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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-08-14

00:00<mattfelsen>i see light blue used disk space
00:00<mikegrb>now I got it
00:00<mattfelsen>and a dark blue line for cpu load
00:00<kwenda>oh youre nitpicking
00:00<kwenda>i thought the page wouldnt load
00:01<mikegrb>what software are you using?
00:01<kwenda>thats mrtg - graphs network links
00:02<kwenda>the real use of it would be something like this:
00:02<mattfelsen>at first i thought it was bandwith usage
00:02<mattfelsen>and thought, "well gee, that was quick. he moved the backend to his office already"
00:02<kwenda>the second one is
00:02<kwenda>lol yeah, im anxious to see what that does to my graphs
00:04<drew>ok matt got another one for you... i am getting what looks like capture data.. but have a black screen still and am getting warnings and things like "ac-tex damaged at 0 0" any ideas
00:04<kwenda>the CPU usage is actually ALOT easier to get than the free diskspace
00:04<kwenda>at least in a form that a script can read it
00:06<hyperm>mike could installing alsa drivers make it be able to access the audio?>
00:06<mattfelsen>drew: haven't seen anything like that. what do you mean by capture data
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00:06<mattfelsen>kwenda: why bother with *free* disk space?
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00:07<mattfelsen>hyperm: i use alsa. the docs recommend alsa
00:07<hyperm>matt : k maybee ill try that ;/
00:08<drew>well it says Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
00:08<drew>then it starts to give lines and lines of data reported back
00:08<mattfelsen>dunno...have you searched the archives?
00:08<mikegrb>hyperm: what is probably happening is the backend is recording from the sound card and the front end is trying to play to the sound card at the same time, if the oss drivers don't support full duplex for your card then this won't work
00:09<mikegrb>hyperm: alsa generally has better support for full duplex
00:09<drew>could i have my capture inputs wrong?
00:09<mattfelsen>that's always a possibility
00:09<mattfelsen>might as well run setup and answer yes to both questions
00:10<drew>what should i set it too
00:10<drew>when i was configuring the card
00:10<hyperm>mike: ah that makes sense
00:10<mattfelsen>which input are you usign on your tv tuner?
00:10<drew>i tried several settings and finally settled on "4"
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00:11<drew>when this started up it looked like a picture of like 1 or 2
00:12<mattfelsen>i'm sorry, i have no idea what you're talking about. are you talking about the myth setup program?
00:13<drew>no when i was setting up the capture card and getting the setting right
00:13<drew>the driver setup
00:13<mattfelsen>ah...i dunno, i use bttv
00:14<mattfelsen>and there's nothing like that for me
00:15<drew>well... then..
00:17<mattfelsen>it's getting late
00:17<mattfelsen>and i need to work tomorrow..
00:17<mattfelsen>check the docs and the mailing lists...and i guess people will be in and out of the channel
00:18<mattfelsen>good night all
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00:22<kwenda>here's a query for you all
00:22<kwenda>i have a frontend that i don't want to have to touch
00:22<kwenda>how could i send keystrokes to the X session on it, logged in via SSH
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00:41<phar0e>just grabbing the latest version from CVS to get some new features I want =)))
00:41<kwenda>.11 is out like tomorrow or the day after
00:42<kwenda>he said he was going to do it last night but he had company
00:42<billytwowilly>i'm waiting for 0.11. 0.10 works fine right now.
00:42<phar0e>I have become too big of a fan of MythTV, I'm going to be hardcore and have bleeding edge
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01:52<michal_>geeze :\ it takes forever to shift 40GB of data over a 100mbit link :\
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01:56<drew>can i change channels with my keyboard
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01:59<tmk>drew: up arrow
01:59<tmk>and down arrow
02:00<tmk>also just type the # in
02:00<tmk>it'll change in a second or so
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02:08<phar0e>Mythweb2 is NIIIIICE
02:08<phar0e>keep up the good work guys
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02:22<tmk>chutt: you around
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03:31<phar0e>FreeNode keeps dropping me
03:32<phar0e>Anyone present who can perhaps help me with Mythweb2?
03:32<phar0e>I had some questions...
03:34<bigguy>I didn't know mythweb2 was released yet
03:35<phar0e>yeah man
03:35<phar0e>it rocks
03:35<phar0e>very slick
03:37<phar0e>nevermind, I answered one of my questions already
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05:18<drew>anyone around?
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08:53<drew>anyone around
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10:54<drew>does anyone know what was that command for patching the XMLTV file?
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13:31<tmk> must have poor service
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13:52<paulproteus|work>Chutt: I whined earlier about libcdaudio being b0rked on Xbox.
13:53<paulproteus|work>I found a one-line patch that fixes, and I submitted it upstream.
13:53* paulproteus|workdoes a little dance
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13:53<paulproteus|work>MythMusic on Xbox, here we come.
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14:59<sfr>any mythmusic developers around?
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14:59<Chutt>i'm here
15:00<sfr>hi Chutt, i'm trying to add mp3 encoding to mythmusic, but didn't get too far yet. you know lame?
