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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-08-23

---Logopened Sat Aug 23 00:00:07 2003
00:00<pablo__>Chutt/kja: new ivtv driver from cvs seems to have fixed it
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00:01<automatic_jack>this is owen :)
00:01<automatic_jack>I realized that I wasn't using any options with the bttv modules.
00:01<automatic_jack>so I put some in and that allowed it to change channels properly.
00:02<automatic_jack>but the system still hung after a couple of minutes.
00:02<automatic_jack>could that be caused by not having enough memory?
00:02<Chutt>know how warm things are getting?
00:02<automatic_jack>the system is running with the case off.
00:02<kja>pablo: thanks!
00:03<Chutt>and weren't you the one where g++ was segfaulting when you compiled?
00:06<automatic_jack>but once mythtv is running, it seems to slow down a lot so I couldn't ssh in to see what was going on at the console.
00:06<automatic_jack>me? no...
00:06<automatic_jack>yeah with mythbackend running I only have 26M free :)
00:06* pablo__ thanks kja and chutt btw
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00:08* kja is really's bout 6am here...
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00:10<just1nux>chutt, did you see my message earlier about the scheduling issue?
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00:12<just1nux>I have 3 cards in 1 backend, 2 ivtv, 1 bttv. they all have one input which use the same source. One of the pvr-250's has an additional source. when 3 programs are scheduled for the same time, all from the same source, everything works fine, but if the pvr-250 with the alternate source is using that alternate source, its as if the third card doesnt exist. It will record only from the two pvr-250's and refuse to schedule anthing to
00:15<just1nux>do you have any way to try to reproduce that?
00:16<Chutt>not really
00:16<just1nux>heh, i was afraid of that.
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00:17<Captain_Murdoch>what's the order of the cards in the cardinput table? and the order of the sources as well.
00:17<Chutt>captain_murdoch, hey, you made the advanced recording options screen too big
00:17<just1nux>pvr250, pvr250, bttv card. common source is first, then the alternate
00:19<just1nux>the first card in the input table is the one with the alternative S-Video satellite source
00:19<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, nah, that button that was added made it too big. ;)
00:21<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: at 800x600? I noticed recently it started missing the button at the bottom. or does it affect all resolutions.
00:22<Chutt>should be all resolutions
00:22<Captain_Murdoch>actually. does it only do that on items with 2-line descriptions?
00:23<Captain_Murdoch>nope, still misses button on even a 1-line desc here. I must have never noticed it until I installed the msttfont stuff.
00:24<automatic_jack>have any of you guys tried RAID 5 as part of a mythtv setup?
00:26<kja>automatic_jack: have been running a raid0 until now, will get my other spare drives next week, and upgrade to (hardware) raid5 then (one of my ibm drives is making a really creapy sound:)
00:27* just1nux just had an IBM drive die with a creap noise.
00:28<automatic_jack>kja: I'm doing raid 5 in software. any chance that could be sub-optimal for mythtv?
00:28<automatic_jack>my system is an athlon xp 1600+.
00:28<kja>hope mine does not die on me yet...
00:30<kja>automatic_jack: don't think you will suffer dramatically (every harddrive request has to be calculated by the cpu though)
00:30<automatic_jack>I'm using ext3 on it also.
00:30<automatic_jack>and 32k chunks in the array.
00:31<kja>performance (r/w)?
00:31<automatic_jack>hmm, not sure.
00:31<automatic_jack>give me ~20 minutes, the array is rebuilding after the hard reset when the system hung :)
00:32<kja>aiii, hdparm -tT gives you some idea on what the read performance is...
00:33<kja> Timing buffer-cache reads: 128 MB in 0.47 seconds =272.34 MB/sec
00:33<kja> Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 0.95 seconds = 67.37 MB/sec
00:35<automatic_jack>I can try that.
00:35<automatic_jack>the software raid howto benchmarks with bonnie.
00:36<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: are you messing with the advanced recording screen?
00:37<Chutt>no, someone asked about it
00:39<Captain_Murdoch>ok. I'm checking into it. looking to see if I can make 2 columns for the smaller items.
