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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-17

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00:08<phar0e_>good evening
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00:54<billytwowilly>not quite as cool as #openzaurus;)
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02:46<awithers>Is the mailing list dead?
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04:37<phar0e_>any users here?
04:37<jamesb0nd>is that the transcoder?
04:38<jamesb0nd>is it a perl script?
04:39<jamesb0nd>you coding it?
04:40<jamesb0nd>i wonder why it is a perl script
04:40<phar0e_>I am having problems with my final output file
04:40<phar0e_>weird glitches happen every so often
04:40<phar0e_>where pink/green/blue colors of squares/circles/oddshapes appear on the screen
04:40<jamesb0nd>i think i read somthing about it in the mailing list when i was going through, every once and a while it gives a bad output file
04:41<phar0e_>it gives me a bad one each time
04:41<jamesb0nd>well from what i read it isn't really ready to use
04:41<jamesb0nd>do you run it from mythtv front end or do you have to command line it
04:43<KikoV>phar0e_: same that me
04:43<KikoV>I have run it inside mythfrontend
04:43<KikoV>but not the file, the Watching TV!
04:44<jamesb0nd>seems like it really needs to be a plug-in like give you a status or atleast run as a dameon that a plugin could read
04:46<phar0e_>all I want is to be able to convert it to a more supported file type
04:46<jamesb0nd>i wonder if anyone is going make mythlcd usefull
04:47<jamesb0nd>i have a vfd and i would love to have stuff displayed on it
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06:48<KikoV>has mythtv any better option than xv?
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07:06<KikoV>res bline
07:07<KikoV>well... I'm recompiling XFree 4.3.99 cause I think my xv driver is broken
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08:16<isaac_>i'm having compile problems.. has anyone seen these?
08:16<isaac_>{standard input}:19367: Warning: end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted
08:16<isaac_>{standard input}:19839: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.p2a'
08:17<isaac_>make[2]: *** [recordingprofile.o] Error 1
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16:14<jkolb>Captain_Murdoch: Just got my GX100. This thing's like a friggin puzzle.
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17:10<thor>in case anyone is still keeping track
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17:21<Peit|Home>anyone here know what to do if mythfrontend can't find the schedule information? The database is definately populated, well, channel and program tables are
17:29<mdz_>Chutt: hmm, that is a good point
17:29<mdz_>my original solution was to put it at low priority and assume that people who didn't know what it was wouldn't see it
17:29<mdz_>but then a lot of people changed their mysql password but not their debconf priority
17:44<Peit|Home>Chutt: is there any myhtfrontend "state" information stored anywhere other than on the backend mysql mythconverg database?
17:45<Chutt>what do you mean by state?
17:45<Peit|Home>settings, channel/program information etc
17:45<Chutt>that's all in the db
17:46<Captain_Murdoch_>jkolb: you mean taking the case apart is like a puzzle?
17:46<jkolb>Taking the case apart and removing all the bits inside.
17:46<Peit|Home>hmm, o.k. I've dropped the database, recreated with mysql -p <mc.sql is there anything i've missed? (I'm running 0.10
17:47<Peit|Home>the EPG is completely blank, only the times along the top,
17:47<Chutt>well, since you haven't described your problem at all, how would anyone know?
17:47<Captain_Murdoch_>I didn't do much with it. took the hard drive out to take a look at it, but other than that the only thing I took out was the PCI riser and that was fairly easy.
17:47<Chutt>then you don't have proper channel/program data
17:47<jkolb>I replaced the 6.4G with a 45G I had laying around.
17:47<jkolb>Now I have to name it. I hate this part.
17:48<Captain_Murdoch_>mine's named "alive" cause it's in the "living room". :)
17:48<Peit|Home>Chutt: o.k. i'll have another look at mythfilldatabase, it ran without errors last time
17:50<mikegrb>Captain_Murdoch_: :-)
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18:33<Peit|Home>any tv_grab_uk users in here atm?
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18:33<mdz>Chutt: around?
18:48<mdz>Chutt: I got another of those stack-corruption-looking crashes
18:48<mdz>I was wondering if you had any ideas for places to poke around and try to find out what happened, while I had it open in the debugger
18:49<mdz>but I had to restart it
18:49<Chutt>ah, sorry
18:50<Chutt>no idea, though
18:50<mdz>it was all virtual thunk garbage for the first 6 frames
18:50<mdz>#6 0x081432c7 in AudioOutput::~AudioOutput ()
18:50<mdz>#7 0x08141c0d in AudioOutput::~AudioOutput ()
18:50<mdz>#8 0x408ef08e in pthread_start_thread_event () from /lib/
18:50<Chutt>crash on exit, still?