15:01<Chutt>the audio compression code in mythtv uses lame
15:02<sfr>yup, i saw that. i can setup lame fine, but get a segfault in lame_setup... when calling lame_encode_buffer_interleaved.
15:04<sfr>my question is: can i hand the buffers returned by cdparanoia directly to lame? or is some conversion required. google wasn't really helpful
15:04<Chutt>you should be able to, yeah
15:06<sfr>btw, i'm calling the encoder this way: lame_encode_buffer_interleaved(gf, (short int *)bytes, samples_per_channel, (unsigned char *)mp3buf, mp3buf_size) ; mp3buf is setup as in NuppelVideoRecoder.cpp.
15:06<Chutt>you may need to make mp3buf_size larger
15:06<sfr>bytes == buffer returned by cdparanoia.
15:06<Chutt>than it is in nvr.cpp
15:10<sfr>ok, in lame.h they use the number_of_samples to calculate the buffer size, how do i calculate this number?
15:11<sfr>or Chutt, you have some pointers to mailing lists /sites about programming things like this?
15:13<Chutt>naw, sorry
15:13<Chutt>i just sorta figured it out from lame.h
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15:48<jkolb>tmk: What distro do you run?
15:49<tmk>rh 8/0
15:49<Chutt>an ancient distro for an ancient machine =)
15:49<jkolb>On your myth box?
15:49<tmk>1 rev behind current
15:50<jkolb>He's just used to debian release cycles.
15:50<jkolb>Where 1 rev behind current _is_ ancient.
15:51<bigguy>who needs release cycles ;)
15:52<Chutt>steele price is an idiot.
15:52<tmk>oh yeah?
15:54<Chutt>the 'MythTV core structure' thread on my -users list
15:55<Chutt>good laugh
15:55<tmk>so i should be able to finish up the decoder tonight
15:55<tmk>you have any free cycles soon?
15:55<Chutt>almost have a big project done at work
15:55<Chutt>hoping to put out 0.11 tonight
15:56<Chutt>so that'll be out of the way, and i can break crap again
15:56* tmkpolishes his bad
15:56<Chutt>can you ask that guy that's doing the fb stuff to send me any mods he made to mythtv? i'm curious
15:56<tmk>he said he would send it
15:57<tmk>i got an email from him today
15:57<tmk>lemme check it
15:58<tmk>he did send it
15:58<tmk>i'll forward it on to you
15:58<Chutt>cool, thanks =)
15:58<tmk>he says it's locking though
15:58<tmk>some issue with the decoder not requesting more data when he expects it
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16:01<tmk>mail sent
16:05<Chutt>that's easy
16:12<mecraw>is viewcvs down?
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16:16<daralc>does mythtv need a windowmanager to function properly?
16:19<daralc>At last I can play DVDs on the TV! Now if I can work out why mplayer is
16:19<daralc>ignoring keyboard and mouse events, I'm sorted!
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16:20<daralc>said mike ^
16:20<daralc>on myth-dev, i have that same problem
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16:42<billytwowilly>heh. I keep singing that song that starts out with "I want my mtv" but instead of mtv I'm singing mythtv in my head;)
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17:42<Scuttle>hum, the MythTV download-link on seems to be broken
17:46<bline>works here
17:46<bline>maybe dns problems from the mass blackout
17:46<Scuttle>all I get is a .tar.tar file that's broken
17:47<bline>I get mythtv-0.10.tar.bz2 and it works fine
17:47<bline>mybe your browser is b0rked
17:48<Scuttle>been using mplayer in framebuffer mode for quite a while, mythtv looks like a nicer interface :)
17:51<Scuttle>hrm...what's this now... the configure-script doesn't seem to do anything...
17:52<Scuttle>outputs a few lines...
17:52<Scuttle>Please note that these settings only deal with libavcodec, not MythTV
17:52<Scuttle>and on..
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18:03* sfris proud he encoded a song to mp3 although the result sounds strange
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18:05<billytwowilly>how hard is the wintv pvr-250 to setup for mythtv?
18:06<bline>not hard
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18:08<billytwowilly>ok, because I think I'm going to buy one. my ati tv wonder is giving me vertical lines..
18:08<billytwowilly>is there somewhere telling you how to setup a pvr-250?
18:10<billytwowilly>I see it in the docs. missed it the first time.
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18:55<phar0e>is something wrong with FreeNode lately or is it just me?
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19:04<mattfelsen>cvs down?
19:05<phar0e>it was probably in New York
19:05<mattfelsen>heh, yea, that's what i figured
19:05<phar0e>you use mythweb2 mattfelsen?
19:06<mattfelsen>i pulled the module from cvs but haven't touched it yet
19:06<mattfelsen>i don't even have apache installed
19:06<mattfelsen>i've been trying to get lirc working
19:06<mattfelsen>btw, is Chutt Isaac?
19:07<phar0e>I don't know
19:07<phar0e>Chutt does seem to know a lot
19:07<bline>yeah he is
19:07<phar0e>Chutt told me earlier this week that I would be able to select certain record profiles to use when I record using mythweb2 with mythtv cvs
19:08<phar0e>so I installed cvs both, but can't find that option
19:08<mattfelsen>i remember reading that in the archives i think
19:09<mattfelsen>any idea who took the screenshots of mythmusic on the site?
