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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-08-02

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00:28<kslater>Has anyone else had trouble compiling mythgame under RH 7.3? Is this yet another reason to upgrade to RH 9?
00:30<bline>whats the error
00:30<Chutt>no one's mentioned that before
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00:45<kslater>had two problems in gametree.cpp, missing function call on line 93 and another similar but slightly diff error on line 250. I commented the lines to see if I'd run into more things, it's still compiling now..
00:47<kslater>ok. that build is done, no other errors, I'll paste the errors on gametree.cpp in a sec..
00:48<kslater>g++ -c -pipe -Wall -W -O3 -march=i586 -fomit-frame-pointer -D_REENTRANT -fPIC -D_GNU_SOURCE -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -DQT_PLUGIN -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/lib/qt3-gcc2.96/include -I/usr/lib/qt3-gcc2.96/mkspecs/default -o gametree.o gametree.cpp
00:48<kslater>gametree.cpp: In method `void GameTree::buildGameList ()':
00:48<kslater>gametree.cpp:93: no matching function for call to
00:48<kslater>`QValueVector<GameTreeItem *>::count ()'
00:49<kslater>gametree.cpp: In method `void GameTree::FillListFrom (GameTreeItem *)':
00:49<kslater>gametree.cpp:250: no matching function for call to
00:49<kslater>`QValueVector<GameTreeItem *>::count ()'
00:49<kslater>that's what I got when I compiled without commenting out those 2 lines.
00:58<kslater>looks like QValueVector::count() is new to 3.1.x and isn't in 3.0.7.
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01:06<mechou>Anybody know if how I can suppress channel listings in the EPG, like HSN, SHOPNBC, etc. I already commented them out in ~/Cable.xml, but I would like those channels to not show up at all in EPG. Can I just safely delete them from the channels table in the DB?
01:07<mechou>ok, good...
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01:08<Chutt>kslater, i'll have that fixed in cvs in about 5 minutes.
01:11<kslater>thanks Chutt, I fixed my local by calling ::size(). I almost was able to submit a patch!
01:12<Chutt>that's what i just committed =)
01:12<kslater>while we're talking mythgame, why don't I see all the items from my gamemenu.xml?
01:13<Chutt>i've never used that
01:13<kslater>sorry, i meant gamelist.xml
01:13<Chutt>right, i figured that =)
01:14<kslater>I get TuxRacer and FrozenBubble, but I don't get the 2 others (Missile Command and BZFlag)..
01:16<kslater>oh, did this stuff all move into the database?
01:16<Chutt>it shouldn't have
01:16<Chutt>well, i dunno
01:17<Chutt>i've really never looked at that part of the code
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01:21<Chutt>mythgame really needs someone to look after it
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01:21<kslater>dude, I'm a Java developer. I keep saying I should pickup c++, but it's been sooo long since I wrote in c..
01:24<kslater>ok. looks like the scan (in game setup) doesn't parse the gamelist.xml too well.
01:24<Chutt>i've been trying to foist mythgame off on someone for awhile
01:25<kslater>it's database driven. the PC games need to be in gamemetadata with the launch command in romname..
01:26<kslater>I've seen your postings on it before. ;-)
01:27<kslater>A family was over this evening. Their 6 yr old picked up my ir keyboard and was ready to start playing frozen-bubble and said "our tv doesn't do this.."
01:28<kslater>My casetronic ps blew the other night and my wife said the next day "I want my MythTV!"..
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02:10<Chutt>jhurliman was a whole lot nicer to that doofus who asked about support for crappy filesystems than i would have been.
02:10<mikegrb>I laughed when I read that email
02:11<Chutt>i was going to respond, but thought better of it =)
02:16<mikegrb>I might look into adding the screensaver stuff
02:16<mikegrb>but I want to add the movie titling stuff too
02:16<mikegrb>oh well, wife works tommorow since its month end who knows, maybe both <g>
02:18<Chutt>there's actual X calls for the screensaver crap
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02:51<kslater>coffee's wearing off. later guys.