18:50<mdz>this time it was crashed when she found it
18:51<mdz>apparently in the middle of a recording around 11:45
18:51<mdz>was the last thing it was doing
18:51<mdz>so I don't think I buy that it was in ~AudioOutput either
18:51<Chutt>which screen was it on?
18:51<mdz>TV menu
18:52<mdz>i.e., not doing a damn thing
18:52<mdz>oh, there was one part of the backtrace that was different
18:52<mdz>#0 0x082de0df in virtual function thunk (delta:-60) for SpinBoxSetting::configWidget ()
18:52<mdz>#1 0x00000200 in ?? ()
18:53<Chutt>i dunno
18:53<Chutt>ever run it in valgrind?
18:53<mdz>maybe the stack pointer was broken
18:53<mdz>does it run in valgrind without modification?
18:53<thor>mdz, pardon the obvious, but it's not just flaky hardware (overheating)?
18:53<Chutt>yeah, 'slong as it's in debug mode
18:54<mdz>thor: possible, but unlikely. I have considered it
18:54<mdz>usually flaky hardware will eventually just hang the whole box, or the frontend
18:54<mdz>this is always the backend
18:54<Chutt>it's _slow_ though
18:54<Chutt>when run in valgrind
18:55<mdz>in other words, I couldn't leave it running with valgrind
18:55<mdz>which is the only way I know to reproduce the problem
18:55<Chutt>but, maybe it'll find something
18:56<mdz>another thing I noticed
18:56<mdz>two of the non-zombie threads were niced
18:56<mdz>those would be the commercial flagging threads, right?
18:56<mdz>does it actually use more than one?
18:57<Chutt>one per flag
18:57<mdz>per flag?
18:57<mdz>at the same time?
18:58<Peit|Home>uitypes.cpp:UIGuideType:m_count == 0 <-- does that error message when viewing EPG make any sense to anyone?
18:59<Chutt>one per flagging process
19:00<mdz>but it only spawns one at the end of each recording, right?
19:00<thor>Peit|Home, have you been messing with a theme?
19:00<Chutt>mdz, right
19:00<Chutt>peit|home, it means that you don't have any guide data.
19:00<mdz>it recorded something 8:30-9:00, then nothing until 11:00-12:00, when it crashed at 11:45
19:01<mdz>so it shouldn't have been marking anything, I wouldn't expect
19:01<mdz>maybe I'll turn that off and see if it helps
19:01<Peit|Home>thor: not that i'm aware of..
19:01<thor>then it's definitely no guide data
19:01<Peit|Home>Chutt: o.k. so it's not telling me anything new,..
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19:02<Peit|Home>I was hopeing it was something like, "argh, your db is fubar'd"
19:02<thor>Peit|Home, mysql on some machine as frontend?
19:04<Peit|Home>nope, mysql on backend
19:04<Peit|Home>should be something other than NULL/empty
19:04<thor>can you do a "mysql -h backend -p -i mythtv mythconverg" ?
19:05<Peit|Home>-i? rather than 0u?
19:05<Peit|Home>*nods* that works, and i can read the tables
19:06<Peit|Home>i get the same behaviour running mythfrontend on the backend
19:06<thor>can you do a select * from channel limit 1 and post that somewhere ?
19:06<thor>(mailing list, url)
19:07<thor>plus ... null channum doesn't sound right, but I don't really know
19:07<Peit|Home>ah ha...
19:07<Peit|Home>that's the problem
19:08<Peit|Home>manually setting the channel number brings it up in the EPG
19:08<Peit|Home>thanks for your patience thor/chutt
19:08<Peit|Home>time for lots of manual channel adjustments
19:09<thor>might want to figure out what went wrong in the first place (tv_grab_uk ?) ?
19:09<Peit|Home>only 63 channels to set
19:09<Peit|Home>I need to set the channelnumer correct for my NTL feed anyhow
19:10<Peit|Home>hmm, i'm missing some channels as well odd
19:11<Peit|Home>the xml data from tv_grab_uk only has channel numbers for the main terrestrial channels
19:32<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, check to see if there are any recent programs (like the 8:30-9am one) that don't have 3,4, or 5 type records in the recordedmarkup table. the commercial flagging should have been well finished before 11:45am for a 1/2 hour show that ended at 9am.
