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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-24

00:02<GreyFoxx>tmk: I assume that the tv out the 350 (once it's functional of course) can only output stuff sent via the mpeg decoder right? No magic way to make it output your regular video so that things like the MythTV menus et all can use it as well ?:)
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00:03<GreyFoxx>Or is that a very wrong assumption ?
00:05<tmk>grey: well
00:05<tmk>we're working on making it a standard framebuffer
00:05<tmk>but first things first
00:05<GreyFoxx>Oooh that would be nice
00:05<GreyFoxx>hehe okie
00:05<mdz>Chutt: are you interested in this backtrace at all?
00:06<GreyFoxx>just curious if it was a possibility :)
00:06<tmk>it is
00:06<mdz>it doesn't look useful to me, but it's valid
00:06<tmk>using the OSD functions
00:06<GreyFoxx>I haven't picked mine up yet, but was just curious before I bought it
00:06<mdz>I'd wonder if maybe it weren'l locking libavcodec properly
00:07<paulproteus>Is there any consideration of moving Myth to Qt-FB when Qt-FB matures?
00:07<mdz>except that the lock is locked/unlocked directly around the line where it crashes
00:14<Chutt>mdz, sure
00:14<Chutt>paulproteus, it compiles/runs on qt/embedded
00:14<paulproteus>Well, that's nice. I might try that at some point.
00:14<Chutt>there's no video output, though
00:14<mdz>Chutt: sent it to the list
00:14<Chutt>needs someone to write a simple sdl output class
00:15<paulproteus>I thought SDL had a FB renderer in its back pocket.
00:15<Chutt>it probably does
00:15<Chutt>which is why it needs someone to write a sdl video output class to use that :p
00:16<Chutt>everything in mythtv _but_ the video output works fine on qt/e
00:16<Chutt>since the only video display code is for Xv
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00:20<vektor613>SDL's XVIDEO abstraction is lacking in many ways.
00:21<vektor613>you can't set the scaling rectangle for example, you can only use the full frame
00:21<vektor613>also, its software Y'CbCr->R'G'B' converter is slow, and I have reason to believe it uses the wrong transformation.
00:28<Chutt>mdz, bah, you need compile libavcodec with -g
00:28<mdz>Chutt: bah, libavcodec should get built with the same CFLAGS
00:28<Chutt>you've got write access
00:29<mdz>it looks like the only difference is that it needs -DHAVE_AV_CONFIG_H
00:29<mdz>so if we add that to top level, the one in can go, away, right?
00:30<Chutt>i'd have to look at it
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00:51<thor>Chutt, no code tonight ... needs a couple more hours but I'm half asleep already.
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02:27<tmk>hey chutt
02:28<tmk>decoder's working
02:28<tmk>more or less
03:05<KikoV>tmk, which decoder? PVR-350?
03:06<Timon>? is this legal: void someFunc(QString text1, QString text2 = ""); code: someFunc(QString temp);
03:06<Timon>Or would I have to overload?
03:07<Timon>KikoV: that would work?
03:07<KikoV>someFunc ( temp, "" )
03:07<KikoV>like someFunc ( temp, "" )
03:07<Timon>Ok, so then to maintain backwards compatibility I would have to overload
03:08<KikoV>default parameters...
03:08<KikoV>overload what?
03:08<KikoV>what do you want to be the new function?
03:08<Timon>Or are you saying if you default, then no need to overload if you just add params?
03:08<KikoV>if you put someFunc ( temp, temp2 ),
03:09<Timon>hmm, ok
03:09<KikoV>it calls the same function as someFunc ( temp );
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03:13<tmk>kikov: ya
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03:21<KikoV>tmk, it's on CVS?
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05:39<Timon>thor you awake?
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10:47<thor>Timon, you awake?
10:53<Chutt>morning thor
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10:55<thor>3.1 req'd now ?
10:55<Chutt>pondering it
10:55<Chutt>haven't decided yet
10:56<thor>writing UITheme widgets that take a lot of input is really hard
10:56<thor>makes you appreciate Qy
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10:57<thor>I'm abandoning it for the time being, so one of the dialog's in mythdvd will be a MythDialog, not a MythThemedDialog
10:57<Chutt>just a simple question page?
10:57<Chutt>that's perfectly fine =)
10:58<thor>no, it's where you click buttons to decide which titles to rip, drop downs for audio track selections, RemoteLIneEdits for name of files, etc.
10:59<gsfgf>i don't have a capture control for my sound card (snd-cmipci)
11:00<thor>that a cmi chip on the motherboard?
11:01<Chutt>so just something like a config screen, yeah?
11:01<thor>yeah ... looks a but like the current mmusic rip screen
11:01<thor>one row per title, with thngs you can set
11:02<thor>not the easiest to navigate, but its all prefilled
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11:10<thor>btw, I'm going to be out of the country for most of August ... I'll be doing some development (and certainly bug fixing), but it'll all be on dialup so I'll be a bit inaccesable
11:11<Chutt>so hopefully you'll get this in a cvs commitable state before then? =)
11:11<Snow-Man>The mailing lists appear to be doing quite well.
11:11<Snow-Man>At least, in terms of colo doing it's thing.
11:11<thor>Snow-Man, just needs Bayseian filtering for from addresses that do nothing but send "feature request" =)
11:12<Snow-Man>thor: I'd be happier if people would subscribe non-crap addresses. :)
11:12<Chutt>there was one message held up on www for about 15 hours
11:12<mdz_>Snow-Man: auto-unsubscribe them?
11:13<Chutt>other than that, though, it's been just a couple minutes
11:13<Snow-Man>mdz_: They are but mailman waits for the full 5 day failure notice.
11:13<Snow-Man>Chutt: Huh. 15 hours? Geez.
11:13<mdz_>Snow-Man: bah, someone whose mail bounces for 5 days is probably dead :-)
11:14<thor>or at least very very ill
11:15<extremis>bah, my mythbackend box locked up again
11:15<Chutt>mdz, or people can submit patches for qt 3.0 support :p
11:16<mdz_>I don't want the #ifdefs anymore than you do
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11:19<tmk>you here chutt
11:19<jkolb>extremis: Did you get your preview transfer issue worked out?
11:19<extremis>jkolb: yes and I submitted a patch to the list
11:20<jkolb>Oh, yay.
11:20<extremis>thanks for your help
11:20<jkolb>Crap. Now that every message has an 'attachment,' sorting by attachment is no longer useful to find posted patches.
11:21<extremis>search for
11:21<jkolb>Hm. Not every message get the attachment treatment.
11:21<jkolb>er, gets
11:21<tmk>chutt: did you see what i wrote last night?
11:22<Chutt>'decoder's working, more or less'
11:22<tmk>it outputs to my TV
11:22<thor>tmk, this is extremely impressive
11:22<tmk>looks good too
11:23<thor>Chutt, MythThemedDialog remdered to an moeg stream ?
11:23<tmk>chutt: for seeking, is it better to close the stream and re-open later
11:23<tmk>or is it better to just suck all teh data through and let the card FF
11:23<Chutt>thor, naw, it should be possible to make it look like a framebuffer
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11:23<thor>ah, even better
11:23<Chutt>tmk, hrm, i dunno
11:23<thor>or simpler
11:24<jkolb>extremis: You posted it to -users. I'm not subscribed to -users.
11:24<Chutt>it'd certainly be faster to close, seek client side, reopen
11:24<tmk>you could just send the updated buffer
11:24<tmk>it may take a few seconds to take effect tho :/
11:24<extremis>jkolb: ;), you can download from that link, but I'll submit all patches to -dev
11:24<Chutt>what sort of status information is there?
11:24<extremis>since its already on -users I won't crosspost
11:24<Chutt>like, can i get back what frame it's on?
11:24<tmk>and buffer fullness
11:24<Chutt>pts is ok, i suppose
11:24<tmk>there's a framecount
11:25<tmk>but it's got a few buffers internally
11:25<tmk>so you'll have to empty those
11:25<tmk>closing the stream could be ok
11:25<tmk>there's an option to have the last frame displayed stay
11:25<tmk>so it doesn't blackscreen
11:25<tmk>and there are options to snip x # of audio frames
11:26<tmk>so no pop
11:27<tmk>see my msg?
11:27<Chutt>now i do
11:28<Chutt>don't expect me to mess with this at all until the weekend :(
11:29<tmk>i don't
11:29<tmk>as long as you don't expect me to either
11:29<Chutt>sallright =)
11:29<Peit|work>Chutt: does this mean mythTV will support Hardware decoding? if only for ivtv?
11:30<tmk>there are quite a few steps before we're there
11:30<Chutt>bunch of other stuff needs to happen first
11:30<tmk>right now the only way to use the decoder is to "cat file > /dev/video0"
11:31<tmk>it's not v4l'd at all
11:31<tmk>and we also need to iron out the display issues
11:31<tmk>ie framebuffer/osd stuff
11:31<tmk>i actually prefer using dd to get the data to the card
11:32<tmk>i can specify blocksize of 64k thatway
11:32<tmk>much mo' efficient
11:32<Peit|work>hmm, how hard would it be for mythTV to support the overlay cards, like the sigma realmagic and clones?
