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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-10

00:23<tdb30_>I'm still having issues with choppyness. I can't figure it out.
00:27<mikegrb>out of curiosity, do you have a pci or agp vid card?
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01:13<tmk>hey chutt
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01:26<jhurliman>I'm seeing a "Not removing top most widget, error" in a plugin I'm working on, what is the cause of this error?
01:28<Chutt>not removing the top window first
01:28<Chutt>tmk, yo
01:28<jhurliman>i fixed it, but i have no idea how :)
01:28<tmk>heya chutt: can i make you head of user support for ivtv?
01:28<tmk>i'm too nice.. heh
01:28<Chutt>i'm not? =)
01:29<Chutt>just ignore people
01:29<tmk>you tell them to fix it
01:29<tmk>i try to fix it for them
01:29<Chutt>i'm all for people fending for themselves
01:30<tmk>i usually do that when it's a one-off bug
01:30<tmk>ie 1 user has the problem
01:30<tmk>how's about you adding some audio encoding options to myth for ivtv
01:31<tmk>now that there's a good interface
01:31<tmk>well.. a v4l interface
01:31* tmkpushing v4l into unexplored realms: audio!
01:33<FreddieD>i like that idea!
01:33<FreddieD>Chutt for president!
01:33<FreddieD>if you do it, you can have a night with my sister
01:33<jhurliman>another question... is the color/brightness/contrast controls only available with v4l2? i'm using the v4l and bttv included in 2.4.21 kernel and not seeing it work
01:34<tmk>hmm.. in v4l2 they're "controls"
01:34<tmk>not sure how v4l did it
01:34<jhurliman>ok, i'll upgrade to v4l2 and see if that changes things thx
01:34<tmk>well the driver has to support it
01:34<tmk>v4l2 is just an interface to it
01:35<jhurliman>well, i'll upgrade to the latest bttv also, that way i'll have no idea if the v4l2 or new bttv fixed it, but be happy if it works :)
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01:42<Chutt>just update to cvs mythtv
01:42<Chutt>and the v4l picture controls work
01:42<Chutt>they were broken in 0.10
01:45<Chutt>tmk, i need to do some other code first before i can do the ivtv specific settings
01:47<tmk>ok cool
01:47<tmk>just put it on the list somewhere
01:48<tmk>does myth set the codec stuff for ivtv at all yet? bitrate etc
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01:56<Chutt>same other code i have to write first
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02:25<bline>egads, how many times do you think I can mess up a patch
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02:36<Chutt>bline, is it safe to apply yet? =)
02:36<bline>heh, yeah I think so possibly
02:37<Chutt>remind me tomorrow if you don't see it committed before then
02:38<bline>I forgot to mention it fixes some weirdness when it can't find the movieDirector
02:39<bline>QString::arg() has no way to not interpret %number btw, I had to use sprintf
02:44<Chutt>thought it would, oh well
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02:47<bline>I'm finding I kinda like C++
02:47<bline>and the Qt libraries are rather nice
02:48<Chutt>i really like qt
02:48<Chutt>just the fact that they've got just about everything documented
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04:01<thor>(besides some sort of fundamental rewrite that generates another 10-50% playback speed gain)?
04:01<Chutt>i'm playin a game :p
04:01<thor>never mind
04:04<thor>I really, really, really dislike government in all forms
04:04<thor>... doing taxes ...
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11:08<KikoV>hi... in an Epia M 9000, which fit better? myth or freevo?
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11:57<extremis>blah, no responses on my actisys for a homebrew email :(
11:57<extremis>I don't think I'll ever get mythtv working
12:04<extremis>has anyone made the improved transmitter than can talk to me about expected voltages?
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12:49<ahbritto>extremis: ATI Remote AIW works almost instantly with out lirc. It's usb.
12:49<Chutt>that's not a transmitter, is it?
12:50<ahbritto>It's a rf remote.
12:50<ahbritto>Has a mouse like interface too. Seems nice.
12:50<Chutt>he wants a transmitter :p
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12:51<ahbritto>Isn't there a better place to go for lirc help?
12:55<sfr>Chutt, re: this 'unknown command: ??ERY_RECORDER' messages from the backend, i checked the memory with memtest for a few hours -> 0 errors found.
