some are ovitton
00:57<extremis>so I should change my mysql.txt?
00:57<thor>not necessarily
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00:58<thor>it depends on how you have things set up
00:58<thor>what exactly do you want to change?
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00:58<extremis>well I'm using nvidia's overscan so its pushing the image off the screen
00:58<extremis>I want to make mythtv smaller
00:58<extremis>so the image fits on the screen clean
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00:59<thor>extremis, should work through setup, but here's the SQL ....
00:59<thor>... hang on, want to make sure I get this right ...
00:59<extremis>yeah, I know I can change it at teh sql level, but I'm more interested in learning why its not saving it
01:00<extremis>crap, video just hung
01:00<Chutt>are you typing into the boxes?
01:01<thor>ah, that's probably it
01:01<extremis>chutt, yes
01:01<extremis>tab, type, enter
01:01<thor>bad extremis
01:01<thor>no type
01:01<thor>arrow keys only
01:01<extremis>oh nutz
01:02<extremis>Chutt: you realize thats an honest mistake
01:02<thor>it's widgets on top of mythwidgets on top of Qt widgets
01:02<Chutt>yeah, it's not really blatently obvious from reading the docs
01:03<Chutt>thor, no, the spinboxes don't send a signal when you type in em
01:03<thor>hey, everything should be a MythRemoteLineEdit
01:03<Chutt>heh, hardly :p
01:03<Chutt>though, all the docs do say to use the arrow keys to select values
01:04<Chutt>i don't think they come right out and say not to type in things to the spinboxes
01:04<thor>we need to inherit and throw away keypresses
01:04<Chutt>something like that
01:05<thor>tmk, what was your question?
01:06<thor>Chutt, you nominated mdz for the via contest?
01:06<Chutt>i didn't nominate anyone
01:06<Chutt>mdz hasn't done anything recently =)
01:06<Seela>Would you think a P2-350 w/ 256MB memory and PVR-250 would be enough horsepower for mythtv?
01:07<Chutt>seela, for playback? no
01:07<Seela>that's what i was afraid of :P
01:07<thor>chutt, he always seems to be stuck with ancient hardware
01:07<Seela>who, me?
01:07<thor>no, mdz
01:07<Seela>oh :P
01:08<thor>myth seems like an obvious shoe-in, anyone written a great theme?
01:09<tmk>seela: pvr-250 rev1 or 2
01:10<tmk>someday we may have hardware playback
01:10<tmk>but not today
01:10<Seela>Well I have a dxr3 decoder card... im looking right now to see if it has linux support :P
01:10<tmk>it does
01:10<Seela>Do you think it would help in this situation?
01:11<tmk>it may :)
01:11<Seela>it came with my old Creative DVD player a while back heh
01:11<Seela>yeah one way to find out
01:11<Seela>as it turns out, yeah that motherboard turns out to be the prob.. the KX133 chipset caused the Live TV to choke about 2-5 seconds into play
01:12<tmk>you can try playing with bios settings
01:12<Seela>yeah, i might do that as a last resort.. i already ripped it out tho and put in the P2-350 MB :P
01:14<tmk>i must say, v4l2 is pretty well thought out
01:24<Chutt>which is why nothing uses it yet
01:25<Chutt>i do rather like how it's impossible to use the videodev2 header as is in a userspace app
01:25<tmk>I never tried
01:25<Chutt>sure ya did, all those test_ioctl problems? =)
01:25<extremis>and off xmltv goes
01:26<tmk>i don't do that app
01:26<tmk>others wrote test_ioctl
01:26<tmk>i just do the driver
01:26* tmkis lazy
01:37<thor>Chutt, was thinking about cover art over the weekend ...
01:37<thor>first thought was if the Apple music stuff might have decent cover art
01:38<thor>then, of course, started thinking about an acutal (paid subscriber) interface to that
01:38<thor>dunno, just a thought
01:38<Seela>Is it still true that Myth doesnt support DXR3 decoder cards?
01:38<thor>Seela, it only decodes in software at the moment
01:39<thor>actually not that hard to make the GUI write to a hardware decodable stream
01:39<Seela>okie doak. What minimum cpu and memory would you suggest for quality playback?
