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05:09<Aridhol>does mythTV require a tuner card? I have a radeon 7200 with VIVO, through composite but no tuner.
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06:41<marc>good morning
06:41<marc>i know this isn't the ivtv channel
06:42<marc>but it's quiet over there
06:42<marc>debian:~/ivtv/driver# insmod ivtv.o ivtv.o: unresolved symbol video_register_device_Rsmp_fb356472 ivtv.o: unresolved symbol video_unregister_device_Rsmp_af9629fd
06:42<marc>does anybody have a clue?
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08:42<euphoria>hello myth peeps
08:42<euphoria>anyone about?
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11:25<sfr>kja got problems?
11:28<Chutt>sfr, thanks a lot for reworking that patch =)
11:28<Chutt>makes my life a whole lot easier
11:29<sfr>got the final version?
11:29<Chutt>yeah, i committed it to cvs a little bit ago
11:30<sfr>Chutt do you know if anyone is working on mp3 encoding support?
11:30<sfr>for mythmusic i mean.
11:31<Chutt>i don't really see the need
11:31<Chutt>there was someone on the lists that wanted to
11:32<Chutt>and i finally told him that if he sent in a patch, i'd apply it
11:32<Chutt>but, no patch in a couple months
11:32<Rule>is the CVS hosted on ?
11:32<Chutt>so, i'd say, no, no one's working on that
11:32<Chutt>it's not
11:32<Chutt>because isn't a viable hosting place anymore.
11:32<Rule>ok, I can't find a pointer to the cvs from
11:32<Rule>might just be me though :)
11:32<Chutt>there's several
11:33<Chutt>general info / lists section
11:33<Chutt>and the first section of the docs
11:33<Rule>hehe just found it... a link that is not underlined. sorry :)
11:35<Rule>can anyone tell me if hardware decoder support is planned ?
11:35<Chutt>i'm going to write code for the decoder in the pvr-350
11:35<Chutt>other than that, i won't be doing the work
11:36<Rule>yeah, I guess the mplayer part will be ok .. at least have DVD playback accellerated..
11:36<kja>sfr: Yea, dunno why...gets disconnected evry once in a great while... :(
11:37<Rule>are all libs mythtv-specific, or are things like libmpeg2 used ?
11:37<Chutt>it uses libavcodec for decoding
11:37<Chutt>and encoding, too
11:37<Chutt>so it's fairly standard
11:38<Chutt>kja, once in a great while? try every 10 minutes :p
11:39<kja>hmm, yea, I see that now..
11:40<kja>I think it's my socks acting little activity
11:42<kja>would caching of neccesary data in channel/dvb_channel be accepted as a method of speeding up channel changes?
11:42<Chutt>what data?
11:43<kja>everything needed to tune channels (to get by slow sql querys)
11:44<Chutt>well, i guess
11:45<Chutt>i don't think it'd help much, though
11:46<kja>i've done some timing here and there, and it seems that the sql querys are taking most of the time (over a second to fetch dvb_tuning..)
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11:46<Chutt>ok, sure, cache away
11:46<Chutt>my tests show that pausing playback takes as much time as everything else in switching channels
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11:47<kja>hmm, maybe I have a slow sql server (standard redhat 9)
11:48<Chutt>you're grabbing a whole lot more data out of there
11:49<kja>I think there's about 5 or 6 sql querys to change a channel on the dvb side...
11:49<kja>...and most of them take from .5 up to over a second here..
11:49<Chutt>and there's only a couple tiny ones for analog tv
11:50<kja>if you have the time, could you slap a timer around one of them, just to check?
11:50<Chutt>i did that recently
11:51<Chutt>took a max of .3 seconds for the backend to switch channels, including the request time from the frontend
11:51<kja>and it was not that bad, or?
11:51<Chutt>another max of .3 seconds to pause playback
11:51<Chutt>and everything else was negligible
11:51<kja>pausing is fast here too
11:52<kja>could it be because I have the sql server on a different machine than both front and backend?
11:52<Chutt>could be
11:52<kja>i'll try moving it to see any difference before i code away
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12:26<kja>moved the database, but no change in speed
12:26<kja>which version are you running Chutt?
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12:38<mdz>changing channels is definitely much slower for me than pause/unpause
12:38<mdz>(with a remote db)
12:39<mdz>24 queries are executed
12:40<kja>that many? normal v4l card?
12:40<kja>channel change takes about 6-7 seconds here (dvb card)
12:41<kja>mdz: have you done any timing on it?
12:46<mdz>normal v4l card
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12:47<mdz>no, I have not
12:47<sfr>a channel change takes about 2 seconds over here (v4l hardware mjpeg card, local database) but could be faster
12:47<mdz>subjectively, it's about 2 seconds
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12:47<mdz>kja: many of the queries are SELECT NULLs to wake up the database
12:47<mdz>due to the broken mysq client lib
12:48<kja>what is wired is that running selects in 'mysql' takes no time at all...
