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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-27

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00:37<Timon_>thor or chutt: What causes mythfrontend: relocation error: blah blah blah
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01:14<yourface>Anybody around?
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01:15<yourface>My setup is a 1.1 Ghz Athlon, with a TV wonder VE, and a Raedon 8500. Channels 2-13 com in perfectly, 14-50ish come in good, and 53, 63, 64, 65 are almost un watchable, any suggestions?
01:16<Timon>why are they unwatchable?
01:17<yourface>Big vertical noise lines, and lots of noise
01:18<Timon>sounds like you need to finetune the channel
01:18<bigguy>they aren't digital channels are they?
01:18<yourface>They take signifacantly(sp) more processing power to encode as well and are prone to skipping frequently
01:18<yourface>no they aren't
01:18<bigguy>I dunno tho I don't have any
01:21<yourface>Could it just be that my video card is crap at picking up signal in that range?
01:21<yourface>NTSC 50+
01:22<Timon>try fine tuning using xawtv
01:22<yourface>Can I dump my myth channel info into a xawtv config file?
01:23<Timon>see if that improves things, if it does, then take the fine tune numbers and plug them into the db for the appropriate channel
01:23<yourface>How hard would it be to allow fine tuning in myth through one of the F keys?
01:26<Timon>You have to talk to Chutt about that.
01:26<yourface>Who is Chutt
01:26<yourface>What is with the name Chutt?
01:26<Timon>that is his nick on here
01:27<yourface>Why doens't he have the all mighty op postion?
01:27<Timon>what is with the name yourface?
01:27<Timon>I believe he probably is an op, and can get ops from chanserv, but has choosen not to +o himself
01:27<yourface>Whenever some asks "Who would ask such a stupid question I can reply, "your face" "
01:28<Timon>thats gay
01:28* yourface.
01:28<yourface>Anyway tahnks for the help
01:29<yourface>all have to talk to Chutt
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01:29<bigguy>why do you need to have ops when you can tell chanserv to ban people and kick their booty
01:32<term>there's no information on who did it that way, for one.
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04:45<Gulliver>hi all
04:45<Gulliver>someone awake?
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04:54<michal>anyone know of any irc channels specialisign in DVB ?
04:56<michal>and does anyone have any idea why i can't get (or even if i should be able to get) a /dev/video device?
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08:41<Gulliver>someone awake?
08:45<Gulliver>does someone know, if there's a someone working on SDL output for mythtv? (I'd like to use mythtv on Framebuffer, without X)
08:51<sfr>awake, but i don't know.
08:52<Gulliver>is the video-output code myth-own or is code of an external project (maybe mplayer?) used?
08:54<sfr>i don't understand? and don't know myths code.
08:54<sfr>have you looked at the code?
08:55<bline>Gulliver: it's been talked about, but no one has written code. It is possible though.
08:56<Gulliver>had a short look at the code - but I didn't found the relating code-sections...
08:56<sfr>anyone here knows C++? i'm hacking mythmusic and got a problem.
08:56<Gulliver>sfr: a bit - what's the problem?
08:57<sfr>ok, can i post a bit of code here? it's easier to talk about it then, or should i use flood?
08:57<Gulliver>how much it is?
08:58<sfr>~30 lines
08:58<Gulliver>let's join flood-for that
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09:03<Gulliver>can mythtv scale the interface to sizes with side-aspects other than 4:3?
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09:10<sfr>Gulliver: does the code basically look ok? esp. the Metadata temp stuff + assignment?
09:12<Gulliver>yeah, I think so - but I'm not a C++-guru
09:13<sfr>well, that's more than i am :-) (mostly doing cut'n paste)
09:14<sfr>Gulliver, will check the code, might take some time...
09:14<Gulliver>yeah, sorry, but I have to go in 5mins.
09:15<sfr>no problem, thanks!
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10:46<thor>sfr, what's the question ?
10:48<sfr>thor, hi, still hacking mythmusic and got a problem.
10:48<sfr>wanna join #flood? i'll post some code.
10:49<thor>do i just do /join #flood ?
10:49<sfr>yepp. So your an irc expert just like me :-)
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11:03<sfr>thor, thanks, seems to work, i thought i tried that 'combination'
11:04<thor>pointers are always a bit confusing
11:05<sfr>so new ... fills a previously defined structure with data? kind of
11:06<thor>new allocates space
11:07<thor>Metadata *temp just says *temp is a pointer than knows it's supposed to point at a structure/object of type Metadata
11:07<thor>if you already have a Metadata object around
11:07<thor>you can point to it with temp:
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11:08<thor>temp = something_I_already_had;
11:08<thor>if you want to create a new object, and have temp point at that, you need temp = new Metadata();
11:09<sfr>and every repeated temp = new will add another Metadata object. which can be accessed by keeping *temp somewhere?