01:40<thor>"quality" being about 480x480
01:40<thor>with non-crazy compression
01:40<Seela>heh, i'd help write the change in if i knew C++ :P
01:41<thor>people seem to have no complaints in the 800+ plus range ...
01:41<thor>as long as dma is working well
01:41<thor>and your box isn't doing a million other things
01:42<thor>depends a lot on your video hardware and how good the X driver for it is
01:42<Seela>Okie doak. Yeah I found my athlon 750's KX133 mb chipset was causing live TV issues, and all i have left here is a P2 350 w/ 256MB memory... and that I dont think is gonna cut it
01:42<tdb30_>can anyone tell me how mythtv and freevo compare? I don't mind if its a biased answer but both seem the same to me.
01:42<thor>tdb30, freevo is easier to set up
01:43<Seela>at the moment i'm using a Voodoo5 5500 video card.. the encoder is a PVR-250
01:43<thor>tdb30, but freevo doesn't do "live"
01:43<thor>(at least the last time I checked)
01:43<Seela>With freevo you have to manually enter your station IDs in and then let XMLTV finish the content
01:44<Seela>whereas with myth it's a set and forget
01:44<thor>Seela, 3dfx is great for OpenGL
01:44<thor>I don't find it as fast as NVidia for XV extensions
01:44<thor>(I do myth development on a 3dfx card)
01:44<Seela>i'm eventually gonna use something else though cuz it has no TV out
01:46<thor>Seela, a cheap Celeron in the 1500 range on a decent MB with DMA and a low end NVidia card is just fine
01:46<Seela>ok great... how much memory you think i could get away with?
01:46<thor>you don't need that much
01:47<Seela>256 should work then?
01:47<Seela>great thanks... i think im gonna have ta hit ebay now for people who are getting rid of their old stuff :P
01:48<thor>an XBOX is rumoured to make a very nice frontend
01:48<Chutt>tdb30_, (though that's out of date now wrt mythtv's movie interface)
01:48<Seela>Do you think a 1500'ish CPU would work for live TV (encoding and decoding) by itself, or would i need to keep my hardware encoder
01:48<tdb30_>how are these specs? 450 K6 III, 186M, geforce 4, ati all in wonder ve.
01:49<thor>tdb30_, video card is great, CPU is hopeless
01:49<Chutt>tdb30_, unless you want to record at 320x240, which is pretty much crap =)
01:49<thor>Seela, fine (with good MB/DMA)
01:49<Chutt>and, you mean a 'tv wonder ve' not an 'all in wonder ve', right?
01:50<Seela>ok thanks!
01:50<tdb30_>oh yeah
01:50<Chutt>since the AIW drivers don't really work all that well in linux
01:50<tdb30_>so what more memory and a cpu/mobo upgrade then.... okay
01:50<Chutt>memory's fine
01:50<thor>memory is not actually that important
01:50<Chutt>it's just that software encoding of video is expensive, cpu wise
01:50<tdb30_>well this is mostly proof of concept at the moment.
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01:51<Chutt>you really want around a ghz for good quality stuff
01:51<tdb30_>I still have to build a ir xcever.
01:51<tdb30_>and get lirc to work.
01:51<Chutt>that'd work find as proof of concept, probably
01:51<tdb30_>can myth send stuff using lirc to change the channel of a digital cable box?
01:52<Chutt>just runs any script you want on channel change
01:52<Chutt>there's examples in the source distribution and docs
01:52<thor>Chutt, do you know anything about the Apple music store stuff?
01:53<thor>other than it's ACC?
01:53<Chutt>i doubt they're going to let anyone interface with it yet
01:53<thor>Hey, it's packets over TCP/IP ?
01:54<thor>And I'm sure they're a being bully-whipped by Jobs to make it more generic
01:54<thor>first interest is just clean URL's to cover art
01:55<thor>but longer term, I dunno ... kind of interesting
01:56<Chutt>wouldn't be that hard to scrape amazon with something similar to the imdb code
01:56<thor>don't really care
01:56<thor>easiest place to get .jpg's
01:57<thor>but slightly longer term ...
01:57<thor>nice to think about interfaces to "legitimate" content sources
01:59<thor>It's just that it would be really sweet to have an interface on your tv that said, "name *any* song you want to hear", and the guts of that would not necessarily have to be gnutella based.