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13:01<Chutt>you could try to figure out where the query's getting corrupted, then
13:02<sfr>how would i start this?
13:03<Chutt>following the path of from where it sends the query from the frontend
13:03<Chutt>putting in couts occasionally to see if it's still the same
13:04<sfr>ah, ok, will start playing with the source.
13:07<sfr>btw, saw this message about 'probelms when using 'M' for guide' on the users list? i get this message 'Invalid date 2003-71-02' too sometimes.
13:09<tmk>heh. the 71st of febuary..only happens on leap years
13:09<tmk>err February
13:10<KikoV>do you know if there is a linux distro like freevix with mythtv?
13:14<Conaz>KikoV: you mean one that has mythtv pre-packaged?
13:15<Conaz>I don't believe so, although there are maintainers out there keeping up rpms and debs
13:17<Conaz>Of course even with the packages you still have to do most of the hard work anyway, which is getting all the required packages going
13:18<Conaz>The destination is well worth the journey though
13:18<Chutt>conaz, the whole point of the packages is not needing to worry about prerequesites
13:19<Conaz>Do those packages include all the xmltv, alsa, and other requirements?
13:19<Chutt>alsa's not a requirement
13:19<thor>The journey is it's own reward
13:19<Chutt>but, yes
13:19<Conaz>Ahh, I hadn't actually installed from the packages, perhaps my next install I'll give it a try
13:19<mikegrb>thor: yes, I'm content just having a working myth setup w/o using it ;)
13:20<ahbritto>KikoV: gentoo now has mythtv and xmltv ebuilds
13:21<KikoV>ahbritto: umm, but I'm using debian...
13:21<KikoV>I want to install it into an epia m 9000...
13:21<KikoV>it doesn't seem to be working good
13:21<Chutt>there's debian packages linked to on the website
13:21<Chutt>the m9000 is seriously underpowered for software video encoding
13:22<KikoV>there is people using freevo with m9000
13:22<KikoV>much ppl...
13:22<Chutt>freevo doesn't encode.
13:23<mikegrb>3:15 < clavicle>
13:23<Chutt>just think about it -- that chipset has problems _playing back_ dvds
13:23<mikegrb>sorry guys slip of the mouse in putty
13:23<Chutt>decoding is a _lot_ easier than encoding
13:23<KikoV>Chutt: it has mpeg2 decoder...
13:23<Chutt>not in linux it doesn't
13:23<Chutt>the mpeg2 decoder is completely not functional
13:23<KikoV>in linux?
13:24<KikoV>there were drivers...
13:24<Chutt>unreleased, nothing uses them
13:24<Chutt>completely unfunctional.
13:24<KikoV>I have the sources of the XFree86 drivers, but I haaven't the mpeg encoder :(
13:24<KikoV>decoder, sorry
13:25<Chutt>the xfree86 stuff's only Xv support, and fairly crappy Xv support at that, as it does some colorspace conversion in software
13:25<KikoV>so, mythtv doesn't work at all?
13:25<Chutt>it'll work, just at really low resolutions
13:25<Chutt>you're using the equivalent of a p2-400 or so
13:25<KikoV>Chutt: I have my KDE 3.1. in the epia workin perfecly
13:25<vektor>Chutt: the Xv code has alot of problems. lots of weird errors from users with tvtime.
13:25<jkolb>Colorspace conversion sucks.
13:25<Chutt>vektor, the via stuff?
13:25<vektor>Chutt: yes.
13:26<Chutt>vektor, it doesn't crop properly
13:26<Chutt>other than that, it seems to work fine
13:26<vektor>well the user says it's squished up to the left hand side of his window
13:26<Chutt>but i'm using yuv420p, of course
13:26<vektor>yeah, we get some purply lines and stuff with the drivers too
13:26<vektor>well this is just what he tells me, i have no epia board.
13:26<Chutt>vektor, i found a bug in the nvidia xv stuff =)
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13:26<vektor>Chutt: which bug? :)
13:27<vektor>i found bugs too and had them fixed pretty speedily.
13:27<Chutt>it doesn't scale down from 1920x1080 to normal desktop resolutions very well
13:27<Chutt>uses like 25% cpu on my 1800+
13:27<vektor>on which graphics card?
