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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-11

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02:06<term>still not working. hmm
02:07<Chutt>poor term
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02:08<Chutt>just1nux, if you see this: the 'watch recordings' and 'videos' watermark images have a bit of non-transparent stuff at the bottom of em
02:08<term>Chutt: trying to get the hauppuage remote to work.
02:08<Chutt>works fine here
02:08<Chutt>using cvs lirc?
02:09<term>tmk reminded me that the faq says use a recent version, but it still hates me
02:09<term>I'm using pre1
02:09<term>which looks like it's 3 days old or so
02:09<term>lemem double check that.
02:09<Chutt>i'm using cvs lirc
02:09<Chutt>i dunno what pre1 is
02:09<term>I'm silly.
02:09<term>I thought pre1 == rc1
02:09<term>that would explain it.
02:10<term>at least it's almost put together now :)
02:10<term>well, that's no good, none of the cvs snapshots is recent
02:12<Chutt>just grab the lirc_i2c file from their viewcvs stuff
02:13<term>I'm grabbing all of it already, but it's really, really slow :)
02:13<term>just going to drop the debian dir in there and make it build
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02:21<tmk>term: which driver are you choosing for your device
02:21<tmk>in lirc
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03:03<Timon>thor: you alive?
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04:12<term>tmk: 0.7.0pre1
04:12<term>sorry, fell asleep :)
04:12<tmk>when you config lirc
04:12<tmk>you tell it which driver to use right
04:13<tmk>i2c or w/e
04:13<term>oh, sorry, you're right, you wanted driver, not version
04:13<tmk>what are the options
04:13<creepy>hey term's here ;)
04:13<term>creepy: hi :)
04:13<term>tmk: where..?
04:13<tmk>for driver types
04:13<tmk>besides hauppauge
04:15<term>whatever debian does, which is..
04:15<term>(big paste)
04:15<term>--build=$(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) --host=$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) \
04:15<term> --prefix=/usr --mandir=\$${prefix}/share/man \
04:15<term> --infodir=\$${prefix}/share/info \
04:15<term> --libdir=\$${prefix}/lib --sysconfdir=/etc/lirc/ \
04:15<term> --with-driver=hauppauge \
04:15<term> --with-moduledir="/lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/misc" \
04:15<term> --disable-manage-devices \
04:15<term> --with-syslog=LOG_DAEMON
04:15<term>I removed the lines regarding the irq and the port
04:15<tmk>and how are you testing it
04:16<tmk>i dunno
04:16<tmk>check the mailing lists
04:16<tmk>this has been dealt with
04:17<term>BTW I gleaned some config from
04:18<tmk>there are configs for the remotes in teh utils/ dir i think
04:18<term>if you're curious
04:19<term>yeah, looks identical :)
04:21<term>hm, well not entirely so
04:26<term>batteries were dead
04:26<term>I had tried that earlier, but not with the latest setup :)
04:26<term>awesome ;)
04:26<term>tmk: thanks for the help :)
04:33<term>have to agree on the left/right keys, though. hmm how to fix that..
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07:26<sfr>chutt, are you there?
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08:41<sfr>Chutt ?
09:13<sfr>i'm trying to debug corrupted commands to the backend, like this: 2003-07-05 14:59:06 unknown command: ??ERY_RECORDER.
09:13<sfr>you know how the backend works?
09:14<mikegrb>no, unfortunatley not, not yet anyway
09:14<sfr>hm, ok
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09:21<rkulagow_>morning. chutt, are you here?
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09:26<sfr>good afternoon.
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10:36<just1nux>Chutt: if you see this, i fixed both of those images, they are in the current gz file on my site.
10:38<jkolb>just1nux: Any ETA for the OSD theme?
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10:43<just1nux>jkolb: it next on the list... i started playing around with it a little but not enough is done to post anything.
10:43<jkolb>Cool deal. Can't wait to see it.
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11:23<Chutt>moegreen, around?
11:23<Chutt>rkulagow, hi
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13:35<Chutt>rkulagow, hey
13:35<rkulagow>quick, before the linksys craps out again
13:36<Chutt>what's up?
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13:39<rkulagow_>see? i told you the linksys was fucked
13:40<rkulagow_>problem is i have to reset it (glad i have X10) whenever there's significant traffic.
13:40<rkulagow_>like my VoIP.
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13:47<rkulagow>you can see why i hate this linksys, and i'm running latest firmware.
13:47<rkulagow>can you paste in any response you did in the last few minutes? different scrollback
13:47<rkulagow>yeah, sucks. trying to see if anyone has a dsl/cable router on sale.
13:48<Chutt>i haven't really said anything
13:48<Chutt>what'd you want from earlier?
13:49<rkulagow>probably asking if you could sync docs, and if there was some way to setup sub-items for the .pdf and the singlehtml version for people that like to print docs.