19:34<Captain_Murdoch>actually you want to check for shows with no 4 or 5 records since the 3 type records also get inserted at the end of a recording before commercial detection if you are using software encoding.
19:45<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: err
19:45<mdz>my recordedmarkup table is empty
19:45<mdz>how can that be
19:47<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: in the log, I only see type 7 records being inserted
19:53-!-rkulagow___ [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:53-!-rkulagow_ [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:53-!-rkulagow_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:53-!-rkulagow___ [~mythtv@] has joined #mythtv
19:56<Captain_Murdoch>weird. you should have 3 records also. I think it always does blank frame detection if you are using software encoding.
20:01-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:02<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: I'm just looking through the mysql query log; there's nothing in the db whatsoever
20:02<mdz>yes, it was inserting 3 records as well it looks like
20:02<mdz>er, no. that was frame 3
20:03<mdz>or keyframe 3, whatever it indexes
20:03<Captain_Murdoch>should insert 7 records as it's recording and then at the end insert a bunch of 3 records if software encoding.
20:03<Captain_Murdoch>it's actual frame numbers for exact position of frames.
20:03-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:03<Captain_Murdoch>7 records are key frames
20:04<Captain_Murdoch>so there aren't any 3, 4, or 5 records in the table at all?
20:05<Captain_Murdoch>do you see any odd "delete from recordedmarkup" entries in the log?
20:05<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: lots of delete from recordedmarkup, but no odd ones that I noticed
20:06<mdz>it finished inserting the 3's after the last recording at 9:18:00
20:06<Chutt>oh, great, the gentoo ebuild is compiling without mmx opts
20:06<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: there are no records in the table at all
20:06<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: zero
20:07<mdz>it is empty
20:07<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, that was the autoflagging thread that inserted at 9:18.
20:07<Chutt>someone saw that --cpu arg to configure and didn't bother to read the help text
20:07<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: yep
20:07<Captain_Murdoch>so where'd those records go? :(
20:08<Captain_Murdoch>any deletes after 9:18?
20:08<mdz>yeah, lots
20:08<mdz>looks like as it goes through, it removes the next batch before it inserts
20:08<mdz>also deletes for type -1, what are those?
20:09<Captain_Murdoch>this is sweet... with the maxepisodes stuff I can now tell Myth to keep an episode or two of a few shows around and it will fill in the empty slots as I delete stuff after watching.
20:09<Captain_Murdoch>-1 indicates commercial flagging is running.
20:09<Captain_Murdoch>so the flagging thread inserts a -1 then deletes it when it's done. that way the external mythcommflag executable doesn't try to flag something that's already being flagged.
20:09<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: if you delete one while another is currently playing on the air, does it start recording it partway through? :-)
20:10<Captain_Murdoch>delete one what? not sure I get what you mean.
20:10<Captain_Murdoch>oh, you mean maxepisodes. :)
20:10<Captain_Murdoch>I dunno. haven't tried that. will have to test.
20:11<mdz> 8 Query DELETE FROM recordedmarkup WHERE chanid = '1090' AND starttime = '20030717110000' AND type = 3
20:11<Captain_Murdoch>that should happen at the end of the flagging thread. it deletes any existing entries then saves the new list.
20:11<mdz>that's myth deleting all of the 3 records for the recording which was interrupted by the crash
20:11<mdz>the flagging thread only gets started when the recording finishes, right?
20:12<Captain_Murdoch>what time was that delete?.
20:12<mdz>so I don't see how that got a chance to run
20:12<mdz>right after a whole bunch of inserts, checking
20:12<Captain_Murdoch>maybe something hosed up, the recording ended, the delete ran, then it totally died.
20:13<mdz>around the time that I had it in gdb
20:13<Captain_Murdoch>I thought it died at 11:45am?
20:13<mdz>maybe when I detached, it tried to continue
20:13<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: at 11:45, it got a segfault and was waiting it gdb until I got home
20:13<mdz>s/it gdb/in gdb/
20:14<Captain_Murdoch>maybe. the delete happens twice if you're using software encoding. as soon as the recording finishes it deletes any 3 records and saves the new blank frame list. then if you have auto-flagging turned on, it reprocesses the file (the niced thread) and then deletes the stuff it saved and re-saves the new list (just in case anything is different).
