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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-06

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01:55<tdb30_>woo hoo only 4 or 5 more steps until mythtv is configured.
01:55<tdb30_>sheesh 11 steps ;)
01:55<phar0e_>it's worth every step
01:58<tdb30_>figured I'd get started eventhough I haven't fully gotten the ir stuff working.
01:58<tdb30_>I think I may have just miswired something in my reciever.
01:59<tdb30_>I am very close to moving the digital cable box down here in the basement and plugging it into this pc now.
02:01* mikegrbrealizes the libmyth recompile is soo slow because he is watching live tv <g>
02:01<tdb30_>Its exhausting going through the install doc. I can do one task at a time and then I have to get up and move around ;)
02:04<phar0e_>hey mike, what if I am just messing around testing some stuff and only want to record say, 5 minutes of a show
02:04<phar0e_>is there an easy way to "stop" a recording in progress?
02:04<phar0e_>or must I kill the actual process?
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02:05<mikegrb>just go to watch recording
02:05<mikegrb>or delete recording for that matter and tell it to delete the show that is recording
02:05<mikegrb>it will stop recording and delete what is recording
02:06<mikegrb>you could also do an instant or manual recording
02:06<phar0e_>that stuff locks up my machine for some reason
02:07<tdb30_>argg. where do I put the password for the database?
02:07<phar0e_>in the mysql.txt file
02:08<mikegrb>phar0e: what stuff?
02:08<phar0e_>the instant recording
02:08<mikegrb>any error messages
02:08<phar0e_>it didn't crash, just got very laggy
02:08<phar0e_>I try to stay out of mythfrontend as much as possible
02:09<phar0e_>I prefer MythWEB
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02:09<tdb30_>grr didnt' help ;)
02:11<tdb30_>errr... QMYSQL3 driver not loaded? whast that?
02:13<phar0e_>no idea
02:14<tdb30_>also, whats the default username and password in mysql.txt.... I messed it up
02:15<mikegrb>um mythtv for both I think lemme double check
02:15<phar0e_>do I dare record a WWII documentary on History channel that is 180 minutes?
02:15<tdb30_>Do it !
02:16<mikegrb>then you can fast-forward the dull stuff
02:16<phar0e_>what I really want to get working is smb mounts so I can mooch off the family computer downstairs that has 90Gigs free
02:17<mikegrb>tdb30: yes, mythtv and mythtv
02:17<mikegrb>tdb30: that error is related to lib-qt-mysql
02:17<mikegrb>what distribution do you have?
02:17<tdb30_>I'll look and see if its installed
02:18<tdb30_>humm not showing up.
02:20<mikegrb>its called libqt3-mysql I think
02:21<phar0e_>mike, do you ever edit any of your shows to remove commercials?
02:22<mikegrb>phar0e: sometimes.... normally just if it's a movie I want to save
02:22<phar0e_>which program do you use?
02:22<mikegrb>tdb: you can try urpmi libqt3-devel
02:23<mikegrb>phar0e: just the built in one, 'm' when watching pre-recorded
02:23<phar0e_>I'll have to play with that
02:24<mikegrb>I think z or some such loads in the commercial flag list, up and down changes how far you move around
02:25<mikegrb>space adds a cutpoint
02:25<mikegrb>check keys.txt there are some more that have been added recently
02:36<mikegrb>tdb30_: get it working?
02:39<tdb30_>I'm at the configuration screen but my mouse doesn't work on it ;)
02:39<tdb30_>I take it this is where I need a remote.
02:40<tdb30_>heh. ohhh arrow keys and space
02:41<mikegrb> everything can be done from keyboard
02:46<tdb30_>Does it always take a while when you select your video source?
02:47<mikegrb>but how long do you mean
02:54<phar0e_>anybody know how big Tivo hard drives are and how large a 30 minute show is with tivo?
02:54<tdb30_>I think its about 500meg per hour on a tivo
02:54<mikegrb>I think 30 and 60
02:54<tdb30_>but it also depends on quality
02:55<mikegrb>are normal and maybe 80 lately
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03:08<FryGuy>does anyone have working with their myth box?
03:12<tdb30_>Im in post configuration ;)
03:16<mikegrb>congrats tdb30
03:16<mikegrb>FryGuy: unfortunatley, not anyone who is around
03:17<FryGuy>well, i think it's more of a general problem I have
03:17<FryGuy>I tested it out on my windows box with DTVCON
03:17<FryGuy>and it works fine
03:17<mikegrb>phar0e_: make sure you tray mythtranscode -h , you can use it to actually cut the commercials from the file rather then just a cut list
03:17<FryGuy>but on linux I'm getting permission errors with /dev/cua1 or whatever the serial port is
03:18<mikegrb>well depending on how you feel about security you could chmod a+wr the device
03:18<mikegrb>an alternative is to chown it
03:18<mikegrb>what user is running the backend on your system?