00:41<Chutt>thanks =)
00:42<automatic_jack>damn, I have a $50 gift cert for
00:42<automatic_jack>and I want to buy a digital camera
00:42<automatic_jack>but they don't have the one I want. bah1
00:43<kja>Chutt: although the patch we discussed yesterday had some sense to it, i've not come around doing it (been working on a cleanup of my own dvbchannel.cpp..), but it'll come your way soon i think :)
00:48<kja>just1nux: sorry for the late answer, but you have not thrown that drive away? (there is a lawsuit against ibm for making crappy drives, generally:)
00:52<automatic_jack> Timing buffer-cache reads: 1056 MB in 2.00 seconds = 528.00 MB/sec
00:52<automatic_jack> Timing buffered disk reads: 152 MB in 3.00 seconds = 50.67 MB/sec
00:54<kja>automatic_jack: do you have high cpu load when doing that? (I have next to none:)
00:55<automatic_jack>do I have high load while it is running?
00:57<automatic_jack>hmm, yeah load spikes to ~40% when that runs.
00:57<automatic_jack>let me try with bonnie.
00:57<automatic_jack>so I can get a more sustained test.
01:05<automatic_jack>man, this thing is thorough...
01:07<kja>automatic_jack: yea, a lot more thorough than me :)
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01:08<automatic_jack>well, it's key that I check this out.
01:08<automatic_jack>because it would really suck if I went to the trouble to build a new system around this RAID for the purpose of running mythtv
01:08<automatic_jack>only to discover that the RAID isn't fast enough :)
01:09<paulproteus>On that fast a system, RAID will really probably not be an issue.
01:09<paulproteus>(I think.)
01:09<automatic_jack>that's what I thought.
01:09<kja>to be honest, and compare your results to mine, you probably survive the next 10 years :)
01:11<kja>What bitrate is maxed when HDTV is pushed to it's limits?
01:12<automatic_jack>kja: yeah, but those are reads, not writes.
01:12<automatic_jack>kja: for live tv, I imagine you need both to be pretty speedy. and my system is three 80G ATA 100 drives.
01:13<kja>sure, but writes from the backend itself does not generate the cpu (the drivers do)
01:14<kja>dont't think you'll be in any trouble soon :)
01:14<automatic_jack>well I just bought 256M more DDR 2100 ram.
01:14<automatic_jack>so I'll have 384M total in this box.
01:15<automatic_jack>but I need to figure out what's making it hang when I watch TV on it.
01:16<kja>Well, to be VERY honest, ram does not count that high, because when the backend starts using it you'll be lagging to transfer to the drives anyway (pileup)
01:16<automatic_jack>well right now I have like 24M free with mythbackend running and no frontend.
01:16<automatic_jack>and no xfree.
01:17<automatic_jack>so I think it needs a little more.
01:17<automatic_jack>another issue I am having is with the output to my TV.
01:17<paulproteus>automatic_jack: Are you subtracting cache/buffers as reasonable?
01:17<automatic_jack>paulproteus: I guess not.
01:17<automatic_jack>what would be reasonable?
01:18<paulproteus>paulproteus@renaissance:~$ free
01:18<paulproteus> total used free shared buffers cached
01:18<paulproteus>Mem: 512188 487524 24664 0 52536 178788
01:18<paulproteus>-/+ buffers/cache: 256200 255988
01:18<paulproteus>Swap: 749944 26920 723024
01:18<paulproteus>Note the "-/+" line.
01:18<paulproteus>man free if you need more info.
01:18<paulproteus>Okay, "man free" is useless.
01:19<automatic_jack> total used free shared buffers cached
01:19<automatic_jack>Mem: 127104 67228 59876 0 8172 29492
01:19<automatic_jack>-/+ buffers/cache: 29564 97540
01:19<automatic_jack>Swap: 377488 7312 370176
01:19<automatic_jack>that is with mythbackend running, and nothing else.
01:19<paulproteus>Ta-da. You have 30MB used, and nearly 100MB free.
01:20<automatic_jack>well, no x session or frontend, etc.
01:20* paulproteus nods
01:20<automatic_jack>I dunno.
01:20<automatic_jack>the hang issue feels like IO or something.
01:20<automatic_jack>suppose it could be heat.