20:15<mdz>weird, it's in oldrecorded, too
20:16<Captain_Murdoch>kinda what I'm thinking. something caused the recording to end at 11:45. that would explain the oldrecorded entry and the commflagging stuff.
20:17<mdz>even weirder
20:17<mdz>there's an entry in oldrecorded for a program from 12:00 to 13:00
20:17<mdz>and a ~90k file
20:18<Captain_Murdoch>when were those inserted? 18:39?
20:19<mdz>I hate the way mysql doesn't timestamp every query
20:19<Captain_Murdoch>about the maxepisodes question. it shouldn't start recording halfway through if you delete one of the episodes and one is on tv right then unless you do something to cause the scheduler to requery the DB list for scheduled recordings. the now-playing show should be marked as suppressed since there are already maxEpisodes recorded so unless the scheduler requeries then it won't record 1/2 a show.
20:19<mdz>hmm, yeah, looks like 18:39
20:20<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: used to be that deleting a program caused a scheduler recalc
20:20<mdz>due to it being used to cancel a recording in progress
20:20<Captain_Murdoch>I'm curious where all your 3, 4, 5 records went.
20:20<mdz>I think chutt may have changed how that works recently
20:20<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: want to take a look at the log?
20:20<Captain_Murdoch>ah.. hand't throught of that.
20:20<Captain_Murdoch>hadn't either.
20:20<mdz>it's only 500k gzipped
20:20<Chutt>it still causes a scheduler recalc
20:20<Captain_Murdoch>or thought even
20:20-!-phar0e_ [phar0e@] has joined #mythtv
20:21<Captain_Murdoch>ok, so I gotta figure a way around that sometime maybe. :)
20:22<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, if you want to put it up somewhere or email it, sure.
20:22<Captain_Murdoch>wget's throughput number is a little off, it said over 500KB/sec.
20:23<mdz>100%[====================================>] 500,203 558.90K/s ETA 00:00
20:23<Captain_Murdoch>yeah but I rarely see over 350 or so on this cablemodem.
20:23<mdz>same here
20:23<mdz>it probably only has 1-second resolution, so it's no good on small files
20:24<Captain_Murdoch>I suppose the "select * from oldrecorded" is you right, that's not in Myth anywhere is it? :)
20:24-!-tdb30_ [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
20:26-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:26<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: correct
20:26<mdz>it's a pain to filter because you lose all the timestamps
20:27<Captain_Murdoch>ESC:?recordedmarkup is working fine in vi
20:27<Chutt>captain_murdoch, you need to fix mythweb
20:27<Captain_Murdoch>the programinfo mod?
20:27<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: yes, then you have to scroll through the previous 2000 inserts to find out the timestamp :-)
20:28<Captain_Murdoch>chutt, will do. thought about that this afternoon.
20:28<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: there are a bunch of things in recorded right now; shouldn't they have some recordedmarkup?
20:29<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, yeah, should have lots of rows. that's why I'm curious.
20:29<jkolb>What's broken with mythweb now?
20:29<Captain_Murdoch>I have 45 rows in recorded and 129000 in recordedmarkup.
20:30<Chutt>captain_murdoch changed the programinfo wire format
20:30* Captain_Murdochbroke it.
20:30<Chutt>minor mod, really
20:30<Captain_Murdoch>but I'm fixing it now. :)
20:30<jkolb>Added fields to the end, or inserted them in the middle?
20:31<Chutt>to the end, of course =)
20:31<jkolb>Just making sure. A good parser should just handle that.
20:31<Chutt>not if it's depending on the number of fields
20:32<Chutt>it's an easy fix, anyway
20:32<jkolb>How is it depending on the number of fields? The field seperator and record seperator are different, aren't they?
20:32<mdz>I have rows in recordedmarkup now
20:33<Chutt>what record seperator?
20:33<mdz>20834 of them
20:33<mdz>was I looking at the wrong database?
20:34<mdz>that is the only db which has a recordedmarkup table
20:34<mdz>something very strange is going on
20:35<jkolb>Nevermind. I thought that records were 0-terminated on the wire or somesuch. I'm not sure what led me to believe that.
20:35<Chutt>probably because you were sending a 0 as the rank member
20:35<Chutt>or whatnot
20:36<jkolb>No, I mean \0 terminated.
20:36<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: I was logged into the wrong machine
20:37<mdz>I'm an idiot
20:37<mdz>I didn't even realize I had a mythconverg database on that box
20:37--> [-ripp-](~ripp@ has joined #mythtv
20:38<Captain_Murdoch>so it's just the conflict screen that's hosed? changing from 20 to 22 seemed to fix that.