11:33<tmk>well you'd have to have some way to make htem act as a fb
11:33<tmk>unless isaac renders the osd stuff himself
11:33<tmk>which would be easier for *ME*
11:33<Peit|work>the OSD is 'plexed into the output stream isn't it?
11:33<tmk>right now
11:34<tmk>the output stream is the monitor
11:34<tmk>so everythign just goes to the display
11:34<tmk>and you get to figure out how to get the display to the TV
11:35<tmk>with pvr350's, the tv-out is video + osd only
11:35<tmk>we either have to make the osd part emulate a framebuffer
11:35<Chutt>i'm rendering the osd myself, it's the other things that i'm not
11:35<tmk>or have myth pre-render and send us an image
11:35<tmk>what other things
11:35<Chutt>the gui in general
11:35<tmk>oh well that's what i meant :)
11:35<tmk>by osd
11:35<tmk>everything non-video
11:36<Chutt>i mean 'stuff on top of the video' by osd
11:36<Chutt>totally non-video stuff is just the ui =)
11:36<tmk>are you going to use your own osd with ivtv?
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11:36<tmk>gotta run
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12:06<berli>Q: anyone running mythtv on xbox?
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12:12<gsfgf>i don't have a capture control for my sound card (snd-cmipci). it's on the motherboard
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12:18<mechou>hey thor, you there?
12:20<mechou>thor, which distro do you use? and did you d'l qt from trolltech?
12:20<thor>slackware and yes
12:21<mechou>any special flags besides "-thread" I should use when configuring qt for compilation? other gotchas?
12:22<thor>just make sure to *read* ./configure --help and do everything it says. You need thread, and -sql-mysql (or whatever that flag is)
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12:23<mechou>about how long did compile take on your machine?
12:23<thor>hmm ... bout half an hour
12:23<thor>I think
12:24<thor>it's a while
12:25<mechou>you mentioned you use 3 diff qt versions. Are these on diff machines, or do you just use a different profile?
12:25<thor>one machine (dev) has 3 (I think) ... other has 2
12:26<thor>I just change QTDIR
12:27<mechou>thor, what windows manager do you use in conjunction with myth?
12:28<thor>machine in the living room: fvwm
12:29<thor>dev machine, KDE
12:30<mechou>OK, so I'm about to comile qt 3.2 for threaded support. Sure hope I don't "break" anything....
12:31<thor>you got the post beta one they released very recently
12:31<thor>as in yesterday
12:32<mechou>hmm, I d'l this morning at 1am PST
12:32<thor>also, there were some problems with 3.2 mentioned on the mailing list
12:32<thor>hang on
12:35<thor>hmmm ... that's odd ... can't find them
12:35<just1nux>anyone know why a master machine might freeze up entirely when connecting to a slave whose ethernet card it doesnt like? I have a slave machine that has internal ethernet. I have zero problems with the master machine as long as I use my 3 Com ethernet card in the slave, but using the internal ethernet in the slave causes the master to freeze entirely. I can't get a backtrace ofcouse because its froze. I know Issac always says tha
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12:36<mechou>thor, what, the complaints re qt3.2? or qt3.2 itself?
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12:36<thor>mechou, hang on ... searching my mail folder
12:36<sfr>thor: wasn't it s/t about utf8 character display?
12:36<thor>ah, probably
12:36<thor>that sounds familiar
12:37<thor>(I just *skim* a lot of messages)
12:37<mechou>sfr, so should I worry about that if I live in US?
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12:38<sfr>hm, maybe if you receive spanish stations? i'm not sure.
12:40<Chutt>the xml parser may have problems with utf-8 characters
12:40<Chutt>in 3.2 betas
12:40<mechou>just, what's the integrated nic chip?
12:40<Chutt>i don't know if it's a changed requirement or anything
12:41<just1nux>mechou: its a realtek something
12:41<thor>mechou, I'd just go ahead .. worse thing that can happen is you'll discover it's a problem and have to repeat for 3.1
12:42<Chutt>the .xml files may just need to explicitly say they're using utf-8 is all
12:42<thor>ah ...
12:42<mechou>yeah, I'm going to live a bit dangerously. I think if crap happens I can always revert QTDIR....
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12:43<thor>or re-install your distro =)
12:43<mechou>thor, heaven forbid....
12:44<mechou>I'm too much in love w/ myth to sacrifice a working production (slave) machine....
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12:45<thor>it's really not that complicated ... you're just compiling a library ... don't do anything silly like manually deleting files or something and you'll be fine
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12:47<sfr>mechou: got it! if you use the purplegalaxy theme your frontend will crash with this message:Error parsing: /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/PurpleGalaxy/ui.xml
12:47<sfr>at line: 601 column: 17 tag mismatch Failed to get selector object.' might also happen with other themes.
12:48<thor>but you can fix it by editing the xml
12:48<sfr>this is s/b using qt 3.2b
12:48<thor>thanks sfr
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13:24<mikegrb>gsfgf: you around?
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15:02<sfr>how should i proceed to support a different database schema (better another softwares db schema) in mythmusic?
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15:03<bahadunn_>trying to install the mythtv debs here and it keeps saying I need libqt3-mt which when I apt-get install libqt3-mt says its no longer available but here are the newer packages that replace it so I install them and mythtv debs still will not install
15:04<bahadunn_>what am I doing wrong
15:04<bahadunn_>I also have triedcopiling but when I do make it just says no rule to make target or something
15:05<sfr>nothing maybe, might be not-yet-updated dependencies in mdz's packages
15:05<mdz_>sfr: considering that I test-install them before I release them, probably not
15:05<mdz_>bahadunn_: you're probably using the woody packages on unstable or vice-versa
15:06<bahadunn_>mdz_: yes
15:06<thor>sfr, what don't you like about the current one?
15:06<bahadunn_>I am running sid
15:06<sfr>mdz_ as bahadunn mentioned a newer package that replaces it i thought s/t might have changed
15:07<mdz_>bahadunn_: there are separate packages for unstable; use those and they should work fine
15:07<mdz_>the qt packages are renamed in unstable
15:07<bahadunn_>mdz_: what directory are they in
15:08<mdz_>bahadunn_: it's on the web page
15:08<mdz_>there's a link right at the top that say
15:08<mdz_>and has a link
15:08<sfr>thor nothing really, it's just that i'm using netjuke for quite some time and would like to keep both in sync. (like playcount, playlists ...)
15:08<bahadunn_>I have been linking to your site from the documentation
15:08<sfr>thor sorry, i meant there's nothing i DON'T like.
15:09<bahadunn_>should I get the binary all
15:09<mdz_>the documentation links to the woody packages, which are on a page which has a link to the unstable packages
15:09<bahadunn_>or i386
15:09<mdz_>bahadunn_: use apt
15:09<bahadunn_>I dont konw what link to put for apt
15:10<mdz_>it is on the page
15:10<bahadunn_>what page
15:10<mdz_>the one that is linked from the documentation
15:10<bahadunn_>im looking at
15:10<sfr>thor, i started to add (more hack i guess) support for a different metadata source into mythmusic already.
15:10<mdz_>bahadunn_: that is the correct page
15:11<mdz_>bahadunn_: on that page is a section titled INSTALLATION
15:11<mdz_>scroll down
15:11<bahadunn_>so just do deb he he
15:11<bahadunn_>helps to scroll down I suppose
15:11<bahadunn_>im doing this on a system with tv out
15:11<bahadunn_>things are a litlte blurry
15:12<bahadunn_>are all the addons available for debian?
15:14<bahadunn_>now it says that it depends on liblame0
15:14<bahadunn_>which I just compiled lame
15:15<mdz_>bahadunn_: the answers to all of your questions are on that web page
15:15<mdz_>please read it
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15:25<thor>sfr, sorry ... was on a call ... for internet radio ?
15:26<thor>ah, netjuke
15:26<thor>don't know it
15:27<thor>sfr, it would be a fair bit of work to map to another schema ... possibly easier to have a scripted cron job do extracts and inserts
15:29<sfr>well, i don't mind the work, my problem is more what would be a clean way to do it.
15:29<thor>does netjuke use a db ?
15:30<jhurliman>thor: had a random programming question.. if you system("sh"); and that script kills the process that ran the system call, does the script die too?
15:31<sfr>yes see, it supports mysql and other rdbms
15:31<thor>um ... probably ... you sure you don't want exec() ?
15:31<jhurliman>thor: not sure, what's the difference there?
15:32<thor>exec replaces the current process (usually after a fork)
15:32<thor>system just waits till system returns
15:33<jhurliman>ahh thanks
15:34<jhurliman>so if i called exec("sh"); from aprogram, aprogram would be killed at that command?