03:23<FryGuy>even when I was root it didn't work though
03:24<mikegrb>er hmmm
03:28<mikegrb>what messages do you get if you run it manually
03:29<FryGuy>inappropriate ioctl for device
03:29<FryGuy>on com1
03:30<mikegrb>you might try posting on mythtv-users
03:30<FryGuy>actually that's on /dev/cua0 and /dev/cua1
03:31<mikegrb>try /dev/ttyS0 or ttyS1
03:31<mikegrb>maybe a long shot
03:31<FryGuy>aren't those the terminals?
03:32<mikegrb>yes but serial terminals and in this case COM1 and COM2
03:32<mikegrb>umm there is also a command to run to setup the port ie buad etc
03:36<FryGuy>well the perl script sets the baud to 9600
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03:51<tdb30_>how many days data does mythtv start with?
03:52<thor>mythfilldatabase always works off 8 days
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03:53<mikegrb>fryguy: did you get anything more informative?
03:53<FryGuy>i've been going on google
03:54<FryGuy>still nothing
03:54<FryGuy>i did a setserial -v /dev/ttyS0 though
03:54<FryGuy>it says UART: 165500, Port: 0x03f8, IRQ: 4
03:55<FryGuy>and gives the same irq error on /dev/cua0
03:55<FryGuy>er ioctl i mean
03:55<mikegrb>well that is some help perhaps
03:56<thor>FryGuy, you have BIOS doing what to serial ports?
03:56<mikegrb>did you try on /dev/ttyS0
03:56<FryGuy>yes I did
03:56<FryGuy>thor: i'm trying to use
03:56<thor>???? part of a what?
03:57<FryGuy>[00:19:34] (FryGuy): well, i think it's more of a general problem I have
03:57<FryGuy>[00:19:43] (FryGuy): I tested it out on my windows box with DTVCON
03:57<FryGuy>[00:19:47] (FryGuy): and it works fine
03:57<FryGuy>[00:20:05] (FryGuy): but on linux I'm getting permission errors with /dev/cua1 or whatever the serial port is
03:58<mikegrb>what did say when you ran it on ttyS0
03:58<FryGuy>it didn't give any errors
03:58<FryGuy>it just didn't do anything
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03:59<tdb30_>heh just chmod 755 /dev/cua1 or whatever ;) who needs security...
03:59<FryGuy>i'm doing it as root
03:59<thor>FryGuy, first issue is hw level access .. what does dmesg and/or ls /proc say about available devices?
03:59<mikegrb>I don't use it myself but you might try the mythtv-users archive there was someone recently with a cable problem, worked in windows but not in linux
04:00<mikegrb>I've got to go to bed now... hopefully you are closer
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04:02<FryGuy>something about a safety check on ttyS1
04:03<thor>FryGuy, a "safety check" ????
04:03<thor>what distro you running?
04:04<thor>base hardware, does BIOS recognize the port?
04:06<FryGuy>how would I find out without restarting?
04:10<thor>well .. not that important
04:11<thor>what does the Linux kernal say?
04:11<thor>what does set serial say?
04:14<FryGuy>[00:56:47] (FryGuy): i did a setserial -v /dev/ttyS0 though
04:14<FryGuy>[00:57:21] (FryGuy): it says UART: 165500, Port: 0x03f8, IRQ: 4
04:15<FryGuy>same with /dev/ttyS1 except it's 02f8 and IRQ: 3
04:16<thor>ok, so you have 2 working serial ports (apparently), ... what are you trying to do?
04:18<FryGuy>just 1
04:19<FryGuy>trying to get the working
04:19<FryGuy>this thread helped somewhat, but still no channel changing. I'm going to try the real quick
04:20<FryGuy>that's all it was
04:21<thor>FryGuy, your serial ports seem to be working at the hardware level
04:21<thor>it's 4:20 am (EST)
04:21<thor>I am going to bed
04:21<FryGuy>well the problem is fixed anyways
04:22<FryGuy>it was the didn't work with my receiver
04:22<FryGuy>and it was using /dev/cuax instead of /dev/ttySx
04:22<thor>everything good now?
04:22<FryGuy>except for permissions, but I can fix that
04:22<FryGuy>thanks for the help
04:23<thor>write a nice e-mail to mythtv-users thanking Isaac for writing such great software
04:24<thor>I'm serious
04:25<bline>Anyone want to test the new mail archive have a go:
04:26<bline>it's not open for public consumption yet, but it will be soon
04:26<thor>bline, you never wake up before noon (EST), do you?