13:49<Chutt>i'll see about doing tha
13:49<rkulagow>in good news, i've LVM'ed a 200GB and a 120GB, and will do the last 120GB later today.
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14:40<bline>wow, lot of dvb posts last night
14:41<Chutt>and none of them say anything of importance
14:46<vektor>are they about kernel-dvb support?
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14:49<bline>Chutt: you told me to remind you about my patch
14:49<Chutt>oh yeah
14:49<Chutt>remind me later =)
14:49<Chutt>i'm busy with real work right now :(
14:50<bline>heh ok
14:50<bline>I'm a day late reminding you already :)
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16:10<just1nux>Chutt: is there no background png for the edit display in osd themes?
16:10<Chutt>you can have a png, or not
16:10<Chutt>up to you
16:10<Chutt>there's not one in the default theme is all
16:11<just1nux>ok, thats why i asked. is there one in the blue one?
16:11<Chutt>i don't think so
16:11<Chutt>any of the containers can have any number of images for backgrounds
16:11<Chutt>or sets of static text
16:11<just1nux>the default theme has a nice back box around the blue bars for sound and playback location but not for edit bar...
16:11<Chutt>or darkened rectangles
16:12<just1nux>ok. so this is pretty flexible then.
16:14<Chutt>just keep in mind that it has to run at whatever resolution people capture at
16:14<Chutt>it'll resize automatically and stuff
16:14* just1nuxwonders why there are so few OSD themes...
16:15<Chutt>i dunno
16:15<Chutt>i can't draw at all
16:16<just1nux>colors in the OSD seems to display a lot different from how they really look
16:16<Chutt>everything gets converted to yuv, too
16:18<just1nux>hmm, no way to see yuv in photoshop.
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16:18<just1nux>does it stretch those fill graphics or repeat them?
16:18<Chutt>repeats em
16:19<Chutt>only uses the first column of the image, too
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16:23<just1nux>column...1 pixel wide?
16:25<just1nux> thats why my nice texture doesnt appear at all
16:26<Chutt>sorry =)
16:27<just1nux>most themes, mark off a certain number of pixels to the left and right in the image as endcaps and then the middle area gets repeated. So the PNG is just a mini version of the long bar that gets displayed.
16:27<Chutt>i didn't do it that way for the osd
16:27<just1nux>how nice of you
16:28<just1nux>isnt it more cpu intensive this way?
16:28<Chutt>i did need a multi-colored fill bar for things
16:29<just1nux>i see
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16:33<just1nux>atleast the osd.xml is nicely commented.
16:34<just1nux>are the images that you can add all drawn behind the bar?
16:34<Chutt>things are drawn in the order they're given
16:35<just1nux>ok, cool
16:38<sfr>Chutt, my problem with the corrupted messages. could be related to my machine being SMP? i booted with 'maxcpus=1' and hadn't had a crash for 3-4 hours now. will test more to be sure.
16:38<sfr>machine= the backend
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16:44<Chutt>sfr, it could very likely be a locking issue somewhere
16:44<Chutt>which is why i told you to find where it's getting corrupted =)
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16:51<sfr>well, it's not that easy knowing just a bit of perl.
16:55<Captain_Murdoch>The MaxEpisodes stuff seems to be working nice here. My wife hasn't been keeping up with some of her shows but it's automatically deleting the oldest every day to save space. :)
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17:05<extremis>ugh, cvs is sucking
17:06<extremis>its responding again
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17:06<Chutt>i had it unplugged
17:07<Chutt>because i need it unplugged for a few minutes
17:07<extremis>is it located at your home?
17:07<sfr>Chutt: i added a cerr to mainserver.cpp line 61, before the call to pare->ProcessRequest(...) and tokens[0] was corrupted, but in ReadStringList the message is still intact. There are 5 ProcessRequestThreads started by default, yes? i don't understand how remote commands end up being handled by the ProcessRequest function. Care to explain?
17:08<Chutt>extremis, yes
17:08* extremischecks the cvs server to see if it is sf
17:08<Chutt>for a little while longer, at least
17:08<extremis>Chutt: ahh, so that is why you get upset when people checkout the whole thing
17:08<Chutt>i'm moving it to the new colo machine eventually
17:08<Chutt>sfr, so, where's it first corrupted?
17:09<Chutt>in before the process request call?
17:09<Chutt>readstringlist is fine at the end of it, or at the beginning?
17:10<extremis>do dvb-s capture hdtv signals?
17:10<Chutt>sfr, check in MainServer::ReadSocket
17:10<sfr>Chutt. well, in the ReadString function, its ok, the next point i spotted is the call to parent->ProcessRequest(..), and there its corrupted already, but i'm missing the way how it gets there?
17:11<sfr>gr, s/\?/\!
17:11<Chutt>ReadSocket calls the ReadStringList, right?
