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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-06-30

00:03<Chutt>but this all looks good
00:05<bline>I noticed that, thought about using a macro..
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00:05<bline>But maybe there is a better way in C++?
00:06<Chutt>it's mostly the same except some constants, right?
00:07<bline>the constants and the struct members
00:07<bline>it all the same aside from that
00:07<bline>I actually did Hue by copying and s///g in vim
00:07<Chutt>could just to a switch off of the constant to get the proper struct members
00:08<bline>in the current, that switch would be two places for the *Set methods
00:09<bline>err *Change
00:09<bline>It could be easily done with a macro, but that's not so nice
00:09<Chutt>yeah, i'd prefer a switch i think
00:09<Chutt>from a function
00:10<bline>ok, I'll try
00:10<Chutt>thanks =)
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00:29<bline>I know this sounds bad, but how does cout work? heh
00:30<bline>cerr actually
00:30<ahbritto>bline: For debugging or extended use?
00:30<bline>I just need to output a u16 and I wanted to keep with the rest of the code
00:30<bline>or I would just use printf
00:31<ahbritto>you can always use printf...
00:31<ahbritto>I remember this from long ago.. not a cout fan
00:31<ahbritto> cout << "sfifif " ;
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00:32<ahbritto>the operator << is overloaded.
00:32<bline>this does not tell me how to output a u16
00:32<Chutt>cout << blah << endl;
00:32<bline>I'll just use printf
00:32<Chutt>but you can just use printf
00:32<Chutt>doesn't matter to me
00:33<Chutt>i use printf when formatting matters, cout when it doesn't
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00:52<fulbert>got hit with the xmltv problem, built from cvs last night, since I don't have audio from within myth.
00:53<fulbert>if I run mplayer from the shell I get audio fine, the same file from myth, no audio, ideas?
00:56<moegreen>fulbert: what are you trying to play?
00:56<mechou>who mechou
00:56<fulbert>from a 250 card, livetv and recorded items, neither have sound trough myth.
00:57<mechou>fulbert, what sound card and driver (oss/alsa) are you using?
00:58<fulbert>alsa, i810_audio, RH9, it was all working fine with .9.1.
00:58<fulbert>all I've done is build from cvs, install, update db, fill backend...
01:00<Chutt>anything interesting on the console you ran the frontend from?
01:00<fulbert>no, looks about the same. no dsp errors or anything...
01:01<fulbert>nothing changed with the way mplayer is called or something?
01:02<Chutt>it doesn't use mplayer.
01:02<mechou>check what audio device myth curently set to record from...
01:03<Chutt>it's not set to record from anything with a pvr-250
01:03<fulbert>it's using the 250 card
01:03<mechou>ok, sorry...
01:03<fulbert>I checked the rate, it's at 48k, same as it was before.
01:08<fulbert>hmm, well maybe a reboot. the ivtv drive is being real weird now too...
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01:21<bline>got it
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01:25<bline>Chutt: send that update to the list, I have no way to test the v4l1 stuff btw
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01:38<fulbert>seems my sound issue was something related to the ivtv driver.
01:39<fulbert>after boot I was not able to get sound still, I ended up rebuilding the driver again, and that seems to have fixed it.
01:39<fulbert>I wish I had more time to see what it was that broke. nite all.
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01:40<bline>that look ok Chutt?
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13:07<choenig>man, I really hate that. how come that mythtv's cpu usage jumped from 35% to 75% after going from 2.4.20 to 2.4.21? So I'm not able to record two shows at once :(
13:17<jkolb>It's a feature
13:19<Conaz>Patient to Doctor: It hurts when I do this...
13:19<Conaz>Doctor to Patient: Then don't do that
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13:21<choenig>Conaz: a hint?
13:22<Conaz>choenig: yup, just giving you a little crap on your 4.20 to 4.21 kernel upgrade
13:22<Conaz>I do know how you feel though
13:26<choenig>I had the same problem when trying the preemptive kernel patch, so I dropped it. But I usually upgrade kernels regularly.
13:27<choenig>I never had that using a vanilla one
13:27<Conaz>I'm not nearly familiar enough with kernel compiling to upgrade too often, although I am getting much more experience lately
13:28<vektor>choenig: maybe you forgot to enable mtrrs?
13:28<vektor>or maybe you forgot to have dma turned on by default?
13:29<choenig>vektor: I use the same .config as before. mtrr is on.
13:30<choenig>dma is on, too
13:31<choenig>vektor: any other ideas? :-)
13:31<vektor>choenig: where is the cpu being used?
13:32<vektor>did something fuck up agpgart?
13:32<vektor>like, is the CPU being used by X or by what?
13:32<choenig>from top its 50% backend and 25% X
13:33<choenig>I don't know, how it was before
13:34<vektor>how are you measuring?
13:34<vektor>it could be that your measurements are now more accurate.