13:27<vektor>oh, nasty.
13:27<vektor>email mark.
13:27<tmk>did you see that via was thinking about releasing their source to linux developers?
13:27<Chutt>eh, doesn't really matter
13:27<vektor>he'll reply to you.
13:27<vektor>well at least ask him why.
13:27<tmk>there's a link on their site to request source
13:27<Chutt>tmk, they've said that for months :p
13:28<Chutt>kikov, basically, if you want to use an epia board to do video encoding, you _need_ a hardware encoder
13:28<Chutt>the cpu doesn't cut it for software encoding
13:28<tmk>i'll be testing software decoding tonite btw :)
13:28<KikoV>Chutt: well.. at the moment I want to test it with the epia m9000 with low resolution.
13:29<Chutt>so do that
13:29<Chutt>should work fine
13:29<Chutt>just look horrible
13:29<vektor>Chutt: i'm having some people complain about my OSD text when they run tvtime on 480x576 :)
13:29<vektor>speaking of looking horrible :)
13:29<Chutt>mine looks ok :p
13:30<vektor>i think mine looks ok too
13:30<Chutt>now that i've fixed a bug with descenders
13:30<vektor>their problem is their overlay scaler
13:30<vektor>it sucks
13:30<vektor>the nvidia one is nicer.
13:32<KikoV>Chutt: then, I can't see TV without encoding with mythtv?
13:32<Chutt>that's the whole point.
13:33<Chutt>can't quite pause/seek without encoding
13:33<Chutt>you could always just have it run xawtv or tvtime or whatever for tv
13:33<Chutt>but that's fairly silly
13:33<KikoV>ummm... anyway... I think it should appear something...
13:34<Chutt>you need to be using the via driver from xfree cvs
13:34<Chutt>for Xv stuff to work at all
13:34<just1nux>watching tv through a computer without encoding just seems pointless to me. why not just hook you tv signal to the tv. :p
13:40<KikoV>just1nux: WELL... it's very easy... a Homegateway must be only a box
13:40<KikoV>with a Screen
13:40<KikoV>and very simple interfaces...
13:41<KikoV>And advance TV could be done with a Little Box through-passing TV to the Screen, or showing more information ( services )
13:42<KikoV>you see the EPIA Box as a 'computer'... Users have to see it as a complement to the TV...
13:42<Chutt>i see it as a overpriced slow motherboard, really :p
13:42<Chutt>micro-atx and flex-atx stuff isn't all that much larger, and you can put actual cpus on them
13:42<KikoV>It can see the DVD's, DivX's, Play music with images...
13:43<KikoV>Chutt: it has to be like a video...
13:43<Chutt>like a video?
13:43<KikoV>Chutt: I don't imagine a P2.4 under my TV...
13:43<Chutt>why not?
13:43<vektor>it can't play DVDs in linux
13:43<Chutt>what's different between that and a epia motherboard?
13:43<vektor>it's underpowered.
13:43<KikoV>Chutt: because a P2.4 only consume aprox 250 watts... ( like 5 lights )
13:44<Chutt>no, they don't
13:44<KikoV>Chutt: and epia motherboard is really small, compact, with a low consume...
13:44<Chutt>they're not any louder, since the fans on my m-10000 is rather noisy
13:44<KikoV>a P2.4 need a fly to cold them
13:44<Chutt>the m10k is louder than my xp 1800+
13:44<Chutt>kikov, even a 1 ghz celeron would be several times faster than a m9000
13:44<KikoV>my m-9000 have a fan... I think I can take it out without any problem...
13:45<Chutt>it wouldn't be much warmer, if at all
13:45<KikoV>Chutt: umm, I have been using the mplayer, and I get asthonished...
13:45<Chutt>that's nice
13:45<KikoV>besides that, a box with an epia can cost about 300euros ( large amount )
13:46<KikoV>and a Pentium Box... the 500 or so...
13:46<Chutt>i doubt that
13:46<vektor>500 euros sounds insanely expensive
13:47<Chutt>i don't have anything against epia motherboards
13:47<Chutt>they're just really, really slow
13:47<Chutt>and so not useful for much
13:47<KikoV>I use KDe 3.1 there perfectly
13:48<Chutt>what's that have to do with anything?
