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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-08-21

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00:01<paulproteus> would do, but no, there's not.
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00:10<kwenda>I've got a NEAT problem
00:11<kwenda>i have a backend/frontend downstairs, another frontend upstairs... if i'm watching something upstairs that is being recorded downstairs (i like to watch baseball games on 2 hour delay so i can skip all the commercials)...
00:12<kwenda>sometime in the middle of the game the video will play for a second, stop for a second, ad nausem, until i pause it for a few minutes - even though im still an hour or so away from the end of the buffer
00:13<kwenda>thats not so much the problem as whatever it IS recording when im watching this gets REALLY screwed up... the video captured will be 1 frame every 15 seconds or so and I get thousands of "audio is out of sync" and "delaying to next trigger" messages
00:14<kwenda>but this only happens to whatever is recording when i'm having that first problem... the resulting recording is so bad that it locks up mythfrontend and i have to killall-9 it
00:15<kwenda>that only happens, by the way, once its done recording the game but i'm still like an hour behind in it... i don't know if thats just coincidence or not
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00:17<kwenda>good gosh i hope i didnt just type that whole thing and have nobody hear it...
00:18<automatic_jack>I heard it :)
00:18<automatic_jack>but my MythTV setup isn't even running yet. so I can be of no help.
00:20<kwenda>i know its not a CPU usage thing on the backend machine
00:24<kwenda>thats the frontend/backend thats downstairs... now the frontend i'm watching on is only a p2/266 but it plays mpeg4 using only about 55% cpu, and i dont know how it'd screwup the backend anyway
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00:42<kwenda>heh thanks for ALL the help guys ;)
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00:50<linagee>markw: yeah. there is. :)
00:50<markw>anyone besides Alowishus (this is his fault) running a pvr-250 under debian?
00:51* markw promptly blames the guy that showed off a working mythtv setup. :)
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00:55<Alowishus>markw: haha
00:55<tmk>is there any way to tell which device is recording?
00:55<tmk>i have 2 tuners
00:55<markw>unplug stuff until it stops recording? :)
00:56<Alowishus>lol good ol' low-tech troubleshooting
00:56<paulproteus>lsof ?
00:56<paulproteus>Good night, all.
00:56<Captain_Murdoch>tnk, backend will print a message when it starts telling you what cardid and source it's using if you ran the backend with the -v option.
00:57<Captain_Murdoch>sorry, tmk. :)
00:57<Timon>Alowishus: It will first pick the tuner on the machine, then it will pick the tuner starting with 0 (in the db)
00:57<tmk>also, what does it mean when myth makes a 0 length file?
00:59<ahbritto>tmk: you can tell which devices are in use with lsof
01:00<Captain_Murdoch>possibly a problem getting data from your pvr-250, but not sure. any messages on the backend?
01:00<ahbritto>tmk: 'lsof /dev/video0' will show if myth has it open.
01:00<tmk>captain: yeah, I/O err
01:00<ahbritto>tmk: I see zero length files when mythtv can not open the device or it returns i/o errs.
01:00<tmk>ah well
01:00<Captain_Murdoch>tmk, email the ivtv author. <grin>
01:01<tmk>that lazy bum
01:01<Captain_Murdoch>probably won't answer you.
01:01<ahbritto>My start up script does a 'head -c 1' on each /dev/videoX. And reloads the ivtv module till they all work.
01:01<tmk>hey, i answer most emails
01:01<markw>Alowishus: you use the firmware from the CD, or download updated firmware?
01:01<tmk>ahb: it recorded earlier today thoug
01:01<ahbritto>tmk: Do you test from cold start?
01:01<Chutt>tmk, it stops sometimes =)
01:02<tmk>hehe i noticed
01:02<Chutt>very randomly for me
01:02<tmk>well i'll eventually fix it i think
01:02<tmk>i've become aware of a lot of little fixes
01:02<tmk>that i can do
01:02<tmk>and will do as soon as i get the decoder stuff working
01:02<Captain_Murdoch>:) I had to use the old old firmware from my year-old CD to get rid of the wavy lines on mine. have tried every newer version and they all have it.
01:03<Chutt>tmk, heh, find more things wrong once you start actually using it, eh? =)
01:03<tmk>nah, these were code issues that i just never had time to research
01:03<markw>Alowishus: ?
01:03<tmk>chutt: i can fix some of the deadlocks now
01:04<tmk>and get rid of those sleep's in irq time heh
01:04<Chutt>AC on the v4l list mentioned that there were some irq routing fixes for newer via chipsets in the latest 2.4.22-pre kernels
01:04<tmk>i'm sure that will make the via folks happy
01:04<Chutt>not for old shit like the kt133, but..
01:05<Chutt>there's the occasional person that reports similar problems on kt266/kt400 based boards
01:05<tmk>i've been running myth over X11 forwarding from work
01:05<Chutt>wonder why :p
01:05<tmk>does mythfrontend just ocnnect to backend on a tcp port
01:05<tmk>or is there more to it
01:05<Chutt>that's all
01:06<Chutt>mysql's over tcp as well, i believe
01:06<tmk>ah i could speed that up a lot
01:06<tmk>oh it does mysql also?
01:06<Chutt>separate connection
01:06<tmk>anything elsE?
01:06<Chutt>has to connect to mysql to find the backend, actually =)
01:06<mikegrb>when will the esp module be added
01:07<mikegrb>could handle those filesystem problems too
01:07<tmk>what's the possiblility of having a backend log window in the frontend
01:07<tmk>so you could see the errors somehow
01:07<tmk>if you're remote
01:07<Chutt>wouldn't be hard
01:07<Chutt>just take time to code up
01:08<tmk>well i want decoder working first
01:08<tmk>or i put back the audio whine!
