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00:03<paulproteus>Don't worry.
00:03<paulproteus>It's a short story.
00:04<automatic_jack>my system sound card works, but the sound output from my tuner seems not to.
00:04<automatic_jack>I have it plugged into the line in on my sound card with the short patch cable that came with it.
00:04<automatic_jack>but I get nothing. does anyone know what I might be missing there?
00:04<automatic_jack>some bttv module or something?
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00:19<automatic_jack>everyone else must be out doing cool things while I sit at home putzing with mythtv :)
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00:45<FooBar01>anyone know how i can kill mythbackend, which seems to be non-killable ('kill -9' doesn't work)?
00:45<FooBar01>its running in the D state
00:45<FryGuy>did anyone here get the last american chopper on their mythtv box?
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01:46<hadees>hey what is with the Elusive SasQuatch post. I don't want to start a flame war but I disagree with the first part of the message
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09:01<ByteNik>Does MythTV run correctly after using the -display argument?
09:02<ByteNik>I get errors.
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09:17<orangebits>Does mythtv support DVB devices?
09:25<sfr>it does, albeit not perfectly yet, afaik. but i don't have dvb here.
09:26<orangebits>Do I need the CVS to try it?
09:27<sfr>no it's included in the releases. but i'm not the perfect candidate to answer dvb questions
09:27<orangebits>Is there anywhere I can find out about it? It's not mentioned in the howtos
09:28<sfr>i'd suggest to look at the mailing list and it's archives
09:29<orangebits>Thanks, I'm having a look
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10:23<Ripp>anyone have trouble w/ tvgrab_na & dishnetwork listings lately? broadcast stuff is working but the dish listings are choking. xmltv 0.5.16.
10:24<Ripp>Can't call method "summarize" on an undefined value at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.0/XMLTV/ line 1025.
10:24<Ripp>tv_grab_na --config-file '/root/.mythtv/DishNetwork.xmltv' --configure --retry-limit 2 --retry-delay 30 --postalcode 74036 --provider 62046 --auto-new-channels add
10:24<Ripp>exited with status 65280
10:25<Ripp>xmltv bug?
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10:43<Ripp>bah it's xmltv... :p
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11:52<oc>hiya guys
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11:53* oc got problems
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11:53<oc>wich happens whenever i try to record actually..
11:53<cwd>anyone know by any chance if VCD-compliant MPEG1 is supposed to be CBR or VBR?
11:55<automatic_jack>when I watch live tv, it looks great, but the sound comes out a garbled mess.
11:55<automatic_jack>like this stuttering sound, which doesn't respond to the volume control in mythtv.
11:59<oc>2003-08-24 18:01:03 Started recording "Aktuellt" on channel: 2 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
11:59<oc>Changing from None to RecordingOnly
11:59<oc>Segmentation fault
11:59<oc>i'll recompile with debug.. and post back later :)
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12:32<ByteNik>Hmm... I've been having problems with xmltv and my digital cable...
12:32<ByteNik>Is there any particular place to ask questions for xmltv?
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12:53<toe>hi all - I'm using cvs mythtv and am getting: ERROR 1: Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sqlcd6_5_2.MYI from mysql
12:53<toe>I'm wondering if the query is too big as mysql gives me the same error when I enter it manually
12:54<sfr>hm, empty your /tmp partition?
12:54<toe> df /tmp
12:54<toe>Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
12:54<toe>/dev/hda8 1004024 87964 865056 10% /tmp
12:54<toe>seems to have plenty of space
12:55<sfr>toe i doubt that the query is too big, when does it happen?
12:56<toe>I can do other queries on the mythconverg db
12:56<ByteNik>sfr: Can you do me a quick favor?
12:56<sfr>ByteNik depends
12:56<toe>it happens when I set a program to manually record (and now every time I start mythfrontend
12:56<ByteNik>sfr: Pull the Comcast Digital TV listings with xmltv for 07733
12:56<ByteNik>sfr: See if you get a segmentation fault.