20:38<Captain_Murdoch>since I added 2 fields.
20:38<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: so, to answer your original question
20:39<Chutt>you'll need to patch the genpixmap query as well
20:39<mdz>I have two programs in recorded which have no 4 or 5 records
20:39<mdz>one of them is an old recording from before that table existed
20:39<mdz>the other was from 12:00 to 13:00 today
20:39<Chutt>in mythweb
20:41<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, makes sense if it died at 11:45
20:41-!-Ripp [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:41<Captain_Murdoch>chutt, looking at that now.
20:41<mdz>I don't know why that 12:00-13:00 entry got in there in the first place
20:41-!-[-ripp-] is now known as Ripp
20:43<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: as you can see with a grep '^030717' or such, there is zero database activity between 11:42:45 and 18:15:09
20:43-!-poptix [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:44<mdz>18:39 would be about when I detached, and at that time, there are two inserts of type 7 into recordedmarkup
20:44<mdz>so I guess it came back to life for a short time
20:45<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, so you have 3, 4, and 5 records for the 11-12 show today that it died in the middle of?
20:46<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: no, that recording was deleted
20:46<mdz>and presumably the recordedmarkup entries with it
20:47<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, they get deleted when you delete the .nuv and .png if it exists
20:48<mdz>I see it going through the end of recording process
20:48<Captain_Murdoch>pixmap previews are cool on mythweb. now just need to be able to click the image, have some program reencode and stream a low-res image. :) so I can watch recordings from work.
20:48<mdz>inserting into oldrecorded, doing the type 7 recordedmarkup
20:49<mdz>then it inserts a recording entry for the 12:00-13:00
20:49<mdz>even though it's already well after 18:00
20:49<mdz>loads the recording profile
20:49<mdz>records about 1 frame and inserts a recordedmarkup for it
20:50<mdz>very weird
20:50<Captain_Murdoch>mythweb fix committed to cvs.
20:50<Captain_Murdoch>the recordedmarkup was a type 7? probably the first keyframe.
20:51<mdz>I can see the frame, and it is from the show which was on at 18:39
20:51<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: correct
20:52<Captain_Murdoch>would be nice if the preview pixmap stuff could check the commercial skip list if it exists and generate a preview image that wasn't in a commercial. :)
20:52<mdz>INSERT recordedmarkup (chanid, starttime, mark, type, offset) values ( '1090', '20030717120000', 0, 7, "2816")
20:52<jkolb>I don't generate the preview. I just ask the backend to do it.
20:52<mdz>does ANSI allow you to omit the INTO keyword like that, or is that a mysqlism?
20:53<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I know. just saying the backend could be modified to do it as an option.
20:53-!-tdb30_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:53<jkolb>Oh, hey. I have another tiny patch for mythweb. If you're filtering on a program, and delete one of them, it returns to All Programs, but it shouldn't. Problem is, I can't test it, since my mythbox donated its power cord to setup the GX100 I got today.
20:53<jkolb> if anyone would like to test it.
20:54<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, not sure.
20:54<Captain_Murdoch>jkolb, did you do the profiles patch for mythweb?
20:54<Captain_Murdoch>recording profiles.
20:55<Captain_Murdoch>someone posted one to the list I think a week or so ago.
20:55<jkolb>I've been holding off on doing much until the new stuff is in.
20:55<jkolb>Are there any plans to have users in myth?
21:00<Captain_Murdoch>nobody working on it that I know of.
21:01<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, I'll fix that "insert into". I can't find anything that says it's optional except for a page that says it's optional in transact-sql
21:01<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: I must have missed that patch...selecting a profile or modifying them?
21:01<Captain_Murdoch>selecting a profile I think.
21:01<Captain_Murdoch>that's why I asked jkolb. was wondering if he had looked at it since he's been messing with mythweb.
21:02<jkolb>Did it go to -users? I disabled mail delivery from users.
21:02<Captain_Murdoch>I've started using the program finder more than mythweb. used to use mythweb all the time to schedule stuff. that's why I added the quickrecord to the program finder this morning. :) figured the epg had it, why not programfinder
21:02<Captain_Murdoch>-dev I think. let me check.
