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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-08-31

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00:00<kja>good luck with your setup linagee.
00:00<kja>i'll better get some sleep now
00:00<linagee>kja: thanks. gnite
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00:50<mikegrb>It looks like qtimer can't be called from a static function as it needs an object, am I missing something or is this the case?
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00:54<linagee>someone should develop an algorithm to generate unique signatures from commercials. (maybe you could have it match a certain percentage to a signature in case there's fuzz) dump everything into a central database on the internet, and the computer can look for them and never show those commercials! :)
00:55<phar0e>that sounds.. complicated
00:59<linagee>phar0e: yes. it does. but it would also work very good. :)
00:59<phar0e>hey.. i'm not saying I wouldn't die for that :)
00:59<linagee>phar0e: you could even make it match more or less based upon cpu power to match
01:00<linagee>can anyone help me set up my hauppauge tuner?
01:00<phar0e>I'm having a little trouble myself
01:00<linagee>phar0e: everything with my pvr250 box is going great, but i still have no working tuner support. :(
01:01<phar0e>saying can't probe /dev/video for its inputs
01:01<phar0e>I just have a cheap PCI ATI TV wonder
01:01<phar0e>what is wrong though?
01:01<linagee>phar0e: ATI TV or ATI all in wonder?
01:01<phar0e>ATI TV
01:01<linagee>does it work with the bttv modules?
01:02<phar0e>I know it works, had it going in my other machine with MythTV no problems
01:02<phar0e>but then I decided to do some upgrades
01:02<phar0e>went from 1000Mhz -> 1.53GHz, DDR ram, 120G WD 8MB Cache x2.. etc
01:03<linagee>phar0e: why did you not use the same harddrive then?
01:03<phar0e>wanted to start clean
01:03<linagee>phar0e: just make a few kernel modifications or who knows maybe none at all
01:03<linagee>phar0e: does xawtv work?
01:06<phar0e>haven't tested that yet
01:15<phar0e>chmod 666 /dev/video0 fixed it
01:16<phar0e>2 programs, using 13 GB out of 98 GB
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02:11<linagee>does anyone have a maxtor 300gb drive? hehehe
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02:11<linagee>if only i had some spare money... :)
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02:55<phar0e>is there a way to cut down on the number of mythbackend processes?
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02:55<phar0e>or is there a reason why I need so many of them? most seem idle
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04:05<linagee>are the ivtv drivers at a point yet where they can decode mpeg2? (using a pvr350)
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05:44<o_cee>the mythvideo issue... an intresting mail was sent to myth-dev
05:45<o_cee>seems like they changed the location of the posters a little
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11:15<mattfelsen>i'm trying to get output on my widescreen tv, and i'm unsure of whether i should either keep X at a 4:3 res and have the tv stretch it to fill, or if i should actually have X display at a 16:9 res...the former looks good, but any widescreen programs are letterboxed on a widescreen tv...the latter, i'm unsure of how that would work with different formats and such
11:16<mattfelsen>i tried getting X to use a 720x405 res, but it says it's not a valid tv mode, so i'm unsure if i should be using a different widescreen res or something, and i don't understand how switching to 16:9 output in myth (the w key) is supposed to looks like it just vertically shrinks the picture, thereby also letterboxing on a widescreen tv
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12:08<kja>Uh, my raid array is still rebuilding, and has been for the last ~13 hours :)
12:16<dwmurphy>to anyone with a winfast2000xp, how do you configure lirc to navigate menus? the ch/vol buttons? and do you use fullscreen as the menu toggle?
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12:27<mikegrb>Are functions in a static library (eg libmythtv) all automatically static?
12:28<mikegrb>hmm guess not
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12:30<bline>a static library is just an archive file with .o's in it
12:31<mikegrb>yes, I was having some problems with this class
12:32<mikegrb>I have a funtion that needs QTimer but it looks like QTimer must be called from an object
12:32<mikegrb>it needs an object to be passed to it
12:33<mikegrb>I was trying to make all my functions static so an object, or pointer to an object, doesn't need to be passed around
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13:37<rkulagow>chutt: you here?
13:40<rkulagow>chutt: if you see this in scrollback, i can't seem to commit to CVS. just sort of hangs once CVS starts doing the compare.
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14:32<hadees>is anyone else having trouble loging into cvs
14:32<hadees>its hanging at the password
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14:44<linagee>does mythtv save all the TV listings it's ever encountered, forever? or does it delete old stuff?