11:10<thor>ever new allocates space
11:10<thor>you need to keep some kind of reference to the allocated space
11:10<sfr>i mean without overwriting the previous object
11:10<thor>is there's a new, your talking about new space
11:11<Chutt>what part of 'this code has buffer overruns in it that need to be fixed' is hard to understand?
11:11<thor>Chutt, what do you mean by "this" ?
11:11<sfr>Chutt, -v please
11:12<Chutt>sfr, what?
11:12<Chutt>thor, the teletext junk
11:12<thor>Chutt, kidding ....
11:12<thor>hard to understand .... "this"
11:12<sfr>Chut, ah ok, didn't know what your talking about.
11:13<Chutt>sfr, what did you mean by
11:13<Chutt> <sfr> Chutt, -v please
11:13<Chutt>[11:12] <Chutt> sfr, what?
11:14<sfr>Chutt -v like in more verbose. when you mentioned the buffer overruns
11:15<thor>ah, ...
11:15<thor>as in, Chutt --enable-verbose --disable-supercillious
11:17<sfr>Chutt, could i send you the beginnings of work i've started to add support in mythmusic for a different db schema? i'd like to get your feedback before spending (even more than already) lots of time on it?
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11:22<thor>sfr, you probably want to send it to me, but even better to send it to the -dev list ... (more eyeballs)
11:22<Chutt>why would you want to support a different metadata format?
11:22<Chutt>db schema?
11:22<sfr>ok, but expect some probably not-so-good code.
11:23<Chutt>all metadata should be stored in the tags in the file.
11:23<Chutt>there's really no reason to be able to import other schemas
11:23<thor>Chutt, he wants to map it to a db schema from another app so they can interoperate
11:23<thor>as a user option
11:23<sfr>it's not so much about a different schema,
11:24<Chutt>to accomplish what?
11:24<sfr>but rather what thor just said.
11:24<Chutt>thor didn't say anything :p
11:24<thor>keep times played, last play, etc. in sync
11:24<sfr>to keep playlists, play_counts and such consistent
11:25<Chutt>ah well
11:25<Chutt>i'll tell you what i think once i see the code.
11:25<sfr>ok, i'll get my asbestos suite...
11:26<thor>vektor613, you around ?
11:28<thor>anyone know of a standard way to ask a CD/DVD if it has any media loaded ?
11:33<bline>there is a header for cdrom ioctl's /usr/include/linux/cdrom.h
11:34<thor>ok, thanks ...
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12:40<Gulliver>hi all
12:40<Gulliver>someone awake
12:41<sfr>still there
12:42<Gulliver>I'm just reflecting, if there is an easy way, to produce an anamorph 16:9 picture with mythtv/xfree (or better framebuffer - if mythtv will support it)
12:42<Gulliver>sfr: fixed you c++ problem?
12:42<sfr>yup, thor got the solution.
12:43<Gulliver>and what was the problem?
12:43<sfr>me of course. missed a 'new'
12:43<Gulliver>doh. I hate such failures... they are most times hard to find!
12:44<sfr>don't know, never did any C++
12:45<Gulliver>this anamorph thing really bothers me....
12:46<sfr>can't you set up a modeline in X that comes close to 16:9?
12:46<Gulliver>the problem is the following:
12:47<Gulliver>the TV-out of graphiccards only creates resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio (means 800x600, 1024x768, etc.)
12:47<Gulliver>now there are two ways for showing a 16:9 picture on a 16:9-tv screen
12:48<Gulliver>first is, like in usual tv to show the 16:9 picture with top and bottom borders and let the the tv-screen zoom this - but this results in a loss of quality, because a part of the resolution is not used
12:50<Gulliver>the second is, to cut off horizontal-lines, so the 16:9 picture gets compressed to a 4:3 resolution. the tv-screen only needs to scale verticaly then - which results in a noticable better quality than the entire zooming
12:54<Gulliver>can you follow me?
12:55<sfr>think so, old TV's are usually doing the later right?
12:56<Gulliver>the second solution is the better one - but it can only be used if the user has the ability to choose the classical 4:3 format, too - else it can happen that someone with a 4:3-screen without 16:9-switch can't get a "not-stretched" picture
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12:58<Gulliver>sorry, have to leave now - dinner (c:
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15:31<isaac_>man, am i glad i discovered the mythtv .debs
15:41<isaac_>whenever i type my postal code into mythtv-setup, i can't get providers. tv_grab_na says:
15:41<isaac_>zap2it failed to give us a form to choose a Provider
15:41<isaac_>check with zap2it site postal/zip code B3H2P1 is valid
15:50<bigguy>why are you using tv_grab_na?
15:51<bigguy>nm I'm going to take a nap
15:58<isaac_>um.. cause i'm in north america..
15:58<isaac_>so it seems logical to use tv_grab_na ;DS
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16:34<Timon>how do you kill an unkillable process? I tried -9
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16:38<isaac__>how come a bunch of the new screens in 0.10 (under TV) just hang (ie the program guide, instant recording)?
