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00:04<D-bed>boy i'd love to know how i'm running out of memory when trying to transcode.
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00:04<thor_>with MythDVD?
00:05<D-side>nuvexport actually.
00:06<thor_>ah, ok ... not my bagatelle
00:06<D-side>mine either apparently.
00:06<D-side>*and* i've been fighting a new install for a friend all day. i'm fairly sure the kworld tuner card he's got has no supported tuner. :/
00:07<thor_>if xawtv works, the tuner works ...
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00:07<thor_>if it's not an ATI-AIW tuner, it will work in Myth
00:07<D-side>xawtv segfaults, when watching livetv will display a f'ed up picture.
00:07<bobnvic>should the rank and number of recordings to keep fields in mythweb2 show the actual values or zero? mine always shows zero and I just wanted to make sure that was normal.
00:08<linagee>how can i remove commercials from mythtv recordings to save disk space? i have a pvr250
00:08<D-side>eh, not if theres no supported tuner chipset.
00:08<linagee>tmk: is there an interface for that in mythtv?
00:09<tmk>i think so
00:09<tmk>there are transcoder settings in myth
00:09<mikegrb>"Chutt was a know-it-all, answering 28 questions"
00:09<tmk>what's this?
00:10<mikegrb>it says that is a 24 hr period but I think it is abt 2 weeks but the number seems low for that
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00:11<mikegrb>"tmkknew the right word, and said "ivtv" 12 times"
00:13<tmk>i own those stats
00:13<tmk>i think it's cause i talk in phrases
00:13<mikegrb>just playing around, the config had a spot for 'hot words' so I gave it ivtv, linux, mythtv
00:13<tmk>separate ideas etc
00:13<tmk>lots of short lines
00:13<mikegrb>heh yes
00:13<mikegrb>chutt still wins
00:15<tmk>well yeah
00:15<tmk>this is his place
00:15<mikegrb>heh I like the know it all remark :-)
00:15<mikegrb>of course he knows it all
00:16<mikegrb>with cuorier?
00:16<mikegrb>er wrong win
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01:09<o_cee>there's no key to jump directly to a section, like watchlivetv? would be nice. also, how come there's no "LastChan" button? very common, isn't it?
01:12<o_cee>jump tp section could be something like J then 1,2,3 and so on. would save keys. just program a macro in the remote..
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01:41<o_cee>is there a way of seeing what's been run with crontab? i'm not sure if mythfilldatabase is beeing run or not
01:41<tmk>i think
01:41<tmk>cron somethin'
01:41<tmk>i've looked there before :)
01:42<tmk>just /var/log/cron
01:43<o_cee>doesn't seem to be the same place here on gentoo.. hmm
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01:44<o_cee>--./var/spool/cron is all i can find
01:44<o_cee>ah well, gotta run now anyway.. will look more closely later.. thx anyway
01:45<tmk>'locate cron | grep log'
01:45<o_cee>nothing. just packages in the portage
01:45<tmk>what's your syslog.conf say
01:46<o_cee>good question
01:46<tmk>cron.* /var/log/cron
01:46<tmk>is what mine says
01:46<o_cee>ok.. i'll look for that when i get home again.. but i gotta run off now
01:46<o_cee>thx for the help
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01:57<drrakn>does anyone know where mythweb (v0.11) tries to create the "image cache directory" ?
01:57<drrakn>I'm getting permission denied errors, and I suspect that I need to allow www-data access to that path.
01:57<drrakn>(where ever that might be)
01:57<drrakn>sadly, it only dumps the relative path to the log, which is useless
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01:58<Chutt>that's discussed in the readme for mythweb.
01:58<Chutt>and, how is that useless? you've only got one document root.
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02:00<drrakn>that was my first guess, but my doc root is 770 www-data
02:00<Chutt>the readme tells you exactly what you have to do.
02:00<drrakn>i'll check that out
02:01<Chutt>you should have already done that.
02:01<drrakn>is it only in the tarball? or on the website as well. the deb's don't drop it in /usr/share/doc
02:01<JustinSan>what did I ever get myself into, I should have bought a tivo hehe
02:02<Chutt>justinsan, yes, you should have.
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02:07<drrakn>wait a minute. the README claims that you should give the www server write access under /var/www/mythweb
02:08<drrakn>but at least on my system, this is a symlink to /usr/share/mythweb
02:08<tmk>yo chutt
02:08<Chutt>drrakn, wherever you installed it to.
02:08<Chutt>tmk, hi
02:08<tmk>hey i was going to take a stab at making mythtv use the decoder
02:08<tmk>ff/rw etc
02:08<drrakn>I'll have to email mdz about his debs then. /usr/* is supposedly readonly
02:09<drrakn>except for install
02:09<Chutt>tmk, great
02:09<tmk>presumably the behavior must be different given a pvr or normal software decoding
02:09<tmk>do you want to do that with an 'if'
02:09<tmk>or a different class
02:09<tmk>or what
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02:10<Chutt>i dunno
02:10<Chutt>for prototyping, it might be easiest to start off with a separate class
02:12<Chutt>like, cut'n'paste off of the existing code
02:12<tmk>i was hoping i could get you to do the underlying architecture
02:12<Chutt>but excise all the crap you don't need or whatnot
02:12<tmk>yeah i don't want to re-learn C++ tho
02:12<Chutt>i'm busy at the moment, though
02:12<tmk>i don't mind haxing at the specifics
02:12<tmk>yeah i dig
02:12<tmk>i've got my own todo list
02:13<tmk>the current CVS should do simultaneous encode/decode tho
02:13<tmk>had a submit that fixed a bug in that today
02:13<tmk>only really works right from disk however
02:14<tmk>cat /dev/video0 > /dev/videooutput1 skips a bit
02:16<Chutt>it'll be going from disk in mythtv
02:16<tmk>yeah i know
02:16<tmk>but i want it to work right all the time :)
02:16<Chutt>i want to finish up the OSD work first
02:16<tmk>fair nuff
02:16<tmk>i had some questions
02:16<Chutt>then i may have time to work on the decoding stuff
02:16<tmk>but they can wait
02:17<tmk>you have an estimated eta on the osd stuff being done-enough?