15:34<thor>sfr, metadata only loads and saves in one place if mmusic ... so you could out a call to gContext->getSetting(UseNetJukeMetadata), if off of that, and make your own loading/saving methods
15:35<thor>jhurliman, more or less ... although the details are a bit hazy (it's been a while). Man exec, man fork might help.
15:35<jhurliman>ok thanks :)
15:36<sfr>if i understand, i did that, except that i started adding lots of if () else to various methods/functions. So adding separate methods is preferred?
15:38<thor>sfr, like I said .. fair bit of working ... start with an if condition in the MetadataLoadingThread(), almost everything flows from there
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15:41<bahadunn_>sorry to be a pest but im having a little trouble setting up the mysql database
15:41<bahadunn_>I read the section in the docs about it but the commands dont work
15:41<bahadunn_>never done this before
15:42<sfr>thor ok, so i'll spend some more time on it and might post a patch on the -dev list to get flamed.
15:42<Chutt>if you're using the debs, you don't need to setup the database.
15:42<bahadunn_>so just proceed to configureing mythtv?
15:46<bahadunn_>according to the docs I shoudl start the backend to configure it
15:47<bahadunn_>I get a error that says no network socket
15:47<bahadunn_>when I do /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start
15:51<bahadunn_>actually when I run the setup it said that the user mythtv@localhost with password YES is not valid
15:51<bahadunn_>access denied
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15:59<mechou>hey, just1nux, did you ever get a response on your integrated nic problem you brought up today?
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16:07<moegreen>Anyone seeing an improvement in MythWeather (i.e. Not getting nearly as many invalid areas/connect failures)?
16:07<jhurliman>Chutt: are you available?
16:08<Chutt>jhurliman, sure.
16:09<Chutt>moegreen, yeah, it works for me now, and the old code had basically stopped working entirely
16:09<bahadunn_>I keep getting access denied from mysql
16:10<jhurliman>Chutt: is hosting donated or do you pay for it?
16:10<moegreen>The person on the list said he was still having some problems, I had him recompile with debug on - so I can see what's going on, on his side. I haven't had any problems here
16:10<Chutt>i pay for it partially
16:10<Chutt>and it's paid up for the next 6 months or so :p
16:15<mikegrb><Juliet> I'm fine, thank you for asking. And you, kind sir?
16:15<mikegrb>wrong window
16:16<bahadunn_>how do you change the password for mythtv that it uses to access mysql with?
16:17<jhurliman>there's a txt file in /usr/share/mythtv, something like mysql.txt
16:18<jhurliman>Chutt: well I'll collect thoughts and shoot an e-mail to you, off to lunch now
16:21<sfr>bahadunn_: in the debs the file is in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt
16:26-!-jhurliman [] has quit ["Signing off"]
16:26<bahadunn_>where is the database folder located?
16:30<sfr>bahadunn_ ?? /var/lib/mysql if mean the mysql db files.
16:31<bahadunn_>trying to set up the database
16:31<bahadunn_>for mythtv
16:31<bahadunn_>I ran this
16:31<bahadunn_>mysql -u root < /usr/share/mythtv/sql/mc.sql
16:31<bahadunn_>ERROR 1046 at line 1: No Database Selected
16:31<bahadunn_>and thats the error
16:32<sfr>you don't need that, apt-get install mythtv-database will do everything for you.
16:33<bahadunn_>apt-get install mythtv-database
16:33<bahadunn_>Reading Package Lists... Done
16:33<bahadunn_>Building Dependency Tree... Done
16:33<bahadunn_>Sorry, mythtv-database is already the newest version.
16:33<sfr>you already did that, obviously
16:34<bahadunn_>dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database
16:34<bahadunn_>/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mythtv-database is broken or not fully installed
16:34<bahadunn_>I tried to reconfigure it
16:34<bahadunn_>but thats the error
16:35<sfr>maybe try to purge it and reinstall, but why did it fail the first time?
16:35<bahadunn_>sfr: no clue
16:37<bahadunn_>it wont let me remove it
16:39<bahadunn_>apt-get --purge remove mythtv-database
16:39<bahadunn_>Reading Package Lists... Done
16:39<bahadunn_>Building Dependency Tree... Done
16:39<bahadunn_>The following packages will be REMOVED:
16:39<bahadunn_> mythtv-database*
16:39<bahadunn_>0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 487 not upgraded.
16:39<bahadunn_>Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 123kB will be freed.
16:39<bahadunn_>Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
16:39<bahadunn_>(Reading database ... 120822 files and directories currently installed.)
16:39<bahadunn_>Removing mythtv-database ...
16:39<bahadunn_>Purging configuration files for mythtv-database ...
16:39<bahadunn_>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5, <> line 1.
16:39<bahadunn_>dpkg: error processing mythtv-database (--purge):
16:39<bahadunn_> subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 255
16:39<bahadunn_>Errors were encountered while processing:
16:39<bahadunn_> mythtv-database
16:39<bahadunn_>E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
16:41<sfr>bahadunn_ btw, did you change the mysql.txt file before?
16:42<sfr>change it back and try again
16:42<bahadunn_>change it backto what
16:42<bahadunn_>I dont remember what it use to be
16:43<sfr>np, wouldn't work anyway, just remembered.
16:43<mechou>phucking mandrake....Just recompiled qt with "-thread" flag and now myth seems to compile successfully.
16:44<sfr>bahadunn_ look in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ for mythtv-database.postrm. it's there?
16:44<mechou>really wonder why mandrake didn't use that flag in the first place....
16:44<bahadunn_>its there
16:45<sfr>can you send it to me?
16:45<mechou>that distro is really foobared when it comes to threads. gdb doesn't work, qt not compiled with thread flag....
16:46<bahadunn_>I can
16:46<bahadunn_>paste it
16:46<bahadunn_>its kinda long
16:46<sfr>use dcc?
16:46<gsfgf>does anyone here use the snd-cmipci driver?
16:46<bahadunn_>can I paste it in flood?
16:47<mechou>gsf, yeah, I think I tried it....
16:47<sfr>sorry, not an IRC expert, how do i use flood? ;-)
16:47<bahadunn_>just join the #flood channel
16:47<sfr>go on
16:48<bahadunn_>htats it
16:48<bahadunn_>just join flood
16:48<sfr>yes, got that, :-) you can post it now.
16:51<bahadunn_>I cant find any reference to YES in that
16:51<bahadunn_>for that password
16:52<mechou>crap, spoke too soon. myth cvs still doesn't compile correctly even with qt-mt...
16:53<sfr>bahdunn_ ok, in the case statement, in the purge case, add 'exit 0' just before DoSQL (right after databse="$RET"
16:53<thor>mechou, whats it do?
16:54<sfr>bahadunn_ then again 'dpkg --purge mythtv-database'
16:54-!-jkolb [] has joined #mythtv
16:55<mechou>thor, I'm still getting "QMutex error" when compiling myth...
16:56<mechou>I id a make distclean and am recompiling myth now....
16:57<thor>make distclean, ./configure, make
16:57<mechou>I'll paste the exact error message when it comes up...
16:57<bahadunn_>still got errors
16:57<mechou>thor, that's what I meant....
16:58<thor>with qt libs ldconfiged and QTDIR pointed in the right place
16:58<sfr>bahadunn_ which?
16:58<bahadunn_>dpkg --purge mythtv-database
16:58<bahadunn_>(Reading database ... 120822 files and directories currently installed.)
16:58<bahadunn_>Removing mythtv-database ...
16:58<bahadunn_>Purging configuration files for mythtv-database ...
16:58<bahadunn_>/var/lib/dpkg/info/mythtv-database.postrm: line 62: exit 0: command not found
16:58<bahadunn_>dpkg: error processing mythtv-database (--purge):
16:58<bahadunn_> subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 127
16:58<bahadunn_>Errors were encountered while processing:
16:58<bahadunn_> mythtv-database
16:58<bahadunn_>i put it right after dpkg --purge mythtv-database
16:58<bahadunn_>(Reading database ... 120822 files and directories currently installed.)
16:58<bahadunn_>Removing mythtv-database ...
16:58<bahadunn_>Purging configuration files for mythtv-database ...
16:58<bahadunn_>/var/lib/dpkg/info/mythtv-database.postrm: line 62: exit 0: command not found
16:58<bahadunn_>dpkg: error processing mythtv-database (--purge):
16:58<bahadunn_> subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 127
16:58<bahadunn_>Errors were encountered while processing:
16:58<mechou>thor, yup, sure 'eno, /usr/local/qt
16:58<bahadunn_> mythtv-database
16:59<bahadunn_>holdo n
16:59<bahadunn_>sorry about that
16:59<bahadunn_>I put it right after that database='RET" or whatever
16:59<bahadunn_>like you said
16:59<thor>mechou, libqt-mt is where ?
