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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-14

00:02* blineplays with settings
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00:10<phar0e_>When I have zero recordings MythWEB produces an error on recordings.php "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in recorded.php on line 79
00:19<just1nux>Visor OSD Theme is now available at Enjoy.
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00:22<just1nux>Chutt: when switching tuner inputs, one of the textboxes where ive used the channel number appear but since there is no channelnumber for a tuner input, it shows %CHANNUM%
00:23<bline>I set DisplaySize 100 100 in the monitor section
00:23<bline>and now all my fonts are massive heh
00:24<bline>I wonder why that transparency isn't working
00:25<bline>Someone refresh my memory on what is needed for that to work
00:25<just1nux>setup > appearance > use transparent boxes?
00:25<just1nux>does this apply to images?
00:25<mikegrb>yes I think that is what did it for me
00:26<bline>that's selected, I was actually refering to what X module
00:30* blineexperiments some more
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00:36* just1nuxgoes to bed.
00:37<mdz_>well great
00:37<mdz_>now it looks like my capture card is frying
00:38<mdz_>the color is completely fucked up
00:38<mdz_>vertical bands of color about 1/5th the width of the image
00:38<mdz_>red, blue, green, yellow, etc. bands from left to right
00:38<mdz_>reboot didn't fix it
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00:49<bline>well I got the dpi to 100x100, now I just need to figure out why transparency is not working
00:55<tdb30_>quick question. currenlty when I change the channel it takes about 5 seconds where the picture is frozen. Will a faster cpu eliminate this delay?
01:01<mikegrb>tdb30_: no expert but I don't think so, it mainly has to due with a delay for the tuner to switch, the player keeps playing, it just pauses, and the backend sends the new channels as part of the same stream through the ring buffer
01:01<mikegrb>I think there may even be a sleep x or some such to decide when to unpause
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01:13<tdb30_>another question. is it possible to tell mythtv where the icons are located other than using a different theme? I want to swap the music and tv icons
01:14<mikegrb>just1nux: just wanted to let you know that the OSD looks great, I love the look of the progress bar at the bottom. Only problem I have is the channel logo image doesn't look like it quite where it is supposed to be (I'm at 800x600) time for bed though I'll look into that setting tommorow
01:14<mikegrb>tdb30_: one min let me check something real quick
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01:17<mikegrb>tdb30_: looks like theme.xml in the directory of the theme you are using
01:18<mikegrb>should be pretty easy once you look at it
01:18<tdb30_>great thanks for the info
01:18<mikegrb>no prob
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02:32<bline>anyone know how to change the display a qt window is created in?
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10:12<extremis>Is anyone else not getting audio from the new ivtv drivers?
10:12<extremis>cvs as of a few days ago
10:14<zaheer>sorry dont use ivtv
10:14<extremis>ahh, I see stuff in the mailing list about it
10:14<extremis>alt least for comp
10:14<extremis>I'm sure I can apply this to svideo
10:17<Peit|work>extremis: try #ivtv-dev..
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11:10<extremis>so, with hardware mpeg2, it would be nice to recompress the ripped videos later (when the cpu is underutilized)
11:10<extremis>maybe as mpeg-4
11:13<zaheer>yes definitely
11:14<extremis>could I just write a script that recompresses them?
11:14<extremis>will mythtv just scan the dir?
11:14<zaheer>does mythtranscode not do that?
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11:20<zaheer>i think it does...
11:20<zaheer>dunno how it works
11:21<zaheer>mythtranscode --help is self explanatory
11:21<zaheer>set yourself up a transcoding profile to be using mpeg4
11:22<zaheer>and use mythtranscode to transcode a particular recording to that profile
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11:44<hfb>For anyone interested, it ends today.
11:47<ca1vin>neat little box
11:47<hfb>I like the bigger one with the dvd drive. :)
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13:02<Chutt>jkolb, what's the url to your latest patch? i can test it now..
13:07<Chutt>that works well
13:07<extremis>jkolb: pix of your mythtv setup?
13:08<jkolb>Um, maybe soon. Right now, I have a stupid friggin meeting.
13:09<jkolb>Soon would have to be after this evening, as I won't be home until late or something.
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17:25<sfr>grr, not a single crash since 2,5 hours :-(
17:29<choenig>sfr: hi, how is the status of the patch? I'll test it on wed. if I should so.
17:30<choenig>I just got my mythtv box running again :)
17:31<sfr>choenig, hi, nothing's changed.
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17:34<thor>catch up with you later tonight with any luck
17:34<thor>oops, sorry, wrong window