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00:03<D-side>thats a good question.
00:03<D-side>though i'm fairly sure the integrated lirc support is mostly non-functional.
00:04<D-side>very preliminary.
00:08<linagee>D-side: ok. i have lirc working and outputs with irw. what do i want to be doing then? does mythtv talk to lirc?
00:09<D-side>iirc, irxevent passes the ir commands along to mythtv.
00:09<D-side>linagee: its all explained rather thoroughly in the docs.
00:11<linagee>D-side: which docs? /usr/share/doc/myth-doc?
00:13<linagee>D-side: thanks
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00:33<linagee>why is this not working. :(
00:34<linagee>i have the mythtv ~/.lircrc file in place, changed button names so they would work...
00:34<linagee>ircat irxevent works and prints out what it should
00:34<linagee>irxevent & does not work.... :(
00:35<linagee>awesome! got it working! :)
00:36<linagee>argh. now to make it logically work... :(
00:36<linagee>does anyone have a working lircd.conf and .lircrc for the PVR250 gray tuner?
00:36<hadees>so is cvs back up?
00:47<linagee>how can i get irxevent to execute programs?
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00:50* mikegrb has never used lirc
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01:04<zeronett>whats the name for xmltv channel?
01:05<zeronett>where do i get the patch to use xmltv in the US?
01:06<tmk>it comes with
01:06<tmk>linagee: see the utils/ dir
01:06<tmk>there's configs for both
01:13<tmk>should mythtv compiled with the 'config += debug' have debugging info in it?
01:13<tmk>mine doesn't seem to, at least according to gdb
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01:33<mikegrb>tmk I think you have to also comment out the += release line
01:37<tmk>and i did
01:40<mikegrb>just trying to be helpful
01:40<mikegrb>I believe that is all you have to do
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01:49<zeronett>hey, im using rh9.0 and i installed the mysql service... where is the database directory?
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01:51<mikegrb>in rh8 it was /var/lib/mysql
01:51<mikegrb>Chutt: you around?
01:54<linagee>is there a way i can search through show descriptions? (using mythtv. i realize it might be possible directly through the DB)
01:59<linagee>hrm. was able to use console mysql program to find the show
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02:02<linagee>is there a way to tell mythtv, "never ever don't record ATHF or i will whip you, computer"
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03:08<tmk>how do you turn off commercial detection
03:09<bline>you dont
03:13<tmk>how's that work
03:13<bline>you can turn off automatic commercial skipping if thats what you mean
03:14<tmk>but the detection can't be disabled?
03:14<bline>atleast the last time i remember hearing about it
03:15<tmk>ah well i'll get a backtrace if it crashes at least
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04:38<eps2>and all this time there was a irc channel
04:38<eps2>hello people
04:40<eps2>I've spent alot of time over the last three days just trying to get myth tv going - I'm running mandrake 9 and I need a step by step guide to installing it inculding how to make sure all the dependancies and that are there if there is one
04:40<eps2>(I'm sort of new to linux as well...)
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04:43<eps2>I have also ontop of trying to complie the stuff I have downloaded the rpm's from and if any one can give me a list of which order they should be installed
04:45<eps2>any answer in the next two hours would be very apperciated :)
04:58<eps2>not much happens in here does it?
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05:25<eps2>anyone at all because I have to go now
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09:59<sfr>on the freevo RoadMap: 'Look at MythTV ( for good TV recording source code.' :))
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11:19<monkeyBox>is there a way to set the volume on a PVR250 w/ the ivtv driver??
11:42<kja>Chutt: you around?
11:44<kja>Did some poking into stop on seeking, and it seems it only stops for some time.
11:45<newman234>i am getting ERROR: file I/O problem in
11:45<kja>It's sleeping in ReadFromBuf after a Seek, can you see any reason why it should?
11:46<Chutt>unless it's not getting data, no
11:47<kja>forgot to mention, this is a recorded show
11:47<Chutt>then it shouldn't not be getting data
11:47<Chutt>check out the read ahead thread
11:47<Chutt>see what's happening in there
11:48<Chutt>also, what's the status on that dvb patch?
11:49<kja>hmm, variable sleep time, this one slept for over a minute before continuing
11:49<kja>yea, i'll check out read-ahead
11:50<kja>dvb-patch: getting cleaner, had a some trouble with my new raid here, lyckily i sent of a very recent patch to edward right before..just have go over it again
11:52<Chutt>whenever you think it's ready
11:52<Chutt>though, i'll probably be offline most of today again =)
11:53<kja>k, thanks (don't turn off the cvs server again:)
11:54<Chutt>i didn't turn it off
11:54<Chutt>don't know why it was shut down
11:55<kja>not been rooted or something?