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16:42<michal>with the backend/frontend on different machines, is it possible for a frontend on one machine to change channels on backend machine?
16:44<Timon>more or less
16:44<sfr>michal of course
16:45<michal>i havn't figured out how to set up anything yet so i'm just making sure.. still searching for how to set up the dvb backend stuff through the mythtv-users list
16:46<michal>i already wasted many hours on the false assumption that budget dvb cards support v4l :\
16:49<michal>do any of the people working on dvb support ever come on here?
16:54<michal>hmm.. where does mysql.txt NORMALLY go? under debian it's /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt
16:54<michal>ahh.. it's just a permission thing. np
16:56<michal>is there an actual post on mythtv-users which describes how to setup mythtv for a budget dvb card?
17:00<bline>not many people use dvb, you should probably search the -dev and -users lists
17:00<isaac__>i'm having troubles compiling mythvideo.. the error is /usr/include/mythtv/mythdialogs.h:53: redefinition of `class MythDialog'
17:01<michal>doing so now.. i find references of people managing to get it running.. but not where they found the instructions on how to do so :\
17:01<isaac__>are there mythvideo debian packages?
17:01<michal>i think i should grab the cvs version too.. as the current release probably isn't up to date enough to be usable with dvb :\
17:02<bline>michal: post a question to the list then, more likly to get an answer that way
17:02<michal>doesn't look like it
17:04<isaac__>ah, i fixed it.
17:06<GreyFoxx>isaac__: You wouldn't happen to know where I might get a Wintv pvr 250/350 around Halifax would ya ? I'm looking to avoid ordering one if I can :)
17:06<GreyFoxx>I hate shipping fees :)
17:06<michal>i wonder if the dvb developers are aware of dvbrecord.. it seems to handle a few things that dvbstream doesn't.. ie apaprent autodetection of pids
17:07<michal>where are the instructions for downloading the mythtv cvs? i can't find them in the documentation on the website
17:08<michal>heh.. thanks. didn't expect it to be in that section
17:09<choenig>thats what I always think, when I read the header of this section :)
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17:16<michal>which distributions do the developers run? any particular distribution particularly well represented?
17:19<bbeattie>Anyone know if when you go to change a channel, if myth closes the current channel fd, opens it again to set channel and closes it, and then opens again for reading? Or does it do something else?
17:20<michal>hmm.. i wonder what sort of cpu is required for smooth, fullscreen (say 960x540) divx playback
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17:24<isaac__>GreyFoxx: no, i don't :D
17:25<isaac__>try pc-medic or something.
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17:27<GreyFoxx>So far none of thge places I've asked have had it, and they say they can't get any /haupage stuff from their distributers
17:27<GreyFoxx>I have a buddy checking with his distributors before I just order one online
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17:32<michal>hmm.. a celeron is no slower than a full on p4 for most pvr functions is it? in a practical sense at least
17:33<jkolb>My celeron 850 decodes 720x480 divx just fine.
17:34<michal>so a celeron 1.7ghz would be just fine.. i wonder if there is any noticable leap in performance by jumping to a celeron 2.2ghz .. need to find some comparative reviews :\
17:35<michal>i'm never buying amd again :\ i always regret it for various reasons.. it's just eaiser to stick to the one company.. less hassle
17:36<michal>Gigabit LAN (via CSA bus) .. CSA bus? I must have missed something
17:51<bigguy>I've never had any problems with amd
17:51<michal>well they don't fit well into intel motherboards for one
17:51<michal>and when you have multiple computers it's easier to just stick to one
17:52<michal>amd also generates more heat.. which necessitates noise for cooling... noise is my natural enemy
17:52<bigguy>heh you can have amd and quiet
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17:52<bigguy>and I have amny computers
17:53<michal>it's almost impossible to have a computer and have it quiet
17:53<michal>my defenition of quiet must be different to yours :)
17:53<bigguy>there are things you can do to make any computer quiet
17:54<bigguy>don't buy a crappy generic psu with a loud fan
17:54<isaac__>water cooling
17:54<isaac__>= ultra quiet
17:54<bigguy>use large fans where you can like slow rpm 120mm
17:54<michal>the pump isn't quiet
17:54<michal>the power supply is a big problem
17:54<bigguy>also depends on which pump you get
17:55<michal>and hard drives.. i''ll be replacing my 2 WD 8meg cached speed demons with seagate
17:55<michal>plus i don't trust water in my case for an always on often unattended computer :P
17:55<bigguy>if you want quiet you gotta be willing to spend a little more cash
17:55<michal>i've spent thousands wuiuthout getting things as quiet as i want
17:55<michal>it's impossible to get a decenty power supply in australia
17:56<bigguy>heh australia
17:56<bigguy>stuff is expensive there to begin with
17:56<bigguy>I got friend there
17:56<michal>my hdd's are pissing me off as my loudest componenets now.. so i want to get a seagate.. and since i'm bothering i want it to be sata.. and since i want sata i have to get a new motherboard :\ it's hard to choose though
17:57<michal>what i REALLY want is a seabreeze power supply
17:57<michal>can't get theme here though
17:58<michal>i end up wasting a lot of money due to bad decisions.. ie my shuttle ss51g
17:58<michal>it's useless now...
