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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-08-16

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01:04<snorp>hey hey hey
01:04<snorp>anyone awake?
01:04* snorpwould like to know about peoples experiences with pvr-350 cards
01:05<mechou>can't help you there....
01:05<mechou>but first, why are you considering it?
01:06<snorp>well, it has hardware encoding/decoding and built-in tvout
01:06<snorp>but I don't think the decoding is supported yet
01:06<mechou>u're right on that score.
01:06<snorp>dunno about the tv-out either
01:07<mechou>so why not get a 250 instead?
01:07<snorp>that's what I'm wondering
01:07<jasoncohen>i'm having a problem in mythtv where the video is very unresponsive. I'm using a digital cable with a digital cable box and when i change the channel with the remote for the cable box it takes a few seconds for anything to happen
01:07<jasoncohen>no problems in tvtime
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01:07<mdz>Chutt: any particular reason why the transcode path is hardcoded? it looks like QProcess will search PATH on its own
01:08<bbeattie>mechou: sorry about last night, power went out for another 5 hours, no warning
01:08<mechou>hehe, np...
01:08<mechou>it hit slc, too??
01:09<mechou>or were you someplace else?
01:09<bbeattie>it was 88 degrees at when it went out after nidnight
01:09<mechou>hmm, toasty...
01:09<bbeattie>no idea, we're completely on a different grid, it's utah power and lights own bad grid. :-/
01:12<mechou>so bbeattie, I don't know if you caught what I was said yesterday, but my pbs station here has continuous HDTV programming on a single subchannel.
01:12<mechou>they call it HDTV "Demo"
01:13<mechou>I assume the PBS affiliate in SLC doesn't have that?
01:13<bbeattie>several PBS stations run that
01:14<bbeattie>There are 2 PBS stations in SLC, one uses that, the other doesn't but has it's own second channel.
01:14<bbeattie>.. I have to run for the night, but I will be on tomorrow.
01:14<mechou>ok, later...
01:14<mdz>first cut of mythdvd debs are up now (no transcoding yet)
01:14<bbeattie>We'll need to get the subchannel playing soon. :)
01:14<bbeattie>have a good night,
01:14<snorp>does dvd playing work well through mythtv?
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01:25<term>hm, libmyth-0.11 did not fix my xmltv problem. hmm
01:27<term>let's run configure directly..
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01:42<term>sid has xmltv 0.5.16
01:42<term>I swear the author of xmltv releases a new version JUST to keep mythtv releases from working.
01:43* paulproteusonly uses Myth for MythMusic :)
01:43<term>time to hunt for xmltv 0.5.15
01:44<term>maybe it's not sid..
01:45<term>nope, it is.
01:45<term>why does the guy keep doing that
01:46<term> says it's compatible with 0.5.16. odd
01:46<paulproteus> says 0.5.15 .
01:46<term>but I just dist-upgraded and it installed 0.5.16
01:47<paulproteus>apt-get install xmltv/testing
01:47<paulproteus>"Try it. You'll like it."
01:47<term>Chutt's release info on says .16 isn't a problem
01:48<paulproteus>That's "special", then.
01:48<term>I'm tracking down the source of the problem now.
01:51<term>tv_grab_na seems busy..
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02:19<term>this is driving me nuts.
02:19<term>tv_grab_na returns reams of xml output, but mythfilldatabase comes back telling it can't deal with it.
02:28<term>nice -19 segfaults.
02:28<term>that's the whole problem.
02:29<paulproteus>Next step, term: Email the list and tell them that happened, so posterity can find it in the archives. :)
02:29<term>damnit, I don't want to rebuild this :(
02:30<term>well, I'm not sure if it's just me, but it wants to run it nice -19 and my version of nice (or the kernel) definately isn't interested
02:31<paulproteus>Well, say so, and see what others think.
02:31<term>blah, I don't want to fix this :(
02:31<paulproteus>You could pay someone else to, in theory.
02:31<term>Chutt: nice -19 isn't playing nice with me. :(
02:32<term>paulproteus: I don't want to fix it because afaik I can't just download the deb and reubild it.
02:32<term>lemme double check that.
02:32<paulproteus>apt-get source ... ?
02:32<term>something didn't have a debian directory in it, I remember
02:32<term>hm there's one now
02:32<term>let's try it.
02:33<paulproteus>You always need to apply the Debian-specific patches, anyway.
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02:33<billytwowilly>hi, I just upgraded to 0.11 from 0.10 and now the audio seems to be off by about +0.5 seconds.
02:33<billytwowilly>how do I fix this?