16:59<bahadunn_>I tabbed it in
16:59<bahadunn_>should I have done that
16:59<sfr>bahadunn_ ok, can you send me this file?
17:00-!-creepy [~lightning@] has joined #mythtv
17:00<mechou>thor, libqt-mt is in /usr/local/qt/lib
17:00<bahadunn_>how do I dcc it
17:00<bahadunn_>let me dump it up on my ftp site
17:00<bahadunn_>hold on
17:01<thor>mechou, which is in /etc/ and ldconfig has been run?
17:01<mechou>thor, do I need to do a ldconfig after making libqt-mt? (I did it beforehand....)
17:01<thor>mechou, safer to
17:02<bahadunn_>sfr: ftp to
17:02<bahadunn_>and look in pub
17:02<bahadunn_>its right there
17:02<thor>but /etc/ has to know where to look first
17:02<mechou>yeah, I changed before I recompile qt-mt
17:03<sfr>bahadunn_ remove the quotes
17:04<thor>to include /usr/local/qt/lib ?
17:04<thor>(sorry being a bit pedantic)
17:04<mechou>thor, sure enou'
17:04<thor>ldconfig, then ./configure, make
17:04<bahadunn_>so 'exit 0' should be exit 0
17:04<mechou>naw, it's ok. Need to cover _all_ the bases....
17:05<sfr>bahadunn_ yes
17:05* sfrworks in customer support, so should have expected this :-)
17:05<bahadunn_>ok it worked
17:05<bahadunn_>he he
17:06<bahadunn_>I would be better att his if I would learn some shell programming
17:06<bahadunn_>but I haven't gotten around ot it yet
17:06<sfr>bahadunn_ now type 'mysql -p -u root' on the box running mysql
17:06<bahadunn_>sfr: so now just apt-get install mythtv-database?
17:06<bahadunn_>oh ok
17:06<mechou>thor, but your were wrong about qt compile time... It's closer to 1.5 hrs....;)
17:06<sfr>bahadunn_ you know the password, right?
17:07<bahadunn_>I hope so
17:07<thor>mechou, cpu?
17:07<mechou>on a not to shabby XP2100+
17:07<bahadunn_>dang it
17:07<bahadunn_>it says access denied
17:07<bahadunn_>i used the right password
17:07<mechou>with 512MB ram
17:07<bahadunn_>it is using the wrong one for mysql
17:08<bahadunn_>when I type mysql I get into a mysql prompt
17:08<Chutt>then you don't have a password.
17:08<bahadunn_>thats right
17:08<sfr>bahadunn_ ok, now you have to drop the mythtv db.
17:08<bahadunn_>im in
17:08<Chutt>did you give it one when the mythtv-database installed?
17:08<mdz_>bahadunn_: all you had to do was dpkg-reconfigure --force
17:08<bahadunn_>Chutt: I dont know to be honest
17:09<bahadunn_>so shoudl I install mythtv-database back
17:09<sfr>bahadunn_ type 'drop database mythconverg;'
17:09<mdz_>I am resisting a very strong temptation to respond with a snide remark
17:09<Chutt>mdz, see, you really need that 'THIS IS NOT YOUR ROOT PASSWORD, DUMBASS' message in there
17:09<mechou>thor, you know how to compile qt w/o all those examples, just in case I need to do this again?
17:09<mdz_>Chutt: is that what happened here?
17:09<Chutt>mdz, probably
17:09<bahadunn_>drop database mythconverg;
17:09<bahadunn_>ERROR 1008: Can't drop database 'mythconverg'. Database doesn't exist
17:10<mechou>would cut down on compile time....
17:10<sfr>mdz_, well never had to use force so never remeber it
17:10<thor>mechou, not really ... there's some flag for -quick (or something like that), but I've never figured it out
17:10<Chutt>people that try to help out and don't know what they're doing end up hurting more than they're helping :p
17:10<sfr>bahadunn_ thats ok, type 'quit;' and reinstall mythtv-database, mdz_ wanna take over?
17:10<mdz_>Chutt: I find it incredible that people who don't read instructions manage to install Debian
17:11<bahadunn_>ok im installing it back
17:11<sfr>mdz_ me? ;-)
17:11<mdz_>sfr: no
17:11<mdz_>the dozens of people who try to tell me that the packages are broken because they don't answer the prompts correctly
17:11<bahadunn_>errors again
17:11<bahadunn_>on reinstall
17:11<sfr>but still applies, instructions are for luser who can't handle challenges, hehe
17:12<bahadunn_>apt-get install mythtv-database
17:12<bahadunn_>Reading Package Lists... Done
17:12<bahadunn_>Building Dependency Tree... Done
17:12<bahadunn_>Sorry, mythtv-database is already the newest version.
17:12<bahadunn_>0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 487 not upgraded.
17:12<bahadunn_>1 packages not fully installed or removed.
17:12<bahadunn_>Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.
17:12<bahadunn_>Setting up mythtv-database (0.10-3) ...
17:12<bahadunn_>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5, <> line 1.
17:12<bahadunn_>Failed to create database (incorrect admin username/password?)
17:12<bahadunn_>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 240, <> line 1.
17:12<bahadunn_>dpkg: error processing mythtv-database (--configure):
17:12<bahadunn_> subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 255
17:12<bahadunn_>Errors were encountered while processing:
17:12<bahadunn_> mythtv-database
17:12<bahadunn_>E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
17:12<mdz_>you didn't reinstall anything
17:12<mechou>thor, ok. Sigh of relief. Myth compiled successfully. Either "distclean" or ldconfig after libqt-mt build did the trick....
17:12<bahadunn_>I did apt-get install mythtv-database
17:12<thor>mechou, yah!
17:12<bahadunn_>what else am I do to?
17:12<mdz_>bahadunn_: run dpkg-reconfigure --force -plow mythtv-database
17:13<Chutt>bahadunn, basically, you told it to use a password to talk to mysql, and you don't have a password set for mysql.
17:13<mechou>thor & chutt, thanks for all the help....
17:13<mdz_>that is the last question I am going to answer
17:13<sfr>mdz_ i had him add a 'exit 0' in the postrm script!
17:13<bahadunn_>it says
17:13<bahadunn_>what is the name of the mysql root account
17:13<Chutt>sfr, why did you do that?
17:13<mdz_>Chutt: it tries to drop the database when you purge it
17:13<sfr>mdz_ in the purge section before calling DoSQL.
17:13<mdz_>which of course fails if the user did not answer the prompts correctly
17:14<mechou>mandrake still sux, tho....
17:14<mdz_>I'm going to remove that in the next version
17:14<bahadunn_>it still says access denied
17:14<bahadunn_>even though i put no password
17:14<sfr>mdz_ the purge will continiou , yes?
17:14<bahadunn_>says password is still YES
17:14<mdz_>bahadunn_: the password is still there from last time. hold down the backspace key for a while on that prompt
17:15<mdz_>it is there but not displayed
17:15<bahadunn_>same thing
17:15<mechou>when I decided on mandrake I didn't want to d'l half the world and "make" stuff myself....
17:16<sfr>mdz_ so what's the mistake people keep doing during the installation, giving the wrong root passoword on install?
17:16<mdz_>sfr: yes
17:16<bahadunn_>dpkg-reconfigure --force -plow mythtv-database
17:16<bahadunn_>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5, <> line 1.
17:17<bahadunn_>Failed to create database (incorrect admin username/password?)
17:17<bahadunn_>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 240, <> line 1.
17:17<mdz_>sfr: in the first iterations of the package, that was a low-priority question, so by default it wouldn't even be displayed
17:17<Chutt>if you don't stop pasting the same stuff, you're going to be removed from the channel.
17:17<bahadunn_>I thought we already established that my root password was blank
17:17<bahadunn_>so why when I put blank does it do this
17:17<mdz_>sfr: but it turned out that a lot of people would change their mysql root password anyway for some reason, and it would fail because it assumed it was blank
17:17<Chutt>because it's not overwriting the old password you put it
17:17<sfr>mdz_ hm, fix the debconf 'cache'?
17:17<mdz_>sfr: rm /var/cache/debconf/*.dat
17:18<bahadunn_>I never put YES as a paswword
17:18<bahadunn_>it was just always there
17:18<Chutt>YES means it's using a password
17:18<mdz_>sfr: but there will only be more problems after that, I'm sure
17:18<Chutt>not that YES is the password.
17:18<bahadunn_>so how do I get rid of the password
17:18<sfr>mdz_ what about just changing mythtv mysql root password in there?
17:18<mdz_>sfr: too risky
17:19<bahadunn_>so can I blank the password
17:19<sfr>can't be, it worked for me, once.
17:19<mdz_>sfr: you are apparently able to answer simple questions
17:20<sfr>mdz_ so deleting this *.dat file is save for bahadunn_ ?