11:55<kja>strange that it should just turn itself off, any sense in the logs?
11:55<Chutt>that machine has had hardware problems in the past
11:56<Chutt>hoping to move CVS over to the machine that does
11:56<Chutt>and retire
11:57<kja>ahh, that must have been some serious hw probs...
11:57<kja>sounds like a good solution though, is never down
12:00<Chutt> is really old
12:00<Chutt>most of the parts are, hmm.. 6 or 7 years old
12:00<Chutt>cpu's slightly newer, but..
12:02<kja>tried xchangin the powersupply?
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12:03<Chutt>rather not put any effort into keeping it running :p
12:03<kja>:) is going to handle to load of cvs though?
12:03<Chutt>more than enough cpu power/bandwidth
12:04<kja>so we can expect even snappier cvs access then :)
12:06<kja>better get off (got to insert some debugging statements into reading code, one of my 'seek pauses' played through the rest of the file while 'paused' :)
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13:21<hadees>does the gentoo ebuild grab it's source from cvs?
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13:44<o_cee>Chutt: the EPG, upper left corner, transparent station logo, and you see the underlying black box with the text in it.. you said it was the theme.. thought i'd dive into that now, any nudge in the right direction?
13:48<o_cee>str misChanIcon_bgColor=#000000 <--- is it that one? quickfix, sure. but it'd work for me.
13:52<o_cee>or maybe this one.. <image name="icon" draworder="6">
13:58<bbeattie>anyone know what the ac3 option is in mythdvd rip? Audio track is en ac3, so I'm not sure what the regular ac3 option does
14:18<mikegrb>Chutt: I /finally/ got stuff working... just got to take out all the cout change two last filenames and package it all up :-)
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14:54<D-bed>out of memory when trying to transcode.
14:54<D-bed>thats f'ed up.
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15:40<monkeyBox>Can someone tell me if this behavior is normal? When I press "o" for browse mode, every time I go up it takes about 3 seconds to load channel information.
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15:42<sfr>monkeyBox: its not. but depends on your cpu power.
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15:48<o_cee>myth rocks :)
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15:57<monkeyBox>sfr: I've got an AthlonXP 1800... should be enough to handle SQL queries...
15:58<sfr>monkeyBox: think so
15:59<sfr>monkeyBox: when i press o, it takes ~2 seconds sometimes, too but browsing is faster.
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16:04<monkeyBox>sfr: shouldn't take that long imo, if I do a simple mysql query that selects a the same information from the database it takes less than a second
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17:03<Captain_Murdoch>monkeyBox: it has to go through the backend to get the info, it doesn't query the db itself. maybe the db is getting swapped out partially. mine is always a tad slow the first time but subsequent times are faster
17:03<Captain_Murdoch>backend or db may be swapped out that is...
17:04<Captain_Murdoch>same goes for the status icons on the playbackbox screen. they are always faster the 2nd time I scroll past an item.
17:07<mikegrb>guess he didn't need help that bad
17:07<mikegrb>er sorry wrong window
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18:22<mikegrb>nm, I got it :)
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19:43<rkulagow>snowman: are you here with a different nick? i haven't gotten mail from -users all day (but can see at gossamer-threads that -users is active); -dev is fine though.
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19:53<mattfelsen>does anyone know if the remote name in lircd.conf matters?
19:54<mattfelsen>i have an avertv studio card, and the remote that comes with it works fine...irw, irrecord, and irxevent all pick it up
19:54<mattfelsen>but using an rca D770 or a sony RM-Y188, neither of these work with lirc
19:55<mattfelsen>like...if i'm using lirc_gpio, which is for tv cards, does it somehow work with bttv to look at which tv card i have and only work with that remote?
20:02<mikegrb>you might check the list archives, I'm pretty sure there are some cards that the receiver only worked with that remote (dif carrier freq and such)
20:02<mikegrb>I don't use lirc though so I don't do much more then skim through messages about it
20:03<mattfelsen>lirc archives or myth?
20:05<mikegrb>myth archives
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21:09<hadees>anyone in here get the ivtv driver working? i am having some trouble running the make command
21:09<hadees>says i need to run the config
21:09<hadees>but there isn't one and the directions don't have one
21:12<rkulagow>what's the actual error message that you're getting?
21:13<hadees>Makefile:8: /usr/src/linux/.config: No such file or directory
21:13<hadees>make: *** Warning: File `Makefile' has modification time in the future (2003-07-23 23:16:53 > 2003-05-31 19:35:55.96302)
21:13<hadees>make: *** No rule to make target `/usr/src/linux/.config'. Stop.