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05:52<Timon>Houston, we've got a problem: From the mailing list server I get "452 4.4.5 Insufficient disk space; try again later"
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08:54<rkulagow_>chutt: no fair. when i tried to do an integrated "no screensaver / dpms" patch way way back (and ran into problems because of conflicting headers) you said you wouldnt take a system("xset -dpms s off") patch. waah!
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09:40<tzanger>is anyone using mythtv 0.10 with an ATI Rage128 theatre? I have the latest ati.2 installed and running, km and drm and everything seems alright, except that mythtv doesn't see to see any inputs on the card, although km does see them and avview also seems to see them.
09:40<tzanger>does mythtv require the TV to be connected (it is not currently)
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11:37<Chutt>tzanger, no, mythtv requries the use of a working capture card.
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12:56<tzanger>Chutt: the ATI Rage 128 Theatre _does_ work... I know that mythtv support is experimental but the v4l drivers for it seem to indicate that the card should work fine as a capture source
12:59<Captain_Murdoch>I think he was replying to your question asking if Myth required a TV to be connected.
13:00<Captain_Murdoch>maybe not though. :)
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13:10<Chutt>AIW cards do not work.
13:10<Chutt>support's not experimental, it's totally non-existant because of the crappy drivers
13:16<Chutt>hey bline
13:18<bline>bid on a touchscreen yesterday
13:34<Chutt>what'cha going to use it for?
13:35<bline>it's going on my coffee table :)
13:36<bline>Eventually I want to try and seperate myth's video display and gui interface so I can display only the video on my tv and have the gui on the touch screen
13:36<Chutt>better to have a remote control protocol
13:37<Chutt>so that could be extended to run on a zaurus as well
13:37<Chutt>that tako guy doesn't know how to set up his machine.
13:37<Chutt>he's still bitching about config problems =)
13:38<bline>that on -users?
13:39<bline>I still think it would be fun to have the gui on my touchscreen and the video on my tv
13:39<bline>but that may be because I use the computer for other things besides myth
13:40<Chutt>gui in both places
13:40<bline>and I have a remote keyboard
13:40<bline>I never use my remote
13:40<bline>err remote-control, you know what I mean
13:42<Chutt>people that say they can't do things because they only know c and not c++ are funny
13:43<merf>a remote for the Z would be awesome
13:45<bline>hey, I used to think that... C++ is very different
13:56<Timon>bline, not really
13:57<Timon>Its more flexible, and in a lot of ways makes things easier by allowing you to roll things up into an object, instead of having 2 million functions
14:02<Chutt>nice email
14:03<Timon>Thank you, thank you :-)
14:03<rkulagow_>what a bunch of blue meanies!
14:03<Timon>I was going to put something in the bottom about him being a 31337 VB hax0r, and bowing to people who know C++
14:04<rkulagow_>here's the next HOWTO commit: v2.56, 2003-08-?? version 2^8. ATI All-in-Wonder doesn't work as a capture device, so quit asking. Don't use a FAT filesystem and expect things to
14:04<rkulagow_>magically work when creating a 2GB file.
14:08<Timon>He made himself to much of an easy target, I just couldn't resist
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14:14<mikegrb>Timon: :>
14:14<Timon>I think he's a little pissed :-)
14:15<bline>Timon: It _is_ different though.
14:15<Timon>If I ever met him in person, it would be with him infront of the business end of my 357
14:15<Timon>bline: It is different, but its not fundimentaly different
14:16<bline>Timon: No language is fundimentaly depending on how you look at it.
14:24<bline>hmm, actually native remote support would solve my problem as well
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14:32<Timon>Hey thor_
14:32<thor_>Chutt around?
14:32<Timon>That code I sent you, I've made more changes :-)
14:32<Timon>he was about 20 mins ago
14:33<Timon>Its almost done.
14:33<thor_>working well ?
14:34<Timon>Yeah, it is
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14:34<Timon>I got the menu scrolling code working. Now I'm working on making the menu items scroll independant of each other
14:34<Timon>ie, currently, an item can either scroll or not scroll, but if they scroll, the ones that scroll all scroll together.
