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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-25

00:00<Timon>I presume TreeCheckItem *allmusic; is what I want to work with?
00:00<Timon>no, thats not it
00:02<Timon>I'm trying to figure out which variable I need to talk to to get that holds the stuff in the "select music" box
00:03<Timon>oh, its just the variable listview that I need.
00:04<Timon>yeah, when you said listview, I thought you mean QListView, not the variable listview :-)
00:04<thor>which is of type MythListView, which inherits from QListView
00:04<Timon>Yeah, I figured out that chain
00:05<thor>which you've obviously already figured out ...
00:05<Timon>Yup :-)
00:05<Timon>I'm trying to figure out if I want to create a switchToMenu
00:05<Timon>Or modify the heck out of popMenu
00:05<Timon>Because when the user is in the playlist, I don't want to the menu to unPop
00:05<thor>yeah ...
00:05<Timon>I think I'll create a new one
00:06<thor>or overload popMenu to take a timer value with 0 as forever
00:06<thor>either way, you need to remember to clear it out when the user leaves
00:07<Timon>But then I have to overload it for prevItem, curItem, nextItem
00:07<Timon>which direction do you think I should take?
00:08<Timon>I'm thinking I'll create a new set of menthods
00:08<thor>one nice thing would be to make popMenu (or switchToMenu) take a QStringList and display as mush as it can above and below
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00:11<Timon>I hadn't thought of that approach
00:12<thor>you'd need an int as well to say which String in the list is *the* current one, but then you let the LCD object decide what to do above and below
00:13<Timon>Or, I could just do this "0,0,uncheckedItem{;}1,0,currentItem{;}0,1,checkedItem"
00:14<Timon>and split it up
00:14<Timon>If I did that, i should probably just create a struct
00:14<thor>yeah ... or an Object !
00:15<Timon>Yeah me!
00:15<Timon>I think I'll create a LCDMenu object
00:15<thor>lots of clever constructors
00:15<thor>for one line insertions all over the place
00:15<Timon>what do you mean?
00:16<thor>the LCDMenu object should have lots of ways to get created. So no matter where you are in the myth code you can do a one line:
00:16<Timon>Oh, yeah, constructor stuff
00:16<thor>LCDMenu *menu_object = new LCDMenu(lots_of_weird_ass_data_structures);
00:17<Timon>thor, you have some of the most creative variable names and comments :-)
00:18<thor>I have a char* in mythdvd called bloody_stupid_libdvdread
00:21<vektor613>what's wrong with libdvdread?
00:22* vektor613had some personal involvement with it, and always was quite proud of it as a project
00:22<jamesb0nd>i am partial to decss
00:22<thor>vektor613, absolutely nothing ... just a frustrating moment
00:22<vektor613>ok ...
00:22<thor>it's a great library
00:22<vektor613>no comments or patches?
00:23<vektor613>patches preferred over comments, but hey ;-)
00:23<thor>would be nice to have a few simpler, higher level interfaces .... track->getPalyingTime() for example
00:23<vektor613>rather than the structures you mean?
00:23<thor>err ... c ... track->playingtime
00:23<vektor613>dvd layout is pretty complicated though
00:23<Timon>thor, you think I need to include qobject?
00:24<thor>Timon, if you want signals and slots, yup
00:24<Timon>I wouldn't think I need those for this
00:24<thor>vektor613, well ... to tell you how good the library is, I got all the data I needed out of it, and still don't really understand dvd structures
00:25<vektor613>thor: cool :)
00:25* vektor613needs sleep, ttyl
00:26<Timon>how do you set the tabwidth in vi?
00:26<jamesb0nd>just an idea but i was thinking it would be cool to have mythmusic be able to play music videos, ex if it is an mp3 or ogg file it uses the viz but if it is a avi it plays the video
00:27<thor>jamesb0nd, mythvideo ?
00:27<Timon>jamesb0nd: Sounds like you volunteered yourself?