04:26<bline>opinions/idea welcome
04:27<bline>noon PST
04:27<bline>usually 11 actually
04:28<thor>See your "Good morning" ' s on the scroll back
04:28<thor>where in PST are you?
04:28<bline>Vancouver BC
04:29<bline>Canada, but I'm not canadian
04:29<thor>I'm Canadian
04:29<thor>anyway, 2010 olympics
04:29<bline>I'm on a work autherzation
04:29<thor>me too
04:29<FryGuy>looks nice bline
04:29<bline>yeah, I'm so going to that
04:29<bline>thanks FryGuy
04:29<thor>(other way)
04:29<bline>FryGuy: Any suggestions?
04:30<FryGuy>fix the threads that are split into two topics?
04:30<bline>yeah, I hear it is usually the other way
04:30<bline>FryGuy: that's idots on the lists fault
04:30<FryGuy>this is odd
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04:31<thor>bline, you don't happen to work for, do you ?
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04:31<bline>thor: no, gossamer threads
04:32<thor>ah, ok
04:32<bline>FryGuy: yeah, people like to not reply to the correct message
04:32<FryGuy>how is that not replying to the correct message?
04:32<bline>people also like making a whole new message and pasting the subject in
04:32<bline>this breaks threading
04:33<FryGuy>personally I would like my email client to have a forum-style view like that for mailing lists
04:33<bline>you could always just use _that_ heh
04:33<thor>anyway, enjoy Vancouver .... I spent a season as a Ski Patrol up at Whistler and it was pretty much the best year of my life. Beautiful country.
04:33<FryGuy>it's a pain replying though
04:33<bline>thor: I've been here 3 years and havn't even been to Whistler yet
04:34<thor>bline, shame, shame, shame
04:34<bline>yeah, but I'm addicted to my work
04:34<thor>It's not that expensive
04:34<thor>and it is a great weekend away
04:34<thor>even if you don't ski, ...
04:34<FryGuy>what's whistler?
04:35<thor>Whistler village is amazing
04:35<bline>maybe I'll plan a weekend there this month
04:35<bline>FryGuy: a ski resort
04:35<FryGuy>where at?
04:35<bline>in Vancouver
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04:35<thor>FryGuy, in BC
04:35<bline>it's where the next winter olympics will be
04:35<FryGuy>i don't know where in canada that is geography-wise
04:35<bline>we just got the bid like 3 days ago
04:36<FryGuy>but it's far from me
04:36<bline>above seattle
04:36<thor>Think of Seattle, but farther North
04:36<FryGuy>i'm in sacramento, california
04:36<bline>you could drive up and go to the olympics
04:36<thor>I love CA
04:36<thor>but nothing close to LA
04:37<FryGuy>eh my dad lives in salt lake city
04:37<FryGuy>i could've gone then if i wanted to
04:37<thor>now that is great skiing
04:37<FryGuy>i've never been skiing
04:37<thor>almost as good as Whistler
04:38<thor>FryGuy, you live in California?
04:38<bline>I'll work on the algorythm for threading message, see if I can guess based on subject
04:38<thor>and you've never been (snow) skiing?
04:38<FryGuy>i've actually only been to snow one time in my rememberable years
04:38<FryGuy>i went four-wheeling with my dad's friend
04:38<thor>Two words: Road Trip
04:39<FryGuy>i don't really want to go by myself
04:39<thor>Canada is ultra-safe
04:39<bline>heh, there was a shooting here last week
04:40<bline>a couple actually
04:40<bline>and a fire two days ago, a building 2 blocks from here burned to the ground
04:40<thor>You in west Van?
04:41<bline>I work in downtown, I live in burnaby
04:41<bline>the Sun Tower, 100 W Pender
04:41<thor>There has never, ever, been an arson in Burnaby!
04:42<FryGuy>well canada is my first choice for another country to live in after the united states
04:42<bline>the sky train comes here now
04:42<FryGuy>although I don't think I can take the cold
04:42<bline>to north burnaby
04:42<bline>it's so not cold here
04:42<bline>it rains a lot though
04:43<thor>FryGuy, Vancouver is like Seattle ...
04:43<thor>is rains
04:43<bline>damn amercans, always think canada == cold
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04:43<thor>but is's far warmer than New York
04:43<phar0e_>MythTV rocks!
04:43<FryGuy>as warm as sacramento?
04:43<bline>it snows in downtown vancouver maybe once a year
04:43<FryGuy>it gets like 40 C all the time in the summer :)
04:44<bline>and it melts an hour later
04:44<thor>FryGuy, but that's just Sacramento, ....