13:34<vektor>(or less accurate)
13:34<vektor>trusting top is pretty dangerous.
13:35<choenig>I'm using top, and I know, but before I could record two shows at ones, now this is absolutly impossible
13:36<choenig>I changed processor type from pentium-something to athlon/duron. But that can't be causing that, could it?
13:39<mdz_>vektor: simon is doing some pretty heinous stuff in the tvtime packaging
13:39<vektor>mdz: what do you mean?
13:40<mdz_>vektor: like calling out to one maintainer script from another
13:40<mdz_>and relying on argv[0] for things to work right
13:41<vektor>yeah i was reading that
13:41<vektor>i don't remember there being anythign too heinous that came out of it
13:41<vektor>the 'use /usr/lib/win32' for our DLLs is annoying though.
13:41<vektor>i'm unsure about that.
13:42<vektor>it's hard to do that with autoconf anyway.
13:42<vektor>andreas is wrong on that last point too: the copyright should be me, not simon
13:42<vektor>simon assigned copyright to me on all of his debconf stuff
13:44<mdz_>vektor: I'm pretty sure that his check for argv[0] == 'postinst' will not work correctly at any time except initial installation
13:44<mdz_>but that's really an evil thing to do and it shouldn't be trying to do it anyway
13:44<vektor>well tell him that then.
13:44<mdz_>about to :-)
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13:44<mdz_>for some reason everyone is Ccing me on those emails
13:45<vektor>great, i wish they'd cc me.
13:45<vektor>doing the /usr/lib/win32 change is something i'd liek to do right away if we're going to do it.
13:46<mdz_>vektor: once the package is in the archive, you can request copies of all the bug mail for it
13:46<vektor>yeah well, i wish it would just get in the archive
13:46<mdz_>me too
13:46<vektor>it's hurting my marketing to not have it in there.
13:46<vektor>but then again, i've been having a bitch finding an RPM maintainer too
13:47<vektor>and simon rocks.
13:47<vektor>so, sigh.
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13:49<jkolb>choenig: This thread may be relevant for you:;search_string=athlon-xp%20libavcodec;guest=712030&t=search_engine#67476
13:52<choenig>jkolb: thx, I'll have a look...
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15:05<Gulliver>hi all
15:05<Gulliver>someone awake?
15:06<jkolb>No, but sometimes I manage to sleeptalk.
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16:42<mechou>Chutt, have you had a chance to try etiam's program rankings patch? What do you think? (I can't try it since my mythboxes are packed for a move...)
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16:46<Chutt>mechou, it's been in cvs for a couple days.
16:48<mechou>Chutt, yeah, I know. I was just wondering what you thought of it [and I can't try it :(]
16:49<Chutt>seems to work ok
16:49<Chutt>i'm still perfectly happy with the old stuff
16:50<mechou>Do you think it's realtively "bulletproof" when it comes to multiple tuners on multiple backends?
16:51<Chutt>it doesn't care about that at all
16:52<Chutt>it basically only replaces the old logic where it'd pick a program to record out of the conflict list
16:54<mechou>so it still relies on older code that "generates" the conflict list (in the case of multiple tuners)?
16:54<Chutt>no reason why it shouldn't
16:54<mechou>ok, cool...
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17:29-!-Topic for #mythtv is
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19:34<bline>Chutt: here is the new mailing list archive alex has been working on, it's not live yet so don't link to it:
19:35<bline>let me know what you think
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19:49<Chutt>seems faster?
19:49<Chutt>it's mangling email addresses a lot
19:49<Chutt>ijr at po
19:50<Chutt>missing the end =)
19:51<Chutt>were the user email addresses un-munged before? they're in normal mailto's
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20:49<bline>Chutt: on which page?
20:50<Chutt>if you click on an address to go to the 'user' page
20:50<bline>the end is cut off on purpose for mangling. You can still get at the persons email address by clicking on their name
20:50<Chutt>the email address linked to on there is just a normal mailto
20:50<bline>yeah, it's mangled, view source
20:50<bline>it's all html encoded
20:50<Chutt>ah, ok
20:51<bline><a href="mailto:%6D%4F%6A%4F%73%70%61%6D%40%74%68%65%67%65%65%6B%63%6C%75%62%2E%6E%65%74">
20:51<Chutt>i see now
20:51<bline>how does it look to you?
20:52<Chutt>looks good here
20:52<bline>Also the search should be a lot better, it's using MySQL full text indexing now
20:53<bline>It highlights emails now also, I kinda liked that
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21:06<extremis>well the gyration keyboard and mouse is a good deal
21:06<extremis>and it works well
21:06<extremis>I took my bluetooth keyboard and mouse back for it
21:06<extremis>and I'm pleased
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21:08<extremis>all these posts to mythtv-users and not a single one in rply to my problem
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21:50<ca1vin>where did you get the keyboard?
21:50<ca1vin>here in htown?