12:51<mdz>the queries should all be very fast on the server; the tables are small
12:51<kja>I vote for a table cache in the channel classes, made so that any channel change will not execute a sql query, objections?
12:51<mdz>but there is the round-trip time over the network
12:51<mdz>you'd need a way to invalidate the cache
12:52<kja>yea, but it should not be large, and it was the same when i moved the db
12:52<mdz>it would be better, I think, to just reduce the number of queries
12:52<mdz>for example, videofilters, contrast, colour, brightness, etc. are all loaded by separate queries
12:52<mdz>they could be done by a single query if the code were rearranged
12:52<kja>yea, one big query would help a lot
12:53<kja>i think the time is spent in qt (doing the variant work)
12:54<mdz>I haven't profiled it
12:54<kja>me neither, just a thought
12:59<mdz>it would get rid of 4 queries to keep the TimeFormat and ShortDateFormat settings around in tv_play
12:59<mdz>but since (I believe) the TV never gets destroyed while the frontend is running, changes wouldn't take effect without a restart
13:00<mdz>adding a simple cache to GetSetting would speed up a lot of operations, I think
13:01<kja>but do we really need immediate updates to the channel tables? they tend to change little
13:02<kja>so if the channel classes loaded the tables on startup, would not that suffice?
13:02<mdz>they do change, though
13:02<mdz>when mythfilldatabase runs
13:02<mdz>so potentially every day
13:03<mdz>they also change whenever the color settings are changed
13:03<mdz>but since that happens through channel, it'd be easy to handle
13:05<kja>mythfilldatabase can flag the data it updates..
13:06<kja>or we could make channel do regular updates..
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15:21<anduinw>anyone around who cares about lirc?
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15:52<bbeattie>Anyone know if myth works well with Hyper Threading?
15:52<bbeattie>(Any good performance improvements?)
15:53<sfr>bbeattie should be ok now, but afaik myth isn't specifically optimised for smp/ht.
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16:22<bline>anduinw: I care about lirc, it was my initial patch you fixed
16:36<Chutt>sfr, err, it's rather heavily threaded.
16:37<sfr>Chutt spec. for smp/ht or due to design issues.
16:37<Chutt>because of the design.
16:38<Chutt>there's nothing to do special to make it 'optimized for smp/ht'
16:40<anduinw>bline - I know, glad you did I like native lirc support.
16:41<anduinw>however I now have a problem with native lirc support
16:42<anduinw>My problem is that there is no good way to stop listening to the lirc commands.
16:44<anduinw>Example: when I go to spawn xine to watch a DVD, or spawn xmms to listen to music (I'd use mythmusic but the shuffle delay and a few other issues are killer deficiencies for me).
16:46<bline>yeah, I know what you mean
16:46<anduinw>I'd like to fix this problem. The easiest way I can think of would be to make something like a myth_system() function and replace appropriate system() calls with myth_system(). This is mostly to isolate where I'd need to #ifdef LIRC_SUPPORT to myth_system().
16:47<bline>is system used now or some Qt function?
16:47<anduinw>If would then be trivial to thrown another custom event to tell the event queue to ignore lirc events, then restore.
16:48<anduinw>system() is called directly
16:48<anduinw>in both themedmenu and the dvd_player
16:48<anduinw>as the function blocks I don't think it makes sense to queue lirc events
16:49<bline>can you just close the lirc thread and recreate it when the system() is over, or is that more trouble than just ignoring events?
16:50<anduinw>definitely more trouble
16:51<anduinw>I can ignore the events by keeping an "ignore lirc events" flag. Recreating the thread... well it is initially created blah you know.
16:52<Chutt>anduinw, the myth_system() approach would be the way to go
16:52<Chutt>with a pair of functions in mythmainwindow to tell it to start/stop listening for lirc events
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16:54<bline>anduinw: what Chutt said =)
16:54<anduinw>Chutt - I was thinking more of just posting another lirc event to the event queue to start/stop lirc listening.
16:55<courtlr>What mysql command do I use to change the finetuning?
16:56<anduinw>Chutt - Of course the event would be entirely punitive, make you think twice before you switch my enums out :)
17:02<anduinw>I'm being tempted to add myth_system to util.h... bad?
17:04<bline>hmm, no comment on my focus hack
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21:16<Timon>Is thor back from vacation yet?
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21:17<phar0e>if I want to change some of the settings when recording can I edit the database table "codecparams" ?
21:18<phar0e>or is there a better way to go about that... ?
21:20<phar0e>actually let me see if mythfrontend allows me to configure it, brb
21:29<bbeattie>What motherboards do most of you suggest to people? and which do you not suggest?
21:33<Timon>Get the va503+
21:34<paulproteus>Timon: :)
21:34<paulproteus>Isn't that a K6-2 board?