17:11<Chutt>probably should check in there right after the readstringlist
17:12<sfr>ReadSocket, wait i saw that before...
17:12<Chutt>then it checks if it's something it should handle itself
17:12<Chutt>line 148 of mainserver.cpp
17:13<Chutt>eventually, it calls the ProcessRequestThread::setup()
17:13<Chutt>where it copies the request over
17:13<Chutt>and tells it to wake up the run() loop
17:13<Chutt>where you put that cerr before
17:14<sfr>whow, slow please, :-)
17:15<Chutt>i gotta go
17:15<Chutt>else i'd help you more
17:15<Chutt>basically, look in that ReadSocket function in mainserver.cpp
17:15<Chutt>and in the setup() function on line 36 of mainserver.cpp
17:16<sfr>ok, will do/try.
17:16<Chutt>find out where it's getting corrupted, down to the line, if possible
17:16<sfr>btw, how do i cerr/cout a QStringList ??
17:16<Chutt>you don't -- just look at the first element of it
17:16<Chutt>like how you did tokens[0] before
17:17<sfr>ah, that's what i reverted to.
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17:23<jasongrichmond>moegreen - ya in?
17:25<jasongrichmond>or does anyone else know what would prevent mythweather from grabbing radar images in .10?
17:27<sfr>jasongrichmond works fine here (location GMXX0128) via DSL
17:27<jasongrichmond>zip code?
17:28<jasongrichmond>try 11590 for me?
17:28<jasongrichmond>and actually, I get a lot of failed attempts
17:28<jasongrichmond>but it eventually works
17:29<jasongrichmond>no other internet problems from that box tho
17:29<jasongrichmond>its screwy
17:29<sfr>played with the 'aggressivness':?
17:30<jasongrichmond>agressive down to mid now
17:30<jasongrichmond>I will tone it back some more..
17:30<jasongrichmond>i am on low speed now
17:30<jasongrichmond>my weather all updates..
17:30<jasongrichmond>just not the radar image ever
17:31<jasongrichmond>I wonder where it writes the weather image
17:31<sfr>err, whats your location? can't see where to enter a zip code in the mythweather setup screen
17:31<jasongrichmond>just type in 11590
17:31<jasongrichmond>it will take #'s
17:31<jasongrichmond>anywhere inside mythweather
17:31<sfr>?? didnt't know that.
17:31<jasongrichmond>its nice to check grandma's weather ;-)
17:33<sfr>no clouds over ny ;-)
17:34<sfr>btw, 71088 !=U.S. = Germany,Stutgart
17:34<jasongrichmond>do ya know where the radar image is in the file system?
17:34<sfr>nope, but they are always d/l i think
17:35<sfr>you're only missing the dopler image?
17:35<jasongrichmond>i have one, but it dated july 2
17:36<jasongrichmond>I suspect that it is /tmp/weather.jpg
17:37<sfr>ok, checked it again, the image is from today
17:37<jasongrichmond>got it
17:38<jasongrichmond>I had a stale /tmp/weather.jpg
17:38<jasongrichmond>must be from a system crash
17:38<sfr>wrong permissions?
17:38<jasongrichmond>once i deleted it, I get current images
17:38<jasongrichmond>root owned
17:38<jasongrichmond>not myth owned
17:38<jasongrichmond>silly me ;-)
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18:18<extremis>QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
18:18<extremis>QSqlDatabase: available drivers:
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19:00<mdz_>Chutt: I assume the change you asked me to merge into the debs fixes this?
19:00<mdz_>Unknown xmltv channel identifier: 3265
19:03<mdz_>hmm, looks like not
19:06<mdz_>that is channel 326 with callsign "5MAX"
19:06<mdz_>bad split somewhere?
19:14<mdz_>ah, xmltv 0.5.14->0.5.15 fixed it
19:14<mdz_>er, no it didn't
19:15<mdz_> down?
19:15<mdz_>ah, just slow
19:15<mdz_>11 packets transmitted, 9 received, 18% packet loss, time 10075ms
19:15<mdz_>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 70.584/1605.350/2679.529/744.326 ms, pipe 3
19:17<mdz_>heh, this falls under the "xmltvisjunk" code path
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19:24<mdz_> QRegExp rx("C(\\d+)(\\w+)");
19:24<mdz_>I am not sure how to fix this in a general way
19:24<mdz_>shouldn't it be storing the stuff from <channel> and looking it up based on the id?
19:24<mdz_>(storing the id, rather than the display-name)
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20:14<Chutt>mdz, yes, but i had to try to make it backwards compatible
20:18<Chutt>a better thing to do would be to use the new id, update the channel table with it
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22:23<Chutt2>just committed your patch
22:23-!-Chutt2 is now known as Chutt
22:23<Chutt>i didn't test it or anything
22:23<Chutt>so it better be right :p
22:24<bline>you always do that to me
22:27<Chutt>i didn't even compile it
22:28<bline>Chutt: when you ff/rew, do you get a high pictched sound?