13:48<KikoV>with navigators and so...
13:48<vektor>KikoV: do you realize that full quality broadcast television is 20 _megabytes_ per second of data?
13:48<Chutt>i have a nehemiah-based m10000, which by all benchmarks i've seen, is at least 1.5x faster than the m9000
13:48<Chutt>it's about the same speed as my p3-550
13:49<KikoV>there is nothing to do then
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13:50<KikoV>Chutt: but I think that people from freevo is using it
13:50<Chutt>they're not using it to encode anything but low quality video
13:50<Chutt>if that
13:50<KikoV>and what about encoding low quality video with mythtv?
13:50<sfr>Chutt: i enabled the 2 DEBUG cout/cerr in util.cpp / WriteStringList and got the (remote) frontend locked up (while wathing live-tv) b/c the backend died. last message on the backend: 2003-07-10 19:46:40 'unknown command:' ; yes nothing after that, the frontend said on stdout: 'written: 61' now what?
13:51<Chutt>sfr, you need to add debugging statements of your own.
13:51<Chutt>kikov, you can do that
13:51<Chutt>other people have
13:51<KikoV>Chutt: how?
13:52<Chutt>what do you mean, how?
13:52<sfr>but it looks like the frontend is messing up the command to send. couldn't the backend be more 'forgiving' in cases like this?
13:52<KikoV>how can I setup the quality ?
13:52<Chutt>go into the settings screens in mythfrontend
13:52<Chutt>like it says to in the docs?
13:52<KikoV>the mythtv doesn't work to the 'Escape' key :(
13:53<Chutt>it does it you turn it on
13:53<Chutt>it's not meant to be exited.
13:53<Chutt>go into the frontend settings and enable the exit key
13:55<mikegrb>KikoV: did you notice the link on the left at that says documentation?
13:55<KikoV>mikegrb: I have followed a lot of documentation today...
13:56<KikoV>mikegrb: anyway, thx :]
13:57<mikegrb>KikoV: no problem, just checking
13:58<jkolb>Chutt: Was thinking about the arbitrarily timed preview pixmaps, and realized that there'd be no way of telling when the preview was generated without, say, adding a field to the database, or adding the timestamp to the end of the .pngs filename.
13:58<KikoV>by the way, yet I haven't found the Exit key?
13:58<jkolb>(when == when in the recording, not the file generation time)
13:59<KikoV>the halt button and this?
13:59<Chutt>setup -> general -> system shutdown
14:01<KikoV>see u..
14:01<KikoV>i have to go...
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14:05<mikegrb>13:44 < KikoV> Chutt: and epia motherboard is really small, compact, with a low
14:05<mikegrb> consume...
14:05<mikegrb>gosh sorry
14:09<vektor>ok an epia 5000 user clarified his hardware situation on #freevo
14:10<Chutt>what'd he say?
14:10<vektor>he's recording 388x240 PAL to MPEG4 in AVI, and just that uses 96% of his CPU.
14:10<vektor>so he can't play back while recording.
14:10<vektor>but he was hilarious in how he got there :)
14:10<vektor>[02:49pm] <KikoV> brainless: is people encoding with the epia m 9000?
14:10<Chutt>what, saying it works great?
14:10<vektor>[02:49pm] <brainless> KikoV: i use epia 5000
14:10<vektor>[02:49pm] <KikoV> does it work?
14:10<vektor>[02:50pm] <brainless> KikoV: like a charm
14:11<Chutt>for some strange definition of 'charm'
14:13<Chutt>i'd consider that unuseable
14:13<Chutt>but, whatever
14:13<thor>it does generate heat (!)
14:13<thor>which can be quite charming
14:14<tmk>indeed.. curl up with it on cold nights
14:14<tmk>with a boko
14:14<Chutt>i'm fairly happy with the m10k and the pvr-350 in there
14:14<Chutt>would be better with hardware decoding, but it's ok for now
14:15<thor>must be better with that latest patch
14:15<Chutt>yeah, it's a little
14:15<poptix>sounds like a gun from Doom3
14:15<Chutt>uses 50% cpu to decode 480x480 @ 4.5mbps
14:15<thor>and "nothing" to encode ?