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16:22<monkeyBox>Is there a way to install mythtv so that it only installs the frontend, and not the backend?
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16:28<Captain_Murdoch>hadees: I think cvs was having problems earlier, several people asked.
16:28<Captain_Murdoch>linagee: it deletes old listings every day I believe.
16:29<Captain_Murdoch>monkeyBox: mythbackend binary is only 2.8 Megs on my system, so why worry about trying to not install it? You don't have to run it if that's what you're asking. you only need the backend for recording/watching TV.
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16:46<mattfelsen>what's wrong with the cvs repository?
16:46<hadees>damn it, why is cvs having problems the day i buy all the hardware for my mythtv box
16:46<hadees>this is a bad sign of things to come
16:46<hadees>who runs the cvs server?
16:47<mattfelsen>i don't know
16:47<mattfelsen>i think it might be off isaac's computer
16:47<hadees>we need to page them, leave a voicemail, email them, smoke signal, morse code or somthing
16:47<mattfelsen>what kind of hardware did you get?
16:48<hadees>i got a AMD 2000
16:48<hadees>512 ram
16:48<hadees>slot loading dvd drive
16:48<hadees>200 gig hd
16:48<hadees>pvr 250
16:49<hadees>and the motherboard is nvidia2 chipset with on board audio and networking
16:49<hadees>the reason i got a decent processor and the pvr250 is for transcoding which i plan to do alot of
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18:28<monkeyBox>is the CVS working yet?
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18:48<monkeyBox>What does it mean when I get "big/little test failed" on ./configure ?
18:49<sfr>shot in the dark: youre not on a i386 architecture?
18:51<monkeyBox>sfr.. yeah it says CPU: x86
18:52<monkeyBox>I also get "make: *** No rule to make target `/mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf', needed by `Makefile'. Stop."
18:52<monkeyBox>I've got libqt installed...
18:52<sfr>no idea what that big/little test failed means:
18:53<sfr>2nd: export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt3 if youre using debian
18:54<monkeyBox>ah.. yep... using knoppix so that must be it..
18:55<monkeyBox>hmm. still no go..
18:55<monkeyBox>does debian have a qt-devel package?
18:56<monkeyBox>hmm. I don't see it at
18:56<monkeyBox>oh ok..
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19:04<setre>Hi, I have two problems with mythtv, jittery video and no audio. DMA is enabled on all disks
19:05<setre>dmesg: bttv0: irq: SCERR risc_count=05742054
19:05<setre>bttv0: aiee: error loops
19:05<setre>bttv0: resetting chip
19:05<setre>I have no problem watching with xawtv
19:06<setre>mythbackend gives this: ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT: Invalid argument
19:06<setre>What do I do?
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19:18<linagee>why can i not objdump my firmware? anyone know how to make that work?
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19:40<mattfelsen>has anyone else noticed that when you scroll down (either one-by-one or by a page) in the program guide from schedule recordings (NOT after pressing m when watching live tv), that the time flickers each time?
19:40<mattfelsen>and also, i have black bars in the upper right hand corner of the guide
19:41<linagee>should i load my lirc_dev/lirc_i2c before or after loading all the hauppauge stuff?
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20:07<mikegrb>Chutt: you around? It looks like all the backend communication code is in libmythtv, I found functions in mythcontext though for creating the socket, any reason it wuold be a bad idea to open another socket for my communications?
20:08<mikegrb>Chutt: I'm having difficulties with getting qtimer woring in libmythtv but working okay in libmyth (problems with static functions and stuff)
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20:40<D-side>I upgraded from 0.10 to 0.11, and now IMDB lookups in mythvideo dont work at all. they drop me back to the menu. also, using mythweather i get "Map Unavailable".
20:40<D-side>Undoubtedly I broke something, but I just cant find out what.
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20:55<zeronett>are there builtin drivers for the pvr250 under rh9.0?
20:55<bline>search for ivtv
20:56<zeronett>thanks, is it an easy install?
20:56<D-side>ivtv driver has made leaps and bounds in stability recently, hasnt it?
20:56<bline>it's still alpha
20:56<bline>but yeah, it's gotten better
20:58<D-side>I'm probably going to be doing a dual P4 2ghz+ backend, so the pvr (2|3)50's dont do it much for me.
20:58<D-side>dont suppose you've got a clue as to my video and weather problems
20:58<D-side>didnt see anything at all on the list per this.