12:56<ByteNik>sfr: I think its a bug in XMLTV
12:57<sfr>ByteNik which grabber is that?
12:57<toe>sfr: I dont mean the result set is too big - but the actual query is sizeable
12:57<sfr>ByteNik how do i do that? i use tv_grab_de only.
12:57<ByteNik>sfr: tv_grab_na
12:58<sfr>toe sizeable? sorry i'm not a mysql expert.
12:59<sfr>toe did you restart mysql?
12:59<toe>np sfr, thanks for the attention :)
12:59<toe>yup - made no difference
12:59<ByteNik>sfr: Did it work for you?
13:00<sfr>ByteNik what should i type? tv_grab_na ...
13:00<toe>sfr: would it be possible for you to run the query against your mysql instance?
13:00<ByteNik>First two options, take the defaults
13:00<ByteNik>Zipcode is 07733
13:00<ByteNik>Comcast Cable - Digital or something like that should be #2 provider
13:00<ByteNik>Careful, #1 isn't the digital one and it works fine.
13:01<toe>sfr: no worries if not
13:01<sfr>toe sure, whats the query?
13:01<ByteNik>Oh, or #0 is analog, #1 is digital
13:01<ByteNik>Something like that
13:02<ByteNik>Anyway, did it work?
13:02<sfr>ByteNik you want #2 DIRECTV New York?
13:02<ByteNik>Its in a different order for you
13:02<ByteNik>I want the Comcast Cable - Digital
13:03<ByteNik>Or its similar to that.
13:03<ByteNik>More wordy
13:04<sfr>ByteNik ah, theres #0 Comcast Monmouth County - Eatontown (70621) and #1 Comcast Monmouth County - Eatontown - Digital (70622)
13:04<sfr>ByteNik ok
13:05<sfr>ByteNik yepp, segfaulted
13:05<sfr>Version: 0.5.16-1
13:05<sfr>on debian unstable
13:06<ByteNik>I'm on gentoo
13:06<ByteNik>So its obviously XMLTV
13:06<ByteNik>Thank you.
13:06<ByteNik>You should prolly do your local tv_grab_ again to overwrite the NA settings
13:07<sfr>ByteNik nope did it in /tmp
13:07<ByteNik>oh okay
13:08<ByteNik>is there a channel on irc for xmltv?
13:08<sfr>no idea
13:12* choenig is away: unterwegs
13:13* choenig is away: unterwegs
13:46<Ripp>sc00p: I think xmltv needs updating again or's giving me problems too
13:46<Ripp><-- for sfr
13:47<sfr>Ripp you mean tv_grab_na :) tv_grab_de works fine
13:50<toe>as does tv_grab_ik :)
13:50<toe>er, s/ik/uk/
14:01<automatic_jack>there is a setting somewhere in mythtv to specify if you are using ALSA or OSS, right?
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14:10<sfr>automatic_jack not really, you have to change the setting in the mythconverg db manually
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14:13<toe>hmm - newbie user question but, when I set something to record manually, how do I stop it again? I go to 'delete recordings' and delete it and the file goes away but mythtv wont let me watch TV saying that the input is being used for recording
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14:14<toe>I suspect this is a bug
14:21<toe>there seems to be no way of stopping this recording - even restarting mythbackend
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15:22<automatic_jack>sfr: what does changing the setting accomplish? I have a card that's using ALSA and it doesn't seem to be working properly.
15:23<sfr>automatic_jack switching from oss to myth's internal alsa support thats it.
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15:27<automatic_jack>sfr: so if I'm using ALSA, presumably I want myth to be using its internal alsa support?
15:28<sfr>automatic_jack depends, myth alsa support isn't complete/ might not work always
15:28<automatic_jack>but if I have the standard ALSA support set up, I should be all set?
15:28<automatic_jack>it can play mp3s and stuff fine.
15:28<sfr>automatic_jack if you have alsas oss emulation, i'd prefer oss.
15:28<automatic_jack>but when I use myth the audio comes out all messed up.