14:16<Chutt>essentially, yeah
14:16<ahbritto>Works like a charm.
14:16<tmk>perhaps we should add that to the mythtv page
14:16<Chutt>same video takes 2% to decode on my xp1800+
14:16<tmk>"MythTV: It works like a charm"
14:17<tmk>make a wish and it may help grant it
14:17<tmk>but probably not
14:17<thor>plus, it will keep you warm
14:17<Chutt>this box is acting weird.
14:17<thor>and contribute to heat death of the universe
14:17<tmk>a common misconception
14:17<jkolb>How much power does the xp1800+ draw?
14:17<tmk>if you believe physists
14:17<Chutt>jkolb, lots =)
14:17<tmk>the amount of energy in the univers is constant
14:17<jkolb>Just the processor, I mean.
14:17<Chutt>i dunno
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14:18<thor>not energy, entropy
14:18<tmk>no, energy
14:18<tmk>it's in the laws of thermodynamics :)
14:18<tmk>since matter = energy
14:18<tmk>i don't believe them though
14:18<tmk>so it's ok :)
14:19<thor>and the last nobel laureate in physics I talked to was a pretty firm believer in entropic heat death of the universe
14:19<thor>but this is getting a *little* off topic
14:19<tmk>well chutt's gone
14:19<tmk>so nothing will get done anyhow ;)
14:20<thor>see, i told you entropy was increasing
14:20<jkolb>tmk: You actually delegated a programming task! How long until all you say on the list is, 'Where's the patch?'
14:20<tmk>jkolb: heh yah
14:20<tmk>he did a good job
14:21-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
14:21<tmk>i also delegated the decoder too
14:21<tmk>and i'm willing to delegate VBI support
14:21<Chutt>who's doing the decoder?
14:21* tmkmakes all kinds of concessions
14:21<tmk>well some guy wrote most of it
14:21<tmk>i'm finishing it up
14:21<jkolb>Chutt: Which core is your 1800?
14:21<Chutt>it's a year old
14:22<tmk>silicon core then.. ;)
14:22<jkolb>Uh. Not sure what that makes it. If it's a Thoroughbred core, it takes 51W. 66W for a Palomino core.
14:22<Chutt>i'm not sure either
14:22<jkolb>Does /proc/cpuinfo tell you?
14:25<tmk>does it matter much?
14:26-!-StarHeart [] has joined #mythtv
14:26<tmk>hey chutt: regarding the 2% decoding vs 50% on the epia
14:26<tmk>is that mostly due to good video drivers
14:26<Chutt>probably better video drivers
14:26<jkolb>That 15W difference is more power than the Nehemiah takes.
14:26<Chutt>faster ram
14:26<tmk>heh wow
14:27<Chutt>jkolb, i thought it was 30 or so?
14:27<jkolb>For the whole board, maybe. I think the processor only takes like 10-12
14:27<mikegrb>heh my bayesian filter thinks everything not mythtv related is spam
14:27<Chutt>since those 55W power supplies don't do much more than the board and a laptop harddrive
14:27<extremis>mikegrb: isn't it
14:27<tmk>isn't it?
14:28<extremis>mikegrb: how long will you be around?
14:28<extremis>I need help with my homebrew
14:28<extremis>its not working currently
14:28<mikegrb>extremis: off and on all afternoon and this evening
14:28<extremis>I'm installing redhat on a test box
14:28<mikegrb>extremis: yes :-/ I saw
14:28<extremis>winlirc doesn't seem to behave the same as lirc
14:28<jkolb>11.25W avg, 15W max.
14:29<jkolb>For the Nehemiah @ 1GHz
14:29<tmk>not bad
14:29<Chutt>the chip gets warm, too
14:30<jkolb>What sort of heatsink do you have on it?
14:36<mikegrb> <-- heh
14:36<mikegrb>gosh guys I'm sorry
14:44<mdz>Chutt: I think 'cpuid' (from the package of the same name) will tell you which core it is
14:44<mdz>but my xp is in RMA limbo right now so I can't check
14:46<Chutt>i don't see it in there
15:00<term>Chutt: Get:1 unstable/main cpuid 3.3-2 [9870B]
15:00<term>if you were wondering
15:00<Chutt>no, i don't see the processor core type in the output of cpuid
15:00<term>ah :)
15:00<term>Family: 6 Model: 8 [Duron/Athlon model 8] ..?