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20:59<D-side>already went as far as to remove the videometadata table completely and stick back in the 0.11 metadata.sql.
20:59<bline>imdb changed some urls
20:59<bline>it had nothing to do with your upgrade
20:59<bline>it's been discussed on the -dev list
20:59<D-side>BAH. my bad, I was only checking users.
20:59<D-side>thanks, and sorry all at once.
21:00<bline>no idea about the weather stuff, I don't use it
21:00<D-side>i'll check the lists i should have read first before i bother anyone again. heh
21:00<bline>someone submitted a patch for the mythvideo stuff, but it hasn't been applied yet
21:00<bline>no biggy
21:01<D-side>yeah, its not earth shattering. i can make out the title from the filename.
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21:01<D-side>on an unrelated note, dont suppose you know of any nvidia VIVO enabled cards w/ svideo in and out on the cheap
21:01<bline>i was refering to you not seeing it on the dev list heh
21:02<D-side>yeah well i feel stupid for that as it is. thanks for not rubbing it in
21:02<bline>sorry, I don't
21:02* bline plans on getting a gf4i soon
21:02<D-side>I'm fairly sure they dont make them cheap.
21:03<bline>maybe try ebay
21:03<D-side>i stuck in a gf4mx440 and the tv-out is way better than the crap scan converter i was using before. wish i didnt have to have a tuner card though. i'm just using it to pull in svideo from the digital cable box.
21:04<D-side>an all-in-one card like a VIVO would be perfect, especially if i go through with the pundit purchase
21:05<mattfelsen>mythweather works fine for me, although i'm using cvs
21:05<D-side>yeah, i'm on rh.
21:05<D-side>i dont particularly want to spend time maintaining it, so i'm just using rpms.
21:05<D-side>flame me all you want, as i deserve it.
21:06<D-side>i really should have gone the sid route, but i tried dist-upgrading from a clean woody install and it crapped itself. i just did NOT feel like fighting it
21:06<D-side>I'm not 100% retarded.
21:06<D-side>just lazy.
21:07<mattfelsen>i wasn't planning on flaming...and i know that there are plenty of things that have a higher priority than keeping up with bleeding edge software releases
21:07<mattfelsen>as for the debian thing...i went from a clean woody install -> sarge without problems, and that's what i'm using now
21:07<mattfelsen>just fyi, not trying to sway you or anything :)
21:07<D-side>i thought the debs were built for sid alone
21:08<D-side>oh no. sway me. sway me.
21:08<mattfelsen>there are debs for stable & unstable, but as i said before, i'm using cvs
21:09<D-side>you're a better man than I
21:09<D-side>i swear mythtv has cost me more $ in the past 6 mos than my girlfriend, and thats saying something.
21:10<D-side>its also a problem since shes well aware of ths fact.
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21:10<D-side>next up is my plan to use a 2.4ghz wireless a/v extender and stick the box in the server room instead of next to the tv.
21:10<tmk>i've been having mythbackend segfault on me lately
21:10<tmk>a few times
21:10<tmk>anyone else have similar issues?
21:10<D-side>not really.
21:11<D-side>i've been pretty good recently, sans my imdb and weather issues.
21:11<bline>wouldn't it be cheaper to just wire the house with cat5?
21:11<D-side>mattfelsen: play with nuvexport much?
21:11<mattfelsen>not at all
21:11<bline>hey tmk
21:11<bline>someone was just asking about the pvr250 driver
21:11<tmk>oh yea?
21:11<D-side>bline: its already connected via wlan, but thats not the point of the project.
21:12<D-side>the box isnt silent, so i'd rather have it completely out of that room.
21:12<bline>so run a cable to where you want it
21:12<D-side>also, theres a million and a half things plugged into the wall jacks. fire hazard city.
21:12<D-side>bline: i dont think we're talking about the same things here.
21:13<bline>you want to remote the backend to some back room
21:13<D-side>no, this isnt a backend/frontend scenario
21:13<D-side>its a single machine
21:13* tmk pokes chutt
21:13<D-side>basically do the A/V cabling "virtually"
21:13<bline>get a second small machine :)
21:13<D-side>heh. the wireless extenders are cheaper.
21:14<D-side>though with the ITX distro being worked on now, its a distinct possibility.
21:14<bline>I don't mind the computer next to the tv, ofcoarse I used to sleep with it in the same room
21:14<D-side>i just wish the pundit configs didnt require so much damned work.