00:28<jamesb0nd>hehe yeah as soon as i get a dev box i will help out but i currently am waiting for my case fancy htpc to be build
00:29<jamesb0nd>thor: does mythvideo support the viz in mythmusic?
00:31<Chutt>there isn't any plugin->plugin communication
00:33<jamesb0nd>didn't think so, i just thought it would be cool to play music videos intermittently while watching the visualizations of your mp3 or ogg files playing
00:35<jamesb0nd>mabey a star wipe to connect them seamlessly = )
00:38<Timon>thor: how does this look: private:
00:38<Timon> CHECKED_STATE isChecked;
00:38<Timon> bool isSelected;
00:38<Timon> QString menuItem;
00:39<Timon>Can you think of any other items to take into account?
00:39<thor>not checkable, but whishing it was ?
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00:42<Timon>public: LCDMenu(); LCDMenu(bool isSelected, CHECKED_STATE isChecked, QString menuItem);
00:43<thor>Timon, hard to judge a line at a time ... but seems to make sense
00:44<Timon>I could paste the whole thing, but there isn't really much more than that, just the includes and stuff
00:44<jamesb0nd>so if I were to code my idea what would be the best way for me to play the videos in mythmusic?
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00:45<thor>jamesb0nd, mythmusic has no way to make a semantic distinction between a music video and any other kind of video, but sure ...
00:47<jamesb0nd>well i know that, i am thinking you would store your music videos in a diffrent folder or mabey with your mp3/oggs
00:48<jamesb0nd>granted if you wanted to you could play that clip of the star wars kid in mythmusic
00:50<jamesb0nd>i am just wondering what lib would be good for this
00:51<thor>libavcodec ...
01:00<jamesb0nd>speaking of dev how do you guys have your systems set up, do you dev on your live machine, have a diffrent mythtv running on the same machine, or just a diffrent computer?
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01:00<Timon>thor: Is this legal, I seem to remember it is, but I can't find it in my book
01:00<Timon>LCDMenu::LCDMenu(bool item_selected, CHECKED_STATE item_checked, QString item_name)
01:00<Timon> selected = item_selected,
01:00<Timon> checked = item_checked,
01:00<Timon> name = item_name
01:00<yourface>is just1nux around?
01:00<Timon>{ blah blah }
01:01<thor>you mean the CHECKED_STATE as a type ?
01:01<Timon>no no, putting the assignment after the declaration, but before the brace
01:01<Timon>I know you can do CHECKED_STATE as a type
01:02<thor>you got me ....
01:02<Timon>lemme compile and find out :-)
01:03<grogan>can anyone tell me what "QSettings: error creating /root/.qt" is supposed to mean when I try to start mythtv-backend?
01:04<thor>grogan, wow .. that's a good one. no /root/ directory ?
01:05<grogan>thor: I'm affraid /root is still there :)
01:05<grogan>this is on debian unstable, btw...
01:05<thor>mythbackend running as user what?
01:06<grogan>well.. I was just starting /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend as root
01:06<thor>but doesn't seem to have root priveledges ....
01:07<grogan>unless /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend seems to be reducing its priveledges in some way...
01:08* grogangoes to tinker with it a little more
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01:10<Timon>thor, its kind of funny, there is more comments to describe what it does than there is actual code :-)
01:11<grogan>Timon: that's usually a good thing (tm) :)
01:11<Timon>yeah, for comments in general
01:11<grogan>well.. I am still getting these problems regarding QSettings and I have no idea what prompted this
01:12* groganwishes the lirc people were better with commenting
01:12<thor>grogan, the quick and dirty solution is to make /root/.qt world writeable ...
01:12<Timon>I ended up doing most things in the declaration. instead of implimentation
01:13<Timon>The only thing I did in implimentation was the multi-param stuff for the constructor
01:13<grogan>Timon: what are you working on?
01:13<Timon>grogan: LCD stuff, I'm working on an LCD menu object
01:14<grogan>thor: well.. I'm going to look over the mythtv-backend init script to see what is going on here
01:14<grogan>Timon: slick
01:14<Timon>thor: how do you suggest I pass the objects to switchToMenu?