02:17<Chutt>couple days
02:17<tmk>heh estimated eta
02:17<Chutt>depends on how long i take tracking down a bug at work
02:17<Chutt>nasty sucker, though
02:17<tmk>i can wait that long, no problem
02:17<tmk>maybe you're sending data too fast
02:17<tmk>that was mine
02:17<Chutt>only happens after a dozen or so hours of running
02:18<Chutt>can't reproduce on demand
02:18<tmk>hate those
02:18<tmk>prob. some resource filling up
02:18<Chutt>and can't run in debug mode, since it's too slow for the rest of the time when it's working fine
02:18<tmk>is it multithreaded?
02:18<Chutt>had the thing running for months on end earlier this year
02:19<Chutt>shouldn't be anything wrong with it =)
02:21<tmk>you work today?
02:21<Chutt>today meaning monday?
02:21<Chutt>a little
02:21<tmk>sorry, still monday here
02:21<Chutt>i'm eastern time :p
02:21<tmk>i know
02:23<Chutt>ah well
02:23<Chutt>should go to bed, i suppose
02:23<tmk>i'm thinkin bout it
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06:52<o_cee>from the release of 0.11 "New automatic deletion support (keep a certain number of episodes per program" question: does it handle reruns? at least the swedish listning says like "Rerun from [date]".. wouldn't it be possible to check that date if the episode have been recorded, and record it if it doesn't exist? or is that possible?
06:57<o_cee>just transcoded a show with cutlist, file from a pvr250.. it looks all nice, but myth reports the wrong time for it.. says it's 10 minutes when it should be like 30 minutes.. let me know if you need the file or something
07:01<bline>1) yes, myth does not record reruns by default. 2) that has been discussed on the list, I think current cvs should fix.
07:02<o_cee>1) how is the rerun identified, do you know that? 2) yeah, i know there's been discussion.. but there's been so much discussion about it i don't know what's been fixed and not :)
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07:03<bline>it's identified by the data from xmltv, I am not totally sure what is used.
07:04<o_cee>in that case, i guess that won't work for my listning.. since it probably looks for "rerun" or something
07:04<bline>I know the part number and title atleast
07:04<o_cee>hmm.. what would it say for lets say "Simpsons" for you? Part X of X?
07:05<o_cee>here that would be "Del X of X".. easy to fix if you know where though
07:05<bline>look in the code, I am not sure
07:05<o_cee>will try
07:05<o_cee>gotta go get some food. later
07:15<o_cee>Chutt: you asleep?
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10:54<giuppi_>anyone using a epia 800 ? i'm trying to figure out what to use to enable tvout in X
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11:06<extremis>how well does the lirc native support work in mythtv now?
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11:56* linagee is away: away at school...
12:14<pahli_bar>any developers awake
12:15<pahli_bar>i was wondering if anyone is writing a rss news feed plugin
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13:10<ByteNik>Can someone help me with XMLTV? The xmltv crew is ignoring my pleas.
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13:12<ByteNik>Some sort of bug in the tv grab program is causing it to segmentation fault when it pulls my channel lineup.
13:12<ByteNik>Its only for zip 07733, provider 1
13:12<ByteNik>But I don't see anything out of the ordinary on
13:12<jkolb>I'm having the same problem with 32765, 2
13:12<jkolb>Trying to fix it right now, in fact.
13:13<ByteNik>Can you give me the URL for your channel lineup?
13:13<jkolb>Dunno what it is.
13:13<ByteNik>N/m, I just looked
13:14<ByteNik>I wonder if it doesn't like channels in the 900's or something
13:14<jkolb>It worked in the past with channels in the 900s.
13:14<ByteNik>maybe it only handles below 256 and uses an unsigned byte?
13:14<ByteNik>have you ever gotten that provider working on a previous version?
13:14<ByteNik>When was the last it worked?
13:15<ByteNik>I'm new to XMLTV so I didn't try an older ver.
13:15<jkolb>It just stopped about a week and a half ago. No XMLTV upgrade.
13:15<ByteNik>did your lineup change at all?
13:15<jkolb>Not that I know.
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13:16<ByteNik>Its very frustrating. :P
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13:16<ByteNik>And the #1 thing I hate doing it tracing another person's code.
13:17<ByteNik>If it were my code I would have it fixed already.
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13:17<jkolb>I know what you mean.
13:19<o_cee>any intresting news today?
13:24<o_cee>guess not
13:26<o_cee>is there anyone here that could give me a quick rundown how the "don't record the same episode" thingie works? what's beeing compared?
13:26<Chutt>the xmltv people know about the bug.
13:26<Chutt>o_cee, look at the code.
13:26<o_cee>Chutt: a quick hint where?
13:26<Chutt>the scheduler code, obviously.
13:27<o_cee>thank you
13:28<jkolb>Chutt: I think I have a bandaid for the xmltv thing. Testing it now.
13:28<Chutt>there's already something in xmltv cvs that makes it not die.
13:28<jkolb>Oh, well, nevermind then.
13:28<Chutt>doesn't work properly, but it no longer segfaults.
13:29<jkolb>Hm. It still seems to be working properly for me.
13:29<jkolb>I think, anyway.
13:30<o_cee>found a small issue with mythweb2. select a program, mark it to record once. the popup says always record.
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13:37<ByteNik>If I have a PVR250 and I have coax cable plugged in as well as my cable box into the RCA inputs, can I configure both as different sources?
13:37<ByteNik>Not to record simultaneously
13:37<ByteNik>But because I rather it use the coax for the analog channels instead of using my cable box.
13:37<Chutt>that's the whole point of the input connections screen in setup.
13:38<extremis>does anyone know if it is possible to use the pcHDTV card with the dish network or directtv?
13:38<Chutt>extremis, no.