01:59<Chutt>would be nice
02:00<thor>party at your house, 3rd bottle of wine, remember that song we used to listen to in Grade 10 ....
02:00<thor>point, point, tap tap (touchscreen..)
02:01<tdb30_>that would be sweet :)
02:01<Chutt>i need to go to bed :p
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09:18<mdz_>thor: my hardware isn't really that ancient
09:18<mdz_>I've just had a run of bad luck with things breaking
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11:30<Conaz>I'm not familiar with that command :)
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11:45<Chutt>i really hate it when people tell me that i'm wrong in diagnosing a problem
11:46<Snow-Man>You're wrong.
11:46<Chutt>"This happens on VIA chipsets." "No it doesn't, it only happens on VIA kt133 chipsets, but I'm getting the same thing on a VIA kt400"
11:46<Chutt>what a dumbass.
11:50* Conazlaughs
11:50<Chutt>every single time this error has been reported, it's been on a via chipset
11:50<Chutt>funny, that
11:51<Conaz>I don't know how you find the time to actually code with all the responses you do to the mail list :)
11:51<Peit>what's the error?
11:51<Chutt>peit, the 'backend stuffed up in requestblock'
11:51<Chutt>basically, the only way that happens is if it can't write the encoded video to disk
11:51* Peitwonders if he should venture on to the mailling lists
11:51<Chutt>and the only way _that's_ going to happen is if the tuner card isn't giving me data
11:52<Conaz>Peit: it is quite an active mail list, but usually pretty interesting reading
11:52<Chutt>> 100 messages a day
11:52* Peitshudders
11:52<Chutt>you can see me be mean to people
11:53<Chutt>well, not really, i'm usually just short with em
11:53* Peitwonders who chutt is
11:53* Peitgets the feeling that chutt=<someone important> but can't find an obvious link on the website
11:54<Conaz>And after following the mail list for about a week, you'll understand why ;)
11:54<Conaz>It wouldn't be so bad, but he is simply too fast to respond, and so the rest of us that might also know the answer don't reply fast enough
11:55<Conaz>I see this alot in my mail reader: Mail saved to folder "MythTV" From Isaac Richards regarding....
11:55<Snow-Man>Peit: Chutt is Issac
11:55<Snow-Man>Or however you spell his name.
11:55<Peit>is -dev better than -users ?
11:55<Chutt>-dev's quite a bit less traffic, yeah
11:56<Peit>or rather Isaac as it's a name :)
11:56<Snow-Man>yeah, that lamer. :)
11:56<Chutt>-dev's only 30 messages a day
11:56<Conaz>-users gets alot of discussion about what hardware people are trying to use, etc.
11:56<Chutt>-users is 96
11:56<Peit>o.k. I'll try -dev i think
11:57<Chutt>well, more, since i'm counting today as finished
11:57<Snow-Man>No! Don't! You bastard!
11:57<Peit>athough any Q's would probably ask on irc.
11:58<Chutt>if you're using cvs, you should really be on the -commits list
11:58<Chutt>as well
11:58<Conaz>I was a bit of a pest on #xbox-linux last night, I've started my attempt at making other remotes work with the kernel module that handles the ir device :)
11:58<Chutt>as i tend to put 'WARNING: don't use' in there whenever i break stuff
11:58<Peit>Chutt: only on whatever in in the gentoo stuff atm
11:59<Chutt>well, there's gentoo cvs ebuilds
11:59<Chutt>so =)
11:59<Peit>are there? ooh, cool
11:59<Peit>or do you mean ebuilds in cvs, ?
11:59<Chutt>there's a set of ebuilds that grabs cvs
11:59<Chutt>don't ask me where they are, though
11:59<Chutt>just been posted to the mailing lists a couple times
12:00<Peit>I was seriously pleased/astonished when i saw the gentoo install instructions in the how-to :)
12:06<Snow-Man>Silly gentoo.
12:06* Peitdecides not to rise to that one :)
12:07<Snow-Man>You just make sure if you're joining the mailing list you've got a decent/real mail server and not some piece of shit off of a cable modem. :)
12:09* Peitcoughs
12:09* Snow-Manlooks at Peit.
12:09<Peit>i'll not boast, but it should be good enough, even if it is a sparc 10 :)
12:10<Snow-Man>Whatever, as long as it accepts messages in a reasonable time and has a *static*, like, honest to god *really* static, IP addy.