01:20<kja>usually that unwanted part of X is causing a lot of memory withdrawal, and that will be swaped away by the kernel evetually
01:22<kja>how hot is your cpu anuways?
01:22<automatic_jack>good question.
01:22<automatic_jack>I'll have to install lm_sensors and see.
01:23<kja>yup, and configure it right (so it does not go banas)
01:23<automatic_jack>so, tv out
01:23<automatic_jack>when I run startx, the output on my TV is a mess.
01:24<automatic_jack>totally not readable.
01:24<automatic_jack>then when I kill X, I can see my console on the TV.
01:24<automatic_jack>but everything is shifted about 1.5" to the right so I can't read everything.
01:24<automatic_jack>and everything sort of "crawls."
01:25<automatic_jack>like the characters on the screen don't stay still :)
01:27<kja>I'm sorry for the misleading post, but your graphics card driver probably does not restore it all..
01:30<kja>you shift to x (all is good) - x up (all is good, because the driver did it all) - x exit's (the driver does part of the work...not all)....
01:32<automatic_jack>no, when I shift to x, all is not good.
01:32<kja>or am i to tired to actually answer questions at this point? (it certanly feels like it..)
01:32<automatic_jack>yeah it doesn't matter, I'm not going to mess with it anymore tonight.
01:32<automatic_jack>gah, it's 2am.
01:32<paulproteus>Uh-oh. I wonder what time it is here.
01:32<kja>no, it's 7:30am
01:32<paulproteus>automatic_jack: it's half-past whatever time zone you're in.
01:33<automatic_jack>no, it's 1:44.
01:33<automatic_jack>or not...
01:33* paulproteus chuckles
01:33<automatic_jack>we can make a 4 ghz computer, but it can't tell time for shit.
01:34<automatic_jack>cool, I just bought a digital camera :)
01:35<automatic_jack>got a $50 gift certificate for amazon.
01:35<automatic_jack>because I bought something for work on my personal account.
01:35<automatic_jack>they gave me a raise this week but it was shit. I'm still way underpaid.
01:35<automatic_jack>so they just "gave" me that certificte :)
01:35<automatic_jack>certificate, even...
01:35<kja>before the second half of the old hour begun? ,sorry:)
01:36<automatic_jack>sorry I keep saying ?
01:36<automatic_jack>I think we're all too out of it to carry on rational conversations.
01:36<automatic_jack>QUICK, CHECK IN SOME CODE!!
01:36<automatic_jack>one of my friends is a Perl developer.
01:36<automatic_jack>he told me that one day, after he had pulled an all nighter, he was checking over some of his code.
01:37<automatic_jack>and he found a comment before a sort of complication part which said "good luck polishing that grape"
01:37<automatic_jack>and he was like, "wtf is the meaning of that?!"
01:37<kja>I ugess that it's that's sleep deprevation...
01:37<automatic_jack>he never figured it out.
01:38<kja>thats phunny
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01:39<kja>you see how tired i\xE6m right now
01:41<kja>then why don't i just go go to bed
01:45<kja>naa, it's to enjoing!!!
01:47<kja>\quit well, have to try sometime
01:48<kja>that was productive...
01:48<paulproteus>Wait, kja.
01:48<paulproteus>Know this:
01:48<paulproteus>Outside of programming, the '\' key is almost entirely useless.
01:48<paulproteus>If you don't program, for the world's sanity's sake, remove it from your keyboard. ;)
01:49<paulproteus>In Win32, you can use '/' as the path separator these days.
01:49<paulproteus>This has been a public service announcement from Asheesh Enterprises.
01:49<paulproteus>Thank you for your time.
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01:52<automatic_jack>good idea.
01:52<automatic_jack>man, listen to yourself.
01:52<automatic_jack>ok I'm for bed.
01:52<automatic_jack>thanks for the help guys. later.
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04:11<markw>anyone running myth on debian?
04:12<sfr>Chutt (and others incl. me) does
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10:49<isaac_>is anyone maintaining mythvideo/game .debs?
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11:32<paulproteus>markw: I am as well.
11:38<sc00p>are there instructions for using/troubleshooting the native lirc support anywhere?