17:58<michal>it doesn't even cut it as a htpc
17:58<michal>as it only has 1 pci slot and i really would need 2
17:59<michal>and my antec sonata is actually louder than the shuttle :\ (though i did just replace the main fan in the shuttle)
18:00<GreyFoxx>My biggest probglem these days is finding either a new MB with the exact TV-Out encoder I want on it or an AGP card with the exact one. I've looked aa couple but it wasn't obvious which they had. And of course the stores don't exactly want to pop it into a machine jsut so I can find out :)
18:00<michal>and after adding the fanless zalman cooler to my geforce3 it has NO hope of fitting in the shuttle anymore :\
18:00<michal>i don't bother with that.. i have a hollywood+ and dxr3
18:01<GreyFoxx>I have a dxr3 but can't seem to get a clear picture out of it. It's alwasy off
18:01<michal>but i'm having a hell of a time choosing a motherboard at the moment :\
18:01<michal>off how?
18:01<bigguy>my monitor is my tv :P
18:02<michal>my tv has a vga input and can do 960x540 progressive (maybe more if i could find the right modes)
18:02<michal>but the image isn't 100% geometrically correct
18:02<michal>plus the video has artefacts because it's not intended to be sdhown on a monitor
18:03<GreyFoxx>First it was green colours, but after fussing with it using the exact options I keep seeing referenced for people with that problem I get a black and white picture that is also right shifted a bit
18:04<GreyFoxx>Of course I haven't spent more than 2 evenings playing with it :)
18:05<GreyFoxx>Got distracted with work stuff and haven't gone back to trying to get it working properly
18:05<isaac__>i just use a tvator
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18:06<GreyFoxx>I should pop the dxr3 out of the machine and check out what chipset it on it for tvout
18:09<michal>well there are only 2 main options
18:09<michal>and my loading hte modules you should be able to tell
18:10<michal>i'm off to take a shower.. it's (relatively) freezing here
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18:37<isaac__>can you use mencoder to concatenate two avi's?
18:37<mechou>hmm, my recorded (recurring) programs no longer seem to be populated into the oldrecorded table. Is this now the new behavior for myth cvs as of ~1 wk ago?
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18:52<tdb30_>hmm mythtv seems to freeze up when ever I do a fast forward and stop and play. keeps saying its rebuffering or something. Does this mean I need a faster computer to run it?
18:54<mechou>what kind of cpu do you have?
18:55<tdb30_>1G athlon
18:56<tdb30_>running at 368x302 or something like that.
18:57<mechou>hmm, should be ok...are you doing this over the network or something?
18:57<mechou>and how long is the freeze?
18:58<tdb30_>and its permenent..
18:58<tdb30_>It just keeps printing a message that sais its rebuffering
18:58<tdb30_>every second or so
18:59<mechou>what ver of myth are you running? There was a similar prob some time ago, I think....
18:59<tdb30_>as of a week or so ago
19:01<mechou>hmm, beats me. you arent using an absurd bitrate to encode? also try rt instead of mpeg-4?
19:01<tdb30_>I'm using rt
19:01<tdb30_>what bitrate would be absurd :)
19:02<mechou>for your cpu, maybe anything >2000, just a guess...
19:03<tdb30_>humm. It may be at 4000 right now.
19:03<mechou>can you play ok, though? it's only seeking that's the prob?
19:05<michal>would a k7 optimized kernel run on a p4?
19:05<mechou>check out your cpu usage when you encode. Also do it when you seek. that ought to tell you if u got enough cpu....
19:06<mechou>michal, I doubt it. it might boot, but sooner or later you'll likely get a kernel panic...
19:06<michal>not a problem.. just for testing purposes
19:07<tdb30_>Cpu is about 75 percent
19:07<tdb30_>ahh don't think I checked the cpu when I did a seek
19:07<tdb30_>yeah playing pretty much works
19:07<tdb30_>I do occasionaly get a segfault
19:15<michal>man.. building kernsl and modules under debian is so effortless :P
19:16<mechou>hmm, don't use deb myself, how it different (kerenl compile) compared to other distros?
19:18<michal>well.. it goes something like this..