04:44<FryGuy>well the valley
04:44<thor>Get in a car
04:45<thor>do some miles ... in any direction
04:45<thor>things things
04:45<thor>things changs
04:45<FryGuy>and nevada is hot too
04:45<thor>(holly crap .... it';s almost 5 am)
04:45<thor>I need to sleep
04:45<bline>night thor
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06:20<antlarr>I've tried mythtv 0.10 and I'm having problems to see the video (audio works well)
06:21<antlarr>for some reason, yesterday it worked, but today it doesn't. It seems I must have done something stupid, but I cannot think of anything
06:22<antlarr>I've tried to reconfigure everything (running setup, mythfilldatabase and mythfrontend) again, but all I get is a black screen when running mythtv
06:22<antlarr>any idea?
06:27<antlarr>is there anybody there?
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09:09<antlarr>is there anybody there? I have a question
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09:11<antlarr>anybody knows how to make mythtv use a given frequency for my channels instead of specifying them by using a channel number ?
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11:10<antlarr>is there anyone around?
11:11<antlarr>not even to get a small patch to fix a problem with mythtv 0.10?
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11:58<mechou>poptix, you there?
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13:05<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: you around?
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14:42* tdb30_kicks lirc
14:50* mikegrbis happy he is using an X10 mouse remote
14:55<tdb30_>anyone know if there is a keyboard plugin so I can pop up a keyboard with my remote to type in stuff.
14:56<mikegrb>inside of what? in myth or just in X?
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14:57<tdb30_>X. It would be cool to have irc on the tv and chat with the remote (at least for small amounts of text)
14:57<mikegrb>I haven't seen one but I would be suprised if there wasn't one out there
14:58<mikegrb>let me check
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15:01<mikegrb>here are the most promising I found:
15:02<mikegrb>the last one says "mouse driven predictive text input system"
15:03<tdb30_>Wow, more than one. Man am I going to get eye strain if I keep this font at 8 pt on a 1600x1200 screen ;)
15:03<tdb30_>predictive text could be usefull.
15:06<mikegrb>I don't use lirc but that one needs a mouse
15:06<mikegrb>it looks very interesting
15:06<mikegrb>my mouse remote is the best of both worlds... it works as a mouse as well as having all the buttons for controlling myth. Even better, it is RF
15:08<tdb30_>humm.... I just don't like x10
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15:13<mikegrb>heh yes
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16:15<just1nux>Chutt: noticed you fixed the flickering that i was seeing on my theme. Looks much better now without that.
16:20<tdb30_>man this dasher program is sweet
16:21<mikegrb>I haven't played with it but it looked promising
16:21<mikegrb>I'm going to have to install it on my myth system
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16:23<tdb30_>its very fast once you get used to the interface.
16:23<tdb30_>not quite as fast as typing but faster than click on a keyboard
16:23<tdb30_>you should install it and check it out.
16:23<mikegrb>the animated gifs looked great
16:23-!-srl [] has joined #mythtv
16:23<mikegrb>yes, I'm thinking it is on the list for tonight
16:24<srl>Is there any reason why mythmusic doesn't like the new radiohead CD? heh
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16:24<mikegrb>it could have bad stuffs for copy protection
16:25<srl>Works on my powerbook with iTunes
16:25<srl>So I doubt that
16:25<tdb30_>The one thing they could add is right click for the menu options like cut and paste and new.
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16:29<mikegrb>srl: doesn't look like it, it's not listed on fat chuck's list
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16:37<mikegrb>good afternoon phar0e
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16:38<phar0e>not in a good mood, mythbackend crashed numerous times last night
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16:38<mikegrb>I had one this afternoon
16:38<mikegrb>when deleting an inprogress recording from mythweb
16:39<mechou>phar0e, are you using cvs or .10?
16:39<phar0e>it was a DB error
16:39<phar0e>saying duplicate entry
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16:40<mechou>phar: what were you doing whenit crashed?
16:40<mikegrb>er heh
16:40<mechou>so how did you know it was a db error?
16:41<phar0e>want me to paste the 7 or so lines of mythbackend.log?
16:41<phar0e>DB Error (WriteRecordedToDB):
16:41<phar0e>Query was:
16:41<phar0e>INSERT INTO recorded (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,hostname,category) VALUES(1029,"20030706040000","20030706060000","The Breakfast Club","","Teen wrestler, rebel, brain, beauty and shy girl.","melee","Drama");
16:41<phar0e>Driver error was [2/-1]:
16:41<phar0e>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
16:41<phar0e>Database error was:
16:41<phar0e>Duplicate entry '1029-20030706040000' for key 1
16:42<mechou>so was mythfilldb being run?
16:43<mechou>do you know who or what was trying to insert db entry (i.e. "Breakfast Club")?
16:44<mechou>I think you just ought to delete the db entry from recorded and see what happens....