01:14<Timon>Some sort of array with pointers I presume
01:15<Timon>But, I don't know how to do that with C++
01:15<thor>no, just pass the object
01:15* groganneeds to work on a better perl script to control his redrat2s
01:15<Timon>but thor, what about for multi line menu?
01:15<thor>build the object with as many lines as you want ...
01:16<thor>MenuObject *my_menu_object = new MenuObject(blah);
01:16<Timon>hack up some pCode for me;
01:17<Timon>rotflol eatMenu
01:17<thor>make any sense ?
01:17<Timon>Yeah; but, I was thinking more along the lines of:
01:18<Timon>LCDMenu * menuObject = new LCDMenu(true, CHECKED, "Fred");
01:18<Timon>some_kind_of_array_sort_of_gizmo[i] = menuObject
01:19<thor>hmmm ....
01:19<Timon>switchToMenu("Main Menu", some_kind_of_array_sort_of_gizmo);
01:20<thor>I think you're thinking:
01:20<thor>MenuItem *item = new MenuItem(a line);
01:20<Timon>I'm looking for a collection type of object
01:21<thor>and then a collection of menu items
01:21<thor>which I'd put in a MenuObject
01:21<thor>but you could just have a QPtrList<menuItem>
01:21<Timon>Yeah, that could work, but why go through the expense of writting up a menuObject?
01:22<Timon>QPtrList would work perfect
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01:23<thor>mechou, 3.1 built?
01:23<grogan>thor: what is the not_so_quick_and_dirty way to fix that mythtv-backend issue? (assuming you had one in mind)
01:23<mechou>naw, haven't even d'l it. I'm on dialup here...
01:23<grogan>I did try having /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend run mythbackend as root...
01:23<grogan>but that doesn't seem very kosher
01:24<thor>run it as a specific user, make sure it's run as that user, and then make sure that user a home directory where qt can right config settings ?
01:25<mechou>I'll try to d'l it while I'm sleeping, build it tomorrow...
01:25<grogan>well.. it just seems like since these are the pre-built debian packages, something is obviously going wrong here
01:26<grogan>I think it was working before, yet I don't remember messing with it at all
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01:28<mechou>it's strange, with qt3.2 myth complains parse error on /usr/locale/share/mythtv/themes/blue/ui.xml, line 655, col 17.
01:28<mechou>complains about a "bad tag"
01:28<Chutt>it's the same error as before.
01:29<Chutt>and we did tell you that things would likely not work with 3.2 yesterday.
01:29<thor>mechou, pull out all the <value lang> stuff and see if it'll parse it
01:30<mechou>I'm not complaining, just looking thru ui.xml, didn't see anything obviously "wrong"
01:30<thor>see those funky accented characters in foreign languages ?
01:30<Chutt>why aren't you using the 3.1 rpms that come with mandrake, anyway?
01:31<jamesb0nd>whats a good tv tuner for software encoding?
01:31<mechou>Chut, I used it, but 3.1 MDK rpms, but apparently they weren't mt...
01:31<Chutt>they are, if you install the right ones.
01:32<Timon>mechou: I'm having no problems with them.
01:33<mechou>about a month ago there were some mdk libqt security updates, you mean _only_ the updates are screwed up?
01:33<Timon>I'm using MDK 9.1
01:34<mechou>libqt3-3.1.1-13.1mdk.i586.rpm apparently aren't mt-safe....
01:35<Timon>I'm using 3.1.1 and haven't had any problems
01:35<mechou>Timon, can you do rpm -qa | grep libqt?
01:35<Timon>[root@pvr libmyth]# rpm -qa | grep libqt
01:35<mechou>hmm, weird....
01:36<Timon>what problems are you having mechou
01:36<mechou>it would compile mythcvs as of 2 nights ago.
01:36<mechou>oops, wouldn't
01:37<Timon>I updated last night or the night before, and everything is fine for me.