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12:51<tstm>Hi. Could anyone here tell me if there is any good way to hide the mouse cursor in X?
12:51<tstm>I'm playing DVD:s on a TV with ogle, and I just cant get the annoying arrow off the screen.
12:51<tstm>With MythDVD of course.
12:51<Timon>a giant stick
12:51<sfr>tstm or unclutter
12:52<tstm>sfr: I tried it, but it doesen't seem to do a thing.
12:52<tstm>Are there some options I should use?
12:52<sfr>tstm well don't move your mouse all the time :)
12:54<tstm>sfr: I don't have a mouse.
12:55<sfr>doesn't ogle hide the mouse cursor during playback? mplayer does. maybe it's an option in ogle.
12:55<tstm>Didn't find one. =/
12:56<tstm>Mplayer does, but I can't get mplayer to work properly with my DVDs.
13:03<sfr>i never used ogle
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13:08<paulproteus>tstm: I'd suggest fixing your mplayer install ;)
13:08<paulproteus>Does your mplayer lack DeCSS, is that the problem?
13:09<tstm>paulproteus: Yes, it plays 'em but it doesen't support menus correctly.
13:09<tstm>DVD menus.
13:09<paulproteus>That's silly.
13:10<sfr>but ture :(
13:10<sfr>ts, s/ture/true
13:10<paulproteus>Try #ogle ? :|
13:13<automatic_jack>I still need to get the TV output for my card working.
13:13-!-hfb is now known as hfb_gone
13:13<automatic_jack>does anyone know of a resource for that.
13:16<automatic_jack>I think part of the problem is my xfree config. when I run startx it will switch to the svideo and output to the tv.
13:16<automatic_jack>but it's just a mess, you can't see anything.
14:15<Timon>automatic_jack: what vid card?
14:16<Timon>automatic_jack: If you have an nvidia card, get yanc( that will help you config xfree.
14:25<isaac_>if you upgrade mythvideo from 0.10 to 0.11, will it break anything if you don't run the 0.10-to-0.11.sql script but just run the videodb.sql script?
14:26<sfr>isaac_ i'd expect mythvideo 0.11 only to work with myth 0.11 so yes, things will break.
14:27<isaac_>sfr: assuming everything else is upgraded to 0.11
14:27<isaac_>i'm talking about running the videodb.sql script on its own, rather than the upgrade script
14:27<sfr>and if everything is working then you should be save, imho
14:27<isaac_>i guess i'll try and see :)
14:30<paulproteus>I doubt it'll work, but, hey.
14:31<isaac_>how do the debian packages for mythgallery deal with upgrading then?
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14:36<mattf>ask mdz
14:36<isaac_>mdz: ping
14:37<isaac_>24 hours idle.. yay
14:40<robertj>hrmm, what do I need to tern down with alsamixer to keep my sound from the tv card from being played
14:40<robertj>i'd experiment but i don't want to mess up my current recording
14:40<robertj>upgrading to 2.6 seems to have made my audio drive LessBroke(tm)
14:41<FryGuy>doesn't 2.6 have some other problems with mythtv?
14:42<robertj>FryGuy: it seems to be working more or less now
14:42<robertj>I havent had a chance to look closely yet though
14:43<FryGuy>what sound driver are you using?
14:43<FryGuy>and you should mute the mic or line-in (as long as you leave the CAPTUR on it should still be recording)
14:43<FryGuy>well i'm using cmipci and the recording quality is terrible.
14:44<FryGuy>i was able to get it sounding fine using /dev/adsp, but when I put the second sound card in /dev/adsp doesn't work anymore
14:46<robertj>yeah, mic fixed it
14:46<FryGuy>it really depends on where you plugged it in though :)
14:46<robertj>debian isn't playing nice with 2.6
14:46<robertj>something is b0rk somewhere and it thinks my ethernet module is compiled into the kernel so it skips loading it
14:47<FryGuy>i wish that there was a killall on windows
14:47<robertj>I think cygwin's kill can be used to kill windows apps with a special switch
14:49<FryGuy>well task manager can't kill these stupid php processes
14:51<robertj>FryGuy: I scored a part-time job. The pay stinks but the work is pretty cool
14:51<robertj>All Linux and Mac, clustering, and bossing around grad students
14:52<robertj>getting some management skills will be nice
14:57<FryGuy>heh i'd rather be the grad students :p
14:57<FryGuy>what project are they doing? i could think up a few projects that could use clustering :)
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15:05<jkolb>Anyone here live in/around Portland, OR?