13:38<ByteNik>Can I tell it that if its using the first input connection that it cannot use the second one, though?
13:38<ByteNik>Otherwise it'll try recording conflicting shows using the second connection
13:38<Chutt>bytenik, what would be the point if it can't?
13:39<extremis>Chutt: I guess we need a DVB card that supports hdtv
13:39<ByteNik>Chutt: I don't want it to use the cable box if it has the channels on analog cable.
13:39<ByteNik>Chutt: I rather leave that free for plain old non-pvr viewing
13:39<Chutt>bytenik, it does all that, if you'd just try it instead of asking, you'd see.
13:40<ByteNik>Chutt: I'm asking because it didn't do that when I set it up. :P
13:40<Chutt>then you didn't set it up right.
13:40<ByteNik>Chutt: So either I'm not explaining very well or I screwed up.
13:41<pahli_bar>i was wondering if anyone is writing a rss news feed plugin
13:41<Chutt>pahli_bar, nope.
13:41<pahli_bar>Chutt: great...
13:42<pahli_bar>Chutt: i'm in the process of writing one
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13:42<sfr>so i'm next then. Anyone working on a webradio plugin?
13:43-!-chinande [] has joined #mythtv
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13:53<Chutt>sfr, should be built into mythmusic, not separate
13:53<Chutt>but, no
13:54<Chutt>no one's working on one
13:55<sfr>Chutt, ok, haven't really started yet, still collecting info's on streaming music.
13:56<Chutt>it really shouldn't be hard to do with QHttp or whatnot
13:56<Chutt>the only thing is that shoutcast streams insert some extra data every so many bytes, but that's easy to parse out
13:56<sfr>Chutt, you can well say that, but for me it's not that easy.
13:57<Chutt>easy meaning you won't have to write any networking code
13:57<Chutt>or anything else like that.
13:57<sfr>Chutt, yeah had a look with ethereal while xmms was streaming.
14:00<sfr>Chutt, i thought about having 2 threads, one filling a buffer and the other one decoding and feeding it to the souncard. does that sound reasonable?
14:01<Chutt>that's most likely how i'd do it
14:01<Chutt>the decoding thread exists already
14:01<Chutt>you'd just have to make a new buffer for input
14:03<o_cee>Chutt: is this what i'm looking for? huge amount of code to browse :) bool IsSameProgram(const ProgramInfo& other) const;
14:03<sfr>and i thought about copying the basic from the encoder stuff, so it's easier to add handlers for different encodings/streaming protocols. Have to check how realaudio could be added.
14:05<o_cee>hm, it just looks if the title and description is the same, is that correct?
14:06<Chutt>and subtitle.
14:06<sfr>Chutt: just curious: are you developing multimedia stuff in your day-job?
14:06<Chutt>sfr, yeah
14:06<Chutt>pretty much
14:06<sfr>and can't stop doing it in your spare-time :)
14:07<o_cee>yeah, okay. (no such info here).. that means that this code won't work with my listning.. it'd need to be more "smart", like searching the description for "Part 1 of 5" and comparing that way.. i'll use weeklytimeslot in the meantime..
14:19<o_cee>hey, i actually found it :)
14:20<o_cee>going to learn Java.. wonder if i could do something nice with java and myth.. hmm
14:22<pahli_bar>lol... my mythnews plugin has been banned from reading slashdot news... to many frequent updates
14:23<pahli_bar>well it's a good lesson and one more extra check to place in the code
14:23<o_cee>haven't used it in a while, but it should work i guess
14:23<sfr>pahli_bar: will it be available as a 'news-ticker' while watching tv?
14:23<pahli_bar>o_cee: i got other rss links. i'm currently using the cached ones
14:24<o_cee>pahli_bar: oookay
14:24<pahli_bar>sfr: well i didn't aim that big. humble beginning here
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14:24<pahli_bar>sfr: something to think about in the future
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14:26<sfr>pahli_bar: same for me (i'm new to c/c++/qt whatnot), thinking about how to add support for streaming music.
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14:27<o_cee>Chutt: is that kind of advanced episode check on your todo, or doesn't the NA listning display that kind of info?
14:27<pahli_bar>early screenshot:
14:27-!-tmk [] has joined #mythtv
14:28<o_cee>looks nice :)
14:28<Chutt>tv_grab_na doesn't.
14:28<Chutt>so, no, it's not in my todo
14:28<Chutt>and no, i won't add it to my todo.
14:29<sfr>pahli_bar: looks nice, esp. the last feed.
14:29<o_cee>as it isn't in your listning, i understand that. no problem. will put it on my todo instead ;)
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14:30<tmk>mornin chutt
14:30<tmk>find yer bug yet?
14:31<tmk>there don't happen to be any sort of architectural diagrams of myth
14:31<tmk>are there?
14:31<Chutt>ah, no
14:32-!-Drikus_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:32<Chutt>you can probably use doxygen to generate a rough overview, though
14:33<tmk>oh, someone mentioned that there was a website
14:33<tmk>that had hooks into may pvr's
14:33<o_cee>have you managed to get something usefull (lower cpu usage) out of xvmc yet Chutt?
14:33<tmk>ie browse the guide and say 'record this'
14:33<Chutt>tmk, titantv
14:33<tmk>that's the one
14:34<Chutt>all windows pvrs
14:34<tmk>was wondering if myth had any way of supporing that or planned to
14:35<Chutt>better information with xmltv
14:36<tmk>oh well, just thought i'd mention it
14:36-!-StarHeart [] has joined #mythtv
14:37<Chutt>for the most part
14:37<Chutt>and there's no way to get at the titantv data in a nice to parse form
14:37-!-Drikus_ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:38<tmk>i mean haev a hook to them so they could tell myth to record
14:39<tmk>not to snipe listings from them
14:42<Chutt>mythweb does all that, though
14:44<tmk>sure does
14:47-!-Drikus_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:54<tmk>fwiw, i updated CVS and myth hasn't crashed yet
14:54<tmk>been running in gdb too
14:54<jkolb>Running in gdb always makes myth more stable.