14:34<mikegrb>thor_: I need to rebuild dvd for debuging but I got a segfault last night
14:34<thor_>anyway ... I'm travelling and wire time is ridiculously expensive here ... Chutt, if you see this on scrollback, mythdvd is coming ... should have a good commit for Monday sometime.
14:35<thor_>Timon, send me a copy when you're done
14:35<Timon>thor_: Will do. Where you at thor_?
14:35<robertj>thor: sweet ;)
14:35<Timon>Why the heck are you there?
14:35<thor_>mikegrb, what was it doing when it segfaulted ?
14:35<mikegrb>thor_: perfect rip of the matrix
14:35<thor_>Timon, come here every summer for vacation
14:36<Timon>thor_: Where is your main home?
14:36<thor_>mikegrb, if you can get a bt on a debug version, that would be great
14:36<mikegrb>thor_: I think it may be space related, where does it put files while it is going? there was nothing where it is set to rip to
14:36<hadees>hey what does this error mean
14:36<hadees>Your current database schema version is: 1002
14:36<hadees>but this application requires version 1003 or higher.
14:36<thor_>Timon, right now, DC
14:36<thor_>mikegrb, ah ... you on ext2 ?
14:36<hadees>i looked in section 6 but that was for upgrading from 9 to 10
14:36<Timon>hadees: It means you need to update the db with cvs.sql
14:37<thor_>perfect rips go in the top of your mythvideo dir
14:37<thor_>anyway, really gotta run ...
14:37<mikegrb>have fun!
14:37<robertj>bye thor and thanks!
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14:37<Timon>hades: mysql -u mythtv --password=mythtv mythconverg < cvs.sql
14:37<Timon>run that in the mythtv/database directory
14:37<robertj>I bought a new myth system when I heard about mythtdvd
14:38<robertj>got a 2400+/512 meg ddr
14:38<robertj>im doing software now. I'm debotstrapping.
14:38<robertj>Are there any real problems with ext2?
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14:38<Timon>robertj: If I remember correctly, a 2gb file limitation
14:38<mikegrb>robertj: heh I went out and got a dvd drive for mine
14:39<robertj>timon: eek!
14:39<robertj>timon: I wonder if mkfs did choose ext2
14:39<Timon>robertj: what distro?
14:39<robertj>yup it did
14:40<robertj>debootstrapping sid though
14:40<Timon>never heard of that distro
14:41<mikegrb>I've got a live cd for it, came with a magazine, havn't tried it
14:42<robertj>Morphix is awesome. 4.0 can apt-get install stuff
14:42<hadees>i ran mysql -u root < cvs.sql and got this error ERROR 1060 at line 18: Duplicate column name 'recorddups'
14:42<robertj>which is not bad for running out of ram
14:42<robertj>I apt-get installed debootstrap and am installing a sid system now
14:43<Timon>hadees: Ignore that error. Its done updating
14:45* robertjtries to decide if he wants myth's database on his unstable machine or his stable database server.
14:45<robertj>not sure it really matters...
14:45<Snow-Man>Errors were encountered while processing:
14:45<Snow-Man> mythtv-database
14:45<Snow-Man> mythtv
14:47<robertj>has chutt talked about marking off a .11 release yet?
14:47<robertj>is there any feature that will demarcate such an event?
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14:54<yebyen>robertj: usually he marks releases right before introducing big new features
14:54<yebyen>rather than after
14:54<yebyen>because big new features usually mean decreased stability
14:54<yebyen>and broken other stuff
14:57<yebyen>and, consequently, cvs from a few days before a release is probably pretty close to release :)
14:57<yebyen>speaking of which, *updates*
15:00<robertj>yebyen: how is cvs now, stableish?
