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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-07-30

00:00<tmk>yeah's anon servers are minimum 24hrs behind
00:01<tmk>so are we done chutt?
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06:04<KikoV>a simple question.. is there an template project for making mythtv plugins?
06:05<KikoV>what's the best project to hack?
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07:06<mikegrb>KikoV: mythweather might be the easiest?
07:08<KikoV>mikegrb: I don't know.. I want to begin...
07:08<KikoV>it could be really interesting a template...
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09:34<rkulagow_>chutt: can you please sync the docs?
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11:14<blow_core>Question -- I managed to crash the front end during a manual record last night. Now I can't watch live TV as there is something somewhere that still has the audio/video sources tied up (or at lest it thinks so). Any pointers as to what to delete?
11:15<blow_core>I removed the program from the list of recorded shows, and removed the file from disk.
11:20<blow_core>Right. I'll check back later then.
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11:47<blow_core>Nevermind. I got it.
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12:57<thor>Chutt, you around ?
12:58<thor>making progress here ... figured *how* I'm going to constrain transcode
12:58<thor>but need to start packing soon :-(
12:58<thor>I've got some commits to make
12:58<thor>then travel for day and a half
12:58<thor>then I'll finish
12:59<thor>good thing is there are PAL dvd's where I'm going :-)
12:59<Chutt>extra testing?
12:59<thor>less people moaning on -user
13:08<thor>Not *that* much left to do ... drag I'm going to have to finish it on a Transmeta CPU :-(
13:08<thor>but it works
13:09<thor>mythlib, all that
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13:52<rkulagow_>chutt: you here?
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14:02<rkulagow_>[08:34] <rkulagow_> chutt: can you please sync the docs?
14:02<Chutt>sorry, i didn't see that earlier
14:03<Chutt>lemme fix mythvideo first
14:04<rkulagow_>sure. NP
14:09<jkolb>Chutt: Any idea why an email will occasionally get sent out on -commits without any description of the commit?
14:11<Chutt>that's a directory addition
14:11<Chutt>or an import
14:11<Chutt>the commits script doesn't deal with em well
14:16<Chutt>rkulagow, heh, for some reason, index.html didn't get updated when i did it yesterday
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14:17<Chutt>so the docs were at 2.55, but the index was at 2.53
14:18<Chutt>fixed now, tho
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17:10<thor>right, I'm off
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19:25<mechou>anyone here use a Flyvideo 3000 (philips saa713x) capture card w/ mythtv?
19:25<mechou>or even Flyvideo 2000....
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21:20<mattfelse>i get a blank screen when trying to watch live tv
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21:55<matt__>hmm...turns out i didn't have the buffer dir created...didn't know it wouldn't create one if it didn't exist
21:56<matt__>now, colors are wrong (blue becomes red, i'll search the archives), and sound isn't working
21:56<matt__>i've adjusted the levels in alsamixer and cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp gives me static, so i think it's myth
21:57<mechou>anybody else have trouble logging into myth cvs right about now?
21:59<mechou>I enter mythtv passwd, and it just sits there, doesn't give me back a prompt?
22:01<jkolb>I can't even connect, it seems.
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22:06<mechou>can someone see if they can successfully login to myth cvs right now? TIA!
22:07<mechou>I get a connection timeout. Not sure if cvs is down, though it did prompt me for a passwd....
22:09<mechou>anyone out there?
22:10<matt__>looks like it's timing out
22:10<mechou>ok, thx.
22:11<mechou>thought it might have been a prob on my end....
22:11<hadees>I am installling a development version of mythtv on my laptop to code with, I don't have a tv tuner so will I be able to compile mythtv?
22:11<hadees>i am asking because I won't have v4l installed
22:12<mechou>you *probably* can compile. Just a guess.
22:13<hadees>i guess i will try it out, i wonder how other people handle development, do you use your diffrent machine or do you use a diffrent version of mythtv for development testing? or do you just use your live version
22:14<mechou>I've got a dev machine that has a capt card, that happens to be a slave back end.
22:15<mechou>it can be a production machine, but only necessary when I have recording conflicts.
22:15<matt__>when you first select live tv, does it take a few seconds to start up?
22:15<matt__>while it fills the buffer, i assume
22:16<hadees>well I am not sure if I am going to develop anything for the live tv function, atleast not right now thats why I am putting it on my laptop
22:18<mechou>well, I havent timed it, but it "feels" like 1 second.
22:21<matt__>hmm it's like 7 seconds for me
22:21<matt__>but i don't have dma enabled
22:21<matt__>for some reason, kernel-image-2.4.16-k7 doesn't have it
22:22<mechou>7 seconds is too long ;)
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22:22<matt__>if i upgrade to a newer kernel, will any modules built for the current one still work? (alsa, nvidia, etc.)
22:23<yebyen>matt__: how much newer? :)
22:23<yebyen>matt__: probably not, they *might* if you copied them over
22:23<mechou>unlikely, especially if you've built with MODVERSION defined.
22:24<matt__>2.4.18-1...egh, no problem
22:25<matt__>any idea about the color problems though? the only thing i've seen that is relative to my problem is to make sure you have recent nvidia drives
22:25<matt__>and i do
22:25<mechou>color problems, whats that?
22:27<matt__>well, i have it hooked up to my satellite receiver right now, and for some reason it's not getting a satellite signal, so all i get is a black screen with the white text "Searching for satellite receiver"
22:27<matt__>but when i view the menu, which is mainly blue, it shows up red on the computer monitor
22:28<mechou>what do other desktop apps do? Do they manifest color problem too?
22:28<matt__>colors are right in xawtv
22:29<mechou>san the sat reciever, are you using svid out or some such thing?
22:29<matt__>i will be, but i don't have any s-video cables right now. i'm using composite at the moment
22:30<matt__>and i'll be outputting to a tv over s-video as well
22:30<mechou>or, that's fine.
22:31<mechou>what nvidia chip, and u'r hooked up to a cVGA monitor right now?
22:31<matt__>gf4 mx440 and yes, vga
22:33<mechou>gf4 mx440 that has tv-encoder embedded on the GPU, right? If that's the case, rules out my theory...
22:34<mechou>what ver nvidia driver are you using?
22:36<mechou>hmm, cvs seems to be back...
22:41<hadees>hey in redhat QTDIR is set to /usr/lib/qt-3.1 but in the install guide it tells me to have it set to /usr/lib/qt3/bin so am I okay or do i need to make a link
22:42<hadees>redhat 9.0
22:44<mechou>set it to whatever ver of qt u want to use.linking is fine
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23:50<matt__>i'm not sure
23:57<matt__>and as far as the tv encoder being on the gpu...well, the card has tv-out so i guess that means yes?
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