21:51<extremis>yup, everyone has it
21:51<ca1vin>got a link?
21:51<ca1vin>wanna check it out
21:51<ca1vin>I am using a cheap IR keyboard
21:51<ca1vin>with no mouse
21:51<ca1vin>I want a keyboard with a mouse built in
21:51<ca1vin>that doesn't cost 150
21:52<extremis>the gyro is seperate but its only $100
21:52<extremis>the mouse is small
21:52<extremis>you will like it
21:52<ca1vin>got a link so I can check it out?
21:52* ca1vingoogle searching
21:55<ca1vin>I don't need a keyboard that bad
21:55<ca1vin>all though there mouse looks cool
21:55<ca1vin>the remote looking one
21:56<ca1vin>the silver hauppauge works great
21:56<ca1vin>not sure that you really even need a keyboard
21:56<just1nux>you want an actual wireless mouse? not a trackball?
21:57<ca1vin>I want a trackball mouse or a presure mouse built into a remote
21:57<just1nux> << keyboard i have
21:57<ca1vin>see now thats a lot better price range for me
21:58<ca1vin>and it has a trackball built in
21:58<just1nux>trackball works well, just dont get the usb version
21:58<ca1vin>how can you tell?
21:58<just1nux>i had to return the usb one (the one in the ad there says usb)
21:59<ca1vin>oh neat
22:00<ca1vin>motion sensing
22:00<extremis>yeah, both mouse and keyboard for $99
22:00<ca1vin>at frys?
22:00<extremis>I got it at best buy
22:00<extremis>frys might be cheaper
22:00<extremis>it works well
22:00<extremis>very littrle wrist movement
22:00<extremis>and easy to use
22:00<ca1vin>that mouse looks perfect
22:00<ca1vin>has remote and mouse
22:01<extremis>I didn't get the remote
22:01<ca1vin>I wonder if they just sell the remote
22:02-!-figgy [] has joined #mythtv
22:03<ca1vin>I can't find that remote on their site
22:03<figgy>i saw it at best buy
22:04-!-mdz_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:04<figgy>at least, one very similar
22:04<ca1vin>the remote alone?
22:04<extremis>I think you mean the mouse
22:04<figgy>mmm, maybe
22:04<ca1vin>this is a remote and mouse, which is perfect
22:04<ca1vin>I really don't have a use for a keyboard
22:04<extremis>I bought mine for the keyboard
22:05<extremis>I wanted one small
22:05<ca1vin>what size is it?
22:05<figgy>its like a laptop keyboard... without the laptop
22:05<extremis>lemme take a pic
22:05<extremis>yeah, its the size of a laptop keyboard
22:06<ca1vin>that would be cool, I could hide it under the coffee table
22:06<extremis>wow, bestbuy changed thei rpage
22:08<ca1vin>man they did
22:08<ca1vin>big time
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22:19<extremis>heh, so I changed the user_hz to 1000 and now my kernel panics on boot
22:20<extremis>that was my one last hope for getting this actisys working
22:21<ca1vin>only thing I can say is maybe try homebrew?
22:21<extremis>but of course people clam that is unecessary with jvc_raw
22:22--> daddy-o( has joined #MythTV
22:22<ca1vin>did you try with another machine?
22:24<extremis>not yet... I'm grabbing it now
22:29<extremis>tyrying on a redhat 9 box
22:29<-- daddy-ohas quit ()
22:30<extremis>I could try the irda builin on this laptop also while I'm at it
22:31<ca1vin>ya they have winlirc if you don't have *nix on it
22:32<figgy>xmltv has way too many dependencies
22:32* ca1vinagreed
22:32<figgy>and those dependencies have way too many dependencies
22:34<Chutt>i'll accept any replacements that do as much as it :p
22:35<ca1vin>I have no complaints, works great and we are lucky it is free
22:37<extremis>I have complaints, I hate irblasters
22:39<ca1vin>ya I agree with that, it would be nice if there were more cable boxes and receivers that had useful serial ports
22:40<extremis>dish told me that they stopped putting serial ports onthe 6000 because they couldn't figure out how to get it working
22:40<extremis>they confuse me
22:40<ca1vin>I guess you could get an old 6000
22:41<extremis>I'v been working on this problem for a week
22:41<extremis>I'm tired of it
22:41<ca1vin>maybe get a $30 receiver
22:41<ca1vin>use it just for the mythbox
22:42<ca1vin>and use the other for your hd
22:42<ca1vin>2800 is cheap and from what I am told works great
22:44<extremis>yeah, thats a good idea
23:07<extremis>does anyone here wanna make me a homebrew blaster?
23:07<extremis>I'll pay :)~
23:08<extremis>in fact, I'll pay and send you my actisys
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23:49<extremis>Does anyone use lirc_sir?
23:49<extremis>enable_irq(4) unbalanced from e0fc4c82
23:49<extremis>is that normal?
23:59<Timon>I use lirc_serial