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12:10<Snow-Man>There are way too many fucking idiots who seem to think they can run a mail server off of a cable modem.
12:10<Peit>co-lo do you?
12:11<Peit>co-lo handles smtp in, local mail server collects from the co-lo via pop3
12:11<Peit>if my co-lo ip changes, I'd know about it
12:11<Peit>if i didn't all hell would break loose
12:11<Snow-Man>Whatever, that'd probably be fine.
12:11<Snow-Man>As I said, just too many people run mail servers off of cable modems and shit.
12:12<Peit>you been having mailling list problems then?
12:12<Snow-Man>I admin the servers they run off of.
12:14* Peitnotes that didn't answer the question :)
12:14<Peit>but hey ho
12:15<Conaz>Peit: I think the problems have been mail delivery delays while the maillist processing tries to deliver to MX records where people are using dynadns, etc... :)
12:15* Peitnods
12:15<Conaz>big pain in the rear
12:16<Peit>i know
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12:23<ender>Conaz: so I"ve had to get in contact w/ the author of mkmovie. He's coming up w/ a fix that might help me.
12:26<Conaz>Yes, that was a strange error you were seeing
12:26<Snow-Man>rsync: failed to connect to Connection timed out
12:26<Snow-Man>erp, wrong channel. :)
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12:55<Chutt>snow-man, do you see anything odd for an address: in the sendmail logs?
12:55-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
12:56<Snow-Man>Some messages from and to that addy..
12:56<Chutt>any errors?
12:58<Snow-Man>Don't see any.. They're all like:
12:58<Snow-Man>stat=Sent (ok 1056454811 qp 4273)
12:59<Snow-Man>Just looking at stuff since 7:41am.
12:59<Snow-Man>Did you want me to check older?
12:59<Chutt>looking for any bounces
13:05<Snow-Man>ok, there was a connection refused back on the 5th, and a number of timeouts trying to connect starting around the 17th.
13:05<Snow-Man>Jun 17 01:18:26 syslog@relay/relay sm-mta[5813]: h5H5I412005758: to=<>, delay=00:00:15, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=3146372,, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection timed out with
13:05<Snow-Man>as an example.
13:06<Snow-Man>Well, ok, not all that many actually.
13:07<Snow-Man>Jun 17 23:58:31 2003 (25665) mythtv-users: bounce score: 1.0
13:07<Snow-Man>Jun 21 17:55:58 2003 (21717) mythtv-users current bounce score: 2.0
13:08<Snow-Man>Got quite a few bounces actually.
13:09-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
13:10<Chutt>he just emailed and asked about it
13:10<Chutt>and i generally delete all the 'subscription disabled due to excessive bounces' messages
13:10-!-keturn [] has joined #mythtv
13:11<Snow-Man>Actually, he might have been one of the guys with a fucked up DNS server or something.
13:11-!-keturn [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:11-!-keturn_ [] has joined #mythtv
13:14* Snow-Manshrugs.
13:14<Snow-Man>I dunno man. :)
13:14<Chutt>yeah, whatever
13:14<Chutt>thanks for lookin,
13:14<Snow-Man>No prob.
13:14<Chutt>i'll just tell him i'll forward him the email next time he bounces off the list
13:20-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
13:26--> Peit|Home( has joined #mythtv
13:38-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
13:48-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
14:06<mechou>poptix, you there?
14:14<-- mechou( has left #mythtv
14:15-!-schultmc [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:16* tmkblames the n-force chipset
14:16-!-schultmc [] has joined #mythtv
14:16<Chutt>naw, driver bug
14:16<Chutt>race somewhere
14:18<Chutt>'specially as it's the entire machine locking up
14:18<Chutt>and not just the driver killing itself
14:19<tmk>you sure? a motherboard dma bug could do almost anything
14:19* tmkpasses the buck some more
14:20<Chutt>i dunno
14:20<Chutt>could be
14:20<tmk>i wish i knew where in the driver it was crashing
14:20<Chutt>hard to debug
14:20* tmkneeds to learn more about kernel debugging
14:20<Chutt>like i said in my email, it only dies like once a week, if that
14:21<tmk>yeah i know.. still i don't like death
14:21<tmk>linux itself is pretty stable
14:21<tmk>11:21am up 378 days, 23:55, 11 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
14:23<Chutt>sure, if you do nothing with the machine :p
14:23<tmk>actually it's used a lit
14:23<tmk>err lot
14:23<tmk>just not heavily
14:29<Chutt>no one's voted on the poll on :(
14:29<Chutt>oh, one person has
14:31<just1nux>the poll doesnt work
14:31<just1nux>i tried voting three times.