14:54<tmk>yeah, debugging introduces timing delays
14:54<tmk>so race conditions go away :)
14:54<tmk>i see it all the time in my driver
14:59<Chutt>i never run in debug mode, never dies =)
15:00<sfr>yeah, myth is scared by you Chutt
15:00<o_cee>who isn't :]
15:02<extremis>Chutt: what distro are you using?
15:02<Chutt>debian unstable
15:03<extremis>do you often apt-get update; apt-get upgrade?
15:04<Chutt>i use dselect, though
15:06<mdz_>Chutt: whoa, I didn't know you where a dselemasochist
15:07<Chutt>i'm a crusty old debian user.
15:07<Chutt>none of that newfangled apt crap
15:15-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:15-!-Drikus_ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:15-!-Drikus_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:19-!-Drikus_ [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:19-!-Drikus__ [] has joined #mythtv
15:24-!-JustinSan [] has joined #mythtv
15:24<ByteNik>Is there a way to tell which perl is using?
15:25<ByteNik>I don't think its using the new one... I did a make install from a checked out tree but I think its still using an old copy somewhere.
15:25<Chutt>there's a version flag to tv_grab_na, i believe.
15:25<ByteNik>No, I mean the path of the one its using.
15:26<Chutt>there's a version string in the module.
15:26<Chutt>else, there should be.
15:30<o_cee>who's maintaining mythweb2?
15:31<o_cee>you chutt?
15:31<o_cee>will you fix a bug?
15:31<o_cee>i found the problem..
15:31<Chutt>not without a patch
15:31<o_cee>it's 5 lines man
15:32<Chutt>send a patch to the mailing list.
15:32<o_cee>never made a patch before.. i need to make two versions of the file, do a diff.. what arguments?
15:33<jkolb>cvs diff -ud <file>
15:33-!-Drikus__ [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
15:33<o_cee>thank you. will send it after the movie.
15:33<ByteNik>The cvs version of the still seg faults for me.
15:33<o_cee>it's just a typo in the code really
15:38<o_cee>diff Show differences between files in working directory and source repository <-- blergh.. i've just got one copy.. is there anyone who could help me make a patch? it's really small
15:39<Chutt>patches need to be made against cvs
15:39<jkolb>Um, it shows the difference between the copy you have and the copy in the cvs repository.
15:39<o_cee>oooh, against the cvs directly.. let's try again
15:41<o_cee>weh, got it right now.
15:41<o_cee>will send it later
15:46-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
15:46-!-Drikus [] has joined #mythtv
15:56-!-Drikus [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:57-!-Drikus_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:10-!-harrih [] has joined #mythtv
16:14-!-harrih [] has quit [Client Quit]
16:17-!-special [] has joined #mythtv
16:18<special>hey guys, any tutorals on how to get mythtv working with gentoo linux?
16:22* sfr thought mythtv is messing with his sound, until he realised it's "The Osbournes" on MTV
16:23-!-dopez [] has joined #mythtv
16:23<ByteNik>I have it on Gentoo
16:23<ByteNik>Its especially easy.
16:23<ByteNik>There's an ebuild for it
16:24<special>ByteNik, yeah I know, i was looking for a tutoral on how to set it up after the emerge mythtv:)
16:25<ByteNik>Its the same as any other distro
16:25<ByteNik>Nothing special to gentoo
16:25<special>well, is there a tutorial for that?
16:25<ByteNik>There's the manual.
16:30-!-toe [] has joined #mythtv
16:30<ByteNik>Its rather comprehensive.
16:31<ByteNik>Is there something specific you need help with?
16:31<_rkulagow>snow-man: are you here?
16:36<_rkulagow>i discovered that i had been put on "vacation hold" (or whatever) on -users; when i logged into the mailing list config section it said it was due to "too many bounces". however, i wasn't unsubscribed from -dev and -commit, which i would have expected if my email was bouncing. can you scan the logs for deliveries to and let me know what the actual error was?
16:37<Snow-Man>stat=Service unavailable
16:37-!-jkolb [] has quit []
16:37<Snow-Man>When talking to relay=mx2.zon
16:37<_rkulagow>snow-man: ok, weird. let me check that out.
16:38<Snow-Man>Looks like their config is fubar'd.
16:39<Snow-Man>The lesson is: Don't have MX's that don't actually work. :)
16:40<_rkulagow>can you give me a timestamp please?
16:40<special>is there a way to benchmark mythtv?
16:41<dwmurphy>does anyone know if the tvaudio/tvmixer modules need to be loaded to record from my tuner?
16:41<_rkulagow>"benchmark" what? do you mean code profiling?
16:42<special>see if its performing correctly
16:42<special>does mythtv take advantage of rtc clock?
16:43<special>how about multi threading?
16:43<special>multi-cpu aware?
16:44<Chutt>you've got the code.
16:44<Chutt>look at it and answer your own questions.
16:44<special>Chutt, riight
16:45<Chutt>all you have to do is grep for a couple key words to answer your questions.
16:45<special>Chutt, umm
16:45<Chutt>if you can't do that, why bother asking them in the first place?
16:45<special>Chutt, go ahead and do that for me then
16:45<ByteNik>Chutt: He's worse than me. :P
16:46<special>Chutt, if you can't do that, why bother telling me that in the first place?
16:46-!-Drikus [] has joined #mythtv
16:46<ByteNik>special: Chutt isn't your personal slave, he's a developer.
16:46<Snow-Man>_rkulagow: Sep 2 12:23:35 EST
16:46<special>he could answer some questions
16:46<Chutt>because i don't really feel like wasting my time answering questions that someone can figure out on their own with a tiny bit of work.
16:46<Snow-Man>Or EDT or whatever the east coast is atm.
16:47-!-Drikus_ [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:48<special>Chutt, if you had time to be annoying u have time to answer some simple questions
16:48<_rkulagow>snow-man: thanks.