21:03<Captain_Murdoch>no, it was -users. subject was "Mythweb profile patch v2"
21:04<Captain_Murdoch>ScheduledRecording::signalChange just does a "insert settings" as well without the INTO.
21:07<mdz>grr, who is sending patches to -users?
21:07<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: I copied that statement from Chutt :-P
21:07<jkolb>He seems to think he sent it to -dev
21:08<Captain_Murdoch>he who? I checked and it was -users. subject is above.
21:08<Captain_Murdoch>mdz, think I should fix the "insert settings" also?
21:08<jkolb>"BTW as my first post to the dev-list, yer all doing a great job :)"
21:08<Captain_Murdoch>maybe he sent it to both.
21:09<Captain_Murdoch>the v2 version in -users doesn't have that. maybe he posted v1 to dev and v2 to users.
21:09<jkolb>That was in the -users thread.
21:10<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, found that. searching in vi. :)
21:10<jkolb>Hm. The Gossamer URL is hideous. Otherwise, I'd send it.
21:11<Captain_Murdoch>I archive all the mail to the lists myself. grep comes in handy. procmail dumps it in a different mailbox every month.
21:11<jkolb>I just got tired of getting several hundred messages a day (it seemed).
21:12<jkolb>I wasn't reading anything anymore, because there was just too much to sift through, even though I'm using a threaded mailreader.
21:13<Captain_Murdoch>I skip most of it. skim the subjects every day or two.
21:14<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: sure, anywhere you see it
21:15<Captain_Murdoch>I did a grep for "insert [^i]" and only found it in one place other than the ones I fixed for recordedmarkup.
21:15<Captain_Murdoch>case insensitive search of course
21:17-!-grogan [] has joined #mythtv
21:19<jkolb>Chutt: Ugh. I see what you mean about the guy's patch. So many unnecessary +/- pairs.
21:24-!-awithers [] has joined #mythtv
21:27<jkolb>Heh. Diffing two patch files looks .. odd.
21:28<mdz>jkolb: interdiff
21:28<jkolb>Never heard of it.
21:29<jkolb>It's part of patchutils now, it seems.
21:30<mdz>it has been part of patchutils since, I think, patchutils came into being
21:30<mdz>interdiff was combined with some other patch-related tools to make patchutils
21:30<jkolb>I see.
21:34<jkolb>What exactly did this produce? The common + lines are being shown as - lines in this output.
21:37<jkolb>Chutt: Ok, I think this is his patch with all the extra +/- pairs removed. (I applied it, then did a cvs diff -uw)
21:44<Captain_Murdoch>"insert into" fixed applied to cvs.
21:47<Chutt>jkolb, he can resubmit it
21:50<Captain_Murdoch>does he really need the profile in all those selects from the record table?
21:55<-- jkolbhas quit ()
21:59-!-yebyen [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:12<tdb30_>humm. the program guide stilll is ignoring my remote commands.. :*
22:14<awithers>ok, now that I'm all caught up (and haven't seen any posts about this), did anyone else notice a hiccup with the myth mailing lists?
22:15<thor>tdb30_, not sure what you mean ?
22:16<Captain_Murdoch>awithers: yes, they were down or slow for a while yesterday
22:16<tdb30_>every other screen seems to work fine. but when Im watching a show and go to the guide to look at other channels I can't get out of it or use the controler to do anything on that screen.
22:16<tdb30_>I have to go to the keyboard and hit esc
22:17<thor>does keyboard work before you hit ESC?
22:17<thor>arrows, etc.
22:17<tdb30_>yup keyboard is never a problem
22:17<awithers>Captain_Murdoch: Did you miss any messages? My list seems slightly outa whack with the archives.
22:17<thor>you don't have to click to focus or anything?
22:18<thor>you got arrow keys defined in your .lirc ?
22:18<tdb30_>pretty sure. I can move around the other screens okay.
22:19<thor>maxing out CPU?
22:19<tdb30_>unless the other screens don't use the arrow keys
22:19<thor>tdb30, yeah, they do
22:19<thor>even do navigate buttons you'd need it
22:19<thor>nothing odd from irxevent console
22:21<thor>or /var/log/lircd ?
22:23<Captain_Murdoch>awithers, not sure haven't checked.
22:23<awithers>Captain_Murdoch - thanks
22:26<thor>tdb30_, don't know what to tell you ... works here ...
22:27<thor>tried that mailing list(s)?
22:27<thor>maybe someone else had same problem?