01:08<Chutt>i'm still pondering how to do the osd
01:08<Chutt>well, what colorspace it should be
01:08<Chutt>since you need argb
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01:08<Chutt>and software needs yv12
01:09<Chutt>and i've got no idea what the via mpeg decoder wants
01:09<Chutt>probably yv12, though
01:09<tmk>for osd? or for straight-thru
01:09<Chutt>for the osd
01:09<Chutt>i _think_
01:09<tmk>well if you want to render the main OSD as yn12
01:09<tmk>yv12 rather
01:10<tmk>you could use that with ivtv
01:10<tmk>and then switch to RGB for the overlay stuff
01:10<tmk>ie channel #s etc
01:10<tmk>not sure if that's simpler programatically
01:11<Chutt>i'm talkin 'bout the stuff that's blended into the video
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01:12<Chutt>the via stuff wants ai44
01:13<Chutt>it'd probably be easier to just generate in rgb internally
01:13<Chutt>and convert over to the destination format
01:14<Chutt>it doesn't take _that_ long, and i won't be doing it all that often, i suppose
01:14<tmk>for video
01:14<Chutt>just whenever the screen's updated
01:14<tmk>do you make rgb?
01:14<Chutt>it's all yv12 right now
01:14<Chutt>but the osd is generated every frame
01:14<tmk>you should be able to send that through ivtv
01:14<tmk>the video i mean
01:14<Chutt>i'm not talking about displaying video
01:15<tmk>i know
01:15<Chutt>according to the firmware api
01:16<Chutt>the OSD is either an 8-bit indexed palette, or argb
01:16<Chutt>i can't send it yv12
01:16<tmk>ya i know
01:16<tmk>but if you generate it yv12
01:16<tmk>you can send it as video
01:16<Chutt>no i can't
01:16<tmk>whyfor not?
01:16<Chutt>there's no alpha information
01:16<Chutt>and it can decode mpg _and_ display sent data at the same time?
01:17<Chutt>exactly :p
01:17<tmk>send the main OSD stuff (ie main menu) as yuv
01:17* markw beats on his pvr-250
01:17<Chutt>that's not the osd.
01:17<tmk>oh, ok
01:17<tmk>nevermind then
01:17<tmk>why beat your 250?
01:17<Chutt>[01:06] <Chutt> i'm talkin 'bout the stuff that's blended into the video
01:17<Chutt>see, that :p
01:17<tmk>doesn't it have a chroma-key option or smth
01:18<Chutt>not from your firmware docs
01:18<Chutt>oh, nevermind
01:18<Chutt>it does
01:18<Chutt>but that's not nice spiffy blending
01:18<tmk>there's a global alpha
01:19<Chutt>again, not nice spiffy blending
01:19<tmk>sure it is, but only if you want to fade-in/out
01:19<Chutt>if you want everything the same
01:20<Chutt>ah well
01:20<Chutt>i suppose i'll be rewriting a lot of code.
01:20<tmk>don't you have minions for that?
01:23<tmk>i'm off to watch some soccer on the tv-out
01:23<tmk>glad i wrote that code ;)
01:23<Chutt>on the plus side, i'll be able to do higher quality colored text
01:23<Chutt>make it decode and encode at the same time
01:23<tmk>working on it
01:23<tmk>i'll be doing that now actually
01:23<tmk>just on different cards ;)
01:25<tmk>err i take that back
01:25<tmk>it locked heh
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04:26<markw>xmltv seems broken with directv
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07:06<_rkulagow>mdz, you here?
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08:30<mdz>rkulagow: I am now
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08:47<rkulagow>mdz: baby time. bbl.
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09:31* thor_ thinks that Chutt may have cvs box unplugged ?
09:32<jkolb>He timed out a while ago.
09:33<thor_>ah ... real work probably
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10:22* o_cee is off to spend a couple of mintues on the bootsplash
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10:39<o_cee>seems like the cvs is dead?
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11:55<kja>arg, cvs server is down...again...
11:56<oc>yeh :/
11:56<kja>does anyone here have access to it?
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11:56<oc>there you go
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12:03<kja>sfr: do you have access to the cvs server? it's down again..
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12:04<sfr>kja let me check...
12:05<sfr>hm, cvs doesn't let me in
12:06<just1nux>was just wondering the same thing, i cant get in either.
12:07<kja>no one has shell access to it?
12:07<kja>only Chutt?
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12:13<kja>bah, needed a couple of files from it...i'll just work on something else then
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12:17<kja>sfr: could you mail me libs/libmythtv/dvb* from your checkout?
12:18<sfr>kja if you don't mind if it's about 1 week old. what's your address?
12:19<kja>no problemo, they have not changed in like a month or so (ke-aa at
12:19<kja>thanks a lot!!
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12:21<ByteNik>When I start LiveTV in Myth, all I see is a black screen.
12:21<ByteNik>No error messages. But mplayer can watch my capture just fine.
12:22<jkolb>Check your audio device.
12:22<ByteNik>For video??
12:23<sfr>kja on the way
12:24<ByteNik>I don't get audio either if that's what you mean...
12:24<kja>thanks, will probably take a little while (those viruses are really raging)
12:24<sfr>ByteNik that's why you don't get video :)
12:24<ByteNik>But it works in mplayer
12:24<kja>nope, it was fast :)
12:25<o_cee>ByteNik: just check your audio, that's the problem.
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12:31<ByteNik>k fixed
12:31<ByteNik>I get picture, but its jerky and stopple-y, and is probably because I supposidly don't have Xt support
12:31<ByteNik>Are there radeon drivers that support Xt?
12:32<o_cee>radeon+tvout = no no
12:32<o_cee>don't know about the other things
12:32<sfr>ByteNik s/Xt/Xv (nitpickin)
12:33<o_cee>read the myth documentation
12:33<o_cee>it's all there
12:33<ByteNik>It doesn't mention specific cards though.
12:33<o_cee>it mentions radeon
12:33<ByteNik>And I'm not talking about the TV-out... I mean the monitor screen, it doesn't support Xv?
12:33<o_cee>not sure.