01:37<Timon>thor: lcddevice.cpp:870: declaration of `void LCD::switchToMenu(QString = "", QPtrList<LCDMenuItem>)' outside of class is not definition
01:37<mechou>compile complains about QMutex as not a defined type....
01:38<Timon>have you googled the exact error it returned?
01:39<mechou>Timon, yup...
01:41<mechou>didn't get jack...
01:42<thor>Timon, bit to the left of :: doesn't look right =)
01:52<grogan>okay.. pardon my probably stupid question, but why am I getting "player: can't open audio device" if as user mythtv I have full access to everything under /dev/sound/?
01:52<Timon>thor: its escaping me, what doesn't look right about it?
01:53<thor>oh, sorry
01:53<thor>I though the class was called LCDDevice, not just LCD
01:53<Timon>This is inside of the LCD class
01:53<thor>uhm ... is switchToMenu with those params in the .h ?
01:54<Timon>void switchToMenu(QString app_name = "",
01:54<Timon> QPtrList<LCDMenuItem>);
01:54<Timon>I found it thor: void LCD::switchToMenu(QString app_name = "", QPtrList<LCDMenuItem> menuItems);
01:54<Timon>I copy and pasted from the declaration, without removing the ;
01:55<thor>plus you don't want the default ="" in both places
01:55<thor>certain versions of gcc really hate that
01:55<Timon>Yeah, I just got a compile error on that :-)
01:56<Timon>umm lcddevice.cpp:887: default argument missing for parameter 2 of `void LCD::switchToMenu(QString = "", QPtrList<LCDMenuItem>)'
01:56<Timon>What am I missing?
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01:57<thor>QString a_name
01:58<thor>in the .h, you want switchToMenu(QPtrList<LCDMenuItem> a_list, QString a_string="")
01:58<thor>in the .cpp, you want switchToMenu(QPtrList<LCDMenuItem> a_list, QString a_string)
01:59<thor>or the other way around, if you include a_list=NULL in the .h
01:59<Timon>I have in .h: switchToMenu(QString app_name = "", QPtrList<LCDMenuItem> menuItems);
01:59<Timon>Ohh, I understand, if you default one item, you have to default all items after that?
01:59<Chutt>the default args have to be last.
01:59<Timon>Makes perfect sense
02:00<Timon>Thanks thor, Chutt
02:01* thorgoes beddy-bye without having sent Chutt a working version of mythdvd
02:01<Timon>Ok, so now I have switchToMenu(QString app_name = "", QPtrList<LCDMenuItem> menuItems = NULL); but I get the error "lcddevice.h:107: invalid type `int' for default argument to `QPtrList<LCDMenuItem>'"
02:01* grogangets his setup mostly working :)
02:01<Timon>NULL == int ???
02:02<thor>try = 0 ?
02:02<thor>but I don't know what I'm talking about, especially this tired
02:02<Chutt>you probably can't default a QPtrList to anything.
02:03<thor>listen to Chutt ... make it first argument
02:03<Timon>yeah thor = 0 made everything go screwy.
02:03<Timon>ok Chutt
02:04<thor>Chutt, only a few things left, but I'm just not making sense anymore ...
02:05<Chutt>sure =)
02:05<thor>nice thread for probing the DVD ... got all the messaging working
02:05<thor>but need to make mtd jobs work
02:05<thor>and those are all threads
02:06<thor>and I barely understand that when I'm wide awake
02:06<thor>mtd = Myth Transcoding Daemon
02:06<Timon>Ahhh, ok
02:06<thor>Timon, good luck with it ... send me some code to test whenever you like
02:07<Timon>I will do thor
02:07<Timon>I can send you the stuff without the menu working if you want
02:07<thor>whatever you want feedback on ...
02:07<Timon>I think I'll just sent it to you all at once.
02:09<Timon>thor, can a lcdproc widget be multi-line?
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02:21<mechou>what's the keybinding to configure mythweather again?
02:22<mechou>never mind, found it...
02:28<Timon>i or m
02:28<Timon>don't remember
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03:09<Chutt>the stupid spanish translation is corrupt.