15:29<paulproteus>Try alsaplayer with various audio-out options to test.
15:31<automatic_jack>as I said, mp3s do work. so the output should be OK
15:31<automatic_jack>but when I use myth, I hear this modulated stuttering sound.
15:32<automatic_jack>and it doesn't seem to respond to the volume control.
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16:12<robertj>jack: what sound card?
16:13<automatic_jack>it's a Via 8233 onboard card.
16:13<automatic_jack>someone on mythtv-users suggested that maybe the card isn't doing full duplex properly.
16:13<automatic_jack>all I know is, mpg123 plays mp3s just fine.
16:14<robertj>auto: heya, guess what im doing this very moment
16:14<robertj>being stumped
16:14<robertj>so far oss emulation works but still has hitches
16:14<robertj>alsa works but plays at half speed
16:15<automatic_jack>can you play mp3s?
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16:15<automatic_jack>and what's this oss emulation people mention?
16:15<robertj>fine in oss emulation, half speed with alsa
16:15<robertj>oss is the old standard that alsa emulates so old apps work with the new thing (alsa)
16:15<robertj>so new apps should play nice with alsa while old apps should use oss
16:16<automatic_jack>this is the last thing that is holding me up.
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16:22<robertj>automatic: can you record fine if you are not playing back?
16:22<automatic_jack>hmm, I dunno. I have only been trying livetv.
16:23<automatic_jack>I guess if I could record and then play back OK, that wound indicate full duplex issues.
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16:26<robertj>automatic: do a record right now
16:26<robertj>since its only 5 minutes left in the hour
16:26<robertj>you really cant use instant record for this
16:26<robertj>you have to use manual I guess
16:26<robertj>or just schedule it now
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16:44<robertj>automatic: can you think of anything else to try?
16:46<sinclaird>does mythtv have on demand recording where i could rip old vcr tapes?
16:48<automatic_jack>robertj: no, that seems logical. I'll give it a shot in a sec.
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17:15<bbeattie>just wondering, why is LCD panal support so critial for mythtv? Why is it different than that for CRT displays? (I obviously don't have one)
17:15<bbeattie>or lcdproc that is
17:16<bbeattie>(are they the same, or different?)
17:17<bbeattie>.. afk for a while
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17:18<paulc>IR Question: Just going buy a new PC and set it up with homebrew pvr. I have a motorolo settop box with serial and (apparently) IR connectors. I'mcurious: Is there any way in MythTV to use these instead of ir blaster? I'd ...
17:18<paulc>prefer to not use the blaster, if possible. I noticed that the PVR 350 card has an "IR Transmitter" I take is that is a connection that would plug directly into the IR or serial connection on a settop box?
17:19<paulc>Sorry, that's motorola..typo problems today!
17:19<mattfelsen>does anyone have a suggestion for a good remote to use? i'm not too crazy about the one that came with my avertv studio
17:20<robertj>sigh, I really wish I knew what was up with this via card
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17:23<mattfelsen>hmm...snapstream is selling v3 of their software plus a pvr250 for $179. that's not too bad
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17:38<paulc>Ok, have checked out the discussions on serial control of settop boxes. To do this you just plug a serial cable from computer to settop box and configure MythTV with some scripts? I have a Motorola box that says "DCT2224" ...
17:38<paulc>on the bottom...any thoughts?
17:42<billytwowilly>paulc: I have the same box. Anything you find out I'd be interested in knowing as well.
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17:44<paulc>billy: Ok, I just e-mailed a guy named Ian who said on a mailing list that he had the motorola series 200 dct boxes working. If you search for "mythtv serial motorola dct" on google you'll find his comments. I'll let you ...
17:44<paulc>know if/when re replies...
17:44<billytwowilly>paulc: that'd be awesome.
17:44<billytwowilly>do you mind if I give you my email addy to email me his response?
17:45<paulc>billy: Yeah. ir blaster really isn't an option for me since I'll have two boxes in the same room!!