19:18<michal>configure the kernel
19:18<michal>fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --revision=0.4 --append-to-version=-sonata kernel_image
19:18<michal>that gives you a debian package with the kernel and all the core modules
19:18<michal>you don't need all those options btw
19:18<michal>fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --revision=0.4 --append-to-version=-sonata kernel_headers
19:18<michal>that gives you a matching kernel headers package
19:19<michal>fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --revision=0.4 --append-to-version=-sonata modules_image
19:19<michal>which builds debian packages of the nvidia-kernel module, em8300 modules, lirc modules, dvb-driver modules and alsa modules
19:20<michal>and any other module source packages which you may want installed
19:20<paulproteus>Ta-da, you get a fully-fledged package, not something that just sticks files where a package started to put files.
19:22<michal>then i can just dpkg *.deb and update-grub and reboot to test my kernel
19:22<michal>with all modules
19:22<mechou>um, I don't really see how that's any easier than other distros. I just configure kernel, make rpm, rpm -ivh kernelxx, ./Nvidia*.run --with-kernel, and I'm done
19:22<michal>and how do you shift all this to another machine with ease?
19:23<michal>or how do you put a copy on cd so that it's always available during install
19:23<michal>without need for compiling at all
19:23<michal>or even have it as part of a base install
19:24<mechou>I guess I'm missing something. You mean you get all arch with one compile in deb?
19:24<michal>or have many different kernels installed at once and be easily able to add more or remove any of the existing ones along with all modules
19:25<mechou>I have many kernels installed simultaneously. The modules (diff versions) go in different directories...
19:25<michal>no.. that's impossible. you can only compile the kernel for one architecture at a time
19:26<michal>and how do you get all your modules to build automatically?
19:26<mechou>make rpm
19:26<michal>say alsa, em8300, lirc, dvb, etc
19:27<mechou>in mandrake it does them all...
19:27<michal>i'd hate to have to deal with rpm dependancies.. i have enough trouble at work with the servers
19:28<mechou>what rpm dependencies? you get kernel-source-(ver).rpm, and that's it.
19:28<michal>anyway.. i have top reboot into my new kernel with filters enabled so that dhcpd works :\
19:29<mechou>reboot? you're daft. What about your uptime? ;)
19:29<michal>who cares.. i reboot about 1 dozen times a day
19:29<mechou>thats windoze mentality.
19:30<michal>no.. that's linux mentality
19:30<michal>you can't rebuild windows 12 times a day
19:31<mechou>why would you want to rebuild linux 12 times a day? Just because you can?
19:32<michal>because i want to get it JUST right
19:32<michal>the perfect configuration
19:32<michal>and sice i keep changing my hardware the configuration needs to keep changing
19:32<mechou>get it right the _first_ time, at most the second time.
19:33<michal>that's impossible
19:33<michal>the kernel is much too buggy to allow for that
19:33<michal>only after you try certain things do you know if they are stabler
19:34<michal>for example.. try getting the nvidia kernel driver and rivafb running at the same time
19:35<michal>anyway reboot time
19:35-!-michal [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:39-!-mechou [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:39<-- jkolbhas quit ()
19:40-!-michal [] has joined #mythtv
19:41<michal>and now i need to rebuild and reboot again... the kernel config is borked
19:41<michal>i neabled packet filter but it still claims to be disabled
19:41<paulproteus>b0rk b0rk b0rk!
19:42<michal>grep CONFIG_FILTER .config CONFIG_FILTER=y
19:42<michal>wtf is going on
19:42<tdb30_>does packet filtering rely on anyother module?
19:43<michal>don't know.. but it's enabled.. and it either yes or now.. better check that i really did install the new kernel :P
19:54-!-michal [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:59<-- dopezhas quit ()
20:02-!-mattfelsen [] has joined #mythtv
20:04* mattfelsenhas a bunch of problems
20:04<mattfelsen>where should i begin...
20:05<mattfelsen>fonts are blocky & not anti-aliased. installing msttcorefonts didn't solve it
20:05<paulproteus>What OS are you using?
20:05<paulproteus>And where did you get your Qt?
20:05<paulproteus>(Okay, Debian; you said 'msttcorefonts')
20:05<paulproteus>Which Debian exactly?
20:07<mattfelsen>qt got installed as a dependency for something
20:07<mattfelsen>probably the myth packages
20:12<mattfelsen>any ideas?
20:14-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
20:15-!-merf [] has joined #mythtv
20:20-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:28<mattfelsen>ok...alsa isn't working for me
20:29<mattfelsen>i followed instructions from the myth docs and also docs, the proper modules are loaded, mixer settings are fine
20:29<mattfelsen>i still get no output
20:30-!-just1nux [] has quit ["later"]
20:35<bbeattie>Anyone know if when you set a command to be run to change a channel, if myth still tries to change the channel on the card also? (ie, such as an ntsc card on channel 3, and using an external cable box to change channels?
20:41-!-michal [] has joined #mythtv
20:42<michal>doh :\ ran out if hdd space
20:44<choenig>thor: around?