02:34<term>paulproteus: we'll find out in a few minutes. I'm building it.
02:34<term>all this to change the nice setting in one line of code
02:34<term>how silly. ;)
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02:39<term>hm, this is taking a while to build
02:39<billytwowilly>so noone can tell me how to adjust the audio sync?
02:39<paulproteus>Maybe you should renice -19 he build process.
02:39<billytwowilly>it doesn't appear to be in the options.
02:43<term>damn the mailing lists are busy.
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02:51<term>damnit, that didn't do it..
02:53<term>or, I should change the right one.
03:03<billytwowilly>hurray! the culprit was jitter reduction.
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03:16<term>woo fixed.
03:16<term>changed all the nice settings to -17 :)
03:16<term>sleep is immenent
03:17<paulproteus>Nice. :)
03:38<Timon>When does thor get back from pakistan?
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10:59<choenig>Chutt: around?
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11:34<mattfelsen>does anyone here use myth with a satellite receiver? if so, i've got a nice tip for you
11:34<jkolb>I have DirecTV.
11:35<mattfelsen>when you change channels, do you get osd's from both myth and the dss?
11:35<jkolb>I don't really watch live TV, but I get the dtv osd at the beginning of all my recordings.
11:36<mattfelsen>i added a few lines to which will a) power on the receiver before every channel change, just in case, and b) send a clear command after the change, so at worst, you get a flicker of the osd for about an 1/8th of a second
11:37<jkolb>I tried something similar with (which is the on I have to use, even though I have an RCA receiver), and it didn't seem to do anything.
11:41<mattfelsen>you can take a look at if you want
11:42<jkolb>Could you make that with diff -u instead?
11:45<jkolb>Ah, there we go
11:46<mattfelsen>you need Time::HiRes, but i think it's standard
11:47<jkolb>Hm. I didn't have a pause when I tried it. Maybe that was the problem.
11:48<jkolb>It seems you can accomplish the same thing with 'select(undef, undef, undef, 0.161);'
11:48<jkolb>It's an example in perlfunc's man page.
11:51<mattfelsen>yea, Time::HiRes uses select()
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11:52<mattfelsen>but i thought mine was a more elegant solution
11:52<mattfelsen>btw, that number is just the smallest delay that worked for me...anything below that would have no effect
11:52<mattfelsen>so you can tweak it to what works for you
11:53<jkolb>If it ends up using the same call, how is it more elegant?
11:55<mattfelsen>because Time::HiRes::sleep(foo) makes more sense than select(undef, undef, undef foo) to someone who doesn't know what either does
11:55<jkolb>Isn't that what comments are for?
11:56* mattfelsennotes that he didn't see a single comment in the myth source
11:57<jkolb>Well, you'll not find comments in my source, either, unless I'm doing something odd like using select() as a hi-resolution sleep().
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12:35<mdz>mattfelsen: if you don't see any comments, you haven't looked at much of it
12:36<mdz>there are probably places which could benefit from a comment or two, but to say that it doesn't have comments is ridiculous
12:55<Chutt>comments are for people that can't code clearly
12:59<mdz>even if it is clear what the code is doing, a comment is sometimes necessary to explain why it is doing what it is doing
13:00<mdz>Chutt: should mtd run all the time? or should it be started on-demand by mythdvd?
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13:32<mattfelsen>mdz: i never claimed to look at much of it :)
13:32<mattfelsen>i was thinking of adding a "jump" feature though
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14:01<kja>Chutt: I'm working on sound-reinit, but I have some trouble with mono mp2 sound, was the AudioOutput* classes built with this in mind?
14:02<kja>I get high pitched sound, on both channels, so I suppose that the soundcard is set right...
14:06<kja>any suggestions anyone?
14:07<Chutt>mdz, doesn't hurt to have it running all the time, i don't think
14:07<Chutt>kja, i dunno, i've never done mono audio with it
14:09<Chutt>actually, i doubt it _can_ do mono audio
14:10<kja>ok, i'll try to work out what is happening...
14:31<kja>got it ;)
14:31<kja>just had to sec a samplerate / 2 to the card, but not the class
14:34<kja>hmm, and use SNDCTL_DSP_STEREO instead of SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS (?)
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14:57<kja>Finally got proper audio on my Discovery:)
14:59<mattfelsen>is anyone working on anything for the guide where if you start pressing numbers, it'll go to that channel?
15:02<kja>what to do with channels 6[[:numeric:]]*?
15:02<mattfelsen>yea, i was wondering about that
15:02<mattfelsen>i guess on the first keypress, it'd query the db to see what the highest channel is
15:03<mattfelsen>or actually
15:03<mattfelsen>hm...this requires some thought
15:03<kja>press 1 to enter channel number?