17:50<automatic_jack>ok now my mythtv setup is totally borked.
17:50<automatic_jack>I get no sound in or out of the app, I can
17:51<automatic_jack>can't change channels in mythtv, and the tv input is all fuzzy.
17:51<automatic_jack>I GIVE UP.
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18:00<paulc>Anyone with PVR 350 experience? Is it working yet in MythTV? Thinking of buying one soon....
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18:06<automatic_jack>it must be nice to set up Mythtv on a clean system with good hardware :)
18:08<mattfelsen>paulc: it works
18:08<mattfelsen>i don't have one myself, but there are plenty of people who do. check out the mailing list archives for any questions you might have
18:13<Captain_Murdoch>it works for recording, but not for video out. so essentially it works the same as a pvr-250 inside myth right now.
18:14<paulc>Captain: So, if you had a graphics card with video out, that would work?
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18:15<Captain_Murdoch>the ivtv devloper is working on getting video out working on the pvr-350, but nothing is in Myth to support it.
18:16<paulc>Eg. PVR 350 takes the input and something like nVidia produces the output? In this case, the CPU is doing mpeg-2 encoding on the way out? And once the devloper gets done then you wouldn't need the video card anymore? Just ...
18:16<paulc>making sure I nailed this all down before putting the money down :)
18:18<Captain_Murdoch>currently only hardware encoding is supported, no hardware decoding. so decoding still takes cpu. It's up to you whether you want to gamble the other $50 that decoding will be supported in Myth one day. :) I'd rather save it and another $50 and just by another pvr-250 so I could record 2 things at once. :) my pvr-250 is in a backend-only machine.
18:18<Captain_Murdoch>s/by another/buy another/
18:19<paulc>Yeah, sorry, I mixed up the encoding/decoding. Got it. But, once it is supported then you wouldn't even need the video card, since all it's doing anyway is outputing to tv?
18:19<Captain_Murdoch>once the ivtv driver supports it, then someone has to code it into Myth. Chutt has talked about it, but I don't know how far down the line that might be.
18:20<Captain_Murdoch>right, you could just use the pvr-30
18:20<Captain_Murdoch>pvr-350's output.
18:20<Captain_Murdoch>course you'd probably still want a video card, but not necessarily one with composite or svideo out.
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18:22<paulc>Yeah, it's cool. I'm definitely going to have the video card anyway, I need S-Video since my component input on the tv is taken up by a DVD player.
18:22<mattfelsen>are there video cards with component out?
18:22<paulc>Any advice on the absolute best graphics card to get? I'm looking for the S-Video out so I don't have to wait for encoding support in Myth, and also good game playing...
18:24<mattfelsen>i got an mx440 64mb w/ s-video out for $39
18:26<paulc>Matt: Do you have the 8x AGP card? Do you know if there are any cards that are supported that have more memory?
18:29<Captain_Murdoch>saw a freevo developer on slashdot saying they (meaning freevo developers I guess) recently on a epia motherboard and pvr-250. wonder if that's that contest that was going on.
18:30<mattfelsen>no, mine is 4x and i don't know the answer to the 2nd part
18:30<mattfelsen>Captain_Murdoch: did you forget to type part of that sentence?
18:32<mattfelsen>oh, you meant "won" instead of "on"
18:32<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, sorry.
18:33<Captain_Murdoch>was typing and reading at the same time. :)
18:34<paulc>I take it that so long as a graphics card is supported in Linux and has an S-Video out connection, then it should be ok using with MythTV to output to TV set?
18:35<Captain_Murdoch>actually it says Isaac and Thor won setups also.
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18:38<Captain_Murdoch>and I guess that's vector for tvtime.
18:40<automatic_jack>ok now my TUNER doesn't work.
18:40<automatic_jack>my system is seriously regressing.
18:41<automatic_jack>audio stopped working, then video got fuzzy, now when I boot it just doesn't see the tuner.
18:41<automatic_jack>I hate computers.
