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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-05

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01:06<Guest9040>anyone home?
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01:21<yebyen>who would win in a fight
01:21<yebyen>captain morgan or captain kirk
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04:37<Guest9040>hello, anyone awake?
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08:44<creepy>re sfr
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11:18<TheAsp>Is there a current bug where programs arnt getting put into the recorded table?
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11:22<Chutt>theasp, no
11:23<sfr>Chutt: re 'mythbackend crash' on the dev-list: what about this message: 2003-07-05 14:59:06 unknown command: ??ERY_RECORDER
11:24<Chutt>that says that you've got bad ram
11:24<Chutt>most likely
11:25<Chutt>it still didn't crash, though
11:25<Chutt>so, don't report it as one
11:25<sfr>b/c of the ?? marks ?
11:26<sfr>sorry for that, so i got this message a few times, always looks the same, and mythbackend has quit after that.
11:26<Chutt>something is corrupting messages between the frontend and backend
11:26<Chutt>the most likely thing that is is hardware related
11:26<Chutt>since it would be happening to many more people if not
11:29<TheAsp>i wonder what i fucked up now...
11:36<TheAsp>ahh, found it
11:39<Chutt>what'd you do?
11:40<TheAsp>was missing "%9" on the insert query :)
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11:46<stealthboy>hey, i'm having an issue with mplayer hanging in mythvideo. if i try to run the command in an xterm, it works fine. mythvideo starts mplayer, but mplayer hangs after initializing all the lirc stuff (never gets to loading the video file). Any thoughts?
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12:15<Ripp>is cvs ok to use atm? need to upgrade today from a pre-.9 cvs...
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12:59<Chutt>ripp, sure
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13:09<Ripp>k, thx...
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13:26<YamahaBrez>how do i say search for something like
13:26<YamahaBrez>so if i typed yamaha
13:26<YamahaBrez>it would find yamahabrez
13:26<YamahaBrez>in a mysql query
13:26<YamahaBrez>ah shit
13:26<YamahaBrez>wrong room
13:44<TheAsp>foo like 'yam%'
13:46<YamahaBrez>hehe thanks
13:46* YamahaBrezdoes writes php in free time.... erg.
13:46<YamahaBrez>damn that didnt make since neways
13:46<YamahaBrez>im out
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15:08<just1nux>is there any tutorial anywhere for getting lirc to work for sending and recieving both at the same time. Ive seen several posts on the list but they didnt help much. This is just driving me insane.
15:09<root>I'm getting close to getting it to work
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15:10<tdb30_>oops got to log out didn't know I was root. brb
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18:31* fulbertis away - ?!?! - messages will be saved.
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19:03<Guest9040>for some odd reason, when I look at my channel listings either with mythfrontend or the web interface I am seeing double, each channel is listed twice in a row.. how on earth did I manage that? any ideas?
19:03<mikegrb>most likely you accidently set up more then one source
19:03<mikegrb>I had this problem
19:04<Guest9040>let me go back into ./setup
19:04<mikegrb>no prob
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19:39<kc8apf>I take it no work has been done in porting to ppc?
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20:13<jkolb>Chutt: Around?
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20:25<bbeattie>Is there API documentation for how mythtv does it's recording?
20:30<mikegrb>I don't believe so
20:30<mikegrb>your best bet would be looking at coments
20:30<mikegrb>I've found the comments in the code to be pretty good
20:36<bbeattie>will do, but quick question first.
20:37<mikegrb>I will answer if I can
20:37<mikegrb>no promises ;-)
20:37<bbeattie>Mythtv does not currently support executing a command, rather then using the internal recording, and in that same aspect, has anyone tested the internal player with running a 1080i ATSC file?
20:38<mikegrb>I don't remember seeing anything on the lists but you might try searching the archive at gossamar threads
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20:43<bbeattie>Is the nuv file format is also proprietary to mythtv? Can mythtv's native frontend play a standard mpeg2 stream?
20:44<mikegrb>the nuv format it self isn't proprietary but it has been modified a bit for use in mythtv
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20:50<jpauley>I know your web page says that you cannot use an ATI All-In-Wonder card -- has there been any new updates on this>
20:51<bbeattie>jpauley: don't think so, otherwise it would have been posted :-/
20:51<bbeattie>mikegrb: was mythtv's player built from scratch, or built from something else?
20:51<jpauley>crap, I have all the other requirements and would hate to get rid of my all in wonder
20:51<bigguy>if you want the ati aiw cards to work you need to talk to the gatos people
20:51<bigguy>they are the ones that suck the booty
20:52<mikegrb>I believe there r linux drivers but they are not compatible with the normal video for linux
20:52<mikegrb>+ stuff
20:52<bigguy>mikegrb: the gatos people wrote the "driver" and it's not v4l compliant
20:53<mikegrb>bbeattie: I think so
20:53<bigguy>mikegrb: only thing that works with it is the gatos on graber
20:53<mikegrb>bigguy: that's what I was thinking
20:53<bigguy>own even
20:58<bbeattie>I'd like everyone to answer a hypothetical question for me. If there was a HDTV tuner card and driver for linux, and cards were about $200, how many people would want one, and use it in mythtv, and how many cards per system would they buy?