15:01<Chutt>i've got family 6, model 6
15:03<sfr>Family 6 Model 8 for a Thoroughgred B XP2200+
15:15<sfr>Chutt i need a tip, where is the code for the frontend that receives replies from the backend? i can't see it.
15:15<Chutt>you don't need that bit
15:15<Chutt>you need the stuff that sends to the backend
15:15<Chutt>remoteencoder.cpp, and in mythcontext.cpp
15:16<sfr>well, i wanted to try the backend to ignore unknown commands, not just die
15:16<sfr>so i (try to) send "SFR" back in this case,
15:18-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:18<Chutt>it'd be much better to try to find where it's getting corrupted, instead
15:18-!-rkulagow [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
15:19<sfr>probably, i'm just starting (understanding C++ in general and specially mythtv)
15:29<Chutt>mdz, that guy's got a valid problem :p
15:29<Chutt>the dvb stuff isn't working in live tv
15:33<Chutt>i think it may be changing resolutions during playback
15:33<Chutt>which, well, this doesn't support at all
15:33<sfr>chutt, just curious, can you make up anything from the backtrace i sent on tuesday?
15:33<Chutt>nothing in there, really
15:36-!-creepy [~lightning@] has joined #mythtv
15:37<mdz>Chutt: memtest86 is a good idea anyway :-)
15:37<mdz>didn't notice he was using dvb
15:41<Chutt>ffmpeg guys only committed half my patch
15:42<Chutt>ah well, if they want to blindly depend on structure order for things to not corrupt ram, that's their decision
15:42<poptix>speaking of memtest86
15:42<poptix>if you run into someone using the ECS K7S5A, or PC Chips M830[LR]
15:43<poptix>apparently those boards can't handle a 133mhz bus + 2 sticks of SDRAM
15:43<poptix>with most ram, they suffer an undervoltage, and randomly segfault/crash
15:43<mdz>I'm using an ECS k7s5a
15:44<mdz>can't recall right now whether it has one stick or two
15:44<poptix>they're fine with 2 sticks of SDRAM @ 100mhz, or 1 stick of SDRAM @ 133, or 2 sticks of DDR
15:44<mdz>it's either 1x512 or 2x256
15:44<mdz>@ 133mhz
15:44<poptix>mdz: DDR or SDRAM?
15:45<mdz>poptix: SDRAM
15:45<poptix>i've had this problem with multiple boards, and thought it was flaky ram
15:45<poptix>ran memtest86 for days on end
15:45<mdz>it's pretty solid except when it gets hot
15:45<-- creepy(~lightning@ has left #mythtv ("gone..")
15:46<poptix>found a mention of the problem on some message boards about a month ago
15:46<poptix>apparently it's common
15:46-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:48-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
15:51-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
15:51-!-activelow [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:52<extremis>well dish network will not support users who want to build their own dvb-s systems
15:55<jkolb>Chutt: Adding 'screendb->close();'
15:55<jkolb>Adding screendb->close(); just before the removeDatabase(name) call in tv_rec.cpp seems to have cured my spawning dozens of mysqld processes bug.
15:56<jkolb>Line 771 or so
16:00<jkolb>tmk: What's your new job?
16:00<jkolb>er, J0b?
16:00<tmk>senior network engineer :)
16:15<-- jkolbhas quit ()
16:46-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
16:55-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:57-!-TheAsp [] has joined #mythtv
16:58<TheAsp>anyone have debs for xmltv 0.4.14?
16:58<TheAsp>ohh, i do!
16:59-!-FryGuy [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:01<-- joecap( has left #mythtv
17:07<Chutt>tmk, could it be related to mythtv setting the standard when it starts up?
17:07<Chutt>that's the only thing i can think of that it's doing..
17:08<tmk>did you see his latest email
17:08<tmk>he's using oss on an alsa soundcard
17:08<TheAsp>i'm missing data for half my channels...
17:08<tmk>probably borking the sound
17:08<Chutt>that's perfectly normal.