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19:11<paulc>TV-Out question: With cards that have TV-Out supported: Can you watch live TV on the television through MythTV and the TV-out on the graphics card while at the same time using your CRT/flat panel display to do other stuff on ...
19:11<paulc>the computer?
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19:20<Timon>paulc: Sure, if you have a dual-head capable card like the geforce 4
19:21<paulc>Yeah, ok. I'm actually thinking of going all-out and buying the FX 5900. Just trying to figure out if the chipset (NV 35) supports the overscan. Would be a shame to put all that money down and have a border on the tv.
19:22<paulc>I want a high end card since I'd like to use it to record/watch tv and play high-end games, maybe even at the same time. Thanks.
19:23<Timon>paulc: np. Make sure the card you get has the dvi and vga port on it. Those are the ones that can do dual head.
19:24<paulc>Ok, thanks. I think the 5900 have S-Video, DVI and VGA.. The DVI connector is a little smaller than the VGA, right? (or maybe it's the other way around)
19:24<Timon>vga is smaller then dvi. You can convert dvi to vga with a small adapter. My card came with one.
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19:33<paulc>Ok, cool. Yeah, it has both connectors.
19:37<mattfelsen>some kernel module questions...not really related, i know, but not getting much help from #debian
19:38<mattfelsen>i installed the alsa kernel module without a problem, and now i'm making a modules_image for the nvidia driver. is there a way to run make-kpkg without rebuilding alsa each time?
19:39<mattfelsen>is it safe to remove /usr/src/modules/alsa-drive?
19:45<paulproteus>mattfelsen: Use ccache.
19:45<paulproteus>Or just move it away, yeah.
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20:17<robertj_>anyone have lirc going under 2.6?
20:20<mattfelsen>grr...i just built the lirc kernel module and i get unresolved symbol errors
20:22<robertj_>under whta kerneL/
20:22<robertj_>btw, what's the hip device name in 2.6 for the dvd ;)
20:23<robertj_>root can't open /dev/dvd for reading so I assume something happened somewhere
20:55<mattfelsen>gah i hate lirc
20:55<mattfelsen>As LIRC during compilation uses the bttv header files you will have to copy the current bttv files into your kernel sources.
20:55<mattfelsen>can that be any more vague?
21:07<Timon>mattfelsen: Makes perfect sense, copy the bttv header files into your kernel source
21:07<bbeattie>Chutt: who commited the seek patch for the card?
21:11-!-robertj_ [] has quit ["Lost terminal"]
21:19-!-zzo [] has joined #mythtv
21:21<zzo>how can i convince QT i've got the mysql driver installed? it seems to have forgotten that it's there
21:24<zzo>i get 'QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded' 'QSqlDatabase: available drivers:' which is total BS as '/usr/qt/3/plugins/sqldrivers/' exists & all has been working fine up until now
21:26<mattfelsen>Timon: from where? i didn't manually compile bttv. i thought it was built into the kernel as long as you enable v4l
21:28-!-paulproteus_ [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:30<zzo>ah - i need to recompile for mysql 4.x - thanks
21:30-!-cwd [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:31-!-brainless [] has joined #mythtv
21:36-!-zzo [] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:47<sc00p_>robertj_: I tried to get lirc working under 2.6, I got it working except most of the time it would send each keypress twice
21:48<sc00p_>and after a while of leaving it going it would stop working and I'd have to reload the module.
21:50<sc00p_>crap, he's not here anymore =)
21:59<Captain_Murdoch>anybody here using the recording status icons on the playbackbox screen?
22:04* Captain_Murdoch gets slapped down by Chutt in the cvs commit logs... :) (Knew I should have tested that better myself) :)
22:05<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt: you here? did that break something?
22:20<Captain_Murdoch>maybe I found it.
22:23* Captain_Murdoch wonders whether it was really ever broke to begin with and never needed that patch.
22:23-!-paulc [] has quit ["ircII/tkirc"]
22:24-!-claybo [] has joined #mythtv
22:26* Captain_Murdoch comes back from his wild goose chase since he realizes that he accidentilly did a "cvs update" and downloaded Chutt's backout patch.