17:20<mdz_>sfr: yes
17:20<mdz_>it is only a cache
17:20<bahadunn_>so how do I do that
17:20<bahadunn_>im so lost
17:20<mdz_>by definition, anything in /var/cache can be deleted and the program which created it must be able to continue to work
17:20<mdz_>bahadunn_: tivo?
17:21<bahadunn_>what about it
17:21<sfr>see their website
17:21<gsfgf>can anyone help me with an alsa problem
17:21<bahadunn_>there is nothing in my /var/cache/mythtv directory
17:21<gsfgf>i don't have a capture control
17:22<Chutt>gsfgf, so?
17:22<mdz_>This information will be used to create a database and user for MythTV. THIS PASSWORD IS NOT THE SAME AS THE ROOT PASSWORD FOR YOUR SYSTEM. Unless you have explicitly changed the password on the MySQL server, LEAVETHIS BLANK.
17:22<Chutt>not all cards have them
17:22<mdz_>Chutt: whadaya think?
17:22<sfr>bahadunn_ on mdz_ advise 'rm /var/cache/debconf/*.dat'
17:22<gsfgf>Chutt: i'm not getting any sound in myth
17:22<Chutt>mdz, sure, looks good to me
17:22<gsfgf>i have line-in muted and set to capture
17:22<mdz_>of course, that last sentence was already there and has been for a long time
17:22<Chutt>gsfgf, make sure you can record audio outside of it.
17:22<mdz_>and should be more than sufficient
17:22<mdz_>but nobody reads it
17:22<mechou>gsf, that's cause u got a cmipci
17:22<Chutt>mdz, but people are dumb.
17:23<mdz_>it was in lower case before, that must be the problem
17:23<gsfgf>mechou: is there a way to make it work with myth
17:23<mechou>capture on that chip sux.
17:23* Snow-Mansmirks.
17:23<mdz_>Just for kicks, I ran a dpkg-reconfigure on an existing mythtv-database, entered a wrong root password, let it fail, dpkg-reconfigured it and backspaced a bunch at the password prompt, and it worked perfectly
17:23<gsfgf>mechou: so i should try a new card
17:24<mechou>gsf, I had better luck (IIRC) with OSS on that chip....
17:24<mdz_>it took about 6 seconds
17:24<bahadunn_>seems to have worked
17:24<mechou>gsf: basically, yes...
17:24<gsfgf>mechou: i couldn't get it working with oss either
17:24<sfr>mdz_ didn't know about this backspace trick
17:24* gsfgfdigs through old cards to find ensoniq
17:24<mechou>gsf: or use btaudio if it's available to you...
17:25<bahadunn_>now run mythtv-setup?
17:25<bahadunn_>he he
17:25<bahadunn_>no database
17:25<bahadunn_>so I guess it didnt work
17:26<mechou>gsf: better look thru archives re esoniq. I faintly recall they might have problems too... (don't quote me)
17:26<bahadunn_>Unable to connect to database!
17:26<bahadunn_>Driver error was [1/-1]:
17:26<bahadunn_>QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
17:26<bahadunn_>Database error was:
17:26<bahadunn_>Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: NO)
17:26<bahadunn_>Unable to open database:
17:26<bahadunn_>Driver error was:
17:26<bahadunn_>QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
17:26<bahadunn_>Database error was:
17:26<bahadunn_>Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: NO)
17:26<Chutt>bahadunn, why the fuck are you pasting things twice?
17:26<sfr>bahadunn_ read the FAQ!
17:26<mdz_>I feel a ban coming on
17:26<gsfgf>mechou: im gonna try is as its the only pci soundcard i have
17:26<mechou>gsf: you gotta read the mythtv docs re btaudio.
17:26<sfr>or maybe not?
17:27<Chutt>bahadunn, if you want to stay in here, you have to stop acting like an idiot.
17:27<bahadunn_>you guys arent very helpful
17:27<sfr>Chutt, with this attitude mythtv will never surpass freevos userbase.
17:28<mechou>gsf: you couldn't get it (cmi) to record at all, or was it just poor quality sound (noisy or low volume)?
17:28<Chutt>sfr, err, it did a long time ago
17:28<mdz_>bahadunn_: you obviously screwed up the configuration in mysql.txt, which it had set up automatically for you
17:28<bahadunn_>except for sfr who has made an honest attempt to help me
17:28<sfr>Chutt, but you don't care anyway
17:28<bahadunn_>which i appreciate
17:28<mdz_>bahadunn_: because you a) didn't follow the instructions on the website, b) didn't listen to people trying to help you, and c) didn't read the documentation
17:28<bahadunn_>you guys have a poor attitude
17:28<bahadunn_>mdz_: the docs on the website suck
17:28<sfr>Chutt really? got numbers.
17:28<mdz_>bahadunn_: wah wah wah
17:28<bahadunn_>to be honest
17:28<Chutt>sfr, hell, just compare mailing list traffic
17:28<mdz_>bahadunn_: that is bullshit
17:28<bahadunn_>well Ir ead them
17:28<bahadunn_>and did my best to follow
17:28<mechou>now if that's not the kettle calling the pot black....
17:29<bahadunn_>black black black
17:29<Chutt>bahadunn, you're pasting in tons of crap into the channel that you don't need to.
17:29<bahadunn_>well I wont do that anymore
17:29<bahadunn_>but even when I didnt dot hat
17:29<mdz_>you didn't even intsall the right package in the first place
17:29<bahadunn_>from days ago when I came in here looking for help
17:29<mdz_>if you had, you wouldn't have needed to install mythtv-database separately
17:29<sfr>bahadunn_ did dpkg --purge mythtv-database work before?
17:29<bahadunn_>you guys had a bad attitude
17:29<bahadunn_>like you expect everyone to know everyting already
17:29<bahadunn_>sfr: yes it sure did
17:29<Chutt>if you want actual tech support, send me a check
17:30<mdz_>bahadunn_: a bad attitude is walking into a forum expecting everyone to give you free tech support
17:30<Chutt>i'll be glad to bill you
17:30<bahadunn_>I would not send you a check if my life depended on it
17:30<bahadunn_>not for this shitty service
17:30<mdz_>bahadunn_: you've been here for 2.5 hours already getting free support
17:30<mdz_>and bitching about it
17:30<bahadunn_>I give tech support for free
17:30<bahadunn_>I help linux people out all the time and dont ask for anything
17:30<Chutt>who could you possibly help?
17:31<Chutt>you can't read.
17:31<bahadunn_>Chutt: well everyone can see how ignorant you are because if I cant read how the hell am I responding to you
17:31<mdz_>you have pissed on the efforts of a lot of people who have spent their time writing documentation for you already
17:31<sfr>bahadunn_ dpkg --purge mythtv-* take a day off and start again.
17:31<mechou>this is juvenile...
17:32<Chutt>yes, it is
17:32<Chutt>if i weren't too lazy to identify myself with nickserv =)
17:32<bahadunn_>well I would expect as such from what i have seen
17:32<mdz_>it builds up over time
17:32* tmkblinks
17:32<tmk>children, please
17:33<-- bahadunn_(~bahadunn@ has left #mythtv
17:33<mechou>yeah, good riddance...
17:33<tmk>what got into him?
17:33<mikegrb>his ignorance
17:33<mechou>he was being a dork...
17:34<tmk>One entry found for dork.
17:34<tmk>Main Entry: dork
17:34<tmk>Pronunciation: 'dork
17:34<tmk>Function: noun
17:34<tmk>Etymology: perhaps alteration of dick
17:34<gsfgf>i don't hve the example conf file for btaudio that 's refrenced in the docs. can anyone help me out?
17:34<Chutt>gsfgf, you don't need one
17:34<Chutt>just 'modprobe btaudio'
17:34<gsfgf>ok thx
17:35<Chutt>set your sound capture device to the digital dsp it creates (look in your syslog)
17:35<gsfgf>is it a kernel driver or alsa?
17:35<Chutt>and make sure it's set to 32000Hz in setup
17:35<Chutt>it's a kernel driver
17:35<Chutt>if it doesn't work right off, it won't work at all
17:35<mechou>gsf, you need to make sure you got a card that at least supports MSP3400 (or something like that)
17:35<Chutt>so don't spend tons of time on it :p
17:35<Chutt>but it's easy to test, so it doesn't hurt
17:35<tmk>ugh.. msp chips
17:36* tmkhas flashbacks of whine and autodetection
17:36<mechou>tmk, why do you say that? beats not having any....
17:37<Chutt>flashbacks? :p
17:37<gsfgf>i have an msp3400 driver that loads clean so it looks promising
17:37<mechou>there you go...
17:38<tmk>Chutt: :(
17:38<mikegrb>congrats gsfgf :-) sorry I couldn't help you more last night... I should have thought to ask you what tuner card you had <g>
17:38<tmk>mechou: we have a "branched" msp driver in the ivtv project
17:39<tmk>it's had.. problems
17:39<gsfgf>mikegrb: it's cool
17:39<gsfgf>btw, do recordings made before i got this working have sound
17:39<mechou>most likely not (or very low volume)
17:40<gsfgf>oh well, i only got 1 recording made after i realized that i needed to set my computer's clock :)
17:40<gsfgf>everything ese was off by a few hours
17:40<mechou>gsf: you still didn't answer my q, you couldn't get cmi to record at all, or you just got poor quality sound?