15:10<FryGuy>sacramento :)
15:12<jkolb>Sacramento's probably a bit nicer right now, isn't it?
15:12<FryGuy>what do you mean?
15:12<FryGuy>nicer than a week ago, or nicer than portland?
15:13<jkolb>Nicer than portland.
15:13<FryGuy>well it rained so it was really nice yesterday
15:13<jkolb>Nicer than Eugene, actually, I guess. I'm being sent to OSU for a few days.
15:13<FryGuy>I commute to school :/
15:14<jkolb>Orlando to Oregon would be a bit of a commute.
15:14<FryGuy>oh i thought OSU was oregon state university
15:14<jkolb>It is.
15:15<FryGuy>you're in florida
15:15<FryGuy>sorry, i'm a little slow :/
15:15<jkolb>Yup. We're having a problem with our installation there, and they're quite upset, so I'm getting sent out.
15:18<mattf>who's in fl?
15:18<jkolb>I am
15:19<automatic_jack>Timon: thanks for the tip. someone also sent me a sample xf86 config file.
15:19<automatic_jack>so maybe I can get that to work.
15:20-!-brainless [] has joined #mythtv
15:20<mattf>what part?
15:21<jkolb>Oviedo, actually, if you're familiar with cent fl
15:21<mattf>mmm...haven't heard of it, but ok
15:22<jkolb>You're in Miami?
15:23<brainless>any1 knows where i can watch live f1 on web/
15:23<jkolb>Where at? My sister lives down there.
15:24<mattf>know where miami shores is?
15:24-!-isaac__ [] has joined #mythtv
15:24<jkolb>Not really. She's in Kendall, and about to move to, uh, crap. Somewhere closer the hospital she works at.
15:25<jkolb>I don't know a whole lot about Miami. I just take the Turnpike to the exit that's by her house. Then she does all the driving while I'm there.
15:26<mattf>ah, well i'm sort of in north miami. which hospital does she work at?
15:27<jkolb>Not sure.
15:27<jkolb>I want to say it's pink. She joined a private practice and the offices are right next to the hospital.
15:27<jkolb>Maybe the office is pink, and the hospital isn't.
15:29<jkolb>She used to work at Miami Children's, and I think is fairly striaght west of there, if that helps. Maybe a little north.
15:30<mattf>yay, got samba working
15:31<jkolb>What sort of problems were you having?
15:31-!-sfr [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:31<mattf>mount was saying wrong fs type
15:31-!-sfr [] has joined #mythtv
15:31<mattf>so i installed smbfs and that fixed it :)
15:31<mattf>now mythmusic is building the db
15:31<mattf>and i'm getting about 90mbps
15:31<jkolb>Having smbfs would probably help, yeah.
15:32<automatic_jack>anyone know if there's any filesystem overhead with ext3 that might make it more worthwhile for me to use ext2 on my mythtv box?
15:34<jkolb>If you enable journalling, you obviously have that overhead. Other than that, I think they're fairly equivalent.
15:34<jkolb>You can mount an ext3 with the ext2 driver, even, IIRC.
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15:36<automatic_jack>ext3 is ext2 with a journal file.
15:37<automatic_jack>so it's not so much about enabling journaling in ext3, per se, as it is about mounting the fs as one or the other.
15:37<automatic_jack>I guess I could test writes with it mounted as ext3 and 2 and see what happens.
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15:38<automatic_jack>testing now.
15:41<automatic_jack>OK I used dd to write a 256M file on the array from /dev/zero
15:41<automatic_jack>with ext3:
15:42<automatic_jack>real 0m8.271s
15:42<automatic_jack>with ext2:
15:42<automatic_jack>real 0m7.502s
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15:43<automatic_jack>so with ext3, that's about 31M/sec
15:43<automatic_jack>and with ext2, thatS about 34M/sec
15:44<automatic_jack>now I'll try it mounting with noatime.