22:28<Chutt>mp3 noise?
22:29<Chutt>it might be a nice mod to mute the output on seeking/channel change
22:29<bline>I tried it, didn't fix it
22:29<Chutt>and set a timer to unmute it like a quarter second later
22:29<bline>I usleep for a bit, still output the noise
22:30<Chutt>probably need to wait longer
22:30<Chutt>is all
22:30<bline>yeah, I'll try it with a timer than
22:30<bline>I just don't know how to do that heh
22:31<bline>I'll research it
22:31<Chutt>there's qtimer stuff in tv_play.cpp already
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22:33<tdb30_>can anyone tell me if ati tv wonder ve can do on board compression or capture or whatever?
22:34<bline>i'll try again tonight
22:34<Chutt>it's a purely software card
22:36<tdb30_>so I guess I have to fiddle with tuning to get my ol 1G athlon to do a decent job encoding
22:37<tdb30_>any recomendations as to protocol?
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22:41<Chutt>heh, too late
22:47<term>Chutt: where does mythtv keep its password for mysql?
22:47<term>oh, duh.
22:47<term>for some reason I didn't think that was it
22:47<Chutt>gets stashed in /usr/local/share/mythtv/
22:47<Chutt>but you can put a copy in ~/.mythtv/
22:48<term>the debian package put it in /etc/mythtv
22:48<Chutt>yeah, but who wants to use the debs? =)
22:48<term>me :)
22:48<Chutt>you want cvs
22:48<term>I'll mess with cvs elsewhere
22:50<term>hmph, the debian files aren't checked in
22:50<Chutt>mdz doesn't like that
22:51<term>I'm trying to figure out where it's reading the password from for mysql during configure
22:51<term>it's not working.
22:51<bline>I guess I need a seperate QTimer for each event
22:52<Chutt>i'd imagine you'd want to reset the timer
22:52<Chutt>for each of them
22:52<Chutt>so one timer
22:52<bline>yeah, but wouldn't it be possible to have someone FF then change channels before the timer finished?
22:53<term>I need to read the code to this
22:53<term>I already have some features I'd like to see :)
22:53<Chutt>bline, isn't that what you want, though?
22:53<Chutt>ff, it starts off the timer, change channel, it resets the timer..
22:54<bline>ok, I see what you mean
22:57<Chutt>well, it'd probably be best to stop the timer
22:57<Chutt>then restart it with the new time
22:57<Chutt>so it doesn't trigger in the middle of the action
22:57<Chutt>but, whatever
23:03<term>hm why can't configure get in..
23:04<term>the configure script
23:04<term>it's trying mythtv@machinename and can't get in, I think it's because the mysql.txt file uses localhost.
23:04<Chutt>it hits the db?
23:04<term>yeah to install mythgallery and mythweb
23:04<term>not sure why
23:04<Chutt>oh, the debian stuff?
23:04-!-FreddieD [] has joined #mythtv
23:09<term>yep, it was the hostname
23:10<term>mdz: where/how can I reconfigure the dpkg database myth uses during configure so that it uses the right hostname for the mysql server? (I just had to edit the postinst scripts)
23:14<term>I had tried that, but I think at the time I was trying to change the password, not the location of the server
23:15<term>mythtv-frontend asked.
23:46<term>mythweb refuses to contact another host.
23:46<term>I tell it to contact the mythtv box and it won't.
23:46<term>it always tries the local machine, by machine name, too, not loaclhost
23:47<term>even if I hardcode in the machine name into db_open.php.
23:51-!-tdb30_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:53<tdb30_>so I got myth up and running but its a little blurry I have it set to 400x400 8000 bitrate 4 max quality 4 min quality 31 max difference and scale bitrate for frame size. Any ideas how to tweek this for a 1G athlon processor with 512M memory?
23:57<mdz_>term: mythtv-common asks
23:57<mdz_>that information is used by all of the modules
23:58<term>BTW, whoever wrote mythweb, you can't put the password encrypted into settings.php. it won't work.
23:58<term>at least not atm
23:58<mdz_>I just posted a list of reasons why I prefer not to keep the debian/ dir with upstream source to mythtv-dev
23:58<term>though since the debian configure did it, mdz, you may have to change it :)
23:58<mdz_>neither mythv nor the debian packages has anything to do with encryption
23:58<term>mdz_: I probably just missed it (unless you literally just posted it), I got on the list a few hours ago :)
23:59<mdz_>there is no encryption involved at any step of the process
23:59<term>mdz_: when I configured mythweb (or maybe myth-common), it asked me for the mythtv user's password in the mysql db, and somewhere after that, it got encrypted and dropped into settings.php