21:14<hadees>well it might be because i skipped the command urpmi kernel-source
21:14<rkulagow>did you install the kernel source?
21:14<rkulagow>well, there you go.
21:14<hadees>but i didn't have it
21:15<rkulagow>didn't have what? the kernel source?
21:17<hadees>the command urpmi
21:18<rkulagow>are you running mandrake?
21:18<hadees>no i am running redhat 9
21:19<rkulagow>you did see that the example is for a mandrake system, right? anyway, go here:
21:20<hadees>arn't redhat very similar to mandrake?
21:24<Chutt>hadees, try setting your clock right.
21:31<hadees>thats just a warning not the problem
21:32<Chutt>then why did you paste it in here if you didn't want a solution?
21:32<Chutt>the other part is that you need a configured kernel source
21:32<hadees>no i changed it
21:32<hadees>still get the error
21:32<Chutt>which, i believe, is stated in the ivtv faq.
21:41<rkulagow>hadees: you need to join #ivtv-dev if you're having ivtv questions. it's your best bet. that, and the link to Jarod's document on RH9 and the PVR250
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21:58<mikegrb>Chutt: have you had a chance to look over my patch?
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22:17<bobnvic>I've upgraded from .11 to cvs and when I did mysql -u root < cvs.sql I got an error due to a duplicate column name 'recorddups'. should I dump the database first and then reimport it afterward?
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22:22<tmk>hey chutt, you about?
22:23<bobnvic>if anyone's around, their being very quiet...
22:23<mikegrb>bobnvic: your good to go, that is desired behavior
22:24<bobnvic>thanks mike
22:24<mikegrb>newest stuff is at the top, when it gets to something that you already have, it exits with that error
22:24<bobnvic>now I have to figure out some other excuse for the errors I'm getting
22:25<mikegrb>what kind of errors?
22:27<bobnvic>backend keeps reporting error reading from /dev/v4l/video1 (my pvr-250), read: Input/output error. the pvr-250 is listed first in my list. just had this error since upgrading to cvs today.
22:27<tmk>rmmod ivtv
22:27<tmk>insmod ivtv
22:28<tmk>that'll fix that :)
22:28<mikegrb>bobnvic: tmk has a little bit of ivtv experience
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22:28<deflux->Is anyone using a PVR-250?
22:28<mikegrb>what is your question?
22:29<bobnvic>but ivtv is loaded and the watch tv actually works I just see the errors reported...
22:29<deflux->When modprobe ivtv, dmesg says unable to open '/lib/modules/ivtv-fw-enc.bin'
22:30<mikegrb>deflux-: does such a file exist?
22:30<deflux->No, but from what I can remember, it has something to do with uploading the firmware to the card or something.
22:30<deflux->But I can't find an answer anywhere. :/
22:31<mikegrb>tmk: d the ivtv drivers upload a firmware every time they start? or do they need a firmware binary that matches to run?
22:31-!-activelow [] has joined #mythtv
22:32<tmk>it needs firmware
22:32<tmk>read the readme in the utils/ dir
22:32<tmk>you have to extract it from the windows driver
22:32<activelow>anyone know after I install the nvidia binary drivers how to enable xv support?
22:32<deflux->Thanks. :)
22:33<mikegrb>activelow: in the readme it has some instructions for making changes to your x config file
22:33<activelow>mikegrb: Yeah, I changed the driver to nvidia, am I missing something?
22:33<mikegrb>activelow: I think the main thing is changing the driver line from nv to nvidia
22:33<mikegrb>activelow: which card do you have
22:34<activelow>440mx, I got itfor the tv out
22:34<activelow>but for now I'd just like xv support...
22:34<mikegrb>heh I have the same card
22:35<activelow>I heard tv-out and overscan are good with this card..
22:35<mikegrb>you can email me you config and x log if you want
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22:37<deflux->That worked.
22:37<deflux->Thanks a lot for the quick help. ;)
22:37<mikegrb>:-) ... though it was mainly tmk
22:37<deflux->Yeah, the thanks go out to him too.
22:38* mikegrb will brb
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22:50<Captain_Murdoch>tmk, you asked about commercial detection late last night. as long as you have "auto commercial flagging" turned off in setup then the flagging thread is not run. if you're using software encoding, blank frame detection always happens at record-time. for hardware encoding it's all done in the post-record thread.
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23:01<activelow>mikegrb: nope
23:01<dwmurphy2>hmm.. i install the nvidia drivers and now xawtv seg faults. has anyone seen this?