15:45<ByteNik>Will mythtv run on display :0.1?
15:47<automatic_jack>with ext3:
15:47<automatic_jack>real 0m8.067s
15:47<ByteNik>I get LiveTV on display 0, but I get massive amounts of errors on display 1
15:47<automatic_jack>with ext2:
15:48<automatic_jack>real 0m7.570s
15:53<ByteNik>Anyone using MythTV on a second monitor?
15:54<sfr>what card are is :0.1 ByteNik?
15:54<ByteNik>Dual head nvidia
15:54<ByteNik>Both heads Xv supporting
15:55<ByteNik>xvinfo and mplayer both agree with me on that.
15:55<ByteNik>But, on :0.1, I get the error:
15:55<ByteNik>[14:57] <ByteNik> [11:59] <bytenik> [15:25] <bytenik> X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attribute) 8
15:55<ByteNik>[14:57] <ByteNik> [11:59] <bytenik> [15:25] <bytenik> Major opcode: 143
15:55<ByteNik>[14:57] <ByteNik> [11:59] <bytenik> [15:25] <bytenik> Minor opcode: 19
15:55<ByteNik>[14:57] <ByteNik> [11:59] <bytenik> [15:25] <bytenik> Resource id: 0xa00002
15:55<ByteNik>Its been reposted just a few times. :P
15:56<sfr>does mythfrontend continue or abort?
15:56<ByteNik>Continues, but that error is continuous
15:56<ByteNik>It repeats over and over
15:56<ByteNik>And I obviously get no TV output, just a blank screen
15:56<sfr>and live tv doesn't work?
15:56<ByteNik>And I can't escape out of LiveTV mode
15:56<ByteNik>I have to manually kill the task
15:57<sfr>but do you get a picture?
15:57<ByteNik>Black screen
15:57<sfr>what about sound?
15:58<ByteNik>Well, for a quick split second I hear it
15:58<ByteNik>But then it goes away
15:59<sfr>maybe a driver problem?
15:59<ByteNik>mplayer and xine both work fine
15:59<sfr>can you try it in xinerama mode?
15:59<ByteNik>Sure, 1 sec
16:00<ByteNik>Where's hte option again? mythsetup or mythfrontend?
16:01<sfr>the frontend
16:02<ByteNik>It completely ignored the option
16:02<ByteNik>It played on the first screen
16:02<sfr>no message like found 2 xinerama screen. using first screen?
16:03<sfr>then Xinerama is not active, have this setup here and get this messages.
16:05-!-jkolb [] has quit []
16:07<sfr>ByteNik not that i'd know a solution, just suggesting different things to try ;)
16:21<ByteNik>Chutt, you around?
16:30-!-mecraw_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:30-!-mecraw [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:43<mattf>grr, mythmusic keeps segfaulting
16:43<mattf>or rather mythmusic causes mythfrontend to
17:07-!-hfb_gone is now known as hfb
17:31-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:41-!-billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
17:42<billytwowilly>If I had an athlonxp 2200 on an nforce2 motherboard with 512 MB ram would I have to upgrade anything (besides buying another tuner card) to get it to do two recordings at once effectively?
17:46<mattf>A P4 2.4GHz machine can encode two 3300Kbps 480x480 MPEG-4 files and simultaneously serve content to a remote frontend.
17:46<mattf>doesn't say the cpu usage though :-\
17:46<billytwowilly>so to do 2 encodings and play back locally and to a frontend you'd need what? an xp2700?
17:46<mattf>The developer states that his AMD1800+ system can almost encode two MPEG-4 video streams and watch one program simultaneously.
17:47<mattf>i don't know how up to date that is though
17:47<mattf>what do ou mean by "play back locally and to a frontend" ?
17:47<billytwowilly>yah, there's seems to have been a slowdown in the latest release..
17:47<billytwowilly>record 2 progs on one computer, play back on that computer and stream to a frontend on the local LAN
17:47<mattf>ok, thought so
17:48<mattf>don't know what you'd need exactly
17:48<billytwowilly>well, thanks for the help anyway.