16:49<sfr>Chutt: what about #mythtv-dev #mythtv-users? like the ml
16:49<Chutt>i think you've got that backwards
16:49<Chutt>sfr, naw
16:49<Chutt>_i_ never advertised this channel for tech support.
16:49<Snow-Man>Just ban him already.
16:49<Snow-Man>_rkulagow: No prob.
16:49<special>Chutt, make it #mythtv for users and #mythtv-dev
16:49<sfr>Chutt: was thinking about adding a :)
16:50<Chutt>special, how 'bout we make it '#people-who-try-to-figure-things-out-on-their-own-before-asking-stupid-questions'?
16:50<special>Chutt, figure what out on my own? there is no way for me to figure out those questions
16:50<sfr>and #mythtv for the lazy ones :))
16:51<Chutt>hell, all you have to do is run an app and look in top to see if it's multithreaded.
16:51<special>Chutt, i havent installed it yet
16:51<Chutt>that's not exactly difficult.
16:51<Chutt>then why do you care about the internal architecture?
16:51<special>Chutt, because I wont run it if it doesnt take advantage of rtc, and multi threading
16:52<Chutt>do you even know what those things are?
16:52<special>Chutt, sure do u?
16:52<Chutt>of course
16:52<dwmurphy>.join #freevo
16:52<special>Chutt, ok
16:52<special>Chutt, so does it?
16:52* sfr gets some popcorn
16:52<Chutt>please do
16:52<special>Chutt, you have wasted alot of time
16:52<Chutt>not really
16:52<Chutt>i'm waiting for a compile to finish.
16:52<special>Chutt, not my time, but yours
16:53<Chutt>can't quite do anything more until it's done
16:53<special>Chutt, okay:-)
17:06-!-hfb [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:11<tmk>Chutt: you provide me with more entertainment than does mythtv
17:12<o_cee>haha, this guy is even worse than me
17:12<sfr>tmk: but he also needs a good partner
17:13<tmk>eh? partner?
17:13<tmk>ah, a 'straight man'
17:14<o_cee>Chutt: got the diff ready now. you want it to the ml, not directly emailed or sent via dcc or something?
17:15<tmk>Chutt: did you see that fellow on the ivtv-dev list that disabled the call to load-firmware to fix his module load issue?
17:15* ByteNik immitates 'special'Chutt: Could you please come over to my house, install MythTV, get everything set up, install lirc, set up my remote controls, connect up my inferred distribution network to my MythTV computer, and teach everyone in my house how to use it?Chutt: You're only wasting your own time. :P
17:16<ByteNik>Err... way to go on the line breaking, Trillian. ^^
17:16<tmk>you guys realize that 'special' is still in here
17:16<o_cee>trillian sucks :)
17:16<ByteNik>Yah? :P
17:16<ByteNik>So does Windows but I don't have time to write drivers for Linux for my propriatary hardware
17:16<o_cee>ByteNik: try Miranda IM instead.
17:16<tmk>ByteNik: sure you do
17:17<ByteNik>tmk: Why don't you do it for me?
17:17<ByteNik>tmk: You're wasting so much time.
17:17<ByteNik>tmk: :P
17:17<tmk>heh saw that coming
17:17<dwmurphy>trillian does do weird things at the protocol levels
17:17<sfr>what time is the next show?
17:18<ByteNik>Trillian typically has updates faster than other clients, so they'll hopefully support MSN's new protocol soon.
17:18-!-special [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
17:18<o_cee>ByteNik: as miranda already does.
17:19<o_cee>anyway, this is not the place for such discussion.
17:19<ByteNik>o_cee: for the new "security enhancements"?
17:19<dwmurphy>nod. sorry
17:23<o_cee>wouldn't it make sense not to show movies without imdb# in the browse videos in mythvideo?
17:24-!-Drikus [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:24<o_cee>Chutt: my first contribution is on its way. hope i'm not making a fool out of myself now :)
17:24<o_cee>wich i probably will
17:29<o_cee>takes time to get a mail across the ocean.. :)
17:29<tmk>amazing how fast packets go though isn't it
17:29<tmk>so easy to have a conversation
17:29<o_cee>heheh, yeah
17:30<o_cee>it'd be like.. 6pm or something in the states (east coast) now?
17:31<o_cee>11:30 here.
17:31<ByteNik>5:31 here
17:31<o_cee>:) timezones a bitch
17:31<o_cee>pm, yeah
17:31<ByteNik>Yep, pm
17:31<o_cee>23:30 as we do things
17:32<o_cee>blergh, still no mail.. want to know if i screwed up or not before i go to bed
17:33<sfr>o_cee: like the night before Christmas :)
17:33<o_cee>heheheheh, almost :)
17:33<Chutt>o_cee, you're subscribed to the list, right?
17:33<o_cee>usually doesn't take this long.. hmm
17:35-!-mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
17:38-!-zzo [] has joined #mythtv
17:38<o_cee>stupid mailserver
17:39-!-mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
17:45-!-monkeyBox [] has joined #mythtv
17:46<monkeyBox>damn I just trnscoded a movie and it reduced the size to about 5% of the original.. Is that possible, or is something wrong?
17:46<monkeyBox>I haven't yet watched the movie, i did this from work :-p
17:49<o_cee>ah well. guess i'll have to wait until tomorrow. i hope the email will show itself during the (your) evening.
17:49<monkeyBox>I guess I'll find out when I get home...
17:49-!-choenig [] has joined #mythtv
17:49-!-monkeyBox [] has quit [Client Quit]
17:49<o_cee>g'night all
17:49-!-toe [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:50-!-rozo [] has joined #mythtv
17:51<rozo>When I run ./setup, I get the following error:
17:51<rozo>QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
17:51<rozo>QSqlDatabase: available drivers:
17:51<rozo>QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
17:51<rozo>yet, i have qt-MYSQL installed
17:51<rozo>what am I missing?