22:27<tdb30_>okay, more info. Just playing with it hitting the key many many times and occasionaly the button will respond
22:28<thor>you sure you're not maxing out CPU?
22:28<thor>that's a very complicated screen
22:29<tdb30_>yeah I have the cpu monitor in the task bar and I'm not going more than 5 percent
22:29<tdb30_>at most
22:29<thor>5 percent !!
22:29<thor>what's your CPU?
22:29<tdb30_>I have everything turned down low
22:29<thor>resolution and bitrate way down ?
22:30<thor>maybe an XVideo thing, are you running Xshm ?
22:30<thor>that probably explains it
22:30<tdb30_>why whast up with Xshm?
22:31<thor>I suppose "buy a new video card" is not what you wanted to hear =) ?
22:31<tdb30_>Its a geforce 4 ;)
22:31<tdb30_>or do you mean capture card
22:31<thor>So why not Xvideo ?
22:31<thor>no I mean video card
22:32<tdb30_>how do I change it to Xvideo.
22:32<thor>what's xvinfo say?
22:33<thor>(don't paste it all in here, just is it working?)
22:36<grogan>so does anyone know anything about using multiple blasters with lirc? from what I've read it doesn't work, but I'd like to see if anyone has found otherwise before I get my hands dirty..
22:41<tdb30_>what am I looking for in xvinfo?
22:41<tdb30_>it says a lot of stuff
22:43<ca1vin>hmm, I am having problems with using two sources, I can only seem to tune on the default input
22:43<ca1vin>though my channel table has the right sourceids
22:44<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, you around?
22:45<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: hi
22:45<Captain_Murdoch>hey. all record table entries should have dates set right even if they're anytime records?
22:46<mdz>doesn't matter if they are set or not
22:46<mdz>I think the current code sets them to some default value
22:46<mdz>that was my intention
22:46<Captain_Murdoch>ok. just adding weekslot functionality to mythweb and noticed that for timeslots it doesn't set the date.
22:48<ca1vin>whats the keyboard command for source?
22:48* ca1vinto lazy to look
22:49<thor>tdb30_, at least it's saying something ... now if you run "mythtv" with the backend running, does it say anything in the terminal about an XV port?
22:50<tdb30_>the backend or xvinfo
22:52<thor>not mythfrontend
22:52<thor>just "mythtv" with a backend running
22:56<thor>tdb30_, I have to run ... if that XV Port info is not showing up, you need to figure out how to get XVideo running. Another thing to try, in Setup->Appearance->QT (third screen), turn off Use Transparent Boxes. The set your theme to Blue and try it again. That's the lightest burden you can put on the program listings screen.
22:56<awithers>Captain_Murdoch - This same problem was what I was trying to talk about last week on the list. Current date is used by the backend while mythweb used 00-00-00.
22:59<Captain_Murdoch>awithers: that's what I thought.
23:00<Captain_Murdoch>it kicks out an warning message sometimes on the console because of that I think.
23:03<awithers>Captain_Murdoch - yes... and worse... the rank code is totally broken if you use the web to schedule. I'm about 10% of the way into a patch to update the wire protocol to use 00-00-00 and assume all invalid dates are 00-00-00 which should fix things
23:05-!-yebv6 [yebyen@3ffe:bc0:b9:1:202:2dff:fe7c:4703] has joined #mythtv
23:05-!-Ripp [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:05<Captain_Murdoch>if the rank defaults to 0 for new recordings that's not too broken.
23:06<yebv6>Captain_Murdoch: what have you been doing to commercial skipping lately
23:06<yebv6>i don't think it's missed a single commercial in the last few days, besides the 5/10sec ones
23:06<Captain_Murdoch>not much. haven't had time to implement any big features. :) was working on the auto-expire and maxEpisodes stuff.
23:06<awithers>Captain_Murdoch - if you schedule with mythweb you can never set the rank as the rank code depends on taking a programinfo and looking up the program with an invalid date (never will match 00-00-00)
23:09<Captain_Murdoch>awithers. ah. so the date just needs to be set.
23:10<Captain_Murdoch>yebv6: I haven't touched it much recently except to add the checkbox to be a little more lenient on commercial lengths a short while back.
23:10<yebv6>Captain_Murdoch: oh. Well, it seems like it's gotten better, or the channels have adjusted their commercials to fit your profile better
23:11<Captain_Murdoch>they must have decided not to fight me. :)
23:11<Captain_Murdoch>weekslot stuff is in mythweb now.