19:10<bline>Isaac probably
19:10<mattfelsen> :)
19:11<mattfelsen>i saw ani in concert about 2 months ago
19:13<mattfelsen>can you install gtk themes without running gnome?
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19:50<tmk>chutt here?
19:50<tmk>err i see that he is not
19:53<paulproteus>mattfelsen: Yes.
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19:53<paulproteus>Hit freshmeat for one of many programs that do it.
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22:03<mattfelsen>ah, sticky keys is nice
22:04<mattfelsen>i wish though instead of 1x being 1 second, it would be the setting you actually enter
22:04<phar0e>hey mattfelsen, what kind of TV tuner card do you have?
22:05<mattfelsen>avertv studio
22:05<phar0e>I am thinking about getting one of those pvr cards
22:05<mattfelsen>what's the deal with the freestyle?
22:06<mattfelsen>how is it different from the 2 and 350?
22:06<phar0e>not sure
22:06<phar0e>I actually don't know anything about all these, except they have that onboard mpeg encoder which makes things quicker when recording
22:07<mattfelsen>basically, instead of letting your cpu do all the encoding in software, it's got an encoder chip that does it for you
22:07<mattfelsen>tivo uses a hardware encoder, and that's why it can use only a 53mhz cpu (or something like that)
22:08<mattfelsen>so it doesn't really make anything quicker, it just frees up your cpu for other things
22:08<mattfelsen>but the thing is, it produces mpeg 2 files, which are bigger than the mpeg 4 ones produced from software encoding
22:08<bigguy>the freestyle is the same card I've heard minus the extra stuff that comes in the pvr box
22:08<mattfelsen>such as? remote?
22:08<bigguy>think so
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23:00<mattfelsen>yay, i hacked the source for the guide
23:00<mattfelsen>now, pressing enter will change to that channel instead of m
23:00<mattfelsen>and you press i to get the info
23:00<mattfelsen>the way everythign should be
23:00<mattfelsen>-- for watching tv
23:01<mattfelsen>now i have to figure out how to make it context-specific so it does that stuff when watching tv, yet other stuff for when you're scheduling recordings
23:01<mattfelsen>anyone know much about gContext?
23:03<mattfelsen>it's a variable in the code for getting context info
23:03<mattfelsen>like... gContext->GetSetting("foo", "bar") which pulls some stuff from the db
23:04<mattfelsen>but i'm more interested in figuring out whether the guide was called from live tv or schedule recordings
23:04<bigguy>no I was thinking it was qContext you were meaning
23:04<bigguy>I thought gContext was a gtk/gnome thing
23:04<mattfelsen>um..maybe it is and i just have bad ieyes
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23:44<jboyens>I'm having some issues with CPU usage as it applies to recording, and LiveTV playback. MythTV seems WAAAY to slow at all times. I'm unsure what I can do, even LiveTV is unwatchable.
23:45<bigguy>and what type of system do you have?
23:45<jboyens>Dual 600 with 512 megs of RAM
23:46<bigguy>what tv card?
23:46<jboyens>Bad card?
23:47<bigguy>almost too slow a system for software encoding
23:47<bigguy>encoding and decoding at the smae time even
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23:50<jboyens>Sorry netsplit.
23:50<jboyens>BTW I don't need bloody 2 gig files for 30mins of TV either, I just want something that won't kill my eyes
23:52<bigguy>as long as you've got such a slow computer livetv et all is gonna remain slow
23:53<bigguy>if you just want live tv use tvtime
23:53<bigguy>use myth for recording
23:53<jboyens>bigguy: which is what I'm watching now.
23:53<jboyens>I think I may end up rolling my own script set to use mplayer to encode seems to work better. Less graphic glitches.
23:54<jboyens>MythTV is cool, but there is no way that you should need a frickin' 1.0Ghz+ system just to watch TV.
23:55<bigguy>"I'm gonna get me a slow ass computer and try to do software encoding and expect it to be snappy"
23:55<bigguy>jboyens: It's not meant for "Just watching tv"
23:55<jkolb>You don't. You either need a 1.0GHz+ system or a PVR-[23]50.
23:56<jboyens>bigguy: I don't expect it to be snappy and perfect but usable at least. This is totally unacceptable.
23:56<jkolb>I'm running an 850MHz Celeron, and I'm usually around 60% idle watching live tv or a recording.
23:57<bigguy>software encoding and software decoding of mpeg4 files
23:58<bigguy>like I said mythtv's live tv encodes the stream
23:58<bigguy>so that you can pause it
23:58<bigguy>if you don't want that use tvtime or xaw for the livetv
23:58<bigguy>use mythtv for recording shows to watch later
23:59<jboyens>Okay. Then lets get to the recording. I'm having a helluva lot of green artifacts appearing in my recordings.
23:59* bigguylags
23:59<bigguy>I don't know about that