16:46<mechou>Sounds like you recorded "Breakfast Club" once before maybe?
16:46<phar0e>okay I deleted that entry
16:46<phar0e>let me start mythbackend up again
16:48<phar0e>now how do I get it to appear back in my recorded section?
16:49<mechou>INSERT INTO recorded (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,hostname,category)
16:49<mechou>VALUES(1029,"20030706040000","20030706060000","The Breakfast Club","","Teen wrestler, rebel, brain, beauty and shy
16:53<mechou>phar0e, so...?
16:58<srl>mikegrb: It causes a segfault before it gets to the screen listing tracks
16:59<phar0e>I deleted it again
16:59<phar0e>it only had 36 minutes...
17:05-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
17:12<john_>does anyone know of plans to prevent the scheduler from recording a proram when the hard drive reaches a preset percent full?
17:12<mechou>phar0e, so you're saying most likely myth only recorded 36min of "Breakfast Club" before it crashed?
17:13<phar0e>it crashed once, so I started it up again, it crashed again, then I started it up again
17:13<Chutt>phar0e, nice of you to get a backtrace
17:13<Chutt>i really appreciate it
17:14<phar0e>I don't know how to do that
17:14* justinhas wondered by myth puts the recoreded ok entry in at the start of the recording instead of at the end :)
17:14<Chutt>there's instructions in the howto
17:14<Chutt>justin, so you can watch it while it's recording?
17:15<justin>Chutt: i mean, the entry that prevents duplicated from being recorded
17:15<Chutt>that's written at the end.
17:15<justin>oh, has it always been that way?
17:15<Chutt>for a couple versions now
17:15<justin>hmm, last time I was annoyed by that was around 0.8 :)
17:16<justin>haven't been able to play with it much lately, too hot to do cpu intensive stuff
17:21-!-mikegrb [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:26-!-Drikus_ [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:28-!-rizzi [] has joined #mythtv
17:40-!-phar0e [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:42-!-phar0e_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:43<phar0e_>another thing that crashes mythbackend for me is when logging out from gnome 2.2
17:43<phar0e_>should I make a backtrace of it?
17:43<Chutt>if you want to do anything besides complain about it, yes
17:44<phar0e_>I'm not complaining
17:51<dopez>ive got a backtrace for the backend, happened right after starting the backend, 2 programs were beeing recorded at that time , its at
17:52--> daddy-o( has joined #mythtv
18:00-!-Viddy [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:01-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
18:03-!-Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
18:14<Chutt>dopez, nothing in there would indicate why it crashed
18:14-!-just1nux [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:16<phar0e_>okay, time to make my first backtrace
18:16-!-jkolb [] has joined #mythtv
18:18<jkolb>I figured out the problem Martin was having with the preview generation. When the client is local, the backend doesn't send back a myth:// url for the filenames in response to a QUERY_RECORDINGs call (I think that was the one).
18:19-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
18:19<jkolb>It just sends a path, so I had to detect that and convert any paths I got back into urls to request the previews.
18:20<jkolb>I'll clean everything back up and send another patch that should really work for everyone this time.
18:20<jkolb>Why send a patch?
18:20<Chutt>it shouldn't need a url if it's generating on the local machine
18:21<jkolb>It didn't generate the previews for him until I took the pathname and converted it to myth://<host>/<file>
18:21<Chutt>then you're doing something wrong
18:21<jkolb>Would I just send the filename if it was for the localmachine?
18:22<jkolb>Or the full path?
18:22<dopez>Chutt: ok, just random luck then i guess ;)
18:22<Chutt>the full path
18:22<Chutt>you send back what's given to you
18:22<Chutt>in the pathname bit of the programinfo struct that you requested
18:22<jkolb>I'm pretty sure that's what I was sending initially.
18:22<Chutt>that's how the frontend works
18:22<Chutt>and, well, it works fine :p
18:22<phar0e_>weird chutt, I couldn't get it to produce the crash again, but at least now I have mythtv compiled with debug mode so I can send you a backtrace if/when I have a problem
18:23<jkolb>No! Lies! It's all lies!
18:23<phar0e_>thank you for your help, see-ya
18:23<-- phar0e_has quit ()
18:23<Chutt>dopex, what version of qt are you using?
18:23<Chutt>err, dopez
18:24<dopez>ive been trying to reproduce a segfault for 2 weeks now, but they only happen when the backend isnt running in gdb
18:25<dopez>3.1.1-8 , does that sound right ? (using debian unstable)
18:27<Chutt>only thing that backtrace might look like
18:27<Chutt>is if something in qt isn't threadsafe
18:30<dopez>should (or shouldnt) i use the threaded debian packages for mythtv?