23:12-!-Timon [] has joined #mythtv
23:12<Timon>thor: You around?
23:13<awithers>Captain_Murdoch - ick... but yes. I think the better solution is to assume invalid dates are 00-00-00, less "if it is meaningless for this use current date/time" code to worry about
23:15<Captain_Murdoch>I think better to put in the initial program's date/time rather than current.
23:16<Captain_Murdoch>so you keep that around. so it's easy to change an AllRecord to a timeslot record just by changing the type cause the time is already filled in.
23:17<Chutt>that's why it gets filled in in the first place
23:17<Captain_Murdoch>that's what we're talking about, the fact that mythweb doesn't fill it in sometimes.
23:17<Chutt>then mythweb should fill it in
23:17<Captain_Murdoch>that's what I thought.
23:19<Captain_Murdoch>I just fixed timeslot in my tree and was looking to fix the other two cases where it leaves it blank.
23:19<Captain_Murdoch>that's one of the reasons I quit using mythweb to schedule
23:20<awithers>The quick record-type conversion argument only makes sense for SQL hack easiness.
23:22<Chutt>not really
23:22<Chutt>makes it simpler overall
23:22-!-sc00p [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
23:22<Chutt>change the type, or join against other data
23:31<thor>Timon, I'm back, but only for a sec ... you have a quick question ?
23:32<Timon>thor: Which version of QT did you write the lcd stuff against?
23:33<Timon>thor: I've put in a lot of debugging and it seems to not be connecting succesfully to port 13666 (lcdproc). I can telnet secesfully to the port and set evertyhing with lcdproc up manually
23:33<thor>Timon, you need to manually put LCDHost and LCDPort in settings table
23:33<Timon>thor: Done that
23:34<thor>you do ./comnfigure --enable-lcd?
23:34<Timon>lcddevice: Connect to Server: (
23:34<Timon>heres some of the debugging I put in:
23:34<thor>I haven't looked at it in a long time
23:34<Timon>lcddevice: Connect to Server: (
23:35<Timon>lcddevice: Connect to Server: (
23:35<Timon>Connection Idle : 1
23:35<Timon>Connection HostLookup : 0
23:35<Timon>Connection Connecting : 0
23:35<Timon>Connection Connected : 0
23:35<Timon>Connection Closing : 0
23:35<thor>this works on my machine ... even with cvs
23:35<thor>(shows the time)
23:36<thor>I really have to run ...
23:36<thor>why don't you e-mail me what you've got
23:36<Timon>Hmmm, I'm thinking its something with my version of QT
23:36<Timon>whats yoru email?
23:36<thor>3.0.7 and 3.1.2
23:36<thor>sorry, really gotta go
23:37<thor>email me and we'll sort it
23:37<Timon>Ok, so your the one who owns lamedomainname
23:37<Timon>Thanks thor
23:38-!-bbeattie [] has joined #mythtv
23:39<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: mythweb should set the time and date fields in the record table now now matter what the record type.
23:39-!-dopez [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:40-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:41<bbeattie>FYI, the Linux pcHDTV card, GPL drivers and all, will go on sale shortly after august 1st, $189.89 per card. You need a 1.5ghz system if you have an nvidia chipset, otherwise a 2.4ghz system. It's now working under mythtv with basic functionality. I'll post a patch when I get the seeking segfaults fixed.
23:42<bbeattie>patches for V4l2 have been sent to the V4L people.
23:43<vektor>what do you mean 'patches for v4l2' ?
23:43<vektor>you had to change the API ?
23:43<vektor>how ?
23:43<vektor>and why?
23:43<bbeattie>for support of ATSC, as it doesn't exist in it.
23:44<bbeattie>I didn't do the drivers, I just am getting things working on debian and mythtv.
23:44<bbeattie>I think it was more of extending the API more than anything else. ioctles for subchannels probably too.
23:45<bbeattie>and 4 cards in 1 system works fine too. :-)
23:46<phar0e_>do you guys convert your .nuv files to something else?
23:47<awithers>phar0e_ - no, I count on mine being mpeg2 files
23:50<phar0e_>can you show me which command you use? I have tried and other utilities that end up making a bad clip
23:53-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:54<awithers>phar0e_ - I rely on a pvr 250, myth doesn't encode the data from the card
23:54<awithers>phar0e_ - however there is lots of talk about the transcoding stuff in the -dev list
23:56<Chutt>bbeattie, is there a website, by the way?