20:45<choenig>I'm writing a little mythmusic patch right now and I found a lot of "class visualization_MonoScope: public CheckBoxSetting, public GlobalSetting {" in globalsettings.cpp which are currently unused, right?
20:45<choenig>how about their future?
20:46<thor>hey ?
20:46<thor>in globalsettings.cpp .... hang on a sec
20:47<thor>you are correct
20:47<thor>they are declared
20:47<thor>but never added to the dialog
20:47<thor>since you can just enter the names
20:47<thor>don't know who did that ... I didn't
20:47<choenig>I know, so I just skip them
20:47<choenig>or maybe remove them?
20:48<thor>comment them out if you like ... not my code, so not good to rip them
20:49<choenig>I'll post my patch tomorrow to -dev, then you can have a look at it =)
20:50<choenig>but it'll only add the possibility to use a 'cycle' instead of the 'random' one if pressing Key_6
20:51<choenig>a 'cycle' mode, I mean
20:51<thor>ah ... cool
20:51<thor>while you're in there ....
20:51<choenig>since I always stuck with only two of my 5 or 6 available vis. when using random
20:52<thor>it would be nice to bind one of the few keys left (7, 9) to force the viz to Blank
20:52<thor>if you have time
20:52<choenig>ok, Ill have a look :)
20:53<choenig>that shouldn't be a problem
20:54<thor>people could just turn off their tv, but some have audio flowing through the monitor connections .... tv off = no sound
20:54<michal>anyone know fi there is any significant difference between a celeron 1.7ghz and 2.2ghz ?? or is the difference meaningless
20:56<choenig>hehe, thor, done the blank thing :)
20:56<michal>anyone seen the new sonata case? looks like a decent contender for HTPC case
20:56<michal>do you guys know of any near silent (ie slow) combo drive?
20:57<michal>these 52x monstrosities are extremely loud
20:57<thor>choenig, cool
20:59<choenig>I put it to Key_9
20:59<thor>michal, I have a slot loading DVD/CD-read which does not make a lot of noise, /proc says its a Pioneer
21:00<thor>choenig, excellent
21:00-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:00<michal>hmm.. doesn't do writing though does it?
21:00<michal>i'd like to be able to at least do cd-rw
21:04<michal>what's the lirc command useful for testing if the remote is working?
21:04<michal>ir something
21:04<michal>crap.. under devfs where does the lirc_serial device go? :\
21:04<michal>is it /dev/lirc/0 ?
21:04<michal>doesn't seem to be :\ i can't get my remote to do anything
21:04<michal>friggin serial module keeps loading
21:08<michal>god dammit :( why does everything haveto be so hard
21:09<michal>i don't know what the problem is.. broken remote.. broken reciever, broken serial port, misconfigured serial port.. incorrect lirc config.. coudl be anything at all :\
21:10<michal>can lirc work with devfs?
21:11<choenig>michal: yepp
21:12-!-vektor613 is now known as vektor
21:13<michal>well i'm not having much luck.
21:13<tdb30_>did you compile it yourself?
21:13<choenig>so, thor, the patch is out to -dev :)
21:14<michal>in a manner of speaking
21:14<choenig>michal: on you'll find some help on lirc/devfs
21:14<michal>i mean i DO have devices
21:14<choenig>thor: I hope I did not forget anything at 15 past 3 am =)
21:14<choenig>michal: but?
21:14<michal>I have /dev/lircd /dev/lircm and /dev/lirc/0
21:15<michal>is /dev/lirc/0 instead of /dev/ttyS0 ?
21:16<choenig>michal: I don't know, maybe you better contact the lirc staff
21:19<michal>it LOOKS like the lirc + devfs thing is working ok.. at least based on information i have found.. i just don't really know how to test it
21:19<thor>choenig, cool
21:19<thor>I will have a look later tonight ... or tomorrow at the latest
21:19<choenig>no prob
21:19<michal>if there were some command that just sits there and tells me what buttons are being pressed on the remote then i'd be happy enough
21:20<choenig>so, guys, have a good nite, its bed time
21:20-!-choenig [] has quit ["wuuuusch..."]
21:22<tdb30_>michal to test lirc try running irw.
21:22<bbeattie>If anyone here is knowledgeable about how Chutt may want to handle stuff, here is a current issue with HDTV in myth.
21:22<michal>hmm.. connection refused
21:22<bbeattie>Due to not having an HDTV listing, myth does not know to set a hdtv tuner card to channel 38 (for example) which is abc locally, but myth/xmltv thinks it's channel 2
21:23<bbeattie>I wrote a script that uses a channel listing created by the hdtv tools scan channel program that you can specify hdchannel 2 and it really sets the card into channel 38's freqency/channel.
21:24<bbeattie>However, since it's still an internal card, and myth opens the fd in r/w mode, I can't change the channel via the external program as myth already has it in r/w mode.
21:24<thor>bbeattie, I don't think Chutt's around atm ... you may want to raise this on -dev ?