17:51<Chutt>those errors say you don't
17:52<rozo>[root@pvr setup]# rpm -qa |grep qt
17:52<_rkulagow>check your QTDIR
17:52<rozo>i googled for a solution and someone said you need to tell qt where your MYSQL lib are,but I don't know how to do that using the RPMs
17:53<rozo>[root@pvr setup]# set |grep QTDIR
17:53<choenig>Chutt: did you have a look at my sd/wu patch?
17:53<rozo>is that right?
17:53<Chutt>i've been busy
17:53-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:55<sfr>rozo: i only have debian here. if you cd $QTDIR. what is its content?
17:55<choenig>my local copy is improved so that it uses the prerolltime, too (the patch I sent didn't do that)
17:55-!-mecraw___ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
17:56<rozo>one sec
17:56<rozo>[root@pvr qt-3.1]# cd $QTDIR
17:56<rozo>[root@pvr qt-3.1]# ls
17:56<rozo>bin doc etc include lib mkspecs plugins
17:56-!-mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:56-!-mecraw___ is now known as mecraw
17:56<sfr>rozo: looks similar on my box.
17:57<rozo>did you compile QT yourself or did you use a RPM?
17:57<sfr>rozo: neither nor. debian uses its own package format called deb
17:57-!-choenig [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:58<sfr>rozo: did you run setup in the same terminal where you grepped for QTDIR?
17:59-!-D-side [] has joined #mythtv
17:59-!-D-side [] has quit [Client Quit]
17:59<sfr>rozo: try to run ldconfig and then setup again.
18:02<rozo>same error. I ran ldconfig -v and can see the QT dir, so LDconfig sees it.
18:03<sfr>rozo: hm, all qt- packages are from the same source? don't know what else to tell you.
18:04<rozo>yea, they are
18:04<rozo>i'm going to try removing them all, and reinstalling them
18:04<rozo>can't think of anything else to try
18:09-!-kja [] has joined #mythtv
18:10-!-toe [] has joined #mythtv
18:13<zzo>rozo: did you upgrade to mysql 4.x recently?
18:14-!-mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:19<toe>hrm - hi guys - lirc question if I may ... I cant start irxevent
18:20<toe>irxevent /etc/lircd.conf fails with errors about parsing the file
18:22<toe>oops - my bad - pls ignore
18:28<rozo>zzo: no, i'm running mysql-3.23. i compiled it myself
18:34<zzo>rozo: sounds like you're rebuilding QT - do you see $QTDIR/plugins/sqldrivers
18:39-!-sfr [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
18:46<rozo>zzo: yes, I have that directory
18:46<rozo>i just downloaded the source. I'm going to try building from scratch
18:46<rozo>I'm thinking the RPMs of QT look in a certain spot
18:47<rozo>for mysql
19:04-!-schultmc [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:11-!-dwmurphy [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:12-!-o_cee [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:12-!-JustinSan [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:31<ByteNik>*sighs* even with the cvs version i still get seg fault with xmltv
19:31<ByteNik>07733 provider #1
19:31<ByteNik>it dies for others too
19:31-!-tmk [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
19:31<ByteNik>Some get "illegal instruction"
19:32<ByteNik>Anyone have any ideas?
19:43-!-linagee [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:43<ByteNik>I got it!
19:44<ByteNik>It segfaults if the channels.html file is > 15,000 letters
19:45-!-keturn [] has joined #mythtv
19:46-!-term [] has joined #mythtv
19:51-!-mecraw [~mecraw@] has quit ["Trillian ("]
19:57-!-zzo [] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:09-!-StarHeart [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:29-!-trancey [] has joined #mythtv
20:30<trancey>hey guys, i am stuck at this error, any ideas? mythtv
20:30<trancey>connecting to backend server: localhost:6543
20:30<trancey>Could not connect to backend server
20:31<kja>have you started mythbackend?
20:31<trancey>No setting found for this machine's BackendServerIP.
20:31<trancey>Please run setup on this machine and modify the first page
20:31<trancey>of the general settings.
20:31<trancey>i get that
20:33<kja>have you ran setup or mythsetup then? (also:
20:35<trancey>where is that setup program?
20:36<kja>rpm/deb or source?
20:37-!-Edgan [] has left #mythtv ["Client exiting"]
20:38-!-Edgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:38<trancey>ok I just ran mythfilldatabase
20:39<trancey>and now what do I do?
20:40<kja>then mythfrontend
20:42<trancey>i have two monitors it wants to span accross both
20:42<trancey>is there a way to make it not do that?
20:43<trancey>Using first Xinerama screen, 1280x1024+0+0
20:43<trancey>connecting to backend server:
20:43<trancey>Could not connect to backend server
20:44<trancey>what is the video source name?
20:44-!-sc00p [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
20:45<kja>have no idea on wheter it is possible to span output across two monitors, anyone?
20:45<trancey>no it is spanning
20:45<trancey>i dont want it to
20:46<mikegrb>Setup -> Appearance or maybe Setup -> General -> Appearance
20:46<kja>ahh, there's a option in mythfrontend/setup/tv somewhere
20:46<mikegrb>in mythfrontend
20:46<trancey>i guess right now Im having a problem with mythtvsetup
20:47<trancey>what is video sources?
20:48<mikegrb>well you name it what ever you want, eg Comcast, Cox, Analog Cable, Cable, Broadcast, Direct TV... what ever you want to call it
20:48<bbeattie>are cable tv listings also obtained from zap2it?
20:48<mikegrb>bbeattie: yes
20:48<bbeattie>all I see on zap2it's website is local
20:48<mikegrb>bbeattie: in north america anyway
20:49<mikegrb>bbeattie: well they show up under local listings, ie you still have to enter zip and what not b/c diff providers have dif lineups, even dif lineups with same provider dif market
20:49<mikegrb>don't know how that is in canada, you are in canada right?