03:09<Chutt>qt 3.2 has a more strict utf-8 -> unicode parser.
03:09<Chutt>ah well
03:09<Chutt>bed for me.
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05:39<KikoV>mdz: my godness, you have thousand of debian packages!! congrats! don't want to disturb u anymore!
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10:46<Chutt>current cvs should work on qt 3.2 now, at least with the blue/liquid themes
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10:53<Chutt>people that let their mailboxes fill up
10:53<Chutt>and then have their mta send out the bounce _3 days later_ suck
10:53<Peit|work>not me i hope?
10:53<Chutt>unless you're
10:54<Chutt>i've gotten like 50 bounces in the past 15 minutes
10:54<Chutt>and they're all from the 23rd
10:54<Chutt>can't _wait_ while it catches up to today
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11:04<dja__>Chutt: I've been told that you're not interested in a patch to handle multiple audio inputs, but I find myself forced to write such a patch for my own use - is this something that should be fairly easy?
11:06<dja__>(I've started poking around, but am a little confused by NuppelVidePlayer::StartPlaying having "/dev/dsp" when the audiodevice is set to "/dev/dsp1" -- I'll keep poking around :-)
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11:08<Chutt>all you should have to do is move the input field to the cardinput table
11:08<Chutt>and change where it loads it from in the code.
11:09<dja__>cool -- I start looking at that. thanks.
11:09<dja__>(oops "s/I/I'll/")
11:14<Chutt>you'll also have to write a bunch of code to handle switching the dsp device when the inputs change
11:14<dja__>ouch -- that's what I was afraid of. :-) I was hoping there were open and close routines I could just call at each input change :-)
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14:08<bline>why do people want the old mythvideo
14:09<Chutt>because they're silly
14:10<mechou>is there a keybinding in myth to deactivate recording a particular _episode_ if you've scheduled recording all instances of a given show? Or is this something one has to do manually using SQL?
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14:44<thor>not to self: do not paste shell commands into a mysql prompt
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15:59<tmk>happy lunchtime to all y'all
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16:31<rkulagow_>well, i finally caught up on all the messages in myth -users and -dev. yeesh!
16:38<mikegrb>Snow-Man: I'm sorry.... I just bounced a bunch of messages :-/
16:41<mikegrb>Problem fixed
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17:21<thor>good god I love gContext
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17:31<claybo>hey, does anyone know if it's possible to get mythfrontend working in os x?
17:33<tmk>does it support Qt?
17:33<tmk>it's probably possible if you use Xwindows
17:34* tmkcould be on crack though
17:35<claybo>yeah, i'd use it with x11, but i'm just not sure if it'll compile or not.
17:35<claybo>i'm actually trying to compile the whole thing, but it's dying at libavcodec.
17:40<bigguy>there are some endian issues
17:40<bigguy>There were some patches on the list iirc
17:41<bigguy>atleast that's what I remember ;)
17:49-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
17:50-!-__keturn [] has joined #mythtv
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18:22-!-duende [] has joined #mythtv
18:22-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
18:23<duende>Help : I was wondering if someone could help my tweak my MythTV . When running it, the tv is lagged from the audio, and the video quality isn't too good. As well, the program doesn't retreive my lirc events.
18:29<thor>lag from audio:
18:29-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
18:30<duende>thor: so am i to assume you need alsa installed?
18:30<thor>not necessarily, but you do need to follow the muting instructions
18:31<duende>and is my video quality just me, or is that the norm?
18:31<duende>i understand recording to disk, then play back can't be the best, but i'm just wondering
18:31<thor>depends on a lot of things ...
18:31<thor>there's some tweaking help in the HOWTO
18:31<mechou>duende, what res are you capturing and what cpu?
18:31<thor>mechou, I told Chutt would fix it
18:31<thor>told you
18:32<mechou>hmm, didn't check cvs yet...
18:32<duende>mechou: i believe it's 320x320 (sound right?) and an athlon xp 1.53 GHz
18:32<mechou>duende, is that like an XP2000+?