20:58<mikegrb>I would
20:58<just1nux>me too
20:58<mikegrb>not now though, moving to greece
20:58<bbeattie>just 1 per system?
20:59<mikegrb>at $200 probably just one and then another in 4-6 months when I could convince the wife again
20:59<bbeattie>mikegrb: what if the cards were $150?
20:59<mikegrb>I only just got my wife to let me get a bigger hard dr
20:59<mikegrb>+ ive
21:00<mikegrb>that would probably shorten it to two consecutive months
21:00<mikegrb>maybe I could convince her to let me get them both at once at that price
21:01<bbeattie>alright. So how hard would it be to add support to a hypothetical card that required a command line to start pulling an ATSC stream from the card, and get mythtv to display it? (The command would just take 1 of the 3 formats in the ATSC stream and save that to disk) ... ?
21:01<bbeattie>support for a hypothetical card,
21:02<bbeattie>bascailly, what would it take to get mythtv to support that type of card?
21:02<mikegrb>a patch
21:02<bbeattie>:-) How big of a patch?
21:03<mikegrb>I don't know a great deal about that part of the code but I wouldn't think it would have to be that large, mainly the playback stuff
21:04<bbeattie>hmm, I wonder if anyone who's very knowledgeable of mythtv's code knows how difficult it would be add this support.
21:04<ahbritto>bbeattie: The wintv pvr-d is a hypothetical atsc card.
21:05<ahbritto>actually just "wintv-d"
21:05<bbeattie>ahbritto: I'm not familiar with that card, or it's support in linux/mythtv, could you explain more?
21:06<ahbritto>Made by:
21:07<bbeattie>what's it support level under mythtv?
21:08<ahbritto>No Linux drivers.
21:08<ahbritto>No Linux drivers == no mythtv support.
21:08<vektor>well, it would also have to be feasible to support it
21:08<vektor>like, you'd have to know how you'd store the data and what you'd do with it
21:08<bbeattie>ahbritto: ... I can't say much, but read between the lines, and I'll have some good news in 2 weeks, but in the meantime, I'd like to get mythtv ready for something.
21:09<Guest9040>hey mikegrb, I couldn't find any duplicate entries.. so that solution didn't help
21:09<ahbritto>Oh no, after I bought all those analog cards! :(
21:09<Guest9040>is there a config file I can use to set it up? I'm not too fond of the gui setup
21:09<bbeattie>ahbritto: :(
21:10<ahbritto>vektor: I thought atsc was mpeg, so it should be pretty similar to ivtv.
21:10<mikegrb>Guest: well you could use mysql
21:10<bbeattie>atsc spec for broadcast is a 40Mb/s stream that includes 3 mpeg2 streams
21:11<mikegrb>Guest: you can look there and see what the chanid's are... more likely then not they will start with different numbers... eg 1051 and 2051 for chan 51
21:11<ahbritto>Guest9040: Supposedly someone is working on web setup inteface, but it is not yet available.
21:11<vektor>alot more than the 8Mb/s from ivtv :)
21:11<vektor>also, mythtv composites some gfx on top of the mpeg2 output, couldn't do that with some hugeass video. mpeg decoding becomes a factor.
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21:13<bbeattie>vektor: 4 atsc's over pci and to a single disk has been proven, and display is no problem if you're using an nvidia 440mx and later chip, as it supports mpeg decoding on chip.
21:13<vektor>sure but then you can't draw on it
21:14<vektor>like XvMC isn't so nice for OSD goodness :/
21:14<mikegrb>I just got a 440mx about a month ago
21:14<bbeattie>vektor: well, no OSD has been tested, but do you know it would be impossible to do?
21:14<vektor>mikegrb: barely any links apps support XvMC anyway. i think xine does it ok, mplayer is getting some patches applied slowly afaict.
21:14<vektor>bbeattie: i'm just saying it'd be a pain.
21:14<vektor>imho anywa.y
21:15<bbeattie>vektor: is it worth having hdtv?
21:15<ahbritto>So I am willing to test a digital card or three!
21:15<mikegrb>vektor: slowly applied is fine :-) eventually my video card will be even better <g>
21:16<vektor>bbeattie: i dunno, i get no HDTV here anyway so i'm not one to ask :)
21:16<bbeattie>ahbritto: I may be able to get one person, if I'm lucky, a card, if they can provide functionality in it for mythtv
21:16<mikegrb>I considered satelite to get HDTV but it was way too expensive, neighborhood of $10/channel;
21:17<bbeattie>xine is the only program it works with currently.
21:17<ahbritto>bbeattie: I would recommend giving Chutt the first chance.