17:08<tmk>the standard setting may be broekn
17:08<Chutt>that's the most likely thing
17:09<tmk>lemme look
17:11-!-jkolb [] has joined #mythtv
17:16-!-ca1vin [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
17:16-!-extremis [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
17:19<tmk>does it break for you chutt?
17:20<Chutt>but he does have a different rev card
17:24<jkolb>Chutt: Have you tried duplicating my amazing mysqld spawning trick yet?
17:24<Chutt>not yert
17:24<Chutt>busy with work
17:27<just1nux>Chutt: when you get a chance, ive updated my visor theme to have watermarks for game, gallery and weather...also added titles to the menus in settings where there werent any. Let me know if you need the URL again.
17:27<Chutt>could you give me the url again?
17:28<Chutt>i'll get it updated when i've got time
17:28<just1nux>no problem. whenever you get a chance
17:28-!-Drikus_ [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:36-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
17:51-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
18:00-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
18:13-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:53-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:56-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
19:02-!-ca1vin [] has joined #mythtv
19:02-!-extremis [] has joined #mythtv
19:03-!-rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:04<rkulagow_>chutt: don't know if you responded. fucking linksys keeps going down and has to be reset.
19:09-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:13-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
19:13<rkulagow__>i'm ready to chuck this linksys.
19:16<poptix>i'll take it
19:18<rkulagow__>chuck something else my way instead and maybe we'll talk. seems to get hung when there's a lot of traffic going through it.
19:18-!-mecraw [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
19:20-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:27<rkulagow__>are you sure you would want this thing?
19:27<rkulagow__>(i don't know if you see my "rkulagow is gone" changes)
19:28-!-rkulagow_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:29-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:51<poptix>have you tried upgrading the firmware?
19:56-!-Ripp [~ripp@] has joined #mythtv
19:57-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:02-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:09-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:14<yebyen>anyone know if that "automagically delete stuff if you run out of disk space" idea ever got written?
20:14<mikegrb>it's in cvs
20:14<yebyen>oh, elite
20:15<yebyen>i was thinking of writing it, heh
20:15<extremis>well my homebrew works
20:15<mikegrb>extremis: congrats
20:15<mikegrb>extremis: what was the problem?
20:15<extremis>mikegrb: the non infra-led doesn't work though
20:15<extremis>mikegrb: I was missing a jumper
20:15<mikegrb>extremis: ahh
20:15<extremis>I still don't know what was wrong with my blars blaster
20:16<extremis>mikegrb: I'm trying to figure out why the blue led I put on there isn't working
20:16<yebyen>i just bought an irman, heh
20:16<extremis>you remember the schematic
20:16<mikegrb>current could be a problem
20:16<yebyen>it seems a bit slow to respond
20:16<yebyen>i'm not sure if it's my remote though
20:16<mikegrb>blue leds suck a lot of current
20:16<extremis>well I couldnt' find a .5k resistor I could only find a .470k and .510k
20:17<extremis>would it be the resistance?
20:17<mikegrb>5k isn't very popular
20:17<mikegrb>er .5
20:17<extremis>the blue led I got requires 2.x volts
20:17<extremis>the infraled's only required 1.8
20:17<mikegrb>smaller <g>
20:17<extremis>I couldnt' find any smaller
20:18<extremis>anyways, I'll hunt around for another
20:18<extremis>should I bother getting the proper resistor?
20:18<extremis>or does it matter?
20:18<yebyen>cvs in a pretty decent state right now?
20:18<mikegrb>you could try shorting that resister out w/ a bit of wire as a quick test, worse case the infrared leds wouldn't get enough current for a strong signal
20:19<mikegrb>if it then works you might use a potentiometer and start on a high setting around 470ohm and move down.
20:20<mikegrb>alternatley you could email me voltage and current specs for all the components and I could do some math to see what it should be
20:20<yebyen>compiling cvs...
20:20<mikegrb>yebyen: yes, it's usually pretty stable
20:21<mikegrb>I'm having some small troubles but its from sunday evening so I'm do for an upgrade anyway <g>
20:22<yebyen>i've actually been running cvs constantly
20:22<yebyen>i don't remember the last time i used a release
20:22<yebyen>try to update every two weeks or so, and i'm due... last was june 26
20:23<yebyen>is there a "TODO" anywhere?