18:31<dopez>(using the Threaded at the moment)
18:38<jkolb>Ah. I see why I got confused. I patterned some of my code after debug output I gleaned from a local frontend, and some from my remote mythweb install.
18:39<dopez>oops, wrong window...heh
18:41-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
18:43<jkolb>Heh. That makes the code a bit simpler.
18:46-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
18:48-!-just1nux [] has joined #mythtv
18:50<-- jkolbhas quit ()
18:56-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:22-!-bbeattie [] has joined #mythtv
19:24<bbeattie>Chutt: around?
19:35<billytwowilly>mythvideo is starting to cooperate!
19:38-!-rcaskey_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:38<rcaskey_>wowzers, Fox is broadcasting in HD
19:39<bline>billytwowilly: you ever add those cover images?
19:39<billytwowilly>bline: I did the ones that didn't have cover images. worked great. Thanks.
19:39<billytwowilly>I also kept the info so that I can do it again;)
19:40<billytwowilly>thanks again.
19:40<billytwowilly>are you the one coding mythvideo?
19:40<bline>no problem
19:40<bline>no, I don't work on mythtv
19:40<billytwowilly>doh;) I was hoping I could make a suggestion to whomever is coding it;)
19:40-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:41<bline>send it to the list
19:41<billytwowilly>I'm not subscribed..
19:41<billytwowilly>I don't need more mail pluggin my inbox.. I use the archives..
19:41<daddy-o>hey i've got some questions about widescreen...i've looked in the archives and i have a pretty good idea of what i have to do, but some of that info might be outdated and i'd like some confirmation. is it ok if i ask them?
19:49<rcaskey_>mdz: you here?
19:49<mdz_>rcaskey_: yes
19:50<rcaskey_>mdz: I was wondering if it was possible for the packages to check whether mysql was started and start it if it was not already accessible and the mysql host was set to be local
19:51<daddy-o>well anyway...afaik, the gui and osd are designed for 4:3. so if i'm watching tv or anything else that's in that format, i'd set the x display to some 4:3 size and then either stretch the picture on the tv or watch it with vertical borders. if i'm watching something with a 16:9 source, then, if i understand correctly, i've have to reset the x display to some 16:9 size (720:405?) and tell mplayer to use 16:9. is all of that correct? if so, i
19:52<mdz_>rcaskey_: it's possible, but I'm not sure that it would work very well
19:53<mdz_>maybe, since the mysql init scripts seems to be smart enough to wait until mysqld actually starts before exiting
19:53<mdz_>but really, mysql should just start by default. I consider that a bug.
20:06<daddy-o>here's the last part of my message that got cut off
20:06<daddy-o>if so, is there a way to accomplish what i want (widescreen viewing on a tv whether it's truly widescreen or stretched) without having to change mplayer args or the desktop size?
20:08<vektor>why not use tvtime?
20:08<vektor>i'm sorry, i didn't read what you said.
20:08<bline>tvtime || die;
20:08<vektor>bline: damn straight.
20:08<bline>sup vektor
20:08<vektor>not much
20:09<vektor>i've been doing tvtime marketing all weekend ;)
20:09<vektor>it's been fun
20:09<vektor>oh, and v4l2 sucks
20:09<vektor>yeah :)
20:09<vektor>you should check this out, i went mentally insane
20:09<bline>did you steal the code I did in channel.cpp?
20:09<vektor>heh, no, but it kinda helped :)
20:09<vektor>i found some bugs in bttv9
20:10<vektor>dunno if you use it
20:10<bline>bttv is the kernel driver for wintv go cards isn't it/
20:10<vektor>well, yes it is.
20:10<vektor>among other cards :)
20:10<daddy-o>does tvtime work with myth/
20:11<vektor>daddy-o: afaict from your description above, it does the opposite of what you want.
20:11<bline>no, I use ivtv with the pvr250 currently
20:11<vektor>it's for watching anamorphic content from a capture card on your PC monitor
20:11<vektor>you want to output anamorphic content to a widescreen TV, afaict.
20:11<vektor>am i right?
20:11<daddy-o>"anamorphic" being widescreen?
20:12<vektor>anamorphic is like how 16:9 DVDs work
20:12<vektor>a 720x480 image that has aspect ratio 16:9
20:12<vektor>instead of typically you have a 720x480 image with aspect 4:3
20:12<bline>does tvtime use ffmpeg?
20:12<vektor>bline: no.
20:12<vektor>bline: it only takes input from V4L or V4L2 sources, and we don't handle MPEG input yet.
20:12<vektor>i'll do mpeg input soon
20:12<bline>so my pvr250 wouldn't work with it then..
20:13<daddy-o>yea, that's what i want
20:13<vektor>bline: no, not yet. but don't worry i have a pvr-250 too.
20:13<vektor>i'll get it to work soon.