23:01<mikegrb>you can look at my config if you'd like
23:02<thor_>Chutt, we have a philosophical issue with file dialogs?
23:03<activelow>mikegrb: thanks, I'll look at it... I thought xv was supposed to be handled by the driver, not in the config file..
23:03<mikegrb>well it is the driver but the config file has bearing on it
23:05<deflux->mplayer breaks compile on the latest version.
23:05-!-activelow [] has quit [Client Quit]
23:07<thor_>deflux, mplayer sucks ...
23:08<deflux->Well, how else do you use mythtv?
23:09<thor_>you can run MythTV without ever even installing mplayer
23:14<thor_>Exchange Rate Mechanism?
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23:20<dwmurphy2>anyone up for helping me with my audio? ;)
23:20-!-dwmurphy2 is now known as dwmurphy
23:22<thor_>dwmurphy, what card, what distro ?
23:23<dwmurphy>thor_: sblive! (oss driver), debian. i had this working, then i moved the machine. mythmusic works, but tv/recording doesn't :(
23:24<dwmurphy>i've switched to line in for record, and muted it, but still nothing. using a winfast 2000 xp
23:24<thor_>ah, well if mythmusic works this should really not be a problem
23:24<dwmurphy>i think it's more of a sound in problem then out :(
23:24<thor_>winfast is outside cable connected?
23:25<dwmurphy>yup. i get the video, just no audio. i'm probably missing something silly
23:26<thor_>if mythmusic is working, then playback is fine ... it's a recording source problem
23:26<thor_>line in is connected to what?
23:27<dwmurphy>out from tuner is connected to line in on back of card. the only thinf different is that I'm using nvidia's driver. has there been any reported problems with that?
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23:29<thor_>I know nothing about nvidia audio drivers. Plug a known source (tape deck?) into line in and see what the mixer does. Only way to know ...
23:30<cadavis>hey yall I'm trying to get mythtv working on a VIA C3 processor on debian. I heard you have to edit the file.
23:30<dwmurphy>i meant nvidia's video driver. i was using the stock one before. and it's odd.. xawtv seg faults now. yeah.. i'll dig around a bit more thanks
23:30<cadavis>I get the "Illegal Error" thing
23:32<thor_>dwmurphy, ah ... video stuff should be fine ... again, go from a known source and narrow it down.
23:32<mdz>cadavis: HOWTO
23:32<thor_>cadavis, you really want to try and do Myth on a VIA C3?
23:32<cadavis>mdz: I read, BUT my question is if I edit the file to I need to recompile anything since I apt-get it
23:32<thor_>mdz, alive and well :-)
23:33<cadavis>well, with a hardware-decoder tv tuner it should be good
23:33<mdz>cadavis: changing doesn't have any effect unless you recompile
23:34<cadavis>okay, well can I just do like dpkg --reconfigure mythtv or how can I recompile it?
23:34<cadavis>thanks, I'll give it a read
23:35<cadavis>thor_: you don't think C3 will handle myth that well?
23:37<thor_>depends ... as a non-encoding frontend it might be fine ...
23:37<cadavis>coupled with a PVR-250 from Hauppauge I think it should be good.
23:37<cadavis>I hope anyways
23:38<cadavis>it's an 800 mhz C3 with 376mb RAM and an ATA100 HD
23:38<tmk>cad: if you get a pvr350, it'll be fine
23:38<tmk>if 250, you better hope the mpg decoder gets drivers :)
23:39<cadavis>good, now I just need to get the frontend running..
23:39<cadavis>well I read that it was supported through myth
23:39<thor_>exactly ... and if Chutt finishes decoding support
23:39<cadavis>so maybe hold off on buying a 250 for awhile huh? ;)
23:40<cadavis>alright well I guess I'm gonna go dig on the site, find the source and see if I can recompile this booger
23:40<cadavis>thanks for all the help guys, I'll be back on the channel soon
23:42-!-cadavis [] has quit ["[BX] Become a BitchX Certified Systems Engineer today! Apply within!"]
23:46<thor_>I hate 28.8 dialup
23:51-!-mecraw__ [] has joined #mythtv
23:51-!-mecraw_ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:52-!-JustinSan [] has joined #mythtv
23:53<mdz>thor_: where are you, Antarctica or something?
23:53<thor_>mdz, Beirut
23:58<thor_>mdz, If you're trying to do an ident on me, it will work much better by Thursday, when I get back to North America
23:58<mdz>thor_: just wondering how you got stuck with 28.8
23:59<thor_>ah ...
23:59<thor_>pretty much state of the art here
---Logclosed Tue Sep 02 00:00:16 2003