14:31<just1nux>"module not active" or some such thing
14:31<_moegreen>yeah - it didn't work for me either
14:31-!-_moegreen is now known as moegreen
14:32<Snow-Man>Sorry, this Module isn't active!
14:32<Snow-Man>[ Go Back ]
14:32<Chutt>try now?
14:33<Chutt>nice that people told me about that =)
14:34<Snow-Man>Still foobar'd/
14:34<Chutt>you'll probably have to wait 10 minutes or so
14:35<Chutt>silly webcache stuff =)
14:42<Chutt>works now
14:45<Snow-Man>Except it goes to a totally blank page. :)
14:45<tmk>how i just get a blank screen
14:45<Chutt>worked here
14:45<Snow-Man>It didn't get counted either. :(
14:45<tmk>Chutt: i want an option to have all modules bundled as an addon
14:45* tmkvotes for that
14:45<tmk>not individually
14:46<Snow-Man>Where's the "don't bitch about the options" tagline?
14:46<Chutt>it recorded someone's vote
14:46<Chutt>there's 3 now
14:46<Snow-Man>That's the results.
14:47<Snow-Man>Does it use cookies?
14:47<Chutt>i don't know
14:48<Snow-Man>Hrmpf, doesn't seem to.
14:48<jkolb>That's what you get when you try to vote, or when you go to Results?
14:48* Snow-Manstill only sees 2 votes.
14:48<jkolb>I get an empty page when I try to vote, but Results comes up fine (albeit with only two votes, instead of the supposed three)
14:49<tmk>i think chutt's looking at a local copy
14:49<Chutt>ah well
14:49<Chutt>screw taht
14:52<Chutt>work on it once i get the new box
14:52<Chutt>snowman, call them yet?
14:52<Snow-Man>heh, not yet today, no.
14:52<Snow-Man>I guess I can do that.
14:52<Snow-Man>Lemme call home and see if they left a message first tho.
14:52<Chutt>thought you wanted to, or whatnot
14:52<Chutt>i don't care
14:54<Snow-Man>Nope, no messages on the answering machine at home. :)
14:55<Chutt>did they just get bought or something?
14:55<Chutt>since their contacts page goes elsewhere now
14:58* Snow-Mancalls.
14:58<Snow-Man>Chutt: Gonna ask that question.
14:59* Snow-Mangets transfered to someone else for that question.
14:59<Chutt>ask about the setup first :p
15:01<Chutt>since today is what, 4th business day?
15:02<Snow-Man>heh, supposedly I'm going to get a call back, again.
15:02<Snow-Man>something certainly seems to be 'going down'. :)
15:03<Chutt>you're not assertive enough
15:03<Snow-Man>pabs said they were moving data centers.
15:03<Chutt>'last time you said that, no one called back. i'm trying to give you guys money, and you don't seem to want it. is that true?'
15:04<Snow-Man>I'd be suspicious that they used to sublet under Sago and then they didn't pay up and Sago took over but the phones were forwarded too.
15:04<Snow-Man>The Sago people have a better AUP for us but they charge more.
15:07<Snow-Man>wow, got a call back and the guy said he's gonna move me to the front of the queue and stuff. :)
15:08<Snow-Man>Of course, he didn't answer my other question.
15:08<Snow-Man>But, whatever, he said he could get it set up today.
15:08<Snow-Man>They havn't charged my card yet either. <Shrug>
15:09<Chutt>lemme know when/how much you want on a check, btw
15:18-!-Conaz [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:20--> Conaz[meeting](~conaz@ has joined #mythtv
15:56-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
15:56-!-jkolb [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:57<mdz>horseshit alert on mythtv-dev
15:57<billytwowilly>mmm. horseshit;)
15:59<billytwowilly>good to the last pile;)
16:05-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:06<bline>does the frontend need to be on the same box the recordings are or does it stream the recordings across the server connection?