20:13<vektor>i'll be using libmpeg2 though instead of ffmpeg.
20:13<vektor>since i kinda helped with libmpeg2 and i'm already familiar with it.
20:13<vektor>it should only take a few days.
20:14<vektor>and i've done the v4l2 part
20:14<vektor>so i'm like half way there.
20:14<bline>will it be twiddling with the ivtv driver?
20:14<bline>the non-v4l2 ioctl's
20:15<vektor>oh, well, yeah that's what i would intend to do.
20:16<vektor>i mean, i have certain requirements about the video size and stuff
20:16<vektor>so i don't trust people to just configure the cards themselves ;)
20:17-!-tdb30_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:18-!-mikegrb [] has joined #mythtv
20:18<bline>heh, like your sales pitch
20:19<vektor>i didn't get that :)
20:19<bline>the url you posted
20:19<vektor>yeah, what's the joke though?
20:20<bline>I've never seen an opensource project try to sale it's self like that, it was just funny
20:20<bline>Not that it's bad.
20:20<vektor>oh ok :)
20:20<vektor>actually, it's less of trying to sell my app and more of an experiment.
20:20<vektor>i've found that open source applications are, in general, very poorly marketed
20:21<bline>most opensource projects are more like "use it or don't, we don't care"
20:21<vektor>that is, i'm always finding out about applications that do things i didn't know they did that i find really useful, or worse, apps i've never heard of before that do exactly what i want.
20:21<Chutt>i don't give a damn if people use mythtv. if i can use it, i'm happy
20:21<vektor>and when i'm doing support for tvtime, i always find that people sometimes don't 'get it':)
20:21<vektor>Chutt: well, yeah :)
20:22<vektor>i mean, i'm not saying that it's bad to take the more passive attitude
20:22<vektor>i'm just curious about what happens when you go the other way
20:23<vektor>so, what's the name of the lirc driver i want?
20:23<bline>For what?
20:24<vektor>i guess it doesn't matter i just run configure.. ?
20:24<bline>I don't use the remote that came with it, but I understand you will need lirc from cvs
20:24<vektor>Chutt: thanks.
20:24<bline>I'm using an irman with a univeral remote, works well.
20:26<daddy-o>vektor: i hate to be , but could you elaborate a little bit more on the widescreen stuff?
20:26<vektor>daddy-o: i'll do so in /msg
20:27-!-tdb30_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:28<tdb30_>humm mythtv just hung up my machine. Any known problems
20:28<Chutt>get a backtrace.
20:36-!-phar0e_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:37<srl>Chutt: Are you there? :)
20:38<tdb30_>how do I get a backtrace?
20:41<mechou>poptix, you there?
20:42* mdz_notices that #171480 is now 7 months old
20:42<mdz_>vektor: :-(
20:42<mdz_>er, 8 months
20:42<vektor>mdz: what should i do?
20:43<tdb30_>also I notice te timing buffered disk reads is only 13.03MB/sec is there any way to speed this up. I already did hdparm and it shows 32bit i/o flag is 1, dma is 1, i/o support 1, using dma =1
20:43<vektor>i don't know what to do about it, honestly.
20:43<mdz_>vektor: kick simon, I suppose
20:43<vektor>mdz: he's seriously busy with school :(
20:43<tdb30_>what else can do to speed it up
20:43<vektor>like, he's got an insane term right now.
20:43<mdz_>vektor: I got the impression from the bug log that the problem was not lack of time, but rather wanting to do very crazy things with the package :-)
20:43<vektor>should i ask him about that?
20:44<mdz_>vektor: Andreas Metzler seems to have taken an active interest in the package and has sent patches to the bug
20:44<mdz_>maybe he would be interested in getting it into unstable
20:44<mdz_>and simon can polish it up when he has time
20:45<mikegrb>tdb: how is the drive connected? hda,b,c or d?
20:46<vektor>mdz: ok, well, I'll suggest that to simon.
20:46<mikegrb>tdb: is there a hdb? another hd or cd?
20:46<tdb30_>hdc and hdd are both cdroms. no hdb
20:48<mikegrb>tdb: that seems odd, that's a pretty low I really don't know what to recomend, you might want to try searching google for disk optimization linux or other similiar stuffs
20:48<tdb30_>maybe I need to get a new hard drive.
20:48<tdb30_>this is only a 10G
20:49<mikegrb>oh :-)
20:49<phar0e_>time for an upgrade
20:49<vektor>mdz: it's really not helping me that tvtime isn't in debian yet :(
20:49-!-bbeattie_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:49<mikegrb>yes, that might be all the speed it can muster <g>
20:49<mdz_>vektor: me either
20:50<mikegrb>I picked up a 120gb at best buy for $109 end of last week with a $30 mail in rebate
20:50<phar0e_>mdz, the man with the mplayer patch?