21:35<Timon>paulproteus: I've had the mis-fortune of building many computers with that board. The board is crappy, the chipset is even crappier, the drivers are far below crappy
21:35<Timon>Yeah, k6-2 board
21:35<paulproteus>I remember that.
21:35<paulproteus>I think that board is the reason I run Linux.
21:35<paulproteus>Win98 could not stay up for an hour and a half.
21:35<Timon>FIC makes it if I remember. Been '99 since I've used it
21:36* paulproteusremembers noticing, "7h15 sux0rz . m3 us1ng l1nux - l1nux 0wnz 7h15 br04d!!!11"
21:37<Timon>hah, lame hax0r speak
21:39<paulproteus>Yes. I was also a burgeouning script kiddie, a habit Linux helped me kick :).
21:39<paulproteus>(Though sometimes.... ;)
21:41<Timon>heh, I used it to put a few people in their place.
21:41<paulproteus>Linux, or script kiddieing?
21:41<paulproteus>(I don't see how anything but the latter is meaningful, but you probably mean the former.)
21:42<Timon>I remember a buddy of mine telling me "I got NT on these servers, put the latest patches on them, there freakin secure. Nothing can get in"
21:42* paulproteussnickers
21:43<Timon>Anyways, I told him how about I run a few tests, he said "Sure, point them at my production mail server" I gave him a chance to reconsidure, and he changed his mind and had me run it against his workstation.
21:43<Timon>3 minutes later when he got back into the channel, he was pissed :-)
21:43<Timon>good 'ol teardrop
21:53* paulproteusnods and chuckles.
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22:22<mdz>vektor: around?
22:24* vektorlives on IRC.
22:24<mdz>vektor: I want to do some work on tracking down that mismatched audio bug
22:25<mdz>vektor: you said one of your users had experienced it. can you point me to the report?
22:25<vektor>Mismatched audio?
22:25<vektor>Oooooh, that bug. :)
22:25<vektor>We're Sorry.
22:25<vektor>The Website is currently down for maintenance.
22:25<vektor>Damn. :)
22:25<mdz>I can easily reproduce it, but I looked at the bttv code and couldn't see anything obviously wrong
22:26<mdz>do you have any hunches about what I should look at?
22:27<mdz>I've googled quite a bit and, to my amazement, haven't found any other reports of this problem
22:27<vektor>Have you tried with xawtv?
22:27<mdz>when you mentioned it, that was the first I'd heard of someone other than me experiencing it
22:27<mdz>no, I haven't
22:27<vektor>There's no good support forum, so it doesn't entirely surprise me that google would suck.
22:28<mdz>but I didn't even find any reports on the mythtv lists
22:28<vektor>Maybe your card= line is wrong.
22:28<vektor>What card do you have?
22:28<mdz>I let it autoprobe and it comes up with the right thing
22:28<vektor>Which WinTV?
22:29<mdz>not entirely sure; it's borrowed
22:29<mdz>has the radio input
22:29<vektor>How about the tuner?
22:29<mdz>msp34xx: init: chip=MSP3435G-B6, has NICAM support
22:29<mdz>bttv0: detected: Hauppauge WinTV [card=10], PCI subsystem ID is 0070:13eb
22:30<vektor>Check CARDLIST
22:30<vektor>See if something else looks more appropriate]
22:30<mdz>there are 4 hauppauge cards in the list
22:30<mdz>bt848, bt878, WinCam and PVR
22:31<mdz>mine is definitely a bt878
22:31<mdz>(which is card=10)
22:31<vektor>And for the tuner types?
22:31<mdz>everything else works fine with the card
22:31<mdz>tuners I have very little clue about
22:31<mdz>none of the names mean anything to me
22:31<vektor>Do you use 'type=2' ?
22:31<vektor>Try it.
22:32<mdz>bttv0: i2c attach [client=Philips NTSC,ok]
22:32<mdz>Philips NTSC is type=2, no?
22:33<mdz>(it seems to be from the list)
22:33<vektor>I don't know, from my tests that just kicks the tuner module into always detecting NTSC properly.
22:33<mdz>I'll try that
22:33<mdz>damn, something's recording
22:33<mdz>I'll try it a bit later
22:34<mdz>it doesn't seem like that could fix it though
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23:15<mdz>vektor: I'll be damned
23:15<mdz>that seems to have fixed it
23:15<mdz>the messages from the driver are exactly the same, but I can't reproduce it anymore with tuner type=2
23:16<vektor>mdz: Hah!
23:19<mdz>vektor: thanks
23:19<vektor>We should document this.
23:19<vektor>Thanks for the heads up, I'll note it on my page.
23:19<mdz>let's have a conversation on an archived mailing list about it :-)
23:19* vektorgone to sleep.
23:19<vektor>ok :)
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