20:50<bbeattie>no, states
20:50<mikegrb>mus be thinking bline
20:51<bbeattie>I just don't see an option on zap2it's website to change your provider
20:54<mikegrb>on the main page I typed my zip and clicked the submit. Next screen shows me a list of providers for my zip .. Comcast, Comcast - Digital, C-Band, DirecTV, Dish, and local broadcast
20:55<mikegrb>but if your already 'logged in' you can click the new zip button in the dark green bar at the top
21:13-!-mattfelsen [] has joined #mythtv
21:30-!-moegreen [] has joined #mythtv
21:31-!-brainless [] has joined #mythtv
21:35<trancey>connecting to backend server:
21:35<trancey>Could not connect to backend server
21:36<trancey>any ideas?
21:38<kja>again, is the backend running?
21:38<trancey>how do I run it?
21:38<trancey>Starting up as the master server.
21:38<trancey>Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Television
21:38<trancey>Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Composite1
21:38<trancey>Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - S-Video
21:38<trancey>Probed: /dev/v4l/video0 - Composite3
21:38<trancey>Error getting inputs for the capturecard. Perhaps you have
21:38<trancey>forgotten to bind video sources to your card's inputs?
21:38<trancey> is defined, but isn't attached to a cardinput.
21:38<trancey>noname is defined, but isn't attached to a cardinput.
21:38<trancey>thats what I get
21:39<Chutt>wipe your database and start over, you fucked things up quite majorly.
21:39<Chutt>follow the instructions this time.
21:39<trancey>i did
21:39<Chutt>no, you didn't.
21:39<trancey>why is it saying that?
21:39<Chutt>because you didn't follow the instructions
21:39<trancey>Chutt, im following them to a tee, they are bad
21:39<Chutt>no, they're not.
21:40<trancey>it says, cd setup, then ./setup
21:40<trancey>i dont have that
21:40<Chutt>that's because the instructions are for configuring from source.
21:40<Chutt>it's up to the rpm maintainer to tell you what the setup binary is called.
21:40<Chutt>other than that, it's identical.
21:40<trancey>but I keep running into things like that with the instructions
21:41<trancey>why is it saying error getting inputs?
21:41<Chutt>because you added a capture card that doesn't exist, most likely.
21:41<Chutt>or didn't setup any mappings on the input mappings screen
21:41<trancey>my capture card is a bttv878 chipset
21:42<Chutt>what the hell does that have to do with anything?
21:42<trancey>it sees it as /dev/v4l/video0
21:42<trancey>what mappings?
21:43<Chutt>the 4th section of setup. it's called 'input connections'
21:43<trancey>4. System Configuration Requirements for Compiling MythTV
21:44<Chutt>the setup program.
21:44<Chutt>moegreen, hey
21:44<Chutt>qhttp doesn't do much of anything in 3.0, does it?
21:45<moegreen>nope, in fact, the doc page for it points you to QUrlOperator really
21:45<Chutt>yet more reason to make people use 3.1
21:45<moegreen>which was the original reason behind some of the tom foolery in the code that I had written
21:46<moegreen>though, if the QUrlOperator didn't append the HTTP/1.0, it would have worked :)
21:46<moegreen>(longer at least)
21:46<trancey>Chutt, how do I make it so its not xinerama
21:46<trancey>so it doesnt span across both monitors
21:46<Chutt>you configure that when you run mythfrontend the first time.
21:46<trancey>Chutt, thanks I got it working
21:47<trancey>in setup?
21:47<Chutt>in mythfrontend's setup, yes.
21:47<trancey>i dont see it
21:47<mattfelsen>tv overscanning seems to have no effect for me... :-\
21:47<Chutt>setup -> appearance
21:47<Chutt>2nd or 3rd page, i forget which.
21:48<mattfelsen>Chutt: do you know if anyone is working on jump-type functionality?
21:48<mattfelsen>previous channel or whatever you want to call it
21:48<moegreen>mattfelsen: jumping between channels is already in there I believe
21:48<Chutt>hit 'h', i think
21:48<Chutt>even has a history
21:49<moegreen>Chutt: so what made you finally break down and update the OSD screenshots? :P
21:50<Chutt>moegreen, i was bored one day =)
21:50<trancey>Chutt, ok, found it but I set it to 1, and now I cant see anything
21:50<Chutt>oh well
21:50<Chutt>i don't use xinerama
21:50<trancey>Chutt, i have two monitors
21:50<trancey>Chutt, i dont want it spanning to both
21:50<Chutt>that's nice
21:51<Chutt>the code's there if you want to fix the xinerama stuff
21:51<mattfelsen>ah, so there is. i was expecting it to be mapped to j
21:52<Chutt>mattfelsen, to j?
21:52<mattfelsen>for jump
21:52<Chutt>h for history
21:52<mattfelsen>yea...although i hit 6, 7, 4, and then h went between 4 and 7
21:53<Chutt>there's a timer involved as well
21:53<Chutt>i think it's if you hit it quickly again, it goes between the two
21:53<Chutt>if you wait a little longer, it goes back further
21:54<mattfelsen>ok, cool
21:54<Chutt>or something like that
21:54<mattfelsen>i wish i could get other remotes working with my avertv studio though...the rca d770 that came with my sat receiver is perfect
21:55<trancey>okay is there a way to configure mythtv with out the poorly writen setup gui?
21:55<mattfelsen>has everything you would need. even a skip button
21:55<Chutt>trancey, like you could do anything better
21:55<trancey>Chutt, heh
21:55<Chutt>you can't even read docs
21:56<trancey>Chutt, if it was well writen I wouldnt need to
21:56<Chutt>oooh, big man, insulting my code
21:56<mattfelsen>metadata.cpp: In member function `void Metadata::setField(QString, QString)':
21:56<mattfelsen>metadata.cpp:49: error: `cerr' undeclared (first use this function)
21:56<Chutt>again, the code's there
21:56<Chutt>feel free to change anything you want.
21:57<Chutt>mattfelsen, which metadata.cpp?
21:57<mattfelsen>oh, sorry. correct.
21:57<Chutt>probably thor's latest commit
21:57<mattfelsen>how long ago was it?