15:04<kja>2 then :)
15:04<mattfelsen>i want this to work just like the guides on the other receivers in my house
15:04<mattfelsen>i already changed the key bindings :)
15:06<mattfelsen>i guess it would be something ilke
15:07<mattfelsen>each key press appends the number to a variable. it would then do a query like "foo bar LIKE 'keys_pressed%'"
15:07<mattfelsen>if the result is 1, it'll select that channel
15:07<mattfelsen>if the result is more than 1, it'll just wait (and time out after a few seconds)
15:08<mattfelsen>meaning if you enter 35 and the only channel returned is 35, it'll select that
15:08<mattfelsen>but if it returns a few rows, like 35, 350, 351, etc. then it won't select the channel right away
15:08<mattfelsen>(i'm just thinking out loud here)
15:10<kja>but you ignore the binding '6' to go to program finder.....
15:11<kja>Chutt: You where talking about redoing the osd?
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15:27<mattfelsen>oh, forgot about that
15:27<mattfelsen>oh, and i guess that's what you meant with your original question
15:28<kja>yea :)
15:28<kja>could make it a preference though..
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15:34<sfr>got a question re lame's id3tag_set_track function: it expects a 'const char* track' for the tracknumber, but i only have an integer. how should the call to the function look like?
15:38<kja>Would QString::number(int) work?
15:46<sfr>kja it works, thanks
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15:47<sfr>kja how would i do that in c++?
15:48<kja>that is c++ =)
15:49<sfr>:) ok, then without Qt
15:49<kja>char * = sprintf("%i", int) or something like that
15:55<mattfelsen>why %i and not %d?
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15:57<kja>int is unsigned int = %i
15:57<kja>%d = double
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15:59<choenig>no, %d is decimal which is an int :-)
15:59<choenig>but he decided to leave on that error ;)
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16:00<sfr>anyway mattfelsen didn't see it
16:00<mattfelsen>sorry, had to reset the breakers
16:00<choenig>yeah, I saw that now, too =)
16:01<sfr>so %d and %i are the same?
16:02<choenig>I don't even know if %i does exist
16:05<mattfelsen>%d a signed integer, in decimal
16:05<mattfelsen>%u an unsigned integer, in decimal
16:05<mattfelsen>%o an unsigned integer, in octal
16:05<mattfelsen>%x an unsigned integer, in hexadecimal
16:05<mattfelsen>%i a synonym for %d
16:05<choenig>ah, ok
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16:15<mattfelsen>what are the Key_ constants for channel up/down?
16:16<mattfelsen>no, i mean if someone were to press channel up/down on a remote
16:18<kja>i don't get it
16:19<kja>i thought that lirc generated a keyboard up/down, which goes to Key_Up/Down in qt..
16:20<mattfelsen>ah, maybe it does
16:28<Timon>It does
16:29<kja>thnx :)
16:35<mattfelsen>hmm... i don't know if i like my tv card remote
16:35<mattfelsen>there are no arrow buttons
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16:47<sfr>are Makefiles auto-generated from the *.pro files?
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16:54<Timon>sfr, iirc they are. type qmake to remake them
16:54<kja>, comes in handy sometimes
16:55<Timon>bah, documentation is for the week.
16:55<Timon>Real men read the .h files :-)
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17:02<kja>or..real men don't even bother with the .h files :-)
17:03<sfr>real men don't need Qt to create a nice-looking gui. :)
17:04<Timon>we need cryptic command lines!
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17:57<Kuwanger>Anyone here use btaudio?
18:01<choenig>Kuwanger: yepp
18:01<Kuwanger>Hmm..I see my card is listed as support it but having "whiney" audio.
18:02<Kuwanger>Which is an understatement. :/
18:02<choenig>here it works fine
18:03<Kuwanger>Here it only works remotely well if I play at something like 448000Hz
18:05<choenig>I'm running a wintv something with the following settings
18:05<choenig>options btaudio digital=1 analog=0 rate=32000
18:05<choenig>thats all
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18:10<tmk>chutt's power go out again?
18:10<tmk>question: i have multiple instances of a program scheduled to record. They have the same description (ie one is a re-run)
18:11<tmk>will myth automatically delete the re-run after the first is recorded?
18:14<bline>myth will not record the rerun
18:14<bline>I think someone added a setting to record rerun shows, but I don't remember if it got added
18:16<tmk>will it remove it from the scheduler once the original is recorded?