21:24<bbeattie>I could modify myth to open the device as read only mode, or put this hack code into the channel changing for myth. But come when xmltv provides true hdtv channel information, this will have to be removed. Which way is prefered?
21:26<michal>what's the lircmd.conf file for? do I NEED it configured to be able to tell if lirc is working?
21:26<michal>an strace shows this
21:26<michal>connect(3, {sa_family=AF_UNIX, path="/dev/lircd"}, 110) = -1 ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused)
21:26<michal>srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Jul 28 11:06 /dev/lircd
21:26<michal>that's even when I run irw as root
21:26<michal>what's actually refusing the connection?
21:28<-- paulproteus|lapthas quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:28<michal>Home: MythTV: Users:
21:28<michal>lirc, what a nightmare to setup
21:28<michal>i second that
21:28<mattfelsen>i'm having problems building the lirc kernel modules
21:28<tdb30_>lircmd is the mouse driver. You don't need this
21:28<mattfelsen>every time i do debian/rules binary-modules, it give me an error about dh_testdir
21:28<tdb30_>it lets you send lirc commands to the mouse
21:30<michal>tdb30_: oh cool.. i didn't know it had that feature.. might be useful.
21:30<michal>but wtf is irw giving me connection refused :\
21:30<mattfelsen>i thought debconf took care of everythign when i installed lirc, but when i tried to start lircd, it said it couldn't load/find the kernel modules, so i installed lirc-modules-source and i'm trying to build
21:30<mattfelsen>is that even necessary?
21:31<michal>mine builds fine
21:31<michal>you sure you have everything necessary to build it?
21:31<mattfelsen>i think i'm missing some build tools
21:31<mattfelsen>i didn't even have make (which, surprisingly, had no deps when i installed it)
21:31<michal>well there you go.. install those and the modules will build fine.. then you will move on to the rest of the nightmare that is lirc
21:31<mattfelsen>and i also installed automake (and its deps), but it's still not building
21:32<michal>apt-get install build-essential
21:32<mattfelsen>ah, cool. i'll try that
21:32<bline>thor, hows the dvd stuff coming?
21:32<bline>thor: you decide to do it all internal, without an external dvdplay command?
21:34<mattfelsen>hmm nope. still get "make: dh_testdir: Command not found"
21:34<thor>bline, cvs'able version will be done tonight
21:34<thor>but it doesn't actually transcode yet
21:34<mattfelsen>do i need to set KSRC, KVERS, and KDREV?
21:34<michal>ahh.. easy
21:34<thor>you can only make perfect rips
21:35<michal>apt-get install debhelper
21:36<bline>thor: great, looking forward to it
21:36-!-bbeattie [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:36<bline>thor: did you end up using linux cdrom ioctls?
21:36<michal>hmm.. this doesn't seem right
21:36<michal> /usr/sbin/lircd --driver=pixelview --device=/dev/lirc/0
21:36<thor>bline, yup
21:37<thor>hopefully correctly =)
21:37<bline>heh, I found that with local cdrom.h
21:37<bline>err locate
21:38<michal>is pixelview the right driver for the sigma systems realmagic remote?
21:39<mattfelsen>agh, still not workign
21:39<michal>--- SIGTERM (Terminated) @ 0 (0) ---
21:39<michal>running irw crashes it
21:39<michal>and then it gets the conenction refused because it's no longer running!
21:40-!-matt__ [] has joined #mythtv
21:40<michal>same thing as there.. but i fail to understand what the solution explained there is
21:41<michal>makes it sound like i shoudl comment all the remote control settings out to make it work.. which doesn't make any sense at all
21:42<michal>he says "Wow, I was right, I actually commented a bunch of stuff in the file, and ran
21:42<michal>lirc, and now IRW, irxevent and myth work perfectly cool. I just have to
21:42<michal>figure out how to map the right keys to mythtv, thx "
21:42<michal>doh.. damn CR's
21:43<matt__>is there a way to copy and paste text in blackbox
21:46<bline>hmm, highlight the text, then middle click to paste maybe...
21:47<mattfelsen>how do you middle click on a 2 button mouse with 3 button emu turned on? hold both at the same time?
21:48<bline>click both at the same time
21:50<michal>lircd just exits
21:50<michal>it's broken :\
21:51<matt__>Makefile:333: /usr/src/kernel-headers-2.4.16-k7/Rules.make: No such file or directory
21:51<matt__>i don't know why it's looking for a Rules.make file in the kernel source tree
22:02<matt__>still can't watch tv either, just get a blank screen
22:04-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:09-!-matt__ [] has quit ["[BX] Reserve your copy of BitchX-1.0c19 for the Sony Playstation today!"]