16:09<Chutt>mdz, hm?
16:16<mdz>Chutt: it is a well known fact that it is more efficient to fetch 10,000 rows from the database one row at a time, instead of all at once
16:17<mdz>in fact, it should do it one column at a time if possible
16:17<mdz>Snow-Man: this is sarcasm
16:17<Snow-Man>I figured it must be. :)
16:18<Snow-Man>I was like "no way mdz is that stupid" :)
16:18<mdz>Snow-Man: this was honestly suggested by two different people on the mailing list
16:18<Snow-Man>Not that mstone wasn't trying to explain how networks work to me earlier. *smirk
16:18<mdz>I thought mythmusic had a progress bar at startup now?
16:18<mdz>that would shut all of these people up I think
16:18<Snow-Man>mdz: Good grief.
16:20<Chutt>it does
16:21<Chutt>mdz, they can talk about db schemas all they want, really. i'm just going to ignore em until someone comes up with code
16:21<mdz>mysql -B mythconverg -e 'select * from musicmetadata' > /dev/null 0.04s user 0.01s system 79% cpu 0.063 total
16:21<mdz>clearly a database bottleneck
16:40-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
16:42<Chutt>mdz, the only real bottleneck is creating the GUI objects for everything
16:56<-- Peit|Homehas quit ("Client Exiting")
16:56-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:08-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
17:20-!-jkolb [] has joined #mythtv
17:30<Chutt>tmk, when are you going to remove the stuff that says 'you must patch your kernel with v4l2 to use the ivtv driver' on the webpage/docs?
17:33<-- jkolbhas quit ()
17:34--> Peit|Home( has joined #mythtv
17:42-!-thor [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
17:51-!-Drikus [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
18:04<thor>people without a friggin clue
18:05<Snow-Man>See what happens when the mailing list is working?
18:06<thor>can we turn that off
18:06<Snow-Man>hehehe. :)
18:06<mdz_>I wish bogofilter could learn what stupid messages look like
18:06<mdz_>instead of just spam
18:07<just1nux>Chutt: updated the snapshots of my theme...
18:07<thor>I really don't mind the "I don't have a clue" ones
18:07-!-poptix [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:07<thor>I just hate the "Do this, why doesn't it do that, make it work now" ones
18:09-!-poptix [] has joined #mythtv
18:11<-- Peit|Homehas quit ("Client Exiting")
18:11<thor>just1nux, very cool, although the recurrence of Price is Right is fairly worrying
18:13<just1nux>thor: as I said before its only the million dollar one thats on sunday nights, nothing to worry about. Im not insane. just want to see if someone wins the million on the big wheel :)
18:13<thor>rationalizing an addiction does not make it less addictive
18:14<just1nux>im gonna have to start blurring out the show titles to protect myself :(
18:31-!-claybo [] has joined #mythtv
18:32--> Peit|Home( has joined #mythtv
18:32-!-SebLappy [] has joined #mythtv
18:35<claybo>hey, anyone know if there's been any word on mythtv running on a via m10000 or similar with a wintv pvr?
18:39<Peit|Home>no idea, but that's my aim, (when i get one)
18:45<-- Peit|Homehas quit ("Client Exiting")
18:47--> Peit|Home( has joined #mythtv
18:48<Peit|Home>am I supposed to get anything after "Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV" when runnin mythtv?
18:57-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
19:18-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:27-!-mecraw_ [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
19:33-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
19:37-!-claybo [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:42-!-Conaz [] has joined #mythtv
20:05<Chutt>just1nux, that looks really nice
20:05-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:21<just1nux>chutt: thanks
20:22<mechou>just: what font size are you using on your theme as shown?
20:24<mechou>and do you just have a "normal" (i.e. not HD) tv attached via svideo?
20:26<bline>just1nux: when it that going up on the mythtv site?
20:35* yebyenponders a fresh install of mythtv
20:35<yebyen>from cvs, heh
20:37-!-poptix [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:37-!-poptix_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:39<billytwowilly>just1nux: nice theme man, you should put it up on
20:54-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
20:55<yebyen>yeah, I think i'm going to wipe my mythtv stuff
20:58-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
21:18-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
21:20<Conaz>just1nux: link to the nice theme?