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18:27<Ku-less>Very whiny. :(
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19:23<mattfelsen>how can i make it so that the menu buttons are top-aligned instead of vertically centered?
19:25<mattfelsen>i looked through themedmenu.cpp and it looks like the centering stuff is hard-coded in there, but maybe i missed somewhere where you can toggle between the two?
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20:23<zeronett>are there adapters to go from s-video to component?
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20:31<FryGuy>$20 at radio shack though
20:34<zeronett>is it work running through component over composite?
20:34<zeronett>worth not work
20:36<FryGuy>that's what I'm doing
20:36<FryGuy>it works fine
20:37<FryGuy>if I had've seen the geforce2 mx with composite out before I ordered the one I got on ebay, I would've just gone composite to begin with
20:37<FryGuy>it was only like $5 more
20:38<zeronett>alright thanks
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20:40<tmk>by component do you mean s-video
20:40<tmk>i've never seen a component-out vidcard
20:42<FryGuy>RCA-jacks. composite maybe?
20:42<tmk>rca-jacks are composite
20:42<tmk>s-video is s-video
20:42<tmk>3x RCA jack is component
20:43<tmk>i think component is basically YUV.. it's got a Y, Cb, and Cr
20:43<FryGuy>i forgot about that
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20:43<FryGuy>like for old commodore monitors?
20:43<tmk>no for like new TV's
20:43<tmk>and some monitors
20:44<tmk>if you have a component TV, you can get a 15-pin VGA cable that will connect to it i think
20:44<FryGuy>i don't think you can get from svideo to composite
20:44<tmk>you can
20:44<tmk>no you can't
20:44<jkolb>My receiver can do it.
20:44<FryGuy>i mean in an adapter
20:45<tmk>yeah, but that's powered external
20:45<tmk>not passive adapter
20:45<jkolb>Yeah, yeah.
20:45<kja>huh, i thought component (or whatever it's called) was r+g+b+sync..
20:45<tmk>i have a passive svideo->composite
20:45<tmk>kja: there are 3 channels to component
20:45<FryGuy>i have one too
20:45<tmk>i believe they are called Y,Cb,and Cr
20:45<kja>but, vga -> component tv won't fit then
20:45<FryGuy>you can do from svideo to composite (video, mono, stereo)
20:46<FryGuy>well, you need the other adapter to get the sound though since svideo is only the video
20:46* tmkblinks
20:47<FryGuy>composite video is just the yellow cable in an rca cabling set
20:48<zeronett>if im just going to be running mythtv, do i need anymore 32mb for a video?
20:48<FryGuy>but component is like green and blue with other cables
20:48<FryGuy>i don't think so
20:48<FryGuy>you might be able to use less than that
20:48<zeronett>and not lose quality?
20:49<FryGuy>it's just a framebuffer. the other 32 megs are for textures in 3d stuff
20:50<FryGuy>a 1024x768x32 frame is around 3 megs
20:50<zeronett>alright good then ill just a 32mb card
20:50-!-kslater [] has joined #mythtv
20:50<FryGuy>myth runs at less than that, and it doesn't store too many frames in memory (four at most i think)
20:51<kslater>anyone know if xmltv 0.5.16 will work with mythfilldatabase?
20:51<zeronett>does anyone know if tv-out on an all-in-wonder radeon is supported?
20:52<FryGuy>i think it does unsupportedly and the video-in doesn't work
20:52<FryGuy>unofficially i mean
20:52<kslater>pretty much the story with the AIW series is that it can ONLY do output. Can't capture and output at once.
20:53<zeronett>kslater: you have one?
20:53<zeronett>so you can get to the tv?
20:53<jkolb>kslater: says yes on the front page.
20:53<kslater>yes, but not in my mythbox
20:54<kslater>The all in wonder thread comes up every couple of weeks. I think it even has a FAQ entry now.
20:54<zeronett>oh ok... ill go check that out
20:55<zeronett>i have aiw now and have an pvr-250 coming in on monday so if i can get tv out w/ this dont need a new video card
20:56<FryGuy> writes (on the mythtv-users mailing list): "I got this to work. You can quote me on that. I've used TV-out on several models of ATI cards both All-In-Wonder and regular cards with TV-out." See the "Adventurous Setup" section of for details. Also see for more information.
20:56<kslater>probably want to check out the gatos drivers. It's been a while since I've tried to tweak an ATI card under Linux.
20:57<zeronett>FryGuy: thanks
20:58<kja>I get this from mythbackend: nvidia poll failed: Interrupted system call
20:58<kja>anybody have a clue?