21:15<D-side>i dont want to do cvs myth stuff, god help me if i have to start usign cvs X.
21:16<bline>cvsmyth stays pretty stable, Chutt is really good about that
21:16<D-side>tomorrow i get to pick out the components for, purchase, assemble, and then install a brand new myth system for a friend with zero linux knowledge.
21:16<mattfelsen>using experimental X 4.3 packages on debian broke x for me, heh
21:16<D-side>mattfelsen: heh. no thanks.
21:17<D-side>its a shame i'm such a lazy bastard too. the pundit looks like an amazing box to do this with. anyone actually have one?
21:19-!-zeronett [~david@] has joined #mythtv
21:20<mattfelsen>nuvexport just creates svcd-compatible mpegs, right?
21:20<zeronett>has anyone installed the ivtv drivers? if so, are there any better directions than the ones on their site?
21:20<mattfelsen>which would be 480x480 mpeg2 files?
21:20<tmk>zero: i can help
21:20<bline>zeronett: there is #ivtv-dev on this network btw
21:21<zeronett>excellent, thats what im looking for
21:22<Chutt>better directions? all you do is make; make install
21:22<Chutt>then install the modules in the order given in the faq
21:22<Chutt>tmk, hi
21:22<tmk>mythbacked be segfaulting, yo
21:22<tmk>happened to me twice in the last week
21:22<Chutt>get a backtrace
21:23<tmk>how might i do that?
21:24<mattfelsen>#18, iirc
21:24<mattfelsen>anyone know how to create an html file from a perl script with pod in it?
21:25<mattfelsen>nevermind, got it
21:25<tmk>hm. i was afraid i'd have to run it in gdb
21:25<tmk>slows it down a bit
21:25<Chutt>it's not doing anything, shouldn't slow stuff down much by running it in gdb
21:25<tmk>my box is slow enough already
21:26<tmk>i s'pose
21:26<tmk>do i have to recompile though
21:27<Chutt>need to know where it's crashing, first =)
21:27<tmk>mythbackend, seems to be after a recording finsihes
21:28<tmk>mythfrontend isn't runnin' at all
21:28<Chutt>could be commercial detection related, possibly
21:29<tmk>is that on by default?
21:29<tmk>i see
21:29<tmk>well it IS CVS from a while back
21:29<Chutt>i'd upgrade, first of all
21:29<Chutt>though, maybe not
21:29<Chutt>i've been breaking crap
21:29<Chutt>everything _should_ be working, though
21:30<mattfelsen>is cvs back up?
21:30<D-side>mattfelsen: nuvexport actually does avi, mpeg2 (svcd), and wmv i believe.
21:30<Chutt>machine shut itself down
21:31<D-side>mattfelsen: my only issue with it is the fact that its defaulting to PAL, and i cant for the life of me figure out where to change it to be ntsc.
21:31<mikegrb>chutt I fixed my problem stupid really, changed the class name the .cpp and .h names but forgot to update the include to the new .h name
21:32<mattfelsen>i'm going to play with nuvexport now
21:33<mattfelsen>hopefully i have a recording to play with though...i just found out my father shut off the computer and i missed all my simpsons recordings
21:33<D-side>mattfelsen: be sure to figure out how to make mine work while you're at it.
21:33<mikegrb>Chutt: got (hopefully one last <g>) last question, I get a warning on compile, xboxtv.cpp:26: warning: the address of `int RemoteIsRecording()', will always
21:33<mikegrb> be `true'
21:34<Chutt>what's the line?
21:34<mikegrb>I added RemoteIsRecording to remoteutil like the other stuff there and called it like the others
21:34<D-side>I need to chip my stupid xbox.
21:34<mikegrb>it's just "if (RemoteIsRecording())"
21:34<Chutt>what's line 26?
21:35<Chutt>ah, i dunno
21:35<mikegrb>oh no ()
21:35<Chutt>i'd have to see it.
21:35<mattfelsen>oh, before i forget...does anyone get black bars in the upper right hand corner of the epg?
21:35<Chutt>well, that's why, most likely
21:35<mattfelsen>upper left, sorry
21:35<mikegrb>I can pate it to you if you want (in a msg) it is only abt 28 or so lines long
21:35<Chutt>i'm going out again in a sec.
21:35<D-side>not I. only black bars i get are when i go to 720x480.
21:36<mikegrb>okay thanks though
21:36<D-side>my solution is to run at 704x480, since i'm a lazy bastard.