22:29* Captain_Murdoch recompiles and still doesn't see what he broke.
22:43-!-[-ripp-] [] has joined #mythtv
22:43-!-Ripp [] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
22:52<mattfelsen>Timon: ok, i'm an idiot. i need to install bttv
22:53<mattfelsen>i was under the impression that enabling the v4l stuff in the kernel was giving me bttv
22:53<Timon>mattfelsen: hahaha
22:53<Timon>I've been there before.
22:53<mattfelsen>just like i thought the sound stuff in the kernel was alsa, not oss
22:53-!-[-ripp-] is now known as Ripp
22:54<mattfelsen>that's all on tomorrow's agenda, though
22:54<mattfelsen>does anyone know offhand which lirc drive you need for a streamzap remote?
22:54<mattfelsen>(which has a usb receiver)
22:55<claybo>any word on experiences with mythtv (frontend and backend) and via epia boards?
22:55-!-dopez [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:56<Timon>mattfelsen: Nope, I use a packard bell one
22:57<mattfelsen>okie doke
22:57<mattfelsen>i'm off to bed
22:57<mattfelsen>school starts tomorrow and i have to get up at 6 :(
22:57<Timon>mattfelsen: College, or hs?
22:57<mattfelsen>last year of high school
22:57<mattfelsen>i got up at 8 today, stumbled around the room, and collapsed back in bed until i woke up at 11
22:57<mattfelsen>i'll be a zombie tomorrow :)
22:58<Timon>mattfelsen: Try having to get up at 7, work for 8 hours, then go off to the U for 1.5 - 3 hrs?
22:58<mattfelsen>well i've been up at 7 and doing 9 hour work days for the past 3 months..
22:58<Captain_Murdoch>wait till you graduate.. :)
22:58<Timon>I get to start my first year of college tomorrow, haven't been in school since 96
22:59<Timon>Captain_Murdoch: Ain't that the truth.
22:59<Captain_Murdoch>"summer/winter/spring/etc. vacation", what's that?
22:59<mattfelsen>alright then...good night all
22:59<Timon>Hell, I couldn't even remember how to solve for x. Forgot how to add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions
22:59<Timon>nite mattfelsen
22:59-!-claybo [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:59-!-mattfelsen [] has quit []
23:00<Timon>Captain_Murdoch: Agreed
23:00<Timon>Where do you work Captain_Murdoch?
23:00<Captain_Murdoch>place called GMTI.
23:01<Timon>What do they do/what do you do there?
23:02<Captain_Murdoch>owned by Gannett Inc. the newspaper company. we're an ASP (application service provider) for Gannett's newspapers. I'm in charge of our hosting environment hardware. I do everything from help spec/design stuff to doing actual install occasionally.
23:02<Timon>Haven't heard the term asp since the dot bomb era :-)
23:04<Captain_Murdoch>yeah. we went through all that, one of the 1% or whatever that survived. I've been here about 8 and a half years.
23:05-!-whilE [] has joined #mythtv
23:05<Captain_Murdoch>we used to do ISP stuff when I started but eventually sold our customers to Earthlink to concentrate on ASP stuff.
23:05<automatic_jack>I found an old memo from our CEO
23:05<automatic_jack>we got a free trial of some ASP that let us use Office and stuff over the web
23:06<automatic_jack>and he encouraged us all to try it because "this is the direction software is heading."
23:06<automatic_jack>hor hor hor
23:06<automatic_jack>good one.
23:06<Timon>automatic_jack: I turned the letter from the vp of the company that bought a company I used to work for into ebonics
23:06<whilE>im srry to interrupt this conversation but has anyone here goten there hands on one of these HD-2000 cards?
23:07<Timon>automatic_jack: For corps, it is. The company I work for is involved with helping a major oil company allow their employees to use crap like office over the web.