15:01<yebyen>i'll be able to tell you in 3 hours
15:02<yebyen>cvs is usually pretty good though
15:02<yebyen>i don't remember the last time i used a release
15:02<yebyen>but that's just because i'm weird
15:02<mikegrb>robertj: chutt indicated next week may be .11
15:03<mikegrb>I think mythdvd and mythweb2 were the last big things he wanted in there
15:03<robertj>I should look at mythweb
15:03<robertj>im pretty good with php
15:03<yebyen>the cvs server doesn't seem to like me checking stuff out, only updating
15:03<yebyen>it's just hanging on co
15:04<robertj>but debs are just soo easy ;)
15:04<robertj>and if xmltv breaks again, it will get fixed automagically by cronap
15:04<yebyen>with cvs you've gotta worry about updating your database and stuff
15:04<robertj>err cronapt
15:04<robertj>yeah, it runs apt via a cronjob
15:04<yebyen>i don't know if i like that, heh
15:05<yebyen>alright, i think i'm going to dump all of my recorded stuff and do a clean sweep to current cvs
15:06<robertj>like I said, I bought a box to run unstable stuff
15:06<robertj>so I'm cool with it
15:07<yebyen>i want to set up a machine with a pvr300 or something
15:07<yebyen>a mini-itx box
15:08<yebyen>but i need ivtv to support the hardware decoding (and mythtv to support that) first
15:18<robertj>brb hopefully
15:18* robertjis waiting for a linux hdtv solution before more upgrades
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15:19<tdb30_>why is it that only the backend segfaults?
15:19<Timon>tdb30_: Read the faq on debugging
15:20<tdb30_>I did.
15:20<Timon>And what did it say?
15:21<tdb30_>it said and I paraphrase "mythtv has no bugs that crash it. Its your hardware or some other piece of software"
15:21<merf>that's the section about you computer crashing
15:22<merf>i think timon's talking about the section telling you how to report a bug
15:22<tdb30_>Ahh. That section...
15:22<merf>anyone else encode video on an xp 2500+?
15:24<Timon>merf: you are correct. I should have been more vague in telling him where to look
15:24<merf>Timon: definitely.
15:24<Timon>merf: I've done it on my 1800+
15:25<merf>i'm looking for speed comparisons
15:25<merf>so that's kinda apples + oranges..
15:25<merf>but for shits and giggles, how many fps do you get on average?
15:25<Timon>Oh, your talking about encoding dvd's?
15:25<Timon>I thought you meant recording shows :-)
15:26<merf>no, myth's running on the other box.. with a sweet pII 450 :)
15:26<merf>i'm joining + filtering divx movies with avidemux, and getting about 70-80fps
15:26<Timon>not bad. gotta run
15:28<tdb30_>How can you run on a PII 450 when My athlon 1000 runs bad.
15:28<merf>i don't watch live tv.
15:28<merf>and i'm patient.
15:28<merf>only 64mb ram, too
15:28<merf>and an 8gb drive
15:28<tdb30_>you have hardware encoding?
15:28<merf>software mpeg4 :D
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15:29<tdb30_>How much to pay you to get this thing working on my box ;()
15:29<merf>why's it segfaulting
15:30<merf>there's you first problem.
15:30<merf>figure out why
15:30<tdb30_>seems to do it when I stop watching live tv or pause it
15:30<tdb30_>If I go to live tv and let it sit it ususaly doesn't segfault
15:30<merf>are you using alsa for sound?
15:30<tdb30_>I think so
15:31<merf>try not using alsa
15:31<merf>and try using a different/newer video driver
15:31<merf>i guess
15:31<merf>that's what i'd do, anyways
15:31<tdb30_>I'm using the newest nvidia
15:31<tdb30_>how do I not use alsa?
15:31<merf>use oss
15:32<tdb30_>maybe I should shove redhat on this box and stop using mandrake
15:33<tdb30_>mostly because mandrake patches the kernel. But I guess redhat does as well...
15:33<tdb30_>oh well.
15:33<merf>get slack
15:33<merf>or debian.
15:33<tdb30_>maybe I should go with debian
15:34<tdb30_>Thats a good idea.