17:41<gsfgf>mechou: no sound at all
17:41<mechou>then you messed up somehow, cmi does record, but at low volume levels...
17:42<mechou>not that it matters much to you now since you now have working btaudio
17:44<mechou>tmk, how did btaudio driver guys get msp to work? They had better specs or access to chip specs?
17:48<Chutt>are all websites hosted at sourceforge mostly down?
17:48<Peit|Home>Chutt: ivtv just took a long time to return
17:48<jkolb>In perpetuity.
17:54<mdz_>Chutt: dunno, I long ago made a smartbookmark which takes me directly to the subdirectory for the named project on a local mirror
17:55<mdz_>where I can download tarballs in peace
17:55<Chutt>rkulagow, someone liked your docs :p
17:55<mdz_>without meta refreshes or anything else
17:56-!-Drikus_ [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:56<Chutt>mdz, i was more trying to get to the oz website
17:57<mdz_>Chutt: why? to use the wiki? ;-)
17:59<Chutt>unstable was just updated w/ the new(er) opie
18:03<tmk>mechou: they probably have a simpler msp configuration
18:03<tmk>we're using the kernel's msp driver, but added a few calls
18:03<mdz_>oh, they serve the feeds off of sourceforge? ouch
18:03<tmk>theoretically, the msp driver with btaudio shuold have the same problem
18:03<Chutt>they're at least linked to from there
18:04<tmk> keeps sucking
18:05<mechou>tmk, so you're saying the kernel msp driver is buggy?
18:05<Chutt>i'd offer hosting, but snowman hasn't worked out the cvs access issues yet =)
18:05<tmk>sweet of you
18:05<tmk>how much bandwich to you have
18:05<tmk>does it matter the speed at which you use it? ie 95th percentile or w/e
18:06<Chutt>shared with 5 or 6 people, but mythtv's the largest single user
18:06<Chutt>by _far_
18:06<Chutt>and there's shittons left over
18:06<Chutt>tmk, i believe they just multiple the average bandwidth at the end of the month
18:08<-- sfr( has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
18:12<mdz_>heh, there is a file called in that directory
18:12<mdz_>but I can see that file, while is down, so it is bad advice :-P
18:19-!-Markos [] has joined #mythtv
18:19-!-creepy [] has quit ["gone.."]
18:20<Markos>is anybody having issues with the myth weather module?
18:20<thor>only when its raining
18:21<Markos>it worked the first time, but now it doesnt work and i was wondering if its my setup or are the servers down
18:21<Markos>the servers that it grabs the weather from that is
18:22<thor>it had some problems that were very recently fixed in cvs
18:23<Markos>hmm, i wonder if those are the problems i am experencing
18:23<Markos>MythWeather: Invalid Area or Fatal Error.
18:23<thor>lots of improvements ...
18:24<Peit|Home>Chutt: you have a 250, rather than a 350 do you now?
18:24<Markos>its already pretty cool
18:24<Markos>well, when it works :p
18:25<thor>Peit|Home, I think he has both
18:25<Peit|Home>tmk: if you want hosting, yell at me next week
18:25<Peit|Home>it may not be fast, but it's continuous
18:26-!-jkolb [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:27-!-mechou [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:29<tmk>i don't need hosting really
18:29<tmk> is ok, jsut slow :<
18:29<tmk>i might be interested in movign CVS off
18:29<tmk>that's about it
18:33<Peit|Home>anyhow, i'm off to bed, night all
18:34-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:35<tmk>hey chutt
18:36<moegreen>Markos: try updating to cvs, it *should* fix your issue :)
18:36<Chutt>moegreen, do you mind if i move the inetcomms stuff to libmyth?
18:36<moegreen>Chutt: nope
18:36<tmk>Chutt: supposedly the decoder supports yuv
18:36<Chutt>right, so you could theoretically display arbitrary data to it
18:36<tmk>so it may be possible to use the pvr as an output for anything, though at no cpu savings
18:37<Markos>moegreen: thanks, I'll try it out
18:37<Chutt>i saw that in the docs on the ivtv site
18:37<Chutt>i'd be worried 'bout a/v sync, though
18:37<tmk>that's a problem for a different API
18:38<Chutt>can you send raw audio to the card to play?
18:39<tmk>not htat i've seen
18:39<tmk>you could re-encode to mpg heh
18:39<tmk>perhaps its undocumented
18:39<tmk>or perhaps you can send an mpg audio stream
18:39<Chutt>that may require re-encoding
18:40<Chutt>and i'd _really_ be worried about sync then =)
18:40<tmk>just put in an option to adjust audio forwards/backwards
18:40<Chutt>eh, that gets annoying, though
18:40<tmk>there's also a frame counter
18:40<tmk>i can add an api call for that
18:40<tmk>pts etc
18:41<tmk>it's a bit early
18:41<Chutt>i need to hook the -350 up to a tv so i can play with things
18:41<tmk>i'll be doing the plain v4l2 stuff where applicible
18:41<Chutt>i don't mind non-v4l2 apis
18:41<Chutt>just so long as they don't change =)
18:42<tmk>v4l2 is supposedly thought-out already
18:42<Chutt>yeah, right
18:42<tmk>so as much as possible i'll try and use it
18:42<Chutt>like i believe that
18:42<tmk>i don't trust myself to create an api on the fly :)
18:43<tmk>if you want to have a bit of a meeting and hash out what you'd like
18:43<tmk>and such
18:43<tmk>that could be productive
18:43<tmk>next week sometime
18:43<tmk>or tomorrow
18:43<Chutt>not tomorrow
18:44-!-jamesb0nd [] has joined #mythtv
18:54-!-mecraw [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
18:54-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:02-!-jamesb0nd [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:19-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
19:37-!-_keturn [] has joined #mythtv
19:51-!-StarHeart [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:59-!-keturn [] has quit [Connection timed out]
20:00-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
20:01<mechou>so is xmltv5.15 safe to use with latest cvs?
20:02<Chutt>but it's only safe if you can find my pvr-350 output adapter thingie
20:03<mikegrb>Chutt: it's over there
20:03-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:06<mikegrb>especially porn
20:06<Chutt>you need to use a different irc client or something
20:06<mikegrb>talking about mpaa
20:06<mikegrb>irssi is the best
20:07<mikegrb>prob is I have this over #slashdot on slashnet
20:07-!-StarHeart [] has joined #mythtv
20:07<mikegrb>it has one line for text entry at the bottom regardless of which window you are typing too
20:16<Chutt>tmk, around?
20:20<tmk>bout to not be
20:20<Chutt>how do you get the decoder working?
20:20-!-krazie [~mythtv@] has joined #mythtv
20:20<tmk>cat file > /dev/video1
20:20<tmk>or video0
20:20<tmk>whatever your card is
20:20<tmk>you also need to load sa7127 first
20:21<krazie>what can be done when there is no video only audio when running mythtv?
20:21<tmk>insmod saa7127 enable_output=1 output_select=0
20:21<tmk>for composite out on ntsc
20:22<Chutt>err, ah
20:22<tmk>use dd
20:22<tmk>dd if=file of=/dev/video0 bs=65536
20:23<krazie>tmk: are you talking to me?
20:23<Chutt>that works
20:23<Chutt>looks real nice, too
20:23<Chutt>krazie, no, he wasn't
20:24<tmk>chut:: heh everyone says it looks nice
20:24<Chutt>well, looks better than the epia-m's tv out, that's for sure
20:24* mikegrbsends chutt a cardboard box full of peanuts with a pre-paid shipping label on the side
20:24<vektor613>what, does pvr-250 output work now?
20:24<tmk>ok i gotta go now
20:24<Chutt>vektor613, -350
20:25<Chutt>tmk, thanks =)
20:25<tmk>heh pvr250 has no tvout
20:25<vektor613>Chutt: sorry, i drank a bunch at dinner
20:25<Chutt>vektor, and, kinda =)
20:25* vektor613at OLS
20:25<Chutt>playback with 0 cpu
20:25<vektor613>confz roxor
20:25<Chutt>tmk, will this record _and_ playback at the same time?
20:25<tmk>not this one
20:25<tmk>you can try
20:25<Chutt>but eventually?
20:25<tmk>i hear it locks though
20:25<Chutt>the card can handle it?