23:08<yebyen>Timon: i've seen more of things like citrix
23:08<yebyen>Timon: and they make a lot more sense to me
23:08-!-ahbritto [] has quit [Client Quit]
23:09<Captain_Murdoch>whilE: that's the hdtv card right?
23:09<Timon>yebyen: They didn't wnat to go the citrix route. You should see the citric server they use now, its so over loaded it can take up to 30 mins to just get a desktop, let alone use any app.
23:10<yebyen>Timon: come to think of it, we have 6 citrix servers, and it's slow as all hell.
23:11<yebyen>Timon: using apps is fine, but it takes eons to log in.
23:11<whilE>Captain_Murdoch: ya, i read a post on /. about it, i wanted to hear some reviews or what someone thought of it before i sink some cash into it, like how well it caps...
23:12<Captain_Murdoch>whilE: bbeattie isn't here right now I think, but he's the one who wrote the patches for Myth to use the card. he's the only one I know of in here that has the card so far but I think others have ordered or plan on ordering.
23:12<Timon>yebyen: Besides they want to move to what they call "Vanilla PC's" which means requiring contractors (which is 80-90% of their entire workforce) to provide their own pcs. Currently, to access anything on their network, you have to have one of their pc's
23:14<whilE>Captain_Murdoch: thanks for the heads up, ill drop him a line, if anyone else here has a little inside info id like to know
23:15<Captain_Murdoch>whilE: bbeattie posted on the slashdot discussion a few times as well.
23:17-!-n1hck [~nicholas@] has joined #mythtv
23:19-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
23:19<yebyen>Timon: hm
23:19<whilE>Captain_Murdoch: thanks, ill reread the post
23:24-!-Ripp [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:26-!-kc8apf [] has joined #mythtv
23:26<kc8apf>question: why does mythDVD lock up trying to play using mplayer, but running the mplayer command manually works fine?
23:27<Captain_Murdoch>kc8apf: current cvs?
23:28<kc8apf>no .11
23:28<Captain_Murdoch>using built-in LIRC support?
23:28<kc8apf>at least not that i know of
23:28<Captain_Murdoch>you'd have to enable it.
23:28<Captain_Murdoch>not sure then.
23:30-!-automatic_jack [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:35-!-whilE [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:36<sc00p_>anybody have any idea why mythtv would have the same symptoms as not specifying the tuner type correctly but xawtv works properly?
23:37<sc00p_>i.e. channels are off-by-one, etc.
23:40-!-n1hck [~nicholas@] has quit ["Client exiting"]
23:42-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:46-!-hfb [] has quit [Client Quit]
23:46-!-o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
23:46<o_cee>i've got some problems using gdb..
23:47<o_cee>(gdb) thread apply all bt full
23:47<o_cee>Couldn't get registers: Operation not permitted.
23:47<o_cee>#0 0x40bb9486 in nanosleep () from /lib/
23:47<o_cee>what does that mean?
23:47<FryGuy>scoop: maybe the finetune settings are off
23:47-!-hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:49<FryGuy>never used gdb, sorry
23:49<o_cee>me neither
23:50<FryGuy>it looks like the problem is in your gcc though
23:50<kc8apf>operation not permitted generally means it's a permissions issue
23:50<FryGuy>either that, or the program is calling nanosleep() with bad parameters
23:51<o_cee>i'll try running it as root maybe helps
23:51<FryGuy>kc8apt: but isn't that more for the filesystem and not the hardware?
23:51<o_cee>i was running it as root
23:52<kc8apf>FryGuy: techincally in unix, everything is a file
23:53<o_cee>sys-devel/gcc-3.2.3-r1 <-- that's what i've got installed
23:53<FryGuy>i have no experience with gcc either. I'm a windows person unfortunately
23:54<o_cee>sys-devel/gdb-5.3 <-- and that one
23:54<FryGuy>what's your libc version?
23:55<o_cee>sys-libs/glibc Latest version installed: 2.3.2-r1
23:55<o_cee>that one?
---Logclosed Mon Aug 25 00:00:14 2003