15:39<hadees>how fast a CPU do i need for mpeg 4 encoding and mpeg 4 live tv viewing at the same time
15:40<robertj>everyone patches the kernel these days
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15:49<merf>hadees: pretty damn fast
15:51<hadees>well i knew that how ever i was looking for a speed
15:51<hadees>the hardware guide isn't a whole lot of help
15:51<hadees>kind of confusing
15:52<hadees>if an AMD 1800+ can almost watch one program and endcode two steams
15:53<hadees>then why can a p2.4 only encode two and send one to a front end?
16:01<robertj>so what's the preferred wm-dejure?
16:01<robertj>xinit ;)
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17:43<brianh>i'm having troubles changing channels with pvr250 ivtv and mythtv
17:44<brianh>i have to do the test_ioctl -v input=7,output=1 to get audio to work
17:44<brianh>everytimme I change channels
17:44<brianh>i have to do the ioctl thing again
17:44<brianh>can anyone help with this?
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17:50<yebyen>Your current database schema version is: 1002
17:50<yebyen>but this application requires version 1003 or higher.
17:50<yebyen>is mc.sql in cvs not up to date?
17:51-!-brianh [] has joined #mythtv
17:51<yebyen>or just the number
17:52<brianh>adjust which number? sorry, was disconnected - this related to my audio problems?
17:55<yebyen>was dealing with my own error...
17:55<yebyen>installing cvs, and mc.sql looks up to date except for the version number
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17:58<Captain_Murdoch>yebyen: yeah, I must have forgot to update mc.sql when I bumped the version a while back. fixing that in cvs now.
18:01<tzanger>I have video out working but I was wondering if the output would be "cleaner" if I was outputting 704x480@60Hz interlaced... is that a safe assumption?
18:01<tzanger>the reason for asking instead of just doing it is that I have an ATI AIW right now and TVout only works with VESA modes, of which 704x480@60i isn't one :-)
18:12<yebyen>how nice
18:12<yebyen>Captain_Murdoch: well, mysql -f < cvs.sql did it for me :)
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18:47<yebyen>hrm, is there any mythweb that works with current cvs properly?
18:48<yebyen>mythweb or mythweb2?
18:51<tzanger>bah... I don't think it's possible to get TV out in any resolution that is not VESA with the ATI drivers
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20:06<bbeattie>Does anyone have a irc log of yester? There was someone around SanFan that wanted to see the HDTV and was going to be stopping by LinuxWorld, and I need to speak with him.
20:17<bbeattie>Anyway, If that person see's this, e-mail I will have 2 cards at the show that I don't need to bring back :) Other cards will go on sale next week for pre-orders, and the first cards will ship in about 20 days...
20:18<bbeattie>I also can get free shipping for anyone if they e-mail me and let me know they are buying one. (Plus I can make sure you get the cards before others...)
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20:29<robert_tread>bbeattie: hey, how much are cards going to be?
20:32-!-robert_tread is now known as robertj
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20:39<bbeattie>189.89, not an ntsc price I'm sorry, but I'm just a messenger
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21:04<bbeattie>off for the night and to LWE,
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21:29<Timon>Anyone here have a LCD?
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22:10<mikegrb>Chutt: you around?
22:15<mikegrb>Chutt: if you get this on scrollback what do you think of sigstop and sigcont for xscreensaver to prevent it from bringing up a screensaver when not desired?
23:08<robertj>Setting up mythtv (0.10-3) ...
23:08<robertj>l3ktr0n:/etc/X11# /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start
23:08<robertj>Starting MythTV server: mythbackendQSettings: error creating /root/.qt
23:15<tzanger>ls -ld /root/.qt
23:17<robertj>one second
23:18<robertj>l3ktr0n:~# ls -ld /root/.qt/
23:18<robertj>drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Aug 2 23:11 /root/.qt/
23:18<robertj>started now
23:20<bline>look at the script you are running
23:20<bline>it is probably switching to another user
23:20<bline>but $HOME isn't updated
23:24-!-dopez [] has quit ["z"]
23:54<robertj>I think I am making progress
23:54<robertj>I get a black screen when I run mythfrontend now :)
23:55<robertj>is that just because it's hanging because /dev/dsp doesn't exist right now?
23:56<bline>look at the output in terminal from mythfrontend