20:25<tmk>yeah i don't see why not
20:25<tmk>if you want i bet you can get yuv, mpg, and decode
20:25<tmk>if you're into that sort of thing
20:26<tmk>oh and vbi
20:26<Chutt>it won't let you
20:26<tmk>what won't
20:26<Chutt>cat: /dev/video0: Device or resource busy
20:26<tmk>ah well
20:26<Chutt>so, no lock at least
20:26<tmk>it'll work later,
20:26<tmk>for sure
20:26<Chutt>nice work
20:26<Chutt>can't wait for the rest of it
20:26<Chutt>well, i can, as that means more coding for me
20:26<tmk>k bye now
20:27-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:30-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:33-!-krazie [] has quit ["Lost terminal"]
20:35-!-grogan [] has joined #mythtv
20:43<grogan>can anyone tell me why myth is just showing me a black screen with no picture when I go into livetv mode?
20:43<grogan>(debian unstable)
20:43<Chutt>what's it say on the console?
20:44<grogan>I just set this up...
20:44<grogan>Chutt: I will check.. just a moment...
20:44<Chutt>both backend and frontend.
20:45-!-krazie [~mythtv@] has joined #mythtv
20:45<krazie>I get no video
20:45<krazie>only audio in mythtv
20:45<Chutt>you're probably not getting audio, either.
20:46<krazie>I do get audio
20:46<krazie>well at first I got audio
20:46<Chutt>no, you're most likely just listening to the pass-through.
20:46<grogan>hmm.. I am getting different messages than the one I was getting before (which I can't remember now)
20:46<krazie>yes I see what you mean
20:46<Chutt>krazie, there's usually error messages on the console
20:46<grogan>but it looks like it's one of those "can't open audio" issues...
20:46<Chutt>grogan, that'd do it
20:46<grogan>it's funny, tho, because I wasn't getting that message before..
20:46<grogan>I'll tinker some more and see what I can figure out
20:47<thor>ah, that's better:
20:47<Chutt>thor, nifty.
20:47<thor>definitely making some progress ...
20:55<mikegrb>thor is going to make me buy a dvd drive for my myth box <g>
20:56<thor>I think I'm going to make myself buy a burner before too long
20:56<mikegrb>though with the move I've finally convinced my wife we don't need the dvds so I can just rip them all and ship to one of our parents in a box
20:56<mikegrb>that is the next step
20:57<thor>not only can I bore people with videos of the baby, I can burn them a copy on the spot !
20:58<Chutt>so you're going to make the mtd handle burning too? =)
20:58<thor>not this evening !
21:07<Timon>thor, where does the "Please Wait" in music come when going to mythmusic->play music
21:17<thor>Timon, it's in the music-ui.xml file (context)
21:18<Timon>I got that part, but what invokes it?
21:18<thor>ah, ...
21:19<Timon>I tried searching for mm_waiting but couldn't find it
21:19<thor>one sec ...
21:20<thor>leaves context as 0 ...
21:20<Timon>I looked there, but couldn't see anything which would popup a widget
21:20<thor>if playlists and metadata objects aren't ready
21:21<thor>you start out in context 0
21:21<thor>which shows Please Wait
21:21<thor>once things are ready, you switch to context = 1 or 2
21:21<Timon> if(first_playlist_check)
21:21<Timon> {
21:21<Timon> first_playlist_check = false;
21:21<Timon> repaint();
21:21<Timon> return;
21:21<Timon> }
21:21<thor>(depending on ShowWholeTree)
21:21<Timon>that bring up the "Please Wait" box?
21:21<thor>no, it's already up
21:22<thor>that just makes sure we skip the first timer firing
21:22<thor>to make certain the constructor is done
21:22<Timon>Ahhh, ok
21:22<thor>and the dialog is up and painted
21:22<Timon>I'm trying to update the LCD with "Please Wait" when its up on the screen
21:23<thor>start out with Please Wait in constructor
21:23<Timon>Ok, where do I turn it off?
21:23<thor>and only change it once you make it to another setContext command
21:23<thor>ie., once you get through checkForPlaylists()
21:24<Timon> else
21:24<Timon> {
21:24<Timon> //
21:24<Timon> // Visual Feedback ...
21:24<Timon> //
21:24<Timon> }
21:24<Timon>Inside of there?
21:24<Timon> if(tree_is_done)
21:24<Timon> {
21:24<thor>that'll do
21:26<Timon>Thanks thor.
21:26<Timon>When I'm all done, can you test my patches to see how things work on a 2 line display?
21:27<thor>although you can sim that by making a terminal lcddevice yourself
21:28<Timon>Right now, I have it showing the volume on the display when user changes volume (Added a switchToGenericProgress), displays progress on song when playing, and time left on song
21:28<thor>in lcdproc configuration, you can tell it your device is a terminal window and spec how many columns and lines you want
21:28<Timon>Thats true, forgot about that.
21:28<Timon>Yeah, I forgot about that
21:28<thor>but I'm happy to test as well
21:29<Timon>I can't get my LCD to spit out the keys via getDataFromServer (or whatever its called)
21:30<Timon>I may do some digging on it and figure it out
21:30<thor>can't help you there .... don't have one ... but I think it's supposed to send stuff on the socket on keypress
21:30<Timon>I can however do cat /dev/ttyUSB0 and get the keys
21:31-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:31<Timon>via serverSendingData() right?
21:32<thor>don't recall, but you probably just want to cout anything that comes through to see what you're getting back
21:32<Timon>I did that, I wasn't getting anything
21:32<thor>hmmm .... configuration maybe .... I dunno
21:33<Timon>Well, anything that wasn't releted to switching screens, changing widgets, etc
21:33<Timon>Yeah, i need to play around with it more
21:37-!-krazie [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:39-!-yourface [] has joined #mythtv
21:40-!-yourface has changed the topic to: - The Best
21:41-!-Chutt has changed the topic to:
21:42* thorhas no idea how irc works, let alone how to change the topic
21:42<Chutt>./topic blahblahblah
21:42<yourface>./topic #channel blahblahblah
21:42* thornods and tries to stop typing /thor
21:43-!-yourface has changed the topic to: blahblahblah
21:43-!-thor has changed the topic to:
21:44-!-Viddy has changed the topic to:
21:44<mikegrb>Chutt: if you set the channel mode +t only ops can change the topic
21:45<mikegrb>though I guess you would have to ident to nickserv
21:45-!-yourface has changed the topic to:
21:45<mikegrb>and I believe that was adressed earlier this evening
21:45<Viddy>thats wrong though
21:45<Chutt>i realize that
21:45<mikegrb>no prob
21:45<-- yourface( has left #mythtv
21:46<Chutt>it's nicer without a channel being locked down, though
21:46<mikegrb>yes but people aren't nice
21:46<Viddy>the optimist verses the cynic
21:47<thor>realism is the last refuge of the ... oh never mind
21:47-!-jamesb0nd [] has joined #mythtv
21:47<jamesb0nd>anyone use the powermate with mythtv?
21:48<thor>anything like coffeemate?
21:48<mikegrb>no it makes power
21:48<mikegrb>violates the laws of thermodynamics and all
21:49<bline>isn't that an icechest
21:49<mikegrb>bline: yes I believe coleman makes it
21:49<mikegrb>I have one next to my recliner I use with mythtv -- it's great at keeping beer cold
21:49<jamesb0nd>it looks like a volume knob
21:50<mikegrb>I think I actually know what you are talking about
21:50<mikegrb>usb is it?
21:50<mikegrb>rotates and use as a pushbutton?
21:51<jamesb0nd>yup, just a nice addon to make a case look more like an AV receiver
21:51<Timon>jamesb0nd: Aren't you the one who asked on the list a couple of months ago for someone to write a driver/interface it with myth for it for you?
21:51<jamesb0nd>not me
21:51<Chutt>that looks nice
21:51<mikegrb>yes it does
21:51<mikegrb>aluminum even
21:52<Chutt>waaay overpriced for a volume knob, though
21:52<jamesb0nd>well i am getting it to go with this htpc case
21:53<jamesb0nd>it is really expensive but totaly customized, anyway just wondered if anyone used it, guess not
21:56<bline>ouch 400
21:58<jamesb0nd>yeah but it "should" be the last htpc case i buy, don't need much more
22:00<bline>my computer case works fine
22:00<mikegrb>it looks pretty
22:00<bline>I don't see why people spend money on pretty cases
22:00<mikegrb>mine is in the closet
22:00<bline>my platic case serves its purpose
22:00<mikegrb>$90 for case mb processor and power supply
22:00<bline>mine is next to the tv
22:00<bline>it's cost 30CAD
22:01<mikegrb>I had it by the tv but it was just too noisy so I moved it into the closet just around the corner... our remote is RF
22:01<jamesb0nd>i do it because unlike most of my computers its going to be very visible
22:02<jamesb0nd>also the case is designed with noise and heat problems in mind
22:02<bline>mine is visable heh
22:03-!-_keturn is now known as keturn
22:04<jamesb0nd>well i still think that its not that much if i use the case for a long time
22:05<bline>I'll still have the 30$ case when I die
22:10<thor>jamesb0nd, sweet case ... can you get it with A/V "feet"?