21:18<bbeattie>.. Think he'd have time to have support by the 16th for a demo?
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21:18<ahbritto>bbeattie: No idea.
21:19<bbeattie>.. I'm going to idle, but if Chutt reads this, /msg me off channel.
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21:23<Guest9040>yeah mike, I got a set of 1000 and 2000 channels..
21:28<Guest9040>there we go, deleted all rows > 2000
21:31<mikegrb>guest: yes, those are two sources
21:31<mikegrb>source 1 and 2
21:31<mikegrb>you might check the sources table too and get rid of the 2nd one
21:32<Guest9040>I don't understand how I had two sources selected
21:32<mikegrb>well, I had two on accident when I did the initial setup
21:32<mikegrb>one had a null name :-)
21:32<Guest9040>I guess that could have happened to me
21:33<Guest9040>but even if I fixed it right away it wouldn't have removed the second source?
21:33<mikegrb>I wasn't used to the keys and hitting enter at the wrong time on the source setup screen where you type in zip and stuff
21:33<Guest9040>you know what
21:33<Guest9040>I did do that twice
21:33<Guest9040>because it was blank each time
21:33<mikegrb>that is what happened to me
21:34<Guest9040> sourceid name xmltvgrabber userid
21:34<Guest9040>Edit Delete 1 NULL tv_grab_na
21:34<Guest9040>Edit Delete 2 NULL tv_grab_na
21:35<Guest9040>is that what you were talking about?
21:35<Guest9040>I am going to delete 2, was there any other source 2 information in the database?
21:38<mikegrb>that is it
21:38<Guest9040>oh man
21:38<Guest9040>MythTV just rocks
21:39<mikegrb>that's a definite affirmative
21:39<Guest9040>everything is great so far
21:40<Guest9040>some time I will probably take the time and learn how to encode those NUV files to a regular avi or mpeg so I can watch the television shows on my other computer
21:42<mikegrb>a problem I had doing that is my stuff was all rtjpeg and I guess mencoder didn't like that since once I converted them to the other format mpeg4 me thinks it played them fine
21:43<mikegrb>those sources, since the name was null that is why you didn't see them in the setup program
21:43<mikegrb>they were there just with no name
21:44<Guest9040>should I have deleted both? or just the 2?
21:44<mikegrb>I think I might submit a patch for that
21:44<mikegrb>just #2
21:44<mikegrb>#1 is the one you want
21:44<mikegrb>you could rename it but I'm not certain that is the only place the name is used
21:44<Guest9040>I am surprised I couldn't find any information on that double listings problem with google, I would have thought other people had that same problem
21:45<Guest9040>if you don't release that patch, you should tell them to at least add it to the FAQ
21:46<mikegrb>I'm thinking a patch that would say something rather then a blank line when the name is null
21:46<mikegrb>that way your not looking at the list saying there is nothing there it would say "Null Name" or some such
21:46<mikegrb>I don't like that name though, maybe unnamed would be more intuitive
21:47<Guest9040>how do you go about starting mythbackend on startup?
21:47<mikegrb>what distro do you have?
21:48<mikegrb>I haven't used slackware in about 8 years
21:48<Guest9040>I didn't like the scripts that came with mythtv, they seemed a bit too much
21:48<mikegrb>I assume there is in /etc/init.d/ directory with scripts in it
21:48<mikegrb>is that correct?
21:48<Guest9040>and so I tried to add a line to my crontab "@reboot /usr/local/bin/mythbackend" , but I suppose Linux cron doesn't support @reboot because it didn't work
21:49<Guest9040>no , /etc/rc.d is where the startup scripts are
21:49<Guest9040>but I rather run mythbackend as my user, I don't see why root has to run it
21:49<mikegrb>yes, let me check something real quicl
21:49<mikegrb>er quick even
21:54<mikegrb>for the line to start mythbackend you should be able to use: su <someuser> -c /usr/local/bin/mythbackend <options>
21:55<Guest9040>aha, I'll put that in rc.local then
21:55<mikegrb>no problem
21:58<Guest9040>one misc question.. I have mythtv setup to use /dev/dsp2 as an audio device, but I still hear sound through /dev/dsp , I am using btaudio on my tvtuner, so I shouldn't be hearing anything, any ideas?
21:59<mikegrb>yes :-)
22:00<mikegrb>are you using oss or alsa for /dev/dsp?
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22:02<mikegrb>at any rate, check that the line-in is muted or just unplug the passthrough cable from the tuner card
22:40<FreddieD>Do any of you guys use an IR Blaster 200L in your MythTV setups?
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23:37<Snow-Man>So, how are we doing here?
23:37<bigguy>could be better
23:37<Snow-Man>How are the lists doing?
23:37<bigguy>go afaik
23:40<bigguy>bought 2 seconds between each relay -> www -> www ->colo
23:41<Snow-Man>2 seconds?
23:43<Snow-Man>That's alot better than it used to be.
23:44<bigguy>1-3 secs on average
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