21:36<D-side>seems to be the theme of the evening.
21:36<mattfelsen>egh...resolutions confuse me
21:37<mikegrb>hmmm Chutt... making it RemoteIsRecording() instead of RemoteIsRecording made the warning go away
21:38<rkulagow>chutt: please sync docs (and the pdf) when you get the chance.
21:39<Chutt>rkulagow, i'll do it when i get back
21:39<rkulagow>chutt: sure, thanks.
21:39-!-brainless [] has joined #mythtv
21:40<Chutt>hour or so
21:40<D-side>Chutt: so you're the deb packager?
21:41<D-side>cvs anyway?
21:42<mattfelsen>no, mdz is
21:42<mattfelsen>there are no cvs debs, afaik
21:42<D-side>thats what i thought
21:42<D-side>well then i suppose i'll shut the hell up.
21:42<D-side>term: get back here tex.
21:43<D-side>term: i swear to god, you're the king of all idlers. how many different networks/channels/etc do you just idle on for days?
21:45<D-side>i should pick up a dvdrom drive for this f'ing box.
21:46<mattfelsen>is there a way to decrease the amount of seconds that myth buffers when watching live tv?
21:47<D-side>not via the menus, that i know of.
21:47<D-side>you're sure you want to do that?
21:48<mattfelsen>just wanted to get rid of that delay :-\
21:49<mattfelsen>ok, next on the anyone getting ppv listings with dtv?
21:50<mattfelsen> gives me "Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference"
21:52<dwmurphy>mdz: i just had to add a line to select the database in the mythmusic.sql from the mythmusic deb
21:58<mattfelsen>when you do an instant recording, is the preview supposed to freeze?
21:59<mattfelsen>hmm...the whole interface is frozen
21:59<dopez>it seems that mythfrontend reports only 6gb of free space while i have 12gb free, anyone else noticed mythfrontend reporting wrong freespace?
22:03<mattfelsen>um..df reports 2% usage while myth reports 7%
22:03<mattfelsen>if that helps any
22:05<dopez>frontend report 93% free , df 89%
22:07<dopez>looks like the frontend want to make sure the disk never fills ;)
22:11-!-tmk is now known as tmk-out
22:15-!-Justin_ [~justin@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:15-!-Justin_ [~justin@H251-225.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
22:18<mattfelsen>is the nuvexport author here?
22:18<D-side>guys name is chris i believe.
22:19<D-side>mattfelsen: keep in mind its a work in progress. whats worng?
22:20<mattfelsen>it prints an empty list of shows
22:20<mattfelsen>i'm going through the source thing i noticed is `next unless ($show)`, which will skip something if the title is empty
22:20<D-side>well do you have anything?
22:20<mattfelsen>which my test recording was
22:20<mattfelsen>yea, i did a 1-min recording just now
22:20<D-side>i should find out where mythweather writes the weather channel doppler images to. afk.
22:22<mattfelsen>~/.mythtv/mythweather i think
22:23<D-side>no such dir.
22:23<D-side>do you have one?
22:24<D-side>well wtf.
22:27<D-side>well boys and girls i fixed my mythweather "problem"
22:27<D-side>the moral of the story is, "if you dont understand the simple basics behind linux, shoot yourself"
22:27<mattfelsen>it's ~/.mythtv/MythWeather, actually
22:27<mattfelsen>what was the prob?
22:27<D-side>I'm not sure when /home/nonrootuser/.mythtv became owned by root, but its what broke it.
22:28<Chutt>rkulagow, the docs are syncing, thanks for the update =)
22:28<D-side>and that *truly* makes me mad. thats twice today my utter incompetance has wrecked me.
22:28-!-Edgan [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:28<mattfelsen>we've all been there
22:29<D-side>yeah but i should know better.
22:29<D-side>I think I'm going to nonsensically blame redhat and forget about the matter entirely.
22:30-!-dwmurphy [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:31-!-dwmurphy [] has joined #mythtv
22:31<D-side>hey, at least i have a plan.
22:31<D-side>mattfelsen: so since you're awake, help me plan out a new myth box.
22:34* mattfelsen probably isn't the best source of advice
22:34<mattfelsen>sooo....let's hear your questions
22:35<D-side>eh, its not really questions per se.
22:35<D-side>i've already built two of the things, i'm just wondering what cheap hardware people are using
22:36<D-side>i'm thinking original Nforce board, gf4mx w/ tv out, athlon xp2xxx, 512mb.