22:15<jamesb0nd>no, because of the weight it sits diffrently or somthing so diffrent feet need to be heavyer or somthing
22:15<jamesb0nd>there is a long thread on the case in the general htpc forum at
22:16<jamesb0nd>i mean the weight inside the case
22:21-!-Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
22:41-!-keturn is now known as _keturn
22:41<gsfgf>if i was to get a hrdwar mpeg encoder does it have to be mpeg4?
22:42-!-__keturn [] has joined #mythtv
22:43-!-__keturn is now known as keturn
22:47<gsfgf>will this card make myth run smooth
22:56<Chutt>that's not a hardware encoder
22:58-!-_keturn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:59<mechou>chutt: you there?
22:59<jamesb0nd>they don't even make hardware mpeg4 cards do they?
23:00<thor>gsfgf, Hauppauge (often mis-spelled Hauppage) PVR-250 or PVR-350 is what you want if you're looking for dedicated HW encoding that works with Myth
23:00<gsfgf>how much do they cost
23:01<thor>$100 -$200 or thereabouts, but sometimes there are specials on OEM'd versions
23:01<jamesb0nd>5 billion dollars
23:01<mechou>I run mythfrontend, select watch recording, and I get "Failed to get Selector object." What do you think this is?
23:02<mechou>myth also complains about not being able to parse ui.xml....
23:02<Chutt>mechou, with qt 3.2?
23:03<Chutt>i'll have to compile and fix that, i guess =)
23:03<mechou>yup. you mentioned s/t w/ utf-8 setting...
23:03<mechou>refresh my memory again?
23:03<Chutt>the .xml files may need something in there to set the character encoding
23:03<Chutt>i don't know
23:03<Chutt>that's just a guess =)
23:04<thor>mechou, as a work around, you might be able to rip out foreign language stuff (Chutt, would that work?)
23:04<mechou>what foreign lang stuff?
23:05<mechou>like you mean spanish channels?
23:05<mikegrb>in the xml file
23:05<mikegrb>the foreign translations for the ui elements
23:05<thor>just a guess
23:06<-- dopezhas quit ()
23:07<mikegrb>it sounds plausible and I believe I have heard it working as a solution, don't remember if it was irc or the list though
23:07<thor>mechou, as another guess, have you tried cleaning out ~/.qtconfig stuff and setting lang things in qtconfig
23:07<mechou>guys, which specific xml files are you referring to?
23:08<thor>which ones is it complaining about ?
23:08<thor>not mainmenu.xml
23:08<mikegrb>what theme are you using?
23:08<mikegrb>hmm I see what you are wondering thor
23:08<mechou>in theory, blueosd. but m yth complained about that too...
23:09<thor>mechou, this is really the blind leading the blind ....
23:09<mechou>yeah, you can say that again. Three blind mice...
23:10<thor>but (after making backup compies) you could look at things like mainmenu.xml and see if taking out all the lang stuff stops it from complaining
23:11<mechou>ok, before I go ahead and do this, what's the last cvs checkout you guys were able to run successfully with qt3.2?
23:11<mechou>I'm being able to watch & record...
23:11<mikegrb>I'm using ancient qt
23:11<thor>it's not a version thing ... it's a Qt changed the way they do things thing
23:12<thor>probably an easy fix, once someone has a definitive solution
23:13<mechou>yeah, I just don't want to be "Mr. Definitive", if you catch my meaning ;-)
23:14<mechou>thor, so whats all this about qtconfig?
23:14<thor>qtconfig lets you set defaults for all qt apps
23:14<thor>it's a program
23:15<thor>you can run it
23:15<thor>3.1 does not have a lang tab ... just a pure guess that 3.2 might
23:16<mechou>I've got ~/.qt/qtrc, but no ~/.qtconfig
23:16<thor>yeah, that's it
23:16<mechou>are they the same thing?
23:17<mechou>well, at the top of qtrc, it says [3.1]. Is qt 3.2 smart enough to use older qt settings?
23:18<Chutt>oh, neat
23:18<Chutt>qt 3.2 does validation of QLineEdits
23:18<Chutt>mechou, it should be
23:19<mechou>so if I "mv ~/.qt ~/.qtbak ~/.qt should regen?
23:19<mechou>so if I "mv ~/.qt ~/.qtbak" ~/.qt should regen?
23:19<thor>yup, once you run qtconfig
23:21<mechou>hmm, I'm running qtconfig now, nothing 'bout languages....
23:23<thor>non even "enhanced support for something"
23:23<mechou>actually under interface tab it has a checkbox for "enhance support for lang. from right to left" or some such thing, which _isnt_ checked....
23:24<thor>yeah, that was in 3.1 ... hmmm .... oh well ... it was a total guess ... Chutt will probably have this solved shortly
23:27-!-yourface [~trillian@] has joined #mythtv
23:28<Chutt>i'll have to compile qt on my own and stuff
23:28<yourface>Does anyone know if the visor OSD is testing, or if their is a screenshot of it?
23:28<Chutt>oh yeah, i never put that up on the website, did i
23:29<yourface>where can I get it? Does it work with .10?
23:30<Chutt>ask just1nux
23:30<Chutt>it's his theme
23:30<Chutt>i'll bbl
23:32<mechou>hmm, qt3.2 and myth is really fubar'd
23:33<thor>build 3.1 overnight ?
23:33<-- yourface(~trillian@ has left #mythtv
23:33<mechou>complains about not being able to read theme pixmaps or some such thing...
23:33<thor>but the moment your done, I guarantee you someone will have solved the xml hiccups
23:34<mechou>thats "theme preview images"
23:35<Timon>thor: off the top of your head, where in databasebox.cpp do I look to get the item with focus in the tree, and if its checked?
23:36<Timon>thor: I really like your error messages: 'databasebox.o: Oh crap, this is not supposed to happen'
23:37<mechou>does trolltech make older versions of qt source available on the web? Can someone point me to it?
23:38<thor>Timon ... look for handleSignals .... hang on .. I'll find it
23:38<Timon>That will point me in the right direction.
23:38<Timon>You don't need to do all the leg work for me.
23:38<mechou>never mind, found it on some mirror....
23:38<thor>hang on, I've got my dialogs confused
23:39<Timon>thor: I completely passed right over the signals not thinking to look there. Oh well, you live, you learn.
23:39<thor>Timon, hang on ... I may have sent you on a wild goose chase ....
23:40<mechou>hey thor, which cvs checkout of myth do you have running with qt3.1?
23:40<thor>up to the minute
23:40<Timon>thor: Ok, I'm not seeing where the up/down/left/right keys are handled. I do see the connection of the spacePressed event
23:40<mechou>and your exact version of qt3.1?
23:41<thor>mechou, 3.1.2
23:41<mechou>thor, OK, thx
23:43<thor>Timon, simplest thing is probably to put a little code at the *bottom* of keyPressEvent to ask the ListView what's selected
23:44<thor>only thing that'll bugger that is holdingTracks
23:44<thor>so you'll need a little something in there as well
23:45<thor>oh, now it won't
23:45<thor>you could even ask the listView for prevChild and nextChild if you want multiple lines
23:46<Timon>I would like next and prev
23:46<thor>ask the ListView for active, and then ask active for nextSibling() prevSibling(), but you need to check they are valid (first child's do not have preSiblings, for example)
23:47<Timon>Ok, makes perfect sence
23:47<Timon>is that QListView?
23:47<thor>and QlistViewItem
23:48<Timon>Ok, and ask the listviewitem if its checked? Or do I ask listview?
23:48<thor>the item
23:48<thor>(but not all of them are checkable ... i.e. playlist items)
23:48<Timon>Thats what I thought.
23:49<Timon>Is there a flag of some sort to indicate if they are checkable?
23:49<thor>but you can find out what kind of item it is (track, playlist, cd track, etc.) by dynamic casting them
23:49<thor>which is a bit messy
23:49<thor>but works
23:50<Timon>I have plenty of example code in keyPressEvent to work from :-)
23:51<Timon>I changed around output[Centered|Left|Right]Text a lot
23:51<Timon>void outputCenteredText(QString theScreen,
23:51<Timon> QString theText,
23:51<Timon> QString widget = "topWidget",
23:51<Timon> int row = 1);
23:52<thor>ok ... I really don't remember any of that code, except I think there's a method called veryBadThings()
23:52<Timon>I removed top from it as well. And made them public. I didn't want to use switchToGenericProgress every time I wanted to change one of the lines say when the time on the song changes
23:53<Timon>I have seen that one indead.
23:53<Timon>I really liked that method name :-)
23:53-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:54<Timon>I have some code at work which has a comment of //I have no clue what this does, but it works so don't "fix" it
23:54-!-mechou [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:56<thor>I have code in mythDVD that says, this sucks ... someone who knows what they're doing should fix it
23:56<Timon>I have seen that in mythmusic as well :-)
23:58<Timon>not... enough... desktop... space...