21:20<Chutt>his theme isn't done yet
21:20<Conaz>Ahh, my scroll only goes back far enough to see "nice theme" :)
21:23<FryGuy>what can i search for to find something that i can remotely develop mythtv from my windows box?
21:23<FryGuy>will VNC work? or will i need to do something with the X server
21:24<Chutt>though you won't get the x stuff
21:24<FryGuy>i already use putty
21:24<FryGuy>do you use putty to develop stuff?
21:25<FryGuy>what do you use then?
21:26<Chutt>i don't use a windows box to code from.
21:26<vektor>Well said.
21:27<vektor>Chutt: Some of this V4L2 stuff is a bit annoying.
21:27<FryGuy>well, I don't have a linux desktop
21:27<vektor>I'm not so happy with how they did the video standard stuff.
21:27<FryGuy>and I can't read on the tv
21:27<Chutt>vektor, what about it?
21:28<vektor>Chutt: I'm unclear on how to handle all the PAL variants.
21:28<vektor>I'm going to check through your code now.
21:29<Chutt>there's a bunch of constants
21:29<vektor>Oh, I can see that. :)
21:29<vektor>It's just ambiguous to me what it's going to return for a PAL user.
21:29<Chutt>they're the same as in v4l1
21:29<vektor>Is it going to return all of them, or just one, ...
21:29<vektor>Erm, they're not the same numerically, no.
21:29<Chutt>what, just plain V4L2_STD_PAL?
21:30<Chutt>instead of just one of the values?
21:30<vektor>Yeah, what will it return in G_STD ?
21:30<Chutt>oh, i dunno
21:30<Chutt>i never use G_STD
21:30<Chutt>the ivtv driver, for instance, just returns STD_PAL
21:30<vektor>In my code, I only change standard if it's not currently correct.
21:30<Chutt>i change standard at startup regardless
21:30<vektor>Since I have alot of users who receive both PAL and SECAM channels, I need to change at runtime.
21:32-!-WizFactor [] has joined #mythtv
21:32<vektor>Chutt: You haven't had the PAL/SECAM feature request yet? :)
21:32<vektor>wow :)
21:32<FryGuy>what's SECAM?
21:32<Chutt>there aren't a lot of europe xmltv grabbers
21:32<Chutt>well, there are, but hardly any of them work properly
21:32<Captain_Murdoch>FryGuy: run Xvnc on the linux box and vncviewer on the windows box. that will give you the menus and stuff but no decent video.
21:32<vektor>FryGuy: It's a 625/50 standard like PAL, uses a different colour encoding.
21:32<Chutt>and i'd tell em to add it themselves if they wanted it anyway
21:32<Captain_Murdoch>also might not work well with the blending
21:33<FryGuy>thanks murdoch
21:34<WizFactor>Is there any list of which debian packages are prerequisites? The docs only seem to list mandrake and redhat.
21:34<Chutt>grab the mythtv debs and install them
21:34<Chutt>then uninstall em if you don't want the 0.9 release
21:36-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
21:38-!-jfm [] has joined #mythtv
21:50-!-billytwowilly [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:00<bline>Chutt: you around?
22:08-!-dopez [] has quit ["gn"]
22:08<Conaz>freaking thunderstorms, reaking havoc with my internet connection
22:10<Chutt>bline, no
22:11-!-Timon [] has joined #mythtv
22:11<thor>why do people want to optimize what dunno need it
22:11<Chutt>thor, they don't know what they want
22:11<Chutt>bline, whatcha need?
22:12<bline>Chutt: just wanted to tell you the sound still cuts out
22:12<bline>but only when I change channels
22:12<Chutt>shortly after you change channels?
22:12<Chutt>it's always done that
22:12<thor>don't change channels
22:12<bline>rewind fixes it and it doesn't happen again
22:12<Conaz>ack, now tornadic activity on the way... will I ever get any work done :)
22:12<Chutt>it should fix itself shortly afterwards anyway
22:13-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:13<bline>it takes longer to fix it's self and then it cuts out every 10 or 15 seconds there after
22:13<Chutt>does a quick pause/unpause also fix it?