20:23<mikegrb>no I don't think so
20:23<yebyen>that would be a nice addition
20:23<mikegrb>I think a lot of the developers have thier personal todo lists
20:24<yebyen>a central one would be cool, label who's workin on what...
20:24<yebyen>and feature requests up there labeled "whoever wants it"
20:25<yebyen>probably could get that just by following the mailing list though...
20:25<mikegrb>I think it would be a nice idea
20:25<mikegrb>don't know how many would go for it
20:25<yebyen>i've just been thinking about getting involved
20:25<yebyen>i'm about to come up on some serious free time
20:25<yebyen>going to be a freshman in college, and I don't think CS1 is going to thrill me greatly
20:26<mikegrb>I would throw at peast on there too
20:27<mikegrb>wrong window
20:27<yebyen>i see ^_~
20:27* yebyenis dicking with bayesian filters...
20:27<yebyen>been training it for about 3 days, it's catching half of my spam
20:27<mikegrb>the irc client I use has multiple windows but one text entry line for all of them
20:28<yebyen>(I don't get much spam)
20:28<mikegrb>yes I was suprised
20:28<yebyen>i haven't actually put it into my procmail rules, I'm just watching it to see what it does
20:28<mikegrb>except with the list traffic if it's not spam and not mythtv related it has a 50/50 chance of being detected properly right now
20:29<yebyen>you use spamprobe or what?
20:30<mikegrb>I'm useing squirrelmail with a bayseplugin
20:31<yebyen>so far i've only trained it enough that I get 1.0000 or 0.0000 as my mail rating...
20:31<yebyen>spam being 1.0000, heh
20:32<yebyen>with the occasional 0.836092
20:32<mikegrb>yes, for the most part mine is one or the other
20:33<yebyen>personally waiting impatiently for the server I just sent a 120gb drive to in Washington state to get itself set up
20:33<yebyen>so I can ditch fetchmail, just use mutt's builtin imap support
20:33<yebyen>and have my filtering done serverside
20:34<yebyen>use maildrop and whatnot
20:34-!-Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:35-!-extremis [] has quit ["changing servers"]
20:36-!-rkulagow__ [] has quit [Excess Flood]
20:36-!-rkulagow__ [] has joined #mythtv
20:42-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
20:44-!-yourface [[pA]-47919@] has joined #mythtv
20:44-!-yourface [] has quit [Client Quit]
21:00-!-rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:16<-- Captain_Murdoch_has quit ()
21:21-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
21:21<tmk>chutt: you buck-passer ;)
21:22<bline>heh, I read that as butt-parser
21:25<term>damnit, I can't make the hauppage remote work :(
21:31-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
21:47<jkolb>Chutt: It seems that the crash I was experiencing when trying to watch a video may have been due to my changing the CFLAGS in
21:48<tmk>term: what card
21:48<term>tmk: hauppage wintv pvr 250
21:48<term>irw doesn't get any data.
21:48<tmk>what lirc are you using
21:48<tmk>you need cvs
21:48<tmk>or rc1
21:49<tmk>it's in the faq :)
21:49<tmk>(for ivtv)
21:49<term>I thought I had read the faq for that. thanks though :)
21:49<term>well, at least that's my fault. heh
21:49<term>I'm gonna move the machine downstairs and try it with the tv, bbiab
21:55-!-rkulagow__ [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:55-!-rkulagow_ [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:59<-- tmkhas quit ()
22:04-!-FreddieD [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:21<-- jkolbhas quit ()
22:22<mikegrb>according to my religion he would be unsaving souls
22:29-!-term [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
22:38-!-term [] has joined #mythtv
22:40<yebyen>some of these screens are odd, heh
22:40<yebyen>in current cvs
22:41<yebyen>actually, all of them are
22:41<yebyen>"You Haven't Scheduled Any Programs To Be Recorded"
22:42<term>okay, so now I have to get the coax to talk to the composite out and I'm set! heh.
22:42<term>well, that and the ir thing
23:05-!-TheAsp [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:09-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:16-!-dopez [] has quit ["..."]
23:31-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
23:45-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
23:46<billytwowilly>darn those xmltv guys, darn them all to heck..
23:51<-- billytwowilly( has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
23:52-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:53-!-bigguy [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
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