18:32<duende>mechou: XP1800+
18:33<thor>Changes committed by ijr on Fri Jul 25 10:15:54 2003: Fix bad utf-8 in the es/ca translations.
18:33<mechou>du, you should be getting good quality if u increase the res a bit...
18:33<duende>mechou: okay, i'll try it at a higher level, i wanted to be conversative at first
18:35<mechou>du, u might also want to play with the bit rate, but save that after you increase res...
18:35-!-yourface [~trillian@] has joined #mythtv
18:37<duende>mechou: any suggested res?
18:37<mechou>Anybody know if u set to record all instances of a program, how to disable one episode? Is there a "secret" keybinding, or u got to use sql?
18:38<mechou>du, try 480x??
18:38<thor>isn't there something on the advanced recordings screen ?
18:39<mechou>very first day of using myth .10 (previously used 0.9) so pls forgive dumb questions....
18:39<duende>mechou: weird, now the channel guide looks "squished"
18:43<mechou>thor, I don't see anything right off in the advanced screen that would seem to do that...
18:44<thor>I dunno, I've never used it ... just figured it might be there
18:45<mechou>thor, I'm not talking about "duplicate" episodes, just an episode I've seen befor myth came along (therefore not making it into oldrecorded table)
18:47<mechou>du, how did you change the res?
18:48<duende>mechou: in the config
18:48<mechou>which config? walk us thru it....
18:48<duende>in the recording section of the setup under the Live TV profile
18:49<mechou>OK, it's possible you might need to change guide layout after changing res, I don't know....
18:49<duende>hrm, okay
18:51<duende>okay, it was my doing
18:51<duende>something i fooled around with earlier
18:53<-- yourface(~trillian@ has left #mythtv
18:54-!-bbeattie [] has joined #mythtv
18:57<bbeattie>Chutt: if an external command program is used to change the channel, does mythtv, does mythtv not call any channel change functions, even if you are using a standard RF input on a tuner card? I believe the best fix for now until we get an HDTV channel listing, is to run an external command changer that users can set a mapping for their HDTV channels and subchannels.
18:58<bbeattie>I am hoping that the external channel change will let me do so before the input is opened, as it will still be calling ioctl's on the card. I'm just wondering if you see any possible conflicts with doing this.
18:59-!-mecraw [] has quit ["Trillian ("]
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19:16<bbeattie>I have to run, I'll be back in a bit.
19:16-!-bbeattie [] has quit ["going home."]
19:21<duende>Is there any way to get a little more reliable lirc support for mythtv? i find irxevent a little clumsey often
19:29-!-PeteCool [] has joined #mythtv
19:29-!-thor [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:30<PeteCool>Chutt: Seeking when paused is a bit broken ATM... It seeks fine, but the displayed frame(s) is/are wrong until I unpause...
19:31<PeteCool>Chutt: say I move by 1 1/2 mins FF (3x 30 secs), the displayed frame will move forward by a few frames, once, and then it'll stay the same
19:32<PeteCool>hrm... I just loaded an old (early may) recording and it doesn't do that... weird
19:35-!-thor [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
19:35<PeteCool>Chutt: I don't remember of any change that could be creating that, any ideas?
19:41<-- mechou( has left #mythtv
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20:34<Timon>Chutt, thor: Line 160: void LCDswitchToMenu(QPtrList<LCDMenuItem> *menuItems,
20:34<Timon> QString app_name = "");
20:34<Timon>I get this error: mythcontext.h:160: `LCDMenuItem' was not declared in this scope
20:34<Timon>Can you see anything wrong?
20:41-!-figgy [] has joined #mythtv
20:50-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
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23:04<michal>anyone here?
23:29-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:32-!-jamesb0nd [] has joined #mythtv
23:36<gsfgf>i am using btaudio for sound, but now i'm not getting any sound as oppsoed to very low with my cmipci
23:55-!-jamesb0nd [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:57<michal>is it possible to use mythtv without a local video source?