22:14<bline>rewinding for one second, fixes it perminantly
22:14<bline>I'll check
22:14<Chutt>basically, it's playing too close to the 'live' edge
22:14<bline>yep, that fixes it too
22:15<bline>it's no big deal to me, just wanted to let you know
22:15<Chutt>i'll see if it's missing a 'do the full prebuffer' flag there
22:15<Chutt>but i'm pretty sure that's what it is
22:35-!-hays [] has joined #mythtv
22:36<hays>does mythtv support remote controls out of the box? I'm looking to perhaps set one of these up. Also, any guides on how to build one of these systems from the ground up?
22:37<Timon>read the documentation
22:41<hays>i guess i missed the part about remote controls in the docs. I'll look again. Was also hoping maybe someone put together a "story" or whatnot of a working system. The docs don't seem to recommend a video card. I've heard from others that ATI actually works.. (?) although I've also heard of problems
22:44-!-tdb30_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:44<hays>The only card I can find that outputs an "HDTV" signal is the ATI, so begins the onset of confusion
22:45<Timon>From what I know, the ati cards don't work due to driver problems.
22:45<Timon>Why can't you just use the VGA signal if you have a hdtv? From what I understand, the HDTV's have a vga input on them.
22:45<hays>do they?
22:46<hays>I'm currently shopping for one, I never thought to look for a vga connector
22:46<hays>i'll research that
22:46<Timon>my old boss said his had a vga input on it
22:47<Timon>640x480 or something like that
22:47<hays>that may or may not be good for the whole letterbox thing
22:48<hays>that's certainly a level of complexity, is the question of whether the TV will display the movie in a way thats not sorta ghetto
22:50<hays>Hmm.. where does the remote control come into it? I can see it alluded to here and there
22:50<hays>I must be missing it
22:51-!-poptix_ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:51-!-poptix [] has joined #mythtv
22:51-!-poptix [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:52<hays>I wonder if these s-video outs are robust in that they output signals that the hdtv televisions can handle (mostly concerning DVD playback/progressive scan etc)
22:53<Timon>let me find the chapter
22:53<Timon>Thats the remote chapter
22:53<hays>I just went to look again
22:53<hays>and saw it right when you posted
22:53<hays>I passed by it probably 5 times.
22:54<hays>do you watch DVDs on your mythbox?
22:56-!-poptix [] has joined #mythtv
22:56<hays>once I got it running I was thinking it might be neat to add a feature to rip DVD's to divx format
22:56<hays>if its not already implemented
22:56<Timon>Its not implimented, and I would personally like that.
22:57<Timon>Currently, I have to use a windows prog to do that
22:57<hays>really? I thought there were dvd ripping programs for linux
22:58<Timon>There may be, I just never really looked
22:58<Timon>I googled 'rip dvd to divx' and it came up with a windows prog, so I used that :-)
22:59<hays>looks like the big question mark for me is the whole TV thing
22:59<Timon>All the HDTV ready tv's I know of accept vga input, so that should be cool
23:00<Timon>for you
23:00<hays>I wonder if ATI adresses it.. heck if there's a VGA plug then maybe the ATI drivers in linux support whatever resolution I'd need to run
23:00<Timon>The one thing I do seam to remember is problems with ATI tuners
23:00<hays>Timon yeah the question is can I get whatever resolution those things are supposed to get or does it do something lame like pop up something little in the middle of the screen heh
23:01<Timon>I REFUSE to buy a hdtv until after everything gets worked out with them.
23:02<Timon>bbiab, going to watch 2fast 2 furious
23:02<hays>im drooling over the plasmas which I can't afford
23:03<hays>ok have fun thanks for the tips
23:03<hays>and pointing to section 8 duh for me
23:03<Timon>be careful of the plasmas, they are VERY susuptable to image burning.
23:04<Timon>I've heard of guys with $10k plasmas with the cbs logo burnt into the screen.
23:05<hays>Im looking at one of the Sony HDTVs right now... 36" CRT.. perhaps something could change but sony's a relatively safe bet usually
23:12<just1nux>mechou: not sure which font your refering to, but if your concerned about readability of the theme, im using a normal 19inch 15 year old tv hooked up by coax and have no problems reading it.
23:32-!-mechou [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:41-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
23:41<-- Conaz[meeting]has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:50-!-hays [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:59-!-Conaz [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]