21:00<kja>very rare, but it's there...and audio get's reset to a wired low pitch when it happens
21:00<kja>1 second later everything is up and running again
21:01<tmk>zeronett: if you'd have gotten a pvr-350 you'd just need that
21:01<tmk>it has tv-out
21:01<zeronett>oh it does?
21:01<zeronett>i just though it had video in
21:02<tmk>350 has a hardware decoder and video out
21:02<kja>chutt was talking bout doing some work on hardware decoding sometime (think he mentioned the epia)
21:02<tmk>yeah, i'm working with thim on that
21:03<tmk>i wrote the ivtv driver
21:03<kja>i'll do dvb-s if he does
21:03<zeronett>oh ok... ya i got the 250
21:03<tmk>the output works on pvr350
21:03<tmk>but not with myth yet
21:03<tmk>you just cat the file to /dev/video0
21:03<tmk>and it outputs to TV
21:03<tmk>soon it will work with myth tho
21:03<kja>tmk: you do O,
21:03<kja>do you work with hardware dec?
21:03<FryGuy>i didn't know the pvr-350 has tv-out too
21:04<FryGuy>and a remote?
21:04<tmk>pvr250 has vid in
21:04<kja>i'd be pretty pleased if some pre-patches be sent my way (so i could have a look)
21:05<kja>i'd be happy to do the work for full dvb cards
21:05<tmk>both pvr's have a remote
21:05<tmk>it works wel, but there's no interface to control it
21:05-!-zeronett [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
21:06<tmk>check the ivtv mailing list archives for how to set it up
21:08<FryGuy>hmm the price difference between the 250 and 350 is more than a cheap video card though :/
21:09<kja>that's the hardware driver, no stuff for myth (was that ment for me?)
21:09<tmk>there's nothing for myth yet
21:09<tmk>i need to work more on the driver before that
21:09<kja>ahh, i see...
21:09<tmk>i would have done it this weekend, but ther'es been some emergencies at work
21:09<kja>yea, sure, at least make it somewhat beta
21:10<tmk>kja: for low-framerate stuff
21:10<tmk>there's a framebuffer driver for the pvr-350
21:10<tmk>so you can run X on it
21:11<kja>but, what i personally want is to make the saa7146 on my full dvb card do decoding instead of cpu
21:12<kja>and when you and isaac wraps up a virtual layer for that kind of decoding, i'll follow
21:13<tmk>i wonder if myth will be angry that i deleted a bunch of channels from the channel table
21:14<tmk>or if mythfilldatabase will be angry
21:14<kja>i think it (mythfill..) just puts it back in...
21:14<kja>won't get frequency set though
21:15<tmk>it only puts it in if there's a channel in the channels db
21:15<tmk>otherwise it says "unknown id'
21:15<kja>not by me (tv_grab_sn), because i had no valid channels (set up by INSERT INTO....)
21:16<tmk>tv_Grab_na here
21:17<tmk>i wonder what happens to all the channels in the database
21:18* kja?
21:18<jkolb>Does anyone know if the drew guy ever got everything running?
21:19<tmk>kja: oh sorry.. i meant that i deleted a bunch of channels from the channels table
21:19<tmk>but there were program listing for them
21:19<tmk>i wonder where those will go
21:20<tmk>do they eventually age out
21:20<tmk>or will they live on forever
21:21<kja>hmm, never actually thought bout that, and i doubt anyone else has ;) live on!
21:22<tmk>how does myth remove the listings? by date?
21:22<tmk>if so then they'll die of old age
21:25<kja> querystr.sprintf("DELETE FROM program WHERE starttime >= "
21:25<kja> "AND starttime < DATE_ADD(CURRENT_DATE, INTERVAL "
21:25<kja> "%d DAY) AND chanid = %d;", offset, nextoffset, chanid);
21:25<kja>sorry bout that
21:26<kja>that was from programs/mythfill../filldata.cpp
21:26<kja>so I guess they get deleted if they get updated
21:26<-- jkolbhas quit ()
21:28<kja>no other methods to clear out old entries, as i can see...
21:35<tmk>what's chanid though
21:37<kja>same as in
21:38-!-kslater [] has quit ["Client Exiting"]
21:43<tmk>ya, so if i delete the channel
21:43<tmk>they will live forever!
21:44<kja>yea :)
21:44-!-zeronett [~david@] has joined #mythtv
21:45<kja>annoying but true...
21:46<tmk>i'll just keep them as pets
21:47<kja>remember to feed them then :)
21:48-!-srl [] has joined #mythtv
22:13-!-bbeattie [] has joined #mythtv
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22:51-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:54-!-kja [] has quit ["Watching a movie!! :)"]
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