21:57<Chutt>earlier today?
21:57-!-bline [] has quit ["leaving"]
21:57<Chutt>give me a few and i'll get a fix in
21:58<Chutt>unless you want to add the include yourself :p
22:02<Chutt>thor uses an older qt version, that has a bunch of extra iostream includes in it
22:02<Chutt>so he misses em occasionally =)
22:02<mattfelsen>i tried adding #include <iostream> to both metadata.cpp and .h, but it didn't help
22:02<Chutt>using namespace std;
22:02-!-dwmurphy [] has joined #mythtv
22:04<Chutt>cvs is fixed now, anyway
22:05-!-trancey [] has quit ["Client exiting"]
22:05<mattfelsen>how does the drawing of the prog finder in relation to the epg work? does it just get drawn over it?
22:05<Chutt>new screen, internally
22:06-!-tocin [] has joined #mythtv
22:06<mattfelsen>i was trying alter that so m would cycle between the normal epg, epg with favs only, and the prog finder, but couldn't get it work work 100%
22:07<tocin>hey guys, any one know why when I am watching tv with mythtv I can here what is being recorded before I watch it?
22:07<mattfelsen>because if there were no favs in the db, it'd make sense to have it go straight to the finder from there, but i couldn't get that working
22:07<mattfelsen>dunno if anyone else thinks it's a good idea
22:07<tocin>do I need to mute something?
22:07<Chutt>tocin, yeah, read the section on setting up your mixer that's in the docs
22:07<mattfelsen>here? there?
22:07<tocin>Chutt, cool thanks
22:09<dwmurphy>does mythtv record from whichever device is set as the recording device, or is it specified somewhere? i can't seem to record audio now :(
22:10<Chutt>depends on the capture card type
22:10<Chutt>analog/mjpeg cards record from the device given in setup
22:10<Chutt>mpeg2/dvb cards get audio with the stream
22:12-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
22:12-!-bline [] has quit [Client Quit]
22:12<dwmurphy>right. i have an analog card, so if I have /dev/dsp selected, it will grab line in if I have the mixer set to that?
22:12-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
22:12<Chutt>ok, sorry, i didn't understand the question
22:13<Chutt>yeah, it doesn't change the mixer settings at all
22:14<dwmurphy>so it does it's own thing? ignoring the mixer?
22:15-!-ByteNik [] has left #mythtv []
22:15<Chutt>it uses whatever the mixer is set at
22:19<tocin>oss drivers slow with mythtv?
22:19<dwmurphy>hmm. ok. thanks Chutt.
22:19<Chutt>tocin, they generally work fine
22:21<tocin>Chutt, what is a good oss mixer app?
22:21<tocin>ok thats what i just emerged...
22:21<tocin>trying to figure it out:)
22:23<mattfelsen>i edited the speed_seek array table thing...not sure what it is exactly...anyway, i commented out a few of the entries so i only had 2, 8 and 16, and now whenever i press ff 4 times (so that it would go to the next speed after 16), the frontend crashes
22:23<Chutt>it assumes you have the same number of entries.
22:24<mattfelsen>yea, i figured there was something like that but couldn't determine where it was
22:24<Chutt>just look for where it's using that array
22:28<kja>Chutt: I like to think most issues has been resolved now :)
22:29<kja>If it should go into cvs now, i want to repackage it, and also reread everything, to make it smooth...
22:30-!-bline [] has quit ["leaving"]
22:30-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
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22:30-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
22:31<Chutt>kja, whenever you think it's ready.
22:31-!-bline [] has quit [Client Quit]
22:33-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
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22:34<kja>Chutt, I'll do some double-checking over the next few days, and also let anyone that have problems with it come forth.
22:36<tocin>Chutt, i have my tv card sound out put going into the linein on my sound card, but I cant seem to get the audio to mute when watching.. any ideas?
22:36<Chutt>not really, no
22:36<tocin>when ever its recording or buffering I can still hear it when its playing back
22:37<tocin>so I get a echo effect
22:37<tocin>if I could get it to record and have it muted while its recording then it would be fine
22:38<dwmurphy>yeah.. i'm in the same boat :)
22:38<dwmurphy>annoying this is that i had it working yesterday :(
22:38<Chutt>it's definitely mixer settings, though
22:38<tocin>dwmurphy, i dont understand why i can still hear it while its recording
22:38<dwmurphy>that's the passthrough, i think
22:39-!-hurdel [] has joined #mythtv
22:43<mattfelsen>do you have the line in muted?
22:46<tocin>i do too
22:46<tocin>but it doesnt matter
22:47<tocin>any one know how to clear the aumix settings?
22:47<mikegrb>are you sure it is plugged in to line in and not mic or some such
22:49<dwmurphy>mikegrb: yeah. i'll scour the lists some more and see what he comes up with.
22:52<mattfelsen>i don't know if this is a bug in myth or something i did, but can someone go to tv -> schedule recordings -> program finder, and then hit 4
22:52<mattfelsen>it's supposed to bring up the guide, but it dumps me back to the menu as if i hit esc
22:54-!-bline [] has joined #mythtv
22:54<moegreen>mattfelsen: that's a feature
22:55<moegreen>mattfelsen: it's been like that for a while, since some of the major changes to the UI
23:00<mattfelsen>how is that a feature?
23:00<moegreen>that part was a joke, the rest is not
23:01<moegreen>mattfelsen: it has to do with the guide window being removed as the prog finder is being show, if I recall correctly.
23:02<moegreen>mattfelsen: which is in turn related to the video preview window
23:02<mattfelsen>my ultimate plan was to be able to highlight a channel in the guide after entering in the number, just like most sat receivers do
23:03<mattfelsen>and doing that would require changing the way you go to the finder from the guide and vice versa
23:04-!-dakeyrus [] has joined #mythtv
23:06-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
23:10-!-dwmurphy2 [] has joined #mythtv
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23:49<hurdel>just installed and setup myth in gentoo, and myth is trying to use oss sound, how do i get alsa?