22:36<D-side>i really dont need to go nforce, but its like $60.
22:36<mattfelsen>*shrug* i got a biostar board for a decent price
22:37<D-side>i guess i'm just looking for something with decent onboard audio and nic.
22:37<mdz>dwmurphy: why exactly did you need to do that?
22:37<mattfelsen>i thought a lot of people say onboard audio is crap
22:38<mattfelsen>this is odd...trying to delete an instant recording i just made, myth says "Error: File Missing!"
22:39<Chutt>instant recording's broken.
22:39<Chutt>no one's sent in a patch to fix it yet
22:40<mattfelsen>well then i guess i'll have to remote it manually. is there any db stuff aside from what's in the recorded table?
22:41-!-zeronett [~david@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:45<mdz>Chutt: did that problem get fixed where mythweb's recordings page crashed mythbackend?
22:45<mdz>I seem to recall some discussion about it, but can't find it now
22:46<Chutt>i don't think it did
22:47<Chutt>i did some stuff based on what i thought it was, but no one ever really produced a decent backtrace
22:51<mattfelsen>are playback bookmarks still working?
22:54-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
23:02<dwmurphy>mdz: i needed to do that so that the mythmusic tables would get created
23:02<mdz>dwmurphy: I didn't. what went wrong?
23:03<mdz>dwmurphy: do you have the right database name in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt?
23:05<dwmurphy>yeah.. but does the .postinst read that?
23:05<mdz>it calls mythsql, which does exactly that
23:06<mdz>unless you have an ancient version of mythmusic
23:06-!-zeronett [~david@] has joined #mythtv
23:06<dwmurphy>interesting. i have .11-2 i'll try blowing it out and trying it again to see if i can duplicate it
23:07<mdz>let me know if you find a problem
23:07<mdz>I pretty much always use the default database name, so it's possible that I missed something somewhere
23:10-!-zeronett [~david@] has left #mythtv ["Client Exiting"]
23:11<dwmurphy>mdz: ok. it looks ok now. i bet i know what happened.. i had it installed, then rebuilt my db, but didn't re-install it. sorry about that
23:13<dwmurphy>and then i was trying to do the mysql < blah.sql by hand, which of course didn't source the settings file. silly me
23:17<mattfelsen>D-side: nuvexport is runninng right now
23:19<D-side>mattfelsen: good luck.
23:19<D-side>i made an avi with no problem at all, but when i went to make svcd(s), i noticed it was setting it for PAL.
23:19<D-side>very odd.
23:20<mattfelsen>i don't see any info about PAL or NTSC
23:20-!-mecraw_ [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:20-!-mecraw_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:20<D-side>maybe i was smoking crack. dunno.
23:25<mattfelsen>man, this is gonna take forever
23:26<D-side>that is very true.
23:27<mattfelsen>it's very cool to control a tv with a laptop over wifi while watching it from the couch
23:35-!-dwmurphy [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:35<D-side>how insane am i to contemplate building an ITX box thats booted off a CF card, and mounts all rw partitions via nfs?
23:37<mattfelsen>why not netboot?
23:37<D-side>no pxe enabled nics.
23:37<D-side>actually thtas a lie
23:38<D-side>the epia boards certainly support pxe. hm.
23:38<D-side>...and i could setup a chroot'ed install solely for its use.. UML even.
23:39* mattfelsen stopped understanding you a while ago
23:40<D-side>network booting is just a pain in the ass, imo.
23:42<mattfelsen>INFO: using reference profile (SVCD)
23:42<mattfelsen>INFO: profile type is (PAL)
23:42<D-side>yeah, thats it.
23:42<D-side>nothing in the nuvexport script says anything about that.
23:42<D-side>were I competant, I'd find out where its being set.
23:43<mattfelsen>but obviously that's not the case
23:44<mattfelsen>it might be something from mythtranscode
23:45<mattfelsen>and i get "ERROR: Input file 1007_20030831233600_20030831233700.m2v was not found."
23:45<mattfelsen>i'm pretty sure i saw something about this on the list
23:46<D-side>yeah, it just came in now.
23:46<D-side>for svcd export, you need cvs in order to get the fixes to
23:46<D-side>mythtranscode. "
23:50<mattfelsen> WAS working
23:53<mattfelsen>what are the m2v files?
23:59<linagee>how do i tell if my mythtv has lirc support compiled in? (or would it even have compiled without it?)
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