17:48<billytwowilly>at this point I'm just curious because xboxs are starting to come onto the second hand market for cheap.
17:50<billytwowilly>and somebody made an xbox distro, which makes putting it on an xbox a lot easier.
17:50<mattf>on my 1800+, i peak at about 40% when encoding 480x480@3000kbps and decoding it at the same time
17:50<mattf>yea, that's true
17:51<billytwowilly>well, I was thinking about buying one of those pvr-250 cards, an xbox and another hard drive for my mythtv box;)
17:51<billytwowilly>then all I'd have to do is figure out how to change the channel on our cable box via its serial port.
17:54-!-linagee_ is now known as linagee
18:02-!-billytwowilly [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
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18:07-!-Snow-Man [] has joined #mythtv
18:21-!-pablo__ [] has joined #mythtv
18:23* pablo__ wonders if mythmusic's intelligent shuffle is based on whether you let the song play through or whether there's some way to rate a song as it plays
18:25-!-kja [] has quit []
18:39<automatic_jack>still can't get the tv out on my Geforce 2 to work.
18:41<Timon>automatic_jack: Did you try using yanc to config x?
18:41-!-pablo__ [] has quit ["bbl"]
18:42<bline>I found the geforce2 tv out was hard to get working, if I had any extra section on my conf it would not work, very stange
18:43<automatic_jack>Timon: well, I downloaded yanc
18:43<bline>but this was probably because I was trying to get it to work as well as the monitor out
18:43<automatic_jack>but it needs Kylix to compile.
18:43-!-Ripp [] has quit [""Bring me the hydrospanners! I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one.""]
18:43<automatic_jack>and Borland wants me to fill out a complicated form to get it. I'm just going to try one or two other things before I sign over my personal info to them :)
18:46<Timon>automatic_jack: No it doesn't
18:47<Timon>I compiled it just fine
18:49<Timon>Oh, I guess you are right. It is built with kylix
18:49<Timon>automatic_jack: Do you want me to send you my binary? So you don't have to sign your life away?
18:55<automatic_jack>actually I just got it working :)
18:55<automatic_jack>someone on mythtv-users sent me their config.
18:56<automatic_jack>however, the system still hangs after showing video for a bit.
18:56<automatic_jack>maybe a heat problem.
19:07-!-Timon [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:19-!-Ripp [] has joined #mythtv
19:35<ByteNik>Chutt, you around?
19:38-!-mattf [] has quit []
19:40-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:52<ByteNik>I believe I found a bug in MythTV
19:52<ByteNik>Myth works on either display, but it doesn't seem to like -display :0.x
19:53<ByteNik>It just displays massive amounts of errors
19:53<ByteNik>And then crashes...
19:53<ByteNik>And why am I stuck in bold? :P
19:53<ByteNik>There we go
20:23<automatic_jack>does anyone know if I should have DRI enabled for mythtv?
20:31<ByteNik>Not necessary
20:34<automatic_jack>will it make any performance difference?
20:38-!-ByteNik [] has left #mythtv []
20:43<markw>ok, I'm playin with myth now. I can setup mythfrontend on another box, and watch "recorded" tv but I can't watch videos, it's looks like I need to nfs mount my video storage.
20:46-!-Ripp [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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20:59-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
21:08-!-hadees [] has joined #mythtv
21:08<hadees>anyone use the new LCD support yet? Just wanted a review
21:09<hadees>cause i don't my lcd yet
21:10<automatic_jack>anyone know if DVD-ROM drives can do interlaced output?
21:24-!-montag2k [] has joined #mythtv
21:24<montag2k>hey all - do you have to do anything special to get native lirc support for verison 0.11?
21:28<hadees>how is native lirc implemented? I ask because I want to add powermate support
21:37-!-bline [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
21:39-!-automatic_jack [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
21:40-!-Ripp [] has joined #mythtv
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22:00<linagee>has anyone gotten ivtv to compile in redhat9?
22:01-!-hfb is now known as hfb|bbq
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22:57<automatic_jack>sigh - my system is still hanging. blah!
22:57<automatic_jack>the video looks so sweet.
22:57<automatic_jack>until it all stops.
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