22:16<michal>ok.. i'm giving up on lirc.. clearly there is no way in hell it's going to work if it just sigterms regardless of the configuration :\
22:17* mattfelsenis not too far from giving up on mythtv
22:18-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
22:20<michal>mythtv? it's take you weeks just to get far enough to be able to start on mythtv
22:21<mattfelsen>i've been reading/learning/lurking on the lists for a few months now
22:22<michal>you need a few weeks of doing.. i can't even get lirc going
22:22<mechou>anybody else have trouble sometimes deleting recordings? myth sometimes freezes when you click yes on the delete confirmation dialog...
22:23<mattfelsen>well it took me about 3 or 4 days just to get x working
22:23<Chutt>did i miss the 'join #mythtv for all your linux tech support needs' bulletin somewhere?
22:23<Chutt>mechou, the backtrace you sent to the list didn't have enough information
22:23<Chutt>can't do anything with it, and i've not seen that issue :(
22:24<mechou>I think I figured out what happened there...
22:24<mechou>remember the SBE gets orphaned by MBE after reboot?
22:24<mechou>same prob...
22:25<Chutt>you can fix that by just killing the slave, before rebooting, you know.
22:26<mechou>actually, I'm not so sure about that. I've got a script that kills SBE, and MBE wont reattach if you restart SBE later (like hours later...)
22:26<Chutt>i'm 100% sure you can :p
22:27<Chutt>killing it off closes down the connections mostly properly
22:27<Chutt>rebooting without killing it doesn't
22:28<mechou>hmm, maybe my script is bad? I'm using the rc script in contrib, service myth start/stop, etc...
22:28<Chutt>i've never used any of those scripts, sorry
22:31<mechou>Chutt, how do _you_ do an "orderly" shutdown of mythbackend? something like "kill 'pidof mythbackend'"
22:31<merf>mechou: i've had that problem with myth freezing when you delete recordings
22:31<Chutt>works perfectly fine here
22:31<Captain_Murdoch>mechou, I've seen that same "freeze on clicking yes to delete" lockup.
22:31<merf>but it's only happened to me if the .nuv has been deleted but not removed from mysql
22:31<Chutt>captain_murdoch, you at least should be able to debug that :p
22:31<merf>apparently myth doesn't check if it's there, and then hangs up when it tries to unlink it
22:32<Chutt>actually, it does check if it's there or not
22:32<merf>i stand corrected :)
22:32<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, yeah I just rebuilt with debugging and am starting up in gdb now for that exact problem.
22:32-!-mikekedl [] has joined #mythtv
22:33<mechou>I'm all confused now. I deleted a recording (succesfully), but it didn't show up in oldrecorded table.
22:33<Captain_Murdoch>it gets inserted into oldrecorded when it finishes recording, not when you delete it.
22:33<mechou>did this behavior change from .9 to .10
22:33<Chutt>been like that since 8, i believe
22:34<mikekedl>can I ask you guys a question a bit off topic? I figure a decent # of people here mess with other video formats... I just got a new smartphone that can play videos; but it can pretty much only play QT and MOV files; any idea what tool to use to transcode to MOV or QT? I couldn't get mencoder or transcode to do it
22:34<mechou>I'm just saying it didn't show up in oldrecorded at all (and it did record successfully)....
22:36<mikekedl>I'd like to try getting some recorded shows onto the phone via SD memory to play back when I'm out
22:37<-- mattfelsen( has left #mythtv
22:37<Captain_Murdoch>I just started running mythfrontend compiled with debug support inside gdb to see if I can find that freeze bug.
22:38<Captain_Murdoch>course it hasn't happened to me in the past day or so but happened like 5 times in a row before that. :(
22:40<mechou>well, I got one that's very reproducible, "American Chopper" ;) Would it matter if I debug mythfrontend on networked slave machine?
22:42<Captain_Murdoch>yes, if it's compiled for debugging and you're running the un-stripped mythfrontend.
22:46<mechou>I'm going for dinner, bb in about 30min
22:46<-- mechou( has left #mythtv
22:55<mikegrb>22:23 < Chutt> did i miss the 'join #mythtv for all your linux tech support
22:55<mikegrb> needs' bulletin somewhere?
22:55<mikegrb>I was thinking the same thing as I read scrollback
22:56<mikekedl>hey now, just trying to be able to play my mythtv shows elsewhere; was just asking...
22:56-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:56<mikegrb>on the phone, right? I think that would be pretty spiffy
22:57<mikegrb>I think it was all kernel modules and lirc stuff
22:58<mikekedl>the phone can do like 15 frames/second; good enough to watch your shows at lunch or in the park
22:59-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
23:00-!-Dan0430 [] has joined #mythtv
23:10-!-just1nux [] has joined #mythtv
23:30-!-Dan0430 [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:33<-- sc00p( has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
23:39-!-mikekedl [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
23:46-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
23:47<mechou>Captain_M, were you able to get a successful gdb trace to chutt re delete prob?
23:49<rkulagow_>thor: you still here?