12:33<ByteNik>O... Oh, wait
12:34-!-o_cee is now known as o_cee\food
12:34<ByteNik>The card is tri head... I have a DVI and a VGA port
12:34<ByteNik>The DVI port can be converted into a VGA port
12:34<ByteNik>You think maybe the DVI has Xv but not the VGA?
12:34<o_cee\food>it's driver-related as far as i know
12:34<o_cee\food>off to get some food
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13:00<sfr>Chutt welcome, master of the cvs
13:01<Chutt>power was out
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13:03<Chutt>just a local problem
13:03<o_cee>hey Chutt
13:03<kja>ahh, not the whole east coast this time :)
13:04<ByteNik>lol... Does Xv have to be compiled into the kernel somehow?
13:04<o_cee>ByteNik: your gfx driver needs to have it. and you need to enable it in the xconfig
13:04<ByteNik>Hmm... well, apparently both gatos and fglrx support it
13:05<ByteNik>How do I enable it in my config?
13:05<o_cee>make sure there's Load GLX or something in the xfconfig
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13:07<ByteNik>I see # === Video Overlay for the Xv extention ===
13:07<ByteNik> Option "VideoOverlay" "on"
13:07<ByteNik>Is that it?
13:08<ByteNik>O wait
13:08<ByteNik>I see Load "glx"
13:08<ByteNik>So it is in there
13:09<ByteNik>Anything else needed to enable Xv?
13:10<Chutt>buy a video card with real drivers
13:11<ByteNik>If I get infinite funds, I'll buy one first thing. :P
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13:22<bbeattie>Chutt: is there a specific location in the myth how-to where I should, or shouldn't place information about HDTV configuration?
13:27<Chutt>i dunno
13:27<Chutt>ask rkulagow =)
13:28<bbeattie>rkulagow is over the docs?
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13:32<mikekedl>Good day all.
13:33<mikekedl>I have been thinking about adding something to mythweb to control frontends to start a show from the recorded page, to start a music playlist, to start a video, etc.
13:34<mikekedl>In fact, I have modified mythfrontend and mythweb2 to allow this to work for testing....
13:34<mikekedl>I'm using a socket to do the communication.
13:34<mikekedl>I'm just wondering if anyone here has opinions about the "best" way to do this. The mythweb writer and or Isaac around?
13:35<Chutt>i'm isaac
13:35<mikekedl>kewl beans
13:35<mikekedl>the way I did this for testing isn't the best way I think
13:35<mikekedl>because I don't understand the way everything interacts yet
13:36<mikekedl>for instance, I see that playbackbox is normally where a recording is started from right?
13:36<mikekedl>but I see no easy way (yet) to kick this off when a request comes in via socket
13:36<mikekedl>so I copied some of the code and start the "tv" playing in my socket code
13:37<mikekedl>but this means that I can't interact with the recording (pause/ff/rew/exit)
13:37<Chutt>i'm not really sure how best to do that
13:37<Chutt>haven't thought about it at all
13:38<mikekedl>I currently use x2x to control the machine in the living room more than I use the wireless keyboard or remote
13:38<mikekedl>and I usually use mythweb to check on whats on and to set recordings
13:38<mikekedl>so I was thinking about extending it to start the shows via web as well...
13:38<mikekedl>(sorry, I have my laptop sitting on the arm of the couch, so it is very "handy")
13:39<mikekedl>1) do you think I should pursue starting the "normal" playbackbox to play a show?
13:40<mikekedl>2) as well, start the "normal" music/video plugins
13:40<Chutt>that'd probably make the most sense from an end-users perspective
13:40<mikekedl>3) or should I go down the path I'm on and make a new "player" (seems like redundant code)
13:40<Chutt>like, if they select some music to play
13:40<Chutt>it should go to the music plugin and start playing from there
13:40<mikekedl>thats what I thought
13:40<Chutt>to do that
13:40<mikekedl>I just can't quickly see how to "launch" them
13:41<Chutt>there's only a certain number of actions
13:41<mikekedl>is there already something "there" all the time that can tell different plugins what to do?
13:41<Chutt>so all you need is a way to exit out of the current thing that it's doing
13:41<Chutt>and start the different screen
13:42<mikekedl>is there already something "in back" that is listening for commands? and could be the one to know "music" is playing; stop it; start video xxx
13:42<Chutt>will, of course, require new code
13:42<Chutt>the main window knows what the top level window's name is
13:42<Chutt>and can probably be used to control all this
13:43<mikekedl>currently, only one program can be open at a time right? except for mythdvd which now seems to be a daemon
13:43<Chutt>each plugin could register a list of actions it can perform
13:43<Chutt>right, only one at a time
13:43<Chutt>mythdvd's not a daemon, only the ripping portion is
13:43<mikekedl>thats what I mean
13:43<mikekedl>so it can "continue"
13:43<mikekedl>while you play music, watch tv, etc
13:44<Chutt>right, that's the only thing that can be backgrounded like that
13:44<Chutt>cd ripping will eventually as well
13:44<Chutt>and music playing, most likely
13:44<mikekedl>music should probably follow (playback)
13:44<mikekedl>I guess I'm afraid to "kill" whatever gui is in front when I start something else
13:45<Chutt>each gui will need a function to tell it to exit, is all
13:45<mikekedl>but... since most people will be "looking" at the machine they are sending commands to, it won't be that bad
13:45<Chutt>like if you're watching something and you want to switch to music real fast
13:45<Chutt>it'd tell the playback thing to exit, then tell the playback selection screen to exit
13:45<mikekedl>if I was editting a cutlist, I wouldn't want you to tell my machine to start playing a video; but that wouldn't really happen in real life
13:46<sfr>mikekedl cool idea, i imagine a new toy for the kids
13:46<Chutt>then it's back at the main menu
13:47<sfr>you could block the remote during certain actions
13:47<Chutt>have it send back a message saying it can't do that yet
13:48<sfr>s/block/ask for confirmation from the user
13:48<mikekedl>I like just getting the answer back to the sender
13:48<mikekedl>rather than a popup
13:48<mikekedl>and could add a "force" option so they could resend it if they REALLY mean it
13:50<mikekedl>any plans to make "everything" run in the "background"? like mythvideo, tv of course, dvd ripping works, dvd playback, music playback; so you can easily leave and return to everything and have it still running where you left it
13:51<Chutt>most of the stuff there really isn't a need for
13:51<Chutt>but music playback would be nice
13:52<mikekedl>and ripping like you mentioned before
13:53<mikekedl>would be nice to be able to leave video/recording/dvd playback, start something else (like ripping, schedule a show, look at the tv guide, etc.) and quickly get back right where you are; I know you can sortof do this with bookmarks....
13:54<mikekedl>but you still have to rechoose the recording, and it doesn't work with other stuff
13:55<mikekedl>since some things are already headed that way; I just wondered if you (or me ;-)) are going to go down the path to make everything "backgroundable"
13:56<Chutt>i wasn't planning on it
14:00<mikekedl>could mostly be handled with some simple rights management; so if someone is ripping a dvd, and someone else wants to mess with the cd ripper it would say "CD drive in use by 'DVD RIP'; Cancel 'DVD RIP'?" or if a plugin is playing music and a program tries to playback a video or recording or dvd it wouldd say "Audio in use by 'MUSIC PLAYBACK'; Cancel 'MUSIC PLAYBACK'?" etc. (rights for cd/dvd drive, video, audio might be
14:01<mikekedl>(I know you can just check for blocked io paths, but this is "nicer" to the user
14:05<mikekedl>oops, I've pissed him off now...
14:07<sfr>uh, me?
14:11<mikekedl>well, thanks for the info; I'll look into it 2nite hopefully
14:15-!-StarHeart [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
14:25-!-Edgan [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
14:33-!-StarHeart [] has joined #mythtv
14:40-!-zzo [] has joined #mythtv
14:40<zzo>so anyone try to stream a hdtv feed to a remote frontend from a pcHDTV??
14:40<zzo>I assume that works?
14:41-!-berli [] has joined #mythtv
14:43<zzo>so anyone stream htdv from a pcHDTV to a remote frontend?
14:44<zzo>is that a big fat no?
14:44<sfr>zzo i read your question already, just don't hava a pcHDTV, sorry.
14:44<sfr>patience is a virtue, or so
14:44-!-mikekedl2 [] has joined #mythtv
14:45<berli>anyone have audio problems using mythtv 0.11 ? (no, i'm not using wintv PVR)
14:45<mikekedl2>sorry, apparently my IRC client puked
14:45<mikekedl2>my audio is fine; my "watch recording" previews are jerky though ;-)
14:46<keturn>I don't suppose there's an lirc channel?
14:47<mikekedl2>don't know if anyone said anything else to me after my long "device rights control" spheel
14:47<berli>mikekedl2: that's always been too lagged for me to use, i do the still-image preview
14:47<mikekedl2>I do on my laptop; used to work fine on my 100Mb machine
14:48<mikekedl2>(laptop only has 10Mb or "54"Mb wireless)
14:48<mikekedl2>((sorry, "11"Mb ;-)))
14:48<berli>mikekedl2: you're lucky to get 6Mb in reality
14:50<mikekedl2>yeah, "54"Mb I get 15 or so thruput
14:50<mikekedl2>it works fine
14:50<kja>Chutt: I still see misdetections in the Auto. Audio code, would it make sense to make sure there's two consecutive frames before changing the settings?
14:51<mikekedl2>berli: "11"Mb rides a thin line and usually dies after a while
14:51<berli>mikekedl2: i can't run a myth stream over it. I run mine over 100Mb LAN
14:51-!-mikekedl [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
14:52<mikekedl2>berli: thats what my living room machine does to the backend in the den
14:52<mikekedl2>berli: and the previews were fine until .11+; no big deal though
14:52<berli>mikekedl2: I think my PC's are too slow for previews. Maybe i'm just too impatient to wait for them to load. I run two 400Mhz pII's
14:53<mikekedl2>my frontend is 533Mhz celeron; just good enough
14:53<mikekedl2>backend is 866Mhz celeron
14:53<berli>mikekedl2: my other frontend is an xbox
14:53<mikekedl2>work ok? I've never talked to anyone who was running it as such
14:54<mikekedl2>and running linux?
14:54-!-FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
14:54<berli>mikekedl2: yeah, it's running linux and it works very well
14:54-!-Rule [] has joined #mythtv
14:54<mikekedl2>berli: kewl; I wanted to put linux on my ps2, but costs like $150 and I heard X works Very badly...
14:55<berli>mikekedl2: no experience with ps2. I bought the xbox solely for mythtv, I don't own any games for it.
14:55<zzo>i was just wondering if anyone has the frontend running on ps2
14:55<FryGuy>that's dedication :)
14:55<mikekedl2>zzo: I though about it; but heard it would be very hard to make work well because of the ps2 arch; never even bought the linux stuff yet
14:56<mikekedl2>zzo: maybe when ps3 comes out ;-)
14:56<zzo>even better get it running on the portable playstation coming out
14:57<mikekedl2>berli: so $200 for an xbox and how hard / $$ to get linux/myth up and going?
14:57<berli>mikekedl2: i bought $150 xbox, $60 mod-chip and $30 remote
14:57<mikekedl2>berli: and how hard to upgrade when every new myth release comes out?
14:58<mikekedl2>berli: not bad; $210-$250 after shipping and tax...
14:58<berli>mikekedl2: it's easy, just like any other system, it's running a "gentoo" distribution
14:58<berli>mikekedl2: free shipping, no tax!
14:58<mikekedl2>supply your own hd? or use theirs?
14:58<zzo>isn't there a network adaptor kit ya gotta buy too?
14:59<mikekedl2>berli: maybe a reason to get an xbox; and make $soft lose some more money by selling below cost ;-)
15:00<berli>generic howto here:
15:01<berli>mikekedl2: no networking adapter required, built in HD is sufficient
15:01<mikekedl2>berli: it comes with network? or you don't use one?
15:01<berli>mikekedl2: comes with network built in
15:01-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
15:05<zzo>hm.. interestink
15:07<zzo>can the xbox controller be used as an input device/mouse?
15:10<berli>zzo: xbox controller works as mouse and joystick
15:10<berli>zzo: it can be used with mythgame, etc as a joystick. the remote can generate keyboard codes
15:11<zzo>wow - awesome - can a regular keyboard be plugged in somewhere as well?
15:11<berli>zzo: the front ports are really usb ports, but you'll have to fashion, or buy a dongle to a normal usb connector. a keyboard can be connected to the front through usb
15:12<mikekedl2>how fast is the xbox? compared to a p3 or p4
15:13<berli>xbox is 733 celeron
15:13<mikekedl2>berli: so how much would you charge to send me a complete xbox/myth system already setup?
15:13<berli>mikekedl2: probably 50% on top of parts
15:14<mikekedl2>so like $300?
15:14<berli>something like that
15:14<mikekedl2>very tempting
15:14<berli>more like 350
15:14<mikekedl2>I would love to have time to get the xbox, apply mod chip, install linux, gentoo, myth; but hard to find the time
15:14<mikekedl2>$350 is still not bad
15:15<berli>mikekedl2: it has a big "wow" factor when people come over
15:15<Rule>hehe I just researched the hardware for my new box and I come out around 600 euros
15:15<mikekedl2>obviously easier for you since you have already done it
15:15<mikekedl2>how much is 600 eu in US$?
15:15<Rule>a bit more
15:15<Rule>640 or so
15:15<mikekedl2>course this is only 733Mhz celeron, I bet you were getting more ;-)
15:16<FryGuy>do you need to do a mod-chip on the xbox anymore?
15:16<mikekedl2>can you flip a switch and and still boot and play xbox games?
15:16<Rule>nah I'm going via c3
15:16<FryGuy>i thought there was a buffer overflow in the cd-player thing
15:16<berli>mikekedl2: you can play xbox games without a switch
15:16<mikekedl2>berli: very very tempting
15:17<berli>mikekedl2: however, you have to disable the chip by rebooting the xbox with the drive open and then you can play xbox-live
15:17<Rule>wow dollar is real low... more like 666 dollars
15:17<berli>mikekedl2: if you play xbox-live w/ a modchip you'll be banned
15:17<mikekedl2>berli: ug
15:17<FryGuy>that's stupid
15:17<berli>FryGuy: I think you may be right. I'm not as versed in this situation.
15:17<FryGuy>i mean, it's not like you're pirating games
15:17<berli>FryGuy: violating the license agreement though
15:18<mikekedl2>berli: booting with the drive open disables the chip?
15:18<berli>MS doesn't care about your freedom
15:18<Rule>iirc a vulnerability allowed exacution of arbitrary code withour modchip...
15:18<FryGuy>it's not illegal to put a mod chip on your xbox
15:18<berli>mikekedl2: i think that's the way you do it. I know you can, not positive that's the procedure.
15:18<berli>FryGuy: it's illegal to play xbox-live with a chip, according to license agreement
15:20<berli>Rule: I believe you're correct. Again, I haven't tried this, when I started all that was out was the 007 save-game trick which involved: 1. renting the game, 2. buying a memory card, 3. a pain in the butt
15:20<FryGuy>1.2 The Dashboard method
15:20<FryGuy>Another malfunction in the Dashboard, the application that runs when there is no game in the DVD drive, makes it possible run Linux every time you turn on the Xbox - instead of the Dashboard, Linux will be started. By using the 007/Mechassault methods to install the Dashboard modification, you only have to use the game DVD once, from that time on, Linux will always run when there is no game in the
15:20<FryGuy>DVD drive - and you don't ever have to open the Xbox. You can even eject the DVD when booting from hard disk.
15:20<Rule>allows for installing multiboot
15:21<berli>sound pretty cool. Probably can save the 60 on the modchip then
15:21<Rule>seems like it, yes
15:22<mikekedl2>no mod chip would be nicer
15:23<FryGuy>the mod chip is $60?
15:24<FryGuy>you still need to rent/borrow one of those two games and get a memory card
15:24-!-kja [] has quit ["\"]
15:24<FryGuy>i wonder if you can take the hard drive out and copy it with your pc
15:24<Rule>don't think so
15:25<FryGuy>i mean the save games
15:25<Rule>borrow the memcard
15:25<Rule>if you're going to play games you might like one maybe
15:25<Rule>not sure what it's for
15:26<berli>FryGuy: this doesn't get around the 'signed-code' issue alone, I don't think.
15:26-!-marc [~marc@] has joined #mythtv
15:26<marc>good evening everybody...
15:27<marc>would someone happen to have an XF86Config-4 for X4.3.99.10 and an M10000?
15:27<marc>Know this is not entirely the right place, but many folks seem to use that board...
15:27<marc>and it's Mythtv I want to make work here ;-)
15:28<Rule>they're out there if you google for it
15:28<Rule>next board is going to be an M10000
15:28<marc>thought so
15:29<marc>but none precisely for, and working.
15:29<marc>all kinds of combination of patches, downloaded drivers etc.
15:29-!-rkulagow [] has quit [Excess Flood]
15:29-!-rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
15:38-!-o_cee is now known as o_cee\sleep
15:38-!-mikekedl2 [] has left #mythtv []
15:45-!-jkolb [] has quit []
15:46-!-berli [] has left #mythtv []
15:46-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
15:54-!-marc [~marc@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:56-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
16:13<ByteNik>what is the package for dual head again?
16:13<ByteNik>i forget the name
16:17<Rule>you mean Xinerama ?
16:17<ByteNik>Yep, thanks
16:19-!-mikekedl2 [] has joined #mythtv
16:20<mikekedl2>Does anyone know if a GEForce2 V7700 Deluxe work with tv capture? A friend of mine has one. I know there are issues with ATI all-in-1...
16:29-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
16:32-!-mikekedl2 [] has left #mythtv []
16:42-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
16:44-!-kja [] has joined #mythtv
16:46-!-keturn [] has quit [Read error: 111 (Connection refused)]
16:47-!-keturn [] has joined #mythtv
16:59<zzo>gentoo mythdvd build barf: main.cpp:97: `myth_system' undeclared (first use this function)
16:59<zzo>what's that all about?
17:00<Chutt>you don't have a recent enough libmyth installed.
17:00<tmk>sup chutt
17:02-!-Drikus [] has quit ["toedeledoki"]
17:03-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
17:03<Chutt>tmk, hi
17:03<Chutt>people are stupid.
17:03* tmk is floored
17:04<tmk>i just found a bug where i set the dma_handle AFTER sending the dma request
17:04<tmk>and i wondered why it was broken...
17:05<tmk>the worst kind of people are those that tell you all about their problems
17:06<tmk>and assume they've found something that i'm REALLY REALLY interested in
17:06<tmk>when it's like the first question in the FAQ
17:06<Chutt>i hate it when people question what i tell them to do
17:06<tmk>haha yeah i've noticed that
17:06<Chutt>and then proceed to spell my name wrong
17:07<tmk>that double-a get's em everytime
17:08<tmk>you know anyone who's good at kernel debugging? I've found a few debuggers, but they all say "requires redhat 6.0"
17:08<tmk>or something ridiculous
17:09<kja>Chutt: I still see problems with the audio detection code, would it be wise to check that two consecutive frames are equal, before changing the settings?
17:09<ahbritto>tmk: #kernel-newbies might be a good place to ask.
17:09<zzo>i just emerged mythtv-0.11 - do i need myth cvs for mythdvd .11?
17:10<zzo>how can: g++ -o mtd main.o -Wl,-rpath,/usr/qt/3/lib -L/usr/qt/3/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lmyth-0.11 -lqt-mt -lpthread -lXext -lX11 -lm
17:10<zzo>be loading the wrong version of mythlib??
17:12<zzo>must be a header problem
17:16<Chutt>kja, sure
17:17<Chutt>zzo, you may have an old set of headers installed somewhere
17:19<zzo>sure enough, good old gcc checking /usr/local/include before /usr/include - vunderbar - it compiled now tanx
17:20<zzo>gotta love the same questions over and over and over and ...
17:27<kja>Where do you host your cvs, Isaac?
17:28-!-Rule [] has quit ["gnight"]
17:29-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
17:34<markw>ok, quick questions here... /dev/video seems to be a symlink to /dev/video0 which is maj 81 minor 0, is that right?
17:34* markw is fighting an ivtv card.
17:34<kja>Chutt: aii, the code i just sent does not check if the first frame is equal to the second...
17:36<ahbritto>markw: You might have better luck on #ivtv-dev
17:38<kja>markw: sure
17:41-!-Markos [] has joined #mythtv
17:44-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:58-!-Markos [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:59<mdz_>tmk: tried kgdb?
18:00<mdz_>tmk: there's also a patch to debug PCI device drivers using UML, but I don't know if it supports DMA
18:07<tmk>mdz: yeah that's what i'm leaning towards
18:07<kja>Q: What's the best 80GB/7200/8MB/ATA133 drive out there (one of my raid drives are saying godbye soon:)?
18:07<tmk>but the homepage said it requres redhat 6.1 or something
18:09<zzo>i think a maxtor 9 is your only ata133 choice - they're great drives i think
18:10<kja>I was looking around today, and was pondering to buy one of those.
18:10<kja>Have you had it for a long time?
18:11<zzo>i've got a couple matxor 9s - had 'em for prolly between 2-6 months no problem & good speeds
18:11<kja>I've had IBM Deskstar 120GXP's in that array for now, but one of them is making really creapy noises :)
18:12<zzo>i had a 80gxp barf on me - there was a class action lawsuit vs. ibm for those drives too
18:12<kja>Cool, I'll take your word for it and order one!
18:12<kja>Yea, I heard of that, but never got the results
18:13-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
18:13<zzo>the maxtor's are quiet too - think the ibm case is still pending but it made it to court
18:14<kja>I'm going to argue a refund offcourse :) (Just don't want my raid1 array to go down)
18:14<kja>Nice, maybe I'll swap all of my drives (a 45G, 60G, and two 80G)
18:14<zzo>welp that's the whole purpose of raid in the first place - lose a drive & keep going...
18:15-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:15<zzo>live it up - wait lemmie buy maxtor stock first...
18:15<kja>yea, but I don't have enough drives to make a raid 5 array (which I wanna do)
18:16<kja>out of my 80G drives that is
18:16<zzo>raid 1 is fully mirrored rite? raid 0 just shares the data across 2 drives ya? can never keep all the raid levels straight
18:16<kja>ups, sorry, meant raid0 - striping
18:17<kja>got a promise fasttrak sx4000 under redhat 9, works like a charm, and wonderfull performance
18:18<zzo>myth-effecting performance? i though myth was cpu bound??
18:20<kja>it's in my server (2xAthlon MP2.4k), as storage/recording/source, so it helps with everything :)
18:21<zzo>jay-zus that's a serious myth box!
18:21<kja>my mythbox is @ :)
18:22<kja>the server has the backend+dvb card
18:25<zzo>yah i got a shuttle mythbackend too - mine's just a sk41g (kt333)
18:27<zzo>o the shuttle is just yer frontend - the server is the box that should have a webpage!
18:27<kja>cool, just ordered two of those drives, was pretty cheap
18:27<kja>you think? :)
18:28-!-Markos [] has joined #mythtv
18:28<zzo>yah hope it was less than $1/GB that's where ya wanna be - but it's a solid drive
18:30<kja>it was around there (roughly converted from norwegian kroner to us $), was almost the cheapest I could find (the cheapest was out of stock)
18:32<zzo>we shoulda bartered the drives for oil - gas prices are thru the roof here! - still cheaper than europe tho but maybe not norway
18:33-!-mechou [] has joined #mythtv
18:34<kja>Everything is pretty expensive here...but we got very good health/retirement/etc. plans
18:34<zzo>ya pay serious taxes for that i bet but it's all a wash prolly in the end
18:35* zzo just babbling
18:37<kja>yea, the only problem is that all the rich people move their funds out of the country :)
18:38<kja>Chutt: You wanna add a second set of DVB code to CVS, getting really bored with all the arguing with Ben :)
18:45<kja>zzo: you happy with your shuttle?
18:45-!-yebyen [] has quit ["Reconnecting"]
18:45-!-yebyen [] has joined #mythtv
18:47-!-moegreen [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
18:48-!-Markos [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:51<zzo>eh... it runs hotter than i hoped - also is a little noisier than i hoped - how about the nforce2? i'm thinking about getting that one
18:51<zzo>for another project...
18:51<zzo>can get one for $250 these days, seems like a pretty good deal
18:55<kja>had to swap that noisy fan for a higher quality one, and use some other thermal paste, and been good since (hoovers @ 44* with the fan-control between low/middle)
18:56<markw>ahbritto: looks like I had a bad card.
18:56<kja>the only thing i don't like now, is that square shape. would like something a little more hi-fi like
18:56-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
18:57<kja>on-board tv-out is very good though
18:58-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:58-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:58<zzo>yah the shape can be 'sexier' certainly - hmmm i'll look into the new fan & thermal paste situation - what kinda paste did you use?
19:00-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:00<kja>was just some leftover from a fan purchase (don't remember the name), any kind is better than that goop they put in :)
19:00-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
19:00<zzo>i don't think my shuttle has a manual fan control - haven't looked @ it in a while - it just sits there baking away
19:01<markw>ok, encoder is in... now to get a directv receiver working via serial port. :)
19:01<zzo>is it an 80mm fan back there?
19:01<kja>there is automatic fan control in the bios on mine, don't know bout yours
19:02<kja>yea, standard case fan
19:02<zzo>cool, will swap that out 4 sure - just need time
19:02<kja>i also put some rubber between the case and that heatsink, also helped some (not so much as the fan thogh)
19:03<markw>anyone doing directv?
19:03-!-sfr [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:04<zzo>i'm using directv BUT i use a leftover redrat - works great - esp since my directv receivers don't have a serial/low-speed input
19:05-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
19:06<kja>and sfr joins us for the third time in the last 10 minutes (problems sfr?) :)
19:08<sfr>kja hehe, not really, just fixing my X setup with two displays, hm, maybe i shouldn't click on 'connect' instinctivelly
19:09<kja>good card?
19:09<sfr>matrox g400
19:10<kja>ahh, had a matrox back when it was millenium II, the best 2D card ever :)
19:10<sfr>but i'd been using a faulty .xsession for way too long now
19:11* sfr leaves finally (time to sleep)
19:11<kja>hacks & tweaks everywhere?
19:11<kja>nite sfr!
19:12<sfr>no, just wrong settings, night kja
19:12-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:14* kja wonders why his g'card setup is in .xsession
19:21<Chutt>kja, are you going to send a new audio detection diff, then?
19:21<Chutt>and it's 955 people
19:22<Chutt>1352 on -users
19:22<kja>yea, if you feel like it's necessary to check the parameters, sure
19:23<kja>that many, coool!!
19:23-!-Markos [] has joined #mythtv
19:24<kja>btw, i do feel like that is necessary
19:26<Chutt>so, yeah, i'd like it if it checked for two the same in a row
19:27<tmk>hey folks, question for those of you with PVR cards
19:27<tmk>what resolution/stream settings do you use?
19:27<Chutt>480x480, bitrate of 4.5/6
19:27<Chutt>everything else the default
19:27<Chutt>generally looks really nice on the tv
19:27<tmk>wow that's way lower than mine
19:28<tmk>i'm at ivtv default still heh
19:28<Chutt>the defaults are way too high
19:28<kja>Chutt: sure, i'll wrap that up soon
19:28<Chutt>lower res + lower bitrate make it use less cpu to decode
19:28<Chutt>and as the box that's hooked up to the tv is a mini-itx, it needs all the help it can get :p
19:29<tmk>720x480 8/16 here
19:30<tmk>Chutt: i use hardware decoding :P
19:31<tmk>question: my box is slow, but it still seems to take a second or so to select each option in the menu
19:32<tmk>why's that?
19:32<tmk>i'm running 1024x768 ..
19:33<kja>transcode mpeg2 -> divx5 @ 20-23fps, is that good (what is a normal rate)?
19:34<Chutt>tmk, that's why, really
19:34<Chutt>if you run the UI at 800x600, it'd be quite a bit faster
19:34<tmk>what's best res? 640?
19:34<tmk>k i'll give that a shot
19:34<tmk>kja: you using a pvr card?
19:34<Chutt>640x480's faster as well, but 800x600's the native res of all the graphics
19:34<tmk>seems wierd that it would take a full second
19:35<Chutt>that's what happens when xrender falls back to crappy software blending
19:35<Chutt>i really should use something else for drawing
19:35<tmk>what's it blending?
19:35<kja>nope, dvb, but records mpeg2
19:35<Chutt>tmk, all the ui elements =)
19:35<tmk>wierd, they're not just pics?
19:36<tmk>Chutt: do you know if transcode can handle the PVR mpg'
19:37<Chutt>haven't tried it
19:37<tmk>i'll check the list
19:37-!-brainless [] has joined #mythtv
19:37<Chutt>you've seen the same reports as i have that these .mpg files are.. odd, though, right?
19:37<tmk>it puts the stream size as the smaller of the VBR settings
19:37<tmk>and for some reason most encoders treat it as CBR
19:37<kja>tmk: thought the pvr mpeg2 was like any mpeg2?
19:38<tmk>and get confused
19:38<tmk>evidently it's different enough to confuse transcoders
19:38<tmk>arpi or whomever seems to think rev2 of mplayer will be happier
19:38<tmk>and then mencoder will work
19:39<Chutt>yeah, right.
19:39<kja>that crappy libdvbdev does somewhat the same thing, but transcode can take the options right?
19:40<bline>what calles QTime::setHMS or QDate::setYMD on mythbackend startup?
19:41<Chutt>probably something reading from the database
19:42<zzo>bline: bust out cscope
19:45<kja>Chutt: You remeber that post i did on the pvr bitrate?
19:46<Chutt>not really
19:46<Chutt>you were asking about the /2 i do there, right?
19:46<Chutt>the only time that should be used is if there isn't a seektable
19:46<Chutt>and as there should always be a seektable....
19:46<bline>grep didn't turn up setHMS
19:46<tmk>send it home without supper then
19:47<bline>a friend of mine is getting Qt warnings from it
19:47<tmk>that'll teach it
19:47<bline>and his guide isn't working, so I guess it's related
19:47<Chutt>bline, QDateTime::fromString()
19:48<kja>Chutt: Why do that seektable for mpeg2 files, when we could to some private data in the stream?
19:48<Chutt>why not?
19:48<bline>Chutt: thanks
19:48<kja>Does not work well here...
19:48<Chutt>the dvb code doesn't create a proper seektable, most likely.
19:48<Chutt>so, what's it supposed to do? :p
19:49<kja>Ahh, so that's where I should look...
19:49<Chutt>also would be related to your issues seeking
19:49<kja>Dunno if I have the guts though, to dip into Ben's property...
19:50<kja>Yea, that sounds right, because everything is just wrong..
19:51-!-zzo [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:52<kja>An argument for doing private data in the mpeg stream would be that it follows the file..
19:53<kja>When I think about it: probably related to me dropping packets in ProcessData
19:56<kja>Would you accept a fix for that if i handed it to you Chutt?
20:06<kja>Anyways: Why is the seektable still wrong when i run it through mythcommflag -f?
20:10-!-kje [] has joined #mythtv
20:12-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ["Trillian ("]
20:14<kje>hmmm, kja wonders what his last input was :)
20:16-!-kja [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
20:17-!-kje is now known as kja
20:20-!-matt_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:25<mechou>anybody else get a ~2 second pause when pressing "i" twice while watching a prerecorded program on a networked frontend?
20:25<markw>is anyone running mythbackend with a dtv receiver?
20:25<mikegrb>mechou: yes
20:26<markw>thinking of just leaving it out in the garage and doing mythfrontend on my xbox.
20:26<mechou>mikegrb, ok, it's just not me....
20:26<mikegrb>markw: there are people on the list if you search the archives if you have backend questions... I'm running an xbox frontend
20:27<matt_>markw: i am
20:27<mikegrb>mechou: when I get a chance I might look into making it cache the info when the recording starts that way it is around when you do hit i - i
20:27<mikegrb>since it works fine after the first time
20:27<mikegrb>I see
20:27<mikegrb>er sorry
20:28<mikegrb>mechou: I only started running a remote frontend this last week
20:29<mikegrb>mechou: I will be out of town this weekend though
20:30<markw>mikegrb: how's the performance?
20:32-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:32<mikegrb>markw: fine, there is curently some issues with overscan that should be fixed shortly
20:33<mechou>migkegrb, np, just wondering if was something on my end....
20:33<markw>mikegrb: cool. I assume the frontend controls the channel selection on the backend right?
20:36-!-matt_ [] has left #mythtv ["osmosis \xB9\xB7\xB3"]
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20:37-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
20:40-!-Ripp [] has joined #mythtv
20:48-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:50<bbeattie>Chutt: where is the code that is creating all the /dev/video options for capture cards, based on what what /dev/video* devices there are on the filesystem?
20:56-!-ByteNik [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:56<bbeattie>found it
21:04-!-kja [] has quit ["\"]
21:19-!-fulbert [] has joined #mythtv
21:21-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
21:23<fulbert>since the update from pre.11 cvs to .11 release, I have been getting a lot of system crashes.
21:23<fulbert>I see "IOBOUND - blocking in ThreadedFileWriter::Write()"
21:23<fulbert>then I get a lot of ivtv: Not enough free
21:23<fulbert>buffers, stream 0
21:24<fulbert>no hardware changes, is there anything I should be looking for to tell me more about what is going on?
21:31<linagee>how do i access IR on the PVR-250? is it called a bt829?
21:32<bbeattie>rkulagow: let me know when you're around?>
21:34<rkulagow>bbeattie: here, but don't have the cycles right now. ~30min.
21:35-!-mechou [] has left #mythtv []
21:48-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
21:59<rkulagow>bbeatie: i'm back. what's up?
22:07<bbeattie>where in the doc/howto do you want info for hdtv?
22:08-!-brainless is now known as brainless_afk
22:08<rkulagow>is that for the pchdtv card that's supposed to be shipping?
22:09<bbeattie>there's some notes people need to know, such as for selecting the dtv device, manually needed to edit the databse and change the frequency table, etc.
22:09<rkulagow>well, you can send me plain text or sgml, and after i take a look at it i'll see where it fits in.
22:09* mikegrb compiles cvs on his xbox :-/
22:10<bbeattie>so just write up all the notes and get it to you?.. done
22:10<bbeattie>I'll create it over the weekend
22:11<rkulagow>yep, that's about it.
22:13<rkulagow>bbeattie: are you the hardware guy, the software guy, the promoter or just an interested 3rd party?
22:14<bbeattie>third party. I got a card early and got it at cost, and did some work in myth for it.. wrote a linux htpc, how-to, and am doing research in general for buildin gthe best linux HTPC possible
22:15<rkulagow>cool. is it a 3.3v card, or 5v only?
22:19<bbeattie>whatever pci2.2 is
22:20<bbeattie>gotta run, nigjht
22:20-!-bbeattie [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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23:30<ByteNik>Has the mythtv front end ever been built sucessfully on Cygwin?
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