20:50<mikegrb>tdb: you might check the ads in todays paper ;-)
20:50<Chutt>srl, what you need?
20:51<tdb30_>is that 139 - the rebate or 109 - rebate for 79.
20:51<mdz_>phar0e_: the half-written one, yes
20:52<mikegrb>79 after rebate, it has 2mb cache there was one for 159 ish that was same after rebate w/ a 8mb cache but all I use the drive for is video and we're getting ready to move to greece so I just went w/ the 109
20:54<phar0e_>when I use mencoder to convert the nuv to divx4 with mythencode I get lots of video problems, green dots on the screen, etc.. any ideas why this glitches show up?
20:56-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
20:57-!-srl [] has quit ["Crikey! -"]
21:00<phar0e_>greece? what will you do there?
21:04<fulbert>question, after upgrade to .10, my dual 250 card system load seem to be high when doing capture, average is over 2 now.
21:05<fulbert>any ideas what changed?
21:06-!-bbeattie [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
21:06<mikegrb>phar0e: I'm assuming telecom installation etc there is a new NATO base being built near Larissa, Greece
21:07* mikegrbwas afk
21:08-!-yourface [Billpp@] has joined #mythtv
21:08<yourface>Is their anyway to allow me to watch an I progress recording all the way through? With out letting the recording complete?
21:11<mikegrb>yourface: just select it from the watch recording screen
21:15<yourface>After a few minutes the in progress recording stop and puts me back at the "watch recording" screen
21:19<yourface>It happened when I upgraded to version 0.9 from 0.8 and is still happening in version 0.10
21:20<phar0e_>man MythTV makes me want to buy a new hard drive and an additional TV tuner
21:21<-- dopezhas quit ()
21:21<mikegrb>yourface: that after a few minutes, is it near live tv or do you still quite a ways from it
21:22<yourface>It is near live tv
21:22<yourface>Near the live tv point when I started.
21:23<mikegrb>there was a post about someone having a similiar problem. for one reason or another the frontend is catching up and getting to the end. You might try staying at 20 seconds or more from the end
21:23<mikegrb>I don't remember what came from the post but you might check the list archives
21:25<yourface>ok, if this works can a stay 20 seconds behind option be put in the frontend somewhere for people like me, until the problem is sovled?
21:26<mikegrb>20 seconds may not be enough depending on how it goes faster
21:26-!-mechou [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:26<mikegrb>er how much faster
21:27<mikegrb>you might try checking the OSD periodically to see how close you are to the end of the recording
21:28<mikegrb>do you have the frontend and backend on the same computer?
21:28<yourface>I don't see an error message in the term windows, should I do A backtrace anyway?
21:28<yourface>Yeah their both on the same machine
21:30<mikegrb>I'm not really sure
21:30<mikegrb>I'm pretty much just a user like you
21:31<yourface>I need to find somebody with more knowledge than me. Or maybe get rid of redhat 8.0, I bet it is the cause of my problem
21:32<mikegrb>heh yha I want to get redhat 8 off my myth box but I don't want to set up everything again (the box does more then just myth)
21:33<yourface>Mine just does myth. I doesn't have internet. I have to grab tv listings on my windows box
21:34<-- yourface(Billpp@ has left #mythtv
21:48-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
21:56<daddy-o>is it possible to create vcd/svcd's from the nuv files?
22:01<-- john_( has left #mythtv
22:07-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:07-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:22<Chutt>bbeattie_, what did you want?
22:23<Chutt>hey thor
22:25<Chutt>does that hang in mythmusic still happen with current cvs mythtv?
22:25<Chutt>i was thinking it _may_ have been that XInitThreads() call in the video out stuff
22:26<thor>I tell you in a few minutes
22:26<thor>did you see ?
22:26<Chutt>that's why i was thinking that
22:27<thor>ok ... updating
22:32<Chutt>just1nux, your theme's on the website, btw
22:33<Chutt>i didn't do a story 'bout it yet, was going to update another theme
22:33<mikegrb>That theme looks sweet
22:34<daddy-o>how come sasquatch isn't up there?
22:35<Chutt>because i haven't gotten to it yet?
22:35<daddy-o>heh, ok
22:39-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
22:43-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:45-!-Ndiin [] has joined #mythtv
22:47<thor>Holy compilation time
23:01<thor>Chutt, seems to fix it (here, at least)
23:09<just1nux>chutt: thanks.
23:14<Chutt>just1nux, just let me know whenever you want me to update it and stuff
23:14<Chutt>thor, excellent
23:17-!-tdb30_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:28<-- daddy-ohas quit ()
23:34-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv